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Orlando Bloom: Motorcycle Ride to In-N-Out

Orlando Bloom: Motorcycle Ride to In-N-Out

Newly married Orlando Bloom takes a spin on his Ducati motorcycle and makes a pit stop at In-N-Out Burger on Wednesday (July 28) in Los Angeles.

The 33-year-old actor and his wife Miranda Kerr are rumored to be expecting their first child together!

Orlando and Miranda married in a secret, intimate ceremony earlier this month after dating for nearly three years. Congrats to the happy couple if the baby news is true!

FYI: Orlando is wearing 4 Stroke “Warsaw” jeans.

10+ pictures of Orlando Bloom taking a ride to In-N-Out…

Just Jared on Facebook
orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 01
orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 02
orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 03
orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 04
orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 05
orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 06
orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 07
orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 08
orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 09
orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 10
orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 11
orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 12
orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 13

Photos: Fame Pictures, Flynet
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  • He’s so hot!

    @a question: Finally, someone with something intelligent to say! Of course, it doesn’t match with their imaginary world so you won’t get an intelligent answer.

  • a question

    hey, it’s worth a shot, right?
    They always go on and on about how they are the only ones intelligent enough to see through the fascade, so one of them should be able to answer my question, right?
    I won’t hold my breath, though.

  • @152

    How can they claim to be intelligent, when they come up with some of the most idiotic theories on the net?
    That’s why they are the laughing stock of the entire fandom.

  • Sane discussions

    The “Orlando Bloom Discussion” forum at LiveJournal is a good site and it’s pretty well balanced (no over-the-top gushing and no hate-filled trashing either). I like the fact you can actually engage in intelligent conversation or debate and even when there’s disagreement on certain issues, the discourse is still respectful.

  • Hot?

    James Franco hot? Well, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion of course, but personally I don’t find him ‘hot’ at all. There are ten or twelve Hollywood actors who I feel fit that description, and Franco’s not among them.

  • @154

    Yeah, that is a good site.
    The ladies there seem to be very intelligent and rational. And quite often funny as hell.

  • flag boy

    I read Miranda’s mom’s comments on Kora. She seems very sweet.
    Yes, they are in hiding, so I guess we won’t get any new pics for awhile.
    As for as the drama on this board, I know it can get old, but I am happy that someone out there always sticks up for these two and points out the contradictions of the Delphi girls. So just skip over them if you get tire of reading those, skip over them.
    OL is great but I have to admit, I like reading people’s opinions.
    All you fans, drop a line here if you hear any tweets or sightings of
    OB & MB

  • @157

    Someone tweeted that they are in NY.
    I remember a recent interview where a reporter asked Miranda what would be her favorite place to take a vacation. She answered “home, no more planes”. I guess that for people who travel as much as they do, and who can go anywhere they want, almost whenever they want, quiet time is a luxury.
    I can actually see them just chilling out at home. Relaxing with the phones unplugged. Popping popcorn and watching a movie. Huddled up on the couch with the pooches. And just enjoying being alone together. No flights to catch. No bags to unpack. And no paps!
    Or maybe they are shopping for baby furniture on the internet. Or painting the nursery. Or picking put baby names.
    Whatever they are doing. Wherever they are doing it. I’m sure that they are happy.
    Good for them!

  • He’s so hot!

    Orlando Bloom Discussion on LJ? I’ll have to check it out. I don’t mind people sharing a little more than they are allowed at OL but it always seems to get out of hand. I’d like to speculate a little more but the flat out lies that only “they” seem to get and the rest of us are idiots are so tiresome.

    Anyway, I hope they are having fun and doing like they do on the discovery channel ; )

  • @159

    “doing like they do on the discovery channel ”
    Like bunnies!

    Oh, and here’s a link to OB Discussion….
    You will have to join LiveJournal to post.

  • Thanks

    Thanks for the links to O Love Board and the LJ community.

  • blah

    brooke, they are not moving too fast because they have been dating for quite a few years. moving fast would be getting engaged after a MONTH of dating, or even THREE months of dating. these two have been taking their time…and it’s really about time this has happened. if Miranda is pregnant, i can see why they would get engaged and marry a month later. although we hardly know anything about the lives of these two, it seems as though they would have a secret wedding as not to attract paparazzi or press. Orlando has revealed MANY times that he wanted to keep his personal life private and not showy. Notice in interviews when he gets asked about his girlfriend at the time, he never gives them an answer except that he prefers to “not talk about that”. As an actor, the ONLY thing he wants us to know about him are the films or stage performances he’s going to be in. He’s said he “never wanted to be famous”.

  • Therese??? or Miranda????

    @flag boy: Flag boy, I guess you didn’t catch the mistake “Therese” made. She posted as herself, then a few minutes later posted a reply to someone as Miranda. So who is posting? Therese? Miranda? Tiffany the make-up counter girl?

