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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Motorcycles in Malibu!

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Motorcycles in Malibu!

LeAnn Rimes and boyfriend Eddie Cibrian jump onto a Harley Davidson motorcycle after having lunch at Neptune’s Net on Wednesday (July 28) in Malibu, Calif.

The 27-year-old country singer’s rep recently confirmed that Eddie will be moving into LeAnn‘s place in the San Fernando Valley.

She also tweeted yesterday, “My sweets @eddiecibrian coming home from wrk to candles, Mexican food, lil tequila & Dave Matthews! Perfect night!”

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian riding a motorcycle in Malibu…

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leann rimes eddie cibrian motorcycle malibu 02
leann rimes eddie cibrian motorcycle malibu 03
leann rimes eddie cibrian motorcycle malibu 04
leann rimes eddie cibrian motorcycle malibu 05
leann rimes eddie cibrian motorcycle malibu 06
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  • gillian

    y does jared keep posting about them? im still not over the fact that he left his wife and kids to be with a younger woman.. just cause leann is a “good” singer doesn’t make their relationship morally OK… why are the papparazzi hounding them anyway? his career is going nowhere and hers isn’t getting any better.

    jared!! stop!! i beg of you!! audrina patridge, rachel bilson,, there are tons of talent-less famewhores out there to post about! im sick of these 2 tgt!

  • Marieme

    What work! Hahaha! Coming home from what work? Drywall? Plumbing? He ain’t acting that’s for sure. Nice try Rat Face. More lies.


    I think they are one of just jared’s D list clients like kate and bilson

  • gwen

    Did I call it or what?

    I said that Miss Rimes was going to release a photo EVERYDAY until we believed that EC loves her. I guess that the moving in story BACKFIRED bigtime.

    So JJ, you really think it’s a good idea to be releasing these photos of EC and LR dining out EVERYDAY when he told a judge that he can’t pay child support?

    What a great dad!!!!! “I can’t pay child support, but I’m going to make sure that my stomach is nice and full”.

    What work? I guess pretending to be in love with LR is taking it’s toil on Eddie.

    Oh and JJ, tweeting about EC when he said he wants privacy is a really good way to convince us that he is not sincere about Leann.

    It sounds like LR is desperately trying to make us believe that EC is in love with her.

    What are the candles for? It’s the only way he can tolerate being around LR?

    Oh my, so in order to have these “sexy” times with LR EC has to be drunk? Didn’t we call this too?

    Yeap. Take cover, the backlash is going to be immense.

  • gwen

    Unless of course, “work” is just another name for EC other mistress.

  • gwen

    Yeap, Mr “I can’t pay my child support” is sure having a good time dining out lately.

    This is folks just highlights the problems with the court systems in regards to these celebs. EC is making a mockery of the judge who thought that it was okay to suspend his child support.

    Hey, but JJ and People mag think this is cute. Seeing a father telling a judge he can’t pay child support and then for the SECOND DAY in a ROW show up dining out.

  • gwen

    Wow, so why are sites like JJ totally ignoring the fact that LR and EC have been living together for quite some time, they even posted the tweets on their site.

  • Mariah


    come on jared we want brangelina or tomkat! not LR AND EC!

  • Laine

    Calm down “Gwen”… 4 posts in a row? I used to think they were scumbags too, but who cares anymore? Let them live their lives and move on. Not worth getting worked up over.

  • GaBbY

    you know what- i like them together. things happen for a reason and maybe they belong together. it’s too bad they got together under bad circumstances but i’m sure it made everyone involved stronger people.

  • gwen

    Now is GABBY the real GABBY or just another name that CBME hijacked from Popsugar?

    Yeah things do happen for a reason, so why did LR and EC sue Life and Style for exposing EC affairs?

    Why does LR pay JJ to write fluff instead of accepting that no one believes that EC loves her?

    How has this made EC and LR stronger?

