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Zac Efron: Charlie St. Cloud A 'Challenging' Choice

Zac Efron: Charlie St. Cloud A 'Challenging' Choice

Zac Efron says that his latest film, Charlie St. Cloud, may be emotional, but it isn’t sappy!

“[Director Burr Steers] doesn’t do sappy, you know what I mean? Burr is very grounded,” Zac told MTV News. “He is all about story and dialogue and plot and all about real.”

“I wanted to make sure the audience got what they needed from it,” Zac said. “Hopefully they are fulfilled and leave asking some cool questions. I don’t want to look back and say I just made movies because it was fun, you know? I want to make movies because it’s challenging and it’s an opportunity to help people.”

Charlie St. Cloud is in theaters now! Check for goodies including showtimes, downloadable images and a chance to ask Zac questions!


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  • WhereAreYou?

    Judging by the film’s horrible reviews, all of which called the film sappy, you’re lying Zefron.

  • uh

    something’s up with him lately..

  • Leila

    why does he always have greasy hair :3

  • nativenyker

    What else would he say? seriously. Damn.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • AmTam

    @uh: Same here… But I can’t say what it is.

  • Tiptoes

    Its not totally a sappy film – I have seen it and will be watching it again. And what do you expect from a predominantly male critic or reviewer -they are not comfortable with this kind of movie genre.

    But here is one review from a male critic:
    “This is also a good coming out for Zac Efron the star. Better scripts will come his way if this type of vehicle can do box office in his name, and as an early resume film to carry on his shirtless back this does “leave ‘em wanting more,” shirtlessness included.”

  • Tiptoes

    “Charlie St. Cloud” explores affairs of the heart, and human experience. Burr Steers direction, Ben Sherwood’s writing, Craig Pearce and Lewis Colick’s screenplay, and Enrique Chediak’s direction of photography along with the wonderful performances take you on a journey of loss, love, and redemption. Although much of the subject matter is ‘adult’, dealing with Sam’s death, and Charlie’s depression, rated PG 13 it is mainly ‘family friendly’. The average mature ‘tween-ager’ and older teen as well as the parents will enjoy this beautiful film.–Charlie-Tahon-are-pure-magic-in-Charlie-St-Cloud

  • vic

    most reviews were not overall good zefron’s physical character
    would be a draw and he is not untalented

  • w11

    The film WAS both challenging and helpful…it challenged me to stay wake, and was helpful in putting me to sleep. Thanks Zac!

  • alam

    The movie looks horrible but Zac looks good!

  • amy

    I enjoyed this movie so much, can’t wait to see it again this weekend.

  • Courtney

    Zac is cute and Talented but he’s never going to be oscar material nor tony for that matter if he branches out to broadway and succeds there as well.he’s never going to be this generations Jack Nicholson Lawrence Olivier Or Paul Newman who are the three most oscar nominated actors ever Nicholson has 12 nominations Olivier had ten for acting and one for directing and Newman had 9 for acting and one for best picture. granted of the three actor/film makers mentioned only Nicholson is still alive. Olivier died of a heart attack in 1989 and Newman died of cancer September 26th 2008

  • Malia

    I’m going to see CSC today by myself and tomorrow with friends.

  • miss infamous

    that movie looks like it sucks

  • kate

    I am just sad and mad that i can’t see it until October as i live in the UK. but after reading his reviews and watching all the trailer i recommend everyone GO SEE CSC.

  • jensenLUVER tanya

    it looks sappy 2 me. typical story…a luv 1 dies, they find luv, doubt its cuz they afraid they mite lose them and realize life is 2 short, so they go 4 it. add a few tears and it equals……sappy. but dont worry it wont stop me from seein it. i think it wil b good. when zac cries i cry. LOL

  • birdie

    If you have a heart go see it. Zac proves he is much more than a pretty
    face . He has charisma with every actor on the screen, especially with
    Charlie Tehan. I won’t say the storyline didn’t have a few flaws but what movie doesn’t. To me this validates Zac as an actor because he makes you care about Charlie and you want to root for him to get his life back. Also I think a sign of a star is when you can’t take your eyes off them, and well believe me this man shines.

