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Orlando Bloom: Motorcycle Ride to In-N-Out

Orlando Bloom: Motorcycle Ride to In-N-Out

Newly married Orlando Bloom takes a spin on his Ducati motorcycle and makes a pit stop at In-N-Out Burger on Wednesday (July 28) in Los Angeles.

The 33-year-old actor and his wife Miranda Kerr are rumored to be expecting their first child together!

Orlando and Miranda married in a secret, intimate ceremony earlier this month after dating for nearly three years. Congrats to the happy couple if the baby news is true!

FYI: Orlando is wearing 4 Stroke “Warsaw” jeans.

10+ pictures of Orlando Bloom taking a ride to In-N-Out…

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orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 01
orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 02
orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 03
orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 04
orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 05
orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 06
orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 07
orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 08
orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 09
orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 10
orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 11
orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 12
orlando bloom motorcycle in n out 13

Photos: Fame Pictures, Flynet
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  • Jayne

    Come on i want to see my lovely orlando. Lol

  • Cassie

    the girls on Delphi are cruel and sick with their comments. How they have so much hate is beyond me. Great to see Orlando and Miranda are so happy together. Their children will be gorgeous. I hope they never have to hear about the Delphi board and the haters on there.

  • @302

    The delphi board is just a very tiny blip on the internet radar.
    Even if Orlando or Miranda HAD heard of them, they never give them a second thought. The only board that Orlando has ever personally acknowledged is Ka-Bloom. A site that actually does good things in his name. They raise money for charity, instead of heaping insults upon the woman that he holds closest to his heart. Which board do you actually think that he would pay any attention to whatsoever?
    Why should the hateful views of a handful of sad, lonely, bitter women affect their lives in any way? That’s easy. They DON’T affect either one of them.
    The delphi girls will be bitter until the day they die. When they finally get bored with spewing their venom at Orlando and his wife (and probably their innocent children when they come along), they will just find another person to blame for their troubles.
    O&M are happy, healthy, together and in love. That’s all that matters to them.

  • LOL!

    I don’t want them shut down!
    They never fail to bring the LOLZ!
    I’m still laughing at how they are so desperately trying to claim that the ABSOLUTELY PRIVATE wedding ceremony was just more proof that they are famewhores. LOL!!!
    No paps + no press = famewhores??????
    C’mon Lucy ‘splain that one!
    Oh, and now they are claiming that Miranda is “milking” the pregnancy rumor because she hasn’t said anything.????
    First they complain that it was Miranda that announced that they were married, now they are complaining that she HASN’T said anything???
    They complain that it is “always her” talking about their private lives, yet they seem to forget that the engagement announcement came from HIM!
    Their desperation is absolutely hilarious!

  • LOL!

    Remember the post a while back that mentioned how they were ready with an answer for whether she wa pregnant or not?
    The post that mentioned all possibilities?
    If she is pregnant, she “trapped him” (is this 1950)
    If she isn’t pregnant, she lied to him and said that she was.
    Or the worst one, that she got pregnant to “trap him”, but after they were married she got an abortion so it wouldn’t get in the way of her career?
    Well, my friends. You would think that the last one would be too much to suggest, even for a delphite. But NO! One of those hateful b!tches actually stated that very same theory today. They have to be sick. No one in their right mind could seriously suggest something so despicable.
    Once again, a peek into their twisted psyche.
    Proud of yourselves girls?
    And oh yeah….this is for FroFro….=)

  • @283, 286, 287

    I said that I was shocked to see strong words such as “being sicked/ lack of sense of humanity” used to comment on a celebrity website when, in my opinion, those reactions should be kept for issues that REALLY matter. It’s a simple and HUMAN principle, how can that be above your level of comprehension?
    You’re blowing this out of proportion, but your latest posts gave a sample of what the intellectual level of this board must be so, mea culpa, I shouldn’t really be surprised.

    PS: “You are a horrible person, belonging to a horrible site.” Sorry but I don’t belong to any site in particular and my message didn’t contain an ounce of hate, only a calm description of my thinking.
    Of course you were too busy hating on me to realize that! Anyway it’s ok….. it only proves that, if there’s a horrible person here, that would be you.
    Kind Regards.

