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Christina Aguilera: Ferrari Shopping Spree!

Christina Aguilera: Ferrari Shopping Spree!

Christina Aguilera and her husband, record producer Jordan Bratman, go shopping for a new Ferrari with their son Max, 2, on Saturday (July 31) in Calabasas, Calif.

Last week, the 29-year-old singer/actress and former Spice Girl Mel B made surprise appearances at the gay clubbing hotspot Here Lounge in West Hollywood. They took pictures with a few lucky fans and hung out in the VIP section.

10+ pictures inside of Christina Aguilera shopping for a new car…

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christina aguilera ferrari 01
christina aguilera ferrari 02
christina aguilera ferrari 03
christina aguilera ferrari 04
christina aguilera ferrari 05
christina aguilera ferrari 06
christina aguilera ferrari 07
christina aguilera ferrari 08
christina aguilera ferrari 09
christina aguilera ferrari 10

Photos: Flynetonline
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  • Yolanda

    Xtina looks to bitter and miserable!!!!!

  • hal

    @Yolanda lol Miserbale? Oviously you didn’t see how happy she was this week ! True Bionic flopped but that doesn’t change how great she is as an artist and she’s one of the few celebs that actully have a happy family ! Just leave her alone if u are not a fan ,what in hell u r doing her ?!!!,Th womn is happy and healthy ! and like she said:I am here to stay and I am going to keep doing my thing ,no matter what people say or might think….♥

  • slig

    max sooo cute and pretty .w r u jared?

  • slig

    and how are you jared?

  • Julia

    Wow her shades are gorgeoussss!!!

    Anyone know what model it is? :O

  • OK

    oooooohhhhhhhhhh… more promo.

  • Julia

    Wow her shades are gorgeousssss!!!

    Anyone knows what model it is?!

  • kaz

    wow max looking gorgoeus

  • Julie the caveman

    She’s so cute and max is a beautiful baby, love his eyes.

  • Bethany

    Max was born on January 12, 2008 so he’s nearly 2 1/2, not 18 months.

  • Dreads

    Max is adorable. I love his eyes, hair and style! As for Xtina, she’s super gorgeous. People seem to love hating her…..I guess it m

  • Dreads

    I guess it may be because she’s so talented, happy and beautiful. No other touches her! She ia true artist, why people love Gaga over her is beyond me! I love her <3

  • Yo sista

    @Yolanda: so true girlfriend

  • Ana

    Camel toe!
    And she gained a lot of weight back.

  • britney

    Xtina looking crazy as a loon as always and what’s with her eyebrows reaching to the moon. I feel so sorry for her ugly little son. He looks mongoloid.

  • Yo Chola

    She is a flop all away around. She hates Hispanics and never has anything to do with them unless she is releashing some of her crappy music. She is still mad because her drunken Ecuadorian father use to abuse her, throw her against the wall and beat her mother senseless. She considers the white gringo man who rescued her to be her real dad. She has no Hispanics friends either.

  • nubie

    Is it just me or has she gained a lot of weight again?????

  • Slinky

    She is really starting to look old.

  • Dana

    She needs to stop drawing thick eyebrows and highlight what she has…and is that the only style shirt she owns??Christina you should be in the studio working on a new album..Your wasting time.

  • ZAK

    Kingston and Zuma are gorgeous Maxx isn’t even cute he has a weird look.

  • @ Yo Chola

    So true. She is only half anyway and doesn’t really want to consider that half besides she looks more like her white American mom whom she identify with more. As well as the step-father who saved her from being beaten to death I’m sure.

  • Iffy Miffy

    Lay off the kid guys, he’s just a baby! Rag on her all you want but leave the nasty comments about the little one at home.

  • isi

    so funny how everyone votes ‘thumbs down’ on comments like ‘max is gorgeous’^^ obviously a lotta haters round here. shame on you. probably gaga monsters huh? xD love christina she’s the best

  • jay

    Lmfao @ whoever said she looks bitter. yeah ok, looking bitter on her way to buy an expensive car that you could never afford.

  • http://Hotmail Buy bionic now is great album

    Too much jealos.??? I don’t thing any of this bit$&chs heting on xtina can t buy a ferrary in you miserable life . Loser xtina even if she sales 1 or2 copies ?she is one of riches female In music bizz so shit that fuxk all buch of jealos get a life you all wist to have xtinas fame. Money talent and happy life.

