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Orlando Bloom: Motorcycle Ride to In-N-Out

Orlando Bloom: Motorcycle Ride to In-N-Out

Newly married Orlando Bloom takes a spin on his Ducati motorcycle and makes a pit stop at In-N-Out Burger on Wednesday (July 28) in Los Angeles.

The 33-year-old actor and his wife Miranda Kerr are rumored to be expecting their first child together!

Orlando and Miranda married in a secret, intimate ceremony earlier this month after dating for nearly three years. Congrats to the happy couple if the baby news is true!

FYI: Orlando is wearing 4 Stroke “Warsaw” jeans.

10+ pictures of Orlando Bloom taking a ride to In-N-Out…

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522 Responses to “Orlando Bloom: Motorcycle Ride to In-N-Out”

  1. 1
    The Desolate One Says:

    Good for him! I just hope they don’t end up like Mel and Oksana!

  2. 2
    Di Says:

    Congratulations if they’re expecting.

  3. 3
    brooke Says:

    There moving way to fast this relationship will never last

  4. 4
    Dominic Says:

    That kid is gonna be so cute, long and skinny as all get out. lol

  5. 5
    Ivanka Says:

    @brooke: Exactly! a wedding then a baby so fast?

  6. 6
    @3 Says:

    They have been together for over two and a half years. That’s “moving way too fast”??
    That’s just silly.

  7. 7
    hmmmm Says:

    He looks great!
    So sexy on his bike.
    They are going to make such beautiful babies!

  8. 8
    Maria Says:

    He looks yummy in purple. In the pic on the right you can see his muscles, mmmm.

  9. 9
    Oh Says:

    If she is pregnant I think its all to clear why he married her.

  10. 10
    @10 Says:

    Uhmmm, because he loves her?
    There is no reason now-a-days to get married ONLY because of a pregnancy.
    ‘Shotgun Weddings’ are a thing of the past.
    He married her because he WANTED to marry her.

  11. 11
    ihatebooks143 Says:

    Wow im really excited to see what their baby will look like…I bet the baby will be one of the cutest that ever made!

  12. 12
    Talan Says:

    With a mother like that the poor thing is going to look like s.h.i.t with a huge head and all :/

  13. 13
    @13 Says:

    She’s gorgeous.
    He’s gorgeous.
    You’re still bitter.
    Nothing will ever change.

  14. 14
    YAY! Says:

    Preggers or not, I wish them all the best.
    I can’t wait until he is a daddy.

  15. 15
    ha Says:

    In and Out?
    Was someone having a craving?

  16. 16
    @11 Says:

    He has not enough bollocks not to marry her after gettin her pregnant. He’s no Mark Whalberg (who waited yeard and had 3 kids with the same woman before deciding) nor Matthew McConaughey unfortunately.
    And she is so traditional she had to be married before giving birth, just like her more famouse brazilian fellow angels.

  17. 17
    @17 Says:

    No you have that wrong.
    You meant that he IS man enough to marry a woman that he loves and who is carrying his child (if she is pregnant)
    Only wimps and wusses don’t ‘man up’ and marry the woman that they love.
    Commitment-phobes are NOT real men.

  18. 18
    kris Says:

    If you rush the wedding and get married without your families that is a freaking shotgun wedding mates. Otherwise they could have taken their time and had a proper wedding, with families and friends as million of others Hwood couple, even more important and relevant that these 2.

  19. 19
    @18 Says:

    So did u change your mind? Shotgun wedding is a thing of the past but if he did it then he’s man enough?

  20. 20
    Whatever Says:

    So much jealously in some of these posters. I hope you do something to improve your life.

    I can’t think of a more beautiful couple. They seem so perfectly matched. This is the one set of celebrities that keeps me checking the JJ blog.

    I am a little confused about the pictures. He drives in on a bike then delivers to a black SUV?

  21. 21
    WhySoBitter? Says:

    @ 19
    After knowing my husband for two years, we eloped without friends or family present. We were not pregnant, we were ready to commit. We had relatives and family all over the world and did not want to create havoc by requiring travel to one location. We are not pretentious people who craved an elaborate show. We had a beautiful ceremony in an exotic location and truly committed in sincerity only privacy brings. Not a shotgun wedding, a choice of truth.

    Why so bitter? Focus on bettering your life so that you are not so miserable, rather than lashing out at others! You sound positively toxic!

  22. 22
    kris Says:

    Yes, my life is already ok, focus on your own and keep believing pink pig can fly.

  23. 23
    Deedz Says:

    Remember when Orlando Bloom was IT? I miss those days.

  24. 24
    callmewhatever Says:

    He looks unbelievable there! He started to let go of his looks for a while but recently he’s hotter than ever. I still cant get over how lucky Miranda is and how did they move too fast? She stated they were together 4 YEARS which is even longer than I thought. When you know you want to marry someone and you know them really well, just get married. Long engagements usually result in NO WEDDING AT ALL! Just look at Rachel and Hayden.

  25. 25
    bob's your uncle Says:


    Yeah, what’s with the delivery to the black SUV? “Honey, I’m hiding in the back seat of the car but I want a burger so could you be a dear, come back from your ride and buy me a burger?” Most odd.

  26. 26
    ??? Says:

    4 years ago he was still with Bosworth and she was with tamarama singer…check your sources…

  27. 27
    @18 Says:

    So you WANTED them to have a big ceremony to milk attention from the media and paps?
    They just proved that they AREN’T famewhores, and that is pi$$ing you off, isn’t it.
    They were together with the blessings of their families. That’s all that matters. They don’t need a big production to prove their love.

  28. 28
    @25 Says:

    Not too odd if she really is pregnant.
    She doesn’t want to show her belly yet, but she wanted a hamburger.
    He was a good husband and took care of her.
    I’m sure that it isn’t the last “odd” food run that he will do over the next few months.

  29. 29
    @27 Says:

    There is also a way to get married and not be famewhore, maybe check Blunt/Krasinsky wedding or Jonahsson/Reynolds…but we are on different levels…

  30. 30
    mailey Says:

    i heard he suffers from anorexia. manorexia.

  31. 31
    ihatebooks143 Says:


    Your right!!

    what’s wrong with those crazy bitter people that still cannot accept that he loves Miranda!!!

  32. 32
    Looking good! Says:

    He is looking good! I think they make a nice couple. If they do have a baby on the way then congrats! They both seem like they will make great parents. The pictures of him with the children on a UNICEF trip were so adorable.

  33. 33
    mari Says:

    I just find it so hilarious, how all those silly, little, jealous fangirls go “they are moving to fast, and he only married her because she is prgegnant”. Get over it. They have been together for three years. They are in the perfect age for raising children. You are just miffed that it isn’t you.

  34. 34
    @29 Says:

    Uhmmm, they all got married in private.
    We saw some pics of the Blunt wedding from paps. If we had seen even ONE pap pic from Orlando’s wedding you would have screamed ‘famewhore’.
    They got married the way that they wanted to get married. That’s all that matters.

  35. 35
    @30 Says:

    Look at that gorgeous chest. That shirt outlines every muscle.
    He is naturally thin, but he is certainly NOT anorexic.
    He’s way too healthy for that.

  36. 36
    :) Says:

    He’s looking good. Maybe Miranda is helping him dress better like many wives do for their husbands. ;)

  37. 37
    sigh Says:

    They are both so gorgeous.
    I hope that they release at least one picture from their wedding.
    I bet that Miranda made a beautiful bride.

  38. 38
    Jayne Says:

    Lookimg good.

  39. 39
    @26 Says:

    Speaking of Bosworth…
    She completely dropped off the map since the announcement.
    After almost daily pap shows, she is nowhere to be seen.
    Has she been placed under suicide watch? Or is she just with Alex trying to use every second to conceive?
    Poor thing.

  40. 40
    WTF Says:

    She is probably with Jay Lyon celebrating the missed disaster.

  41. 41
    @39 Says:

    Last time she (Bosworth) was in Sweden with Alex they were ‘papped’ everywhere they went. If they are together now, they’re certainly keeping it uncharacteristically under the radar. I’ve never thought he (Alex) was that into her anyway. She’s just (and always has been) such a needy clinger.

  42. 42
    @40 Says:

    Don’t care what you think of Miranda, but “disaster”?
    Marrying Orlando Bloom?
    Sweet, warm, giving, rich, GORGEOUS Orlando Bloom?
    No. I sure don’t think so.
    She wanted him back so bad after they broke up. I actually felt sorry for her when we got the pap pics of her standing outside his door at the Chateau. And for me to actually feel sorry for that clingy little twerp tells you just how pathetic she looked.
    She’s off crying into Alex’s shoulder. If he hasn’t dumped her yet.

  43. 43
    @YOU Says:

    @the poster who keeps posting @26, 39, 40
    Time to get over KB/OB. They’ve both moved on and seem to be very happy in their current relationships. Kate gets the hot guys and it makes you crazy, you poor pathetic soul!

  44. 44
    @@YOU Says:

    Well said!

  45. 45
    @43 Says:

    Are you back again?
    Kate gets with hot guys.
    Kate gets DUMPED by hot guys.

    BTW, different posters at those numbers, chica..

  46. 46

    LOL at the people who cant seem to do math. If the ONLY reason that he married her is because he loves her (not saying he doesnt) then why again would he wait 3yrs AND until she’s knocked up ??!!!

  47. 47
    B. Says:

    I love you!

  48. 48
    Re: Bosworth Says:

    Kate B. should have stuck with that model boyfriend she was with after she and Bloom broke up. He honestly did seem to care about her in that he didn’t try to pretend he wasn’t with her when they were spotted out together! She just doesn’t seem able to keep a man interested, at least not enough to seriously commit. I notice that neither Bloom nor Skarsgard ever act (acted) like she was (is) that important to them by pretty much ignoring her presence/existence or by allowing her to walk six paces behind. I’d think she’d feel a little humiliated by that kind of treatment by a supposed “boyfriend.” I know I would.

  49. 49
    kingofpopforever Says:

    WOW The Delphi loon gracing us with their presence waves how are you guys doing?LOL.
    Even if she is pregnant that doesn’t mean he was”trapped” into marrying her go watch his interview with Ellen back then he said he wanted babies he couldn’t stop talking about it he even asked Ellen to have babies with him LOL that interview was hilarious Ellen was like “we will figure this out” LOL.Back on the topic at hand the man is 33 YEARS OLD she 27 perfect ages to start having babies did it ever cross your mind that in the 3 YEARS together they talked about having babies ? They might have even tried who knows IF she is pregnant I am sure THEY BOTH WANTED IT and it not something that just happened so who cares?What matters is that she is HIS WIFE AND FEATURE MOTHER OF HIS CHILDREN SHE IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE DEAL WITH IT .
    It’s time for the Delphi loons after THREE YEARS AND WEEDING to find a hobby or to go on therapy LOL.

  50. 50
    Entrapment? Nah. Says:

    If there was any “entrapment” here, I think it was by way of mutual consent. IMO it should be pretty obvious to anyone with eyes to see that the boy has been very smitten with Miranda since Day 1. From all accounts, HE pursued HER – until she finally said yes (to dating him).

  51. 51
    @46 Says:

    You can’t “trap” a man by getting pregnant anymore.
    She could have the baby without a wedding ring on her finger.
    They took the next step because they are in love AND having a baby.
    The baby may have been the catalyst for the marriage, but it wasn’t the REASON for the marriage.
    I have a male friend who firmly believed that the ONLY reason to get married was when you wanted children. He and his partner were deeply in love, and lived together for six years. When they were both ready to have children, they got married. They are now the happy, loving parents on an 18 month old girl.

  52. 52
    @50 Says:

    Well said.
    And I keep going back to the pictures where he was picking her up at Heathrow.
    He is simply glowing with joy. They both are.
    Did that look like a man who had been “trapped”??
    You can fake a smile, but you can’t fake joy.
    He loves her.
    You haters just need to accept that.

  53. 53
    hmmm Says:

    Saw on Twitter that Orlando is doing a photo shoot with his good buddy Charlise Theron (sp?).
    Wonder what that is about?

  54. 54
    @45 Says:

    You wish you could get a hot guy.

  55. 55
    Oh ob Says:

    Im sorry but all i saw in orlandos eyes was love for kate he was good to her the things he did for kate were good and kate hurt ob by ending it with him than he got her back and than it ended again and this time it was him. And how do you know thats miranda in the car? Any how he dont look that happy.and everythink they did was fast and its 2 and a bit years not 3 yet.

  56. 56
    @55 Says:

    Oh, I’m sure that he cared about Kate. Maybe even loved her. But it OBVIOUSLY wasn’t the same deep love that he has for Miranda. You can love someone without being ‘in love’ with them.
    He dumped Kate, he married Miranda.
    He loves Miranda, and you just need to accept it and move on.

  57. 57
    Looks a bit thin Says:

    He still has a pretty face and really nice hair, but he looks awfully thin here. (LOL – maybe he’s been getting a bit too much ‘indoor exercise’ lately.)

  58. 58
    @57 Says:

    Well, he did just get back from his honeymoon (part 1).
    *wink wink*
    He is looking very fit. Probably in training for The Three Musketeers.
    That chest just kills me every time.

  59. 59
    He's so hot! Says:

    Oh yeah, that shirt is hitting him in all the right places! He looks gorgeous and so, so happy! He and Miranda have pretty much every thing they want right now – great careers and each other. If there’s a baby to add, then even better.

  60. 60
    velcrodots Says:

    Looks like he’s definatley gonna be a DILF, Heidi Klum confirmed it (and Heidi would never lie to us!)

  61. 61
    LOL Says:

    Even if they got married because she’s preggers does it mean they will stay together forever? No. Look at Christina Milian and The Dream. How long did their marriage last after she had her baby-girl?
    Regardless, I don’t understand what Kate Bosworth has to do here. She’s with a guy who is 1000 x times hotter than Bloom and his career is at its climax. Why would she care about what her ex is doing? So lame to bring her up on every Morlando thread.

  62. 62
    Jayne Says:

    He is NOT BETTER THAN ORLANDO, and orlando has made it so he can do what he wants now.

  63. 63
    @61 Says:

    U’re so right!

  64. 64
    Melody Says:

    He looks absolutely yummy here, he’d look even better if he were smiling! That short, curly hair is definitely growing on me, even though I loved his long locks forever.
    I, too, questioned about whether or not he and Miranda were really in love, because from two yrs worth of photographs, it looked most of the time as if they were just good friends and that was that. But when I saw him picking her up from the airport before the wedding news hit the media, they both definitely looked passionate about each other. Maybe it’ll last….
    My only regret regarding Orlando now is he won’t be along for the ride in the new Potc movie, it won’t be the same without him!

  65. 65
    Vayin Says:

    @LOL: i agree it’s not necessary to mention Kate here. but Alex is NEVER hotter than Orlando.

  66. 66
    kingofpopforever Says:

    WTF @61 I agree with certain points made by you that if Miranda is the “monster” the Delphi loons portray IF pregnant she would USE that to take him TO THE BANK the mam IS WORTH A LOT NO NEED TO MARRY HIM look at the Mel Gibson situation.
    I agree that there is no need to mention Kate here she is part of THE PAST has been so for 4 YEARS NOW .

  67. 67
    @61 Says:

    OT, but since you brought it up….
    “She’s with a guy who is 1000 x times hotter than Bloom and his career is at its climax”
    ‘Hottness’ is a matter of opinion. I personally feel that while Alex is attractive in SOME photographs, he doesn’t even come close to Orlando’s level of physical beauty (IMO).
    But you are right that Alex’s career is at it’s climax.
    This is as famous as he will EVER be. He is not a good enough actor to cross over from TV to movies. He has made a few, and will probably make a few more as casting agents try to capitalize on his True Blood fame. But when the show is gone, he’s gone.
    Orlando’s career legacy will always be with us. Even after not appearing on the big screen for over two tears, he is STILL one of the most popular actors out there.

  68. 68
    Oh ob Says:

    I will stop taking about kate when you stop say ing he did’nt love her and that he was not good to kate when he was, and did’nt do things with kate when he did.

  69. 69
    @67 Says:

    Yes, we all have different taste but Alex was voted “Sexiest Man Alive” in Sweden five times………. which means that he’s not completely ugly looking, right?
    And he’s both an actor and a director, which is something that will yield in the future, if he stops being a demanded actor.
    As of Orlando Bloom I have no idea about his acting skills, I never saw any of his movies so I can’t tell.

  70. 70
    Jayne Says:

    Than why are you here this is orlando post not hes.

  71. 71
    @70 Says:

    @Jayne: Talking to me? I was replying to another poster. If you don’t like my message, just don’t read it.

  72. 72
    @69 Says:

    Really? Considering how incredibly hot the Swede guys I’ve met so far were, I’d say he’s below average even if he’s somewhat attractive. He and Orlando have very different kinds of beauty so I think it’s pointless to discuss something that depends so much on personal taste.
    As for fame, Orlando is undeniably a much bigger and more well known star. I don’t see how can that be up for discussion either.

  73. 73
    @69 Says:

    Never said that he was ugly.
    But you CAN’T compare his career with Orlando’s.
    Orlando is a MUCH bigger star.

  74. 74
    @68 Says:

    No one said that he didn’t care about Kate.
    We said that it’s pretty obvious that he loves Miranda more than he ever loved Kate.
    Kate is not the one with his ring on ger finger.

  75. 75
    @60 Says:

    No, Heidi would never lie to us!
    Intentionally, anyway. But she may just be responding to the rumors, and not have any real facts.
    I do believe that Miranda is pregnant, but until I have confirmation from one of them or their reps, I will still consider it a rumor.
    Even though I really hope that it is true!!

  76. 76
    =) Says:

    He’s looking good. Love him! Hopefully he is happily on his honeymoon with Miranda by now.

  77. 77
    lmao Says:


    So true! Especially this part:

    It’s time for the Delphi loons after THREE YEARS AND WEDDING to find a hobby or to go on therapy LOL.

  78. 78
    OB Says:

    I think he loved Kate but the timing wasn’t right. He was younger and at the height of popularity – in that crazy way that Robert Pattinson is now facing. That puts a lot of stress on people and I think they just couldn’t handle the pressure. He’s older now and more mature and seems ready for marriage and children. I also think he and Miranda are well suited with common values & goals like Buddhism and healthy living. If you hate her, and hate them together, or if you hate him at this point, I really believe it’s time for you to move on to a new celebrity. It seems weird to spend time & energy hating & bitching …

  79. 79
    OB & MB Says:

    Both are beautiful, both are in love. And as far as a shot gun wedding, well that is just silly. Although I think Miranda wanted a child, I think Orlando was the one pushing for the baby so soon.
    I wonder if she was with child when they were in Paris? Those photos are so sweet and beautiful.

