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Rachel Bilson Returning to 'How I Met Your Mother'!

Rachel Bilson Returning to 'How I Met Your Mother'!

Rachel Bilson has booked a return guest stint on the hit CBS comedy How I Met Your Mother!

The 28-year-old actress will reprise her role as Cindy, a love interest to Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor), according to EW. Rachel‘s episode will be the sixth season premiere, airing on September 20!

Just yesterday, Rachel made time for some special bonding with her half-sisters Hattie and Rosemary at the hamburger joint Johnny Rockets.

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  • Snow in July

    OMG I wonder if Daddy pulled some more strings to get her back on the show after her her previous 3 minutes where she mostly stood there + looked stupid. Its just WRONG to keep hiring her when anyone who saw Jumper knows she can’t act and the only role she can play is Summer on the OC. She’s just like her OC character: vapid, stupid, self-obsessed and forever in the shadow of better looking, more popular and more talented other people. Without more famous people than she is around her and without her paying sites like JJ to run pics of her doing nothing she would be invisible. Such a homely non-entity. I wonder when she will marry fellow loser and soul mate Hayden Christensen?

  • ida

    wow…she got a job! :P
    it was about time

  • sterling

    After ALL her consistent & numerous mediawhooring… all Midge(t) can & could get for a hackting job is just a “guest role” on a fading sitcom w/ around 3 mins screen appearance & a 5 or less speaking lines – Wowza!
    She’s Still & Forever A Big Butt Of Joke.

  • nvrmnd


  • M

    Aww…look at that face. Rachel is so pretty!

  • lois

    @Snow in July:

    Why would anyone pay to be on JJ with comments like these constantly posted in the peanut gallery. The comments of this one little group have gone so over the top they have become irrelevant. Just repetitious ramblings.

  • viper

    Was the is the big deal her father was hinting about OMG if this is the best she can get is a walk on then she is beyond hope if there really was any. Hey maybe if this dude she is up against might end up a new b/f for RB.

  • Get over it

    Just read Josh just split with his g/f so maybe to RB there is hope for another on screen romance.

  • lexy hates bilson

    LOL! They’ve made it clear on the show she’s NOT the mother – she’s the mother’s roommate! The only reason she got this job is b/c she looks a little like the daughter and the creators like to tease the viewers with the “who’s the mother thing”
    JJ isn’t it refreshing to actually be able to post some NEWS about this loser!!! Granted it’s not big news but for Rachel it is – she’s finally gettting a paying job!!

  • Sophie

    That’s the only job she can get. Sad.

  • Question

    OMG! She works! Finally!!!

  • blairite

    Hah! With or w/out being some hacktor’s “beard” & w/ or w/out a hackting job…
    Rashchel still being despised.
    All pity/shame for her permanently-doomed HW career.

  • mailey

    good, she needs to WORK. even tho it’ll be a stint that’ll take her all of 5 minutes to shoot and no acting skill, at least it’s SOMETHING.

  • Get over it

    Linda Hamilton is the mother that was announced like last week.

  • juniper

    This OC-Smurf is… a Frustrated (movie & TV) Actress… a Frustrated Fashion Designer/Icon… a Frustrated Bride (just soo & too obvious) yet a Successful Mediawh0re & Generous Paparazzi Friend.

  • http://@darthgault darthgault

    i am just jealous she’s seen Hayden Christensen naked :(

  • unreechy

    @ at least it’s SOMETHING…
    She is somewhat employable (once-in-a-blue-moon) because she has always been recommended by other people that were already in the industry. Well when you’re particularly not talented and just looking so-so – “nepotism” will get you at least somwhere.
    So Its just NOTHING as she’s just nothing, and she can’t do nothing. And when you can’t do nothing, you need someone close to you that can make a good word for you, otherwise you just stay where you are, and you die being no one. That’s what Ms. BilHO thrives & lives for to have a “whatever” HW career.
    And why making big fuss about her stint in HIMYM?! People are well aware that this stuff in not about “legit” acting & popularity….
    “”Which Is Exactly & Obviously Why She Is In It”".

  • jeezzum

    Of course a 30 mins TV romcom/sitcom wouldn’t give a notch or even a stretch to her acting career (as she claimed to have) but would just only give way to a long list of media hype that she usually stirs up. But hey, it’s way better for her to RUIN a 30 mins TV show than to ruin a 2 hour movie. Movie casting agents are still doing a great job for “endlessly disregarding” this idiotic craptress.

  • padme

    This show must be really desperate if they can’t find other celebs to guest star and have to resort to calling this pathetic fame whore again.

  • the truth

    @Snow in July: @darthgault: They have split months ago. Where have you been ? And he’s not a loser NO.1 And that stupid about him being naked. couldn’t you could have find something else to say?

  • aberfitch

    And where would RATchel be without “NEPOTISM”?
    Who would even/ever dare to cast her who is undeniably a whacktress but also who looks like a person with w/ “mental disturbance & special attention needs”?!

  • Not Impressed by AJ

    Ugh you people need to get over yourselves and stop abusing her. Freaking sickening how low some people will got to make themselves feel better.

