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Orlando Bloom: Motorcycle Ride to In-N-Out

Orlando Bloom: Motorcycle Ride to In-N-Out

Newly married Orlando Bloom takes a spin on his Ducati motorcycle and makes a pit stop at In-N-Out Burger on Wednesday (July 28) in Los Angeles.

The 33-year-old actor and his wife Miranda Kerr are rumored to be expecting their first child together!

Orlando and Miranda married in a secret, intimate ceremony earlier this month after dating for nearly three years. Congrats to the happy couple if the baby news is true!

FYI: Orlando is wearing 4 Stroke “Warsaw” jeans.

10+ pictures of Orlando Bloom taking a ride to In-N-Out…

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orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 01
orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 02
orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 03
orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 04
orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 05
orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 06
orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 07
orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 08
orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 09
orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 10
orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 11
orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 12
orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 13

Photos: Fame Pictures, Flynet
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  • LOL!

    They are lunatics who change their conspiracy theories more often than they change their underwear.
    -They are only friends = they get engaged.
    -Their engagement is only for PR = they get married.
    -Their wedding will be a pap fest = private ceremony
    -Miranda will spill all of the ‘private’ details = we don’t even know what country they were married in.
    -The wedding is fake = Ted confirms the marriage.
    -They are just participating in a business deal = Miranda is (maybe) pregnant.
    -She got pregnant on her birthday = no one knows how far along she is, so how can this be true?
    They were not together any time around the date of conception (again, how do they know when that was?) = Miranda and Orlando were together until he flew to London on the 14th of April, then together in Paris by the 2nd of May.
    I know, it’s so hard for them when FACTS get in the way.
    The baby could have dark brown curls and deep brown eyes with lashes to die for, and they would still claim that the baby looks nothing like him.
    Oh, and a note about genetics, since they seem to be educationally challenged. It is entirely possible for a dark haired, dark man to father a blue eyed, blond baby. It’s even possible for both parents to have dark hair and eyes and the baby have light hair and eyes. Dark hair/eyes are a dominant trait, and he could be carrying the recessive genes for both. What would not be possible, is for two people with blue eyes to have a brown eyed baby. That would indicate that something was going on.
    But we will just add this to the idiots latest round of offensive lies. The wedding and possible pregnany have driven them even further into desperation.
    They just can’t stand the fact that they have been wrong, all along, and refuse to admit defeat.
    Pathetic, delusional, hypoctritcal liars.
    yep, that’s delphi in a nutshell.

  • @100

    Why would David Jones fire Miranda when she is more successful than ever?
    She has crossed over to HF, and having her as their spokesperson is a real feather in their cap. Losing her would be a horrible marketing decision. Them believing that is just stupid.
    The only reason that they could possibly have to let her go would be that they can’t afford her anymore. Her career has come a long way since she first signed with them.

  • http://justjared kingofpopforever

    @101 Applauds standing ovation

    @102 The Delphi loons have been saying that David Jones “fired” her since the day she signed with them LOL.

  • @103

    Just like they said that VS was going to drop her, when instead they signed her to yet another contract and put her in even more commercials.

  • wow

    So much stupid…so little time.
    A new post from a delphidiot.
    She thinks that she has Miranda all figured out.
    Parentheticals (…) are my comments…..
    “Guess third times the charm, huh? (she’s talking about Miranda’s previous relationships) First, there was the stockbroker. It was her mother who introduced him to all her friends and got paid a commission for it. (investment people often pay others to introduce them to their friends, it’s just that this one turned out to be a crook) Sucker stockbroker then spent $10,000 on a trip to NYC where Miranda launched her international career. (10,000 is nothing in NY, but at least this hater admitted that Miranda has an international career) Yep, ole Adrian bankrolled that with stolen money. (he stole it, Miranda didn’t) He also bought her a grand piano and took her to a posh resort when they return. (and?) Yet, she makes sure everyone knows she lost money, too. (her entire family lost money) I’d say whatever money she “possibly” lost was recovered in more ways than one.

