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Jennifer Aniston: Cougar Town's New Star!

Jennifer Aniston: Cougar Town's New Star!

Jennifer Aniston in reuniting with her Friends co-star (and BFF) Courteney Cox in an upcoming episode of Courteney‘s ABC comedy Cougar Town!

EW reports the ep will air early on in the second season, which kicks off on Wednesday, Sept. 22.

Jen and Courteney have only shared screen time twice — Friends, which ended in 2004, and when Jen guest-starred on Courteney‘s FX dramedy Dirt in 2007. The twosome caused quite the ruckus when Jen kissed Courteney on the lips on-screen.

ARE YOU EXCITED to see Jen and Courteney back together on the small screen?

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146 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston: Cougar Town's New Star!”

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  1. 26
    boo Says:

    Third, these two should try something else by now. After Friends, all of their careers sort of fizzled…Aniston doesn’t do so well in movies. Courtney doesn’t do so well on t.v. and the guys on that show have practically dissapeared…

    Fourth, second thought Angelina doesn’t really need to pay anyone to trash Jennifer. I think Jennifer’s career is on its way out without anyone’s help…Everyone’s career runs their course. Its only natural…

  2. 27
    scarjo Says:

    @Realty Check:

    HOW is it jealousy to tell the truth or to make an observation. YOU all have now problem doing that but let the world stop if someone does not think Jennifer Aniston is the cute, perky, perfect girl next door.. Wait do you still call a 41 year old woman the girl next door. I mean shouldn’t the girl next door actually be a GIRL.

    I was not trashing her. NOT at all, just making a point related to a previous post. YOU need to get a Reality Check. Aniston is not your Friend.

    And you are right.. Go Jen Go Jen Go away.

  3. 28
    Sounds good! Says:

    I’d like to see them back together on the small screen. They were so funny together on Friends!

  4. 29
    WTF Says:


    Honey pull your crazy head out of your As*. No one is talking about Jolie except you. I guess Angelina is the only woman in the world. Because you freaks compare her and Aniston all the time. Why?..

    Well if that is the case for you HAGs go for it. It just make Aniston look like the loser she is portrayed as. I really doubt with Brad and 6 kids Jolie is sitting around thinking about what crappy movie or TV show Aniston is making. YOU all think this woman is actually that big in Hollywood. NOT..

    so trash Angie all you want. She will continue doing what she has been doing.. Living a lovely life with Brad and their 6 beautiful children.

    And I get that you HAGs are still pissed Aniston still has not given you all what you want. A man on her arms and babies..

    Angie and Brad have 6 children.. deal and accept. Maybe if her fans were not such racist and hateful people Aniston would not suffer the Karma.. OH and the Jen is happy, free and single route.. yeah.. keep dreaming.


  5. 30
    Catchy Says:

    @WTF: get a life, blind fool.

  6. 31
    julie Says:


  7. 32
    isabela Says:

    I’M SO HAPPY!!!!!

  8. 33
    Joan Says:

    She’s a good FRIEND to Courtney!

  9. 34
    Dawn Says:


    That’s not true. Dirt was canceled at the end of the second season because ratings fell. It was not Jennifer’s falt. She was in the last episode of the 1st season and the episode was the highest rated of the 1st season.

  10. 35
    jon Says:

    Jen Aniston is one amazing friend. She supports one sucky show after another. That show “Dirt” was the worst piece of **** I have ever seen. This show is the second. How lucky is Courtney that she can manipulate someone so high powered. It has to suck to be the rest of the cast and be unable to work in anything successful

  11. 36
    Sarah Says:

    yes i cant wait!!

  12. 37
    Mona Vie Says:

    The show is a joke, shows some really good acting yeah right.

  13. 38
    Please Says:


  14. 39
    queen bee Says:

    Well I think everyone could see THAT coming a mile away!……How predictable…….Hopefully this will be a PERMANENT return to tv….we can only hope…

  15. 40
    Dawn Says:

    Why does it matter so much to JA haters if she does does TV or movies? I don’t get it. She is an actress who mainly does comedy. Angelina is an actress who does dramas. They are completely different actresses at totally different stages in their careers. Why does it matter so much if JA continues to do movies? No one is holding a gun to your head to watch them.

  16. 41
    Annie Says:

    This woman really shouldn’t be famous at all. She just got lucky that Friends was such a hit, just in the right place at the right time. Ever since it ended, she just hasn’t been able to move on. I admit I did like The Good Girl, but not because of Jennifer. She’s pathetic and needs to go away.

  17. 42
    Gabrielle Says:

    how predictable..well..gotta admit she belongs on TV

    Nothing like 2 Botoxed up middle aged well preserved “beauties’
    who can’t except age with the laughing machines cranked up.

    Will I watch it? Only if they put me through Chinese water torture!

  18. 43
    Boo boo Says:

    @Catchy: mean to say..quantity beats QUALITY.

  19. 44
    LuckyL Says:

    Sad she must piggy back off of Courtney’s success.

  20. 45
    Josie Says:

    oh god..will this over hyped talentless twit please fade to the left already. PLEASE.
    over penetration.
    hey, you don’t have to put out 3 crapfilms a year, pitch stinky cologne,
    appear on tv & pitch an over priced water most people cannot brainless, clueless greedy blek!

    we are bored of you” Jen Wanna be but can’t without Brad or Ms. Jolie.”

  21. 46
    twpumpkin Says:

    SO SICK OF MANISTAN! She can’t act. Please someone make the bad lady go away!

  22. 47
    @ #23 Catchy Says:

    Jennifer has to make up to 4 movies to earn as much as Angelina is paid in her 1 (one) movie. That’s a lot of hard work for your pathetic idol Aniston! So stop comparing the two women. There is no comparison.

  23. 48
    yes Says:

    @Josie: are you slow? jennifer has been making money and is in demand and for some reason you loons can’t accept that. she has a life with both parents, friends that have been in her life a long time female and male, she gives to charity, she makes a honest living! so you trash her why? because you see her as average? so? isn’t it wonderful that average can make 27 million in a year, do a book for st jude hospital with her father, make a movie, take time to go on vacation with her friends, promote a new perfume and now promote a movie that she made the previous year! by the way there is nothing wrong with being an actor on tv – james wood, tv – jeff blumberg (sp wrong) tv, angelina’s father is going to be on a new program on tv this fall! a lot of actors that have won oscars started in tv! different media – like football and baseball! while jen was married to brad on friends she made just as much money as brad did! seems like brad and angelina and their loons can’t be without jennifer why else on a thread about courtney and jennifer are you hating! why stop if you don’t want to comment on courtney – why give jen the time of day! fear – jen has made it without brad and for some reason you can’t stand it. beyond me since you have never had a conversation with jennifer or angelina! jen hasn’t mentioned brad or angelina in years! yet you keep the other woman image alive for angelina by your hate for his ex-wife. if loons really wanted to help their idol – their love for the star would out weigh the hate – and want angelina fan base to grow instead you brangelinas continue to remind people that angelina is the other woman by staying in our face! stop and really think about it! maybe that is too deep for you? tunnel vision…

  24. 49
    yes Says:

    this is a really nice picture of courtney and jen! the ladies have beautiful eyes! i can’t wait to watch.

  25. 50
    K Says:

    Courtney is so much prettier. JA looks like a man as per usual.

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