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Orlando Bloom: Motorcycle Ride to In-N-Out

Orlando Bloom: Motorcycle Ride to In-N-Out

Newly married Orlando Bloom takes a spin on his Ducati motorcycle and makes a pit stop at In-N-Out Burger on Wednesday (July 28) in Los Angeles.

The 33-year-old actor and his wife Miranda Kerr are rumored to be expecting their first child together!

Orlando and Miranda married in a secret, intimate ceremony earlier this month after dating for nearly three years. Congrats to the happy couple if the baby news is true!

FYI: Orlando is wearing 4 Stroke “Warsaw” jeans.

10+ pictures of Orlando Bloom taking a ride to In-N-Out…

Just Jared on Facebook
orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 01
orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 02
orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 03
orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 04
orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 05
orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 06
orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 07
orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 08
orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 09
orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 10
orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 11
orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 12
orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 13

Photos: Fame Pictures, Flynet
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  • Curls!

    Love his curls! He looks good in pretty much any hairstyle but LOVE the curls.

  • Sighting Real or Fake?

    @ 199

    The reason why I was wondering, is because according to his new in-laws he and Miranda are supposedly on their honeymoon.

    So yes it does seem strange, at least to me, for him to not stay with her the entire time during the honeymoon.

  • Where’s Kate?

    What’s happened to Kate? Haven’t seen or heard a single word about her since Bloom’s marriage which is sort of odd since we usually get 3 or 4 postings every week – including her shopping for groceries!

  • @200

    You should have been teasing her about that idiotic comment about the gug looking “very gay”.
    Soooo stupid.

  • @202

    That sighting is several days old, before they left for their extended honeymoon. They left LA, and were seen together in NY yesterday. No telling where they are now.

  • @203

    She’s busy poking holes in all of Alex’s condoms.

  • 204 here

    HUG, dammit, not ‘gug’.
    *slaps forhead*

  • flag boy

    @206 bah ha ha. You are naughty. I love it.
    so the last sighting was New York right?

  • Sighting Real or Fake?

    @ 202

    Thank you for clarifying that. I was hoping that they would not have any pics of them on their honeymoon. And it upset me that would post something like this when they are suppose to be on their honeymoon together. Makes me think that since no one is able to get pics of them, the press will put out something like this to stir up very bad gossip about them.

    Best wishes to them both. And I hope that they have a wonderful life together without nasty gossip being spread about them. Well in a better world maybe.

  • Sighting Real or Fake?

    Meant to say @ 205

  • @209

    That’s what gossip reporters (and some bitter fans) do.
    If there isn’t a scandal or a story, they will just make one up.
    Dirty laundry sells better than happily ever after. In the gossip trade, anyway.

  • Yes but..


    …that would require more than teasing and I didn’t have the energy last night so I let it slid and ignored it for the idiocy that it is …

  • Yes but..


    …that would require more than teasing and I didn’t have the energy last night so I let it slid and ignored it for the idiocy that it is …

  • opps – 212/213 here

    make that “let it slide”

    see, we all make typos!

  • @212

    I like you.

  • Moron-duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • :P


    I’ll give it to you, that’s creative.

    I have to say though, I find her Australian accent quite cute. Just like the rest of Orlando’s wife. ;)

  • @217

    That’s not creative.
    That’s juvenile.
    But that’s delphi for ya.

  • @218

    G’day to your sense of humor. Make sure you take that stick out of your @rse tomorrow moring.

  • @219

    My sense of humor is just fine, thank you very much.
    It’s just that I stopped finding stupidity funny in grade school.
    Not to mention that is an OLD ‘joke’. And old jokes are tiresome. Kind of like you.

  • @219

    That was supposed to be funny? Please excuse my sense of humor then. Why don’t you tell me your name and I can negatively depict it to mock you? Lets see how funny and creative that would be. Grow up.

  • How much longer?

    Argh! We need real news. The comments are getting so lame. I want to know for sure if she is pregnant or not. So much gossip…

  • =)

    I like you too, whoever you are. ;)

  • @222

    I KNOW!
    I think that she is pregnant. The rumors have gone on too long without a real denial.
    I can’t wait to see baby Orlandos running around!

  • @221

    I didn’t write N° 216 but yes, I found it funny and so did poster N°217.
    Despite you saying that’s an old joke it’s the first time I hear it.
    You really must be miserable if you can’t even start the day with something light but immediately feel the need to be harsh & cranky.
    So consider taking your own advice and grow up. Life ain’t easy and being hateful won’t make it any better.

  • @225

    You think that making fun of someone’s name is “light”?
    And you think that someone who didn’t find an insult funny is the one that is being “hateful”?
    Uhmmm, OK.
    I guess that puts you in the same league with the other idiots.

  • @225

    The delphidiot was the one being hateful.
    Someone else just called them on it.
    That’s really what you didn’t like, isn’t it.

  • Yep, immature

    Would YOU enjoy being called a “moron?” Even in jest? GROW UP. Taunting and calling someone spiteful names IS childish – very grade school.

  • Lynda

    Why so stuck-up and bitter? Chill out people…… wow……

  • .

    Uhmmm, if anger is handled poorly, it can be harmful, especially when you get mad for something that is not even your problem. The only reason I see to be so offended is having a name similar to *Moron-duh* too. If that’s not the case, you’ve got issues and you all should take anger management classes. Idiots.