  80. 80
    Kathy Says:

    I don’t think that they CAN move on.
    They have been so devoted to their hatred for the last few years that they know nothing else anymore. Their lives have passed them by, and hatred is the only thing that they have left.
    Just one example of their lunacy…
    They are claiming that their PRIVATE wedding ceremony. The one that no one saw coming. The one where no pap pics were taken. The one where neither one of them has commented about. The one that we don’t even know where it took place. Is PROOF that they are famewhores.
    You see. They are lost in their own delusions.
    It’s sad, really.

  81. 81
    Crazy :P Says:


    Well, too bad for them I say. The can spend energy on Being Crazy and we can sit back and enjoy seeing OB & MK move on with their lives – together!

  82. 82
    flag boy Says:

    @81 amen to that ! I much perfer the love story. :-)

  83. 83
    Kathy Says:

    I love seeing Orlando happy.
    Miranda makes him happy. That’s all we need to know.

  84. 84
    ugh Says:

    Those disgusting idiot haters of delphi need to be shut down and sued.
    They are claiming that Miranda will be an abusive parent, and will INTENTIONALLY harm the baby.
    Hate her all you want, but to accuse Miranda, who has never been shown to be anything but a sweet and caring person, of something so horrible is outrageous!
    You idiots have reached a new, all-time low.
    Are you proud of yourselves?
    I bet you are.
    You SHOULD be ashamed of yourselves. But that would require a conscience and the knowledge of right and wrong. Neither of which any of you have.
    You are vile, loathsome and detestable human beings.
    I hope that you get sued for libel.
    I feel dirty just by talking about you.

  85. 85
    Kathy Says:

    Oh man. That’s low.
    This shows exactly what type of idiots post on that hate filled site.
    I challenge any delphite to defend this BS.

    Where’s Gospel of Delphi when you need her?

  86. 86
    No 'moral compass' Says:

    Unfortunately I don’t think these people feel any remorse for indulging in this kind of malicious character assassination. Their hatred seems to blind them to any sense of what’s right or wrong.

  87. 87
    BitterSweet Says:

    Are you serious? You bash haters for their negative opinion and then express hateful and bigoted statements against them, demonstrating that you’re even more intolerant than they are? Great example of Moronda/Orlando’s fan logic = non existent. Congratulations.

  88. 88
    @87 Says:

    So you’re agreeing that someone on Delphi actually said that?

    I can’t see that that will make them feel good in the long run. Even if they hate Miranda and Orlando and it makes them feel good to imagine them as monsters, if this report is true, they are imagining harm coming to a baby. That’s bound to make them feel distressed at heart, unless they are sociopaths.

  89. 89
    To those who support OB & MK: Says:

    Can we all try really hard to not mention Delphi or the haters? Don’t mention the site, ignore their comments. Those people are internet trolls and seeing a reaction from others is part of their ‘entertainment’. If we don’t ‘feed’ the internet trolls then hopefully they will go away and stay there. Who cares what they say there? We don’t have to visit their site.

    It would be so nice to come to a Orlando and/or Miranda thread on JJ and never see the words Delphi or Hater.

    Probably to much to hope for but we can try, right?

  90. 90
    To those who support OB&MK: Says:

    @To those who support OB & MK::

    Yes!!! I agree so much! Control yourselves people. Simply click the thumbs down button to the negativity and do not respond otherwise. Let’s try and make this a positive comment place.

  91. 91
    @87 Says:

    I wouldn’t touch your site with a ten foot pole, but if it’s true that people there are saying that MK will intentionally harm the baby I don’t understand that you justify it.

  92. 92
    Oh ob Says:

    I can still be a big fan of orlandos not just because hes good looking but for hes work. And i dont hate miranda because i dont know her,but i just dont like some of the things she has said and done. And he was still with kate only 4 years ago. I mean just befor it ended orlando was saying how much he could not wait to do the film with her, i just dont get why some are saying he was not good to her when he was and why they keep saying he did’nt do any think with kate when he DID.

  93. 93
    Oh ob Says:

    Oh and i forgot to say i think say miranda will hurt her baby is going to far i would never say that, is wrong.

  94. 94
    kingofpopforever Says:

    @ob To be honest with you I LOVED HIM WITH KATE but they carers at the time were really demanding and she was like what 10? I don’t think marriage was on the cards I don’t think their relationship was the same after they broke up the first time even Kate said it was too much intense for the both of them when they finally broke up the man looked like a heavy weight was off his shoulders he partied like there was no tomorrow LOL . To me he is better with Miranda because HE MARRIED HER AND ALL SIGNS POINT TO THE FACT THAT THEY ARE HAVING A BABY the man doesn’t take those kind of things lightly so I don’t think he would have married her or got her pregnant if he wasn’t IN LOVE with her .To me he has a better relationship with Miranda because she is a really independent easy going woman who seems to have a life outside of him while Kate seems to me high maintenance and clinches to her man for dear life while she might get a man at first because of her looks she is not able to keep them for long because no one will put up with the things above and if she continues to sleep with married man and jump form one bed to the other the woman with end up ALONE at 70 with her 1000 cats I hope Kate improves herself because the direction her life has taken is a train wreck .

  95. 95
    M. Says:

    I don’t read their site but I’ve heard enough of what goes on there to convince me I’d never feel comfortable there. I’m definitely one who’d rather “feel the love” than be consumed by that much paranoid hatred.

  96. 96
    @87 Says:

    I don’t remember anyone here claiming that a delphite would harm a child. That was a horrible thing to say. And calling people names because you are outraged that they made a statement like that is understandable.
    I take it that your comments are the only way to defend the statement that they made? By deflecting the blame?
    Nice try, but it didn’t work.

  97. 97
    @92 Says:

    No one said that he wasn’t good to her, or that he didn’t care about her.
    They just weren’t meant to be together. That’s pretty obvious, since they ended the relationship FOUR YEARS AGO.
    They have both moved on, why can’t you?

  98. 98
    LOL! Says:

    Now the haters are proving that they are illiterate, and not just ignorant.

    One of them has been writing Ted C, asking about the happy couple. Then, of course, they try to play it off like others have the same idiotic ideas that they do. Even one of their own called them on it, and asked them to stop. LOL!

    The latest:
    Dear Ted:
    Sure, Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr say they got married, but did it actually take place? I mean why didn’t any of their close family attend? Seems too odd for these two when they are so close to their families. I know it is easy to lie and say you are married when no legalities took place, spill the beans!

    Dear I…Do?
    While H’wood can fake plenty of things, marriage certificates are easy to check in on. The duo most definitely said “I do.” Might seem strange that they’d wed without the fam, but it doesn’t seem like mama Kerr is too bummed

    They have turned his completely clear (for a change) answer, into confirmation that they didn’t get married.
    How could youPOSSIBLY misinterpret ” The duo most definitely said “I do’”???? So stupid!
    They then say that Ted confirmed that marriage certificates are easy to get, whe what he said was that they were easy to check on.
    Are they so imbedded in their delusions that they no longer understand English?
    So pathetic.

  99. 99
    LOL! Says:

    Sorry, but i’m not going to let them tell any lie that they want without comment.
    In case you haven’t noticed, once one of their posts is answered with proof that they are twisting the facts and misinterpreting information they stop posting. For a while, anyway.
    They are cowards, and will continue to post until they are challenged. The fact that they ARE challenged here is why they left to start their own forum. I, and others, will not let them take control of any board but their own pathetic, four posting member site.

  100. 100
    kingofpopforever Says:

    Like my name shows I was “worried” with other bigger issues this year (bless you Michael) .
    I didn’t check on the loons for months I swear I did right now and let me tell LOL the more things change the more they stay the same DAMN the loons had completely LOST IT .
    They claim that Miranda must be pregnant and that is why he married her but go on to say that the baby isn’t even his WTF so why would he marry a woman whose baby isn’t his?
    They claim ‘they know” that Miranda is 3 months pregnant so THEY say that she got pregnant around her birthday and given that Orlando was in London he must not be the father but that is not enough NOT FOR THE DELPHI LOONS LIVING IT UP TO THEIR NAME they managed to CLAIM that A COMMON FRIEND of Orlando and Miranda King of Lions front man was at her birthday party so HE must be the father of the baby WTF can you believe them?
    But my personal favorite was that Miranda was FIRED by David Jones and that is why she married to hide that fact WTF so she could say she is on her honeymoon or pregnant as an excuse but why would they fire her if she is married and with a baby can you imagine the publicity of Miranda coming to town with a baby bum and her Hollywood star husband ?Can the model that will replace her provide that? And if Miranda is as much of the fame ***** and money hungry as they portray her WHY WOULD SHE PASS ON THAT OPPORTUNITY ?
    They said People magazine thought Orlando wasn’t “famous enough ” to have his weeding pictures on the cover by saying that they ignore that this is the magazine who has the Survivor cast on their cover for God sake and they ignore the news of his weeding had three mentions on their breaking news section and that Orlando and Miranda didn’t give pictures of their weeding to any tabloid IF they do I am sure tabloids with print them WTF .
    Gotta give it to them though DAMN they always bring on the LOLZ.

  101. 101
    LOL! Says:

    They are lunatics who change their conspiracy theories more often than they change their underwear.
    -They are only friends = they get engaged.
    -Their engagement is only for PR = they get married.
    -Their wedding will be a pap fest = private ceremony
    -Miranda will spill all of the ‘private’ details = we don’t even know what country they were married in.
    -The wedding is fake = Ted confirms the marriage.
    -They are just participating in a business deal = Miranda is (maybe) pregnant.
    -She got pregnant on her birthday = no one knows how far along she is, so how can this be true?
    They were not together any time around the date of conception (again, how do they know when that was?) = Miranda and Orlando were together until he flew to London on the 14th of April, then together in Paris by the 2nd of May.
    I know, it’s so hard for them when FACTS get in the way.
    The baby could have dark brown curls and deep brown eyes with lashes to die for, and they would still claim that the baby looks nothing like him.
    Oh, and a note about genetics, since they seem to be educationally challenged. It is entirely possible for a dark haired, dark man to father a blue eyed, blond baby. It’s even possible for both parents to have dark hair and eyes and the baby have light hair and eyes. Dark hair/eyes are a dominant trait, and he could be carrying the recessive genes for both. What would not be possible, is for two people with blue eyes to have a brown eyed baby. That would indicate that something was going on.
    But we will just add this to the idiots latest round of offensive lies. The wedding and possible pregnany have driven them even further into desperation.
    They just can’t stand the fact that they have been wrong, all along, and refuse to admit defeat.
    Pathetic, delusional, hypoctritcal liars.
    yep, that’s delphi in a nutshell.

  102. 102
    @100 Says:

    Why would David Jones fire Miranda when she is more successful than ever?
    She has crossed over to HF, and having her as their spokesperson is a real feather in their cap. Losing her would be a horrible marketing decision. Them believing that is just stupid.
    The only reason that they could possibly have to let her go would be that they can’t afford her anymore. Her career has come a long way since she first signed with them.

  103. 103
    kingofpopforever Says:

    @101 Applauds standing ovation

    @102 The Delphi loons have been saying that David Jones “fired” her since the day she signed with them LOL.

  104. 104
    @103 Says:

    Just like they said that VS was going to drop her, when instead they signed her to yet another contract and put her in even more commercials.

  105. 105
    wow Says:

    So much stupid…so little time.
    A new post from a delphidiot.
    She thinks that she has Miranda all figured out.
    Parentheticals (…) are my comments…..
    “Guess third times the charm, huh? (she’s talking about Miranda’s previous relationships) First, there was the stockbroker. It was her mother who introduced him to all her friends and got paid a commission for it. (investment people often pay others to introduce them to their friends, it’s just that this one turned out to be a crook) Sucker stockbroker then spent $10,000 on a trip to NYC where Miranda launched her international career. (10,000 is nothing in NY, but at least this hater admitted that Miranda has an international career) Yep, ole Adrian bankrolled that with stolen money. (he stole it, Miranda didn’t) He also bought her a grand piano and took her to a posh resort when they return. (and?) Yet, she makes sure everyone knows she lost money, too. (her entire family lost money) I’d say whatever money she “possibly” lost was recovered in more ways than one.

    Second was Jay, hoping he’d become an international sensation…a superstar. (she was already an up and coming model in NY when jay moved into HER apartment. If anyone was using the other, it was jay using Miranda) She hired his sister as her agent…and I’m guessing the reason sis still has a job is because she knows where the bodies are buried. (or gee, maybe they are still friends?) Miranda used her brother (yeah, she used him ‘cuz she really wated someone to support with HER money), so turn about’s fair play. Paybacks a *****, idiot girl. (payback from what? Being supportive of your struggling musician boyfriend until she got tired of his douchy personality?) I would also guess that Miranda soon realized that Jay wasn’t going to make it like that, so she set her sights a little higher. (he was a jerk, she dumped him.) She went for VS for a reason (uhmmm, YEAH. A huge contract and international exposure thanks to their runway show which is broadcast around the globe)…knew he went to the shows. (She did? How could she know that when the 2006 show was the first one that he attended? She’s psychic now?) I wouldn’t doubt she played hard to get to reel him in. (or she played hard to get because she was with someone else. If she really did have her sights set on snaring Orlando, would she have taken the risk of turning him down? No, don’t think so. He could have walked away and never looked back.) Oh, I’m sorry…the story now is they met through a mutual friend. (they did. Orlando was invited to the after part by Leo and Gisele. Gisele wanted them to meet.) Silly me. (you sure got that right, at least.)

    The rest is history. (and the haters will never stop trying to re-write it)”

    Gotta hand it to the haters. They are endlessly entertaining.

  106. 106
    @91 Says:

    @@87: “wouldn’t touch your site”????? WTF? I don’t even have a site!!! And what baby are u talking about? No idea, but it’s clear that the vast majority of people in here are mentally challenged and find pleasure attacking others for things they haven’t even said!!!!!

  107. 107
    Oh ob Says:

    @97 I would not be say ing it if they did’nt .

  108. 108
    @106 Says:

    “….mentally challenged”?
    When haters claim that when a gossip hound says that they are”MOST DEFINITELY” married, that what he really means is that he “isn’t sure”.
    Yeah, that’s evidence of brilliance if I ever saw it.
    “…find pleasure attacking others for things they haven’t even said!!!!!”
    But isn’t that exactly what you do to Miranda? Twist her words or make them up altogether just to lie about her so you can make yourselves feel better about your own pathetic existance?
    In other words, do as you say, not as you do?
    Hater hypocrisy.
    The gift that just keeps giving.

  109. 109
    @107 Says:

    You really need to let this go.
    He’s married to Miranda now. His relationship with Kate is in the past. Let it be.

  110. 110
    @106 Says:

    You seem to be the only one who didn’t understand the baby comment, which was obvious by the context of the thread so I don’t feel I’m the mentally challenged one.

  111. 111
    Oh ob Says:

    I just have to say how do you know that was not hes first show? And no one knows what happen when orlando first met miranda and orlando only just ended it with kate late 2006. Where the dog’s gone? And why if it is true the family’s was not there on the best day of there life’s? Wow talk about up seting the one’s you love. I mean miranda made her nan cry.

  112. 112
    A picture Says:

    The delphites are now saying the baby isn’t his and she will be an abusive mother? Claiming the baby isn’t his is quite a serious accusation and very, very delusional because there’s zero fact behind anything(caught up in wishful thinking I suppose) and accusing Miranda of intentionally hurting her child is… well… let’s just say they paint Miranda as some sort of demon, so this fits and confirms their idea of her. their idea is very extreme and over-exaggerated therefore logic plays no part in any of their theories, because the picture they have of Miranda in their head is SO extreme that literally anything and everything in which involves Miranda is extremely stretched. Is it normal? No. Is it healthy? Again, no.
    Who in their right mind imagines a child being abused in any shape or thought? That’s disgusting. But then again that sick assumption fits the idea they have of Miranda: A monster.
    And the child, to them, is of course not his. She’s a monster, she can’t carry Orlando’s child, the man they were once very fond of, the man they were once (still are obviously) obsessed with. She can’t be carrying HIS child, so by all means, they come up with this whole story/idea as hope the child isn’t his.
    This isn’t normal behavior. Come on, three years of obsessive idea’s, assumptions, close-following?? No matter what your personal feelings are for this pair, why THREE years? Is this not proof alone that they are not in their right, safe minds? Three years is a long time to HATE someone you don’t know. Too long to obsessively update your self in every move they make. Too damn long.
    I remember the start of the delphites here on JJ, I visited their board once in the begining and never visited it again but saw comments from time to time here, and I would ignore a lot of it. After the news of their marriage I came here to congratulate them both, but come back to fund the delphites are STILL going? I’ve been a long-time fan of Orlando. From the start of this relationship, I was very neutral about them both. I didn’t hate them together, but then I never loved them together. In the end of the day, it’s the smile on his face that lights up my day and makes me warm up to her for being the reason for THAT smile. I don’t exactly “love” her, but I do appreciate her as a human being. In the end of day they are two human beings. You can paint Miranda as a goddess, or a demon but in the end of the day, and above all she is a human being – a human being in all her glory and weakness and it’s time for both extremes to see that. Your personal picture of her is just a picture – nothing more, nothing less.

  113. 113
    @111 Says:

    It would not have remained the best day of their lives if the press had gotten wind of when and where the ceremony was taking place.
    I’m sure that since the engagement announcement, both sets of parents were under scrutiny. If any of them had booked a flight, the details would have been known almost immediately. If family and friends (remember, Orlando has some VERY famous friends) had started to gather, the press would have descended like flies.
    I’m sure that the families would have loved to be there. But I’m also sure that they are just as happy knowing that Orlando and Miranda accomplished the near impossible. A private wedding ceremony without a pap in sight.
    The families are not selfish enough to put their own wants and desires ahead of the bride and groom’s.
    As for the Grandmother….
    I’m sure that she is just as sweet as she can be. And I’m sure that she means well. But she has shown time and again that she cannot be trusted with information. If a reporter asks her a question, she answers it. If she had been told in advance, the world would have known within an hour later. She’s adorable, but she has a big mouth.

  114. 114
    @112 Says:

    That’s just it.
    ‘Shippers’ know that she is human. You will find no post that states that she is ready for cannonization. We don’t expect her to be perfect and saintly.
    The ‘haters’, on the other hand, DO expect her to be a saint. Any sign of humanity is pounced on. She used to smoke…DEMON! She poses in little or no clothing for her job….WH*RE! She smiles at a camera….SL*T! She mentions the name of the man that she has been with for 2.5 years….FAMEMONGER!
    See the difference?
    Good post overall, though.
    *thumbs up*

  115. 115
    LOL! Says:

    Oh, the delphites are running true to form.
    When old Ted C is being snippy and snarky about O&M, he is the gospel of truth and wisdom.
    But since he made the error (in their tiny little minds, anyway) of confirming that O&M are INDEED married, he has been sent back to the garbage bins.
    He has gone from being the bastion of truth and wisdom, to being a gossip hack who doesn’t know what he is talking about, in the space of two days.
    Oh, you delphites make mocking you so darned easy.