    Second was Jay, hoping he’d become an international sensation…a superstar. (she was already an up and coming model in NY when jay moved into HER apartment. If anyone was using the other, it was jay using Miranda) She hired his sister as her agent…and I’m guessing the reason sis still has a job is because she knows where the bodies are buried. (or gee, maybe they are still friends?) Miranda used her brother (yeah, she used him ‘cuz she really wated someone to support with HER money), so turn about’s fair play. Paybacks a bitch, idiot girl. (payback from what? Being supportive of your struggling musician boyfriend until she got tired of his douchy personality?) I would also guess that Miranda soon realized that Jay wasn’t going to make it like that, so she set her sights a little higher. (he was a jerk, she dumped him.) She went for VS for a reason (uhmmm, YEAH. A huge contract and international exposure thanks to their runway show which is broadcast around the globe)…knew he went to the shows. (She did? How could she know that when the 2006 show was the first one that he attended? She’s psychic now?) I wouldn’t doubt she played hard to get to reel him in. (or she played hard to get because she was with someone else. If she really did have her sights set on snaring Orlando, would she have taken the risk of turning him down? No, don’t think so. He could have walked away and never looked back.) Oh, I’m sorry…the story now is they met through a mutual friend. (they did. Orlando was invited to the after part by Leo and Gisele. Gisele wanted them to meet.) Silly me. (you sure got that right, at least.)

    The rest is history. (and the haters will never stop trying to re-write it)”

    Gotta hand it to the haters. They are endlessly entertaining.

  • @91

    @@87: “wouldn’t touch your site”????? WTF? I don’t even have a site!!! And what baby are u talking about? No idea, but it’s clear that the vast majority of people in here are mentally challenged and find pleasure attacking others for things they haven’t even said!!!!!

  • Oh ob

    @97 I would not be say ing it if they did’nt .

  • @106

    “….mentally challenged”?
    When haters claim that when a gossip hound says that they are”MOST DEFINITELY” married, that what he really means is that he “isn’t sure”.
    Yeah, that’s evidence of brilliance if I ever saw it.
    “…find pleasure attacking others for things they haven’t even said!!!!!”
    But isn’t that exactly what you do to Miranda? Twist her words or make them up altogether just to lie about her so you can make yourselves feel better about your own pathetic existance?
    In other words, do as you say, not as you do?
    Hater hypocrisy.
    The gift that just keeps giving.

  • @107

    You really need to let this go.
    He’s married to Miranda now. His relationship with Kate is in the past. Let it be.

  • @106

    You seem to be the only one who didn’t understand the baby comment, which was obvious by the context of the thread so I don’t feel I’m the mentally challenged one.

  • Oh ob

    I just have to say how do you know that was not hes first show? And no one knows what happen when orlando first met miranda and orlando only just ended it with kate late 2006. Where the dog’s gone? And why if it is true the family’s was not there on the best day of there life’s? Wow talk about up seting the one’s you love. I mean miranda made her nan cry.

