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Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck: Nobu Date Night!

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck: Nobu Date Night!

Ben Affleck takes his beautiful wife Jennifer Garner for a romantic date night out at Japanese restaurant Nobu on Saturday night (July 31) in Malibu, Calif.

Earlier in the day, Ben, 37, and Jen, 38, took their youngest daughter Seraphina, 18 months, to watch their oldest daughter Violet, 4, play in a kids’ soccer camp.

Jennifer recently returned to L.A. from NYC, where she shot her forthcoming comedy Arthur opposite Russell Brand and Dame Helen Mirren.

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60 Responses to “Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck: Nobu Date Night!”

  1. 1
    boston61 Says:

    You’d think he would be bummed about his pervert rat faced brothers situation. She gives me the creeps.

  2. 2
    Abby Says:

    he probably sexually harasses women too. gross.

  3. 3
    Michelle Depp Says:

    Jen always dresses like an old grandma….she has the worst style sense. I am the same age as her & I would never wear half the crap she wears. She should model for Meemaws Boutique

  4. 4
    Really? Says:

    @Michelle Depp

    really? the worst?? u must think britney has more sense of style than jen has.

  5. 5
    NASTY Says:

    I believe Ben is a miserable S.O.B. He is smiling in these photo’s (rarely seen)…bet he had a few shots of 12. He is a total loser.

  6. 6
    NASTY Says:

    *or 12

  7. 7
    NASTY Says:

    to Michelle Depp, she is from West Virginia, DUHHHHHHHHH

  8. 8
    CARRIE Says:


  9. 9
    Liz Says:

    My, he looks, dare I say it? Happy! AND moreover, happy with his wife!!
    Are pigs flying..?

  10. 10
    Joboots Says:


    So what?????

  11. 11
    Arianna Says:

    The pics don’t lie. This is a happy marriage. And what a bonus – they have two adorable children! Go away loser haters – you are not credible and nobody believes anything you’re trying to put across in those little games you play.

  12. 12
    cute Says:

    His wife is cute, but not beautiful at all.

  13. 13
    Bee Says:

    Ben has been looking so HOT lately!!

  14. 14
    Jem Says:

    ew her dress…. its a date with your husband and u are dressed like that? omg… plz b more sexy Jenn

  15. 15
    juniper Says:

    I think they make a nice couple, and Jennifer seems like a caring mom; I just wish she dressed less matronly and frumpy. She has a nice figure and looks young, she could still ware classic cloths but with more chic fitted shapes and sharp classic accessories.

  16. 16
    SJC Says:

    I’ve always thought that they make a good couple and I know that there have been rumours that it is a sham wedding but I hope that these pictures start to prove the rumours wrong. I just wish the haters would just back off and stop being so jealous.

  17. 17
    Cayenne Says:

    Great couple = Great Family! All the best to them!

  18. 18
    ALI Says:

    They look wonderful together – I hope they are happy. They have a beautiful family and so many priviledges afforded by their work and life. they are just going out to dinner in Malibu – she looks comfortable and relaxed and very happy – same with him. He is getting more and more handsome. I hope his brother puts this chapter behind him and mends his ways, if the charges are true. If they are not, I hope he is vindicated. It is a nightmare for any family to go through this kind of legal and moral issue, whether true or not. And he has several children. Just awful.

  19. 19
    Please leave Ben alone.. Says:



    All this is Ben and Jen having a nice walk down the street again..
    So when Jlo gets interviewed why not ask her what she thinks of
    her ex boyfriends brothers criminal suit..

  20. 20
    persian221 Says:

    these 2 must call the paps everytime they step out
    i hope they stay married but really they are Boring and she needs a stylist

  21. 21
    Morgan Says:

    Wow, the haters are out in full force today. I think they are a really cute couple and I wish them all the best. AND their little girls are the cutest little girls of all the celebrities kids.

