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Alicia Keys Wedding Photos Leaked

Alicia Keys Wedding Photos Leaked

Alicia Keys and producer/rapper Swizz Beatz married on the French island of Corsica on Saturday (July 31).

The ceremony was attended by Swizz‘s first son Nasir Dean, U2′s Bono, Queen Latifah, and designer Tommy Hilfiger with his wife Dee Ocleppo.

“Wowwwwwwwwww,” Swizz tweeted after the big day. And this morning, he followed up with, “It’s a brand new day :) I feel like Nas and Diddy song :) love y’all and blessing!”

Check out the 75+ wedding pictures here!

Congrats to the happy couple!!!

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Credit: Adriel Reboh, Johnny Nunez; Photos: Patrick McMullan, Wireimage
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  • gin

    beautiful couple. wish them the best!!!

  • ashley

    this wasn’t a shotgun wedding..

  • Someone

    Yeah Congrats to the beautiful couple.Alicia is more beautiful than ever Love her

  • Puppet

    Leaked, and still no one cares..

  • Xahira

    She’s so gorgeous!!

  • Xahira

    She’s so gorgeous!!

  • Courtney

    Check the deffinition of shotgun wedding again no mater how long a couple has been together either dating/living together when the bride is pregnant it’s a shotgun wedding. she looks gorgeous but it’s smutty for a woman that far pregnant to be getting married in white off white or beige.

  • commonsense

    Expect for the child she’s having she’s going to regret this marriage in a couple of years!

  • Allie

    @Courtney: FYI Courtney, white wedding dresses were not introduced to signify purity, they were introduced to make money. Originally, weddings were not as extravagant as they are today and wedding dresses were made in colors so that brides could wear them more than once. It was when some department store (I can’t recall the name) decided to turn weddings into what they are today did white wedding dresses become something sought after because it showed you had money to buy a dress you’d never wear again. Know your facts before you sit at your computer.

  • Allie

    Congratulations to them. This may just work out for them and for the sake of everyone involved, hopefully it does. It would suck for all that heartache and drama to have occurred for nothing…

  • ashley

    haha i know i was being sarcastic! lol

  • SD

    She’s a hottie. Yummy!

  • armagan

    Please give us the support for a community clean your hands

  • armagan

    I’ve seen so far is in perfect

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  • julie

    poor, poor, Alicia, take it from people who’s been there before, we are not jealous, just concern, sometimes we can get in so deep, it’s hard to back out , no disrespect to your new hubby, but ,this was a mistake, and you are in the public’s eye, and the way you two got together, you felt you had to move forward but like most people predicted others demise, lately..dream-Christina, this is heading in the wrong direction, i really hope I’m wrong, you are going to have to really fight to make this work. good luck.

  • superman

    I have to say all these celeb weddings are shotgun weddings Orlando Bloom’s was for sure and now this one. Honestly im surpised people get married anymore in Hollywood. Hmmm it seems they are becoming more self indulgent by the yr.

  • SJC

    Who cares if it is a shotgun wedding? That only concerns the two people involved. Maybe she did want to be married before the baby is born. Maybe she just felt that it was the right time to do it. No matter what the reason, it’s not really any of our business. I just hope that they are happy and have a good life together because that’s all you can hope for when you marry someone

  • yo sista

    both losers

  • Brandy

    Why are people being so judgmental? She’s happy right now and that’s all that matters. Just wish her well. Is it really that hard to do?

  • Cheyenne

    Brandy, you speak the truth and sound like a very wise person. Why can’t we just wish them well or just stay out the h.e.l.l of it.

  • stuart

    Will the two homewreckers LeAnn Rimes and her golddigging boyfriend Eddie Cibrian tie the knot next?

  • yay

    Pre-nup? Let’s hope cuz he’s definitely not had the career she’s had. I mean swizz beatz, really?!?…Couldn’t she find a guy without a children & drama? She’s an exceptional woman, I don’t get it. And don’t say love cuz that aint it. This is about opportunity because Bono would never come out of the woodwork for Swizz.

  • well

    In the west White signifies the White Christening Gown. The color really took off after Queen Victoria married in a white gown. Before that many married in color and fabrics befitting one’s culture and social standing. The poor folks got marriend in their Sunday best. The richer you were the more corlor, fabiric and jewels you wore. Wearing black signifies bad luck at a wedding these days . It’s almost like inviting being a widow.

  • superman

    @Brandy: That is the most superfical ive ever heard. Yesh people make to meny excuses for bad behavior.

  • AutumnM

    @ Puppett

    Maybe Justjared users doesn’t care, but plenty of others such as the urban or black music blogs sure do care. Either way, I am happy for them. I’m not really a fan of how they got together (He was married at the time) but they do seem in love and Alicia looked beautiful and radiant on her wedding day. I wish them and their baby the best.


  • Amanda


    Probably since he’s broke.

