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Nicole Kidman Visits, Spotlights Post-Quake Haiti

Nicole Kidman Visits, Spotlights Post-Quake Haiti

Nicole Kidman visits Haiti on Friday (July 30) and calls for the urgent need to address gender-based violence among affected populations.

The 43-year-old Goodwill Ambassador for UNIFEM (United Nations Development Fund for Women) also stressed the critical need to support long-term initiatives that advance women’s livelihoods as part of the rebuilding efforts.

In Haiti, Nicole and UNIFEM exec director InĂ©s Alberdi (pictured here) met with survivors of violence living in a temporary camp, with Haitian and UN officials, and with national non-governmental organizations working to support women’s needs in recovery efforts after the devastating earthquake.

“During this trip I saw first-hand how this humanitarian disaster is impacting women and girls. The lack of shelter and security makes them more vulnerable to violence, in particular sexual violence,” Nicole said. “Yet, I have also seen the determination and resilience of women and men in Haiti to rebuild their country. Today I visited a temporary shelter for women and girls who experienced sexual violence or are at risk, where women leaders work to make sure there are medical and legal services as well as counseling and livelihood training. This needs to be done on a large scale and they need our support.”

FYI: Nicole and husband Keith Urban recently manned the phones during a Haiti telethon and are donating money to build schools there.

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Credit: Catianne Tijerina; Photos: UNIFEM
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  • Zoz

    Nichole is GREAAtTT!!!

  • soniaintown

    Go Nic!!
    Wonderful lady, beautiful inside and out!

  • offtheproperty

    She looks much prettier there than she did at The Four Seasons, Beverly Hills three days ago.

  • nyob

    I am sweating just looking at her clothes . . . all black, long sleeves and a neck wrap in Haiti in July/August??

  • trish

    So good to see Nicole and her husband helping these people.

  • http://hotmailaustralia trish

    JJ where are my coments?



  • an oldie

    Good for you, Nicole, and thank you for caring.

  • Sarahbelle

    Kudos to Nicole! She’s a real lady and a wonderful role model. She’s the definition of class.

  • sarabelle

    Kudos to Nicole! She’s a real lady and a great role model. She’s the definition of class.

  • vanessa

    she is an example to be followed

  • Snooki

    She’s gained weight.

  • Joss Stone

    Quelle phony.

  • Not Impressed by AJ

    @Joss Stone:

    In your dreams.

  • N.

    I don’t see how anyone can badmouth someone that is trying to help other humans.

  • vandypants

    Nicole is fantastic. A real woman of Nashville. We’re proud to have her.

  • liaa

    Glad to see that UNIFEM, those not so famous volunteers and a very famous actor are all helping out those women and children of Haiti who are all victims of senseless violence. Hats off, guys and it reminded me to donate to our local women shelter.

  • dao

    Good on you Nicole!

  • joel

    Kudos to the team assisting the Haitians!

    (“NOTE” to Tim Gunn: you said “lips thinner, no more injections at the luncheon” … well, it seems since then she has managed to squeeze in a visit to the parlour as not only are her lips thicker again, but in the picture with her seated with the activists, she is trying to frown, but the only thing moving slightly is her right eyebrow. Undeniable.)

  • taco

    look and picture #2 and tell if those eyes aren’t the most beautiful in the world.

    Kudos to Nicole! You’re very special!

  • zao77254

    Thank you Nicole for spotlighting the situation in Haiti. Great cause.

  • zao77254

    Thank you Nicole for spotlighting the situation in Haiti. Great cause.

  • Carol

    @nyob – I totally agree!! That was my first reaction. Black absorbs the heat – she must be sweating buckets. Hope she wore her extra strength deodorant. I know she doesn’t like the sun but come on – wear light colours.

  • che

    sell your unoccupied Sutton House mansion and build a refuge for the women!!! something real! signatures don’t help the women … petitions are ignored by the powers that be. people don’t donate cash. talk is free.

