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Joaquin Phoenix: Blue Corn Tostitos!

Joaquin Phoenix: Blue Corn Tostitos!

A clean shaven Joaquin Phoenix carries food home with him after making a quick trip to the grocery store on Wednesday (July 28) in Los Angeles.

The 35-year-old actor made use a of a reusable grocery bag and brought home a bag of Tostitos.

It was announced earlier this month that I’m Still Here: The Lost Year of Joaquin Phoenix, the documentary chronicling Joaquin‘s retirement and pursuit of rap stardom, will hit theaters on September 10!

10+ pictures inside of Joaquin Phoenix picking up groceries…

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joaquin phoenix grocery store tostitos 01
joaquin phoenix grocery store tostitos 02
joaquin phoenix grocery store tostitos 03
joaquin phoenix grocery store tostitos 04
joaquin phoenix grocery store tostitos 05
joaquin phoenix grocery store tostitos 06
joaquin phoenix grocery store tostitos 07
joaquin phoenix grocery store tostitos 08
joaquin phoenix grocery store tostitos 09
joaquin phoenix grocery store tostitos 10
joaquin phoenix grocery store tostitos 11
joaquin phoenix grocery store tostitos 12

Photos: GSI Media
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  • alam

    he still looks out of it.

  • Claudy

    I know he is not like this amazingly uber good looking guy, but I just think he has something special about him. I LOVE HIM!

  • offtheproperty

    Everyone’s on the edge of their seat.

  • Miss Scarlett

    Oh, he has something all right! He’s HANDSOME, the antidote to all the Hollywood pretty boys. That incredible jaw is evidence of ample testosterone!

  • The Truth

    Love his work .Hope

  • The Truth

    Trying to say hope he come back to acting soon.

  • jensenLUVER tanya

    wow he looks beter than usual. glad 2 c hes doin good. hes a good actor. not sure on rapping. LOL

  • chloe!!!

    He may still be crazy on the inside but atleast he is back to being hot on the outside :) love him !

  • KJones

    He looks nothing like his brother River (miss him).

  • truth

    Ouh, looks sad, he misses Aria!

  • CanadaGirl

    Love him. Come back, Joaquin. Come back!

  • Hair Stare

    Joaquin is an incredible combo of manly and adorable. He’s got that chiseled jaw but he’s also got those darling curls peeking out from under his baseball cap. He looks thin and fit, nicely muscular thighs and trim tummy. He must be eating corn chips in moderation :)

  • just here

    He does not look sad. He looks like he always looks. YUM! He actually looks more interested in the chips than with any picture of Aria I have seen recently.

  • just here

    He does not look sad. He looks like he always looks, YUM! He is not smoking either, yeah. He looks more interested in the chips in these photos than I have seen him look with Aria recently. HA HA.

  • shimmyallover

    He never DID look happy with Aria and who do you know has a huge grin on their face when they go grocery shopping?? Should he be doing a big wave and smile just ‘cuz he’s being photographed? If you jump up and down and have an ear to ear grin on your face when you go buy Tostitos, then you seriously need to get a life or else get the Tostitos truck to make a curbside delivery to your house.
    He’s a sexy man and there is no disputing that. He’s also a brilliant actor. As far as Aria goes? She wasn’t good enough to carry his Tostitos, let alone be his g/f.

  • hotness!

    He looks great! Like he has been working out or or something? He is in need of new clothes though! :) I bet aria is wishing she were with him on this day…for a photo op that is!…We all know how she loves the camera….

  • Hair Stare

    Are you kidding? I love the clothes! What’s sexier than a man in a white t-shirt?

  • hotness!

    I agree with you hair stare…It’s just that he is photographed with the same clothes on all the time….same pants….anyways….BUT Im not complaining! I love it too!!!!!!! :)

  • Tom

    He has the weirdest shoulders ever. I swear to god he has scoliosis or something. At first I thought he was just trying to look more buff and walk with his shoulders more broad…but I saw pics of him as a kid and he did the same thing then. And does this man only own 3 shirts? He wears the same shirts/hat all the time. Geez dude. You’re an overpaid actor….you have money for clothes. Buy some.

  • Bernadette

    Clearly he has no wish to be photographed here. Maybe he prefers the camera only during his ‘work hours’. Wouldn’t you?

  • anonymous

    It must be a sometimes difficult life when buying a bag of Tostitos gets so much press.