  116. 116
    @111 Says:

    “only just ended it with Kate late 2006″
    ONLY just ended?
    You do know that this is 2010, right?
    Besides, they broke up the Summer of 2006.

  117. 117
    @114 Says:

    Yes, I do see the difference. I guess I was generalizing, for the most part. Not all Miranda fans see her as heaven sent, but a fair few do.
    I personally think seeing the good in people, is a much better quality then seeing the worst.
    My mother always used to say to me, before you go and hate someone, remember, you don’t know what they’ve been through in life, what structured who they are today, and “hatred” took too much negative energy in peoples live – she used to always say, if you’re really bothered by someone, imagine you are in water, being repeatedly hit with rocks by the object of your irritation, then imagine you become as transparent as the water, and all the rocks (words) just flow right through you, and are no longer bothering or hurting you. Always does the trick. Maybe the delphites should try this… oh, wait, technically Miranda never done anything intentionally to bother them in their personal lives.
    I know people who have been through hell by the people closest to them, and they still don’t have the energy to hate them. And yet, these people have a strong, extreme hate for someone who’s not done anything to them. Sigh.

  118. 118
    flag boy Says:

    Any sighting or tweets on the love birds?
    What is your best guess on where they will go for part deux of the honeymoon?

    As far ob & mb getting married in a private, small ceremony, I agree with 113 and can you just imagine the crazyness of your family, my family,people they both have worked with… would have gotten out of hand and turned into a media circus very quickly. I can see why neither of them would want that.

  119. 119
    @118 Says:

    No sightings yet that I’m aware of.
    But since she hasn’t updated her Kora facebook page in a few days, I would guess that they are off on their honeymoon.
    I hope that they are having fun!

  120. 120
    LOL! Says:

    Just another glimpse into the *cough* thought processes *cough* of your average delphidiot.
    Watch then spin before your very eyes….
    Ted’s latest comment again.
    First, one of them writes (again) to Ted C asking whether or not O&M are really married.
    “Ted C

    Dear Ted:
    Sure, Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr say they got married, but did it actually take place? I mean why didn’t any of their close family attend? Seems too odd for these two when they are so close to their families. I know it is easy to lie and say you are married when no legalities took place, spill the beans!

    Dear I…Do?
    While H’wood can fake plenty of things, marriage certificates are easy to check in on. The duo most definitely said “I do.” Might seem strange that they’d wed without the fam, but it doesn’t seem like mama Kerr is too bummed”

    You see where he said that they “most definitely said “I do.”? To any NORMAL person, that would be absolute affirmation that yes, they ARE married, right? Remember I said NORMAL people.
    Well, thesad delphites immediately tried to spin his words, claiming that he said that he “wasn’t sure” that they were married. As was said before, how does “most definitely” get translated to “not sure” anywhere but the world of delphi?
    And now we have a new contender for idiot of the day:
    “Ted isnt 100% saying that they DID marry, read it again. He is saying they said “I DO” he is also telling us, in my opinion to look for the certificate because he knows we can’t and won’t find it. That is what I think. Why wouldn’t Ted just say yes they are legally married, he hasn’t done that. He is being coy. But it could be a legal wedding because they may have known people could check, means nothing about it being real.”
    Since when does saying “I do” NOT mean that you are married?????
    And again, his saying that they “definitely said I do” means that there is no marriage certificate? WHAT??
    “Why wouldn’t Ted just say yes they are legally married”
    Uhmmmm, he did. he said that there was a marriage certificate and that they (again) “definitely said I do”.
    But this is my favorite…can you count the conspiracy theories in this one sentence????
    “But it could be a legal wedding because they may have known people could check, means nothing about it being real.”
    The idiot is saying that they may have gone to the trouble of getting a marriage certificate, only because they knew that people will check. Then they go on to say that even if they ARE married, that it isn’t “real”.
    Oh this is too good!

  121. 121
    wow Says:

    Just wow.
    They really are scrambling to spin Ted’s comment.
    It really is laughable now.
    One of my favorites:
    Speaking about Ted C…..”I wouldn’t get too worried about one comment he makes that isn’t too clear.”
    Only in Delphi Land can the statement “The duo most definitely said “I do’.” be considered not “too clear”.
    This has really gotten pathetic.

  122. 122
    Oh ob Says:

    Omg i know it’s 2010, i talking about when they met .That he only just ended it with kate in 2006 in september. And they could of done it with there family there, you fine a way. Even if it’s just your mum and dad.

  123. 123
    @122 Says:

    Just for the record, he and Kate were over by August 2006. By September she was already with James.
    They eloped with the blessing of their parents. If their parents are fine with it, why does it bother you so much?

  124. 124
    sara Says:

    I see that the ladies of delphi are set up, and ready for anything that comes out about the possible baby.
    So far they have come up with:
    -she isn’t really pregnant, she is just using the rumor for publicity
    -she isn’t really pregnant, she just lied to orlando to get him to marry her
    -the baby is not his
    -she got pregnant to “trap him” (is this 1953?)
    -she is going to use the baby for publicity
    -even if the baby is his, it doesn’t mean that he loves her (didn’t he say that she held his heart in her hands? and didn’t he marry her when no one could force him to?)
    -he has not been happy for years (oh, so the look of absolute joy when he picked her up at the airport didn’t really happen?)
    I just don’t understand their obsession.
    if you don’t like either one of them, move on to another celeb that you can irrationally judge.
    They are married. That’s a fact. Get over yourselves.

  125. 125
    Oh ob Says:

    Everythink i saw said it was sep. And there not going to tell us if there not happy. I mean may be they are happy with it or may be not we will never know.

  126. 126
    Geez Says:

    The war going on in the comments is exhausting. It’s really quite insane. Is there a nice place to get Orlando news and avoid this drama? I do like Miranda so if anyone can direct me to a blog or board with a more positive vibe that has no problem with her then that would be great!

  127. 127
    Private person Says:

    If anything proves what a private person Orlando really is, this is it. How many celebrities tying the knot have managed (or even wanted) to keep the proceedings THIS secret? Not many (Beyonce and Jay-Z being one well-known exception).

  128. 128
    @Geez Says:

    Try the Orlando Love forum. Most fans there seem to like her – they’ve even given her her own thread.

  129. 129
    Ted C? Says:

    As in Ted Casablanca’s The Awful Truth? A gossip site?

    Who in their right mind believes what he has to say?


    I can picture him as Rita Skeeter from Harry Potter with a big old feathered quill flying through the air making up lies as it goes.

    If that’s what the “Haters” use as their source of information, I think it’s speaks volumes for their intelligence level.

  130. 130
    Orlando Love Says:


    Like 128 said, Orlando Love might be best:

    But this place is good for a laugh. Most people here are alright and don’t mind MK. You can be gauranteed the fighting comments will keep going though. Probably until we get a new post (and then they begin again.)

    Other celebrities get the same kind of **** and some get worse.

  131. 131
    Orlando Love Says:


    Like 128 said, Orlando Love might be best:

    But this place is good for a laugh. Most people here are alright and don’t mind MK. You can be gauranteed the fighting comments will keep going though. Probably until we get a new post (and then they begin again.)

    Other celebrities get the same kind of **** and some get worse.

  132. 132
    @129 Says:

    Oh they only like him when they agree with what he is saying.
    If he says something that they don’t want to hear (“the duo DEFINITELY said ‘I do’” is a prime example) they toss him away and claim that he is just a paid PR hack.
    Is that hypocritical? Oh yeah. But that’s delphi for ya.
    And @126
    OrlandoLove is a very good, very positive site. They are often the first with news and/or new pics. They do allow pap pics to be posted, but they don’t allow people (from either side) interpret them at their will.
    They are a very nice bunch of gals.
    ka-Bloom is also a great site. Extremely respectful. They do not allow pap pics, and absolutely no comments are allowed about his personal life. If something concrete does come up, like the engagement and marriage, they do post it, but it isn’t discussed (if that makes sense). Congratulations can be offered, but no discussion of the who, what or where of it. They also have a very reliable connection to Orlando’s mum, They are strict, but a very mature, calm board.

  133. 133
    He's so hot! Says:

    This place is definitely crazy and I agree, Orlando Love is the way to go. The mods do not allow gossip or rude comments at all. All the negative information that people here and at other place spout off as the truth about this couple is pure made up garbage. I have not seen any proof of the bad things said about Miranda. Some people want to make her out as this bad person because Orlando loves her and it’s really pathetic.

  134. 134
    Jayne Says:

    @126 orlandobloomweb is ok to go too as well.

  135. 135
    Jayne Says:

    Melody, i think he looks good there too i just love hes smile. I too never been to sure about miranda but if he is happy with her than i wish him all the best in life.

  136. 136
    @108 Says:

    Oh MY….. You should switch your brain on sometimes because, if you really think that people with more than a functioning neuron have the time to read stupid comments that are longer than the yellow pages, then you’re very wrong.
    Since you are clearly one of the “mentally challenged ones” I was talking about, I’ll try to eplain it again yo you, *slowly*…….
    I got accused for:
    1- having a website
    2- talking **** about a fu-ck-ing baby
    Neither accusations are true and whoever said that is a moron, just like you.
    Do you get it now?

  137. 137
    @136 Says:

    In other words, in your comment #87 you called people bigots and intolerant and you hadn’t even read their comments, because they’re longer than the yellow pages. So you basically insulted people just because you felt like it. If you call people bigots and intolerant, we will assume that you read their comments and that’s what you used to judge them as such.
    BTW, you should try to control your anger. Eat more fiber or something.

  138. 138
    @136 Says:

    uhmmm, #108 didn’t accuse you of having a website, nor did they say anything about a baby.
    You complain about others putting words in your mouth, then turn around a do it to someone else.
    And I notice that you claim to be too busy (due to your supposed intellligence) to read longer comments, yet you find plenty of time to visit old threads about a celeb that you don’t like.
    hmmm, interesting
    BTW, profanity is a sign that you are desperate. You had no real answer, so you resorted to vulgarity. A sure sign of a lower intelligence.

  139. 139
    ??? Says:

    I saw that Miranda’s mom is posting on the Miranda’s facebook pages (her own, and Kora).
    She said that Miranda and Orlando are now off on their honeymoon.
    Has anyone heard where they may have gone?

  140. 140
    @137 + 138 Says:

    @137: the website thing was in the very 1st sentence of the post, so there was no need to read the entire message;
    @138: apparently you don’t bother to read comments either because in the insulting post there was, indeed, a reference to a website AND to a baby. Is reading difficult for you because your brain is too big or is the topic too dense for you to understand it, hmmm??
    PS: when you slander people they will come back to respond, no matter how old the thread which, by the way, is really-really ancient (4 days old!!!!!!!) But again, that must be too complicated for you to understand…..
    Adios, lunatics. You belligerent posters with “superior intelligence” that NEVER say profanities should hang with like minded people only, LMAO!!!!!!

  141. 141
    @140 Says:

    Your post was directed to #108.
    Please show EXACTLY where THAT person mentioned a web site, or a baby.
    You accuse others of lacking intelligence, when you can’t even comprehend the simplest language.
    But thanks for leaving the thread. I would much prefer to read posts from people who can put their thoughts into words without resorting to profanity.

  142. 142
    @140 Says:

    The reference to a site and a baby came AFTER you called people intolerant and bigots (87) and AFTER the baby thing was mentioned.
    But think what you please. You can even think that we’re the “belligerent” ones when you just can’t make any point without insulting.

  143. 143
    sid Says:

    My friends and I used to like this site but this is getting ridiculous.
    What’s the point of all these childish comments about who said what, who insulted who and who’s more intelligent? Frankly it’s quite annoying.
    If you are not comfortable with other ways of seeing things and you are incapable of coping with conflict then you shouldn’t be here.
    I personally agree with 126 and I’d rather find another board to express my thoughts freely.

  144. 144
    James Franco is so hot!!!!!!! Says:


  145. 145
    James Franco is so hot!!!!!!! Says:


  146. 146
    James Franco is so hot!!!!!!! Says:

  147. 147
    @144, 145, 146 Says:

    Uhm, OK
    If you say so.
    He looks like a scrawny squirrel to me.

  148. 148
    a question Says:

    I have an honest question for any of you delphi gals out there.
    I don’t go to your site often, but I do on occasion, just to see what the ‘other side’ is thinking. I was there yesterday, and I am confused about something.
    How can you guys claim that this secret wedding with no pap pics at all was just more proof that they are famewhores on the level of Spencer and Heidi. Even if you dislike both of them, that just doesn’t make any sense. If they were just using the wedding for fame, they could have drug it out for months. They could have been pictured looking at venues, shopping for flowers, visiting caterers, etc. Then they could have made a big, Hollywood production of the ceremony. Especially with the friends that Orlando has. Not just the Fellowship members, but Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise, Eric Bana, Penelope Cruz and Leo Decaprio. THAT would have been the route they would have taken if they were famewhores. What they did instead, was the antithesis of that mess. They had a private ceremony. An ABSOLOTELY private ceremony. How can you label them famewhores for that?

  149. 149
    Jayne Says:

    I think you have the wrong post because ORLANDO BLOOM IS THE HOT ONE THERE!!!!!!!

  150. 150
    Jayne Says:

    I think you have the wrong post because ORLANDO BLOOM IS THE HOT ONE THERE!!!!!!! And i 4 got ORLANDO IS THE BEST!!!!

  151. 151
    He's so hot! Says:

    @a question: Finally, someone with something intelligent to say! Of course, it doesn’t match with their imaginary world so you won’t get an intelligent answer.

  152. 152
    a question Says:

    hey, it’s worth a shot, right?
    They always go on and on about how they are the only ones intelligent enough to see through the fascade, so one of them should be able to answer my question, right?
    I won’t hold my breath, though.

  153. 153
    @152 Says:

    How can they claim to be intelligent, when they come up with some of the most idiotic theories on the net?
    That’s why they are the laughing stock of the entire fandom.

  154. 154
    Sane discussions Says:

    The “Orlando Bloom Discussion” forum at LiveJournal is a good site and it’s pretty well balanced (no over-the-top gushing and no hate-filled trashing either). I like the fact you can actually engage in intelligent conversation or debate and even when there’s disagreement on certain issues, the discourse is still respectful.

  155. 155
    Hot? Says:

    James Franco hot? Well, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion of course, but personally I don’t find him ‘hot’ at all. There are ten or twelve Hollywood actors who I feel fit that description, and Franco’s not among them.

  156. 156
    @154 Says:

    Yeah, that is a good site.
    The ladies there seem to be very intelligent and rational. And quite often funny as hell.

  157. 157
    flag boy Says:

    I read Miranda’s mom’s comments on Kora. She seems very sweet.
    Yes, they are in hiding, so I guess we won’t get any new pics for awhile.
    As for as the drama on this board, I know it can get old, but I am happy that someone out there always sticks up for these two and points out the contradictions of the Delphi girls. So just skip over them if you get tire of reading those, skip over them.
    OL is great but I have to admit, I like reading people’s opinions.
    All you fans, drop a line here if you hear any tweets or sightings of
    OB & MB

  158. 158
    @157 Says:

    Someone tweeted that they are in NY.
    I remember a recent interview where a reporter asked Miranda what would be her favorite place to take a vacation. She answered “home, no more planes”. I guess that for people who travel as much as they do, and who can go anywhere they want, almost whenever they want, quiet time is a luxury.
    I can actually see them just chilling out at home. Relaxing with the phones unplugged. Popping popcorn and watching a movie. Huddled up on the couch with the pooches. And just enjoying being alone together. No flights to catch. No bags to unpack. And no paps!
    Or maybe they are shopping for baby furniture on the internet. Or painting the nursery. Or picking put baby names.
    Whatever they are doing. Wherever they are doing it. I’m sure that they are happy.
    Good for them!

  159. 159
    He's so hot! Says:

    Orlando Bloom Discussion on LJ? I’ll have to check it out. I don’t mind people sharing a little more than they are allowed at OL but it always seems to get out of hand. I’d like to speculate a little more but the flat out lies that only “they” seem to get and the rest of us are idiots are so tiresome.

    Anyway, I hope they are having fun and doing like they do on the discovery channel ; )

  160. 160
    @159 Says:

    “doing like they do on the discovery channel ”
    Like bunnies!

    Oh, and here’s a link to OB Discussion….
    You will have to join LiveJournal to post.

  161. 161
    Thanks Says:

    Thanks for the links to O Love Board and the LJ community.

  162. 162
    blah Says:

    brooke, they are not moving too fast because they have been dating for quite a few years. moving fast would be getting engaged after a MONTH of dating, or even THREE months of dating. these two have been taking their time…and it’s really about time this has happened. if Miranda is pregnant, i can see why they would get engaged and marry a month later. although we hardly know anything about the lives of these two, it seems as though they would have a secret wedding as not to attract paparazzi or press. Orlando has revealed MANY times that he wanted to keep his personal life private and not showy. Notice in interviews when he gets asked about his girlfriend at the time, he never gives them an answer except that he prefers to “not talk about that”. As an actor, the ONLY thing he wants us to know about him are the films or stage performances he’s going to be in. He’s said he “never wanted to be famous”.

  163. 163
    Therese??? or Miranda???? Says:

    @flag boy: Flag boy, I guess you didn’t catch the mistake “Therese” made. She posted as herself, then a few minutes later posted a reply to someone as Miranda. So who is posting? Therese? Miranda? Tiffany the make-up counter girl?

    Miranda claims to always want to be real with her “fans”, that its “her” posting to them and answering them, but if she is on her fantastic honeymoon, why the lies and how much? Why be on her Facebook during this speshull time with her huzbend? Some one questioned that on her Facebook and then, wow, all of a sudden the posts were gone!! But not before someone screencapped them. I know you won’t bother to go there, but the screencaps are up at Delphi, you know, that place where you all think everyone is lying about how fake Miranda and Orlando are. Looks like the fake slipped up.

  164. 164
    flag boy Says:

    Thanks @158 , New York you say….. or the tweet says….lol
    And “Theresa or Miranda?” no, I did not notice that! I was flying through those, but I did notice the other day that some guy on FB
    noticed that Miranda posted on her wedding day and during Orlando getting his honary doctorate or was it the dyslexia talk… sorry, I have finished my cocktail and my brain on vodka…. I digress, well anyway this guy pointed that out that Miranda posted during those “events” and I went back and checked it out and what he said was true! Is that you ? :-)
    I don’t know what that means, I really don’t take it so seriously?
    But thanks for pointing that out, it is interesting.
    Time for a night cap.

