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Eddie Cibrian: Chased to NBC!

Eddie Cibrian: Chased to NBC!

Eddie Cibrian has scored a multi-episode arc on NBC’s new drama Chase, which will air in October!

EW reports the 37-year-old actor (and current beau of country singer LeAnn Rimes) will play a bounty hunter in at least two episodes.

Chase tells the story of a team of U.S. marshals that hunt down dangerous fugitives. Jesse Metcalfe (Desperate Housewives) and Amaury Nolasco (Prison Break) are part of the regular cast.

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  • jolene

    If Eddie cibrian is in the cast, I for one will not watch it and hope he sinks the show

  • http://deleted Lol

    2 a job!

  • Jase

    I think that man is the best built ever, face construction too. I’ll watch. Never watched before but will give it a chance.

  • gaya

    Good for him. He might be very good and it leads to more episodes.

  • daisies

    Being an actor can’t be an easy job in the best economic times but today with so many lesser paying reality shows must make it harder than ever. Good luck Eddie, I like some of the parts you play and I think you are a pretty good man and father.

  • http://deleted Oh Please

    kim kardashian is also going to be on an episode of 9021..poor eddie couldnt even get a job as a cast member but has to settle on two episodes..maybe he can use the money he gets from the episodes to pay his child sure hes having fun with his suga momma in canada..eddie is a womanizer so i wont be suprised if he invites some “friends” over

  • Cruditte

    Congratulation Eddie may it grow into something longer. I like you an LeAnne very much. LeAnne has been favorite of mine since early early.

  • gia

    @Lol…. and what do you do for a living? I’m sure what he gets paid for one episode is more than what you make in a year. Get over yourself.

  • helenias

    So Eddie doesn’t have chicken bone legs wrapped around him anymore. His other women had some flesh on the bone, much more comfy…..curves and real ones too, not manufactures. Good for you man.

  • sarah


  • James

    Him and his mistress have some freakish fans.

  • Went worthing

    Does anyone know if the show he is scheduled for is nearing cancellation?(I hope not, for his sake). I did read that on his Twitter but it may have been only someone blowin smoke. I am clueless about this show or it’s history.

  • http://deleted Karma

    for an actor having a shot at 2 episodes is for ppl who just started acting..eddie has been acting for awhile and he still hasnt been able to become even semi-successful….meanwhle brandi, the wife that he cheated on while she was pregnant, is dating a real estate tycoon..karma..i luv it

  • fortune cookie

    Cool Eddie things will pick up. Bet you have other irons in the fire.

  • http://deleted Lol

    @Went worthing:
    on his twttter he was referring to CSI..eddie got fired from CSI and now has a full time employment as leann’s live in gigolo..aint that grand..she pays for everything and in return he is seen in public with her..notice that leann tweets about him every two secs but eddie hardly mentions her on his twitter..that tells you that the relationship is one-sided

  • Lilly Tiger

    A tycoon doesn’t mean a happy marriage unless money makes you happy. Isn’t he about a foot and a half shorter than gangles?

  • unknown

    Who knows if the new dude is a loyal or disloyal type. And he’ll likely be very savvy upon entering marriage with a big protective package known as a pre/nup.

  • KiKi

    Get a sweet deal boy!

  • UMI

    I wouldn’t worry about LeAnne. She’s wise enough to know it’s better to love with a full heart than never love at all. Credit everybody who can love with the strength and energy she puts in.

  • CanadaGirl

    You can bet I won’t be watching. I don’t support nasty cheating douchbags and their homewrecker girlfriends.

  • http://deleted Anon

    we dont know if the new guy is loyal or disloyal but we do know for a fact that eddie is a known cheater and womanizer..and to the person that said a tycoon doesnt equal a happy marrifae..ur idol tweeting abt everything that is going on in her lovelife dont mean a happy relationship either..after all the love dont seem mutual btw the two..leann does all the talking about love and eddie remains speechless

  • Debra

    WoW!!! let me get my DVR ready…..NOT!!!! I’d rather watch paint dry than this guy in anything…..might as well go ahead and cancel the show now, but on the upside, maybe he can pay his child support now

  • James Dix

    Anyone know whether Eddie has a degree? I heard he went to UCLA and majored in business.

    Canada Girl: I always find that attitude juvenile. Do you realize how many stars cheat and not get caught that you are watching and maybe even idolizing? So silly!

