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Inception: Box Office Dream For Third Weekend

Inception: Box Office Dream For Third Weekend

Director Christopher Nolan‘s Inception holds onto the #1 spot at the box office for the third weekend in a row, raking in another $27.5 million this weekend.

The Steve Carell-Paul Rudd comedy Dinner for Schmucks pulled in a healthy $23.3 million right out the date.

Angelina Jolie‘s action thriller Salt was third ($19.3 million) while the animated comedy Despicable Me took fourth ($15.5 million).

Zac Efron‘s drama Charlie St. Cloud opened with a modest $12.1 million.

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  • Dominic

    What happened Efron fanatics?

  • JC


    They showed. Him taking his shirt off brings in 12.1 million dollars. Still not quite good enough to top quality releases like Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore. He’ll be dancing in Disney movies again before too long. If he wants a wider audience he needs to do something that will attract more than his fangirls. Nobody wants to pay to see that Charlie St. Cloud crap.

  • KellStar

    Not a fan of Zac Efron but I thought 17 Again was a pretty good movie. Charlie St Cloud just looks like hackneyed sap. I’m not surprised it didn’t do very well.

  • Adam


  • helen

    modest? nice try JJ Charlie was a flop.

  • myself

    i bet if they haven’t put zac efron in the movie it wouldn’t be airing in the cinemas right now

  • myself

    i bet if they haven’t put zac efron in the movie it wouldn’t be airing in the cinemas right now

  • toty

    I think that compared to salt, zac’s movie brings money well

  • popi

    Not surprised Zac’s movie flopped.

  • Dasha

    This movie is spectacular, and Leo is beyond amazing as always

  • Nic

    Inception easy the best movie of the last 5 years, glad to see it beat other riduclous drivel like Salt! America shows we do have taste after all.

  • JC


    Inception was awesome, and is about to cross 200 million. It goes to show that Americans still like original movies that are intelligent. Cut down on the comic book movies, and studios should bankroll more movies like Inception.

  • Jojo

    I saw both Salt and Charlie St Cloud this weekend, Salt being first cause I couldn’t see it last weekend. Salt was pretty good only because Angelina Jolie was it. I see every single one of her movies cause she is simply amazing. I saw CSC yesterday. It was pretty good too. People just need to give this poor boy a chance. He is just starting to heat up… Well warm up. He can’t take the world by storm with just teenage girls and old women going to see the movie. When he starts to bring in the male audience.. He will be up there in 1st or 2nd opening weekend in the future. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for him.

  • JC


    Nobody is forcing him to make movies geared towards women. He might not be dancing and singing but he is still a pretty boy making pretty boy movies. His girlfriend is the one making the smarter career choices. Sucker Punch is going to be huge. Even in a bit role she’ll get better things because of it. Pretty boy Efron wants to be the lead and the only thing he can get is a lead aimed at the girls swooning over him. That can’t last. He should take a small role in something with more appeal to a wider audience and try to work his way to better roles that way. The only guys going to see his crap movies are the ones being dragged by their wife or girlfriend.

  • JC

    @Jojo I meant.

  • Jojo


    After filming all the high school musical movies, guys won’t be attracted to seeing him in other roles. Most people believe that was the best move of his career cause it gave him many opportunities and I can’t doubt that but doing three of them, that’s a bit much. Now that’s what he’s known as. He can’t jump in with the rest of these amazing actors that deserve to be in movies with roles like Leo’s. He even said so himself. The movies I hear that he has lined up may be giving him a step in the right direction. But your right, I did drag my boyfriend along with a little persuading. Like I said it wasn’t my first choice to go see but I wanted to support the guy cause I know the movie wouldn’t do that good. Leo did the same thing. Titanic gave him that big start. The ladies were in love and would be at his other movies opening night.. I know I was. As for Vanessa, her role in Sucker Punch I think personally so far is the only right role after high school musical. But that’s just me.

  • §LEA§

    I’m so glad inception is leading the box office for the 3rd consecutive week-end (it was my wish since it was released 2 weeks ago ( ) ! hope it will even beat “avatar”! i sounds unlikely..but who knows? Leo and all his ‘dream team’ deserve it!

  • JC


    DiCaprio was good in a lot of things before Titanic just to be clear. Gilbert Grape, This Boy’s Life, Romeo and Juliet, and Basketball Diaries all came before Titanic. I’ve always liked DiCaprio because he’s a good actor. It doesn’t matter if he’s a good looking guy. He can really act, and has been in movies that I’ve really enjoyed…………………..Whether or not Efron can act remains to be seen. He turned down Footloose because he didn’t want to be typecast, yet all he does is make movies that male audiences don’t want to see. I wouldn’t automatically discredit him if he had a role in the type of movie I wanted to see. He needs to do something that makes him an actor because he won’t always be the flavor of the month who can rely on his looks to sell tickets. The next good looking guy who can’t act is always close behind.

  • SD

    Leo’s ugly, but he IS a talented actor. He’s not aging gracefully at all. He looks much older than his years.

