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Jennifer Aniston Talks Baby-Making!

Jennifer Aniston Talks Baby-Making!

Jennifer Aniston enjoys the summer weather as she arrives to make her appearance on Chelsea Handler‘s Chelsea Lately talk show in Los Angeles on Thursday (July 29).

Last night, the 41-year-old also stopped by The Tonight Show and chatted with Jay Leno about making babies! Jay asked Jen if she knew about donor banks. “Jeez, that question’s never been asked to me!” Jen joked. “You go to the bank and you have a card…I honestly don’t know exactly!”

As for her fave pizza, Jen admitted she loves a three-cheese thin-crust pizza with shiitake mushrooms and pepperonis!

FYI: Jen is carrying her favorite Ferragamo brown bag!

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  • melissa

    She didn’t say she didn’t know what a sperm bank was. She said she didn’t know the specific details about how it worked

    And she isn’t using a sperm bank in the movie

    Dumb people……. LMAO

  • omg

    You have already said that 3 times. And yes, it is so sad she didn’t know the specific details about how it worked. It indicates that she is not particularly interested in the topic. But don`t worry, we know she is shallow.

  • IA

    jennifer aniston very happy new life , always very hot 41 year ..woo

  • CanadaGirl

    There are not many women who could wear white pants and look that good. Jenny must hit the gym a lot – enviable and admirable and a testament to how much she respects herself.
    I agree with the OPs that she looks happy and healthy. Bravo, J. ♧

  • Iris

    she is happy new life , move on ..pls stop talk her negativa…she is happy

  • IA

    I agree with #21….i fan jennifer aniston




  • T pain

    The Jay leno interview must have beeb so painful to watch as a fan of Anuston’s.. Cheering for what pizza she likes?? Cheering for her photoshopped picture for her lame perfume? She is really getting used to this 5 year long pitty party, I actually think she enjoys it. If i had a dime for everytime this 40 year old woman played with her hair like a ditsy teen I’d be rich! She is really trying to pull off this sex-kitten Pamela Anderson look to compete with Angelina with the mini skirts, fake tan, blonde teased hair…Im sorry, but it is not her place to act that way. Leave it to Carmen Electra, or Eva Mendez, woman who can actuallu pull it off..Also, she loves the Chealsea Handler because she bashes the Jolie-Pitts and their innocent kids and they became friends because of it..So sickening if you ask me…Even her panel of guests are funnier that that horse faced Chealsea.

  • T pain


  • melissa

    Why don’t the fans from the other two just leave this thread alone. THEY ARE JUST SICK AND OBSESSED WITH ANISTON every thread from aniston and from the other two are about aniston, aniston, aniston GET A LIFE

  • Jen’s Perfume: Lonely Tears

    a repost :
    “If your a fan of this woman, you really need to quit refrencing Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt. Basically you are admitting that without those two, this woman is irrelevant. Having said that, Jennifer Aniston always stammers through interviews, the woman alwas struggles to complete a coherent sentence in interviews so what else is new? “

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    melissa @ 07/30/2010 at 3:52 pm

    If the fans from the other two didn’t leave this thread alone, this thread would have reach 200-300 by now.

  • Lala

    Jennifer aniston very hot body because see 41 year wowowo, she is smart

  • Get Real

    @abby: @RICH: @CARRIE: Why don’t you loser(s) [I'm assuming you're the same person] get a life and stop upper casing your posts. We get it, you don’t like Jennifer Aniston; there’s no need to SCREAM. Just because you upper case doesn’t mean that anyone is going to care more about your pathetic opinions. Oh, btw, Jennifer Aniston won the “Who’d You Rather” TMZ poll. JA = 70% AJ=30%. Yeah, Jolie is such a beauty that she came in 40% behind the lovely Ms. Aniston.

  • pity

    What a shame! All her efforts to stage these irrelevant shots (it’s a lot of work: calling the papz, agree the timing, try different outfits with the help of her stylist, hairdo, hands and feet done, put her cheap perfume, visit the dermatologist for the botox and filler dose, etc…) in order to have this thread posted and just 63 comments so far? Are you kidding?

    Soon enough JJ will understand her goldmine definitely dried up when she tried to do something different from playing the poor jen role, and finally we will never see her face again on this blog.

  • real

    omg: what’s happening to her face?

  • You’re Dumb

    @Media Wh@re MANiston: Your post made no sense. Why do we have to tolerate these morons on our Jenny thread?

