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Orlando Bloom: Motorcycle Ride to In-N-Out

Orlando Bloom: Motorcycle Ride to In-N-Out

Newly married Orlando Bloom takes a spin on his Ducati motorcycle and makes a pit stop at In-N-Out Burger on Wednesday (July 28) in Los Angeles.

The 33-year-old actor and his wife Miranda Kerr are rumored to be expecting their first child together!

Orlando and Miranda married in a secret, intimate ceremony earlier this month after dating for nearly three years. Congrats to the happy couple if the baby news is true!

FYI: Orlando is wearing 4 Stroke “Warsaw” jeans.

10+ pictures of Orlando Bloom taking a ride to In-N-Out…

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orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 01
orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 02
orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 03
orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 04
orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 05
orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 06
orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 07
orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 08
orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 09
orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 10
orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 11
orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 12
orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 13

Photos: Fame Pictures, Flynet
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  • The Desolate One

    Good for him! I just hope they don’t end up like Mel and Oksana!

  • Di

    Congratulations if they’re expecting.

  • brooke

    There moving way to fast this relationship will never last

  • Dominic

    That kid is gonna be so cute, long and skinny as all get out. lol

  • http://J Ivanka

    @brooke: Exactly! a wedding then a baby so fast?

  • @3

    They have been together for over two and a half years. That’s “moving way too fast”??
    That’s just silly.

  • hmmmm

    He looks great!
    So sexy on his bike.
    They are going to make such beautiful babies!

  • Maria

    He looks yummy in purple. In the pic on the right you can see his muscles, mmmm.

  • Oh

    If she is pregnant I think its all to clear why he married her.

  • @10

    Uhmmm, because he loves her?
    There is no reason now-a-days to get married ONLY because of a pregnancy.
    ‘Shotgun Weddings’ are a thing of the past.
    He married her because he WANTED to marry her.

  • ihatebooks143

    Wow im really excited to see what their baby will look like…I bet the baby will be one of the cutest that ever made!

  • Talan

    With a mother like that the poor thing is going to look like s.h.i.t with a huge head and all :/

  • @13

    She’s gorgeous.
    He’s gorgeous.
    You’re still bitter.
    Nothing will ever change.

  • YAY!

    Preggers or not, I wish them all the best.
    I can’t wait until he is a daddy.

  • ha

    In and Out?
    Was someone having a craving?

  • @11

    He has not enough bollocks not to marry her after gettin her pregnant. He’s no Mark Whalberg (who waited yeard and had 3 kids with the same woman before deciding) nor Matthew McConaughey unfortunately.
    And she is so traditional she had to be married before giving birth, just like her more famouse brazilian fellow angels.

  • @17

    No you have that wrong.
    You meant that he IS man enough to marry a woman that he loves and who is carrying his child (if she is pregnant)
    Only wimps and wusses don’t ‘man up’ and marry the woman that they love.
    Commitment-phobes are NOT real men.

  • kris

    If you rush the wedding and get married without your families that is a freaking shotgun wedding mates. Otherwise they could have taken their time and had a proper wedding, with families and friends as million of others Hwood couple, even more important and relevant that these 2.

  • @18

    So did u change your mind? Shotgun wedding is a thing of the past but if he did it then he’s man enough?

  • Whatever

    So much jealously in some of these posters. I hope you do something to improve your life.

    I can’t think of a more beautiful couple. They seem so perfectly matched. This is the one set of celebrities that keeps me checking the JJ blog.

    I am a little confused about the pictures. He drives in on a bike then delivers to a black SUV?

  • WhySoBitter?

    @ 19
    After knowing my husband for two years, we eloped without friends or family present. We were not pregnant, we were ready to commit. We had relatives and family all over the world and did not want to create havoc by requiring travel to one location. We are not pretentious people who craved an elaborate show. We had a beautiful ceremony in an exotic location and truly committed in sincerity only privacy brings. Not a shotgun wedding, a choice of truth.

    Why so bitter? Focus on bettering your life so that you are not so miserable, rather than lashing out at others! You sound positively toxic!

  • kris

    Yes, my life is already ok, focus on your own and keep believing pink pig can fly.

  • Deedz

    Remember when Orlando Bloom was IT? I miss those days.

  • callmewhatever

    He looks unbelievable there! He started to let go of his looks for a while but recently he’s hotter than ever. I still cant get over how lucky Miranda is and how did they move too fast? She stated they were together 4 YEARS which is even longer than I thought. When you know you want to marry someone and you know them really well, just get married. Long engagements usually result in NO WEDDING AT ALL! Just look at Rachel and Hayden.

  • bob’s your uncle


    Yeah, what’s with the delivery to the black SUV? “Honey, I’m hiding in the back seat of the car but I want a burger so could you be a dear, come back from your ride and buy me a burger?” Most odd.

  • ???

    4 years ago he was still with Bosworth and she was with tamarama singer…check your sources…

  • @18

    So you WANTED them to have a big ceremony to milk attention from the media and paps?
    They just proved that they AREN’T famewhores, and that is pi$$ing you off, isn’t it.
    They were together with the blessings of their families. That’s all that matters. They don’t need a big production to prove their love.