  • Okay

    Settle down now kids and stop squabbling. I thought we were going to patiently wait for some real news? :P

    While waiting, I’ve been procrastinating at work and looked at comments on Miranda’s facebook. Someone in the UK said she did Sidi’s health check on Friday so he could fly out to meet MK (and assuming also OB.)

    Alrightly, discuss!

  • @230

    Uhmmm, you think that those offended by a juvenile joke are the ones with the anger management issues, but the ones who have devoted three years of their lives to wallowing in hatred for a young woman who is a total stranger are just fine and dandy????
    Yeah, that makes a heck of a lot of sense.

  • LOL!

    Hater logic.
    Gotta love it!

  • flag boy

    Thanks @231 so SIdi was in London, I was wondering where he was? Now if we could just find his master!
    Any tweets, any more news…..?
    come on girls, I depend on you guys….. you need to stalk better. lol

  • :0)

    @flag boy:

    you’re cute flag boy

    *goes off to stalk*


  • shrugandsigh

    I used to be one of those people who screamed at the top of their lungs that this relationship was all for publicity and I’ve said a lot of hateful things about them both in the past and I truly thought they’d use this whole engagement thing as a way to get more publicity but I’m really surprised with how they handled their wedding… just so quite and on the down low and I’ve been looking back at these two and I just keep thinking “but they do look kind of happy”
    I’ve really warmed up to them, but I guess I’m at this stage in my life where I realize Orlando (preferably Legolas) will never be mine.
    I really do wish them the best.

  • flag boy

    @ :0) you’re cute too! Happy stalking, now come back soom to report to flag boy. lol

  • Melody

    @Jayne: Jayne, I know you said you’ve met him a couple of times, what was he like? Is he as nice of a person as I’ve imagined him to be?
    My sister in law read in the paper a few days ago that Robert Pattinson was here, no more than about fifteen miles from where we live. He’s shooting “Water For Elephants” and the scouting crew is using a farm here in northern Georgia for movie scenes. My sister in law asked me if tthe two of us should pile into the car and go and try to meet Robert. But I said, nah. He doesn’t pull my heartstrings the way Orlando does. Anyway, the crowd of people trying to meet RP would’ve been insane. I’d rather meet Orlando, been waiting for him to come to this area for three years and other than doing “Main Street” last year, I don’t know if he ever comes to this part of the U.S. or not. Anyway, just wondering, when you met him, how did he seem?

  • Jayne

    @ MELODY : I get what you mean about Robert Pattinson hes not for me too, but a good actor. Orlando was a very nice person when i met him, well he made time for me on the 25 August 2007. Because when i called him i did’nt think he saw me or hear me because he started to walk away and than he look at me and came back fast he was so close to my face that’s why i for got what i was going to say . But i said what i said and he said thank you and smile at me he was going to say somethink else? i dont know what happen there, i think it was because lot’s of girls were telling him so he smile at me again and kept smileing as he walked away and that made my day. There was this little girl there next to me, Orlando was so sweet to her he took time to talk to her. So i say yes he a good man and a lovely person.

  • Thanks


    Thanks for sharing your story. =)

  • LOL! =)

    We have a winner!
    The most ridiculous conspiracy theory yet!
    The delphidiots believe that ONLY MIRANDA AND/OR HER FAMILY USES THE SMILIE FACE : =)
    That means that anyone who posts here, on her facebook, or ANYWHERE that uses ‘=)’ is HER!!!!
    Isn’t that the stupidest thing that you have ever heard!
    I think that we all need to use that in every post from now on. That way they will believe that the Kerrs are all over the web, 24/7!!!!
    So pathetic!
    And soooo desperate!

  • =)

    I love it!
    Next they will be saying that LOL, LMAO, BTW, BRB, :), :-p, :( ,etc.
    are all her, too.
    You know, cuz no one ever uses those.
    =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =)
    And they wonder why people mock them!

  • Jayne

    @ Melody That’s ok , i for got Orlando was also a lovely person on the 8 and 15 September too. I think when you meet him you will feel the same way and he is soooooooo good looking in person. I do hope it works out for you to meet him one day. I think he could come to where you live. The only thing i did’nt tell orlando was my name :-( but i can smile because i got to do what i alway wanted to do and that was meet orlando bloom.

  • @238

    Everyone who has ever met him talks about how nice he is.
    He’s a good boy.
    Oh, and I almost forgot….. =)

  • hmmm

    Twitter sightings have so far placed him in Spain, NY and Santa Barbara.
    Man that guy gets around, doesn’t he?

  • hmmm

    #245 here.
    It was Santa Monica, not Santa Barbara.
    But it gave me another chance to throw out another ….=)

  • flag boy

    ok, ladies, good job… any perticular tweet sounds more real then the others, sometimes you can tell, sometimes not… =)

    instead of where’s waldo we have where’s orlando? =)

  • who can be the most childish?

    I think the shippers just won by a LANDSLIDE!

  • @248

    We are just laughing at your idiocy….again!
    If you consider that “childish”, and your moronic theories ‘mature”, well then, there’s your problem right there. Or should I say ONE of your MANY problems.
    =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =)

  • who can be the most childish?

    I never said that what the Delphi members do is mature.

    All I said was who could be the most childish?

    You shippers out did yourselves is all I was saying.

    And just as you say not all the comments with LOL, LMAO, BTW, BRB, :), :-p, :( ,etc are Miranda or her relatives….

    Not all the ones who don’t agree with what you say are from the Delphi board.

    Whose the Hypocrite now?