  • wave your flag

    yaaaaaay! can’t wait to see 6th season with RACHEL!!!!!!!!
    hope to see her more! I adore her! She is soo damn pretty and down to earth :) thanks just jared for all rachel posts!!!!!

  • taylor

    i like how people who live on sites that tell them how other people actually live while they’re sitting in their fat asses wishing they were celebrities judge people that have actual fans… when they themselves don’t even have friends or a life.

  • lexy hates bilson

    @ Taylor…blah, blah, blah…please don’t worry about how I live my life. Do you know how easy it is to post on this site thanks to technology?? I can be online at the store, waiting for my movie to start, waiting for a waiter to bring me my food….thanks to blackberrys, iphones and ipads I can be anywhere having fun. Come on how long do you think it takes to post here anyway?? 5 minutes? Only if the board is acting up! So save your crap about losers who don’t have any friends or lives for someone else. Besides if YOUR life is so great – what do you care what I do with mine??? And why aren’t YOU out with your friends??

  • wave your flag

    @taylor very wisely and true! that’s the sad side. so thx god I have good friends and a real life no drama :)


    LOL @ her family/friends getting her ‘guest jobs’ on this show once a year to keep her SAG card active and her medical benefits from being revoked due to lack of work….

  • Brightside

    Old news is no news…I’ve already wrapped my fish and chips in this one, JJ.
    I wonder how many lines and screen time she will have in this episode? She didn’t have many lines or screen time in the last episode…
    I really feel she should quit acting and try something else instead…she’s going nowhere with this acting lark.
    But not cooking, apparently she can’t cook, according to something my friend read. When RB had friends round for dinner they picked at their food and then, when leaving, one asked where the nearest place selling food was. Not a good sign.

  • Thorne

    If you are going to post over& over again under different names, supporting Bilson can you alteast try to hide that you are the same person replying to yourself. Which is psychotic btw.
    First it is pathectic, secondly it is obvious and third it is annoying.

  • lisa

    @16: I agree with you :D

  • Blahzae

    I wonder if JJ got wind of this new “gig” of hers from the other thread earlier o.0 lol
    Most likely, well either way.
    Two posts of Bileson are two posts too many in one day ><

  • Blahzae

    @lisa: Well it was a “arranged” relationship , that was rather obvious, so she might not have. They barely spent anytime together as it was. So “arranged” for publicity was the most likely motive of it all.
    Something tells me she isnt his type ;p

  • Brightside

    One post is one too many in a day and JJ was doing so well! He had actually started doing posts on real actresses, too…and real news. Well -ish..

  • SynicCritic
    Up close without air brushing and lighting, she actually looks alot older than I remember her looking. She looks like she is easily 30 if not older and doesnt look like the little girl she is trying to still come off as.
    She needs to except the wrinkels and lines and age with the times otherwise it just looks bad.
    Watch out for the close ups in the video. They scared me lol

  • Viper

    Seems JJ missed the one from either yesterday or a few days ago not sure but she was at Bed Bath and Beyond with her mom who now likes to wear mens always someone pushes the shopping cart

  • deshaun

    @ 34
    She looks like a “Mexican Transsexual” in there – yeeesh!

  • Blahzae

    That is from the same day she spent the day with her sisters. Same top same ugly purse etc.
    Only difference she is hiding her face because she isnt all made up….. well her version of it anyways (which is never very put together) and has her hair tied back. So she is hiding her face something she never does.
    Guess her people went with the
    “spends the day with her sisters story” over the
    “spends the day with her mother story”.
    Decisions . decisions in the life of a presswhore lol
    Its like her life is one big never ending staged photo shoot of emptyness and shopping.
    Dull. Simply dull.

  • Madeline Hooker

    What is with all of this Rachel bashing? Really, guys. You have made your point. Give it a rest.

  • Madeline

    What is with all of this Rachel bashing? Really, guys. Give it a rest.

  • nicenamehun

    Nice try Madaline figures someone named “Hooker” would be a supporter lol
    and with a double post two… aw thats cute :)

  • Brightside

    My problem with Rachel Bilson is the bafflement that, at nearly thirty, she would want to play the little girl anyway. She’s a freaking adult…and it’s about time she behaved like one! She has no focus, she farts around at acting, she farts around at fashion, she’s not successful at either, she farts around in her life…where is her focus? Why can’t she just pull her finger out of her butt and knuckle down to some serious work…be it whatever? Go back to college, take acting lessons, go on a fashion course….do a James Franco! Learn something, anything…
    Oh…and get something done about her complexion…she needs a facial. I’m not sure why her skin should be looking so old and haggard because she doesn’t smoke, but it does. It looks old and dry and her skin tone and color are uneven and patchy, especially across the nose and cheeks area…(shrugs)…at her age her skin should be looking healthier than that.

  • JustBeingHonest

    LOL I’m a smoker and even my skin doesnt look like that!!!!
    You would think with all her FREE TIME these days she could squeeze in a facial especially before a photo shoot!! Get sleep drink water stuff like that, the things they usually ask of you.
    Scary thought… what if that is her well rested…and after a facial ? etc
    Now that is is scary if she still looks like that!!!

