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Katie Holmes: Cupcake Connoisseur

Katie Holmes: Cupcake Connoisseur

Katie Holmes heads to a studio for presumably another dance practice on Saturday morning (July 31) in Hollywood, Calif.

Earlier this month, the 31-year-old actress ordered a few boxes of Isabelle’s Curly Cakes cupcakes delivered to the Toronto set of her History Channel miniseries, The Kennedys, where she’s playing Jacqueline Kennedy. Both red velvet and grasshopper flavored!

We bet the cast and crew gobbled those cupcakes up in no time!

FYI: Katie is wearing The T by Joe’s!

10+ pictures inside of cupcake lover Katie Holmes

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katie holmes cupcakes 02
katie holmes cupcakes 03
katie holmes cupcakes 04
katie holmes cupcakes 05
katie holmes cupcakes 06
katie holmes cupcakes 07
katie holmes cupcakes 08
katie holmes cupcakes 09
katie holmes cupcakes 10

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  • first

    She has such a masculine body.

  • first again

    And bad postures, absolully no grace, no natural elegance in her manners.

  • first again

    If she wouldn’t be married to Tom Cruise, her acting career would be dead since Batman (she was just soooo bad in that movie) and the “dancing” would have never happened.


    I think you mean CONNAISSEUR

  • whoda thunk

    wow she drives and is aloud to go out by herself…..shocking!!!

  • gloria

    BORING!! I agree with first again. No grace, no class. Just blah.

  • Jello

    Katie is the hottest woman alive, Tom is one lucky dog!!!!


    okay. I warned you all.
    Below is my comment from yesterday and now JJ posts the “story” that has driven me to hurl.
    I’m going back to the FRINGE season 1 marathon that we started last night in my home…already up to disc 4.
    Josh is such a REAL MAN. I pity Katie for being stuck with Scientolonut Cruise.
    ***If I see one more headline about the greatness of Katie Holmes being defined by her sending cookies and cupcakes to her movie sets, I’m going to projectile vomit all over my computer monitor.
    We know she believes in a human need for massive amounts of sugar.
    Stepford wife thinking: Cake is sweet. People like sweets. Therefore If I give people cake they will like me and that makes me sweet.
    We’ve seen Suri with plenty of oversized pastries (most of which I think I would have cut or broken into a smaller portion for my 2,3,4 year old…but of course**sarcasm inserted** Scientology children are far more advanced than “common” children and can make their own healthy dietary decisions.)

  • pr person

    Hee, Hee… So why is she going to the dance studio? Is the world going to be treated to another dancing farce from Mrs. Crazy? Oooohhh the amusement and the jokes that will follow. Can’t wait!!! But on another note……. AGAIN with the cupcake thing?! Maybe that is her way of applogizing to everyone for her craptastic acting skills.

  • Suri Jackson

    Where’s Suri? Is she visiting her Dad? Probably not since we haven’t heard anything about a DNA test (hopefully there will be one at some point in time. For a smart guy, JJ can be pretty daft sometimes(flashback to DC “Stolen Kisses”)).
    Daftman ;-)

  • Suri Jackson

    part 2:
    Daftman’s daughter (I mean that in the nicest way):

  • i-i

    Cupcakes…. *cringe* I swear every article I read about her cupcakes are mentioned. Now, the words ‘closeted homosexual’ and ‘sham marriage’… that’s probably closer to her reality.

  • Phony

    She was on the rise at the time she was dating cruise, he ruined her career. She was cast in the sequel but back out. Nw she is working back to back movies and broadway. It’s a miracle that’s she driving and has no bodyguards. Tom is just so full of himself.

  • LeeLee

    Who freakin cares about this woman. She’s a piss poor actress and a worse dancer and singer. If she wasn’t married to CrazyCruise who has bought her any part she has had, she’d be back living in Podunk, Ohio.