    LR is so desperate that she is working the pr cirlcet very hard.

    Did you see how bad she wants us to believe that EC loves her?

    EC can’t even keep his own word and the media wants us to believe that he loves LR because they hold hands?

    LR was holding DS hands and she said that she was unbalanced.

    So we know that holding EC hands isn’t going to make her balanced.

    It was really hurt LR feelings when she found out that the public was joking about her move in with EC.

  • gwen


    Because Leann pays the paps to “hound” them.

    The moving in story backfired and the photos of them Nobu must have as well, so LR is going to plan c or b or is it z ?

  • Nia

    why is this annoying twit still tweeting?! i thought she announced she was going to give us a break. and what sense does it make to tweet @ eddie when you’re with him 24/7? i get that the girl is in love (and eddie is fine as hell), but goodness, enough already! sheesh!

  • ben


  • Willy

    LeAnn looks like she’s lifting a leg to mark his bike. Marking you boy-toy is not classy LeAnn. Just keep living the delusion.

  • http://deleted A Real Winner

    notice leann tweets abt everything they do.shes tweets like an immature 12yr old that has just had her first tellls alot if you have to talk abt your love life 24/7 just to prove you are in love.. insecure much?

  • kelley

    Leann rimes is so obsessed that she can’t think straight and when she marries him, she will not ask for a pre-nup. Then he can make off with half of her money and go get the pretty little waitress he was doing when his wife was preggers GET yor dang divorce,so when your kids aare at LEANNS house, you will not be in the same bed as your mistress. Kids should,not have to be exposed to that immoral behavior. Eddie is just enjoying all thie attention he is getting and too stupid to realize that all press is not good press, Takes a lot for the press people to boo you at the awards show. And, EDDIE the word was RODE not ROAD. Stupid as Leann

  • Mitzi

    Shame on both of them: On him for being so low as to not want to pay for his children while at the same time living it up and on her for being with such a scum bag. If I were her, I would never have children with him because if he has no trouble not paying for his first set of children without feeling bad and guilty then he will have no scruples of doing the exact same thing to children he might have with another woman. So basically they both suit each other.

  • mary ellen

    Excited about the new video of Leann thats coming out in the next day or two. It’s the story of one woman’ quest to find the perfect booger. For a preview go to “leann rimes nose picking” You will be shocked, thrilled and amazed at her fortutude

  • Obserber

    Looks like new PR tactics for leann! Bombard web sites and magazines with daily repetitive trivial stories about day to day activities so people that despise leann & eduardo get tired of posting comments. They may well get less comments, but they won’t increase their marketability or bank account, as this tactic will also trivialize their celebrity persona even further – if that’s possible (and I think it is)!

  • status quo

    Her career is going to be over if she doesn’t stop with this ish. NO ONE WANTS TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR TORRID RELATIONSHIP with a guy who left his wife in the gutter for you. Seriously, she should do what she deso best and get up on a stage and sing. Stop tweeting about your personal life that no one cares about. It makes her seem like an immature 10 yr old twat. I am actually starting to feel sorry for her. I mean look at Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood, they didn’t need a scandal and pap photo ops to make their career. Celebrities should stick to twitting about their albums.

  • I Like Them

    She rocks the motorcycle outfits. Cute couple. Power to you two!

  • I Like Them

    Millions of people worldwide love LeAnn. You aren’t going to bring her down, you’re wasting your time.

  • Lol

    @I Like Them:
    what millions..she cant even get 100,000 twitter followers something that kardashians little sister has..her last album didnt even sell over 500,000 worldwide since tday and that was years ago..she can only pull in a crowd of at most 3, what millions are you reffering to

  • ddc

    @ i like them

    Couldn’t tell by her twitter.

  • Interesting

    so leAnn is headin to canada for a few days and eddie isnt going with much do you want to bet that “i cant keep it in my pants” eddie will have a great time if you know what i mean..

