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Jennifer Aniston: Cougar Town's New Star!

Jennifer Aniston: Cougar Town's New Star!

Jennifer Aniston in reuniting with her Friends co-star (and BFF) Courteney Cox in an upcoming episode of Courteney‘s ABC comedy Cougar Town!

EW reports the ep will air early on in the second season, which kicks off on Wednesday, Sept. 22.

Jen and Courteney have only shared screen time twice — Friends, which ended in 2004, and when Jen guest-starred on Courteney‘s FX dramedy Dirt in 2007. The twosome caused quite the ruckus when Jen kissed Courteney on the lips on-screen.

ARE YOU EXCITED to see Jen and Courteney back together on the small screen?

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Credit: Kevin Mazur; Photos: Wireimage
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146 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston: Cougar Town's New Star!”

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  1. 76
    Robert Says:

    Jen is the best! Love her and her hot body not to mention her spot on comedic timing and delivery. Can’t wait for The Switch, Horrible Bosses and Wanderlust with Paul Rudd!

  2. 77
    alam Says:

    @yes: wtf? over sensitive much? Calm down I wasn’t making fun of ur idol, I just said the picture seems old because she has aged at least a little bit since the time the picture as taken. Am I a little child or a 30 year old? you seem confused and I am neither for ur info.

  3. 78
    Piper Says:

    I got news for you, Jared. Jennifer Anniston has always been on the small scene. LOL!

  4. 79
    Shawn Says:

    It’s a good think she is white and dye her hair blond or else she would have been a distant memory in Hollywood.

  5. 80
    lesbos Says:

    can they do something alone too!?

  6. 81
    jordan Says:

    @alam: lol, karma! salt is number 3! the top number 1 movie is showing in less than 700 theatre than salt! you loons keep the hate going – you are brining your own idol down! hate kills – destroys! i am sorry for jolie because of her fans!

  7. 82
    omg Says:

    Not true. Inception is showing in 3792 and Salt in 3612. By the way, this result for Salt is phenomenal. JA movie will never make $70,562,356 in 6 day. Angie rocks!

  8. 83
    Not Impressed by AJ Says:


    Well said!

    People who hat eon Jen so much really are the pathetic ones.

  9. 84
    Not Impressed by AJ Says:

    Hey Jen haters, go outside and get off your fat asses!

  10. 85
    for real Says:

    @omg: not talking about inception that was last weekend! talking about dinner with the schmuks (sp) look and see 700 theatre less than salt! go look on mo jo box office – also thursday – salt was # 3 – before the new movies came out of friday. i think angelina is a good actress however her fans bring her down with your/their hate – unfortunately you brangelina fans don’t see it.

  11. 86
    for real Says:

    zac effron movie was close to jolie without the near the theatre too!

  12. 87
    Marieme Says:

    Oh fug! How lame.

    Agree with wow #20. This show is cute, but Courteney is verging dangerously close to making Jules a clone of Monica. More and more every week. Now by bringing Rachel’s indecent boringness onboard she could very well bring down the whole show. Dumb move.

  13. 88
    to for real Says:

    @for real:

    Dinner for schmucks was suppose to come out the same day as Salt but last month they pushed it a week back.The studio was afraid of a little competiton. DFS will not make what Salt did in its opening weekend. Salt will have made 70 million this week already. If salt had come out this week, it would have been the #1 movie. So you fail! ha ha ha

  14. 89
    alam Says:

    @jordan: Hey, crazy ass JA fans, stop foaming at the mouth for a sec and listen. Just because I don’t worship a celeb doesn’t mean I give a flying fcuk about AJ or Salt. I actually am not a fan of either women. If you have unsolved issues with someone else, don’t take it out on me and don’t label me when you don’t know **** about me.

  15. 90
    eli Says:


    what a loser!

  16. 91
    eli Says:


  17. 92
    InNeedofClarification Says:

    So I’m In Need of some Clarification here, If I don’t like an actress’s work that somehow makes me a hater… and then I go loony?… and then I lose the right to voice my opinions and automatically have no creditability?
    okay…now let’s say despite thinking a actress’s work is mediocre at best, I like her style and think she’s above average looking? Am I then allowed to express my thoughts pertaining to this actress?

  18. 93
    eli Says:

    Your husband dumped you!
    Vince, your BF who never wanted to get married- IS MARRIED and expecting a baby,
    your model BF left you for Cameron Diaz,
    John Mayer dumped you TWICE and cant stop talking about Jessica
    Gerald Butler kissed girls on the boardwalk while you were fake dating and left your ass ASAP the day After ur movie came out.
    Caught dating your married great friend’s husband with six kids!
    chose a movie called Baster…
    What a class act you are!

  19. 94
    mindy Says:

    @Not Impressed by AJ: Jen fans need to stop hatting on everyone who doesn’t worship the chin. It’s a free country, we can say anything about anyone we want. You guys sure love that liberty on Jolie’s posts. It’s pathetic when the haters become the whiners.
    Anyways, Jen needs to go back to T.V., she actually got some recognition for it, none of the movies she made ever got anything.

  20. 95
    hellooo Says:

    @mindy: you are being hypocrite! there is NO liberty on Jolie‚Äôs posts to say anything! I agree with you, USA is a free country, we can say anything about anyone we want, but apparently JJ is not a free site and we CAN’T say anything about Angelina Jolie, despite we can say anything about all the others celebrities! It is very frustrating to know this favouritism… To know that the mostly people who say things totally nasty about the celebrity you like because of something that happened in the past that has the right to erase anything that is not praise of the celebrity this people like! Jolie and Pitt had betrayed Jen and yet they can have only good thing about themselves on their thread! On the other hand, Jen can be slandering through anything!
    @InNeedofClarification: Evidently we don’t like everyone in the world, we have our disagreements and we need to express it. Unfortunately, Jolie’s fans make it in a very evil and mean way and for many years. They are in EVERY Jen’s thread making their nasty, liar and humiliating comments! They even appear only to talk about Jolie (in Jen’s thread!)! They even also go to Jen’s exs to insult her! It is natural celebrities take criticism. Here you can make your criticisms about Jen, of course is not necessary to be cruel and disrespectful. However, Jen’s fans will defend her from the nasty accusations! On Jolie’s things are different. There, you really can not say that you disagree or that you dislike. If you do, your comment will be deleted! They accept only praise there! Try sometime and you will see!

  21. 96
    Friends' Fan Says:

    I am completely excited!!! Love they acting together!!! They are really funny!!
    P.S.: I’m still waiting for a Friends movie!!!

  22. 97
    gia Says:

    Ummm.. can someone please explain to me why so many people are writing mean comments about Aniston? I’ve never looked at comments for her before and I can’t figure out why some people hate her so much? You think she sucks at her job and that makes you HATE her? What has she done to make you hate her? Seriously.

  23. 98
    hellooo Says:

    The haters always complain that they can’t stand Jen anymore, but they never go away, they are ALWAYS present in Jen’s thread!

  24. 99
    Say What Says:

    Yeah i agree with gia, i actually can’t figure out why she has so many haters, she just seems like a nice person to me. Or maybe its just because every hater she has is on JJ everyday waiting for new posts, hahaaha.

    Anyway, i can’t see what the fuss is about. If you don’t like it don’t watch it! Jen being on the show couldn’t make it any worse anyway, i mean lets be honest here cougar town is quite awful. And yes i like Courteney, but cougar town certainly doesn’t show her off as being a great actress either.

  25. 100
    ellie' Says:

    Jennifer Aniston is a lovely person..and would enjoy to see her on the show.. For that matter anywhere…

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