    As for the clothes, I like that a Hollywood star is so unpretentious. It looks like he’s wearing black jeans here. He often wears bluejeans. I myself have a drawer of white shirts and a drawer of black shirts. Nothing is more classic than basic clothes in basic colors.

  • Question

    Is that a mullet?!

  • Raelyn

    ^HAHA no it’s not a mullet.
    He looks great. He has always been handsome. I’d tap that!

  • Raelyn

    Would it make you’re heart content if Joaquin ducked down to the store as if he were attending a black tie event. Why should it matter? White shirt and jeans is a common classic look, and if he is photographed wearing the same shirts they’re more than likely comfortable.How often is he photographed anyway? Once in a blue moon…..!

  • goodmorning

    It’s funny how Joaquin is always alone when Aria is not in the USA, no Lena, no other girl…. Maybe it’s time to realize it’s serious between them, don’t you think?

  • just here

    Well it is funny too that when she is here, he is alone, He is either photographed alone or with someone else and not her unless the paps have been called. Besides most people don’t take people to the grocery store with them. Anyway everyone is tired of this Aria crap and not because we do not believe they are together but because we no longer care. They are old news.

  • just here

    Well it is funny too that when she is in the USA, he is alone or with someone else, friend, family, whatever. The only way they are photographed is if she leaks it or if she calls the paps. Besides, most people do not take an entourage to the grocery store. Just to let u know, everyone is tired of this Aria crap anyway, not because we do not believe they are together, but because we no longer care, it is old news. The one or two people that get on the boards and write about how lonely he is without Aria is crazy because unless it is her doing it, It sounds like someone has a serious problem and an obsession with her not him.

  • Lindsay

    Whats even funnier is that people don’t think he is banging every girl in town now that aria is in another country.

    And joaquin is almost ALWAYS photographed alone or with a friend. Rarely was he ever even photographed with aria. The only time he was, was when she called the paparazzi and set him up. Hence the fact in those pics of him and her he looked pissed off. She calls the paparazzi whenever she is in public with him. Which is why he has no problem sleeping around on her.

    He probably invited lena over to have sex in aria’s bed. Bye bye aria. Have fun in france while joaquin has sex with his other girlfriends!!

  • Lindsay

    He cares about aria oh so much, thats why he didn’t even go to france with her. The man has NO JOB and no reason not to go with her, other than because he didn’t feel like it. It’s not like he has anything else to do. He CHOSE not to go because he wanted her to leave so he can sleep around with some more women. LOL Well aria he’ll be keeping the bed warm thats for sure. Make sure you don’t leave a red hair in the bed joaq!

  • miska

    @Lindsay: I couldn’t agree more actually. This is why I am now positive that jp is fooling around with other women. Obviously its not out of character for him anyway..but the fact that he let aria go to france by herself is a huge red flag. He doesn’t have a job, he doesn’t have any career obligations that wouldn’t allow him to go like filming or promoting a movie. He is doing nothing but mundane things like grocery shopping and hanging out at bardot with amanda and casey affleck. He clearly has a lot of free time on his hands with no job .

    So like you said, the only reason why he didn’t go was because he didn’t feel like going. And lets be real here: he has no job, and a ton of free time, plus aria is gone in france. That leaves a **** load of time to mess around. He certainly isn’t going to be sitting home alone reading the newspaper and playing with his cats. No doubt he is out on the prowl looking for more girls to sleep with. Either that or lena is his new bed buddy.

  • ahum

    She was in ST Tropez for working that’s why he didn’t follow her, idiots!

  • ahum

    She was in ST Tropez for working that’s why he didn’t follow her!

  • yeahokwhatever

    Tara Reid’s EX FIANCE followed her there, yes I said Ex Fiance, she also works on the boat so if he had wanted to go to France with her then guess what, he would have went. The AXE boat is a party boat anyone who makes reservations can go on the boat, he just did not want to. I am not an idiot either, I have eyes and I can see.
    1. He always looks miserable with her
    2. He is always seen with other peple
    1. She calls the papparazzi or
    2 She leaks the picture
    I also am not an idiot because I know he dates her, but get off it alreay.

  • yeahokwhatever

    When I say other people I mean his family his friends or who ever, but he hides her because he does not want other people to see her, and it ain’t because he is so private, he just does not want people to see him with her. If it is as serious as you say he will bring her out eventually and all the paparazzi and message boards in the world won’t change it, but until then she is no more special than anybody else he is ever went with.

