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Jennifer Aniston Talks Baby-Making!

Jennifer Aniston Talks Baby-Making!

Jennifer Aniston enjoys the summer weather as she arrives to make her appearance on Chelsea Handler‘s Chelsea Lately talk show in Los Angeles on Thursday (July 29).

Last night, the 41-year-old also stopped by The Tonight Show and chatted with Jay Leno about making babies! Jay asked Jen if she knew about donor banks. “Jeez, that question’s never been asked to me!” Jen joked. “You go to the bank and you have a card…I honestly don’t know exactly!”

As for her fave pizza, Jen admitted she loves a three-cheese thin-crust pizza with shiitake mushrooms and pepperonis!

FYI: Jen is carrying her favorite Ferragamo brown bag!

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147 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston Talks Baby-Making!”

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  1. 26

    so bellissima–talks-sperm-donors–The-Tonight-Show.html

  2. 27
    sav Says:

    OMG Fat, short legs. LOL

  3. 28
    just Says:

    as usuall looking gorgeous. love the white pant , the brown purse. it look marvelous on her. Her ass is perfect. vibrant.

  4. 29
    lil Says:

    This woman is not able to utter one sentence clearly. She always looks so dumb and confused.

  5. 30

    sav @ 07/30/2010 at 9:39 am
    very well proportioned, it is faultless.

  6. 31
    Katsaridoula Says:

    I can’t agree with you more! Thumbs up. She does indeed come across as confused, unable to say a whole sentence without “you know” “yeah yeah ha ha ha”… she sometimes comes across as aggressive too!!! Again, I do feel sorry for her, she may have millions in her bank, but she surely has no confidence. And a woman without confidence is plain boring. Now, Maniston fans can thumb me down, I don’t care less. Kissy kissy to you all. :-)

  7. 32
    jaimee Says:

    @African Girl:


  8. 33
    mindy Says:

    All this woman ever does is for money making purposes. Whether it’s promoting her next movie or self endorse products. She’s not thinking of having kids anytime soon, it’s just to tie into her next movie, Switch. If she were serious about having children/a child she wouldn’t of signed on to 12 more projects. At this point, i only have sympathy for her, she’s gonna wait until she can’t get movie deals anymore to start a family only to find out it’s too late. So here’s to looking great because that’s the only she has, for now.

  9. 34
    alexanderina Says:

    she is doing a movie about sperm donor/bank and she don’t know what a sperm bank is lol. This chick is unbelievable and not in a good way

  10. 35
    Dawn Says:

    She doesn’t have 12 more projects. She has the movie with Paul Rudd this fall after she films Horrible bosses. That’s all been confirmed. Nothing beyond that has been confirmed. And if something did happen on the baby front, she could always drop out of projects. Other actresses have done it.

  11. 36
    Dawn Says:


    She didn’t say she didn’t know what a sperm bank was. She said she didn’t know the specific details about how it worked.

  12. 37
    nani Says:

    Both and face are fat! She definetely isn’t a pretty our sexy woman.

  13. 38
    RICH Says:


  14. 39
    omg Says:

    “You go to the bank and you have a card…I honestly don’t know exactly!”
    This statement is so weird. She made a movie about sperm donor and she has no idea about that topic. Totally irresponsible and dumb. How can she expect to sell the movie.

  15. 40
    mindy Says:

    @Dawn: check IMDB, I’m read about Aniston talk about singing in Gloree girls. 12 projects is for now I’m sure she’ll do more. It reminds me of J.lo when she was pumping movies out like crazy too.

  16. 41
    melissa Says:


    You are dumb because she doesn’t go to that in the movie.

  17. 42
    Jennie Says:

    Snoozfest again ..again..talking babies at the age of 42. LOL
    Her body, her cheap shot of that cheap cologne ..LOL
    what REAL actress pitches cologne unless 70 yrs old & a legend?
    greedy mongor!

    the Botoxed, filler woman is patheitic. She’s pitching another straight to DVD film again.

    for the record women, a man cannot be “stolen”.
    They walk when they are not satisfied & boy did Brad suffer extra 2 yrs trying to make it work.

    come to Earth fans of Jen.

  18. 43
    nani Says:

    Both body and face are fat. She isn’t pretty at all!

  19. 44
    dd Says:

    @jaimee: Give me a break. no one can steal anyone from anyone. No one knows the real story, but we all know they are all living their own lives and happy at that. to all Jolie Pitt fans and Aniston fans, its been more than 5 years so stop digging into the past and just be happy for them.

  20. 45
    BLAH Says:

    I don’t see anything hot in this outfit here. Not impressing, really. She looks cheap. Many housemaids dress like this.
    And it’s not true that white can only fit great bodies. It simply doesnt fit fat a..,es but for the rest, it depends on the cut. And yes, we all know, because she never forgets to let us know, jen has a toned a…
    For the face, I agree she did something there. It will happen more frequently in the future, due to her bad habits (sun, smoke, compulsive fitness are badly impacting on skin quality)

  21. 46
    Gerry Says:

    Dawn @ 07/30/2010 at 10:26 am -3


    She didn’t say she didn’t know what a sperm bank was. She said she didn’t know the specific details about how it worked

    She’s making and promoting a movie about invitro fertilization thru donor sperm and never know any specific details on it . Gimme a break! SSSSSSoooooooooooooo UNPROFFESIONAL. No wonder , the ripe age of 41 going to 42 , she still stuck in those crappy dumb , no brainer, romcom film.

    Any great and professional actresses and actors,does a lot of research in their new role inorder to define fully their character role.
    Even Jessica Alba does a few reserarch on her role in “The Eye”, she was able to answer a few question on eye surgery when throw upon her by the interviewer and yet, this hag, a decade older than Alba, can’t even answer the simpliest question , the routine procedure of getting in a sperm donor clinic.!!!!

    This middle age hag can only talk about yoga , diet, hot bod and ass, and to remind everyone, she had been talking about it for the last 20 yrs. of her career. nothing new. !

  22. 47
    Carol Says:

    Her face looks puffed up in these pics, starting to look like Heidi from The Hills to me!! What an “actress”, guess she does no research for her movie roles when she can’t even say how it works for sperm donors when she is playing someone who gets one in a move, so weird.

    I find her really masculine. Her voice and her laugh are just so manly, anybody else find that? I also find she has no ability to make intelligent conversations, lots of humming and can’t seem to answer anything, plus she always looks so uncomfortable. I also really hate her hair now, it’s just always the same, so boring, the hairdo is aging her.

  23. 48
    Gerry Says:

    nani @ 07/30/2010 at 10:46 am +5

    Both body and face are fat. She isn’t pretty at all!


    Yeah. And that nose . My God, I can’t believed that nose had been cut twice or thrice, Still dumb big !

  24. 49
    Anon Says:

    She looks like a tranny. Baby making is something she knows nothing about. Maybe she should stick to talking about brainless movies!

  25. 50
    bagabou Says:

    Very masculine voice and laugh I think too. I always get a closet lesbian vibe from Jennifer Aniston for some reason. Whatever she’s been pumping in her face has to stop, she is looking harsh and bloated, very puffy.

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