    Ellen Page is a hottie, and Joseph-Gordon Levitt is a good actor. I want to see it more for them, than anything else.

  • armagan

    This movie is spectacular, and Leo is beyond amazing as always

    I’ve seen so far is in perfect

    ibrahim uzun web site admin

  • CanadaGirl

    I’m surprised that Inception hasn’t reached $200 mil. before now; it’s just that good.
    @JC: You’re right. People forget what great performances Leo put in before Titanic-mania hit. If you haven’t seen Total Eclipse, do so. It’s a great performance, as well.

  • Jumbotrom

    uh oh zac bombed, it will never recoup its budget, better make HSM 4 quick


    I would be the first one to throw Zac under the bus if I thought he was just a pretty, talentless boy, but with a good measure of rational disinterestedness I can truthfully say I think he’s got the gift. That said, CSC’s performance does not = Zac’s performance. More likely than not people did not see the movie because it did not appeal to them. It may reflect on Zac’s choices, but not on his ability.

  • Abby

    You guys act like Zac can’t have a movie that isn’t #1. Thats not going to happen. CSC was not marketed as a blockbuster therefore it wasn’t going to make big bucks at the BO. It cuts out a large part of Zac’s fanbase which are young girls.

    I went to see it today and a mother and her two daughters where behind me in line (the girls looks about 10-12 years old), both of them wanted to see CSC and the mother was like “no, your too young for it.” So its not that its a bad movie or whatever, its just that little girls can’t go and see it and their parents won’t let them.

    I LOVED it.


  • CanadaGirl
  • Jojo

    Leo has had some great movies before but when people think about Leo, people jump to Titanic. I only saw a few movies of his before Titanic but when I saw it, I went back to see his other movies. He’s a great actor one of the best but he did shoot a few movies before he made it big. Maybe Zac just needs to continue doing movies how he thinks will put him on the top. He by all means isn’t establish as a great actor, people need to earn that spot. He is a great looking guy, people are gonna hire him for his looks. It’s kinda like Megan Fox, she is gonna get hired for leading roles cause she’s sexy but her acting isn’t the best. Sex sells. That’s my opinion though. Us going back and forth is pointless. I’m gonna have my biased opinions. Your entitled to yours and I’m not gonna get mad at you for it. At least we can agree on one thing, Leo is great and he is going to continue to choose roles that will be amazing.

  • he will make it

    @Jojo: i agree. zac’s movie was on less theaters too. cats and dogs had over 1,000 theaters more than he did. inception – that is the movie! saw schmucks today and it was fun.

  • he will make it

    @Jojo: i agree. zac’s movie was on less theaters too. cats and dogs had over 1,000 theaters more than he did. inception – that is the movie! saw schmucks today and it was fun.

  • Katty

    Some people on this bored, cough cough JC, plus others are acting like this is a flop. It’s not a ‘flop’ and it did better than Ramona and Beezus which made 8 mil it’s opening weekend. Plus, all we have now are estimates, Zac couldve be in fourth or fifth place.

    The movie should have stayed the the intended October 15th date. It is a supernatural-y movie and October is the best month to put a move like that out. Plus, it would have had more time to generate a buzz. They only decided on July 30th about two months ago and Zac was thrust into promoting and they were all too quick to try and promote it cyberly and such. The gave away too much in the trailers and with all the sneak peaks. Beastly should have stayed at July 30th while once again, CSC stayed at October 15th.

    Like someone said before, this movie not making enough does not mean Zac’s acting was not good. His acting was amazing, better than that. The bad reviews about Zac’s movie does not reflect Zac’s ACTING. He was soooo good.

    Also, like someone said, Zac does need to get some more males in his fanbase, and then he’ll be going really strong. With his next two movies, Snabba Cash and Fire, that is exactly what Zac will be doing. And, his movie Einstein Theory will help him much as well.

    We’ve only begun to see the career of Zachary Efron, he is here to stay and he has no problem working his way up like the way many great actors before him did. He said himself, he wants to earn his place in Hollywood and on the A-list as an actor, not just be given it. Right now, he is just trying to lose his Troy Bolton image and I think he is doing a stellar job.

  • Katty


    I forgot, many of those who commented before me are right. Cat vs. Dogs or whatever was in over a thousand more theatres than CSC was. That comes into account of why it didn’t make as much. Just thought I would add that because that is an important detail.


    Stop the Zac hate people. Get a life…there is room for both of them. Grow up! When Leo was just starting out his movies werent all that either. They didnt make that much money until he got his BIG BREAK…so Zac’s time will come….he’s young…he has time…and it takes time too… You just dont burst out on the scene overnight! This is his first major movie alone… And Zac’s movie was showing on way less screens its true. Hate KILLS!!! And Peace LIVES!!

  • Anne

    Angelina is so over, she can’t even open a movie any more, when was her movie last number one at the BO?

  • Katty

    The results are in and CSC beat Kitty Galore and beat Remember Me by millions when Remember Me came out.

    I am definitely going to go see CSC again when I can and Zac’s career is def on the rise.