    Miranda claims to always want to be real with her “fans”, that its “her” posting to them and answering them, but if she is on her fantastic honeymoon, why the lies and how much? Why be on her Facebook during this speshull time with her huzbend? Some one questioned that on her Facebook and then, wow, all of a sudden the posts were gone!! But not before someone screencapped them. I know you won’t bother to go there, but the screencaps are up at Delphi, you know, that place where you all think everyone is lying about how fake Miranda and Orlando are. Looks like the fake slipped up.

  • flag boy

    Thanks @158 , New York you say….. or the tweet says….lol
    And “Theresa or Miranda?” no, I did not notice that! I was flying through those, but I did notice the other day that some guy on FB
    noticed that Miranda posted on her wedding day and during Orlando getting his honary doctorate or was it the dyslexia talk… sorry, I have finished my cocktail and my brain on vodka…. I digress, well anyway this guy pointed that out that Miranda posted during those “events” and I went back and checked it out and what he said was true! Is that you ? :-)
    I don’t know what that means, I really don’t take it so seriously?
    But thanks for pointing that out, it is interesting.
    Time for a night cap.

  • @163

    I’m sure that Therese takes care of a lot of fan mail, where she signs letters as Miranda. I’m sure that the rest of the staff does the same thing. Just as Orlando’s mum and neighborhood ladies used to do for him before it became too much to handle.
    But if you actually took the time to read the comments, you would realize that Therese posts much more often than Miranda ever did, and in a completely different style. Any moron could see the difference.
    It’s pretty obvious who is who.
    Miranda hasn’t posted since the 27th.
    She IS on her honeymoon. Which is really what has your group of sad little haters in such a tizzy.
    Oh, and you ARE a bunch of lying hypocrites. We’ve proved that over and over again. Just ask Jaded. She knows ALLLLL about lying. Don’t you Jaded. Or is this Alegria?
    So pathetic.
    Oh, and have you come up with any new explanations to discount Ted’s “the duo most definitely said ‘I do’” statement? I know that one has your spin cycle working overtime.

  • @164

    That was them.
    They have sock puppets set up around the web, just to insult someone that never did anything to them. Oh, and they are all women. Sad, bitter women. They post on JJ using male names as well, just to try to convince people that the male population doesn’t like Miranda. Good luck with that.
    They lie, then accuse others of lying.
    And since we don’t really know the date of the wedding (Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday), how can someone claim that she was posting on her wedding night?

  • @163

    I thought that you delphidiots claim that you never even visit JJ, much less post. Yet here you are.
    Guess that makes you a liar, doesn’t it?

  • @164

    @Flag boy (if that’s you)
    Well, someone was lying…
    Orlando gave his ‘dyslexia speech’ on June 2. We got our first pictures at 4:30 in my time zone.
    Miranda didn’t post on that day until 7:30 my time.
    No conflict there.
    Orlando received his honorary doctorate on the morning of July 13th, at around 9:00, London time. or 3:00am my time.
    She made her first post at 1:09 am my time, and another at 8:45pm (my time).
    Again, no conflict there.
    You see. They try to twist facts and throw out information HOPING that no one will check on it. They are used to their fellow idiots taking their word. We here in the real world DON’T accept their word as gospel. And as I have just PROVED, we have damn good reason not to trust their word.
    They lie. They lie ALL THE TIME.

  • @163

    I find your comment rather amusing. After almost three years you’re still obsessing. Maybe you need to find a hobby? Or remove yourself from the internet for just a while, step into the sun, and brighten up a little.
    … 3 years. 3 years of your life wasted on paranoia and obsessive behavior with this girl. I bet you see Miranda everywhere you go.

  • @169

    Miranda OWNS them.

  • flag boy

    Flag boy here! Thank you ladies for taking the time to post the times of the FB postings, I”m glad we cleared that up. Whew! How would we have gone on, I just don’t know. :-) But, once again you fans are on the ball, and I for one am happy that you are…… I don’t like those mean girls. And what man would not like Miranda? Well, I have heard some guys say she is to skinny, but they were red necks and like their women with ….. with….. well, let’s just say healthy girls. No, I did not mean that as an insult to Miranda, that’s just what my mamma used to call the big girls. lol
    I just love, love, love Orlando and Miranda, I keep going back and forth over who is prettier.
    Now I’m off to bed, night night.

  • LOL!

    More twisted reasoning from the delphidiots.
    After posting that Tammy, Miranda’s friend who is filling in on Facebook, said that there were pictures from the wedding, and that Miranda and Orlando would be releasing a few when they had time….
    “LOL, who else but those two would have no guests, just a photographer invited. Sooo twit and twat. They wanted it private, but they wanted to share with you just how private it was.”
    They think that they are famewhores for having a photographer at their wedding???
    Like what other couple would have a photographer at their wedding to capture one of the most important days of their lives? hmmmm?
    Like ALL OF THEM!
    Once again they DESPERATELY try to paint them as famewhores, and once again, they FAIL!