  • A picture

    The delphites are now saying the baby isn’t his and she will be an abusive mother? Claiming the baby isn’t his is quite a serious accusation and very, very delusional because there’s zero fact behind anything(caught up in wishful thinking I suppose) and accusing Miranda of intentionally hurting her child is… well… let’s just say they paint Miranda as some sort of demon, so this fits and confirms their idea of her. their idea is very extreme and over-exaggerated therefore logic plays no part in any of their theories, because the picture they have of Miranda in their head is SO extreme that literally anything and everything in which involves Miranda is extremely stretched. Is it normal? No. Is it healthy? Again, no.
    Who in their right mind imagines a child being abused in any shape or thought? That’s disgusting. But then again that sick assumption fits the idea they have of Miranda: A monster.
    And the child, to them, is of course not his. She’s a monster, she can’t carry Orlando’s child, the man they were once very fond of, the man they were once (still are obviously) obsessed with. She can’t be carrying HIS child, so by all means, they come up with this whole story/idea as hope the child isn’t his.
    This isn’t normal behavior. Come on, three years of obsessive idea’s, assumptions, close-following?? No matter what your personal feelings are for this pair, why THREE years? Is this not proof alone that they are not in their right, safe minds? Three years is a long time to HATE someone you don’t know. Too long to obsessively update your self in every move they make. Too damn long.
    I remember the start of the delphites here on JJ, I visited their board once in the begining and never visited it again but saw comments from time to time here, and I would ignore a lot of it. After the news of their marriage I came here to congratulate them both, but come back to fund the delphites are STILL going? I’ve been a long-time fan of Orlando. From the start of this relationship, I was very neutral about them both. I didn’t hate them together, but then I never loved them together. In the end of the day, it’s the smile on his face that lights up my day and makes me warm up to her for being the reason for THAT smile. I don’t exactly “love” her, but I do appreciate her as a human being. In the end of day they are two human beings. You can paint Miranda as a goddess, or a demon but in the end of the day, and above all she is a human being – a human being in all her glory and weakness and it’s time for both extremes to see that. Your personal picture of her is just a picture – nothing more, nothing less.

  • @111

    It would not have remained the best day of their lives if the press had gotten wind of when and where the ceremony was taking place.
    I’m sure that since the engagement announcement, both sets of parents were under scrutiny. If any of them had booked a flight, the details would have been known almost immediately. If family and friends (remember, Orlando has some VERY famous friends) had started to gather, the press would have descended like flies.
    I’m sure that the families would have loved to be there. But I’m also sure that they are just as happy knowing that Orlando and Miranda accomplished the near impossible. A private wedding ceremony without a pap in sight.
    The families are not selfish enough to put their own wants and desires ahead of the bride and groom’s.
    As for the Grandmother….
    I’m sure that she is just as sweet as she can be. And I’m sure that she means well. But she has shown time and again that she cannot be trusted with information. If a reporter asks her a question, she answers it. If she had been told in advance, the world would have known within an hour later. She’s adorable, but she has a big mouth.

  • @112

    That’s just it.
    ‘Shippers’ know that she is human. You will find no post that states that she is ready for cannonization. We don’t expect her to be perfect and saintly.
    The ‘haters’, on the other hand, DO expect her to be a saint. Any sign of humanity is pounced on. She used to smoke…DEMON! She poses in little or no clothing for her job….WH*RE! She smiles at a camera….SL*T! She mentions the name of the man that she has been with for 2.5 years….FAMEMONGER!
    See the difference?
    Good post overall, though.
    *thumbs up*

  • LOL!

    Oh, the delphites are running true to form.
    When old Ted C is being snippy and snarky about O&M, he is the gospel of truth and wisdom.
    But since he made the error (in their tiny little minds, anyway) of confirming that O&M are INDEED married, he has been sent back to the garbage bins.
    He has gone from being the bastion of truth and wisdom, to being a gossip hack who doesn’t know what he is talking about, in the space of two days.
    Oh, you delphites make mocking you so darned easy.

  • @111

    “only just ended it with Kate late 2006″
    ONLY just ended?
    You do know that this is 2010, right?
    Besides, they broke up the Summer of 2006.

  • @114

    Yes, I do see the difference. I guess I was generalizing, for the most part. Not all Miranda fans see her as heaven sent, but a fair few do.
    I personally think seeing the good in people, is a much better quality then seeing the worst.
    My mother always used to say to me, before you go and hate someone, remember, you don’t know what they’ve been through in life, what structured who they are today, and “hatred” took too much negative energy in peoples live – she used to always say, if you’re really bothered by someone, imagine you are in water, being repeatedly hit with rocks by the object of your irritation, then imagine you become as transparent as the water, and all the rocks (words) just flow right through you, and are no longer bothering or hurting you. Always does the trick. Maybe the delphites should try this… oh, wait, technically Miranda never done anything intentionally to bother them in their personal lives.
    I know people who have been through hell by the people closest to them, and they still don’t have the energy to hate them. And yet, these people have a strong, extreme hate for someone who’s not done anything to them. Sigh.