  • http://Hotmail Buy bionic now is great album

    Will xtina sold more than 45.000.000 albums plus sold out tour in the past. 45.000.000)(115.000.000)(102.000.000) so she is rich enough to not doing anything for the rest of her life . Unlike all you haters???????? Fuxk you all . I’m not cocky I just love my self bitxhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  • http://Hotmail Buy bionic now is great album

    Don’t talking shi$&t about her family she is soo happy and real . Hey all the heaters xtina has a hit song call beutiful and every human is beutiful and ther own way …… I hope max become a rock star like mom because xtinas family have talent in ther blood.

  • mike

    ferrari shopping so cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mary

    well her son is one of the ugliest hollywood kids, to be honest……

    i don’t think he’s cute!!!

  • http://Hotmail Buy bionic now is great album

    By forbes magazine xtinas net worth is ever100.000.000 not even 30years old that is sonthing that you heaters never will have in you misserable life…. Hahahaha go and died.

  • http://Hotmail Buy bionic now is great album

    People magazing pay xtina 1.5million for 1rt photos of baby max he is top 5 most spense celebrity photos jealos?????????Lolitas fuxxk you all

  • QueenOfTrashin

    Oh, JJ, s*c*r*e*w*i*n*g up again, I see. The kid is two-and-a-half years old.

  • SJC

    The people saying bad things about Max should stop. He’s only a baby. If you don’t like her then that’s fine but leave your nasty comments about him to yourself.

    As for looking miserable.. I don’t know anyone who would be miserable shopping for a Ferrari.

    HUGE amount of jealousy going on here. Who cares if she’s put on a little weight. It’s comments going on about weight that make young girls throw up and never eat. She looks completely healthy to me. Healthy is something bigger than a size zero ;)

  • hello

    floptina is so 1999, i only remember “genie in a bottle”………flop!

  • hello

    floptina is so 1999….i only remember “genie in a bottle……flop!!!!

  • Brightside

    Obviously not a person concerned at all about the impact on the environment!
    Why not buy a Lexus or a Prius?
    Why keep f-cking up the Earth by buying over-priced gas-guzzling muscle cars?
    That’s the problem with so many celebrities, too much money and absolutely no sense or environmental responsibility. They say they support environmental campaigns but they’re just flapping their lying old lips about it! : (

  • Linda

    OMG, listen to the haters! You all are dying of jealousy because you couldn’t even afford the down payment on a car like that. Losers! Max is beautiful. Typical Christina haters, bitter as hell! You could call her a flop all you want, she’s still worth more than you all make in a year and just wait til she goes on tour next year, she’ll be making more money and she still has a movie coming out.

  • Brightside

    It’s not a question about what you can afford, moron. It’s about being environmentally responsible, or are you such a j-rkwad that you don’t give a flying f-ck about the Earth you live on and being responsible for looking after it!

  • LISA

    max looks retarded, ugly kid

  • Linda

    Look, dumbass! Don’t go calling me names okay! If you’re so concerned about the environment, go join green peace!

  • Jenny

    WOW her curves are coming back!!!!! Christina looks amazing with curves

  • AutumnM

    Look I like Xtina’s music and i’m not one to be mean about kids, but Max is no where near gorgeous. Not all babies and kids can be cute and that’s okay but don’t lie about his looks now. Max is just a kid and seems like a sweet little boy tho so I can’t say anything too bad. All I can say is that I hope he looks less like his Father the older he gets and that he grows into his looks eventually.

  • tuncay

    Where the old beauty did not stay married to him did not help at all

  • Von

    People calling her a flop and miserable… And she’s shopping for a new Ferrari!
    Get a life, losers!
    She’s rich and have a happy family. She couldn’t care less about stupid people hating on her on gossip websites.

  • omg wtf

    Wow, she looks so fug!!!!!!!

  • money can’t buy you style

    Her son is cute. CHRISTINA on the other hand…..why does she make herself look like a CLOWN?! Her hair is falling out, her sourface looks like bloated chalk. She looks RANK!

  • Y

    I gasped when I scrolled down, she looks…….absolutely horrific.

  • Phony

    Lady gaga is talented. She was on the today show, she writes her on songs. She can see, she is a cross betwen madonna and etlon john.
    Christina is always using sex in her music videos it’s getting old already.

  • Luke


    Good, copy catting bitch.

  • Luke


    she’s garbage, deal with it.