  • Tiptoes

    From an RT critic:

    “Efron is a very young guy – he’s only 22 and probably shot this film when he was 21 – but something in the sculpted geometry of his face and in the old-soul look in his eyes makes him more than a pretty kid. Put that face in close-up and Efron reads as a moral idea, one that has something to do with youthful striving and sensitivity, with meaning well and working hard. Efron gets that much credit just standing there, and then, lo and behold, he can act.

    “Charlie St. Cloud” is a delicate film – not flimsy, but fragile – that holds together on the strength of Efron’s physical presence and performance. It tells a story about love and loss and the beatings that life and time inflict on poor, suffering humanity. Last year’s “17 Again,” which Efron made for the same director, Burr Steers, was like a workout for this film: It dealt with similar issues and concerns, but operated with the safety hatchof comedy.”

    Read more:

  • bettybaby

    c”mon people its a tear-jerker, and as such many people will find it “sappy” and its not a genre critics generally like.

    that being said, there are quite a few good reviews of zac’s performance.

    such as….

    “Zac Efron, the impossibly beautiful young Ben and Jerry’s confection who is doing everything humanly possible to grow from Flavor of the Year to Force of the Future, stands head and shoulders above most of his peers in the get-famous business. I didn’t see the High School Musicals that catapulted him to teenage royalty, but he showed real range and dedication to craft in the underrated Me and Orson Welles. Promise now turns to polish in the sincere but saccharine romance vehicle Charlie St. Cloud. The movie isn’t much, but no more debate. Zac Efron can act.”

    “Like many actors before him, Efron is in some ways hamstrung by his good looks and easy charisma. Meaty, complex parts aren’t generally offered to young handsome actors, especially if they got their start as Disney stars.

    But, based on his performance in last year’s Me and Orson Welles, his breezy comic timing in 17 Again and his heartfelt efforts here, Efron seems poised to mature into a substantive actor.”

    “It seems mostly to be a showcase for Efron, and in that regard, it works perfectly. He may surprise you.”

    “Somehow, Efron rises above the sentimentality, creating an undeniably likable portrayal of a young man in turmoil. Those who haven’t seen him since he graduated from “High School Musical” may not believe it, but this former tween idol is the saving grace in a movie that needs all the miracles it can muster. ”

    “The rise of Zac Efron has been one of the more interesting movie stories of the past year. Fresh from his notable role in “Me and Orson Welles,’ Efron takes the lead in “Charlie St. Cloud,” with veteran actors Ray Liotta and Kim Basinger. This journey into afterlife issues highlights some nice acting chops from Efron.

    Efron continues to evolve as an actor. It’s apparent he observed much on the Welles set, because he handles many emotions in a realistic and forthright way. He’s confident about the performance, and is asked to handle many vague notions as to what is going on with Charlie. It is to his credit that he never seems lost with the character or the circumstances and he carries the film like a star.”

    “Is It Any Good?

    Make no mistake: CHARLIE ST. CLOUD aspires to be a tearjerker. As such, it commits a few sins that most tearjerkers do, including milking its tragic setups and hinting at their arrival a little too heavily. The movie is surprisingly poignant — and for that, there’s Efron to thank. This heartthrob can act. He’s especially disarming paired with Charlie Tahan, who plays Sam. The film does an excellent job of establishing their rapport immediately; in fact, they’re so believable as brothers that when Sam dies and Charlie suffers plaintively, it feels like a punch to the gut. ”

    “On the surface, you might not think mixing idealized young romance, ghostly encounters and a massive dollop of sappiness is the recipe for one of the summer’s movie going highlights, but that’s because you have underestimated the power of Zac Efron, and some daring writing.

    Efron is more than a stunning set of blue eyes. He wisely has used the High School Musical platform to catapult onto the cusp of superstardom and artistic respect (which might be more important than magazine covers). Efron has a great soulfulness and ability to evoke emotion from the audience without becoming cloying or desperate for attention. He brings a steady, leading man presence that makes you want to see more.”

    “Charlie St. Cloud, an enjoyably moist ghost story, follows a high school hotshot haunted by an error of judgment that casts a long, gloomy shadow on a once-bright future.