  22. 22
    shamrock Says:


    Happy Trails people, so let it be~

    Good Luck to Ben on his upcoming film, THE TOWN!!!

  23. 23
    Night Says:

    He must be drunk and high for this staged photo op, he must be desperate and there’s nothing he won’t do, he has a movie coming out and the afflecks are being sued for sex harrassment..

  24. 24
    Larissa Says:

    What a busy weekend of paparazzi appointments for the Afflecks. When they have movies to promote they act they are a couple and when they don’t you hardly ever see them together. They pulled the same hollywood PR BS when she was promoting her movie in February.

  25. 25
    soniaintown Says:

    They looked so happy. I am wondering whether this is a celebratory dinner for baby #3??

  26. 26
    Fake Says:

    Yeah, their fake “couple” act doesn’t fool most people. Only stupid gullible people. He is definitely looking for some hype promo for his upcoming movie. Trouble is, he ruins every movie he touches. He’s a horrible actor. He “uses” the media to his advantage and then complains about it when he doesn’t want them around.

    I guess they left the ugly troll kids at home with their enormous staff.

  27. 27
    benandjen Says:

    This is the first time I see him smiling next to her. He is/was always intense. They must gott the public memo. Good for them.

  28. 28
    Not happy Says:

    He probably had a few drinks before he left the house to numb the miserable feelings he has when he is with her.

  29. 29
    christine Says:

    Fake and Sham go on a dinner date. LOL.

  30. 30
    christine Says:

    Fakey and Sham go on a dinner date. LOL.

  31. 31
    rocknmovies Says:


    The Afflecks are not sued for sexual harrassment, Casey is, not Ben. And Casey is innocent until proven guilty.

  32. 32
    rocknmovies Says:

    What a bunch of haters around here.

    They are a beautiful couple with lovely adorable daughters.

  33. 33
    zoz Says:

    Great couple!

  34. 34
    carrie Says:

    it’s the second time that i see them together this week:it’s a record! LOL

  35. 35
    #1 fAN Says:


  36. 36
    Sheri Says:

    She sure looks pregnant here. They are a beautiful couple with two precious, adorable little girls. God has truly blessed them … and, hopefully, one more is now on the way :)

  37. 37
    Cheyenne Says:

    NOOOOOOOO. Ben and Jen please do not become a sell-out couple like the rest of Hollywood. I loved the way you guys kept your relationship private while out in public. I will feel terrible if you become like those other celebrity couples.

    What happened to the local mom and pop restaurant neighbor eateries you guys always frequent? Just because the kids are not with you doesn’t mean that you must go to a paparazzi infested hangout. I am kinda disappointed but I still like you guys. Don’t change, stay true to your roots.

  38. 38
    Cole Says:

    Hollwood’s 2nd royal couple after Jolie & Brad. They are happy to go on a date night without the kiddies for a change.

  39. 39
    sue Says:

    Night, ‘the afflecks’ are not being sued for sexual harrasment. only casey affleck..

  40. 40
    sue Says:

    the last time they were photographed together at nobu, she was preggers with sera (and luciana was as well).. hope there’s a bun in the ovenl! .. though she’s not showing much after months of speculation .. ;D

  41. 41
    cindy Says:

    This couple I like!! They look cute and adorable together and nice to see them out and about.

  42. 42
    Arianna Says:

    You people are retarded. If Ben was miserable with Jen he would be OUTTA THERE. That’s how it is in Hollywood. Nobody stays in a loveless marriage. Why would he? I see a happy couple, often holding hands and smiling. The haters are so lame and they have nothing to work with here.

  43. 43
    shania Says:

    awww…they look so lovely and adorable!!
    they absolutely look good together :D

    jen looks fresh-faced and very pretty as usual..
    she’s really beautiful even without make-up..

    jen got nice skin, beautiful, cute, pretty face!
    she’s not trying hard to look glamorous & gorgeous like the rest of the celebs out there, yucks…

    btw, the haters can’t accept that ben and jen are happy, bwahahaha…

  44. 44
    Ellie Says:

    I have so much love and respect to this lovely couple.
    Kudos to the Garner-Affleck clan for keeping a low-key life, they are down to earth people..
    God Bless them and their beautiful, very cute children.