  165. 165
    @163 Says:

    I’m sure that Therese takes care of a lot of fan mail, where she signs letters as Miranda. I’m sure that the rest of the staff does the same thing. Just as Orlando’s mum and neighborhood ladies used to do for him before it became too much to handle.
    But if you actually took the time to read the comments, you would realize that Therese posts much more often than Miranda ever did, and in a completely different style. Any moron could see the difference.
    It’s pretty obvious who is who.
    Miranda hasn’t posted since the 27th.
    She IS on her honeymoon. Which is really what has your group of sad little haters in such a tizzy.
    Oh, and you ARE a bunch of lying hypocrites. We’ve proved that over and over again. Just ask Jaded. She knows ALLLLL about lying. Don’t you Jaded. Or is this Alegria?
    So pathetic.
    Oh, and have you come up with any new explanations to discount Ted’s “the duo most definitely said ‘I do’” statement? I know that one has your spin cycle working overtime.

  166. 166
    @164 Says:

    That was them.
    They have sock puppets set up around the web, just to insult someone that never did anything to them. Oh, and they are all women. Sad, bitter women. They post on JJ using male names as well, just to try to convince people that the male population doesn’t like Miranda. Good luck with that.
    They lie, then accuse others of lying.
    And since we don’t really know the date of the wedding (Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday), how can someone claim that she was posting on her wedding night?

  167. 167
    @163 Says:

    I thought that you delphidiots claim that you never even visit JJ, much less post. Yet here you are.
    Guess that makes you a liar, doesn’t it?

  168. 168
    @164 Says:

    @Flag boy (if that’s you)
    Well, someone was lying…
    Orlando gave his ‘dyslexia speech’ on June 2. We got our first pictures at 4:30 in my time zone.
    Miranda didn’t post on that day until 7:30 my time.
    No conflict there.
    Orlando received his honorary doctorate on the morning of July 13th, at around 9:00, London time. or 3:00am my time.
    She made her first post at 1:09 am my time, and another at 8:45pm (my time).
    Again, no conflict there.
    You see. They try to twist facts and throw out information HOPING that no one will check on it. They are used to their fellow idiots taking their word. We here in the real world DON’T accept their word as gospel. And as I have just PROVED, we have damn good reason not to trust their word.
    They lie. They lie ALL THE TIME.

  169. 169
    @163 Says:

    I find your comment rather amusing. After almost three years you’re still obsessing. Maybe you need to find a hobby? Or remove yourself from the internet for just a while, step into the sun, and brighten up a little.
    … 3 years. 3 years of your life wasted on paranoia and obsessive behavior with this girl. I bet you see Miranda everywhere you go.

  170. 170
    @169 Says:

    Miranda OWNS them.

  171. 171
    flag boy Says:

    Flag boy here! Thank you ladies for taking the time to post the times of the FB postings, I”m glad we cleared that up. Whew! How would we have gone on, I just don’t know. :-) But, once again you fans are on the ball, and I for one am happy that you are…… I don’t like those mean girls. And what man would not like Miranda? Well, I have heard some guys say she is to skinny, but they were red necks and like their women with ….. with….. well, let’s just say healthy girls. No, I did not mean that as an insult to Miranda, that’s just what my mamma used to call the big girls. lol
    I just love, love, love Orlando and Miranda, I keep going back and forth over who is prettier.
    Now I’m off to bed, night night.

  172. 172
    LOL! Says:

    More twisted reasoning from the delphidiots.
    After posting that Tammy, Miranda’s friend who is filling in on Facebook, said that there were pictures from the wedding, and that Miranda and Orlando would be releasing a few when they had time….
    “LOL, who else but those two would have no guests, just a photographer invited. Sooo twit and twat. They wanted it private, but they wanted to share with you just how private it was.”
    They think that they are famewhores for having a photographer at their wedding???
    Like what other couple would have a photographer at their wedding to capture one of the most important days of their lives? hmmmm?
    Like ALL OF THEM!
    Once again they DESPERATELY try to paint them as famewhores, and once again, they FAIL!

  173. 173
    @171 Says:

    Glad that we cleared that up.
    It took all of about five minutes of research to clear up that particular lie.
    They just hope that no one thinks to check.
    Like the delphidiot who posted the ‘chemical’ ingredients in Miranda’s organic Kora products. Those “dangerous chemicals” with the long names turned out to be naturally occurring ingredients Ingredients that you would find in coconut oil and vinegar. LOL!
    Again, five minutes of research cleared up that lie, too.

  174. 174
    teehee Says:

    Oh delphi.
    They never fail to amuse.

  175. 175
    link please? Says:

    @Therese??? or Miranda????:

    Can you post a direct link to those screencaps?

    I have no idea how to find that board or the screencaps

  176. 176
    Lynda Says:

    @@171: Coconut oil and vinegar normally don’t “contain” things.
    Coconut oil is directly extracted from a fruit that grows on coconut palms and vinegar is the result of a natural fermentation process. Just sayin’……

  177. 177
    @175 Says:

    You’re on your own.
    I refuse to post a link to that hateful site. They are nothing but a small group of liars who twist everything to suit their own agenda.
    I’m sure that one of them will be by shortly to provide the link.
    You know. Since they NEVER visit JJ.

  178. 178
    you're right Says:


    I wish I hadn’t asked now & that I could delete my request! When it comes to a hate site, perhaps ignorance really is bliss (meaning I don’t want to go there!)

  179. 179
    @176 Says:

    Chemistry lesson….
    Everything ‘contains things’.
    Both vinegar and coconut oil contain naturally occuring componds that have been given latin based, chemical names for identification. Even water can correctly be called dihydrogen monoxide (H2O), because it ‘contains’ these compounds.
    The chemical names for the acid in vinegar, and the coconut oil were what were quoted as being the “dangerous non-organic chemicals” that Miranda was using in her skin products, because they SOUNDED scary.
    It was laughable, stupid and WRONG.
    As has been said. It took five minutes of research to clear up that bit of intentional mis-information.

  180. 180
    :-) Says:

    I hope Orlando and Miranda are having a wonderful honeymoon!

  181. 181
    @180 Says:

    Me too!

  182. 182
    Cap Link Says:

    Here you go:

  183. 183
    Yawn Says:

    We need news soon. Everyone must be bored if we are now dicussing the ingredients in KORA products. lol

  184. 184
    Yawn Says:

    We need news soon. Everyone must be bored if we are now dicussing the ingredients in KORA products. lol

  185. 185
    I know! Says:


    This post has gotten crazy in the comments.

    I’m waiting for news because I think Orlando & Miranda are adorable.

    Great couple! I hope we see one wedding pic at least.

  186. 186
    LMAO Says:


    So true!

    Who wants to talk about their dogs next? Wait, that’s a cute subject at least. ;)

  187. 187
    @183 Says:

    I know!
    I think that the ingredient discussion came about because someone used it as an example of the lies that are told about Miranda.
    I wantto see new pics!
    Hopefully they release the wedding pics, soon!

  188. 188
    @182 Says:

    See there.
    I knew that a member would be by soon.
    They are nothing, if not predictable. :)

  189. 189
    brenda Says:

    Yes orlando is good looking but I don’t like the curly hair,and Miranda is a gorgeous girl,but all this is weird for me ,it’s happened too fast,first the wedding and now the baby??Mmm..and the last time in the airport ,the way he hugs her,….very gay,I don’t want to ofend nobody but there are rumours that he is gay or bisexual,really.

  190. 190
    @189 Says:

    A hug looks “gay”?!?
    That’s GOT to be one of the stupidest things that I have ever heard.

  191. 191
    @190 Says:

    OMG I AGREE. What ever next?

  192. 192
    Curly hair Says:

    How can you not like his curly hair? That right there proves you are insane! hee!

  193. 193
    Sidi Says:


    You want the doggies. Well here’s one:

    There is the cutest picture of Miranda & her friend & Sidi on Miranda’s facebook:

  194. 194
    @189 Says:

    If anyone is interested, that’s a delphite right there.
    Or is that an OBloom talker?
    Both sites are full of idiot hypocrites.
    That gives you a great idea about the intelligence level of their posters.

  195. 195
    brenda Says:

    why insane? I don’t like the curly hair,that’s all,.and the last time in the airport they look like brother and sister,sorry

  196. 196
    @195 Says:

    If they really loved each other he would have stripped her nekid and had his way with her on the concourse floor!
    Since he didn’t do that, he must be gaaaaay!!!
    See, we has proof!

  197. 197
    @195 Says:

    Uhmmm, you do know that Orlando has ALWAYS had curly hair, right? Right?

  198. 198
    Sighting Real or Fake? Says:

    Not sure what to make of this strange sighting of Orlando on Unfortunately Miranda was not with him.,,20407112,00.html

    Hope everything is okay.

  199. 199
    @198 Says:

    He went for drinks and conversation with friends or business associates. What’s so strange about that?
    Men don’t get surgically joined to their wives when they say ‘I do’.

  200. 200
    insane Says:


    I was just teasing you because most folks love his curls.

    Carry on .. being sane.


  201. 201
    Curls! Says:

    Love his curls! He looks good in pretty much any hairstyle but LOVE the curls.

  202. 202
    Sighting Real or Fake? Says:

    @ 199

    The reason why I was wondering, is because according to his new in-laws he and Miranda are supposedly on their honeymoon.

    So yes it does seem strange, at least to me, for him to not stay with her the entire time during the honeymoon.

  203. 203
    Where's Kate? Says:

    What’s happened to Kate? Haven’t seen or heard a single word about her since Bloom’s marriage which is sort of odd since we usually get 3 or 4 postings every week – including her shopping for groceries!

  204. 204
    @200 Says:

    You should have been teasing her about that idiotic comment about the gug looking “very gay”.
    Soooo stupid.

  205. 205
    @202 Says:

    That sighting is several days old, before they left for their extended honeymoon. They left LA, and were seen together in NY yesterday. No telling where they are now.

  206. 206
    @203 Says:

    She’s busy poking holes in all of Alex’s condoms.

  207. 207
    204 here Says:

    HUG, dammit, not ‘gug’.
    *slaps forhead*

  208. 208
    flag boy Says:

    @206 bah ha ha. You are naughty. I love it.
    so the last sighting was New York right?

  209. 209
    Sighting Real or Fake? Says:

    @ 202

    Thank you for clarifying that. I was hoping that they would not have any pics of them on their honeymoon. And it upset me that would post something like this when they are suppose to be on their honeymoon together. Makes me think that since no one is able to get pics of them, the press will put out something like this to stir up very bad gossip about them.

    Best wishes to them both. And I hope that they have a wonderful life together without nasty gossip being spread about them. Well in a better world maybe.

  210. 210
    Sighting Real or Fake? Says:

    Meant to say @ 205

  211. 211
    @209 Says:

    That’s what gossip reporters (and some bitter fans) do.
    If there isn’t a scandal or a story, they will just make one up.
    Dirty laundry sells better than happily ever after. In the gossip trade, anyway.

  212. 212
    Yes but.. Says:


    …that would require more than teasing and I didn’t have the energy last night so I let it slid and ignored it for the idiocy that it is …

  213. 213
    Yes but.. Says:


    …that would require more than teasing and I didn’t have the energy last night so I let it slid and ignored it for the idiocy that it is …

  214. 214
    opps - 212/213 here Says:

    make that “let it slide”

    see, we all make typos!

  215. 215
    @212 Says:

    I like you.

  216. 216
    Moron-duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Says:


  217. 217
    :P Says:


    I’ll give it to you, that’s creative.

    I have to say though, I find her Australian accent quite cute. Just like the rest of Orlando’s wife. ;)

  218. 218
    @217 Says:

    That’s not creative.
    That’s juvenile.
    But that’s delphi for ya.

  219. 219
    @218 Says:

    G’day to your sense of humor. Make sure you take that stick out of your @rse tomorrow moring.

  220. 220
    @219 Says:

    My sense of humor is just fine, thank you very much.
    It’s just that I stopped finding stupidity funny in grade school.
    Not to mention that is an OLD ‘joke’. And old jokes are tiresome. Kind of like you.

  221. 221
    @219 Says:

    That was supposed to be funny? Please excuse my sense of humor then. Why don’t you tell me your name and I can negatively depict it to mock you? Lets see how funny and creative that would be. Grow up.

  222. 222
    How much longer? Says:

    Argh! We need real news. The comments are getting so lame. I want to know for sure if she is pregnant or not. So much gossip…

  223. 223
    =) Says:

    I like you too, whoever you are. ;)

  224. 224
    @222 Says:

    I KNOW!
    I think that she is pregnant. The rumors have gone on too long without a real denial.
    I can’t wait to see baby Orlandos running around!

  225. 225
    @221 Says:

    I didn’t write N° 216 but yes, I found it funny and so did poster N°217.
    Despite you saying that’s an old joke it’s the first time I hear it.
    You really must be miserable if you can’t even start the day with something light but immediately feel the need to be harsh & cranky.
    So consider taking your own advice and grow up. Life ain’t easy and being hateful won’t make it any better.

  226. 226
    @225 Says:

    You think that making fun of someone’s name is “light”?
    And you think that someone who didn’t find an insult funny is the one that is being “hateful”?
    Uhmmm, OK.
    I guess that puts you in the same league with the other idiots.

  227. 227
    @225 Says:

    The delphidiot was the one being hateful.
    Someone else just called them on it.
    That’s really what you didn’t like, isn’t it.

  228. 228
    Yep, immature Says:

    Would YOU enjoy being called a “moron?” Even in jest? GROW UP. Taunting and calling someone spiteful names IS childish – very grade school.

  229. 229
    Lynda Says:

    Why so stuck-up and bitter? Chill out people…… wow……

  230. 230
    . Says:

    Uhmmm, if anger is handled poorly, it can be harmful, especially when you get mad for something that is not even your problem. The only reason I see to be so offended is having a name similar to *Moron-duh* too. If that’s not the case, you’ve got issues and you all should take anger management classes. Idiots.

  231. 231
    Okay Says:

    Settle down now kids and stop squabbling. I thought we were going to patiently wait for some real news? :P

    While waiting, I’ve been procrastinating at work and looked at comments on Miranda’s facebook. Someone in the UK said she did Sidi’s health check on Friday so he could fly out to meet MK (and assuming also OB.)

    Alrightly, discuss!

  232. 232
    @230 Says:

    Uhmmm, you think that those offended by a juvenile joke are the ones with the anger management issues, but the ones who have devoted three years of their lives to wallowing in hatred for a young woman who is a total stranger are just fine and dandy????
    Yeah, that makes a heck of a lot of sense.

  233. 233
    LOL! Says:

    Hater logic.
    Gotta love it!

  234. 234
    flag boy Says:

    Thanks @231 so SIdi was in London, I was wondering where he was? Now if we could just find his master!
    Any tweets, any more news…..?
    come on girls, I depend on you guys….. you need to stalk better. lol

  235. 235
    :0) Says:

    @flag boy:

    you’re cute flag boy

    *goes off to stalk*


  236. 236
    shrugandsigh Says:

    I used to be one of those people who screamed at the top of their lungs that this relationship was all for publicity and I’ve said a lot of hateful things about them both in the past and I truly thought they’d use this whole engagement thing as a way to get more publicity but I’m really surprised with how they handled their wedding… just so quite and on the down low and I’ve been looking back at these two and I just keep thinking “but they do look kind of happy”
    I’ve really warmed up to them, but I guess I’m at this stage in my life where I realize Orlando (preferably Legolas) will never be mine.
    I really do wish them the best.

  237. 237
    flag boy Says:

    @ :0) you’re cute too! Happy stalking, now come back soom to report to flag boy. lol

  238. 238
    Melody Says:

    @Jayne: Jayne, I know you said you’ve met him a couple of times, what was he like? Is he as nice of a person as I’ve imagined him to be?
    My sister in law read in the paper a few days ago that Robert Pattinson was here, no more than about fifteen miles from where we live. He’s shooting “Water For Elephants” and the scouting crew is using a farm here in northern Georgia for movie scenes. My sister in law asked me if tthe two of us should pile into the car and go and try to meet Robert. But I said, nah. He doesn’t pull my heartstrings the way Orlando does. Anyway, the crowd of people trying to meet RP would’ve been insane. I’d rather meet Orlando, been waiting for him to come to this area for three years and other than doing “Main Street” last year, I don’t know if he ever comes to this part of the U.S. or not. Anyway, just wondering, when you met him, how did he seem?

  239. 239
    Jayne Says:

    @ MELODY : I get what you mean about Robert Pattinson hes not for me too, but a good actor. Orlando was a very nice person when i met him, well he made time for me on the 25 August 2007. Because when i called him i did’nt think he saw me or hear me because he started to walk away and than he look at me and came back fast he was so close to my face that’s why i for got what i was going to say . But i said what i said and he said thank you and smile at me he was going to say somethink else? i dont know what happen there, i think it was because lot’s of girls were telling him so he smile at me again and kept smileing as he walked away and that made my day. There was this little girl there next to me, Orlando was so sweet to her he took time to talk to her. So i say yes he a good man and a lovely person.

  240. 240
    Thanks Says:


    Thanks for sharing your story. =)

  241. 241
    LOL! =) Says:

    We have a winner!
    The most ridiculous conspiracy theory yet!
    The delphidiots believe that ONLY MIRANDA AND/OR HER FAMILY USES THE SMILIE FACE : =)
    That means that anyone who posts here, on her facebook, or ANYWHERE that uses ‘=)’ is HER!!!!
    Isn’t that the stupidest thing that you have ever heard!
    I think that we all need to use that in every post from now on. That way they will believe that the Kerrs are all over the web, 24/7!!!!
    So pathetic!
    And soooo desperate!

  242. 242
    =) Says:

    I love it!
    Next they will be saying that LOL, LMAO, BTW, BRB, :), :-p, :( ,etc.
    are all her, too.
    You know, cuz no one ever uses those.
    =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =)
    And they wonder why people mock them!

  243. 243
    Jayne Says:

    @ Melody That’s ok , i for got Orlando was also a lovely person on the 8 and 15 September too. I think when you meet him you will feel the same way and he is soooooooo good looking in person. I do hope it works out for you to meet him one day. I think he could come to where you live. The only thing i did’nt tell orlando was my name :-( but i can smile because i got to do what i alway wanted to do and that was meet orlando bloom.

  244. 244
    @238 Says:

    Everyone who has ever met him talks about how nice he is.
    He’s a good boy.
    Oh, and I almost forgot….. =)

  245. 245
    hmmm Says:

    Twitter sightings have so far placed him in Spain, NY and Santa Barbara.
    Man that guy gets around, doesn’t he?