  • yeahokwhatever

    The other people are family friends or whoever, he hides her, because he does not want people to know, and it ain’t because he is so private, he just does not want people to see him with her. If it is so serious as you say then eventually he will bring her out in the real public. He has been seen numerous times throughout all the months they have been together and when he goes to a serious event such as supporting his sister, a strip club, walking his dog, or Bardot, where is she? NOT WITH HIM! Not one picture has surfaced of any affection between them, if they were so in love why didn’t the paparazzi snap them kissing or holding hands? She knew they were there, she could have “set it up” then he would have kissed her or held her hand back. Busted, buy no what we see is him holding back because he does not want to be seen with her like that, so that alone lets me know that this relationship is no where near as serious as some people think. Until he brings her out in the publc to an event then you can not convince me otherwise.

  • yeahokwhatever

    sorry for duplicate message it cut me off for some reason.

  • haha!

    Aww…come on guys…she is Paris eating Launch!!!!! HAHA!!!

  • penny

    She’s in paris “eating launch” while joaquin is in LA, eating something else………(X rated comment kiddies)

  • anonymous

    Joaquin may not be on a movie set, but that doesn’t mean he’s not working. He has lots of irons in the fire (no, that’s not a sexual comment – LOL).

  • anonymous

    Oh please, he isn’t working. He may do things here and there, but it’s not like he’s busy the majority of the time….or like he has a steady job. He is an actor, and hasn’t acted in a year or 2. He has A LOT of down time.

  • truth

    For me, they’re still together and I’m not suprised if he didn’t go with her, Saint-Tropez, it’s not very much his taste you know.
    I really think they miss each other, you can feel it on her comments on her twitter page. They are in love, and they are together since few months now, I’m sure that if they were apart, we would know it because of her.

  • truth

    An in her myspage page she writes she’s in an item so….

  • pike

    ^^^ You are a crazy delusional dumbass. Seek help “truth”. You know nothing about Joaquin or his “relationships” with the various women he’s with. Get a life and quit posting creepy warped posts. Freaking nutbag

  • pike

    Who gives a **** what SHE says. We all know the truth. And it was made perfectly clear when joaquin let her go to europe alone so he can have sex with lena some more. Again, get a life you warped freak.

  • anonymous

    Perhaps some of you missed this qoute on her twitter page that she retweeted from her friend….

    “The time has come that we must B apart. The memory is still in my mind but U hv gone & U leave me alone:( “…….feel the same:(

    Aria wrote the “feel the same :( ” part….and its not because she was away for a week….

    Her friend responded back saying, “awww…I hope you are ok too”

    Who knows what is really going on with these two…all I know is aria is a piece of trash!

  • anonymous

    oh and Joaquin could be doing Side projects that no one knows about….just because he is not making a movie doesnt mean he isnt working or doing something else….wow…some of you write like you actually know what he is doing with his time!

  • please

    “Side projects” isn’t a JOB. The point is he isn’t working at a real job. You can say over and over again he “might be” doing this and that, but not one damn bit of evidence says he has been doing anything but sitting on his ass. He took a break from acting, he has a lot more time on his hands. “Side projects” don’t take up much time, IF he is even doing them at all. He certainly has the time to go out to strip clubs with amanda demme, and other clubs with casey.

  • …………………

    her most recent twitter RT post speaks volumes about what her motives are **rolls eyes***

    “Dear Japan, Hi. I’m JoJo.I’m Famous.Can I be famous there too?Please accept my fame application.Thank you.MAN you too funny:)”

  • anonymous

    Wow! Please needs to chill a bit! Calm down!!!!!! and @…………….

    Yes! I agree with you on that one! She is a fame seeking piece of trash!

  • anonymous

    this is interesting…found this on imdb board….

    “I really don’t like this guy, and I’m pretty sure I saw him at avalon last friday. He was sitting with a girl in a mini skirt and rubbing her knee like a perv. I just stood there waiting to see him grope her under her skirt or something but thankfully he didn’t. At first I thought the girl was that actress michelle tractenberg because of the hair and skin but it definitely wasn’t her. Just some random chick.

    The sighting was brief and boring. (And NO I didn’t go up to him nor would I ever do that). “