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Chelsea Clinton: Wedding Photos with Marc Mezvinsky!

Chelsea Clinton: Wedding Photos with Marc Mezvinsky!

Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky have tied the knot!

The 30-year-old daughter of Bill and Hillary Clinton married her longtime love, 32, on Saturday (July 31) in Rhinebeck, New York.

Chelsea wore a strapless silk organza gown by Vera Wang. The famed designer is a family friend of the Clintons and attended the festivities.

President and Secretary Clinton released a statement about the happy occasion: “Today, we watched with great pride and overwhelming emotion as Chelsea and Marc wed in a beautiful ceremony at Astor Courts, surrounded by family and their close friends.

“We could not have asked for a more perfect day to celebrate the beginning of their life together, and we are so happy to welcome Marc into our family. On behalf of the newlyweds, we want to give special thanks to the people of Rhinebeck for welcoming us and to everyone for their well-wishes on this special day.”

Congratulations to the happy couple!!

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Credit: Barbara Kinney; Photos: Getty
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  • lulu

    I love that gown. and what happen to Bill? he look sick.

  • Mollie

    No offense Jared, but you were really behind with these. Anyhow, I thought she looked great, the dress was gorgeous. The only criticism I have is of Bill. He got waaaay too thin, he looks better with some meat on his bones.

  • Jumbotrom

    what a nice white family, congrats

  • JuBEE

    The weddingdress is amazing. I want it for my wedding :D

  • drew

    Awwww she’s just glowing! What a beautiful bride!

  • Not Impressed by AJ


    He’s been through a lot health-wise.

    Also, Chelsea is so gorgeous. I love how NORMAL she is. People who bash her really have no clue and should just stfu. Chelsea isn’t drinking her ass off or anything, so that is terrific.

  • Sheri

    Chelsea looks absolutely stunning … and the dress is gorgeous and classic. Just wondering … is Marc’s “scarf” shown in the pics. a Jewish custom ~ I heard he was Jewish? God bless both of them with a happy life together.

  • Carol

    She’s grown up to be such a lovely woman and a great role model. A very classy wedding

  • Carol

    She’s grown up to be such a lovely woman and a great role model. A very classy wedding

  • slig

    congrats. . . . Hey jared why im ban? Pleas opean now

  • rock n roll queen

    congrats to the daughter the father is a bastard though like bush

  • Go Ask Alice

    Two with with all in the world, and they are low-key, private, eudcated ,good for them.Lovely bride. Happy bride’s parents for their only child aqnd only daughter.
    Happy couple. Best wishes.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Congratulations to the couple! She looks beautiful!!

  • Di

    Chelsea is just WOUAH (amazingly superb), this dress is amazing.

  • JM

    Of all their accomplishments, the Clinton’s should be most proud of their daughter. She managed to grow into a lovely, intelligent woman, grounded in normalcy. That’s no small feat especially if your dad is the President throughout your teen years. She made a beautiful bride. Best wishes to the happy couple!

    @ Lulu & Mollie: Bill has lost a lot of weight but it was on doctor’s orders. He’s had heart problems. I agree, I liked Bill with more meat to him.

    @ Sheri: I believe it’s called a prayer shawl.

  • VEIL


  • busted

    I think she actually looks lovely. They have done an amazing job as parents. She is such a posed and confident woman. NO drugs, sex tapes, DUIs.. like all the reality stars we see on TV today that are held up as ROLE MODELS.. OUR standards have fallen so much.

    regarding President Clinton.. I think the difference is he has lost some weight.

    Lovely couple…. Nice difference from the people we usually see plastered on the site.

  • the truth

    Lovely couple. Congrats

  • Katsaridoula

    aww, JJ, why don’t you let me comment on Mark’s possible reasons for his face being pale? All I said was that it may be coz he is scared of his mama in law… who wouldn’t be after all.

  • Katsaridoula
  • Katsaridoula


  • yael


    It is a “Jewish thing”: a tallit, a prayer shawl.

  • jjfan1

    I don’t go for wedding gowns that often but I must say her gown is one of the loveliest I’ve ever seen.

  • Wow

    This wedding looks like it was just amazing.
    Country setting, french florist, breathtaking wedding gown.
    Bravo Chelsea, you are a class act.
    Mazel Tov.

  • Judy


  • yeah

    Considering all the ugly dresses chosen by some women seen on tv shows like Say Yes to the Dress and Bridezillas, This dress is fabulous.
    She’s got good taste. When in doubt, go for Vera Wang.