  • http://Google Rev

    Congrat to you ses

  • Zeana

    Some people are so bitter at them selves and the world. why is it so hard for some to be happy for another’s advantages?
    If you are constantly hoping for the misfortune of another then nothing good will happen for you. wish others well!

  • Ash

    I give it 1 year…

  • clinto

    “I feel like Nas and Diddy song”…Swizz Beats you need to stop

  • Tari

    She’s a home wrecker no matter how beautiful or rich she is!

  • Karen

    i love Alicia songs, however I have 11 words for her; HOW YOU GET A MAN THAT’S HOW YOU WILL KEEP HIM..

    When you lie down with dogs you come up with flees. Granted no one can take another person from you unless they want to be taken, however Alicia’s involvement with a married man is wrong and doesn’t play to the character which she portrays. Unreal, only time will tell is karma will come back to bite her in the butt.

  • uh oh…

    He posts twitter updates on his wedding day and honeymoon? How romantic!


    “People feel that they are so happy and they are so in love, but what really happens is that real love does not come from a foundation when you hurt somebody else. Love does not happen like this. Love doesn’t involve hurt, lies, or destructing anybody else’s soul.”
    (Swizz Beatz ex wife said)

  • Clatk

    Down right shameful! Alicia and swizz are married in sin. They both are commiting adultery. The Bible says that a man can’t divorce his wife and marry another without commiting a sin. The Bible also states that who ever marries an adulterer commits adultery.

  • Mary Marrage

    She is pretty and a good mom



  • Nope


    I agree with you 100%

  • jadah

    lovely ali u take care,nice couple,congrets.

  • liz

    allie, maybe you should also check your facts before sitting down at a computer. courtney is not wrong. in 1840, queen victoria married in a white gown. it was supposed to symbolize purity, innocence, cleanliness and yes virginity. i am sure the financial reason for dressmakers was the obvious. a dress you would only wear once, a sign of wealth, but the spiritual reason behind it all is what it is. god and his angels are always depicted in white, while satan and his demons are usually depicted in red or black. this is not something that recently materialized from thin air. my great grandmother knew it, my grandmother knew it, my mother knows it and so do i. so while you are right on one point, you are wrong on the other. the purity part is what resonates with me as you can purchase an inexpensive simple white dress, but you either are or are not a virgin. so while you were right on the first point you were wrong on the second. before you blast someone, do your homework. if you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself. a white wedding gown is a symbol of both purity and wealth. everybody happy?

  • Deritis

    Happiness is momentarily but character is a lifestyle and if we continue just doing everything for a moment of happiness we are no different than animals that go by instinct instead of thinking with their head and using wisdom to make wise choices. The truth is the truth. No matter how beautiful she is she is a beautiful fool. It was supposedly only two weeks when he was divorced that they were engaged and not even three months before they were married. Not forgeting the fact that she got pregnant while he was still married. Then she gets married while she is pregnant. It is just unfortunate. But maybe something good will come out of it. More than the moment of happiness that we see now that is not truth or of sobriety. She hasn’t had to live with him and deal with the fullness and stress of being a wife and mother like his exwife has. Right now it is fun, but the newness will wear off and she will have to deal reality of this mans character and her choices. Good orgasms only make you happy for so long. And the wedding is fun but then you have to deal with the marriage and being able to look yourself in the face and respect and like what you see. Ugliness doesn’t go away just because we sweep it under a rug, smile and put a ring on it. None of us know all that happened. But all of us know a lot of what happened wasn’t right. I wonder if she has a little girl, would she instruct her to handle the situation the way she did or tell another woman to go ahead and interfere between another womans husband to be happy even if the wife was her daughter. What I could respect is someone owning up to their mistake and apologizing to the people that were hurt. That would be amazing. We all make mistakes but more than being beautiful on the outside is being able to humble ourself and admit it and ask for forgiveness.

  • vynno

    for heavn’s sake ppl,let this young couple be,wether its love or not,atleast they are happy with each other and i guess they love each other,Alicia aint a kid,so she should know if thats what she wants or not.

  • lee

    she lookes lyk a GODDESS! I love her dress. amazin.

  • adw2005


    How old are you 70. Does it really matter what color she is wearing. He just got divorced to marry her. They were dating while he was married and OBVIOUSLY doing way more too. Wearing white at this wedding is the least of their worries.

  • Ms. R.Jones

    Dear Alecia, I am glad to hear of your wedding,since you are expecting a child. I would have loved to hear of your wedding first but never the less. I am director of an organization called Lets Ban Illegitimate Births in America. Our goal is to enlighten our youth and all America of the proper way of life.God is not dead. IT’S AN EPIDEMIC Iin our country. God be with you.

  • Ms. R.Jones

    Dear Alecia, I am glad to hear of your wedding,since you are expecting a child. I would have loved to hear of your wedding first but never the less. I am director of an organization called Lets Ban Illegitimate Births in America. Our goal is to enlighten our youth and all America of the proper way of life.God is not dead. IT’S AN EPIDEMIC Iin our country. God be with you.