  • annie

    Let us start from the beginning shall we
    First Katie Holmes , lived in a very beautiful house all her life, her father is a lawyer, so she has basically grown up with everything a young girl could want , all her life. She has 4 older siblings, who she seems to be close to. Everyone knows she was in DC for 5 yrs. Everyone knows she dated Joshua Jackson for DC season. Everyone knows she was with Chris Klien for 4 yrs.
    Nobody knows what happens behind closed doors in any ones house, so you and I know nothing about her relationship with her husband. She has a beautiful 4yr little girl, and she is only 31, as opposed to the Hollywood norm of 40+yr old actresses having their first child.
    Katie has 3 movies coming out in the next few months, 2 of them, The Romantics, and especially Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark are very anticapated and predicted as doing very well. I bet she is going to be fantastic in The Kennedys as Jackie.
    She has been with Tom when he has been at his lowest point in his career, so when he was getting criticized, it boomeranged back to her, so don’t say he bought her roles. She’s not the best dancer , but she’s entertaining, she sings well, her voice is strong and sultry, should do more singing.
    I believe her fashion line is doing well also. Everyone has good things to say about her. Guillermo de Torro made Don’t be Afraid of the Dark with Katie in mind after seeing her in GO years before.
    Do I like her , you bet.
    My only complaint about Katie Holmes, IS…….she’s not a poser, like a lot of other actresses, and sometimes I would love to see her , take it the hilt, so to speak, just sometimes. She would be unbelievable, but maybe a Hollywood girl who feels comfortable jumping out of the shower and going to a dance lesson, may not be vain enough to pretend to be anything other than her true self.
    And that my friends is the truth, no matter how much you try to convince yourselves otherwise.

  • Pac Man

    You need to get a life #1 and #2.

    Holmes and her family seem to be pretty happy, #8.

    There’s no DNA test needed, #10. Cruise is the father.

    RUINED her career, #13??? Her career is booming because of him!

  • LALA

    Don’t forget that Katie ran to see Josh after the CK break-up and 2 weeks before the TC brainwashing (from which Scarlett Johansson wisely walked away).
    Katie IS a poser. She acts all “ooohhh…I’m so sweet”. When’s the last time anyone saw her sign an autograph? Tom makes sure that HE is the giving and grateful, fan-loving actor, but he does not allow Katie to interact in any un-staged manner.
    Didn’t Michael Jackson and Heath Ledger(just to name 2 tragedies) show us that fame and money does not buy/equal happiness?

  • phil

    i don’t know how to say this right, but katie doesn’t look like a woman anymore.

  • LALA

    Actually, when I said “Tom makes sure that HE is the giving and grateful, fan-loving actor” I should have said that he puts on the APPEARANCE of being those things. I think he only “cares” when his ego gets a beating and his movies need some revenue.

  • Sadie

    Why has nobody mentioned the obvious? Katie has the WORST fashion sense ever! She couldn’t pull a decent outfit together if it killed her. She looks masculine and awkward in her clothes–with all the money the Cruise’s have, why doesn’t she hire a stylist?

  • Alissa

    I detest her, Tommy Gurl and that horrid troll child of theirs, who we thankfully don’t see today.

  • Suri Jackson

    @Pac Man:
    Pacman, Pacman, Pacman. You always give me a good laugh. You always take the stance that a situation is as it is simply because you say so.
    I, at least, try to make intelligent/researched comments, even if some can only be labled my opinion at the end of the day. I do have a job and a life.This is not 1984, and I don’t have to do reseach via paper magazine copies and microfiche(wow, it took me 5 whole seconds to check the spelling on that).
    It’s very clear that Suri has a greater physical resemblance to Joshua than Tom. When I attach links, the photos are always different so that it can’t be said that the similarities exist in only a photo or two. Yes. This topic is really annoying to me right now. It was Tom’s actions in London 2 months ago that really made me say, “whoa! Really? Tom is THAT paranoid about Katie running into Josh?”
    As I’ve read a little more on the subject, it amazed me that neither Tom nor Katie could be bothered to sign the (fake) April 2006 birth certificate. I have never met a parent(outside of adoption circumstances) that did not sign a birth cetificate. Have you?
    So let’s have intelligent conversation. How do you KNOW that Tom is Suri’s biological father?

  • Dumbyankees

    Katie is one of the nicest actresses in Hollywood. Young, sweet, graceful and talented. Her career is in a pretty good place right now. Haters are way too boring, get a life you all.

  • Jenn K

    TomKat critics are patriotic and classy!

  • Jenn K


    He has a magic 8-ball and it tells him that Cruise is Suri’s father.

  • Jenn K
  • Jenn K


    Pacman : Magic 8-ball, is Tom Suri’s father?