  • Katsaridoula

    @Wow: french florist…. god, you sound like a stuck up brat :-DDD

  • Platinun Wedding


    the chicks on those shows are mostly tacky. That’s why they are chosen for the shows. They are too busy trying to be sexy on their wedding day as opposed to trying to be regal. Chelsea looks regal.

  • aww

    It was an interfaith wedding. Cool. Obviously these two have a strong sense of self and culture. .

  • led

    Jared you really have bitter bloggers here. Seems like they can’t be happy for anyone who is happy. Some of your fans deflect their unhappy lives in your site. So so sad.

    Anyway, congrats to Chelsea and Marc. Beautiful pics.

  • jen

    congrats to them, they look so happy. Chelsea looks amazing, what a beautiful gown.

  • missy

    and it only cost 5 MILLION DOLLARS! Public service seems to really pay well these days!

  • darla

    I love Chelsea Clinton. She’s one of the most well-behaved first children in Washington. Although she’s an only child she was never spoiled.
    Maybe the republican brats should learn a thing or two about being a politician child.

    Chelsea is beautiful inside and out maybe Veil would have prefer it if Chelsea had a record of underage drinking like the Bush Twins.

  • Wow

    I am a brat but never stuck up.
    Thank you.
    The florist is from George V Hotel in Paris.
    What do you want from me loser?

  • AJSmith

    When people are so hateful and critical of others it’s usually because they are losers in their own right. They are usually quite unattractive, uneducated, miserable with their lives, failures, lazy and lash out at anyone else who is happy and has more than they do. Chelsea radiates joy on her wedding day and is a very loved, accomplished, grounded and educated woman. It is understandable why so many haters and jealous people would bash her.

  • Angie

    In one of the pictures, there is a woman in between Bill and Hillary. (In the back-round) Could that be Marc’s mom?

  • Can we talk?

    I’m sorry,but I am sick of these shriveled bodices. The skirt is lovely but why such a scrawny, plain upper part?

  • Tara

    She has a horse-face, just like Tori Spelling. But I still wish them well. I know that Chelsea will NEVER divorce him. Something which Hillary has taught her about “stand by your man.” In the pre-nup it states that if he cheats, he has to pay her.

  • Stephanie

    The dress is nice, but she should have put some jewelry around her neck to distract from her face. Some pearls, or a nice diamond necklace.

  • an oldie

    Congratulations, Chelsea and Marc.

  • kitty

    THANK GOD I don’t have to hear about this anymore.

    I live 20 minutes from Rhinebeck, and people went crazy when Bill walked through the streets.

  • Cap Sully


  • Iris

    @Stephanie: You have a point… Pearls would make her look less harsh.

  • Faith

    I think a simple collar, like her belt, would look nice. Not every bride can wear a strap-less dress and look good in it. Chelsea does.

  • well

    Chelsea done well, she took her time–got her education and started her career, not many bumps in her young life. I wish much happiness to the couple. Bill and Hillary may have their faults (as everyone does) but they are good people and love their daughter very much. Lovely wedding, handsome couple and Chelsea looked beautiful!

  • Annie

    WOW! I remember Chelsea as an awkward teen but she has really blossomed into quite a stunning woman. And more importantly, she has class and intelligence, unlike other political offspring in her age group *cough* Megan MaCaine *cough*.

  • twpumpkin

    Where is Monica?

  • ALI

    What is so obvious is how loving and proud Bill and Hillary are of their daughter. They were good parents to her and she really loves them both. I hope Bill lives a long life and I hope she has children soon so he and Hillary can enjoy grandchildren. I admire both of them and wish them all well.

  • twpumpkin

    #33 DARLA
    Your a friggen idiot! I have read many stories about what a little B*tch Chelsey was while living in the White House. How spoiled and rude she was to the help. The Bush twins partied just like most college kids. Just because the liberal press did not go after Chelsey as much as the twins does not make her some saint. It looks like all three girls have turned out just fine. Stop making everything about politics you moron. Perhaps if Bush’s daughter had a 3 million dollar wedding you might think more of her. Go back to kissing Obamas Butt and leave the kids alone.

  • Lee

    @Tara: You really need to STFU
    What’s it to you anyway?????????
    You have no idea what your are talking about.
    Go take care of your own crappy marriage.