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Lady Gaga Covers VANITY FAIR September 2010

Lady Gaga Covers VANITY FAIR September 2010

Lady Gaga throws up the peace sign on the much-anticipated September 2010 cover of Vanity Fair.

The photography was captured by Nick Knight, styling by Nicola Formichetti.

The 24-year-old superstar has been headlining her Monster Ball 2010 concert tour. Tomorrow, she will perform at the US Airways Center Phoenix in Arizona, followed by the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Missouri on August 3rd.

On Wednesday, Gaga expressed how hard she’s been working lately. She tweeted, “I push harder, dance longer, bleed stronger. I don’t want the greatest KISS tribute band of all time, I want the real band. I want KISS.”

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  • Amy

    She looks really pretty here :)

  • omg

    I can not believe this “joke” is so popular. Pathetic . Pretentious with no reason.

  • TT

    She looks so much happier lately.

  • Jonte

    Is she making a video for this? I love it.

  • alam

    Vanity Fair has been having great covers, Lady Gaga is Awesome!

  • V

    @TT: ‘Cos she’s in love and back with her first love…but (and I don’t wanna say it) she seems more in love with him than he does her… : [

  • Sacha, K

    i like her silver unicorn hair lol

  • LDN

    @omg: She can be totally pretentious at times I won’t disagree with that. But to deny her talent and call her a ‘joke’…it says more about you than it does her or anyone who enjoys listening to her music.

  • Dominic

    Dear GOD!!!! Will it ever end?!

  • oceana

    I feel like she’s channelling someone from the 60′s/70′s but I can’t pinpoint who.

  • sam

    i dont like that much, but this is a great cover

  • what

    @Dominic: what?

  • gjones

    I like her makeup and the colours/lighting VF used.

  • Millia

    I don’t understand her tweet lol.

  • andres

    she is really ugly

  • Millia

    She does look good though.

  • Christina

    @LDN: The only “joke” is hardcore fans of her like you who act like it’s some kind of outrage if someone isn’t impressed by her music or her antics. She has a great voice with a very creative mind to go along with it but her music is generic and a waste of her talent. She makes her performances and videos so dramatic to make it seem like her music is so “deep” but it’s really not. It’s just another copycat of every other shallow, garbage music on radio these days. It’s annoying to watch people act like she’s some groundbreaking legend doing things we’ve never seen before meanwhile we saw Madonna do all of it first and BETTER. Just sayin’

  • Nic

    She looks beautiful, but Jared this is the UK VF, not US, US has a slightly different cover image.

  • LDN

    @Christina: I don’t recall feeling or typing any form of “outrage”. You’re acting like I worship her when I don’t even own her album! I just absolutely love her smoky voice, and almost all her songs, her unreleased demos moreso. Why does that offend you?

  • hmmm

    she looks lovely. i like her latest direction so far…i really want her to go full-out vintage on her next video and album…i wish she would.

  • Freddie

    Man I really dislike people who bash others for replying to an opinion with their own opinion…it makes no sense, it’s just hypocritical.

  • ihateph

    lady xerox fug face on mags great thats what i need is to barf when I see her at check out in the super market

  • warhol

    @Christina: Lol. Ok. I don’t think Gaga’s some groundbreaking legend. She has her own personal goals, resilient ambitions and cut-throat work ethic, it’s worked bigtime for her so kudos. I do think she is a solid allround performance artist who has helped changed the pop scene a lot and how we view artists and music since she entered it. I love throwback artists and consider her one, she has that spirit and love for real music. Whether or not you dig her style or whatever, it’s just taste. That’s all.

  • me

    she looks wispy but at the same time kind of beautiful

  • Belle

    I don’t get the fame and fuss about this persona. Ugly, talentless famew*ore.

  • whatever

    I love Gaga and I like the colors but it’s not a very flattering photo.

  • weirdo

    @andres: It’s sad that people mistake unconventional beauty and non-generic features for ugliness.

