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Zac Efron Confirms Strip Club Visit

Zac Efron Confirms Strip Club Visit

Zac Efron cracks up as he confirms to Jimmy Kimmel that he and Corbin Bleu visited a strip club in New York City this past weekend!

The 22-year-old actor laughed, “I had this image of what it’d be like. I’ve heard a lot about these places, mostly from rap music – they’re ‘sposed to be pretty reputable! So I envisioned myself in a nice couch with stunna shades with T-Pain and Usher making it rain money! And it just wasn’t like that.”

Zac added that he checked with girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens before visiting the club. “She was fine with it!” Zac laughed.

The NY Post first reported that Corbin and Zac dropped by Flashdancers Gentlemen’s Club on Sunday evening. The two dropped by after a performance of In The Heights (Corbin currently stars in the show!).

Watch Zac‘s entire appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live inside…

Zac Efron on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Part I

Zac Efron on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Part II

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# 1

lol funny interview

# 2
Melanie, 23 @ 07/29/2010 at 11:53 am

I don’t know what anyone sees in this greasy-haired tw@t, he tries way tooooo hard. He looks like the kid who would pick his nose in class and hide it under the desk. Smh.

# 4

Why are all the girls screeming at everything he says it’s f***** annoying.

# 5

he is ugly to me. i dont like his eyebrows, thin lips, hair or fake tan. his torso is nice that is all. hes sleazy in a bad way, watch when he grows into tom cruise II, just wait lol

# 6

Zefron really wants to make people think he’s straight huh…….mate, it’s not working. Just accept yourself.

# 7

I think he’s a good actor and quite charming. He just seemed hyper in this interview.

# 8
Zanessafanforever @ 07/29/2010 at 12:09 pm

Zac got Vanessa’s permission to and didnt even do anything while he was there. Congrats to Zac & Vanessa for trusting each other

zanessa forever :]

# 9

he was kinda on edge like he’d had 3 mugs of coffee or something lol

As the days go by I am really starting not to like him. About the whole strip club thing he said Vanessa (which I like) said it was fine he said it like oh she said it was fine i think he is lying I mean because come on no one is going to reply that fast like serious dude! Something about him just makes me shake my head and wonder?? I just dont know what it is!

Good for you Zac! It’s nice to you know are like every other normal guy in their 20′s!

he checks with her first? why? boo, he is whipped. he needs to grow a pair.

if he wanted a pimp experience then he shouldve brought t-pain & usher with him.

why is he dressed like a 50s crooner all the time. like he’s in the Hairspray movie.

You have to remember that he is 22 years old and he have been in a committed relationship since he is 17. He was just there with a friend having a good time. It is not like he is cheating on V so we should cut him some slack.


He was trying to be honest and respectful to his wpman of the last 5 years. I guess those concepts are new to you.

But that being said there is something a bit sleazy about it and I thought he was bit too arrogant about it or maybe it was nerves.

Idon’t think I like him a bit less because of the club guys to that stuff but because of how he acted about on Kimmel.

Vanessa is a beautiuful woman who loves him and there are a lot of guys hoping he messes up. Maybe he should think before he leaps next time.

@peggy: ok, grandma. it’s just a strip club.

@peggy: he is his own man who shouldnt be asking permission to do anything, imo. they’re not even married!

I n F a m o u s l y C o o l @ 07/29/2010 at 12:58 pm

..this kid is such a geek. he tries so hard to seem cool. ahahahahaha.. look at him, listen to him.. he’s a straight nerd who was blessed with good looks (if you’re into his looks). dude is a complete boreeeee. no personality, swag, star power. he such a good little boy ( disney product). smiles and says what he’s told. good luck to him but he doesn’t have a single bit of that it quality that a clooney, pitt, smith, or any other real a-lister has. i must say, even edward cullen has a brighter future than him.


I’m 37 and not even near being a grandma. but I have lived a full life and am entitled to an opinion.

And I doubt you’d love your boyfriend going there or your one of the girls who hangs out there.

I have no problem with him going I didn ‘t like the Kimmel cavalier


He didnt say he asked permission he said he called to let her know. Try listening. And your relationships will go straight to hell if you think you dont owe your partner some respect

@I n F a m o u s l y C o o l: You’re right. He’s very….white..and nerdy. No swag, maybe that’s why I’ve never gotten his appeal.

holy crap Efron new movie is 9% at rotten tomatoes, the critics are panning his performance, ouch

I like him onscreen…notsomuch offscreen.

Apparently he’s been going to strip clubs since he was 18 and while filming HS he was a regular. So all the bull he gives about living such a clean perfect lifestyle is just bull. Apparently the people who did HS used to take him and I’m sorry but if I were his parents I’d be livid with them for taking my son to a strippers club at that age.

And the only reason they would have been in the back is to hide what they were doing. He treats all his mistakes as a joke and shows no repect for Vanessa, of course he was going to phone her before hand, because he knew that it would get reported that he went to one, so he got in first. He treats it all as a joke. If I were Vanessa I’d be so annoyed at him.

Everytime he goes out of LA. on promo tours there is always reports of him messing around or going to clubs, it would seem that those stories are’nt so far off the mark after all.

And I’m sorry but even the great mr efron can’t have brilliant box office hits all the time, it happens to every actor. He is trying to hard to grow up to quick to be taken serioulsy as a major leading man, he’s got years and years of work before he acheives that. Maybe he should go for a full on sex scene in every movie that he does from now on, as apprently he wants to move into the adult-adult movies. Or he could get that model to lay stark naked on top of him again, how on earth that was supposed to be sexy I don’t and will never know.

It may not have been the best choice for him to going there but I give him credit for openly comfirming it on TV as well as asking his GF before-hand. I wonder how his father feels about this. It seems his father is very much ontop of him and telling him whats ok and whats not.

This will blow over just like his Interview mag photo’s of him with the naked girl did. People will get over it and move on.

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