  • http://deleted Yea Sure

    lets hope ur idol is smart enough to do the same..but knowing her she thinks shes so in love that he’d never do anything to her..thats what the mistresses ALWAYS think lol

  • i valerie

    I’ll tune it up. Love Eddie Hunky Cibrian

  • Debra

    Whoops!!! just been over on NBC checking out this show, looks like it has a pretty, blond girl in it……better watch out Le…..when the cats away, the rat will play….

  • http://deleted Anon

    leann is in canada for nine days eddie will be doing all the playing this weekend

  • anonymity

    Best be watching out the new big wig isn’t boink-ing others off to the side. You know ala L. King.

    Bit of a delay in the release of the video and website? Cold feet? lmao

    Glad to hear it Eddie!

  • new orleans babe

    DANG!!!!! HOLLER<HOLLER<HOLLER back boy! I sure will watch just to set my eyes on this sweet thing! DANG!!!!HOLLER<HOLLER<HOLLER< I cannot wait. I’m gonna run a copy of this pic, blow it up and put it on my walls, an entire wall. Lucky LeAnn!

  • http://deleted Anon

    @new orleans babe:
    lucky?eddie is fine ill give you that but hes also a cheater and barely employed .id take an average single successful guy over a known married cheater anyday

  • damn

    He is sooooooo ugly. It’s so true what they say ‘beauty is skin deep’ both him and Leann got hella ugly.

  • http://deleted Racy

    @Lol: Will you get paid all year as he will for two episodes?

  • http://deleted Guest

    hey racy..did brandi pay off all those people who made comments via their facebook about how disgusted they are with leann..go ahead and check people to see the comments lol..these commenters are the general public and they arent buying it.some ppl are saying they used to be fans but after this not anymore..kinda like how sienna millers fan site was being shut down by the owner bc she was so disgusted by sienna affair with getty…when leanns album flops and she disocvers that eddie has been cheating on her she will wonder what the eff she got herself into,,

  • Ruth

    Congrats to his manager for getting him some work. Eddie certainly looks good and presumably whilst he has the fact/body, he will continue to find work of some kind. When that’s over (time waits for no one) then his lack of any basic acting skills will ensure very little work.

    I understand that the Rimes PR team continue to troll these threads, ensuring that the Cibrian/Rimes couple get full support for their nasty behaviour during and after the break-up. And I’m not talking about the affair – these things happen ALL THE TIME – I’m talking about their total and blatant lack of discretion and the need to protect their innocent spouses from the fall-out of their affair. That’s what makes me loath them so much. Even now, the constant PR (to try and salvage HER career) and the photoshoots with his children are about the most tasteless things I have seen any celeb do in a long time. Pure trash.

  • http://deleted Wow

    haha eddie is such a user he rarely ever tweets about leann and when he does he sounds demanding and like a child his latest tweet: “Well get on it! I’ve had 3 bowls of cereal…2 bowls to many. Hurry before I have another and explode.” im dying of laughter at these two..leann is being used and shes too dumb to realize it. notice he didnt tweet i love and miss you all that crap that leann usually tweets..the love aint mutual bwahaha

  • Diane

    I wish Eddie gets alot more gigs, he needs them to get back his masculinity. Leann will surp all his pride out of him being shackled to her purse strings, any man woud be doncha think?

    I tweeted this pic to Eddie telling him she has her own teeth (not a mouthful of veneers) and she’s single, why settle for Leann’s looks?
    @eddiecibrian Ed, those r her real teeth :)

  • Marieme

    Who did he sleep with to get this job??

  • Diane

    So I’ve been tweeting Eddie C. some things to show him there’s single country singers out there who are so much prettier than Leann freakin Rimes. Honestly, it’s gonna be hard for him to stay faithful. I give it a year tops. The more money he earns on his own – the less control Leann will have over him, I think. Just speculating, as always!

    I think she loves him, a lot, I mean, HUGE. Him, meh, I think he cares somewhat and loves the lifestyle, but it’s not deep like her.

  • http://deleted Wow

    hey Diane we posted at the same time..i thought racy said there was only one person posting here..i guess she has yet to read the facebook comments on lol

  • Diane

    Hi Wow!

    Racy WHO? That person or persons doesn’t exist to me anymore. You can’t debate w/him/her/it because they ignore facts, which makes them invisible to me on these threads.