  • karma

    everybody with a brain would see that this shirt is linen made and this is freshere than the cotton.
    and everybody with a brain would know nicole can’t expose a single inch of her skin under the sun for long time because she had a lot of skin cancers since the age of 12. she has the last one two years a go. she doesn’t need a deodorant, you need a doctor.
    how superficial are you? she was there to help women and children and is this the only thing you can notice? how’s she dressed? you’re a stupid emotionless moron.

  • sara whrite

    # 24 I agree and I think she must have a movie coming out soon so she needs the publicity

  • andres

    i love u

  • taco

    @sara whrite:
    another fake-moron-hate-troll. great

  • hopeso

    God bless you Nicole and all the good that you are doing…a great LADY!!!!

  • Vesper

    Hey Karma,
    Everyone needs deodorant,I sure feel sorry for your friends and family .

  • Everything_bUtt_The_Girl

    I am on board initiatives like these which help the local population more directly , especially women issues I take to heart, for having been a traditionally marginalized group. Other charitable transactions that involves the long arm of the corrupt Haitian gov’t , really ticks me off. They don’t need a luxurious bld to sit Parliament bcoz I don’t know what crappy politics they have been discussing to date that made their country the poorest, most corrupt and most deforested in the Caribbean.

  • @karma

    Wearing light coloured clothing does NOT give you skin cancer.

    I did not say she should expose her skin to the sun. She should do what Madonna does and dress head to toe in white in the sun.

    White reflects the heat and will be cooler. Don’t they teach you anything in school?

  • @karma

    or are you still in pre-school?

  • jane

    Beautiful job Nic!

  • NP

    Nicole is so beautiful in and out.

  • alam

    I like Nicole, she’s a respectable woman. Besides being a wife and mother, she still has enough love for others less fortunate. Sounds like another great lady in Hollywood who will remain unnamed for the sake of her haters. I applaud those who do more than trend to themselves only. Bravo Nicky!

  • jolly folly

    @ @karma

    What does it matter what she wears? I just got back from Panama and the year before that I was in Costa Rica. Have also been to Thailand and Africa. AND I wore black. So did many of the various countries citizens. Geez. You go to these countries and the citizens are wearing black. Why shouldn’t Nicole? In fact, in many of these countries if you are in a major city you’ll see the citizens wearing suits. How they stand it is beyond me, but the men will be in shirts, ties and sport coats or blazers. The women often are in skirted suits.
    I wore as did many of the others I was with jeans with various tops–some black. For dress up most of us wore black pants and various colored tops.
    It really doesn’t matter!

  • Rory

    Why is she wearing all black and long sleeves/pants in July in Haiti? Why do celebrities always do that? So friggin stupid

  • Galey

    What is it with you people. Who cares what she wears. She has donated a lot of money to causes abroad and at home. I think you people who tend to focus on the negative do it because you don’t do any good works and it makes you feel little. I think she is beautiful on the inside and on the outside. Be careful sending out that bad karma all you haters, it will come back and bite you know where.

  • irene olson

    Beautiful, courageous woman. You go, Nicole. Why do people always think the rich should continually give to tbe poor. It is not our place to comment on what the rich have or have not. Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman are extremely generous with their money and time. They deserve praise, not ridiculous criticism.

  • tamara

    beautiful nicole is always in first line to help people! I love her!

  • JANE

    She’s a lovely lady! Good for her.

  • Age Naturally

    She’s beautiful but I think she’d be more beautiful if she let her face age naturally.

  • well

    Nicole, good to see you and Keith lending a hand to Haiti. Keep up the good work and recognize your fellow artists that also contribute helping around the globe. It’s not so easy, some just want to get the photo op instead of walking the talk. Shout out to Sean Penn!

  • well

    *Shout out was to Sean Penn for all the time he has spent in helping Haiti.

  • armagan

    I’ve seen so far is in perfect

    ibrahim uzun web site admin

  • dani


    So what? Did you notice some of the folks she is with who obviously are Haitians are also wearing black? One a black skirt and the other a black blazer? Is it only Nicole that shouldn’t be wearing black?

  • AutumnM

    Good for Nicole for trying to help bring more attention to the still dire stiuation in Haiti.

  • tuncay

    This is an example to other artists to visit

  • poor Haiti

    She is disgusting and selfobsessed.