  • http://whatabeauty... flag boy

    Any sighting or tweets on the love birds?
    What is your best guess on where they will go for part deux of the honeymoon?

    As far ob & mb getting married in a private, small ceremony, I agree with 113 and can you just imagine the crazyness of your family, my family,people they both have worked with… would have gotten out of hand and turned into a media circus very quickly. I can see why neither of them would want that.

  • @118

    No sightings yet that I’m aware of.
    But since she hasn’t updated her Kora facebook page in a few days, I would guess that they are off on their honeymoon.
    I hope that they are having fun!

  • LOL!

    Just another glimpse into the *cough* thought processes *cough* of your average delphidiot.
    Watch then spin before your very eyes….
    Ted’s latest comment again.
    First, one of them writes (again) to Ted C asking whether or not O&M are really married.
    “Ted C

    Dear Ted:
    Sure, Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr say they got married, but did it actually take place? I mean why didn’t any of their close family attend? Seems too odd for these two when they are so close to their families. I know it is easy to lie and say you are married when no legalities took place, spill the beans!

    Dear I…Do?
    While H’wood can fake plenty of things, marriage certificates are easy to check in on. The duo most definitely said “I do.” Might seem strange that they’d wed without the fam, but it doesn’t seem like mama Kerr is too bummed”

    You see where he said that they “most definitely said “I do.”? To any NORMAL person, that would be absolute affirmation that yes, they ARE married, right? Remember I said NORMAL people.
    Well, thesad delphites immediately tried to spin his words, claiming that he said that he “wasn’t sure” that they were married. As was said before, how does “most definitely” get translated to “not sure” anywhere but the world of delphi?
    And now we have a new contender for idiot of the day:
    “Ted isnt 100% saying that they DID marry, read it again. He is saying they said “I DO” he is also telling us, in my opinion to look for the certificate because he knows we can’t and won’t find it. That is what I think. Why wouldn’t Ted just say yes they are legally married, he hasn’t done that. He is being coy. But it could be a legal wedding because they may have known people could check, means nothing about it being real.”
    Since when does saying “I do” NOT mean that you are married?????
    And again, his saying that they “definitely said I do” means that there is no marriage certificate? WHAT??
    “Why wouldn’t Ted just say yes they are legally married”
    Uhmmmm, he did. he said that there was a marriage certificate and that they (again) “definitely said I do”.
    But this is my favorite…can you count the conspiracy theories in this one sentence????
    “But it could be a legal wedding because they may have known people could check, means nothing about it being real.”
    The idiot is saying that they may have gone to the trouble of getting a marriage certificate, only because they knew that people will check. Then they go on to say that even if they ARE married, that it isn’t “real”.
    Oh this is too good!

  • wow

    Just wow.
    They really are scrambling to spin Ted’s comment.
    It really is laughable now.
    One of my favorites:
    Speaking about Ted C…..”I wouldn’t get too worried about one comment he makes that isn’t too clear.”
    Only in Delphi Land can the statement “The duo most definitely said “I do’.” be considered not “too clear”.
    This has really gotten pathetic.

  • Oh ob

    Omg i know it’s 2010, i talking about when they met .That he only just ended it with kate in 2006 in september. And they could of done it with there family there, you fine a way. Even if it’s just your mum and dad.

  • @122

    Just for the record, he and Kate were over by August 2006. By September she was already with James.
    They eloped with the blessing of their parents. If their parents are fine with it, why does it bother you so much?

  • sara

    I see that the ladies of delphi are set up, and ready for anything that comes out about the possible baby.
    So far they have come up with:
    -she isn’t really pregnant, she is just using the rumor for publicity
    -she isn’t really pregnant, she just lied to orlando to get him to marry her
    -the baby is not his
    -she got pregnant to “trap him” (is this 1953?)
    -she is going to use the baby for publicity
    -even if the baby is his, it doesn’t mean that he loves her (didn’t he say that she held his heart in her hands? and didn’t he marry her when no one could force him to?)
    -he has not been happy for years (oh, so the look of absolute joy when he picked her up at the airport didn’t really happen?)
    I just don’t understand their obsession.
    if you don’t like either one of them, move on to another celeb that you can irrationally judge.
    They are married. That’s a fact. Get over yourselves.