  • @306

    LOL! Excuse me, you bring child and animal abuse to a gossip blog and you DARE to give lectures about what’s inappropriate to say on this kind of sites?
    You bring child and animal abuse to a gossip blog and it’s others the ones who are blowing this out of proportion?
    You assume that nobody cares about the world’s problems because they’re not discussed on a gossip blog and it’s others the ones with a low intellectual level?

  • @306

    Someone is a horrible person because they didn’t think a piece of juvenile idiocy was funny?
    Uhmmm, OK
    That makes a lot of sense.

  • A private Honeymoon

    Where’s Waldo (Orlando)? Oh, yes – he’s such a “publicity hound/famewhore” (favorite Delphi description) that he’s successfully managed to totally disappear with his lovely new bride and elude the PAPS, fans, curiosity seekers, and pretty much everyone else so there’s been NO interference with his VERY PRIVATE HONEYMOON. I say, good for you Orlando!

  • flag boy

    @private honeymoon, really I am very happy they got to enjoy their honeymoon and it remained private. I enjoy kidding, but I would be lying if I said I was not anxiously waiting for new photos and news!
    Following these two are my guilty pleasure….. =)

  • @private honeymoon

    The delphidiots will not admit defeat!
    They ar enow claiming that the privacy of their honeymoon is a PR failure.
    They are also predicting that O&M will be spotted soon for “damage control”. Damage for what? Managing to escape the paps?
    And they are going to find fault with a MARRIED couple being seen together? Like there is something unnatural about that?
    And they put together their two brain cells and have come up with the idea that O&M are not legally narried. Even though their oracle of truth (when it suits them) Ted C has CLEARLY stated that they ARE MARRIED.
    They certainly DO bring the LOLZ. Gotta give them that.
    =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =)

  • Oh bo

    Do you think that orlando’s family and miranda’s family know where they are? Because may that’s why the paps don’t know where they are. Because miranda’s family some time’s let it out where there are going.

  • @312

    I think that both of their parents know, but not the rest of the relatives. Her grandmother is sweet, but she has a big mouth. ;)

  • Oh bo

    And i still think there family could of come i mean they could of had it in kent and her family could of came there?

  • @314

    After the engagement announcement (or even without the announcement) any movement by their families would have tipped off the press. There just isn’t a way to hide an entire family crossing oceans. Not to mention keeping information for the ceremony and reception from leaking. Too many mouths to keep quiet what with the caterers, hotel staff, limo/car service, florists, etc. Word would have surely gotten out.
    They got married the way that they wanted to get married. In total privacy, and with the blessings of their parents.
    I’m happy for them that they were able to pull it off. Even though I still selfishly want to see some pictures.
    Miranda mentioned on her facebook that they would release some pics since they know that their fans want to see them. I can’t wait!

  • Oh bo

    Oh well i knew miranda would fine way to get the pics out. And her close family could of came to kent and they could of said we are here for orlando.

  • Oh bo

    And there mum’s and dad’s are not going to say there upset, or may be there not as close as we all think.

  • @316

    So now it’s a bad thing to release pics of an important event in one’s life? As EVERY celebrity coupek has done?
    All of her fans and most of his fans want to see the pics. The wedding is long over, and there is no invasion of privacy, so where is the harm?
    You really do sound like a delphidiot now.
    And even if her family did come to Kent, how would they explain the wedding ceremony, wedding dress, cake, flowers, etc? Celebrating someone’s doctorate doesn’t usually include a wedding cake or bouquets.
    Why are you so obsessed with how they got married, anyway? Is there only one way to celebrate a couple’s love? Is it not real unless they spend hundreds of thousands (or more) for a big party?
    They were married with no flash or glitz. But more importantly, it complete privacy. That’s their business, not yours.
    And both sets of parents have stated PUBLICLY that they are all very happy for them. BOTH SETS.
    Get over it.
    O & M are married. If that bothers you so much, move on to another celeb to judge.
    And as a bonus…to FroFro …..=)

  • @317

    Oh, I’m sure that ‘their’ parents would have loved to have been there to celebrate ‘their’ happy day. But I’m also sure that they understood completely. It would have been pretty selfish of either set of parents to begrudge them their privacy for the sake of their own wants. They put the happiness of their children first, as all good parents should. That proves how close they really are.

