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Sarah Palin: No Barack Obama on The View!

Sarah Palin: No Barack Obama on The View!

President Barack Obama made an appearance on The View this morning (July 29) and former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin hasn’t been shy about how she feels about it.

Sarah tweeted, “President with no time to visit porous US/Mexican border to offer help to those risking life to secure us, but lotso’ time to chat on The View? I’m headed to border in near future… let’s see how quickly his travel schedule will allow that border visit after all.”

Meghan McCain, the 25-year-old daughter of Sarah‘s former running mate Senator John McCain, echoed Sarah‘s sentiments, saying, “Once again it was all smoke and mirrors, not surprising for a president known for his poetic use of language. I found the president’s appearance pretty predictable and his answers very rehearsed. I mean, how many times can he talk about how he has Jay-Z on his iPod?”

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Credit: Steve Fenn; Photos: ABC
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  • L

    lol, she’s one to talk.

  • CanadaGirl

    Uhh… a person who lives in a glass house should’t throw rocks. If she focussed more on her home life then she wouldn’t have a pregnant teenage daughter. More time on the kids may prevent future debacles. Get off the internet t!tty-magoo.

  • “refudiate”

    as if Bush did anything to fix the porous borders other that throwing big contracts to the well connected…the elite republicants love cheap labor from Mexico

  • Carrey

    I just can’t take her seriously, with photos such as that one that make her look like a complete idiot.

  • cece

    Shut up sarah, this woman doesnt give a sh8t about america, taking more from tabloids and cover mags. She is no better.

  • Ana

    Riiiiight, ’cause you KNOW she won’t show up on The View later this month promote her book.

    Sarah, stay quiet. Please.

  • Carol

    Isn’t her 15 minutes up yet?
    Vacuous and unintelligent, she gives women a bad name.

  • missy

    Obama’s is to scared to go to Arizona, he doesn’t have a birth certificate! lol

    Obama fit right in with the girls, what a girlie man.

    Where’s Michelle hiding this week?

  • Meghan

    She’s oozing with envy

  • oh no!

    I think someone wants attention! I’m getting sick and tired of this woman. Can someone please lock her up already?

  • Kevin

    She is the political version of Kate Gosselin. Attention whore, bad parent, etc.

  • offtheproperty

    I thought there was supposed to be just one Ant-Christ. I see two in this post.

  • Jenn

    didn’t she just film an episode with Kate Gosselin for Kate Plus 8? just saying…

  • Marie


    If Obama didn’t have his birth certificate, he never would have became a senator let alone the President of the United States. Do you really think they would let someone with no birth certificate preside over the free world? The answer is no.

  • Lurker

    Shut up, Sarah. You are a stupid famewhore, and no one cares what you have to say.

  • Alex

    Sarah Palin … WOW! What a Cunt.

  • Sarah is crazy

    She need to shut up ad go and see after her family. she is so annoyiing . John mccain is to be blame for this Monster. he created her. She need to go away.

  • anon

    This from a woman who quit her job as Governor to make money on the speaking tour. Oh Sarah, by the way, who is raising your kids while you galivant all across the country?

  • yvette

    Don’t tell palin to shut up. All you ignorant people that have no clue what your talking about, just to follow the crowd, needs to get your heads screwed on straight. She’s right. He’s the first president to go on a daytime tv show, oh what a big accomplishment. That’s because all the other presidents weren’t that stupid and didn’t waste time like he does golfing throwing parties and going on tv. He just wants to hear those stupid women praise him and hear the stupid crowd bow down to him. Just an ego thing. He should have been a motivational speaker..not a president. Then again, he can’t even motivate or speak to those boy scouts. Sorry boys, your generations president doesn’t care that much.

  • Fauna

    Get on down to that “POROUS BORDER” Sarah!! Since you have already admitted you went to Canada for free health care how can you morally take anyone to task for illegally entering another country? It is OK for you and your family and Todd’s family to rip off Canadian taxpayers but not OK for people who actually WORK in the USA right? Dehuamize and demonize immigrants! It has about as much to do with what is wrong in the USA as tropical fish tank cleaning.

  • Fauna


    Bush 2 was on Oprah if I am not mistaken.

  • it’s time

    shouldn’t have gone on the view! to much going on! not a smart move.

  • status quo


    I know right!? Ugh, seriously those two are an embarassment to the Republican Party. People who believe every single word they say are completely insane or grossly gulible.

  • Ana


    LMAO, and you think Sarah Palin is right? Dude, she’s doing the same thing! Although she’s smart and making money out of it. With two useless books. Get over it.

  • Go Ask Alice

    Obama does make some easy mistakes that the GOP on rush on and run with.
    The View was not nec.He is a sitting pres.

    Boys Scount anniv, 100 yrs.would have been ok…and then by satellite.

    Umm,Regan,Bush, and Bush, what did they do to stop illegal immagration?
    Nothing again.
    Bush did meet with then Mexican pres.Fox.

  • Deedz

    Stfu Sarah Palin. Go back to watching Russia from your house.

  • menna

    yet they both have time to sit out and bash the presidant? i really hope this woman runs for president in 2012….i’ve been in need of a good laugh.

  • Emily

    Oh but she has time to go camping with the gosslins? What a joke

  • Everything_bUtt_The_Girl

    sexy Sarah did is ot carrying America on her soulders, Obama is! so she has got the right and time to go on the vew next!