  246. 246
    hmmm Says:

    #245 here.
    It was Santa Monica, not Santa Barbara.
    But it gave me another chance to throw out another ….=)

  247. 247
    flag boy Says:

    ok, ladies, good job… any perticular tweet sounds more real then the others, sometimes you can tell, sometimes not… =)

    instead of where’s waldo we have where’s orlando? =)

  248. 248
    who can be the most childish? Says:

    I think the shippers just won by a LANDSLIDE!

  249. 249
    @248 Says:

    We are just laughing at your idiocy….again!
    If you consider that “childish”, and your moronic theories ‘mature”, well then, there’s your problem right there. Or should I say ONE of your MANY problems.
    =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =)

  250. 250
    who can be the most childish? Says:

    I never said that what the Delphi members do is mature.

    All I said was who could be the most childish?

    You shippers out did yourselves is all I was saying.

    And just as you say not all the comments with LOL, LMAO, BTW, BRB, :), :-p, :( ,etc are Miranda or her relatives….

    Not all the ones who don’t agree with what you say are from the Delphi board.

    Whose the Hypocrite now?

  251. 251
    @250 Says:

    I just find it hard ti believe that anyone who dislikes Miranda and is STILL on this old thread is NOT a delphite. They are the only ones invested enough in their hateful obsession of this total stranger to still be here. Your average person who doesn’t like her, stated their case days ago, and have now moved on.
    You may claim that you are not a delphite. But if it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, well then, you know the rest.

  252. 252
    huh? Says:

    What gets me about the ‘=)’ garbage is the identity of the girl that came up with it.
    Didn’t she used to be smarter than that? Have the delphites damaged her brain beyond repair?
    It’s actually a bit depressing.

  253. 253
    who can be the most childish? Says:

    I never said I disliked Miranda….Read my posts again…..I just do not agree with the childish behavior you shippers are carrying on with…that is really pathetic.

    I do not feel it is necessary to act so childish when it comes to talking about your favorite celebrity.

    Just because I do not worship the ground she or Orlando walk on does not make me a Delphi member.

    I respect Orlando and Miranda too much as people to behave in such a way…..if they ever did read your posts I cannot imagine they would be proud to have fans such as you.

    Sounds like you guys need pacifiers or something. Take a nap. Nothing is better for cranky babies such as you.

  254. 254
    @253 Says:

    OK, I’ll bite.
    What exactly are you considering “childish”?
    Pointing out the continued idiocy of their theories?
    Or the mocking of their most recent theory with the repetition of the ‘=)’?
    That may be a bit silly, but it is getting their point across.
    If you consider that childish, then so be it. We don’t care.
    After everything that the delphites have said, and every lie that they have told, they deserve to be mocked, IMO.
    No one is forcing you to participate. You’ve made your case. we just don’t happen to agree with it.

  255. 255
    =) Says:

    That is all for now.


  256. 256
    =) Says:


    SuperOrlando – faster than a speeding bullet – around the world in one day!


  257. 257
    @256 Says:


  258. 258
    Good morning =) Says:

    Good morning Old Orlando Post People! How crazy can we get today whilst waiting for news of the newlyweds?


  259. 259
    Good morning =) Says:

    Good morning Old Orlando Post People! How crazy can we get today whilst waiting for news of the newlyweds?


  260. 260
    LOL! Says:

    An old link just before the week-end…… Have a good laugh!

  261. 261
    @260 Says:

    I’m trying very hard to find it funny…. But I can’t. I’m sorry.
    Does it make me a shallow and uptight person for not finding the humor in dehumanizing and mocking a human being who is nothing much but a stranger to me?
    May I ask you, in all seriousness, is it normal for someone to waste that much time, energy, patience on a person they technically and personally don’t know? If you can answer me honestly and maturally then that would be great. Realistic answers, please.
    Is it normal to waste time on… hate.
    It’s bluntly hate. It sickens me to see a human being talked about in such a way. I feel genuine pity for kateblogsworth. She has SO much anger wrapped inside for a person who has done no harm to her.
    I’m genially wondering, is this behavior NORMAL? That’s all. Because it slightly worries me. No human being with a sense of humanity would ever find this behavior normal… nor would they find it funny.

  262. 262
    @Jared Says:

    An honest question for you.
    Are you going to delete all of our responses to the post at #260?
    I know that my posts were not vulgar in any way. Why were they deleted?
    In the question of fairness, why don’t you just delete 260?

  263. 263
    @261 Says:


    That person not only writes that “blog”, she is also one of the haters of delphi.
    That just gives you a little peek into their collective psyche.
    Not very pretty, is it.

  264. 264
    @260 Says:

    Thanks for posting that link.
    Now anyone unfamiliar with the idiots of delphi will know exactly what we have been talking about.
    That is delphi in a nutshell.
    Juvenile, hateful, bigoted and obscene.
    Great fun, huh?

  265. 265
    @263 Says:

    Not pretty at all. I feel bad now after reading that. It’s sickening.
    If that’s a little peek, then…. I’m speechless. It can’t get worse then that, can it?!
    I just feel bad for these people. That’s all.

  266. 266
    Meh Says:


    Nope. Not funny. All it proves is that jealousy can make people mean.

    And that MK looks cute even in a chicken hat.

  267. 267
    PLEASE Says:

    For goodness sake, Jared!! GET RID OF THE ABUSE OF BABY ELEPHANTS link on this site. :( :(

  268. 268
    Don't feel bad for them... Says:


    They are simply Mean Girls and are having lots of fun. Maybe they’ll grow up some day. Meanwhile, we don’t have to visit their site. I’m disappointed that a link was posted to it. No one else should be exposed to that crap.

  269. 269
    @269 Says:

    They may grow old (alone) but I don’t think that they will ever grow up.

  270. 270
    We Luvs 2 Hate Says:

    I think some of the regulars at Kateblogsworth are still in college – either regular students or grad school (yeah, if THIS is what our universities are producing today I really fear for our collective future!). And a few nutsos there (e.g. Wanda and “Joders” ) consider themselves to be (God forbid!) talented ‘writers.’ The rest just seem to be misguided fools who ‘check in’ now and then from Delphi and/or who think it’s ‘really cool’ to laugh and mock and hate — makes ‘em feel SOO GOOD! They’re oh so funny — not.

  271. 271
    @270 Says:

    It probably makes them feel better about themselves.
    All bullies are like that.

  272. 272
    sara Says:

    How ’bout we move on to something more pleasant?
    (ie anything besides delphi)
    Is there any confirmation that Miranda is really pregnant?
    I can’t wait to see some little Blooms running around.

  273. 273
    Angel Says:

    @ sara

    as far as confirmation about her being pregnant, the closest thing I have found is this…he reportedly told some hotel staff in the Caribbean when they were on their first honeymoon that she was grumpy because she was pregnant….here is the link below….

    I’ve worked as a hotel housekeeper for over 13 years, and I can guarantee you that if he in fact did say anything to any of the staff that worked there, they probably no longer have jobs there. That is a Very Big NO NO in the Hotel business… housekeepers, and other staff members we basically have to be Seargent Shultz’s from the sit com Hogan’s Heroes,,,,we walk around and say, “I know nothing Nothing”
    with a fake german accent of course…….

    hope that helps lighten up the mood on jared….

    take care everyone….sending happy thoughts from Angel

  274. 274
    flag boy Says:

    @261 I could not agree with you more and will never understand it.
    I don’t think they are very happy people.
    @Angel I heard the german accent. lol
    “i see nothing, I know nothing”
    oh where or where can our OB be?

  275. 275
    Angel Says:

    @ flag boy

    thanks :)

    but don’t forget to add the second “nothing” with emphasis, cause remember the line goes, “I see nothing, nothing!” same with “I know nothing, nothing!”

    I love watching that show so much. another dvd series I need to start collecting.

    now i got that tune in my head with the lyrics, “oh where oh where can our OB be, oh where oh where can he be?” can’t remember what the original line was now.

    take care,

  276. 276
    flag boy Says:

    @ angel, I did forget the second “nothing” lol
    The song is:
    “oh where oh where has my little dog gone,
    oh where oh where can he be,
    with his ears cut short and his tail cut long,
    oh where oh where can he be”

    Now there, I have gone to a new low, quoting kiddy songs, I need an Orlando and Miranda fix and I need it now! Going to start the dt’s soon.

    Any new tweets, I don’t care if they are bs? =)

  277. 277
    Angel Says:

    Hi flag boy,

    Thanks for the lyrics…I remembered the hearing the tune in the Disney Film, Lady and the Tramp.

    Have not been able to post a link to a recent fan pic that is on OLove under the Pictures thread called – Orlando with Fans

    Not sure how recent the pic is. Unable to post the link for it. Have tried 3 times now, and it still won’t go thru.

    Going to go watch one of my favorite films, called “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape”, loved both Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio in that film….still think Leo should have gotten the Oscar for that.

    Sorry was unable to post a link….if this post does not go thru I will not try to post for a while.

    Take Care :)

  278. 278
    @277 Says:

    He’s a bit scruffier in that pic than he is right now. Since it looked like he had shaved a bit before they left to get hitched, I’d say that it was taken around the time of his doctorate award. Early to mid July maybe?

  279. 279
    velcrodots Says:

    I love how this thread is still going, let’s see if we can get it to 500! I’ve got two essays due soon, so naturally I want to procrastinate on the internet

  280. 280
    @277 Says:

    He’s wearing the same outfit as he wore to the ballet in London in April, but his hair does look longer.

    The person whose Twitter account this picture comes from said that she met him when he attended his grandmother’s funeral. He visited Sherborne directly after he arrived in London in April, so maybe she was very ill then.

  281. 281
    @261 Says:

    @@260: Foreign sex predators exploiting children in Thailand, PETA killing 97% of abandoned animals instead of finding adopting homes, drought killing hundreds of people in sub-Saharan Africa.
    These are only a few really serious issues my friend, but you probably don’t give a damn, do you?

    “It sickens me to see a human being talked about in such a way.”
    and “No human being with a sense of humanity would ever find this behavior normal… nor would they find it funny.”
    Your words are extremely shocking and offensive as they refer to a stupid link about some celebrities, not to a potential life-threatening event or a major catastrophe.
    Where’s your own sense of humanity? I’m disgusted.

  282. 282
    @281 Says:

    Even if the person you’re talking to didn’t give a damn about those things you said, and you don’t know her, at least she doesn’t spend her time making or participating in sites dedicated exclusively to insult someone she never met. Not doing anything can’t be worse than doing something BAD.

  283. 283
    @281 Says:

    That’s your defense?
    That other people are doing worse things so you should get a pass?
    That’s like a thief going on trial and telling the judge that it is ridiculous that he is being prosecuted at all, because he didn’t do something worse like kill someone.
    You are a horrible person, belonging to a horrible site.
    If the judgement of others bothers you so much, maybe you should take a closer look at your life, and how much time you dedicate to hate.

  284. 284
    @280 Says:

    At least one of his grandmothers attended the graduation ceremony where he was awarded his Doctorate. She was pictured walking with Miranda.
    If this really was in connection with a funeral of a loved one, that little girl was pretty darned selfish to bother him for a picture. How could she think that was OK? He was surely numb, so he probably thought ‘whatever’, and complied. But how DARE she do that?
    If this is true, she was just so excited about seeing him that she lost all sense of propriety. But if she is still showing the pic, and talking about it like it was nothing, she must still think that she didn’t do anything wrong. She should be ashamed of herself.

  285. 285
    OK Says:


    Here’s my contribution to keeping it going:



  286. 286
    @281 Says:

    If you are so seriously concerned about the atrocities that you mentioned, why aren’t you doing something about it?
    Why are you wasting time hating a total stranger, when you could be out doing something to make a difference?
    Miranda devotes time and money to charity, and encourages young women to believe in themselves.
    You spend your time on the net telling lies, twisting facts, thowing out juvenile insults and encouraging hate.
    Which of you is the better person?
    Who do you think?

  287. 287
    Urm Says:


    Your comment is ridiculous. This is a celebrity gossip blog and this post is about Orlando Bloom. Since he is now married to Miranda Kerr a lot of folks here will comment about her also.

    You say: These are only a few really serious issues my friend, but you probably don’t give a damn, do you?

    I bet lots of people on this thread care about serious issues but we aren’t discussing that on this blog.

    You say: Your words are extremely shocking and offensive as they refer to a stupid link about some celebrities …

    I repeat this is a celebrity blog. This is a post about Orlando Bloom who is married to Miranda Kerr. Many folks here care about her,

    You say: Where’s your own sense of humanity? I’m disgusted.

    Where is your common sense? Go to a blog about the state of world affairs and don’t bother us. You are more than disgusted, I’m sure.

    Have a great day =)

    Read more:

  288. 288
    =) Says:

    I so wish I was on my honeymoon with Orlando Bloom instead of moving this thread closer to 500 comments.


  289. 289
    @288 Says:

    Miranda sure is one lucky young lady!

  290. 290
    ? Says:

    Does anyone know when Orlando is supposed to be on set?
    I know that filming is supposed to start pretty soon, but I haven’t heard when Orlando will start.
    I’ve heard rumors that he will start fencing training this weekend, can any of you German ladies confirm that? Or is it really just a rumor?
    One this is for sure though. With Orlando’s dedication to getting the sword choreography down pat, and for the blade work to look realistic, those other actors better be on their toes or they may lose some body parts….even with a dull prop sword. They better be as dedicated as he has always been.

  291. 291
    ? Says:

    Forgot to add…..=)

  292. 292
    Jayne Says:


  293. 293
    flag boy Says:

    @ 290 lol, yes I think Orlando will definitely has an advantage in sword play. =)

  294. 294
    Jayne Says:

    I would love to see new pics of orlando, has any one got any new news. But im happy he s getting some free time.

  295. 295
    @281 Says:

    My words offend and shock you? What? Did I hit a sensitive spot with my genuine concern about a group of people who mock a girl they don’t know? I am disgusted with this behavior and I see it for what it is. Would you be more happy if I found it ‘funny’? Would you not be offended if I found this disgusting mocking of a girl ‘funny’?
    Where exactly did I state that the issues of the world pale in comparison to Miranda’s mocking? Don’t give me the sympathy card – using examples of global issues to down play someones disgusting behavior. How in the world would you know that I ‘don’t give a damn’? I’m not a heartless person, I do have feeling. I recognize everyone’s issues, some more obvious then others. And I sure speak out about a lot of the world issue’s.
    You think just because Miranda’s a celebrity I shouldn’t care? Where’s YOUR sense of humanity? Miranda’s someones daughter, someones sister, someones friend and someones wife and heart. You may not like her personally. Fine. But to dehumanize her and to say such things?!
    If you cared about the worlds deep and unfortunate issue’s wouldn’t you have just a bit more heart and not reduce yourself to bitter hate? Hate is hate. No matter what the object is. Hate is what it is.

  296. 296
    velcrodots Says:

    @ 288
    Same here. I could take my Will Turner figurine to the beach but I may look a little unhinged

  297. 297
    @296 Says:

    You could always pass off Leggy as a surfer dude,
    You know, with his long blond hair and all.

  298. 298
    @295 Says:

    “If you cared about the worlds deep and unfortunate issue’s wouldn’t you have just a bit more heart and not reduce yourself to bitter hate? Hate is hate. No matter what the object is. Hate is what it is.”

  299. 299
    velcrodots Says:

    Haha yes that might work. Whatever happens though, Elizabeth won’t be coming along for the ride due to an unfortunate accident involving vodka and a microwave.

  300. 300
    Cassie Says:

    To LOL, is there a way to stop the Delphi idiot board? Their comments have been cruel and downright sick. What is with these hateful people? It is nice to see that Orlando and Miranda are in love. Why can’t they the Delphi idiots be quiet?

  301. 301
    Jayne Says:

    Come on i want to see my lovely orlando. Lol

  302. 302
    Cassie Says:

    the girls on Delphi are cruel and sick with their comments. How they have so much hate is beyond me. Great to see Orlando and Miranda are so happy together. Their children will be gorgeous. I hope they never have to hear about the Delphi board and the haters on there.

  303. 303
    @302 Says:

    The delphi board is just a very tiny blip on the internet radar.
    Even if Orlando or Miranda HAD heard of them, they never give them a second thought. The only board that Orlando has ever personally acknowledged is Ka-Bloom. A site that actually does good things in his name. They raise money for charity, instead of heaping insults upon the woman that he holds closest to his heart. Which board do you actually think that he would pay any attention to whatsoever?
    Why should the hateful views of a handful of sad, lonely, bitter women affect their lives in any way? That’s easy. They DON’T affect either one of them.
    The delphi girls will be bitter until the day they die. When they finally get bored with spewing their venom at Orlando and his wife (and probably their innocent children when they come along), they will just find another person to blame for their troubles.
    O&M are happy, healthy, together and in love. That’s all that matters to them.

  304. 304
    LOL! Says:

    I don’t want them shut down!
    They never fail to bring the LOLZ!
    I’m still laughing at how they are so desperately trying to claim that the ABSOLUTELY PRIVATE wedding ceremony was just more proof that they are famewhores. LOL!!!
    No paps + no press = famewhores??????
    C’mon Lucy ‘splain that one!
    Oh, and now they are claiming that Miranda is “milking” the pregnancy rumor because she hasn’t said anything.????
    First they complain that it was Miranda that announced that they were married, now they are complaining that she HASN’T said anything???
    They complain that it is “always her” talking about their private lives, yet they seem to forget that the engagement announcement came from HIM!
    Their desperation is absolutely hilarious!

  305. 305
    LOL! Says:

    Remember the post a while back that mentioned how they were ready with an answer for whether she wa pregnant or not?
    The post that mentioned all possibilities?
    If she is pregnant, she “trapped him” (is this 1950)
    If she isn’t pregnant, she lied to him and said that she was.
    Or the worst one, that she got pregnant to “trap him”, but after they were married she got an abortion so it wouldn’t get in the way of her career?
    Well, my friends. You would think that the last one would be too much to suggest, even for a delphite. But NO! One of those hateful b!tches actually stated that very same theory today. They have to be sick. No one in their right mind could seriously suggest something so despicable.
    Once again, a peek into their twisted psyche.
    Proud of yourselves girls?
    And oh yeah….this is for FroFro….=)

  306. 306
    @283, 286, 287 Says:

    I said that I was shocked to see strong words such as “being sicked/ lack of sense of humanity” used to comment on a celebrity website when, in my opinion, those reactions should be kept for issues that REALLY matter. It’s a simple and HUMAN principle, how can that be above your level of comprehension?
    You’re blowing this out of proportion, but your latest posts gave a sample of what the intellectual level of this board must be so, mea culpa, I shouldn’t really be surprised.