  • guinness-Madonna-time

    Older person here–40yrs old. I grew up with Madonna, still love her. I love that this whipper snapper is outrageous–or the technology is more outrageous, or the tolerance is more outrageous, and thankful Lady’s followers are not like Madonna’s in the beginning. Madonna had to break thru a LOT of barriers because I lived thru highschool with her, college, and now as a mother of 2 daughters and i can still use her as a role model!! Lady should be thanking her. NOT kidding. And I do hope Lady Gaga all the best in staying true to herself and her creativity… will she still be doing what she does, acting the way she does, dressing the way she does WHEN SHE TURNS 50 YEARS OLD like Madonna? Godspeed my friends, and to Lady herself!

  • Anthony

    She only looks good when they make her look like someone else.. Sorry but true the girl is in no way attractive… I hate it when a woman looks like a different person when she’s out with no makeup. Some of her music seems ok while some I don’t get. Either way not sure why she’s such a huge deal… nothing that hasn’t been done before

  • guinness-one last note

    doesn’t the “peace” sign mean something else in the UK? so is she or isn’t she pulling a “Lohan-painted her nails with f* you” subtle message here? she can’t diss her fans man…. not in a baseball game either… she gots to get smarter!!!

  • Chelsea

    @Anthony: your opinion doesn’t call for everyone else’s just because you find her unattractive doesn’t mean she actually is, that’s just your opinion. In my opinion lady gaga has a unique beauty, not the stereotype beauty they put in magazines. Yeah, she’s no megan fox but honestly who is? half of the people i have seen call her ugly arent so great looking themselves. There is no real definition for beauty because everyone has a different way of seeing it. And to all the people who come on here and bash lady gaga, all i have to say is your just putting more $$ in her pocket and making her name even more famous.

  • Connie in Des Moines

    GaDonna was hotter in 1987.

  • Nora

    She looks great!

  • bae

    Looks like a busted lohan.. she’s a joke in the biz.

  • ok.

    To the person on page 1, I can’t even listen to Madonna’s voice for more than 2/3 songs. I prefer Gaga’s music and voice 50x more, sorry.

  • Caitlyn

    And people say Beyonce and Britney use to much Photoshop……

    “The world’s #1 Pop star in the world” wtf? try Britney, Beyonce and Madonna

  • Butter_Fly

    I actually think this is a pretty good cover. I like it.

  • Will


  • Dannie

    Ahhhh! When is this out?! I neeeed it!

  • TickTock

    I love this woman

  • Ummm

    @guinness-one last note: What in the world are u talking about?! Lmao! You should more energy into something worth wild!
    Not analyzing the peace sign on the cover of Vanity Fair. Hahaha!

  • Ummm

    @bae: You wish! Haha

  • Kat

    That’s my girl! She looks damn good.

  • gaut

    @omg: she adjusts her ”persona” to whatever she ”thinks” the public wants to see…she cant stay in one place for fear of the public finding out her true scheme…she’s afraid of change and reality. Music producers must think that we as a society are so goddammmed stupid, that we’re not wrong they are. They’ve cursed themselves not us…not us.

  • elle

    People, don’t act like you don’t like listening to her songs when you’re at a party or whatever. She does put out good music. She entertains, she’s a performer. And she’s not a famew*ore, we made her famous, buying her albuns, downloading and listening to her songs.. let’s not be so hyprocritcal

  • Kendra

    “I don’t want the greatest KISS tribute band of all time, I want the real band”

    Then maybe she should stop being Madonna’s tribute “band” and be her own person. She takes so much from everyone, or rather, becomes them, so who exactly is she? She seems like she has yet to discover who she truly is.

  • Lesley

    I love her music

  • Kendra

    Her fans always criticize other people for using Photoshop but she uses it so much as well. Kind of hypocritical.

  • sky

    she looks like a horse with that face.

  • peron

    what such a bitch she changes moods fast every time she goes places.