  • http://www.AcaiBerryLlc.Com Mona Vie

    Are Pres should not be on the View, So Sad.

  • Anna


    really Yvette? because Bush was on Dr Phil and if that isn’t day time I’m not sure what is.
    Also before you start telling all the “ignorant” people on here to shut up, maybe you should learn the difference between
    your and you’re

  • Sam

    Sarah you have all the time in the world to watch the View don’t you? Hmmmm, where are your children? Where is your oldest daughter? Do you know that making comments like this make you seem petty and pathetic, especially after just taping a reality show with Kate Gosselin and no doubt being paid for it. If that isn’t desperate and ill advised, I don’t know what is. Try keeping up with your own life and let the president live his and run his country. Oh and if you were VP you would have already been on The View a few times by now, and then having coffee with the equally pathetic Elisabeth.

  • just

    too many Palin threads for me. I’m done with this website.

  • Go Ask Alice

    2004,then Pres. Bush and Laura Bush were at their Crawford TX Ranch.2004,Bush was in office. He was PoTUSA
    Dr.Phil and his wife, Robin, went to the Bush Ranch and they interviewed Pres.Bush and Laura for a Dr.Phil show.

    Obama WAS NOT the first PoTUSA to go on a daytime entertainment talk show.

    GOPfans,keep on keeping on drinking that GOP Republican Kool-Aid. That Kool-Aid is poison. They tell you anything.They can tell you the sky is pink and you believe them.

    Republicans score=1

    Democrats score=1

    BTW,I don’t drink the Democratic kool-Aideither.
    I am a freethinker. The Constituion says I can be a free thinker.

  • Not Impressed by AJ

    Sarah isn’t going to be on Kate Gosselin’s show, there have been no pictures of the two of them. I think it was just a rumour, or Sarah pulled out of it.

  • Go Ask Alice

    The GOP picks and chooses truths and omits truths ohhhh like Bush was on Dr.Phil.

    Many others too.

    The Dumbocrats donot fight enough to counter the Repubs half-truths,lies.

  • Go Ask Alice

    Hannity just said first time sitting pres. was on daytime talk show.


    THE GOP tells half-truths and outrights lies.The Democrats do not fight back.


    Drink the GOP Kool-Aid.

  • Not Impressed by AJ

    @Go Ask Alice:

    With your ranting, you’re the one drinking all the Kool-Aid…

  • Caleb

    His mother gave birth to him in Hawaii.
    What is wrong with you?
    What is the dilemma here?
    I just do not get it. He would not be able to lie about that.
    FREAKS…give the birth certificate a break already.
    You are wrong!!!!!!!!!!

  • Caleb

    Go back to 1st grade and learn how to spell.

  • Come on now!

    Okay, Okay! President Obama maybe could have handled some things better, for an example such as responding to bp quicker, but come on! This man is trying sooooooo hard to fix the freakin million of problems that BUSH has screwed up for our nation!
    I really makes me pissed when Obama who is actually doing something during his presidency is taking so much crap! you cant expect him to fix everything with a snap of a finger and everything is gone and cleaned up, no its gonna take some time, it took us eight years to get into this mess and 18 months of his presidency isnt going to clean everything up, and sarah palin…….. goodness she needs to stay her butt in alaska and focus on her family! so i say go on president obama, I support ya!

  • jade

    I can’t stand this woman! She is so annoying and thinks she knows

  • Sam

    “Go Ask Alice’ you are spot on! Hilarious too. Hannity is just like his pal O’Reilly – they lead their flock on and on and on……….., especially their #1 fan Elisabeth (WHO?) Hasselbeck! Funniest part of all is that the sheep have no real idea that it is even going on. Hannity and O’Reilly get their best laughs when discussing their flock!

  • Pheonix

    Sarah palin is a fame w*ore. at least obama doesnt intentionally go out to make money for the purpose of promoting a silly book. Stupid c-u-n-t.

  • boston61

    SARAH PALIN IS A TRAITOR TO HER COUNTRY. She will say ANYTHING to make a buck. And Megan McCain is a dumb loser like her multiple airplane crashing, wife dumping, rich whore marrying father.

  • Jokergurl

    No politicians should be allowed on The View only people with talent.

  • Question

    Has she become an entertainer now?

  • jericho

    While I don’t agree with Palin’s exact sentiment, I will say this… The President of the United States does not belong on some gossipy daytime television show. His time to go on that type of show was before he was elected or after he is out of office, its not while he is the sitting president.

    While I agree with Palin’s belief that we have a whole lot more for the president to be doing, I don’t believe he should be visiting the border to just see what its like down there. You don’t have to visit in order to understand that we have an immigration problem and what we are doing is not working. Presidential travel is expensive and often merely for appearances rather than actually getting something done. That money could be better spent elsewhere.


    Sarah is Right

  • Jade

    Surprise surprise, the losing candidate opposing something the winning candidate did…oh wooptie dooh.
    The most amusing thing is, Sarah Palin has now become exactly what she accused Obama of during the election campaign; A celebrity. She simply cannot be taken serious. But she is proof that karma is a bitch, all her preaching about wholesome family life when her own family is falling apart. Spend a little more time with them, Sarah, and less time dissing the President. He’s doing his job at least.