    PS: “You are a horrible person, belonging to a horrible site.” Sorry but I don’t belong to any site in particular and my message didn’t contain an ounce of hate, only a calm description of my thinking.
    Of course you were too busy hating on me to realize that! Anyway it’s ok….. it only proves that, if there’s a horrible person here, that would be you.
    Kind Regards.

  307. 307
    @306 Says:

    LOL! Excuse me, you bring child and animal abuse to a gossip blog and you DARE to give lectures about what’s inappropriate to say on this kind of sites?
    You bring child and animal abuse to a gossip blog and it’s others the ones who are blowing this out of proportion?
    You assume that nobody cares about the world’s problems because they’re not discussed on a gossip blog and it’s others the ones with a low intellectual level?

  308. 308
    @306 Says:

    Someone is a horrible person because they didn’t think a piece of juvenile idiocy was funny?
    Uhmmm, OK
    That makes a lot of sense.

  309. 309
    A private Honeymoon Says:

    Where’s Waldo (Orlando)? Oh, yes – he’s such a “publicity hound/famewhore” (favorite Delphi description) that he’s successfully managed to totally disappear with his lovely new bride and elude the PAPS, fans, curiosity seekers, and pretty much everyone else so there’s been NO interference with his VERY PRIVATE HONEYMOON. I say, good for you Orlando!

  310. 310
    flag boy Says:

    @private honeymoon, really I am very happy they got to enjoy their honeymoon and it remained private. I enjoy kidding, but I would be lying if I said I was not anxiously waiting for new photos and news!
    Following these two are my guilty pleasure….. =)

  311. 311
    @private honeymoon Says:

    The delphidiots will not admit defeat!
    They ar enow claiming that the privacy of their honeymoon is a PR failure.
    They are also predicting that O&M will be spotted soon for “damage control”. Damage for what? Managing to escape the paps?
    And they are going to find fault with a MARRIED couple being seen together? Like there is something unnatural about that?
    And they put together their two brain cells and have come up with the idea that O&M are not legally narried. Even though their oracle of truth (when it suits them) Ted C has CLEARLY stated that they ARE MARRIED.
    They certainly DO bring the LOLZ. Gotta give them that.
    =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =)

  312. 312
    Oh bo Says:

    Do you think that orlando’s family and miranda’s family know where they are? Because may that’s why the paps don’t know where they are. Because miranda’s family some time’s let it out where there are going.

  313. 313
    @312 Says:

    I think that both of their parents know, but not the rest of the relatives. Her grandmother is sweet, but she has a big mouth. ;)

  314. 314
    Oh bo Says:

    And i still think there family could of come i mean they could of had it in kent and her family could of came there?

  315. 315
    @314 Says:

    After the engagement announcement (or even without the announcement) any movement by their families would have tipped off the press. There just isn’t a way to hide an entire family crossing oceans. Not to mention keeping information for the ceremony and reception from leaking. Too many mouths to keep quiet what with the caterers, hotel staff, limo/car service, florists, etc. Word would have surely gotten out.
    They got married the way that they wanted to get married. In total privacy, and with the blessings of their parents.
    I’m happy for them that they were able to pull it off. Even though I still selfishly want to see some pictures.
    Miranda mentioned on her facebook that they would release some pics since they know that their fans want to see them. I can’t wait!

  316. 316
    Oh bo Says:

    Oh well i knew miranda would fine way to get the pics out. And her close family could of came to kent and they could of said we are here for orlando.

  317. 317
    Oh bo Says:

    And there mum’s and dad’s are not going to say there upset, or may be there not as close as we all think.

  318. 318
    @316 Says:

    So now it’s a bad thing to release pics of an important event in one’s life? As EVERY celebrity coupek has done?
    All of her fans and most of his fans want to see the pics. The wedding is long over, and there is no invasion of privacy, so where is the harm?
    You really do sound like a delphidiot now.
    And even if her family did come to Kent, how would they explain the wedding ceremony, wedding dress, cake, flowers, etc? Celebrating someone’s doctorate doesn’t usually include a wedding cake or bouquets.
    Why are you so obsessed with how they got married, anyway? Is there only one way to celebrate a couple’s love? Is it not real unless they spend hundreds of thousands (or more) for a big party?
    They were married with no flash or glitz. But more importantly, it complete privacy. That’s their business, not yours.
    And both sets of parents have stated PUBLICLY that they are all very happy for them. BOTH SETS.
    Get over it.
    O & M are married. If that bothers you so much, move on to another celeb to judge.
    And as a bonus…to FroFro …..=)

  319. 319
    @317 Says:

    Oh, I’m sure that ‘their’ parents would have loved to have been there to celebrate ‘their’ happy day. But I’m also sure that they understood completely. It would have been pretty selfish of either set of parents to begrudge them their privacy for the sake of their own wants. They put the happiness of their children first, as all good parents should. That proves how close they really are.

  320. 320
    @ 314 Says:

    “Miranda mentioned on her facebook that they would release some pics since they know that their fans want to see them.”

    I just read her face book page and she did not mention anything about releasing pics on her face book page or her Kora page…

  321. 321
    @320 Says:

    It was there. Lots of people saw it.
    It was either posted by her, or by her friend Tammy.

  322. 322
    @320 Says:

    Maddy **** hey miranda, will you put up any photos of you in your wedding dress?
    July 27 at 7:02pm
    her answer…
    KORA SKIN CARE Thank you everyone for your beautiful comments………..Maddy, I will put some photos up soon.
    Lots of love
    July 27 at 7:10pm ·
    I think that she said it before as well, but I’m not going to bother with that one, snce this proves the statement at #315
    I can’t wait to see the pictures!
    They make such a beautiful couple!

  323. 323
    Oh bo Says:

    I never said have a cake and a big party. And like i said befor there not going to come out and say ” we are not happy with them doing this but it’s what they wanted and we were not going to stop them ” i can’t see them saying that can you? Just we don’t know what goes on, maybe im wrong i don’t know im just saying. Why am i going to move on when i am a fan of he’s work and like him i have been a fan for some time even befor miranda came a long. Im not being hate full im having my say.

  324. 324
    @323 Says:

    You aren’t just having your say, you are making up your own scenerio for how they SHOULD have done something, then judging them for not doing it your way.
    In the end it doesn’t matter HOW, or WHEN they got married, or whether or not their families approved of the way they did it.
    They are married, and apparently very happy. That’s ALL that matters.
    Their families have stated their feelings, why are you trying to put words in their mouths? I just don’t understand.

  325. 325
    @ 322 Says:

    I thought you meant that she recently had said that she was going to put up wedding pics. Since that reply was July 27th, and it was difficult to find as it was posted along with alot of other reply comments. I had to go back about 3 or 4 pages to find it.

    I wonder why she hasn’t sent the wedding pics to her brother Matt to put up on her Kora website. He just recently put up pics of him and her when they were kids and just recently.

    Guess we’ll just have to wait and see. I’m sure she probably sent pics of her and Orlando on their wedding day to her brother, and the rest of her family and friends.

  326. 326
    @325 Says:

    Yeah, I had to filter out all of the comments but theirs to find it myself.
    I’m sure that the families have all of the pics. They will probably release a few, well chosen pics to the press before any of them go up on the website. Unless they decide that the fans should have the first peek at the photos.
    Either way, I WANT TO SEE THEM!!!
    NO, I am not very patient.

  327. 327
    Oh bo Says:

    Wow look who’s putting words in to my mouth, i NEVER said they said that. I was trying to say if they feel that way they are NOT going to TELL US, and that is just having my say . And you just missed the bit when i said i maybe wrong and that’s just it i don’t know and you don’t know. I just feel like if your that close to your family you would fine a way for them to come. But this seems to be the way they wanted it, i think it’s sad in away that they feel they had to have it with out there family. Well good luck to orlando i hope he is happy i will still be a big fan.

  328. 328
    Oh bo Says:

    Oh i forgot orlando does look good, i do like he’s smile but he does not seem to be smile much in them pics.

  329. 329
    Oh bo Says:

    Oop sorry, I mean he does not seem to smile much in them pics.

  330. 330
    Jayne Says:

    I have news there back now i can’t wait to see new pics of orlando.

  331. 331
    Back already? Says:

    Really? Haven’t seen anything in celebrity news reports yet. Do you know where they are>

  332. 332
    Jayne Says:

    No sorry i don’t know where they are.

  333. 333
    sara Says:

    Miranda is back posting on her facebook accounts.
    Maybe we will get some pics soon!

  334. 334
    LOL!!! Says:

    The delphidiots are ready and waiting.
    Now that are CONVINCED that they aren’t really married! You see, to them, if you repeat something three times it becomes their version of a “fact”. LOL!
    Now they are claiming that if pics DO show up, it still doesn’t mean that they are real. It will just be Orlando and Miranda, get this, “posing in wedding clothes”.
    Plus, they are still convinced that they don’t live together. When Miranda’s property was stolen from O’s house, they claimed that it was just stuff that they put there to make it LOOK like she lived there.
    And they have already started the “baby isn’t Orlando’s” insanity.
    I am running out of words to describe how pathetic these people are!
    How about miserable, worthless wretches?
    That works.
    HEY FROFRO!!!!! =) =) =) =) =p

  335. 335
    Jayne Says:

    I did think they would be a way longer. The only thing orlando has done wrong is that IT IS NOT ME HE’S MARRIED :-( LOL :-)

  336. 336
    @335 Says:

    He has a movie that is starting soon, so I’m sure that he has pre-production work to do. They probably stayed hidden as long as they could, but now have to face the real world.

  337. 337
    YAY! Says:

    They’re back!
    I hope that means that we will get pictures soon!

  338. 338
    @327 Says:

    @Oh bo:
    Honestly…… why are surprised that the Morondidiots are putting in your mouth words that you never said?
    Making up stuff and being mean to whoever doesn’t agree with them it’s all they can do with their miserable lives! I wouldn’t be too upset about it if I was you. Just keep standing up for your opinions!!!
    Love, ***

  339. 339
    sara Says:

    Yeah, I can’t believe that the delphi girls are now claiming that the marriage isn’t legal.
    I didn’t think anyone could be that stubborn. But I guess some things will never change.
    O&M will celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary, surrounded by a passel of children and the last remaining lonely delphites will STILL be saying that it is all a PR sham.
    I just don’t get it.

  340. 340
    . Says:

    From Moronduh’s secret journal: “Those Phuckinge Delphee Bytches, whot do theye thynke theye arre. theye shoulde knowe eye’m far too busy to sitte on a computter! Eyem a internatunul soopermodul ANDE on mye honeyemoon with Orlandoe, (Even iff ti waz onlee phour days)”

  341. 341
    @339 Says:

    They’ve become so invested in Miranda as a moronic shallow idiot who is nevertheless capable of Machiavellian cunning and malice, that they can’t ever change their minds. Orlando, of course, they think is equally shallow and idiotic, but he couldn’t possibly have married Miranda because they have similar values and personalities. It must be either a fake relationship for PR, or she tricked or forced him into it.

  342. 342
    @340 Says:

    If your world of fantasy were real and Miranda had really written that, it’d be far more intelligent than the latest theories from Delphi.
    You WISH Miranda knew about you or bothered to call you “bytches” LOL

  343. 343
    Opinion Says:

    Just a comment to all the people who keep mentioning delphi, making fun of their posts, bringing quotes from their posts over to this site, etc:

    Yes, we get it that they are mean and perhaps even a bit crazy. I think most of the folks here are respectful and either like or don’t mind Miranda – or at the very least don’t have anything to say about her.

    BUT, by continuously bringing delpi stuff to this board only gives them exposure and I find it irritating an don’t want to read about it – even to mock them.

    I’m starting to feel that always mentioning them makes this place not much better.

    Can you stop with those kinds of comments?

  344. 344
    Oh ob Says:

    @338 Thank you, i will.

  345. 345
    Jayne Says:

    @336 i know i can’t wait to see hes new film.

  346. 346
    @343 Says:

    I would love for that to stop. But posts such as #338 and #340 are why people love to point out their idiocy.
    If they left that garbage on their own hate site, then others may not be so compelled to point out the lunacy of their other posts.
    But they keep bringing it over. Like the link to that juvenile site, and this latest stupidity.
    I’m not just going to sit back and let them say anything that they want.
    They are hateful liars. And the more they post, the more that I will keep pointing that out.

  347. 347
    @346 Says:

    @@343: WOW! Haters own your life and now I bet they’ll be so happy to acknowledge that……. and keep hating.

  348. 348
    @347 Says:

    They may spend their days searching for information on a total stranger. But it only takes me about five or ten minutes a day to expose their stupidity.

  349. 349
    @348 Says:

    Mhhhhh, by “exposing their stupidity” you’re only feeding silly fights, which is not very bright since that’s exactly what they’re looking for.
    And you seem way too involved to spend only 5 or 10 minutes a day on your mission.
    I prefer to just ignore them.

  350. 350
    @349 Says:

    So you think that they should be allowed to spead any lie that they want without comment?
    Ain’t gonna happen.
    Nice try.

  351. 351
    @349 Says:

    People refusing to ignore their stupidity is what drove them off of this site over three years ago.
    There are a bunch of us willing to put in a few minutes a day to put them in their place.
    Their idiotic, juvenile, vengeful, hateful place.

  352. 352
    @350 @351 Says:

    I don’t know, maybe you’re right… or maybe you’re not. The way I see it is that they act exactly like kids.
    Kids stop whining when you start ignoring them.
    Anyway if you’re willing to spend your time baby-sitting them, major props to you! I personally have better things to do and even feel bad for writing 2 posts about them in this thread, lol.

  353. 353
    @352 Says:

    They’re right.
    The delphites see lack of confrontation as validation.
    Ignoring them only makes them more vocal. Catching them in their lies, and exposing their hypocrisy is what makes them go away. At least for a little while, anyway.

  354. 354
    @ 353 Says:

    Sounds to me like those on here who preach so loudly and nasty about what goes on somewhere else, just love to hear themselves talk. That goes for both shippers and haters.

    They are convinced that the whole world cares so much and respects them more everytime they open their mouth.

    I agree with 352, I have much better things to do with my time as well.

    I would love to be able to come on here and find new and updated info about Orlando or Miranda, rather than have to read thru the crap that both sides spit out at one another.

    Maybe both the shippers and the haters should start their own site together where they can insult each other over and over again, because I for one am tired of hearing about either one of them.

    Take it somewhere else already.

  355. 355
    @354 Says:

    Then go to OrlandoLove.
    You can find news without any fighting.
    They have rules, and any nastiness is squashed pretty quickly.

  356. 356
    ? Says:

    So if there back how comes there is still no pics.

  357. 357
    ? Says:

    If it is true about miranda than i think orlando will be a very good dad.

  358. 358

    Agree with #354. But the best thing I’ve seen here is when someone posted a link to Kateblogsworth and JJ deleted the comments of the Moronditiots complaining about it but kept the post in question, LMAO!!!!!!!!!

  359. 359
    Moron-duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Says:

    Moronduh is so incredibly stupid, it’s hard to believe……. When asked what she thought about not being in Maxim’s Top 100 Sexiest women her answer was that she doesn’t care as she doesn’t aim to be in that kind of magazines…..
    Yet she gave stupid love advice on Ask Men and stripped naked on the GQ cover (twice) …… because she just “doesn’t care”, right?
    So very bright!

  360. 360
    @359 Says:

    Comparing GQ to Maxim is like comparing Vogue to Style Watch.
    GQ has one woman on it’s cover a year. It’s quite the feather in a model or actress’ cap. Maxim is just another men’s magazine.
    But I guess that info will just go over your juvenile little brain.
    Poor, sad thing. 36 year old bitter women with the brains of 12 year olds are so pathetic..

  361. 361
    @359 Says:

    GQ is work. You don’t get a dime nor add anything to your curriculum for appearing on a list.
    If that’s the dumbest thing she’s said, you gals win by a long shot.

  362. 362
    @358 Says:

    It’s a good thing you find that so funny, considering that it pretty much trashes the classic “OMG, JJ is on Miranda’s payroll!!!”

  363. 363
    @360 361 Says:

    Speaking of juvenile little brains…… so now GQ is the ‘crème de la crème’ of magazines? Sure, LOLLOLOL!!!
    I bet you would have said the same if she had appeared on Playboy……

  364. 364
    @363 Says:

    GQ work, GQ money. Maxim list not work, not money. Why care?
    Understand now?

  365. 365
    @363 Says:

    Appearing on the cover of GQ is a coup.
    Never said anything else.
    But I love how the haters are still here.
    Miranda owns your lives. You live and breathe Miranda.
    I think that’s hilarious!

  366. 366
    @ 365 Says:

    Miranda owns the haters.

    The haters own you.

    You live and breathe them don’t you?

    Word of Advice: “We become that which we most despise.”

    You think you are hurting them so much everytime you insult them, but you are only hurting yourself.

    If they are as shallow and as narrow minded as you claim then I can guarantee you they will never give a damn what you say, no matter how much you carry on.

  367. 367
    @366 Says:

    I probably come here less than you do. And as we have said before, we won’t just sit by while the haters spread their lies.
    If that bothers you, then stop coming here.

  368. 368
    @366 Says:

    @@ 365: OMG, you must be the only sensible person here!
    That’s right, those idiots think they’re smarter than haters and then they live, breathe and eat haters’ comments every single day!!!
    Additionally, they pretend to spend “only 5 or 10 minutes a day” tracking down bad comments but when you take a closer look you can see the same poster writing 3/4 messages in less than 30 minutes….. so hilarious!
    Haters totally own them, they are so deep down under their skins that they don’t even realize.

  369. 369
    @367 Says:

    Sorry to contradict you but shippers spread the biggest lies everytime they can’t handle the ugly truth.
    Since when GQ is having only one woman a year on the cover? Didn’t she appear twice on the cover in the same year? And what about Jennifer Aniston? Jessica Biel? Megan Fox? and many others?
    And if you don’t want to be associated to a typical men’s magazine, why accepting and interview with Ask Men?

  370. 370
    Oh ob Says:

    Not everyone is a hater, just because some don’t like what she has done or said. But still like ob for him and he work and i like to come here because im a fan of orlando and if i want to have my say than i can. And just because i dont get why the family did’nt go they call me a mad person, and say i said things when i did’nt. I mean they say not to look what they say if we dont like it, but the same goes for them.

  371. 371
    @369 Says:

    UH OH!
    fact: Miranda has appeared in GQ twice this year (TWICE), but was on the COVER only once.
    fact: Jennifer Aniston – 2009
    fact: Jessica Biel – 2007
    fact: Megan Fox – 2008
    fact: Miranda Kerr – 2010
    Care to try again???

  372. 372
    @368 Says:

    Oh, I see we are back to the haters believing that we are here for them. That we are “tracking them down?
    We’re here for Orlando and/or Miranda. We don’t give a rat’s behind about you. If you stopped posting here you would never have to hear from us again.