  • Oh ob

    Everythink i saw said it was sep. And there not going to tell us if there not happy. I mean may be they are happy with it or may be not we will never know.

  • Geez

    The war going on in the comments is exhausting. It’s really quite insane. Is there a nice place to get Orlando news and avoid this drama? I do like Miranda so if anyone can direct me to a blog or board with a more positive vibe that has no problem with her then that would be great!

  • Private person

    If anything proves what a private person Orlando really is, this is it. How many celebrities tying the knot have managed (or even wanted) to keep the proceedings THIS secret? Not many (Beyonce and Jay-Z being one well-known exception).

  • @Geez

    Try the Orlando Love forum. Most fans there seem to like her – they’ve even given her her own thread.

  • Ted C?

    As in Ted Casablanca’s The Awful Truth? A gossip site?

    Who in their right mind believes what he has to say?


    I can picture him as Rita Skeeter from Harry Potter with a big old feathered quill flying through the air making up lies as it goes.

    If that’s what the “Haters” use as their source of information, I think it’s speaks volumes for their intelligence level.

  • Orlando Love


    Like 128 said, Orlando Love might be best:

    But this place is good for a laugh. Most people here are alright and don’t mind MK. You can be gauranteed the fighting comments will keep going though. Probably until we get a new post (and then they begin again.)

    Other celebrities get the same kind of shit and some get worse.

  • Orlando Love


    Like 128 said, Orlando Love might be best:

    But this place is good for a laugh. Most people here are alright and don’t mind MK. You can be gauranteed the fighting comments will keep going though. Probably until we get a new post (and then they begin again.)

    Other celebrities get the same kind of shit and some get worse.

  • @129

    Oh they only like him when they agree with what he is saying.
    If he says something that they don’t want to hear (“the duo DEFINITELY said ‘I do’” is a prime example) they toss him away and claim that he is just a paid PR hack.
    Is that hypocritical? Oh yeah. But that’s delphi for ya.
    And @126
    OrlandoLove is a very good, very positive site. They are often the first with news and/or new pics. They do allow pap pics to be posted, but they don’t allow people (from either side) interpret them at their will.
    They are a very nice bunch of gals.
    ka-Bloom is also a great site. Extremely respectful. They do not allow pap pics, and absolutely no comments are allowed about his personal life. If something concrete does come up, like the engagement and marriage, they do post it, but it isn’t discussed (if that makes sense). Congratulations can be offered, but no discussion of the who, what or where of it. They also have a very reliable connection to Orlando’s mum, They are strict, but a very mature, calm board.

  • He’s so hot!

    This place is definitely crazy and I agree, Orlando Love is the way to go. The mods do not allow gossip or rude comments at all. All the negative information that people here and at other place spout off as the truth about this couple is pure made up garbage. I have not seen any proof of the bad things said about Miranda. Some people want to make her out as this bad person because Orlando loves her and it’s really pathetic.

  • Jayne

    @126 orlandobloomweb is ok to go too as well.

  • Jayne

    Melody, i think he looks good there too i just love hes smile. I too never been to sure about miranda but if he is happy with her than i wish him all the best in life.

  • @108

    Oh MY….. You should switch your brain on sometimes because, if you really think that people with more than a functioning neuron have the time to read stupid comments that are longer than the yellow pages, then you’re very wrong.
    Since you are clearly one of the “mentally challenged ones” I was talking about, I’ll try to eplain it again yo you, *slowly*…….
    I got accused for:
    1- having a website
    2- talking shit about a fu-ck-ing baby
    Neither accusations are true and whoever said that is a moron, just like you.
    Do you get it now?