    Initially, putting the high-wattage Efron on a dimmer seems like a tragic waste of natural resources, comparable to brown contact lenses on Paul Newman’s baby blues. But Steers takes his time and it pays off in Efron’s subdued performance, earnest and yearning.

    Steers’ film, which advocates grieving and growing rather than remaining stuck in mourning limbo, is an unapologetically schmaltzy affair, enormously effective on heartstrings and tear ducts.

    The byplay between Efron and newcomer Tahan as his brother has a warmth and intimacy that establish the film’s tone. The performances carry the film.”

    i could go on, but i think by now you should get the message.

    and one critic even had the honesty to say, “If some unknown 22-year-old actor had given the same performance in the same movie, I think there’d be a lot less automatic scoffing from those outside the teen-girl demographic.”

    many critics go into a zac efron movie with a blatant bias, and view his work through that lens. but its beginning to change, and more and more critics are taking notice.

  • sheila

    i would have to agree; i think zac is being put under the microscope for his performance because of the origins of his fame. there are some who will just refuse to be objective for the sake of it.

  • Carla Menezes

    You can’t judge ANYONE from it’s origin of fame.
    If Zac entered in the business with a Disney movie, and he’s moving on, WHY people can’t once, give him a chance to show that HE CAN ACT?

  • Sean

    Watching this tomorrow night!! Looks like a lot of unintentional comedy. Can’t wait!

  • fan

    Why are Zac’s fans trying to convince people that are not interested in watching chick flick movies that he can act. Of course, he can act but this movie only appeals to fans of Zac and not to everyone. Let those speak as they wish and not waste time trying convince Zac’s talent. In time, he might gain those audiences at a better film then this. For those that support Zac, go see his movie and let it be.

  • lilly

    I saw it today, twice. I absolutely loved it. All those reviewers who say it isn’t good are idiots. It stayed pretty true to the novel also, which made me really happy. I highly recommend this movie.

  • raider814

    I loved it too, because of Zac’s performance. He is evolving into a very solid leading man. His confidence and talent were obvious and the heart of the movie. Congratulations to him!!

  • kyle

    A solid performance for Zac. For those who missed last week-end’s showing, catch Charlie St. Cloud this week.

  • Tiptoes

    “The point being, the mark of a movie star isn’t to make any movie into a big hit, but to turn a movie absolutely no one with taste or accountability would see into something that makes a modest amount of money. Will Smith can get to $15 million with “Seven Pounds” and George Clooney can get “Leatherheads” to $12m, but that’s as far as it gets. No one wants to see these movies, so a mid-level number like that is, if nothing, a testament to how well-liked these stars are. As a result, Zac Efron deserves a little bit of respect for getting his fanbase to buy tickets for something like “Charlie St. Cloud,” which looked like a substandard Lifetime movie no one in their right mind would consider worth the price of a recession-era movie ticket. A $12m+ opening for that film certainly suggests he’s a leading man – it takes something in the realm of $6-8 million (“Jonah Hex”?) to suggest you shouldn’t be headlining anything. Expect the same jackhole executives whining about the lack of movie stars sliding star-ready scripts Efron’s way.”

  • kyle

    I am watching Charlie St. Cloud again with my friends this week.

  • athena

    I loved the movie too. I had no idea people were calling this film a chick flick….not the point. So you see muscles and skin, it’s kept in context with the movie. I wished it had placed higher in the charts, but as I see it, CSC came in as no. 2….since it was a newer film that came out among the others.
    Definitely see it, I’ll be seeing it again and more. Zac is hot to look at and I love him as an actor. He has major potential!

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • Malia

    Point being, Charlie St. Cloud is not High School Musical 3, Hairspray, or even 17 Again. It is a dark drama about grieving and loss, and it had absolutely nothing going for it other than Zac Efron’s name and face on the poster. Opening a well-marketed and appealing mainstream comedy like 17 Again to $23 million is impressive. Opening a poorly-marketed and not-terribly appealing drama like Charlie St. Cloud to $12.5 million all by yourself: You, Zac Efron, are a genuine movie star.