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Derek Hough & Cheryl Cole: Matinee Movie Date

Derek Hough & Cheryl Cole: Matinee Movie Date

Dancing with the Stars pro Derek Hough follows his rumored girlfriend, British singing sensation Cheryl Cole, into the Pacific Theatres to catch a movie on Sunday afternoon (August 1) in Culver City, Calif.

The happy couple reportedly caught an early screening of Angelina Jolie‘s spy thriller Salt, which crossed the $100 million mark this past weekend.

Looks like Cheryl‘s having an AWESOME day!

Derek, 25, and Cheryl, 27, have been spending a lot of time together. Cheryl married English soccer player Ashley Cole in 2006 and filed for divroce in May 2010 after reports of Ashley‘s infidelity surfaced.

10+ pictures inside of matinee movie couple Derek Hough and Cheryl Cole

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Photos: Bauergriffinonline, Flynetonline
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  • N

    I personally wouldn’t call her a “singing sensastion”. She can’t carry a tune.

  • Joanne

    why even report on them. they’re not even famous.

  • BEAN

    Lol she can’t dress to save her life. Wow you really don’t grow out of being a chav.

  • JamieR

    She cracks me up! She thought malaria ruined her voice lmfao. Don’t blame malaria, you never could sing.

  • Amanda

    Derek Hough is so hot! Love him!!! Who is this girl? I’ve never heard of her.

  • cocoa lux

    She is a media sensation.. not a singing sensation. Don’t get it twisted. The press here so far up her backside I’m surprised they havent choked. One thing I can say about the sensationalist British press is they certainly know how to build them up and then tear them down. If that happens to Cheryl, she’s ( or maybe her people) in for a mighty thump back to earth.

    Anyway it’s good she’s healthy.

  • Alaia

    For those Americans who don’t know, Cheryl Cole is a chav who assaulted a toilet attendant years ago…now she’s suddenly the nation’s sweetheart because her ex-hubby had a few one night stands with some women. I can’t stand the talentless bint.

  • lisa

    cheryl is awesome, i love her song “fight for this love’

  • Joyce

    Singing sensation? lolwut. Terrible singer and a nasty person to boot.

  • SJC

    I’m not a fan of her music but I like her as a person. It’s true what Cocoa lux said… She is more of media sensation than anything else. And the press certainly know how to build people up then tear them down again. I hope that doesn’t happen to her. I’m glad to see her healthy and moving on from the talentless soon-to-be ex husband of hers.

  • miss infamous

    she does know hes gay right?

  • dee


    Purlease her soon to be EX husband is TALENTLESS – excuse me while i laugh hysterically her husband has more talent in his small finger than she could ever have and he has won more awards and praises for his talent of being a football (soccer) player than she could ever have of her “talent” of singing – and don’t try to defend her and say that her husband is such a “douche” for cheating on her becuase she put her “singing” career ahead of starting a family (which she continuisly told the english media that she would soon start when her pop band took a long break (which they are still on) – yet lied)….

    she basically piggybacked the success of her husband from where she is today!!!!

  • Jillian

    I hope Derek is coming back to DWTS. He is the best dancer on the show and my favorite. He’s sooo cute and funny!

  • jen

    a chav? what does that mean? sorry to ask but I keep on reading that about her and am curious to know

  • blue

    You’ve never covered these two before and you dont know what you’re talking about. This site blows

  • Jody

    @ miss infamous: LOL! She’s gay as well. Her marriage to Ashley was a sham, because Ashley is also gay. Cheryl has been dating Kimberley Walsh for years. Derek and Cheryl are just bearding for each other like Derek’s famewh*re sister is doing for Ryan Seacrest.

  • Joyce

    @Jody: So basically everyone is gay. One great big happy gay family!

  • Franck

    Jared, it’s Cheryl Tweedy now !!!!!!

  • cecily

    He is gay.

  • cindy

    Am I’m the only who see that it seems the pictures seemed to be a setup by pr agents of where Cheryl is and all? To make her more famous here in the states. She even looks at the camera at times so she must know there setup to get more press for her here. They look okay together not the cutest but okay.

  • Amy

    @jen: Chav – is said to be an aggressive teenager/young adult, sometimes unemployed or of white working class background, who repeatedly engages in anti-social behaviour, such as street drinking, drug abuse and rowdiness, or other forms of juvenile delinquency.

  • Kate

    I’m sorry to disappoint some of you, but Derek is not gay! If you’d take some time to do a little research on him, you’d see I’m right. Those of us in America who have followed Derek’s rise to fame in the U.S. know he’s not gay. If anything, he’s a serial dater. His most recent conquest was Shannon Elizabeth with whom he lived for a year. Check out info on Derek; You Tube has a lot. He’s not only a dancer but musician, singer with some hit singles. He can give Cheryl a boost in her career in the states since he’s already famous here. I hope Cheryl moves to Calif. It’s great Derek will continue on DWTS; he’s the best pro dancer on the show – the only reason I watch it. Congrats Derek for the two Emmy nominations!

  • Dods

    Ugh Cheryl has a really bad taste in men! Dump him, girl!
    To americans, you’ll know who she is pretty soon, don’t worry! ;)

  • Nokia

    @Alaia: I heard the same thing, not just any assistant, but a black one, apparently the beating was racially motivated…Its a shame her ‘looks’ worked for her as the British public and press looked the other way.

  • w11

    Sorry, but I do not buy him as heterosexual. Sorry, just don’t. Incredible dancer though. Don’t know her.

  • kelsey

    I don’t think she needs to pay for security while she’s in the US. Nobody knows who she is.