  • @25

    Not too odd if she really is pregnant.
    She doesn’t want to show her belly yet, but she wanted a hamburger.
    He was a good husband and took care of her.
    I’m sure that it isn’t the last “odd” food run that he will do over the next few months.

  • @27

    There is also a way to get married and not be famewhore, maybe check Blunt/Krasinsky wedding or Jonahsson/Reynolds…but we are on different levels…

  • mailey

    i heard he suffers from anorexia. manorexia.

  • ihatebooks143


    Your right!!

    what’s wrong with those crazy bitter people that still cannot accept that he loves Miranda!!!

  • Looking good!

    He is looking good! I think they make a nice couple. If they do have a baby on the way then congrats! They both seem like they will make great parents. The pictures of him with the children on a UNICEF trip were so adorable.

  • mari

    I just find it so hilarious, how all those silly, little, jealous fangirls go “they are moving to fast, and he only married her because she is prgegnant”. Get over it. They have been together for three years. They are in the perfect age for raising children. You are just miffed that it isn’t you.

  • @29

    Uhmmm, they all got married in private.
    We saw some pics of the Blunt wedding from paps. If we had seen even ONE pap pic from Orlando’s wedding you would have screamed ‘famewhore’.
    They got married the way that they wanted to get married. That’s all that matters.

  • @30

    Look at that gorgeous chest. That shirt outlines every muscle.
    He is naturally thin, but he is certainly NOT anorexic.
    He’s way too healthy for that.

  • :)

    He’s looking good. Maybe Miranda is helping him dress better like many wives do for their husbands. ;)

  • sigh

    They are both so gorgeous.
    I hope that they release at least one picture from their wedding.
    I bet that Miranda made a beautiful bride.

  • Jayne

    Lookimg good.

  • @26

    Speaking of Bosworth…
    She completely dropped off the map since the announcement.
    After almost daily pap shows, she is nowhere to be seen.
    Has she been placed under suicide watch? Or is she just with Alex trying to use every second to conceive?
    Poor thing.

  • WTF

    She is probably with Jay Lyon celebrating the missed disaster.

  • @39

    Last time she (Bosworth) was in Sweden with Alex they were ‘papped’ everywhere they went. If they are together now, they’re certainly keeping it uncharacteristically under the radar. I’ve never thought he (Alex) was that into her anyway. She’s just (and always has been) such a needy clinger.

  • @40

    Don’t care what you think of Miranda, but “disaster”?
    Marrying Orlando Bloom?
    Sweet, warm, giving, rich, GORGEOUS Orlando Bloom?
    No. I sure don’t think so.
    She wanted him back so bad after they broke up. I actually felt sorry for her when we got the pap pics of her standing outside his door at the Chateau. And for me to actually feel sorry for that clingy little twerp tells you just how pathetic she looked.
    She’s off crying into Alex’s shoulder. If he hasn’t dumped her yet.

  • @YOU

    @the poster who keeps posting @26, 39, 40
    Time to get over KB/OB. They’ve both moved on and seem to be very happy in their current relationships. Kate gets the hot guys and it makes you crazy, you poor pathetic soul!

  • @@YOU

    Well said!

  • @43

    Are you back again?
    Kate gets with hot guys.
    Kate gets DUMPED by hot guys.

    BTW, different posters at those numbers, chica..


    LOL at the people who cant seem to do math. If the ONLY reason that he married her is because he loves her (not saying he doesnt) then why again would he wait 3yrs AND until she’s knocked up ??!!!

  • B.

    I love you!

  • Re: Bosworth

    Kate B. should have stuck with that model boyfriend she was with after she and Bloom broke up. He honestly did seem to care about her in that he didn’t try to pretend he wasn’t with her when they were spotted out together! She just doesn’t seem able to keep a man interested, at least not enough to seriously commit. I notice that neither Bloom nor Skarsgard ever act (acted) like she was (is) that important to them by pretty much ignoring her presence/existence or by allowing her to walk six paces behind. I’d think she’d feel a little humiliated by that kind of treatment by a supposed “boyfriend.” I know I would.

  • http://justjared kingofpopforever

    WOW The Delphi loon gracing us with their presence waves how are you guys doing?LOL.
    Even if she is pregnant that doesn’t mean he was”trapped” into marrying her go watch his interview with Ellen back then he said he wanted babies he couldn’t stop talking about it he even asked Ellen to have babies with him LOL that interview was hilarious Ellen was like “we will figure this out” LOL.Back on the topic at hand the man is 33 YEARS OLD she 27 perfect ages to start having babies did it ever cross your mind that in the 3 YEARS together they talked about having babies ? They might have even tried who knows IF she is pregnant I am sure THEY BOTH WANTED IT and it not something that just happened so who cares?What matters is that she is HIS WIFE AND FEATURE MOTHER OF HIS CHILDREN SHE IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE DEAL WITH IT .
    It’s time for the Delphi loons after THREE YEARS AND WEEDING to find a hobby or to go on therapy LOL.

  • Entrapment? Nah.

    If there was any “entrapment” here, I think it was by way of mutual consent. IMO it should be pretty obvious to anyone with eyes to see that the boy has been very smitten with Miranda since Day 1. From all accounts, HE pursued HER – until she finally said yes (to dating him).