  • Lucky Charm

    And this is the woman that you trolls look up to??? LMAO…

    (Article copied from another site):
    The Switch (formerly The Baster) doesn’t come out for another three weeks, but it’s never too early to begin promoting the latest trainwreck-concept romantic comedy. Thus, Jennifer Aniston appeared on The Tonight Show last night, and… well, ugh. A word about Aniston’s styling: simple, loose black dress , short, with toned legs flashing. Hair was slightly bedhead-y and she seems to be wearing a lot of makeup?

    Conversational highlights: Jennifer says that one of her summer jobs was as a bike messenger in New York City when she was 18 years old. She confirms that she was either fired, or “they mutually agreed for her to resign.” She also talks about vacations (“I love vacations!”) and how she doesn’t “feel guilty” about taking vacations. Aniston jokes about her old fear of flying and does make a funny joke about drinking on planes: “I just Judy Garlanded my way through the whole flight!”

    She also talked about how her perfume Lolavie became Jennifer Aniston: The Scent or whatever. She says: “I sort of knew what I wanted the name to be, and then… something… I don’t know how or what or who, we’re not going to blame anybody, but something happened and you know, they had to take the name that I was going to use.”

    Then she asks if they just had an earthquake, which makes me wonder if she’s a bit toasted? I thought for a moment at the beginning of the interview that she seemed slightly drunk – not completely Lohan-ed, mind you, just pleasantly buzzed. Of course, I thought she looked pretty drunk for her big perfume launch in London too, so maybe I’ve just discovered the next big tabloid story: “Brad Pitt Tells Jennifer Aniston: I Can’t Be With You If You Have A Drinking Problem!”

    Okay, part II:
    When asked about getting pregnant through artificial insemination, Aniston says: “I’d wanna know the guy.” When asked if she would do it and how, she played the ditz, saying: “Jeez, that question’s never been asked to me. You go to the bank and you have a card…I honestly don’t know exactly!” Ugh. It’s going to be a full month of Aniston being asked about sperm banks and ***** and artificial insemination and having babies. I would pity her, but nobody forced her to do this horrid-concept film.

  • Fan
    similar dress style as the “other” woman wore in Japan????
    and yes keep flicking her during the interview
    My name is Jenny and i am a copy cat, my name is jenny and

  • notafan


  • Glee

    handler is not a comedian she is a jealous hag that that fu-k her way to her d list so call t-show on E. you could see the jealously and envy in her face when she rant on and on about tori and her family, mansion and money, when tori book was # 1 on the NY Times best sellers list i thought she was going too pop a stitch in her face, so the drunked whore tried to reach tori’s plato..she is jealous no talented bitch that will kiss any ass to get what other people have.

  • for real

    Jennifer looks beautiful! I can’t wait to see Switch. Also, can’t wait for JJ to put a thread with Jen’s black dress up! YEP! Love Jennifer!

  • ann

    she looks great here!!! thanks JJ!!!
    I love the interview!!! it’s always amazing see and hear jen!!! she’s such a sweet and lovely person!!! she was stunning as usual!!! no one is so good in black as she!!! her body is simply gorgeous!!! her face, her hair and her eyes are flawless!!! I think it will not necessarily a sperm donor!! jen will find a right guy for her and to be the father of her children!!
    I’m so curious to smell her fragrance!!! can’t wait for the switch!!! love jen’s movie!! they are fun and soft!!!
    go jen go!!!!!!

  • Sexy Lady

    Oh, la, la. The divine Ms. A looking deliciously gorgeous. Perfection personified.

  • ellie’

    As usual vibrant happy Jennifer Aniston… Jen looks great in every picture…

  • ellie’

    As usual vibrant happy Jennifer Aniston… Jen looks great in every picture…

  • Semiliterate Aniston

    Did she complete the fourth grade? I ask because her inability to construct simple sentences is really sad. “Jeez, that question’s never been asked to me.” Asked TO you? As every eight-year-old knows, a question is “ASKED OF” someone. Only a complete idiot would think ASKED TO is correct..

  • it’s time to move on

    @G: actually it seems you have nothing to say! who is worth over 150 million? why are you on the thread is she has nothing to say. – to say she has nothing to say? lmao

  • it’s time to move on

    @anomymous: seriously pitt does commercials in japan! for watches! lol! reba, melanie griffin and her husband, jennifer lopez, elizabeth taylor and etc… have perfume and clothes……. smart business! talking about botox – look at angelina, fergie, barbara walters, sandra bullock to name a few…. you seem kinda slow in the business world not to realize you strike when the iron is hot! and jennifer aniston sells! that is a fact! when she is on a cover it sales! she was the highest selling cover for architect digest! smart business lady. however, i don’t think your tunnel vision will let you see! that you can like both ladies or stop the hate! i mean i don’t think you have ever had a conversation with jennifer to really know her – so your hate is unwarranted.