  373. 373
    @ 372 Says:

    If you didn’t care so much about what the haters say, you wouldn’t post anything about them, no matter how much you hated them.

    so shippers are haters too in a way, aren’t they?

    Confusing isn’t it.

    You are trying to make this place like OLove is that it?

    This Jared not OLove.

    Like a poster said a while back, you want to post at a place where people are not allowed to say anything bad about Orlando or Miranda go to OLove.

  374. 374
    @371 Says:

    Rachel Bilson – 2008
    Gisèle – 2008
    Jessica Alba – 2007
    Jessica Biel – 2007

  375. 375
    @373 Says:

    T H A N K Y O U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I think I love you!

  376. 376
    @372 Says:

    Of course you’re here for them, you’re admitting it yourself in your post, helloooooo!!!!!!!!
    “If you stopped posting here you would never have to hear from us again”.
    But since haters keep posting here = you keep coming here to track them down. Simple huh?!!

    If you are genuinely looking for fresh news, why are you checking out on an old thread? Probably because you’re one of those hypochrites that you hate so much.

  377. 377
    @ no Says:

    I think Jennifer was this year too and i think miranda was in GQ 3 time once last year and GQ HAS both in girls and boy in but they call it a men’s mag and if miranda did’nt want to be looked at that way she would not go in any of them she love it and gets money for it that’s why she does it.

  378. 378
    @377 Says:


  379. 379
    @376 Says:

    My goodness you have an ego.
    One more time.
    We don’t come here for you idiot haters. We come here for Orlando and/or Miranda. You are here spreading lies and spouting venom. We aren’t just going to sit back and let you do that without comment. You’re here because you are stalking Miranda. We are here because we are fans.
    Our interest is healthy. Yours is sick and twisted.
    And since when does ““If you stopped posting here you would never have to hear from us again” mean that we are here for you/? That means that we are here, and if you didn’t want us to respond, you shouldn’t make any stupid comments.
    Opinions are fine. But you can have an opinion without telling lies, can’t you?
    Maybe it’s a language issue?
    No, more likely an intelligence issue.

  380. 380
    @ 379 Says:

    Sounds like the only ones you guys are fans of are yourselves.

    Your interest is healthy? Yeah Right!

    If being hateful is so unhealthy than you are just as sick and twisted as those you claim to mock and insult.

    Half the stuff you are saying the Delphi people are saying I have not read hear on Jared.

    What do you do? Stake out the Delphi board then come back and tell everyone hear what they are saying. And you’re not a stalker right?

    Sounds to me like you are stalking the Delphi board, as much as they are stalking Miranda and Orlando. But your obession is healthy right?

    Seems as though you all get to have double standards of your own.

    I guess that’s only fair.

    Jared Some Fresh News Please! What is Orlando or Miranda up to lately. Even OLove doesn’t seem to have anything new about them.

  381. 381
    @380 Says:

    Yeah, there are a couple of OTT fans who scour the delphi board for their latest stupidity and bring it over here. But there are just as many dephites who bring their lies to JJ.
    It wasn’t a fan who brought those links to those ridiculously juvenile blogs. Those blogs are written by delphites. They chose to bring the ‘fight’ over here, we didn’t. But does that mean that we are going to let those idiots say whatever they want to while we twiddle our thumbs? Oh, heck no. They will be answered.
    Fans admiring a celeb is normal and yes, healthy. Haters wallowing in negativity 24/7 is NOT normal, and is certainly NOT healthy.

  382. 382
    Jayne Says:

    Oh orlando i miss you, but glad you got way from the paps.

  383. 383
    kingofpopforever Says:

    As a fan of Orlando I liked all his women I liked him with Kate LOVED the idea of him with someone like Penelope and he seemed crazy about Kristen at some point ( I don’t get why it never took off) you want to know why? BECAUSE HE IS A GROWN ASS 33 YEARS OLD MAN .I am not crazy as the Delphi loons to think I have an impact on his decisions bashing his current date or in this case WIFE even if I thought someone is not right fro him I wouldn’t bash them make crazy theories about them FOR THREE YEARS 24/7 THAT IS MESSED UP . I really love Orlando but at the end of the day he choose the women to marry as I said if it was for me he would have been perfect with Kirsten who seemed to push his buttons like no other women I seen with him but ORLANDO CHOOSE WHO TO BE WITH EVEN IF IT IS WRONG FOR HIM HE HAS TO LIVE WITH IT AND LEARN FROM HIS MISTAKES HE IS A BIG BOY NOW LOL I DOUBT THE OPINION OF STRANGER(S) MATTERS TO HIM OR HAS AN IMPACT ON HIS LIFE. As usual the Delphi idiots think they are more important than they really are they think Orlando or his fans give a damn about what they think. Miranda is OK by me I don’t get why the hate for someone that they never meet and has done nothing to them but what bothers me the most is their LIES and the fact that they repeat them over and over again until in their little heads they become facts and the fact that they go as far as bashing Orlando and Miranda’s families THAT IS SICK so they need to own up to what they say and not whine when fans of Orlando or Miranda point their stupidity .

  384. 384
    @ 383 / 381 Says:

    Stop trying to justify your hatred toward them. That is also very unhealthy.

    Unless you yourself are going onto the Delphi site 24/7 monitoring their every move, how do you know that is what they are actually doing 24/7

    Your hatred toward them is just as unhealthy as theirs is toward Miranda and/or Orlando.

    Hatred is unhealthy, period. No matter who it is directed at. Even if it is just every now and then.

    Medical fact. And no I am not a doctor. I just know the effect that both positive and negative feelings have on one’s self. I have experienced them both.

    You are sounding a lot like the Pot calling the Kettle Black.

  385. 385
    @384 Says:

    I don’t hate the delphites.
    I pity them.

  386. 386
    talan Says:

    This is very nice example for the celebrities’ invisibility. All of them can be invisible when they want to be. They can travel without being seen on the airports, they can stay in the hotels without being photographed by paps,they can do it PRIVATE when they want to be private. So usually when we saw celebrities here, there and everywhere ((including O&M) , THEY WANT TO BE SEEN. This is one of the very important ways to keep their celebrity status- they have to be in the focus and they have to be seen. If M&O stay invisible just for a few months, another couple will come. If they don’t show themselves soon, people will find another interest. I am expecting them to be out in a day or two.

  387. 387
    meji Says:

    I agree with you, except that I think they can get away with a long gap till their next appearance at the moment. Either of them can get a raft of interviews many months from now by talking about being married (they don’t have to say much). If Miranda is pregnant, when she makes an appearance with a bump even if it’s months hence, she’ll be all over the media. And when the baby is born, that will be all over the media too.

    BTW Orlando said once (in 2003 I think) than he understood that some “fluff” was necessary to market films. It sounds like at one time he was reluctant to use his relationship to keep a presence in the media, but he was persuaded by PR or management that that’s how the business works.

  388. 388
    @386 Says:

    So you think that every pap pic is a set up?
    That it just couldn’t be because they are both famous and paps were in the right place at the right time?
    Hmmm, why does that sound so familiar???
    See #380? They bring their silly theories here all the time.
    NY is getting almost as bad, but LA is SWARMING with both professional and amateur paps. It’s only reasonable to believe that celebs will be occasionally caught on their downtime. Especially if those paps are tipped off by waitresses, valets, etc.
    They have been in hiding, but they are back now. Judging from the time stamps on Miranda’s facebook entries, I would say that they are in LA. And yes, if they are back in LA, statistically they WILL be caught by a pap soon. Either together or seperately. Paps want the first shot of the (possible) baby bump, so they will be on alert. The first pic of the belly will be worth a lot of money. And as was proven by some of the most recent pap pics, they are even willing to stake out his home. Were those set ups too?
    There is no way that they can avoid the paps for “months”. I expect them to leave the house “in a day or two” as well.
    And as far as being invisible? I guess that you forgot that Orlando will soon be starting a high profile movie. A new role, and a new bride means a lot of attention coming his way.
    I’m looking forward to seeing pics of both of them on set in Germany very soon.

  389. 389
    @288 Says:

    Is Miranda going to Germany with him?
    Well said btw.

  390. 390
    @389 Says:

    If she is pregnant I would think that she would go.
    She will be doing little or no modeling with a baby bump, so why not be with her husband? Then Orlando can experience for himself the joys of a hormonal mom-to-be.

  391. 391
    Really Curious Says:

    When is he scheduled to start filming in Germany? Isn’t it later this month? As a FAN of both, I’m dying of curiosity about whether or not she’s preggers. I think they’ll have adorable kids, and in my opinion he’s already demonstrated that he’d make a great daddy.

  392. 392
    @380 @384 Says:

    I’m totally with you on this.
    It’s refreshing to hear a mature comment. Sick of those predictable pea-brained people ranting over the same old BS.

  393. 393
    @379 Says:

    blahblahblahblah ….. yawn….. nobody cares about your retarded confessions; we’ll keep saying whatever we want wherever we want. thanks anyway.

  394. 394
    @392 Says:

    I’m excited about the possible pregnancy, too!
    I think that’s why she is in hiding. Maybe hiding the bump until they are ready to make an announcement.
    As for filming, I believe that they are supposed to start by the end of the month. But they may get to Germany before that for sword training, costume fittings, etc.
    I’m so excited for him!
    For both his personal and professional life!

  395. 395
    @393 Says:

    You use the word “retarded” as an insult?
    You aren’t only juvenile and hateful, you are also an incredibly ignorant and insensitive jerk.
    Your mother must be so proud.

  396. 396
    @393 Says:

    “we’ll keep saying whatever we want wherever we want”
    And we’ll keep answering….whatever we want, wherever we want.

  397. 397
    @390 Says:

    If she is preggers, she could stay in London while he is filming. That way he is just a short flight away, and she can stay at their home in comfort, instead of at a cold hotel. And family is close by for company and comfort, too.
    I wonder where she plans to deliver the baby? LA? NY? London? AUS? Any and all of those places make sense in their own way.
    Guess that we will have to wait and see. That is, if she is even pregnant. Which I think she is.

  398. 398
    Jayne Says:

    No news yet than but hope to see some soon

  399. 399
    kingofpopforever Says:

    We should send the FBI to search for them LOL.

  400. 400
    @ 395 Says:

    @@393: right on spot; the word “retarded” shouldn’t be used as an insult. considering the depth of your answers, your name should be used in istead.

  401. 401
    @400 Says:

    And you wonder why you delphites are the laughing stocks of the fandom?
    Twelve year old brains living in the bodies of bitter old women.
    So sad.

  402. 402
    sara Says:

    The longer they stay in hiding, the more convinced I am that she’s pregnant.
    Maybe that’s why she had back to back shoots for David Jones, Coming Step, Vogue and VS (and maybe more). To get them out of the way before she started to show too much.

  403. 403
    kingofpopforever Says:

    LOL The gems the Delphi idiots come up with now they say Miranda was in New York and Orlando was in L.A and they had a “separate” honeymoon LOL. Like people wouldn’t take pictures of Miranda in New York or paps would not find Orlando at Chateau Marmont roll eyes if they were together in New York the paps would know about it’s not like they don’t know Miranda’s place they must have known that she was not there to not bother and it’s not like people didn’t take random pictures of them in New York on the street and museums and putted them on Twitter .
    I gotta love it though when a sighting of Orlando and Miranda holding hands kissing comes from they call it bull or “called in” but when a sighting of Orlando alone comes it’s like the words from the Bible.

  404. 404
    ? Says:

    Well, but why hide? They’re married and in love. Nothing to be ashamed about here.

  405. 405
    @396 Says:

    “And we’ll keep answering….whatever we want, wherever we want.”

    Oh yes, I know you will……. haters own you. Thanks for proving it again :)

  406. 406
    @405 Says:

    Fans are here for Miranda, and you’re here for Miranda.
    Hmmm, we have so much in common!

  407. 407
    @404 Says:

    They aren’t hiding their relationship.
    They are hiding the baby bump until they are ready to make an announcement.

  408. 408
    ? Says:

    Maybe there is noting going on maybe there just having some time out.

  409. 409
    @403 Says:

    That’s taken right from their list of hater double standards.
    Sighted together without pics = fake/phone in
    Sighted apart without pics = proof that they aren’t together.
    Now they are working on…
    No pap pics = proof that they aren’t together
    Pap pics = set up
    Not smiling in pictures = proof that he is miserable
    Smiling in pics = he looks smug, or “set up”
    Haters are the most predictable beings on the planet.

  410. 410
    D. Says:

    ?….. so now visiting an old Orlando thread means “being here for Miranda”?
    Those haters are really addictive, aren’t they? lol

  411. 411
    D. Says:

    Yeah, and you forgot about the bear hug = an expression of his homosexuality, lol

  412. 412
    Oh ob Says:

    Well the family seem to be doing ok on keeping were they are to them self.

  413. 413
    Oh ob Says:

    I hope orlando is happy.

  414. 414
    @410 Says:

    Then what excuse are you using for the haters being here?
    Does Miranda own them? Or do the fans?
    Or is this just another example of hater hypocrisy?

  415. 415
    @411 Says:

    yeah, that one was an instant classic!

  416. 416
    Jayne Says:

    Come out come out where ever you are orlando LOL

  417. 417
    @405 Says:

    LOL so now if someone says something you disagree with, you can’t say a word or else that person “owns you”?
    I think you’re confused. One thing is to go to a site to talk about something you like, find someone there with an opinion you don’t agree with and say so. And another is to search the net to find fresh info about something you hate, go to sites about that something you hate and provoke the people who enjoy it.

  418. 418
    Jayne Says:

    I hope orlando come’s out soon so we can see some hot pics of orlando. Now that would make me smile.

  419. 419
    @ 417 Says:

    “so now if someone says something you disagree with, you can’t say a word or else that person “owns you”?”

    The shippers are the ones who started with the idea about someone “owning” someone else, when you said how “Miranda owned the haters.”

    So the haters are not allowed to have an opinion about Miranda either.

    You can dish it out, but can’t take it eh?

  420. 420
    @419 Says:

    Of course they can have an opinion, it just doesn’t make any sense whatsoever to know so many details and be so updated on the lives of two people you hate. I honestly don’t get it. The random hater just says that she’s ugly or stupid, doesn’t search stuff about her life, investigates all her career from its beginning learning by heart every job and cover she’s done, and learns the names of all her relatives and past boyfriends and twists everything into an elaborate conspiracy theory.
    I for one wouldn’t let someone I find so horrible, shallow and evil take me so much time and start such strong feelings on me. That’s where the “owning” thing came from. Most shippers only know of your existence when you go to Orlando and Miranda threads and bash on them, with the exception of one person that for some reason that I don’t understand, does look up what haters say occasionally.

  421. 421
    @420 Says:


  422. 422
    Pixie Girl Says:

    Just checking back to see if we’re up to 500 comments yet. LOL

    I see the same old crap in the comments. *yawn*

    Flag Boy, you around?

    I need to get a handle … hmm. I think I’ll be Pixie Girl =)

  423. 423
    velcrodots Says:

    @ Pixie Girl – It’s getting there, however unfortunatley that it’s mainly due to delphi raging. I honestly had no idea who they were untill a few weeks ago, and I’m not sure I wanted to know either. That kinda hatred isn’t healthy guys, especially towards someone who hasn’t personally wronged you and is never likley to either. Now if we were talking about Inigo Montoya creating a website dedicated to bashing the six-fingered man then I’d totally understand, but we’re not, so I don’t.

  424. 424
    kingofpopforever Says:

    I don’t get why some idiots think Orlando Bloom wants attention he has never been tabloid’s poster boy or their favorite punching bag like my angel Michael you hardly see him in them even at the peak of his fame he kept people out of his business and for god sake how is marrying a VS model WHO IS FAMOUS MAINLY FOR BEING HIS WIFE helping him with the attention issue? And we know casting directors cast him mainly because he was a stud enough to lend a model ROLL EYES. How is Miranda ”helping” him? HE HELPED HER.
    He could have milked the Kirsten thing he didn’t
    He could have used the Penelope hook up he didn’t
    I don’t know why psychos say that I have never seen Orlando acting like fool for attention HE HAS ALWAYS BEEN ON PRINT FOR THE RIGHT REASONS you can argue he likes to “control” what gets out there about him but don’t they all? I know I would if I was famous like him.
    All FACTS tell us the Delphi LOONS are morons who are desperate to throw insults and won’t let REALITY get in the way of that .

  425. 425
    Oh ob Says:

    I think he’s is the best and i agree with you @424 that orlando has never used any one he’s just work hard to get where he is.

  426. 426
    @ 423 Says:

    “mainly due to delphi raging.”

    Yes and the shippers contribute nothing in the way of raging. They are just Soooo Inocent!

    I Don’t Think So!

  427. 427
    Jayne Says:

    To Orlandos fans have any of you met him as well.

  428. 428
    flag boy Says:

    Orlandooooooo where are you, come out, come out, wherever you are.
    oh I get it now, Orlando is pregnant with Ellens baby and he is hiding the baby bump. lol

  429. 429
    flag boy Says:

    Pixie girl, I’m here! Jayne sorry I stole you line, I did not go back to the previous page until after I posted.
    OK, ladies, there have been no sighting….. no tweets…. no nothing :-(
    Miranda said she went to a yoga class…. now was that in NYC or LA?
    Enough is enough…. I can’t stands it no more!

  430. 430
    flag boy Says:

    oh I forgot =)

  431. 431
    Jayne Says:

    @429 That’s ok, i just hope orlando come out soom.

  432. 432
    Not an attention-seeker Says:

    Orlando’s always been a very private individual, sometimes almost to the point of borderline paranoia! If the PAPS, curiosity-seekers and autograph hounds track him down, I don’t believe for a moment it’s because he’s been purposely seeking them out. Seems to me he just goes about trying to live his life and pretty much mind his own business. Point of fact: he’s in the tabloids WAY less than dozens of other celebrities who seem to thrive in the spotlight through their ‘public antics’ and sometimes outrageous attention-grabbing behavior.

  433. 433
    Not an attention-seeker Says:

    Orlando’s always been a very private individual, sometimes almost to the point of borderline paranoia! If the PAPS, curiosity-seekers and autograph hounds track him down, I don’t believe for a moment it’s because he’s been purposely seeking them out. Seems to me he just goes about trying to live his life and pretty much mind his own business. Point of fact: he’s in the tabloids WAY less than dozens of other celebrities who seem to thrive in the spotlight through their ‘public antics’ and sometimes outrageous attention-grabbing behavior.

  434. 434
    flag boy Says:

    Miranda said on her facebook that they were going to chill for the weekend, I assume she meant her and her husband.
    They sure are laying low.
    Dang it! =)

  435. 435
    YAY! Says:

    He surfaces!
    And looking extremely HOT!
    I guess that marriage agrees with the man.