  • @ 314

    “Miranda mentioned on her facebook that they would release some pics since they know that their fans want to see them.”

    I just read her face book page and she did not mention anything about releasing pics on her face book page or her Kora page…

  • @320

    It was there. Lots of people saw it.
    It was either posted by her, or by her friend Tammy.

  • @320

    Maddy **** hey miranda, will you put up any photos of you in your wedding dress?
    July 27 at 7:02pm
    her answer…
    KORA SKIN CARE Thank you everyone for your beautiful comments………..Maddy, I will put some photos up soon.
    Lots of love
    July 27 at 7:10pm ยท
    I think that she said it before as well, but I’m not going to bother with that one, snce this proves the statement at #315
    I can’t wait to see the pictures!
    They make such a beautiful couple!

  • Oh bo

    I never said have a cake and a big party. And like i said befor there not going to come out and say ” we are not happy with them doing this but it’s what they wanted and we were not going to stop them ” i can’t see them saying that can you? Just we don’t know what goes on, maybe im wrong i don’t know im just saying. Why am i going to move on when i am a fan of he’s work and like him i have been a fan for some time even befor miranda came a long. Im not being hate full im having my say.

  • @323

    You aren’t just having your say, you are making up your own scenerio for how they SHOULD have done something, then judging them for not doing it your way.
    In the end it doesn’t matter HOW, or WHEN they got married, or whether or not their families approved of the way they did it.
    They are married, and apparently very happy. That’s ALL that matters.
    Their families have stated their feelings, why are you trying to put words in their mouths? I just don’t understand.

  • @ 322

    I thought you meant that she recently had said that she was going to put up wedding pics. Since that reply was July 27th, and it was difficult to find as it was posted along with alot of other reply comments. I had to go back about 3 or 4 pages to find it.

    I wonder why she hasn’t sent the wedding pics to her brother Matt to put up on her Kora website. He just recently put up pics of him and her when they were kids and just recently.

    Guess we’ll just have to wait and see. I’m sure she probably sent pics of her and Orlando on their wedding day to her brother, and the rest of her family and friends.

  • @325

    Yeah, I had to filter out all of the comments but theirs to find it myself.
    I’m sure that the families have all of the pics. They will probably release a few, well chosen pics to the press before any of them go up on the website. Unless they decide that the fans should have the first peek at the photos.
    Either way, I WANT TO SEE THEM!!!
    NO, I am not very patient.

  • Oh bo

    Wow look who’s putting words in to my mouth, i NEVER said they said that. I was trying to say if they feel that way they are NOT going to TELL US, and that is just having my say . And you just missed the bit when i said i maybe wrong and that’s just it i don’t know and you don’t know. I just feel like if your that close to your family you would fine a way for them to come. But this seems to be the way they wanted it, i think it’s sad in away that they feel they had to have it with out there family. Well good luck to orlando i hope he is happy i will still be a big fan.

  • Oh bo

    Oh i forgot orlando does look good, i do like he’s smile but he does not seem to be smile much in them pics.

  • Oh bo

    Oop sorry, I mean he does not seem to smile much in them pics.

  • Jayne

    I have news there back now i can’t wait to see new pics of orlando.

  • Back already?

    Really? Haven’t seen anything in celebrity news reports yet. Do you know where they are>

  • Jayne

    No sorry i don’t know where they are.

  • sara

    Miranda is back posting on her facebook accounts.
    Maybe we will get some pics soon!

  • LOL!!!