  45. 45
    Gone Says:

    They got the public memo about looking unhappy and now they are working the smiles for the cameras, they’ve gone from one extreme to the other, it looks fake not genuine.

  46. 46
    really Says:

    tooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute

  47. 47
    Nelly Says:

  48. 48
    Jokergurl Says:

    I always liked these two together even before they were together filming Daredevil when he was with J-Lo, great couple, cute family.

  49. 49
    anna Says:

    ohh they look so sweet!! as for the haters: jealous much?

  50. 50
    your ass Says:

    to hell with u juniper. r u blind, do they look like a happy couple, u f ******

  51. 51
    your ass Says:

    to hell with u juniper. r u blind, do they look like a happy couple, f *** u

  52. 52
    Jen Says:

    I’ve always wondered how Jen G. escaped the whole “cheating” thing unscathed. Minivan majority has pretty much accepted her as the perfect wife and mom even though she cheated on her husband and then Michael Vartan after that.

    When they got together I thought they were a cute couple and I would like nothing more than for them to work out. Hearing stories of him cheating and her staying with him out of desperation to keep her family intact has soured me on both though.

    PR stunt or exploiting his wife’s desperation, either way, sad.

  53. 53
    Helen Vu Says:

    Some people on this board are so NAIVE. Where do you live? In California, no one goes to NOBU unless they need to be in all the papers. Confirmed rumors last week that Ben was cheating on Jen last year, Ben’s new movie coming out, all the internet talking about how desperate and lonely Jen is that Ben’s never with her in the same location more than once a month, today’s announcement that Ben’s brother is a sexual assaulter again, annoucement that JLO is on American Idol….as someone who works in PR, we call this EMERGENCY photo op ASAP to divert attention. They’re actors and they can smile and act – No one really knows what’s behind the curtain but most likely the rumors are true. Even if Ben cheats, Jen still looks the other way. How sad Jen. You really deserved better.

  54. 54
    Helen Vu Says:

    Woah, just read what a scumbag Ben’s brother is. This photo op totally makes sense because it’s not Ben’s style at all. He knows by giving these shots, he’ll divert attention away from what’s happening with his younger brother who he’s very protective and close to. Fake. You can fake a lot of us Ben, but seriously, if your brother did the deed, he’s scum.

  55. 55
    anky Says: this couple!!
    ben & jen g. rocks!!
    to all haters..f***k of***

  56. 56
    micoh Says:

    i’m soooo jealous with jennifer’s lovely, beautiful face!!
    she can really pull it off without make-up, my gosh…
    how lucky she can be?
    a handsome hubby, 2 beautiful kids and still making movies..
    some people are just born lucky “sigh”

  57. 57
    Eyes wide open Says:

    @Helen Vu:

    The most accurate post regarding Ben and Jen.

  58. 58
    GOFISH Says:

    My but you are hateful people. Jen and Ben ARE happy no matter what you say or think. I cant believe that you would be so jealous and nasty to people you do not even know. Do you know for a fact that they phone the paps. Give us an interviev between you that made such statements and the paps then I’ll believe it. You will never see any other celeb moms play with her children in the sandbox, they are to high & mighty maybe that’s what you did with your kids gave them to a nanny to keep them busy well Jen do not, she’s a real mom who is an actor she is not a stifflip beauty queen or bi@#$ like you

  59. 59
    alias fan Says:

    I love Jen. She is gorgeus, so smart and beautiful.
    Who I don’t like is Ben…I’m not sure if he makes Jen happy.

  60. 60
    alias fan Says:

    I love Jen. She is gorgeus, so smart and beautiful.
    Who I don’t like is Ben…I’m not sure if he makes Jen happy.

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