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Madonna's Kids Hit The Fair Rides in Paris

Madonna's Kids Hit The Fair Rides in Paris

All four of Madonna‘s kids get in some bonding time together at the The Tuileries Garden Fair (Jardin des Tuileries) on Sunday afternoon, August 1, in Paris, France.

Daughter Lourdes, 13, son Rocco, 9, daughter Mercy, 5, and son David, 4, were accompanied by the family nannies as they were catapulted in the air, drove bumper cars and rode on the giant swings.

The 51-year-old Material Mom has been busy shooting her new movie W.E.

FYI: Lourdes is wearing an AllSaints Touchdown vest.

30+ pictures inside of Madonna‘s kids on the rides at a fair…

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madonna kids fair amusement park 01
madonna kids fair amusement park 02
madonna kids fair amusement park 03
madonna kids fair amusement park 04
madonna kids fair amusement park 05
madonna kids fair amusement park 06
madonna kids fair amusement park 07
madonna kids fair amusement park 08
madonna kids fair amusement park 09
madonna kids fair amusement park 10
madonna kids fair amusement park 11
madonna kids fair amusement park 12
madonna kids fair amusement park 13
madonna kids fair amusement park 14
madonna kids fair amusement park 15
madonna kids fair amusement park 16
madonna kids fair amusement park 17
madonna kids fair amusement park 18
madonna kids fair amusement park 19
madonna kids fair amusement park 20
madonna kids fair amusement park 21
madonna kids fair amusement park 22
madonna kids fair amusement park 23
madonna kids fair amusement park 24
madonna kids fair amusement park 25
madonna kids fair amusement park 26
madonna kids fair amusement park 27
madonna kids fair amusement park 28
madonna kids fair amusement park 29
madonna kids fair amusement park 30

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  • lila

    Lola is GORGEOUS!!! She’s gonna be a big star someday. She just has IT!

  • JC

    Supermom gets in some quality bonding time by making her employees take her kids to the fair.

  • lila

    Lola is GORGEOUS!!! She is gonna be a big star someday. She just has IT!

  • KellStar

    I like how they braid Mercy’s hair and not try and treat it the same as white hair. That will keep it strong and beautiful.

  • Brenda Song Fan

    Family nannies?
    They must lead empty lives since the Material Mum is always leaving them with her large team of staff.

    I feel sorry for those kids.. they were better off in the 3rd world African countries because at least then they would have experienced the true meaning of family.

    Lourdes should be with her average earning dad. He works as a personal trainer or something, thus I doubt his earnings are high. If she’s with him, she will be able to grow up like most girls her age do.. in a safe, middle class-like region.

  • Brenda Song Fan

    @JC: TRUE!

  • ALI

    I hope these children get the best education so that they can contribute something to this world by being good human beings. It must be an enormous shock to go from Malawi to the Paris Tuilleries. I hope Madonna is not just adopting children, but also rearing them well.

  • Jime

    that kid cant be 3 :O
    and lourdes is looking very pretty

  • Caroline

    Lola is really a pretty girl!

  • E. Norma Stitz

    Ummmm………….Where’s Madonna?

  • Theory

    Madonna rarely does fun things with her kids. If it’s not kabbalah,or some concert, you will rarely see Madonna engage in kiddy activities, heck you don’t even see Madonna at the grocery store. Does she shop with kids, take them to school, sporting activities. Fact, Madonna relies on her staff to keep her family running.

  • Brenda Song Fan

    @E. Norma Stitz: Ummm.. dumping her children again.. so that they could enjoy some valuable time with the family’s nannies.. as usual.

  • deedee

    @Brenda Song Fan:

    Actually those kids were orphans when she adopted them…..I don’t think it would have been any “third world african family love” for them

  • Stephanie

    David I doubt is 3 years old!!!

    He looks like hes 5 maybe 6!

  • SiouXin

    Um Madonna doesn’t just dump her kids@Brenda Song Fan
    If you Google it, you will find plenty of pics of Madonna and her kids doing “fun” stuff. Did it ever occur to you that Madonna IS an International Super Star and is recognized everywhere she goes? Maybe she wanted her kids to have fun without being bombarded by fans and press? Put ourself in her shoes. If you had her job would/could you be everywhere your kids are. They arent infants and they are not with strangers. These people have helped take care of them almost there entire lives, so to them, they are with family. Remember that these are photographs that capture only part of what actually occurred. For all we know Madonna was there or met up with them later.

  • cece


    says the person who knows madonna, wait actually you know her through seeing her in paps photos

  • ummahyk

    lola is the spitting image of her mom:)

  • lila

    Madonna spends a lot of time with her children but in private. Can you imagine what a pandemonium it would be if she went to public places with them. And I’m not just talking about the paparazzi. Have you seen how Madonna fans are like? They are CRAZY! She has already said that her kids prefer that she’s not with them when they go out in public. Madonna is not a regular mom. She’s the Queen of Pop!

  • kaz

    wow i love place yeah , good kids

  • Liz

    Lourdes FINALLY did something with her eyebrows. Now she looks really pretty.
    And be realistic, people. Madonna can’t go with her kids when they are so much people around, she would be recognized immediatly!! Johnny Depp explained he couldn’t go to Disney Land with his kids, because they would never be left alone. And he is definitely NOT a bad father.