    The delphidiots are ready and waiting.
    Now that are CONVINCED that they aren’t really married! You see, to them, if you repeat something three times it becomes their version of a “fact”. LOL!
    Now they are claiming that if pics DO show up, it still doesn’t mean that they are real. It will just be Orlando and Miranda, get this, “posing in wedding clothes”.
    Plus, they are still convinced that they don’t live together. When Miranda’s property was stolen from O’s house, they claimed that it was just stuff that they put there to make it LOOK like she lived there.
    And they have already started the “baby isn’t Orlando’s” insanity.
    I am running out of words to describe how pathetic these people are!
    How about miserable, worthless wretches?
    That works.
    HEY FROFRO!!!!! =) =) =) =) =p

  • Jayne

    I did think they would be a way longer. The only thing orlando has done wrong is that IT IS NOT ME HE’S MARRIED :-( LOL :-)

  • @335

    He has a movie that is starting soon, so I’m sure that he has pre-production work to do. They probably stayed hidden as long as they could, but now have to face the real world.

  • YAY!

    They’re back!
    I hope that means that we will get pictures soon!

  • @327

    @Oh bo:
    Honestly…… why are surprised that the Morondidiots are putting in your mouth words that you never said?
    Making up stuff and being mean to whoever doesn’t agree with them it’s all they can do with their miserable lives! I wouldn’t be too upset about it if I was you. Just keep standing up for your opinions!!!
    Love, xxx

  • sara

    Yeah, I can’t believe that the delphi girls are now claiming that the marriage isn’t legal.
    I didn’t think anyone could be that stubborn. But I guess some things will never change.
    O&M will celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary, surrounded by a passel of children and the last remaining lonely delphites will STILL be saying that it is all a PR sham.
    I just don’t get it.

  • .

    From Moronduh’s secret journal: “Those Phuckinge Delphee Bytches, whot do theye thynke theye arre. theye shoulde knowe eye’m far too busy to sitte on a computter! Eyem a internatunul soopermodul ANDE on mye honeyemoon with Orlandoe, (Even iff ti waz onlee phour days)”

  • @339

    They’ve become so invested in Miranda as a moronic shallow idiot who is nevertheless capable of Machiavellian cunning and malice, that they can’t ever change their minds. Orlando, of course, they think is equally shallow and idiotic, but he couldn’t possibly have married Miranda because they have similar values and personalities. It must be either a fake relationship for PR, or she tricked or forced him into it.

  • @340

    If your world of fantasy were real and Miranda had really written that, it’d be far more intelligent than the latest theories from Delphi.
    You WISH Miranda knew about you or bothered to call you “bytches” LOL

  • Opinion

    Just a comment to all the people who keep mentioning delphi, making fun of their posts, bringing quotes from their posts over to this site, etc:

    Yes, we get it that they are mean and perhaps even a bit crazy. I think most of the folks here are respectful and either like or don’t mind Miranda – or at the very least don’t have anything to say about her.

    BUT, by continuously bringing delpi stuff to this board only gives them exposure and I find it irritating an don’t want to read about it – even to mock them.

    I’m starting to feel that always mentioning them makes this place not much better.

    Can you stop with those kinds of comments?

  • Oh ob

    @338 Thank you, i will.

  • Jayne

    @336 i know i can’t wait to see hes new film.

  • @343

    I would love for that to stop. But posts such as #338 and #340 are why people love to point out their idiocy.
    If they left that garbage on their own hate site, then others may not be so compelled to point out the lunacy of their other posts.
    But they keep bringing it over. Like the link to that juvenile site, and this latest stupidity.
    I’m not just going to sit back and let them say anything that they want.
    They are hateful liars. And the more they post, the more that I will keep pointing that out.

  • @346

    @@343: WOW! Haters own your life and now I bet they’ll be so happy to acknowledge that……. and keep hating.

  • @347

    They may spend their days searching for information on a total stranger. But it only takes me about five or ten minutes a day to expose their stupidity.

  • @348

    Mhhhhh, by “exposing their stupidity” you’re only feeding silly fights, which is not very bright since that’s exactly what they’re looking for.
    And you seem way too involved to spend only 5 or 10 minutes a day on your mission.
    I prefer to just ignore them.

  • @349

    So you think that they should be allowed to spead any lie that they want without comment?
    Ain’t gonna happen.
    Nice try.