    I LOVE, love the fact Eddie has a small gig. I hope to god he scores a hit TV show, then Leann may see a change in her “kept man” – the strings will be looser for the “playboy” who I think roams inside him. haha

  • http://deleted Immature

    if you notice diane..eddie has yet to talk about his love for leann..yet leann cant keep her mouth shut about her love for eddie..something insn’t right reeks of insecurity if you have to mention your boyfriend on every tweet..i mean who does that but immature tweens that have just had their first kiss…and leann is freakin 27

  • Diane

    fyi – I haven’t forgotten about the video – just took a break from it, will def. have linked on JJ next week for sure. I hope Charity reads this thread to know I haven’t forgotten.

    I’m gonna link this thread over at the old one! *eddie got a small gig, whistling Dixie, this is GOOD news* It will change the dynamics in the Leann/Eddie situation if he really scores a regular well-paying gig.

  • Diane


    I’ve noticed that for quite a while Immature. She REEKS of insecurity if one really reads her tweets. I feel somewhat sorry for her, somewhat, not much. LOL! Not after her heartless ways. But honestly, she reminds me of my cousin’s way who is so blinded by love she’s too dumb to come out of the rain.

    Anyhoo, hope Eddie gains bigger independence, that would serve Leann right. I just don’t think the man is in love w/her. Now, I could be totally wrong, but I think he’s got a roving weenie going on. haha

  • Diane

    One more thing, I do find this whole thing kinda fascinating as far as celeb things go, used to be into the whole Val Kilmer divorce yrs ago (loved him). Anyhoo, what I find fascinating is Brandi Cibrian’s comments in one interview. Something to the effect “I hope Eddie stays with Leann now because it will be a stable thing for our kids.” Something like that, paraphrasing.

    I think ol Brandi knows what she’s doing. She KNOWS Eddie is trapped financially w/Leann and knows what a Tomcat he is….oh, she also said “he would look like a total fool to not stay with Leann after all the turmoil he has put our family through.

    That’s not the exact quotes, but that’s the gist.
    I think Brandi was being manipulative in the press with those quotes for Leann’s benefit. LOL!

    And Leann DEFINITELY writes her tweets in a way she knows will tick off Eddie’s wife, methinks. And she really goes overboard on the “we’re so happy” tweets. But hey, Brandi just tweeted “Im in LOVE”. I thought, WTF?? haha

    It’s all so immature for all of them.

  • http://deleted Anon

    hey Diane thanks for providing that article on brandi’s new guy on the other so happy for her..notice the difference btw the way brandi handles her relationship and leann..brandi has never mentioned her new guy on twitter by name and she doesnt post 5-6 tweets each day about him she has made like 2 or 3 subtle references..leann on other hand gives her whole love life story..she needs to grow up and her pr team needs to be fired bc they suck

  • Diane

    Maybe Im dumb about all this PR team stuff, do you honest to god believe all that PR persons posting on threads stuff. I don’t.

    Now if it was about album reviews, etc. and concerts, maybe I can see that. But on these boards, nah.

    BUt hey, what do I know, I AM a troll paid for by some mystic dude (do you guys know what GUY they were alluding to? Seriously, is it Brandi Cibrians publicist guy? Does she even have one, doubt it.) That crap got so delusional I started skimming over all of it. LMAO

    Brandi Cibrian may not tweet every few minutes about her “sweetness” like Leann does LOL, but she did put in caps “Im in LOVE!!!” which I thought was a little nutty. But whatever…it would be poetic justice if she got hitched to that real estate tycoon.

    Anyhoo, this is gonna be fun to follow. At some point, Leann is gonna suffocate Eddie Cibrian to death hahaha

  • Diane


    LOL, just read upthread, I see this Anonymous saying i’m getting cold feet on the video – NO, it just takes time to get it right. Don’t worry, it’s coming dear, very soon. I know you will be clicking on it multiple times to watch. ha I hope you don’t implode from anger after seeing it.

  • Debra

    Awww!!!!! LR tweeted how good it was to be in Canada, hasn’t been there since she filmed Northern Lights…….it must bring back all those warm, fuzzy memories of first commiting adultery with EC….good times!!!

  • Debra

    p.s. Im just surprised she didn’t drag him along with her so they could relive it together…..maybe they’re going there on there honeymoon?

  • Debra

    Diane….LOL I’ve been accused of being a ‘troll’ too, unfortunately my check must have been lost in the mail