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Madonna: W.E. Movie Shoot!

Madonna: W.E. Movie Shoot!

Madonna continues to direct scenes for her new movie W.E. on Friday (July 30) in Villefranche-sur-Mer, France.

Not much is known about the film but the 51-year-old Material Mom has said it’s about a girl who has this obsession about going to auctions.

Madonna explained to Interview, “Yeah, [it's] the movie everyone thinks I’m making that’s supposed to be a musical about the duke and duchess of Windsor. I don’t know why that got in the newspapers. The duke and duchess of Windsor are in the movie, but it’s not going to be about them. It’s really about this other woman’s journey, and the duchess is kind of her spiritual guide. … I use the Sotheby’s auction in 1998 of the duke and duchess of Windsor’s estate as a device to flash backward from.”

She added, “I’ve been writing it for the last two and a half years, to tell you the truth. It’s been kind of an obsession of mine. I started writing it when I finished filming [2008 directorial debut] Filth and Wisdom. It was actually an idea I had before that, but I made Filth and Wisdom because I realized that I didn’t really have a right to make a bigger film until I made a smaller film – and learned how to make a film.”

10+ pictures inside of Madonna shooting W.E.

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  • WTF

    Really. Learn how to “make” a film? Madonna – you couldn’t act if your life depended on it. And we all saw the disaster of your directorial inputs to your ex-hubby’s horrific movie remake (not to mention his life). Give it up already and stick to what works for you — flaunty your cooch and singing meaningless pop dribble.

  • Sam

    Maddona is a great artist, however this woman doesn’t know how to make movies. She doesnt have the talent and the creativity. The only reason why she gets to do this is because she is famous and has alot of money . Sucks for many directors and screenplay writers who have the talesnt but never get the chance to show it!!

  • Iffy Miffy

    Give it up girl. You don’t know nor will you ever know anything about making movies or acting in one. Yet another splendid huge FAIL for her – will she ever learn not to mention stop putting other talented people out of a job just because her name is Madonna?

  • Jane

    What is with the dreadful clothes?

  • ….

    boring old hag

  • Tiffy

    Madonna looks great.

  • FUUK


  • slambang

    Pigtails? Really? She is pathetic.

  • madonna is the queen of pop



  • john

    looks like grandma ….

  • Crispycandance

    People forget that Madonna has made some of the most successful movies of all time. There just normaly 4 minutes in length.

  • Woohoo

    F & W was an ok movie, not the best thing I ever saw, but it was nice little movie… She was not acting in it, she directed it, and she did good job, wll at least ok… This tme maybe it will be better… I don’t know, this is the “real deal”… if she do a great job, she will keep making these movies, if she fails, I hope she will stop making them and start working on a nev abum/tour whatever … But right now I thing we could all get surprised with hoe good this movie actualy could be :)

  • Atrium


  • Leonardo

    How people say she cant make a movie? Only because she is a famous popstar it doesnt give her the right to direct a movie? This is the woman who uses her image like no one has ever done for nearly 30 years! If anything she does know how to handdle a camera and make it look good! I think the sucess of this movie relies mostly on their actors more than anything.

  • ihateph

    I hope it turns out great .. just like her acting she needs the right role maybe this is the right pic for her cause she’s passionate about it

  • Simple Indulgence

    Guinness World Records (2011): Madonna is the Top-selling Female Recording Artist!

  • shawnster

    @Iffy Miffy:
    you moron, she is writing the film, creating the environment, so why should she not direct it….. ITS HER PROJECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jonny Blamire

    Just heard there was more shooting for the same movie in Acton Park East London today – September 1st 2010.

  • Mary

    No offence to Madonna, but she isn’t exactly a great director. Especially not to make a movie about royalty. Also the storyline sounds strange. Why can’t she just make a movie about the Duke and Duchess of Windsor’s romance/life?

  • Bruno

    I really wanna see it.
    Madonna was marroed to an amazing movir director for almost 10 years. Im pretty sure she learned with him more than a university can teach.
    The story doesnt seem to be the story ever seen, but it sounds really good!
    Lets wait and see. I think its gonna be good!

  • Bruno

    I really wanna see it.
    Madonna was married to an amazing movie director for almost 10 years. Im pretty sure she learned with him more than a university can teach.
    The story doesnt seem to be the best story ever seen, but it sounds really good!
    Lets wait and see. I think its gonna be good!

  • K-M

    She’s the queen of the world and If anybody doesn’t like Madonna
    She/He is jealous about her
    She was the best…
    She is the Best…
    She will be the Best…

  • Ophelia Boddie

    she was smart for using gay people and the sensibilities of sexually perverse outcasts and the religiously disenfranchised, their weaknesses turned into a manipulative situation for her/them to make money from.
    Its always interesting to read fans opinions of her as they seem to think she has some inkling of intention for them other than profit and compassion trolling.
    that political message she “used” along with dying needy children made her look saintly to some. The fact in matter to which, after she preached and ranted on the welfare of the world, she designed and sold a line of clothing with her daughter, retailing now at Macy’s, the entire line was made in sweatshops in China. Pick up a piece of the clothes and read the tags. Obviously Madonna’s attention to detail and penny pinching applies to specific situations.
    With the U.S.’s debt to China its also safe to admit she could care less and long as it “looks good”. Sweat shop workers in China ,making her daughters clothes for Macy’s?
    There’s lists of underpaid, out of work artists with original projects and Madonna gets to rip people off as she has been caught plagiarizing and sued in the past numerous times for this- and she’s a person to trust and a representative for arts in the U.S.? She’s more than just gross in income, and earned the highest return in profits while pitching charity organizations. She is one nasty corrupt individual….I hope she runs for President! lol

  • Steven J. Manfredo

    Madonna symbolizes the qualities of gentleness, healing, and inner strength. With the ability to cope with conflict or crisis with calm and quiet confidence, she can bring harmony out of conflict. She is not a weakling, but rather a person who does not overstate her strength by bullying others. She has inner strength which many people show hatred towards. She is a leader and it shows in the envious statements people say of her. Hopefully, she will be able to blend all the elements of the movie in proper proportion to produce a beautiful film. What I really admire about Madonna is her ability to tap into the psychic, intuitive levels, easily reading people’s motives. If the others who left really negative comments didn’t encounter the idea of her making a film with preconceived notions I think humanity as a whole would be better off filing the void in their lives. But who am I to judge? I have to give it to Madonna because she has the courage to lead herself into uncharted territory where the possibilities are endless. She has the ability to create new growth in her artistic and entertainment talent which may prove very enriching. The reward for Madonna also comes the beginning of a new cycle of development and the chance to learn more lessons and fully grow and express herself in other ways besides music. Give the woman a chance. I think that the negative comments shows disillusionment and hopelessness in what faith they have in humanity and they have lost touch with any source of inspiration. In any event, Madonna, good luck with your film and best wishes to you and your family, your cast of stars, and your staff.

  • elijah sound

    I want Madonna to Direct my film AD 2013.. I wrote the script and ready to give it to her. Please Madonna see this message. Elijah Sound needs to speak with you.. xoxo e

  • Asigurare RCA

    I hardly wait to see her next movie :) Hope that it will be a good movie.

  • Melvin

    @Sam: She has worked her entire life so if she wants to direct a movie good for her she deserves to have a hobby like everyone else does and for those talented directors and writers out there work you butt off like she did make a fortune and then direct your movie.