  436. 436
    flag boy Says:

    Yowza, yowza…that’s a handsome man!

  437. 437
    Jayne Says:


  438. 438
    Yi-Lin Says:

    Moronda really looks like ***** n’ everybody hates her in Oz.

  439. 439
    Oh ob Says:

    @438 So why do they hate her? Do tell. Orlando your just too hot!

  440. 440
    ? Says:

    I think he looks so lovely,.Lucky girl.

  441. 441
    ? Says:

    You only need 60 more to make 500 that’s what someone want it to get too.

  442. 442
    ? Says:

    You only need 60 more to make 500 that’s what someone want it to get too. Well i mean with mine it’s 58

  443. 443
    @438 Says:

    That’s why she is the most popular spokesmodel in the entire country!
    And that’s why every magazine has run story after story about her, even before the engagement/marriage/baby!
    That’s why she is constantly on the cover of magazines, and in even non-gossip newspapers!
    oh wait…..

  444. 444
    sara Says:

    He looks gorgeous!
    And look at the way that he is squishing her!
    Lucky girl.

  445. 445
    hmmm Says:

    I wonder when he is heading to Germany?
    I know that rehersals start this week for some of the cast. But I wonder when he The Duke will be needed on set?
    He looks amazing, and I just can’t wait to see him with a sword in those beautiful hands again.

  446. 446
    kingofpopforever Says:

    @445 He must be heading to Germany as we speak or after the weekend at the beginning of next week .

  447. 447
    ? Says:

    Yes he does look hot.

  448. 448
    flag boy Says:

    I think he will head out next week, hope we get airport pics.
    This is a lucky lady to get such a yummy bear hug.
    Soon we will see Orlanda with a stiff, hard, sword in his hands. =)
    I need to go fan myself now.

  449. 449
    @446 Says:

    Miranda said that they were planning to just relax at home this weekend, so I guess that he will leave for Germany sometime next week.
    There is supposed to be a press conference for the movie next Friday, but I haven’t heard whether or not he will be there. Even though he is in a supporting role, he is the movie’s biggest star so my guess is that they would want him to be there if at all possible.
    I can’t wait to see him on set!

  450. 450
    SwollenMoronda Says:

    If she’s really expecting, her already bloated face must be about to blow up ………..

  451. 451
    Jayne Says:

    I saw the other pics too he looks good.

  452. 452
    #443 Says:

    @@438: That’s rubbish. The amount of money and the number of covers she made don’t change the fact that she’s a talentless, greedy person.
    In Australia she’s as much appreciated as Lindsay Lohan/ Paris Hilton in the US or Katie Price/Victoria Beckham in the UK.

  453. 453
    ? Says:

    I would love to see more pics of orlando.

  454. 454
    @452 Says:

    You’re VERY wrong. She is actually very popular with most, if not everyone here in Australia… everyone genially loves her, she’s like the megan fox for the guys, and the women love her just as much. Even the teens. The only few (rare) people who dislike her in Aus, are the ones who are sick of seeing her everywhere, rightly so. That’s a FACT. Not an opinion. FACT.
    She’s hugely appreciated here. Hugely. The whole nation is very proud of her. Don’t down-play it. Just acknowledged it, if you don’t like it, ignore the fact.

  455. 455
    @452 Says:

    You have that wrong.
    How people feel about her has EVERYTHING to do with the amount of covers that she gets.
    If her covers didn’t sell, they wouldn’t use her. That’s just common sense.
    And she is on ANOTHER cover as we speak. The August 15th, Sunday Telegraph.
    We love her. She’s one of Australia’s favorite daughters.
    Hate her if you must, but at least stick to the facts.
    “talentless”? She must have some talent to be one of the few models to cross over from commercial to high fashion.
    and “greedy”? Since when is ambition ‘greed’? Orlando is ambitious, too. Do you consider him “greedy” as well? Or just the beautiful, thin, fashion model that he loves enough to marry?

  456. 456
    @452 Says:

    Now you’re just making garbage up.
    That just makes you look stupid, and ensures that no one will take anything that you have to say seriously.
    She is EXTREMELY popular all over Australia. That’s why she is the spokesperson for a nation-wide chain like Davis Jones.

  457. 457
    Oh ob Says:

    If orlando is out about than where are the other pics of him out?

  458. 458
    @457 Says:

    The only recent pic that I saw was the one linked earlier, taken on Friday morning at his hair salon.
    He looked really good, too.
    No other reliable sightings since then, that I know of.

  459. 459
    Oh ob Says:

    I know i saw them pic he looked good.

  460. 460
    Pixie Girl Says:

    @flag boy:

    You’re very naughty, Flag Boy! ;)

    *fans you*

  461. 461
    Jayne Says:

    I can’t wait to see orlando new films.

  462. 462
    flag boy Says:

    Pixie girl thanks for the fanning. I really needed it then. =)
    Have there been any more sighting or tweets?
    I look forward to reading Miranda’s blog.
    Germany looks beautiful, I hope to go there one day.
    So, once again I ask, any tweets?

  463. 463
    Jayne Says:

    Im glad orlando getting from it all but i do miss seeing more pics of him.

  464. 464
    Jayne Says:

    Sorry i mean ( getting away from it all)

  465. 465
    Pixie Girl Says:

    He is in Munich! The news is on the Orlando Love board:


  466. 466
    flag boy Says:

    Dang Pixie, you beat me to the draw!
    He lives! And he is looking mighty fine, mighty fine indeed.
    All for one and one for all. =)

  467. 467
    Pixie Girl Says:

    @flag boy:

    He is looking great, isn’t he?!

    Prepare yourself for any sword handling. ;)


  468. 468
    velcrodots Says:

    Yuss we found Wally then (I think everywhere outside the US and Canada call Waldo Wally, no idea why), and I saw Carmen Sandiego in ‘The Sun’ with yet more evidence to suggest that a baby is indeed on board.

  469. 469
    Jayne Says:

    New pics i love it and him more.

  470. 470
    YAY! Says:

    He looks gorgeous!
    And wasn’t it nice of him to come back outside after seeing the fans standing in the rain. He could have gone straight upstairs after that long flight and no one would have blamed him.
    That was such an Orlando thing to do. He is always so sweet with his fans.

  471. 471
    Jayne Says:

    And that is why i love him so much.

  472. 472
    ... Says:

    Being a Moronda fan is a tough job but someone’s got to do it, ahaha!!!
    Knowing that she doesn’t care about you and that her life is so much better than your sad, lonely existance must be terrible.
    Poor, sad, little shippers!!!!!!

  473. 473
    Pixie Girl Says:


    No, actually it’s quite easy & enjoyable to be a fan of such a positive person as Miranda. Most of us “shippers” see the positives things in life which, evidently, Orlando Bloom does as well. ;)

    It seems to me that the “haters” are the ones with the tough job – what with all the time you spend on your research trying to prove your crazy therories.

    Carry on crazies!


  474. 474
    ? Says:

    It’s not that far from being 500 now keep them coming lol.

  475. 475
    What a guy Says:

    OK, I’ll bite. Here’s #475. And have you all seen the latest pix of him in Germany? HOT!

  476. 476
    Jayne Says:

    Oh orlando you just keep getting better and better every time i see him.

  477. 477
    flag boy Says:

    @468 What evidence to suggest that a baby is on board? I don’t understand, did I miss something?
    And I agree with what Pixie said, I think it is easy to be both a fan of Orlando and Miranda. He looks so good in those last pics, and yes, it was so nice, and so Orlando, to go back out to met with his fans. =)

  478. 478
    velcrodots Says:

    @ flag boy – she was saying how she admires her fellow VS models who are also mothers and that having a baby won’t be the end of her career (something to that effect), and apparently was talking to a fashion director on a recent shoot about stretch marks.
    Mind you, the last part about the fashion director was, as stated before, taken from The Sun so maybe take that bjt with a grain of salt

  479. 479
    @478 Says:

    The Sun was simply rehashing an interview she gave the Australian Daily Telegraph, and it did include that fact that she was asking a recent mother on the shoot about pregnancy and stretch marks, so I think the fact is reliable – but she could just have been making conversation, of course. Still no confirmation.

  480. 480
    @478 Says:

    Sorry – it was actually the Herald Sun Sunday magazine the original feature was in.

  481. 481
    @479 Says:

    She is on the cover of Vogue Espana, and people who claim to have read the article say that she confirmed that she is four months pregnant.
    But I still consider that gossip until I see it confirmed by them, or one of their reps. Or until she comes out of hiding and either reveals a flat tummy or a baby bump.
    Covers for Vogue Espana, and Vogue Italia. And THREE editorials in the US Vogue.
    The girl is ON FIRE!

  482. 482
    flag boy Says:

    Thanks everyone for the info. And new sighting of Orlando? And I wonder what beach Miranda was walking Frankie on?
    We are getting close to 500. =)

  483. 483
    @482 Says:

    Judging from the time stamp, I would guess that she is in LA.

  484. 484
    ? Says:


    what’s a time stamp?

  485. 485
    Oh ob Says:

    So miranda big day was what she wanted, yeah miranda’s so close to her family nice.

  486. 486
    Geez Says:

    @Oh ob:

    Why so snarky?

  487. 487
    velcrodots Says:

    @ 479 Yeah I noticed it was a rehashing, hoorah for quality journalism! I guess we shall just wait for Vouge Espania instead then =)

  488. 488
    just sayin' Says:

    They are so gorgeous and so nice and I can’t wait to see the baby. LIvin’ la vido loca!

  489. 489
    flag boy Says:

    Do you think Miranda was pregnant the last time they were in Paris?

    I don’t think I can take Orlando’s sword coming at me in 3D! hee hee hee

  490. 490
    @484 Says:

    It’s just a general term for when a person posts a message. On facebook it is give as time elapsed. For example, a post would be listed as “two hours ago”. Based upon your local time zone and info from the person’s post, you can pretty much guess which region of the world the person is posting from.
    For example…when Miranda posted that she had just returned from walking Frankie on the beach, it was 12:30 am where I live. The post was tagged “two hours ago”, so it was posted at around 10:30 pm, my time. Knowing that California is two hours behind me, coming back from a walk at 8:30 pm made perfect sense. It could also have made sense if she was in Australia, but we know that she isn’t there if she had Frankie with her. She could NOT have just come back from a walk if she was either in NY, or Europe. Women simply don’t walk their dogs in the middle of the night.
    And yes, I watch waaay too much CSI.

  491. 491
    velcrodots Says:

    At first I had reservations about yet another movie being in 3D, but you’ve sold me now, flag boy!
    By the way, has anyone heard anything more about that movie he was gonna do with Glenn Close? Have they put it off while Jonathan Rhys Myers sorts his stuff out or something?

  492. 492
    @489 Says:

    She may have been.
    In some of the pics she looked very pensive. Like she had a lot going through her mind. While Orlando looked happy and encouraging. Especially in the pics where he is squatting in front of her (and gnawing on her knee).
    I think that they were engaged long before they made the announcement. Maybe since Paris. Or maybe before even then.

  493. 493
    velcrodots Says:

    @ 492 – she herself said they were planning on getting married “months” before they told everyone, so you could be right

    @490 – Too much CSI is never a bad thing =)

  494. 494
    @491 Says:

    Last I heard, it was supposed to start filming in November.
    But I’m not sure if it was pushed back to wait for Jonathan to get out of rehab, or because of the usual indie film financial issues.
    If Miranda is four months pregnant, she will be due in January. So unless she plans on delivering the baby in the UK, Orlando may have to pull out of that movie if they delay it much longer.

  495. 495
    Oh ob Says:

    Hot orlando.

  496. 496
    Jayne Says:

    Why not have it in the uk? And that’s if it’s true.

  497. 497
    @496 Says:

    There wouldn’t be anything wrong with having the baby in teh UK. But she may want to have the baby in Australia.
    A new mother always wants her own mother close by.
    But who knows? There are pros and cons of having the baby anywhere. It makes just as much sense to have the baby in NY, LA, London or Sydney.
    Guess that we will have to wait and see.

  498. 498
    ? Says:

    We are just 2 away from 500.

  499. 499
    @491 Says:

    The last information we had about Albert Nobbs was from the director in July and he said they hoped or expected to get the money (depending on the right translation from Spanish) and to be shooting in October. So at that time they still didn’t have the money. Maybe that’s normal for indie films.

    Filming was going to take six weeks, so as he has a support role he’s probably only needed for a week or two, which will make it easier to fit it in with any other commitments. Three Musketeers filming or childbirth. I hope it works out for him to be in it.

  500. 500
    Jayne Says:

    It will be sooooo good to see orlando in 3D.

  501. 501
    flag boy Says:

    Glad to see we hit 500 while I was sleeping – good job!!

    I don’t think Miranda’s mother would have a problem traveling anywhere to be there for the baby…she’s been to L.A. & NY with them before.

    Good work CSI!! =)

  502. 502
    Pixie Girl Says:

    Woohoo! We made it to 500 comments! lol

    I see the pregnancy speculation has heated up.

    I’m just not sure. I have a feeling that she is pregnant and there is something about those Paris pictures that makes me think she was then. But, she was still so tiny in her latest photo shoots…

    When would someone start to show?

    Hey CSI, do you have any thoughts or information? ;)

    I guess I could google for pictures of pregnancy but that just pushes my fan level beyond being excited over 500 comments. :P


  503. 503
    Pixie Girl Says:

    Oh, and LMAO at Flag Boy’s comment about Orlando’s sword in 3-D!


  504. 504
    @502 Says:

    I have a very good friend who is tall and thin like Miranda, and she didn’t start to show until she was six and a half months along. She got ‘softer’ looking, but no one would believe that she was pregnant until her last tri-mester. Then she just ballooned.

  505. 505
    Holly Says:

    Some people don’t show until very late and still have a flat belly at 4 months. I guess we’ll have to wait and see because if she is pregnant she will be showing eventually (can’t hide it forever!)

    I really can’t imagine her admitting pregnancy to Vogue magazine though. At least I sure hope not. I do like Miranda but admitting it in that way would be – I don’t know – tacky and almost rude to her fans.

    There is still no proof that she confirmed in Vogue though so I’ll wait for her statement (preferable her’s & Orlando’s joint statement).


  506. 506
    @505 Says:

    Why is that rude or tacky?
    It’s no different than confirming it in any other legitimate magazine. And having a high fashion magazine confirm it is actually a feather in her cap if you ask me.
    As a fan, I don’t care where the confirmation/actual denial comes from, as long as we get it before the baby is delivered.
    IMO, the lack of denial is almost as good as a confirmation.

  507. 507
    kingofpopforever Says:

    @How is it “rude” to confirm your pregnancy to the biggest fashion magazine out there?It’s a big achievement for her to be on three of their covers nothing wrong with that actually I prefer this to a cold statement from her pr person this way if she said we hear it straight from her mouth .I am still on the waiting mode about all of this I would like to have that interview to see if she confirmed anything curiosity is killing me LOL.

  508. 508
    G Says:

    There won’t be pictures of her until after she gives birth.
    She’s too full of herself to go out and about looking tired and more bloated than usual.
    I bet she won’t take the risk of being photographed not looking her best.
    Gisèle and Alessandra vanished too, right after their pregnancy was confirmed.

  509. 509
    Melody Says:

    Mmmmm Orlando’s so tasty in these Germany pics, he’s perfection in every inch! I’m excited about this Three Muskateers movie and all his others that are supposed to be hitting us soon—The Good Doctor, especially. His is the kind of face I’d like to tape to my bedroom ceiling and wake up to every day lol.

  510. 510
    @508 Says:

    What are you talking about?
    She goes out without make-up all of the time.
    Jeans, t-shirts, pony tail and no make-up are not the usual attire of women who are “full of” themselves.
    Is that just more hater logic?

  511. 511
    brenda Says: god ! all this comments are only because she is pregnant??? what is the big deal?… I changed my mind,I don’t find orlando attractive at all,he has a big nose and big ears and that curly hair!!! no way

  512. 512
    velcrodots Says:

    Yuss we made it to 500!
    I agree with others, announcing it to Vouge isn’t tacky, if it was in Star Magazine or something then we’d be having a conversation

  513. 513
    @512 Says:

    That’s nice.
    Now run along now, like a good little hater.

  514. 514
    Holly Says:

    OK! I take back the tacky & rude comment. I guess it’s not so bad. I just don’t like Vogue magazine so I had a spaz. I’d hate that she gave them the first scoop. I still don’t believe she admitted anything in the story though. I think Vogue is using the sensational headline like a common tabloid. Is there any more info? Has anyone here actually seen the story with her quotes?

  515. 515
    just sayin' Says:

    don’t really care who they confirm it with….just very happy for them. and, happy for your happiness in making the big 500 and beyond…

  516. 516
    flag boy Says:

    Pixie says “I guess I could google for pictures of pregnancy but that just pushes my fan level beyond being excited over 500 comments. :P

    Ba ha ha go ahead Pixie push that fan level girl, let your fan level flag fly. =)

    I have no idea when women start to show or in the words of Prissy, from Gone With the Wind, ” i don’t know nuttin’ ’bout birthin’ no babies, Miss Scarlet”

  517. 517
    Jayne Says:

    ORLANDO IS VERY GOOD LOOKING AND A GOOD MEN and if any one dont like him fine DONT LOOK because there’s LOT’S AND LOT’S OF GIRL THAT DO.

  518. 518
    Jayne Says:

    And i will say it again, ORLANDO IS VERY GOOD LOOKING AND A GOOD MEN and if any one dont like him fine DONT LOOK because there’s LOT’S AND LOT’S OF GIRL THAT DO.

  519. 519
    Jayne Says:

    @ Melody lol, i so agree.

  520. 520
    kingofpopforever Says:

    LOLZ Aren’t the Delphi lunatics precious now they are saying that Miranda is in “hiding” because she can’t “prove” that she is pregnant it’s like Miranda’s DENIAL about being pregnant never happened it’s the tabloids and us fans who are speculating how the hell is this her fault? And last time I checked she is not in ‘”hiding” it’s not like she is paparazzi’s favorite target she is no Britney Spears and she did photo shoots for Vogue and one with the other VS models and by the way I saw no “baby bum” on Douzen but keep them coming loons laughing my ass off as I type this….

  521. 521
    @520 Says:

    My favorite part is them trying to say that her NOT saying anything is ‘proof’ that she is a famewhore. But that Doutzen is “classy” for making a formal announcement to the press about HER pregnancy.
    There’s that double standard for ya.
    And just you wait. When orlando and/or Miranda DO make a formal announcement, they will be screaming that they shouldn’t be talking about their private life, and that proves that they are famewhores.
    Delphites are always good for a laugh.

  522. 522
    ? Says:

    So it got to 500 and more well done everyone.

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