  • it’s time to move on

    @omg: yep, i bet there are plenty of actors that act liking they are fixing a car and don’t know how? or fly a plane and never have! etc……. you are being petty!

  • it’s time to move on

    @Gerry: you are trying to be spiteful however it is making you look small in the process! jennifer knows what it is to be single without children and to want a child. (I feel pretty sure – the whole world knows). so she knows the character! that is like asking some one who is in a movie that flies a plane – did he go to pilot school – i doubt it – because that is what the character does – not who he, the character, is!

  • it’s time to move on

    @Gerry: i hate to see what you look like! spiteful and bitter according to your comments.

  • it’s time to move on

    @Lucky Charm: angelina started a month in advance promoting her movie! jennifer waited until after angelina to start promoting her movie – so it will not even be a month before the switch comes out. brangelinas continue to help promote jennifer with every comment and hate! it only makes jen stronger and makes me dislike angelina when i don’t!

  • 555

    she was so sexy on the interview!
    and looks hot here too!

  • pathetic aj fans

    @Jen’s Perfume: Lonely Tears: obviously you feel threaten by jennifer – why else on her thread? if you loons would leave – angelina wouldn’t come up however you start your trash and expect people to take it. #9 comment! #3 comment was a person stating why they feel they understand jennifer because of their personal life. most people associate with people they feel they have something in common with. jennifer has an inner circle of friends that she has been with for years, she does charity with her father, she and her mother now have a relationship, she has a career and is happy. however that bothers brangelinas. why? jennifer hasn’t made any references toward brad or angelina in years! and only 2 references – uncool, missing sensitivity chip – for a woman who hearing another woman say – they were trying to get pregnant while brad/he was married – that is all she said is amazing! we fell in love on the set! again tacky! however it is way in the past! all parties are successful and happy why continue the hate! when you bring your hate you continue to let the past live. honestly it hurts angelina more than jennifer! it is sad that you just don’t get it – sad for angelina.

  • yes

    @Semiliterate Aniston: did you ever hear carolina kennedy when asked questions when she was going to run for office? a daughter of a president, an ivy league degree! jennifer did great!

  • Fan
    nice, happy and healthy good looking couple…not

  • lin

    This who-man is pathetic. Everything about her is fake. No wonder she can’t keep a man. She got a puffy face and she looks like a puffer fish.

  • truth is

    @Semiliterate Aniston: you are so right! Jay Leno should better watch out because after this embarrassment she will fire Jay for asking her a decent question. Hey! remember there was one reporter got fired from his job for asking her a decent question too. what if , if she was in Comic con like Angie did few days ago oh boy! she will be crying probably she will quit acting. when you look at her interviewed with Jay it seems like she was memorizing her answers. and when Jay interrupted her while she was answering, she was so nervous she was so uneasy that she kept touching her arms. By looking at this new interview, you can tell instantly that their is something wrong with her mentally. she really needs a psychiatrist really fast.

  • reeven

    @abby: That “woman” (Chandler) is horrific you can´t take anything she say serius, she has no talent, well only the talent of swearing

  • Fan

    black,red, black, black and more black.
    I have seen black, waiting for the red now. he he

  • yes

    @Fan: @Fan: you seriously have no life! how much does angelina pay you? lol! jennifer is wonderful! amazing! loons just can’t get enough! jj where is the picture of jennifer on leo in her black dress?

  • To JJB

    @lin: @reeven: Delete this!! Please!!!

  • jordan

    love jennifer! she is so hot!

  • jordan

    @truth is: so your point is what? that she was nervous. ok! lots of people are not necessary good at interviews or answering questions – isn’t that why carolina kennedy got out of the race because of people like you! she was definitely smart enough and could have done a lot however people like you make a point in life to rip other apart piece by piece – and when you are through – what have you accomplished? pain, destroyed an opportunity for a person, made a person feel bad about themselves and for this you are pleased with yourself? wow! you are so big!

  • jordan

    #95 others apart

  • liz

    love the interview! jen was great! she is adorable!! and was very classy and sexy!!!
    love this new pics!! congrats jj!! although you despise jen…

  • liz

    she is lovely in white pants!!!

  • http://. This Just In

    Jen looks great and I agree with Liz – her interview on Leno was good,
    I loved the dress she wore; she really takes care of her body.

  • Kredīts

    Laba !!