  • jackie

    COOL COOL COOL pictures !!!!!!!!

    Thanks Jared!

  • CanadaGirl

    Where do I sign up for the boyfriend with a bike and a few tattoos? I’d rock the sh!t out of that look! ♧

  • harley 12

    She knows how to make a man wanna come home to a welcoming atmosphere. Love her tweetings.

  • Max

    LeAnn & Eddie coupled with Harley & Mack would make for a delightful outing!

  • Joey F.

    She’s getting close to where I see her in person. Yes, doll, c’mon!

  • Debra after reading this article, i wondered who was going to “mother” ole EC while LR is on her little tour? maybe she’ll leave her checkbook for him to cuddle with

  • ddc

    @ Debra
    This article makes him look worse, if that’s possible.
    He probably has minder when she’s gone.

  • Laila dix

    Very nice…goot for them. They both look healthy with some weight on the bones. Hate that skinny look on so many hollywood ladies.

  • motorcycle mama

    eddie –you are what is called box office poison and T.V poison No one wants a has-been who is only known now as a cheater, liar, adulterer and dead-beat dad

  • hahaha

    Right troll, as if you know anything.

  • anon6

    Eddie’s picking up some work. Good luck eddie. I know you’ll get plenty of work. Best to you and LeAnn. Thanks for putting up a page on Twitter we can follow and support you on.

  • Diane
  • jack

    love that video Shows two lying cheating adulterous people at their best or in this case, their worst,

  • Diane

    My 1st Youtube Creation for anyone who cares to look!

  • Kredīts

    drin drin :DD

  • Max

    Enjoyed the video Diane. Joey & Rory’s song “Cheater Cheater” was good pairing and great photo of Eddie at the end. A fair and balanced representation of LeAnn. Kudos!

  • jack

    Max I totally agreee. Some dumb LR PR person thinks one peson is doing all this tweeting. They are either crazy or in denial Those two cheaters deserved every bit of that

  • jack

    Diane, Leann just tweeted that Eddie is addicted to cold medicine .. Bet he’ll love that. In the next video maybe get a picture of him chug a lugging the syrupShe is one stupid cheating adulterer

  • what a nut ed

    eddie cibrian is as stupid as L>R. he was so impressed with how he looked in that twitter picture, that he didn’t notice he had on Brandi’s wedding ring Shows that picture is OLD Bet Leann is going to be mad about that. She came home for 24hours because Eddie was tired of eating cereal and did not know how to use the microwave.. Hope he sinks that show ” CHASE ” Know I’ll never watch anything with the liar in it

  • wyatt

    If Eddie had any balls left and he really wanted to know how people feel about him he should open up his twitter page. He’s a chicken shit

  • gwen


    Yeah, we all wondered how EC was able to live with his decisions.

    Apparently he chases them away with a bottle of TEQUILA.

    Yeap, we all called that EC as getting drunk inorder to deal with his “romance” with LR.

    EC is addicted to cold medicine? You know people get high off of cold medicine. So EC life is so bad that he has to drown his sorrows in Tequila and cold medicine.

  • gwen


    Wow, is there some sort of rule that says that we can post only a certain amout of time?

    Why are you even keeping track of my posts?

    Let EC and LR live their life? How many times have I heard CBME say this?

    If you don’t care why then are you here keeping tabs on EVERYONE else?

  • gwen


    We know that Eddie doesn’t know anything. I mean how stupid does he have to be to stage all these photos of them dining out AFTER he had a judge suspend his child support?

  • gwen


    Why are you thanking JJ, they are just doing what LR paid them to do.

    EC has work because he had to pimp out his two little kids to get it. He feels proud allowing LR to tweet about his kids and then tipping off the paps so that she can be seen “mothering” them.

    This is not going to end well for LR and EC.

    Do LR and EC think that they are invincible, that if they pay enough money to “right” person then they will NEVER EVER have to py for the consequences of their actions?