  • Madeline



    1. niceSPELLINGhun. My name is MadEline, not MadAline.
    2. I can’t exactly help the fact that my last name is Hooker. Are you really going to bash me for having such a name? realMATUREhun.
    3. niceGRAMMARhun. I believe it’s ‘double post, too’, not ‘double post, two’.
    4. As for my double posts, my computer had a glich which caused me to go back and re-type. I wasn’t aware that it was going to post twice.

    What puzzles me is the fact that, if you guys hate Ms. Bilson so much, why does her life even matter to you? Try focusing on more successful actresses if need be. She’s not the most successful out there, but she has done nothing wrong. Just let her be.

  • Observer

    First of all Madeline you would have to be a complete moron … or a Bileson fan to use your real name on a site like this. No one does.
    Secondly, as far as this part of your comment is concerned…….

    “What puzzles me is the fact that, if you guys hate Ms. Bilson so much, why does her life even matter to you? Try focusing on more successful actresses if need be. Shes not the most successful out there, but she has done nothing wrong. Just let her be.”

    Calling her not the most successful actress out there is a sickening understatment.
    She is neither successful or likeable at this point but she has done something wrong… she has become a complete and total presswhore.
    She pays for posts and calls the “paps” and if you happen to like the JJ site you get sick and tired of seeing her dull face all the time. You would have to be an idiot not to realize the little press game she plays everyday and that considering her career isnt much of a career and is a complete failure at this point there is no reason in fact for her to be “followed” so much…..
    This conclusion is just common sense. Simple.
    This is a gossip site…. not a fan board… so people can, will and do say what they want about a topic .when they want,
    If you cant stand the heat…….. please get out of the kitchen.
    By the way I’m sure Bileson would prefer negative posts than nothing at all…. You said “Just let her be” well did you ever consider she likes any and all attention and the last thing this presswhore wants is to be left alone….. because otherwise she wouldnt call the “paps” or live in Los Feliz would she….. if she wanted to be left alone she would quit and move….
    Funny thing is though she clearly did not want that offer. lol
    She will drag her ” fame ” out for as long as possible, once she cant get work anymore ( she is already at that point sadly) she will most likely gain weight or get an addiction so she can get her out of work @ss on reality tv (like celebrity rehab or weight loss Sh@t)… that is “Ms. Bilson’s” future nothing more nothing less…..
    like Jersey Shore except without the success

  • Viper

    @ Madeline

    Can’t blame ppl for not knowing what your last name is, who is to exactly know that tidbit of info but you.. As for the grammar again please you act like the english teacher police get over yourself. Get off the idea that everyone has to stop having an option about RB many don’t like the woman there isn’t really much about her that is The day she does something earth shattering I guess ppl will give her credit for it.

  • Forget Rachel

    Did someone mention seeing Hayden naked?

  • H728

    @Forget Rachel:
    #16 said he/she was jealous that RB has seen Hayden naked.

  • JustBeingHonest

    Speaking of Hayden

    Well HC seems to have other more important things on his mind these days other than RB.

    He is co-hosting with the Reeve’s children a fundraiser for the Christopher Reeve Foundation on August 10th.

    Christopher Reeve Foundation Benefit
    a possible trip to Africa to raise awareness and help the drought stricken people in Niger Africa( the children there are dying in mass numbers almost over night) and may travel within the next week or so.

    Niger Africa Disaster Awareness t-hit-by-disaster.html

    Keep in mind he is balancing all this while he is suppose to be promoting Takers instead but is focusing on lending his name to help. This might even conflict with showing up to premieres for the film itself. Good for him I say.

    So it seems HC is keeping busy these days … in all the RIGHT ways.

    Unlike some I know I do not even need to name…………..

    Thought I would put these causes out there…. especially the one happening right now in Niger, Africa it is a real disaster unfolding and milliond and millions of lives are on the line mostly children and babies v.v

  • Brightside

    I’ve posted this picture before and I’ve decided to post it again because something is puzzling me about it and I wonder if anyone knows what it is? It’s a bit of a weird one…
    On Rachel’s forehead there are lots (and I mean lots) of little round, raised lumps, very small, that give her forehead a rough, sandpapery appearance. I’ve seen them before on a picture of Victoria Beckham and acne was blamed. I don’t think it is acne though, people I’ve seen with acne have more of a red rash on their face. They’re not pimples either….so what the hell are they? Does anyone know? Also, what causes them? They are really bizarre and not at all attractive!
    Honestly, if I were a guy, I wouldn’t want to kiss a girl whose forehead is covered in little lumps. I’m not sure I would want to touch her without medical gloves…truth be told. When I saw them on Victoria they put me off quite a bit too.

  • Viper

    Think Christensen is doing damage control of his career since he has dated RB. What he has had of career has gone down considerably so now he needs to find a way to re-establish his fan base and guessing he is doing anything possible to get back on top. Just hope he doesn’t reconnect with RB again since this is her birthday is a few weeks away.