    Magic 8-ball : Better not tell you now


  • taxgirl

    @Jenn K:
    Tom’s and Katie’s question to Magic 8 Ball:
    Are we going to continue to make idiots of the American public with our ego-driven lies, manipulation, and PR stunts?
    Answer: Outlook Not So Good
    Katie’s question:
    Will the public take me back in their hearts after my contract ends with Tom since they USED to tolerate my minimal talent?
    Answer: Don’t Count On It.

  • taxgirl

    As for Suri…
    Tom and Katie are supposedly prepping her for an acting career.
    Here’s an idea:
    Put a Ducks’ jersey on her and she could play Charlie Conway’s daughter(hmmm) in the next generation of Mighty Ducks movies.

  • It’s Robo-bride

    @Suri Jackson:

    Pac Man never does any research. He just spouts Xenu approved answers which are basically nothing. His Bible is People Magazine. So if it isn’t in People, it isn’t real. Pac Man insists Tommy Girl hasn’t had plastic surgery and when challenged to go back and look at pictures he won’t do it. Sticks to moronic comments like “you’re an idiot” or “no he hasn’t.” He never explains how Cruise’s receding hairline started receding forward. Or how the bags under his eyes miraculously disappeared. Or how his jowls/jaw became even more chiseled.
    He continues to proclaim that the Robot Bride is having a successful career. Ha! The twit is 31 years old and isn’t exactly setting the movie industry on fire. Her dancing and singing have made a laughing stock of her. But Pac Man can’t read the reviews that are negative for some reason his rose colored glasses can only see positive reviews. Notice he zoomed in on those for her Broadway performance which was stiff and unnatural. If she was so good why didn’t she get nominated for a Tony? This past year it seemed every Hollywood star that was on Broadway did get nominated. Her big film since Tommy Girl was Mad Money and that failed BIG TIME. She produced one of the two films being released this year–and that was solely due to Tommy Girl. If she had been Katie Holmes single or with Josh etc. she wouldn’t have had the money. Reviews have not been uniformly great for her role in either film.
    And her fashion line is uninspired, dull, and not moving that fast. She is walking fashion disaster. One would think being the designer for a line would encourage her to take pride in her personal appearance, but she still walks around looking like she is unkempt. Wrinkled clothes, often clothes that look dirty. Clothes that don’t fit her body. Dirty, unkempt hair. And Pac Man always feels it is no big deal–get a life he says. Well, if Katie Holmely is going to design $2000 blouses, she can at least look like she cares about what she wears.
    Katie has only herself to blame since in every interview she has given since hooking up with the GMD – she has come off sounding vapid, shallow, an airhead, brainless, robotic and the like. How awesome is that? So magickal that she can continuously sound like a twerp.
    I’d say cupcakes are about all her brain is good for.

  • Ginny

    @It’s Robo-bride:
    Yeah! My sentiments exactly!! Pacman is such an idiot.
    and is it true that Tom and Katie didn’t sign Suri’s birth certificate? I thought at least one parent always signed the birth certificate. My mom’s signature is on mine. I’m pretty sure that my huband and I both signed my daughter’s.

  • Happy Camper

    Yes. It’s true that a “friend” whose signature was not legible signed the birth certificate in order for the Cruise’s to apply for a passport for Suri. If not for that, they really had no interest in having a certificate relating to the April(haha) birth. I wonder how much that piece of paper cost the Cruise’s in hush money since Suri wasn’t actually born in April.
    Odds are that she was born at the end of Dec/early Jan at home or a Scientology complex. A fake baby bump was worn from Feb-Apr.
    Here’s the link to one of the stories on the birth certificate.

  • rainy day

    Geez, for some one who shops all the time, she certainly cannot seem to buy anything that flatters her body. She has got to have the worst taste in clothes of almost any actress out there. She has been unable to define a style with any substance. Looking at her is like hearing someone drag their fingernails down a blackboard.

  • Pac Man

    You really need to stop using lack of paparazzi photos to make assumptions about her life, #17.

    Don’t say that about a little girl, #21!

    It’s been my experience that you critics pass off all your opinions as facts and they’re never backed up, #22. I even admit that I don’t know TomKat or anything, unlike you.

    It amazes me that people are still claiming that Cruise doesn’t resemble his bio daughter more than of these other people you all keep claiming are the real bio dad.

    What crazy actions in London two months ago?