  • cecily

    @Kate: It’s called bearding.

  • Phony

    salt crossed 100 million overseas on in the US.

  • lsam

    Derek is the best dancer in DWTS. And yes, he likes Angie. When asked with Max at an interview, who do you want to be with if you are left alone in the dessert, Derek said Angie.

  • j23

    @jen: is a stereotypical rough young person in the United Kingdom. The typical “chav”—known also as a charver in Yorkshire and North East England[1]—is said to be an aggressive teenager, sometimes unemployed or of white working class background, who repeatedly engages in anti-social behaviour,[2] such as street drinking, drug abuse and rowdiness, or other forms of juvenile delinquency.

  • sarafina

    She is OVERRATED……………… Maybe she will have better luck with the White Guy…….

  • http://nadcoleGA nad

    i love cheryl but i dont like derek, they r not suitable,
    cheryl better with ashley!
    …….ppl make mistake rite..

    cheryl too ,
    ashley too,
    but! i want them back together!!

  • http://nadcoleGA nad

    for all american ppl.
    i think if she will glamour at HOLLYWOOD,
    i say not,, cuz she speak geordie accent,
    so hard to understand wat shes talk,hee

  • Alias

    Of all people, Derek would know a bad singer when he hears it, he has Julianne for a sister doesn’t he?

  • Jade

    Amusing how Cheryl is now ‘dating’ an American when she’s been oh-so eager to break the American market for a while now. I smell a Public Relations stunt here. Her divorce from Ashley Cole wasn’t even official yet when she started seeing this douche. Rather convenient don’t you think?! And why on earth is she still called ‘Cole’ when she’s not married anymore. I guess ‘Tweedy’ isn’t good enough anymore huh?!

  • bilyana

    oh my god most of the comments are ridicilous.i love cheryl she is the most famous woman in britain ‘britain’s sweetheart’.her husband us truly talented but also a truly bad husband.i wish her and hough the best as she recovers from malaria

  • k

    @Jade: Yup that’s right. ‘Tweedy’ is the name everyone associates with her chav days.
    Its amusing how most of the public in Britain are easily turned (around); by acrylic nails, hair extentions, false teeth and lip-synching.

  • Jody

    @Joyce Yes, PR will do anything to keep them in the closet. Well, PR = Max Clifford. He’s Cowell’s PR. Need I say more?

  • Midz

    She can’t sing to save her its her looks which got her this far which I can’t seem to understand seriously how can people think she one of the most prettiest in this century?!
    Also she is a chav and always will be! And she can’t judge on x-factor, so how the hell is she gonna judge on the American version of x-factor with Simon (which Simons asking her to do)
    On x-factor last year she was saying during bootcamp to her other judge partner that one of the guys (Ethan who’s american btw) that she didn’t want to put him through because she took that he was gonna rely on his looks! Its like ummm hello that’s what your doing you dumbass hypocritical b*tch! Here’s the link to the video:

  • Heilige Bimbam

    No, no, no, “singing sensation” is absolutely wrong, wrong, wrong. NOBODY here in Britain called her a singing sensation, because she can’t sing. The British love hero worshipping, and she was singled out to be hero worshipped because of her beauty. I thought Derek Hough is supposed to be gay?Maybe Sheryl will decide to stay in the US with her “boyfriend”, and good riddance.

  • ugh.

    LOL at all the losers on this site hating on a stunning, sweet lady….jealous? She was still a teenager and DRUNK when she got into a fight with the toilet attendant. I hate how people tried to make it a race thing just because the lady was black. It really was a horrible time in her life, the court case, all of it. She carries herself with so much grace & beauty these days, plus she has a warm heart. We all grow up.

  • hana

    so ummm…..u brits pretty much covered it abt her,her ex,and gay face…….lemme just add some things that would cause her to fail in th US :
    1-she’s british…..americans dont get or care to take the time to “get” britsh ppl…and with her heavy accent we would just ask her to shuddup and look at the camera
    2- she aint a white rapper (eminem), a country singer (taylor swift) nor a super freak (lady gaga) loool
    3- she cant sing, and miming is heavily critcised here….dont know how she got away with it for what? 8 yrs??!!
    4-average dancer….but how far does that get u in hollywood??
    5- dating “gayface”

    also i thought once u go black u nvr cum back???? lmao

  • Mary Marrage

    what a lucky morman

  • arthur

    You will soon know cheryl a complete wast of time but once she’s in america were not taking her back we had to suffer her now it’ your turn my american friends

  • arthur

    he was dating her befor she split with ashley the truth will out one day

  • Lauren

    OMG, you people! Most of you americans don’t even know who Cheryl is! So don’t call her ‘talentless’ or a ’*****’. If you had done your homework, you would have known she is very successful and very talented. She’s in a successful girl group here in the UK, called Girls Aloud. They’re one of the most successful girl groups over here. She’s also the face of Loriel, and a judge on the most successful show in the UK the ‘X Factor’. Just because she’s PRETTY, doesn’t mean she’s a *****. Also, she dated british football player Ashley Cole (plays for England) who has cheated on her several times, and she has forgiven him so many times, but now they’re divorced. Derek was there for her (they were already good friends because he danced in her music video for ‘Parachute’). He also helped her through her recent battle with malaria. She’s a great person. <3

  • sam GB

    LAUREN you dont realy believe all that crap you have just said do you?i am a brit and am telling all our american friends cheryl is a realy bad singer and as for girls a loud[THE GROUP LAUREN MENTIONED] they only had four hit’s out of twenty five songs