  • taiwan

    Jared, I believe Rocco is 9, he will be 10 this year, will he not?

  • Kendra

    If you see the pictures when Madonna was getting out of her hotel, there were huge crowds shouting. Imagine if she was there? The kids wouldn’t get to have any fun with all that commotion. The people the kids are with have been with the family for many years, some for decades so they are part of the family too. Madonna does do things with them including school events and going to their extra-curricular activities or other fun things (even when she was on tour), she also tries to avoid getting photographed so the kids don’t have to deal with too much of it, but sometimes it’s unavoidable because the paparazzi stalk her and her children.

    Madonna was working on her movie, so should her kids be cooped up all day in the hotel while their mother works? That’s ridiculous. They are with her on set at times and at others they go out and do fun things.

  • Kendra


    David is 4 and so is Mercy. Rocco is 9 (he turns 10 later this month).

  • Lala

    WOW! A Rocco sighting! I was thinking she ditched him or something.

  • armagan

    I’ve seen so far is in perfect

    ibrahim uzun web site admin

  • amber

    Lola ……gorgeous!!!.

  • http://justjared sammy

    Lourdes is soooo pretty!=)

  • tRE

    Lourdes is soooooooooooo beautiful!!!…Rocco, David,Mercy so sweet..

  • DDB

    I love how Lourdes is a spitting image of her mother!

  • pul

    lola lola lola!!!

  • Leonardo

    LOL the comments here. Its just obvious why Madonna cant be in a place like that with her kids! Anyone with a brain can see the caos this womam brings every place she puts her feet on. Its great to see her kids healthy and happy! Lola is really growing to be an amazingly beautiful womam.

  • Iffy Miffy

    That is not a 3 year old boy. Even for a 4yo … odd.

  • Lady

    I hate to say this but Mercy is REALLY ugly and her head is huge.

  • ion

    i`m in love with lourdes!!!

  • idrathernot

    Lola sure has a loooooong face. Probably a future horse face. Well, just look at her dad Carlos.

  • sunsui

    Then don’t say it. How can you be dissing a 4 year old?

  • Say that again

    @KellStar: “I like how they braid Mercy’s hair and not try and treat it the same as white hair. That will keep it strong and beautiful”.

    What are you saying?

  • get real

    I think Madonna has done a great job with her children! Lourdes seems together and Rocco. The two children she adoptive seem happy and together also. Madonna has taken them back to their birth home and started a school there as agreed. I have seen pictures of Mercy sitting on Madonna’s lap. I like the fact that Madonna doesn’t parade her children around.

  • Joanne

    Actually, David is 4 and will be 5 next month. He was born September 24, 2005. Yeah he is a big kid, but isn’t his birth father? *shrug* Some kids are just very tall.

    Rocco is a cutie. He reminds me of Guy, but with a little Madonna mixed in. Not a fan of Madonna, but the child is cute.

    I feel sorry for Mercy. It must be sad to be the only one in the home without a father. Lourdes has Carlos and the boys have Guy. When the others visit their dads I wonder if Mercy feels left out.

  • lee

    David has not aged since he was adopted LOL

  • African Queen

    @Brenda Song Fan:

    Obviously, you have NEVER been to Africa. Many African kids are raised by “older” siblings, meaning babies being tended to by children between the ages of 9 to 13 because their parents died from AIDS. Its heartbreaking to see these older siblings become “adults” overnight to take care of their little sisters and brothers. And usually, unless somebody comes to their rescue, these babies die from malnutrition before the age of three.

  • KellStar

    @Say that again: Black hair is VERY different than white hair. If it’s not continuously treated properly it will quickly become dry and unhealthy. Braids are the best way to keep it the hair strong but a lot of parents (black and white) will straighten the hair with a perm to make it more manageable or so that the child with fit in. This can cause chemical burns to the scalp, and irreversible breakage. Yikes! Mercy is much too young to be put through that despite pressure she may feel to look like mommy and Lourdes. There are so many beautiful natural hairstyles that she can rock! However I know Madge didn’t let Lourdes even die her hair until recently so I have hope she will take the same precaution and care with Mercy’s :)

  • clay

    David has gotten to be sooo cute!

  • Mary Marrage

    Great mother

  • bluuu

    i love how everyone is talking about nannys and what not. the guy is actually lourdes’ dad. i don’t think madonna needed to be there. i actually think it’s quite cool that he took not only his kid but her siblings too. btw, my brothers and i always had a nanny and that didn’t make my mum less of a mum.

  • ana

    i was there at the same time she was. i passed through her hotel and missed her for 5 minutes and i saw those rides too they were in close to the luvre!

  • marta

    @Brenda Song Fan: Are you kidding?
    what you’re saying about Madonna’s adopted kids is crazy so I will treat it as a joke, they have such a fantastic family with their mom and siblings and money of course because in their country they might be dead now and with Madonna they’re going to have fantastic life as not many people on the world have. Secondly why Lourdes have to live in the middle clas “enviornment” when she has such a rich mom?

  • zhenzhen516

    best regards for Modonna ‘s family.hope these childen grow in a happy life.