    I don’t know for CERTAIN but I’m going to LOGICALLY assume that that’s his kid. There’s nothing to suggest otherwise and it’s not MY burden to prove that. It’s YOURS. YOU’RE the ones making accusations.

    I don’t read tabloids, #30. I only follow legit news sources.

    Cruise has never had plastic surgery. It’s all in your imagination. If he’s had plastic surgery, I’ll admit it but it looks like he hasn’t.

    How does Holmes not have a successful career? How much is enough for you critics? She’s a steadily working actress who’s fame has skyrocketed in the past five years.

    I don’t care about what you think about Holmes’ style. It’s why I always skip your jokes and complaints. They’re your opinions and it’s not my problem. I don’t care if you dislike TomKat. Just don’t lie and leave their innocent children alone.

    You should write sci fi, #32.

  • Suri Jackson

    I thought you’d like to know that I already have my Josh/Suri photos picked out for the next Katie post. Your mental defect really keeps me motivated.

  • Pac Man

    You need to get a life, #35. (Or pills.)

  • Poopie

    WRONG Pacman…

    YOU are the one that needs to get a life and a pack of pills, Packyman.

    It’s funny when you said on your post- # 34…..( I will just list one)..

    ” Cruise has never had plastic surgery. It’s all in your imagination. If he’s had plastic surgery, I’ll admit it but it looks like he hasn’t.”

    Which is it? He has never had plastic surgery OR he looks like he hasn’t? Can’t have it both ways idiot.

    How would YOU know if he had plastic surgery or not?

    You sound like an idiot when you post all those silly ramblings that you think you “know” or perhaps “believe in”.

    I am starting to wonder if you are actually his cousin or family member. LOL

    That would explain it.

  • dani

    @pac man

    If you google Tom Cruise and plastic surgery you will see that most “authorities” (whoever they are) feel in his very young years he had a nose job–more of a thinning, re sculpturing. And if you go back to his earliest pictures and compare–this is probably true.

    Most plastic surgeons and those in the know feel he has at the very least had some botox (which I don’t count as plastic surgery since it is temporary) between the eyes and on the forehead and possibly in the corners by his eyes. Most feel he has had some work done to remove the fatty bags under his eyes. AND again Pac Man if you go back two or three years and look at the pics–he definitely had bags and now he doesn’t. Weight loss generally doesn’t account for missing fat bags under the eyes. And finally there are those that feel he has had more severe work done because his face is so chisled compared to pictures taken in the last, say five years.

    And if you go back about five to ten years you can see his receding hairline has miraculously vanished and receded forward. This is generally a biological impossibility. But hey, Pac-it-on–he is Tom Cruise so I suppose he can be the only exception to the rule–increased hair growth with no intervention.

    Tom Cruise is NEVER going to admit to having plastic surgery–you know that and I know that. So all anyone has to go on are the differences in pictures from photo op to photo op.

    So yes, whether or not he has had it is an opinion. As someone who has friends who have done botox, facial procedures etc., when I look at current pictures of Tom and pics from a year or so ago–I would say he has had work done. He has that nip/tuck look.

  • suritard

    um Pacman, katie holmes is famous, as tabloid fodder. that’s not the same thing as academy award winning actress fame. or hell, even successful movie fame.

    For all Tom’s money, she looks trailer and parents her daughter like trailer.

  • Pac Man

    You’re the one making accusations, #37. Prove that he’s had plastic surgery.

    I don’t know TomKat.

    You also need to get a life and stop being so vain and so hateful, #38. I’ll wait for proof before admitting he’s had plastic surgery when it doesn’t seem at like he has. He just takes very good care of himself.

    Leave her kid alone and Holmes isn’t infamous, #39.

  • dani

    @Pac Man:

    How is stating I think he has had a few nips and tucks (just like every other actor in Hollywood) being mean and hateful?

    If you wish to be blind to the obvious differences in photos over the last ten years or so, that is your wish and your blindness, but the rest of us can clearly see he has had some work done.

    Nobody cares. It is a fact of Hollywood. Why you continuously get your panties in a wad over this is beyond me.

  • joel

    She and her cupcakes are so annoying! Cupcakes at every set….blahhh

  • lani

    katie holmes looks like a tranny. for all tom’s money, you think she could dress like a woman. and no, she doesn’t dress european. i’ve lived in europe for many years and i don’t see women look that manly. not even in the wrestling ring.