  • @136

    In other words, in your comment #87 you called people bigots and intolerant and you hadn’t even read their comments, because they’re longer than the yellow pages. So you basically insulted people just because you felt like it. If you call people bigots and intolerant, we will assume that you read their comments and that’s what you used to judge them as such.
    BTW, you should try to control your anger. Eat more fiber or something.

  • @136

    uhmmm, #108 didn’t accuse you of having a website, nor did they say anything about a baby.
    You complain about others putting words in your mouth, then turn around a do it to someone else.
    And I notice that you claim to be too busy (due to your supposed intellligence) to read longer comments, yet you find plenty of time to visit old threads about a celeb that you don’t like.
    hmmm, interesting
    BTW, profanity is a sign that you are desperate. You had no real answer, so you resorted to vulgarity. A sure sign of a lower intelligence.

  • ???

    I saw that Miranda’s mom is posting on the Miranda’s facebook pages (her own, and Kora).
    She said that Miranda and Orlando are now off on their honeymoon.
    Has anyone heard where they may have gone?

  • @137 + 138

    @137: the website thing was in the very 1st sentence of the post, so there was no need to read the entire message;
    @138: apparently you don’t bother to read comments either because in the insulting post there was, indeed, a reference to a website AND to a baby. Is reading difficult for you because your brain is too big or is the topic too dense for you to understand it, hmmm??
    PS: when you slander people they will come back to respond, no matter how old the thread which, by the way, is really-really ancient (4 days old!!!!!!!) But again, that must be too complicated for you to understand…..
    Adios, lunatics. You belligerent posters with “superior intelligence” that NEVER say profanities should hang with like minded people only, LMAO!!!!!!

  • @140

    Your post was directed to #108.
    Please show EXACTLY where THAT person mentioned a web site, or a baby.
    You accuse others of lacking intelligence, when you can’t even comprehend the simplest language.
    But thanks for leaving the thread. I would much prefer to read posts from people who can put their thoughts into words without resorting to profanity.

  • @140

    The reference to a site and a baby came AFTER you called people intolerant and bigots (87) and AFTER the baby thing was mentioned.
    But think what you please. You can even think that we’re the “belligerent” ones when you just can’t make any point without insulting.

  • sid

    My friends and I used to like this site but this is getting ridiculous.
    What’s the point of all these childish comments about who said what, who insulted who and who’s more intelligent? Frankly it’s quite annoying.
    If you are not comfortable with other ways of seeing things and you are incapable of coping with conflict then you shouldn’t be here.
    I personally agree with 126 and I’d rather find another board to express my thoughts freely.

  • James Franco is so hot!!!!!!!


  • James Franco is so hot!!!!!!!


  • James Franco is so hot!!!!!!!

  • @144, 145, 146

    Uhm, OK
    If you say so.
    He looks like a scrawny squirrel to me.

  • a question

    I have an honest question for any of you delphi gals out there.
    I don’t go to your site often, but I do on occasion, just to see what the ‘other side’ is thinking. I was there yesterday, and I am confused about something.
    How can you guys claim that this secret wedding with no pap pics at all was just more proof that they are famewhores on the level of Spencer and Heidi. Even if you dislike both of them, that just doesn’t make any sense. If they were just using the wedding for fame, they could have drug it out for months. They could have been pictured looking at venues, shopping for flowers, visiting caterers, etc. Then they could have made a big, Hollywood production of the ceremony. Especially with the friends that Orlando has. Not just the Fellowship members, but Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise, Eric Bana, Penelope Cruz and Leo Decaprio. THAT would have been the route they would have taken if they were famewhores. What they did instead, was the antithesis of that mess. They had a private ceremony. An ABSOLOTELY private ceremony. How can you label them famewhores for that?

  • Jayne

    I think you have the wrong post because ORLANDO BLOOM IS THE HOT ONE THERE!!!!!!!

  • Jayne

    I think you have the wrong post because ORLANDO BLOOM IS THE HOT ONE THERE!!!!!!! And i 4 got ORLANDO IS THE BEST!!!!