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Olivia Palermo: New York City Chic!

Olivia Palermo: New York City Chic!

The City‘s Olivia Palermo shows off the different sides of her style in the August 2010 issue of Asos magazine.

Here’s what the 24-year-old cover girl had to share:

On the reputation The City has given her: “It’s unfortunate. But I think that people understand what they see on that show is not who I am. It’s not accurate. I’m funny. I’m enthusiastic and I’m not a negative person. I always try and look for the good in things.”

On her favorite place to people watch in NYC: “Bryant Park during Fashion Week is pretty entertaining. You should just walk around everywhere in the city, though – don’t focus on going to Times Square, don’t be such a tourist. Make sure you really get to see each neighborhood because then you’ll really know what it’s like.”

On wanting to travel: “I love New York but when you’re young you should live in different places. In five years I’d like to be living in London with my boyfriend Johannes (Huebl).”

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  • Dominic

    I hate this rickety Biatch! She’s so mean to Whitney on The City.

  • Whatever…

    It’s “unfortunate” how TV portrays HER? Seriously? Is she kidding? She acts like a spoiled, entitled, stupid brat of a human being and takes NO responsibility for how SHE is portrayed?? Give me a break. This rat face annoying beyotch is a fool and unliked by pretty much everyone. Go away.

  • Sadie

    Lol I actually like her more than whiny-whitney.

  • Michelle Depp

    I do not like Olivia on The City, but let’s be honest – she looks pretty in these photos.

  • kbosworthlover2010

    holy boly no brain. she should go to work like a nobody like us ;) hate this it girl!

  • hbic

    I can’t stand Whitney, she’s so immature. Love Olivia.

  • Elle

    I love her face.

  • http://www. T

    love her.

  • kris

    I agree. I like Olivia a lot more than Whit.
    She’s gorgeous too, you can hate on her all you want, but there’s no denying the girl has great taste in fashion and is a really pretty girl.

  • Anna

    @Dominic: Oh you are so wrong , whitney has no character , she is empty and if you want a place in this world you can’t be nice to everyone . Kelly said it . You certainly don’t know anything about this world

  • Anna

    I love Olivia , and her boyfriend is so hot !
    This tv-serie-reality-show , that’s not the reaaal life ! Come on let’s be a bit realistic ! Evrrything or almost is written ! Whitney seems to be really dumb , she is a caricatur of the ” cali girl ” blond etc . . . Mtv , wants to show olivia as the mean girl , the mean character . C’mon without Olivia the show is empty and even more boring , Whitney has no fierce . . . Annd she makes me wanna sleep .



  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …ahahahaha.. whoever this biish is you can tell she knows nothing about NY.

  • Natalia

    Olivia is the epitome of classy and sophistication.
    I have to say I adore her.

  • jen

    cannot stand her and I highly doubt she’s a nice person.

  • sky

    this B*tch acts like Wearing the brand Guess is beneath her. How can she say this is not an accurate picture of her snobish self???

  • commonsense

    Only the rich talk about traveling and living aboard so casually. For us regular folks we have to worry about how f_cking expensive living in England would be, plus there are little annoyances like immigration laws, but of course laws like that rarely apply to people with connections.

  • yay

    she’s so full of it. the more you watch the city, the more you realize olivia DID write that scandalous email, from a few years ago, that gave her this pathetic reputation she has.
    daddy’s money can’t bail her out anymore.

  • yay

    and fyi: SHE’S BROKE because her father is BROKE!!!

  • joanee

    love her! hate whitney!

  • BDC

    She is as BROKE as her broke ass father…..she better not burn any bridges at her current “FAKE” job…she needs the $$$$$.

    This biatch is one self entitled, snobby brat……SHAME in her parents, her family, her dumb ass boss and her stupid BF for allowing her to act like she does and get away with it…having no conesequences.

    She comes off as mean…duh…because she is mean. That just shows here insecurities and lack of true self worth.

    I do not think that she is pretty at all…..maybe “pretty common looking”, at best….she’s not all that. She has bony shoulders and ugly skinny bird legs. The eye rolling, snappy verbal outbursts, passive aggressive anger….that is NOT a positive woman.

    I bet this skank has mirrors all over her house…just to worship herself.

    She must be a bore in bed, most likey staring up at another ceiling mirror worshiping herself….and wondering if her BF thinks she is pretty while he bangs her.

    Look close at her pics….she has bony elbows, knees and shoulders….ewh gross.

    Her nose job is WHACK……and she needs some +2′s implants for sure.

    What a delusional piece of trash.


  • justme

    never watched an episode of the city before, can’t say i hate or love her but i think these pictures are great

  • julia

    she looks great in these photos!

  • ron jon

    Man she should have just been a model…shes gorgeous

  • marii

    Olivia Palermo is in fact a model, she’s with NEXT agency.

  • Anna

    @sky: AHA that part was actually funny . And even if I adore her ” really ” ? But she is a bit right , I think guess is quiet awful . It’s not exactly what it used to be !

  • Anna

    She is a sort of blair . There are so many in the upper east side : ) . Watch GG guys .

  • V

    I watched an interview with Whitney Port and she said Olivia is just the way she is portrayed on the TV Show. And that it is their lives just exaggerated.

  • Rao

    LOL. The city is not real!

  • Dee

    People call Olivia the real-life Blair Waldorf. and I believe it. That said, Blair is a complete bitch, materialistic and snobby – but also lovable.

    I bet Olivia would be really nice if you ever met her, but she’d definitely not hang out with anyone that isn’t part of her social class or famous. She is beautiful, with great style…and it’s cool to admire it. But I feel bad for people who value that above all else.

    I also think Whitney is way too boring to have her own show! Roxy, Erin and Olivia make the show. Whit talks so slow and just appears to be really dumb sometimes.