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Sarah Palin: 'America by Heart' Book Cover Released

Sarah Palin: 'America by Heart' Book Cover Released

The cover for Sarah Palin‘s latest book, America by Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith, and Flag, has been released by the publisher HarperCollins.

The follow-up to the ex-Alaskan governor and former Republican vice-presidential candidate’s first book, Going Rogue, will hit bookshelves on November 23.

Last weekend, Sarah went camping with Kate Gosselin and her kids in Alaska for an upcoming episode of Kate Plus 8!

WILL YOU READ Sarah’s upcoming book America by Heart?

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  • notafan


  • Stephanie

    YES YES YES I Love Sarah Palin!

  • AndySmith

    Cannot believe how popular this women is!!! But then again I guess compared to Bush anything is possible eh?

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …ahahahahaha.. why does this women still have an audience?!? ..she’s a fcuking moron. ahahahaa.. and proves it every time she opens her fcuking mouth. all jokes aside, i know people only pay her attention because they wanna hear the next stupid thing she says. it’s kind of the same reason britney had fans.

  • oldfurniture

    Europe is laughing its ass off at this woman!

  • Dominic


  • Iffy Miffy

    Anyone who thinks that this woman, whose lack of knowledge and general beliefs belong in the 12th century, has something worthy to say and buys this, only proves that they themselves are even more idiotic than that. And that’s something!

  • xxx

    @oldfurniture It really is.

  • innominedei

    Who’s her ghost writer?!

  • missy

    if the elections were held right now, any republican including Sarah Palin.

    obama called blacks “mongrels” on the view today. Barrick Obama doesn’t like America, not white America, not black America, not any America.

  • Marie

    It’s truly embarrassing that people look up to this delusional, unintelligent woman.

  • Kevin


    lol stop. you’re embarrassing yourself.

  • whatever

    say what you like about her but the only thing that matters is that she does NOT have the intelligence to hold any major office

  • Lucky Charm

    I know I won’t read this book, but I think the question is (or should be), can Sarah read this book? Unless it has lots of pictures, I’m not sure that any of the Palins could read it.

  • Ripple

    I can’t imagine that anyone with an IQ over 90 will read this book, or even care what Sarah Palin has to say.

  • Go Ask Alice


    Missy,why do you and others say Obama does not like America?
    Where,when,how did he say,eversay,he does not like and beleive in God, country, the flag of the USA and family?

  • Go Ask Alice


    May I ask why do LOVE LOVE Palin?

  • Go Ask Alice

    I think her next book will be called mom,the USA and Apple Pie:
    Anecdotes from the Heartland.

  • http://shilparules Rick Patel

    We have already pre-ordered Gov. Palin’s latest best-seller, “America By Heart”. The gorgeous cover photo alone is worth the purchase price.

  • rhonda

    Someone please , make this idiot go away already. She’s like a cancer on America with a sharp disgusting tongue and a little pea brain.

    We can thank John Mc Cain for unleashing this moron on America!

    #11 I watched the View today and the President said nothing of the sort.

  • boston61


    Missy. YOU are a national embarrassment and so proud or your ignorance. Typical RepubliKKKan.

  • gina

    Pre-ordered the half-governor ( you know the quitter ) Sarah Palin’s book….Why? And by the way it is not a best seller until it actually goes on sale.
    I guess her fans are so happy her books have pictures….you know like the gorgeous cover …….really scary to think there are people out there who care what she has to say.

  • karla

    She is a disgrace to America and a dangerous,vile individual who is not fit to run for any political office. Besides she’s just plain stupid.

    Ever look at her attempts to get through college? She’s a joke.

  • Lane

    F-cking ugly piece of trailer trash. Scamming red necks from coast to coast.

  • jj

    It might better be used for toilet paper the next time she goes hunting for bears. Anyone believe she can form a sentence correctly, let alone write a book???? She is less than LINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • idesign

    Silly liberals….LOL
    Sarah rising, Obama falling and he can’t get up!

  • rust limpdick

    dumb as a bag of doorknobs


    I’ve never called anyone this in my life, but this women is an IDIOT. She does nothing but stir up trouble, gets all the facts wrong and gives good, intelligent women a bad name. Sorry, I seriously can’t find one nice thing to say about this person.

  • goopydrawers

    Does she talk about why my hubby has to work 3 jobs to pay our mortgage and health insurance?

  • Samm

    I am like 99% sure, she cannot read or write and did not know what a book was until she had to write one since she no longer had her job supporting her huge ass family

  • Nora

    As Robin Williams said, “you can find Palin’s book in the Fantasy isle”.

  • Go Ask Alice

    Hey goopy, I work in a school system. I have Cigna.
    I had a mamogram.
    I paid $239.00 and now I have to pay $179.00.
    I piad for health care ins.

    WTH I paid all that for if I get big copays?

    I totally agree with you goopy and I sympathize.

  • Jokergurl

    ” I can see Russia from my house”, she condones the shooting of wolves from helicopters, which is just horrible, she’s an obnoxious excuse for a woman and a national embarrassment.

  • Alex Bird

    Well, it’s understandable that she’d say what she did about President Obama being on The View.

    I mean, I’d be a bitter bitch too if the only TV time I was getting was with Mega-bitch Kate Gosselin camping!

  • Jane Doe


    The title of Sarah Palin’s new book has been corrected and updated – please take note!

    “America by Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith, Flag…and FRAUD”

  • let

    PUUUUUUUKE !!!!!!

  • Kredīts

    Lai saņemtu kredītu internetā,

  • Amanda

    @Alex Bird:


  • You guys are ignorant!!

    I LOVE Sarah! She is a REAL American who isnt a fake politician and says what she believes and has the knowledge to construct a very big change in this messed up country ran by Obama!! She is such a beautiful person inside and out and obviously has way more fans and much more love then you idiots have that are just hating on her ! So get over yourself! If you would get out of your stupid box of liberal crap you could see her for who she is! Maybe you dont like her as a politician but to say some of the ignorant stuff you guys are saying like well she cant even read it and bla bla bla! GROW UP! Your idiots and she is amazing :) Im definitely reading this book :)

  • michellenot


  • teaman

    all you retarded libs have only one thing to say and it begins and ends with a four-letter-word, which i might say, describes you very accurately

  • Beni

    I dont know what she like in her book and i would not like to know ether :) but she looks good in her age

  • Jason Varner

    Man, let us all pray that she does not become president. I don’t want this country to fail miserably. She is popular, but I need to know she has what it takes to run a country. I don’t see it.

  • Adam @ Capsiplex Plus

    I may not like her but she has stand around a lot longer than I and probably many people would have thought, so maybe she has something after all?