  • @171

    Glad that we cleared that up.
    It took all of about five minutes of research to clear up that particular lie.
    They just hope that no one thinks to check.
    Like the delphidiot who posted the ‘chemical’ ingredients in Miranda’s organic Kora products. Those “dangerous chemicals” with the long names turned out to be naturally occurring ingredients Ingredients that you would find in coconut oil and vinegar. LOL!
    Again, five minutes of research cleared up that lie, too.

  • teehee

    Oh delphi.
    They never fail to amuse.

  • link please?

    @Therese??? or Miranda????:

    Can you post a direct link to those screencaps?

    I have no idea how to find that board or the screencaps

  • Lynda

    @@171: Coconut oil and vinegar normally don’t “contain” things.
    Coconut oil is directly extracted from a fruit that grows on coconut palms and vinegar is the result of a natural fermentation process. Just sayin’……

  • @175

    You’re on your own.
    I refuse to post a link to that hateful site. They are nothing but a small group of liars who twist everything to suit their own agenda.
    I’m sure that one of them will be by shortly to provide the link.
    You know. Since they NEVER visit JJ.

  • you’re right


    I wish I hadn’t asked now & that I could delete my request! When it comes to a hate site, perhaps ignorance really is bliss (meaning I don’t want to go there!)

  • @176

    Chemistry lesson….
    Everything ‘contains things’.
    Both vinegar and coconut oil contain naturally occuring componds that have been given latin based, chemical names for identification. Even water can correctly be called dihydrogen monoxide (H2O), because it ‘contains’ these compounds.
    The chemical names for the acid in vinegar, and the coconut oil were what were quoted as being the “dangerous non-organic chemicals” that Miranda was using in her skin products, because they SOUNDED scary.
    It was laughable, stupid and WRONG.
    As has been said. It took five minutes of research to clear up that bit of intentional mis-information.

  • :-)

    I hope Orlando and Miranda are having a wonderful honeymoon!

  • @180

    Me too!

  • Cap Link
  • Yawn

    We need news soon. Everyone must be bored if we are now dicussing the ingredients in KORA products. lol

  • Yawn

    We need news soon. Everyone must be bored if we are now dicussing the ingredients in KORA products. lol

  • I know!


    This post has gotten crazy in the comments.

    I’m waiting for news because I think Orlando & Miranda are adorable.

    Great couple! I hope we see one wedding pic at least.

  • LMAO


    So true!

    Who wants to talk about their dogs next? Wait, that’s a cute subject at least. ;)

  • @183

    I know!
    I think that the ingredient discussion came about because someone used it as an example of the lies that are told about Miranda.
    I wantto see new pics!
    Hopefully they release the wedding pics, soon!

  • @182

    See there.
    I knew that a member would be by soon.
    They are nothing, if not predictable. :)

  • brenda

    Yes orlando is good looking but I don’t like the curly hair,and Miranda is a gorgeous girl,but all this is weird for me ,it’s happened too fast,first the wedding and now the baby??Mmm..and the last time in the airport ,the way he hugs her,….very gay,I don’t want to ofend nobody but there are rumours that he is gay or bisexual,really.

  • @189

    A hug looks “gay”?!?
    That’s GOT to be one of the stupidest things that I have ever heard.

  • @190

    OMG I AGREE. What ever next?

  • Curly hair

    How can you not like his curly hair? That right there proves you are insane! hee!

  • Sidi


    You want the doggies. Well here’s one:

    There is the cutest picture of Miranda & her friend & Sidi on Miranda’s facebook:

  • @189

    If anyone is interested, that’s a delphite right there.
    Or is that an OBloom talker?
    Both sites are full of idiot hypocrites.
    That gives you a great idea about the intelligence level of their posters.

  • brenda

    why insane? I don’t like the curly hair,that’s all,.and the last time in the airport they look like brother and sister,sorry

  • @195

    If they really loved each other he would have stripped her nekid and had his way with her on the concourse floor!
    Since he didn’t do that, he must be gaaaaay!!!
    See, we has proof!

  • @195

    Uhmmm, you do know that Orlando has ALWAYS had curly hair, right? Right?

  • Sighting Real or Fake?

    Not sure what to make of this strange sighting of Orlando on Unfortunately Miranda was not with him.,,20407112,00.html

    Hope everything is okay.

  • @198

    He went for drinks and conversation with friends or business associates. What’s so strange about that?
    Men don’t get surgically joined to their wives when they say ‘I do’.

  • insane


    I was just teasing you because most folks love his curls.

    Carry on .. being sane.