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Alicia Keys' Wedding Photo -- Official!

Alicia Keys' Wedding Photo -- Official!

Check out the first official wedding pic of expectant mom Alicia Keys and rapper/producer Swizz Beatz!

The happy couple, who are expecting their first child together in November, tied the knot in a private home on the Mediterranean Sea on Saturday (July 31). The couple’s friend, famed spiritualist Deepak Chopra, officiated the ceremony!

Alicia, 29, wore a Grecian-inspired Vera Wang dress while Swizz, 31, suited up in a Tom Ford tuxedo.

Swizz (real name: Kasseem Dean) has two sons, Kasseem Jr., 3, and son Prince Nasir, 9, from previous relationships.

Congrats to the happy couple!!

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Photos: Stephanie Pistel
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  • Phony

    Alicia another homewrecker, why would she date or anything with a man who has 4 kids with 3-4 different women. She will learn when he cheats on her.

  • julie

    good luck, i can’t help but feel sorry for her, getting off to a rotten start, been there done that, found out he fathered another child while they were dating? i wish the best, once you are in love, it’s hard to let it go.

  • Courtney

    How does that constitute her being a homewrecker? He wasn’t with anyone for her to “wreck” a relationship. Try manipulating or at least expanding your vocabulary.

  • Sarah

    a mess. i thought Alicia was a smart woman. smh, good luck with that one.

  • Cristobal

    Her dress is cute. I don’t know much about the details of her personal life to judge her however I wish her, Swiss and their unborn child the best in life.

  • congrats!


  • wow

    Vera Wang is hot this summer with brides. Congrats.

  • Lisa

    wow they didnt even mention his 3 year old daughter in the UK with a producer..wish them the best


    alicia keys is such a whore…i guess she forgot about her song KARMA… hope she remembers soon b 4 it refreshes her memory!!

  • laverdadduele

    Alicia writes smart lyrics, but in her personal life she’s as stupid as it gets. Karma will bite her in the ass.

  • qball611

    @Courtney: Sorry to burst your bubble but she is a homewrecker. Not only does he have a third child, a daughter born 3 months after annoucing his plans to divorce his wife who had his second child, but Alicia dumb azz was dating him at the same time all this was going on!!! She need to practice what she sing! She is such a disappointment and definitely not a role model.

  • Sean

    I will never respect this triflin ass homewrecker. He’ll leave her for another ho within 2 years.

  • Ish

    UGLY with the UGLY – a perfect match!

  • me

    @Phony: He only has two other kids and its his and her business anyway. I really don’t think she cares or him for that matter rather you respect either one of them i’m sure their not losing any sleep. boo

  • Nick

    ummm…get your facts straight, he WAS in a relationship with one of his babymamas!! So she IS a homewrecker&I was shocked, never thought Alicia is that kinda girl :/

  • Brightside

    That kind of behaviour is par for the course among celebrities! It’s practically a definition!
    Celebrity, (noun)….an overpaid member of the entertainment industry with a modicum of talent and the loosest and most despicable of morals!

  • zoz

    Whatever ……your career doesn’t decide your morals.

  • black

    ———-Errrmmm———-yeah……………is she crazy or something.
    Hello, this guy is a hip-hop dude all the way, he is black, he will sure as hell cheat on her, if he hasn´t allready, as soon as he can.
    PLUS——why do they even bother to release those pictures? No one ever really cares for such peoples wedding pictures.

  • stefanusngrh88

    so sad for her =(

  • Ruth

    The wedding will only be legal if they marry in a civil ceremony as well.

    I agree that she is taking an enormous risk in marrying this man who has already fathered three children with as many women. And so ugly as well. What is the attraction?!

  • Ruth

    Can anyone explain why a beautiful young and talented woman like that would choose to marry a man who has fathered three children with three different women + he must be the ugliest guy in the USA!
    It’s really unbelievable how naive women can be.

    Btw, the marriage will only be legal if they undergo a civil ceremony as well.

  • qball611

    @me: Actually has has three, two boys and one girl and three baby mamas. He’s a wh*** and she’s stupid if she think she’s “special”.

  • yungrich

    Just Jared- Swizz Beats has a son with is EX WIFE, not just any previous relationships.

    He has a Russian daughter in Russia that he does not support & his 9 year old son from a previous relationship.

    Clearly, this man has commitment issues, He divorced his wife to marry another – Alicia Keys, & Keys honestly believed his vows as he recited them? #ComedyCentral

  • whatever


    AND a 3-year-old daughter in the UK.

  • qball611

    @Brightside: LMAO, seems to be true in most cases!!

  • kalejah

    Relax all you haters I’ve luv Alicia Keys as a person & as an artist, I think whatever choices & decisions she makes in life its up to her not the public, I wish the both of them well, have a happy marriage & wonderful delivery, peace & blessings to them both good luck you two(it doesn’t matter what was going on b 4 they both got together, leave them alone)

  • http://paija_jnae_ily pj

    actually courtney swizz was married when he 1st began to see alicia keys, his divorce was just finalized, and she knew he was married and his wife confronted her about it and she continued to see him anyways, That would def make her a homewrecker

  • Lawrence


    And the common herd don’t?, too funny.

  • Brightside

    ‘Common herd’!! There’s no such thing!
    Jeez, these guys are only celebrities, you know…not effing royalty! Not that royalty have any morals, either! Probably they started off with the same moral structure that most of us have until fame and money and self importance swelled up their heads. It’s wonderful how money and publicity can make a person’s morals and principles fly out of the window!

  • qball611

    @Brightside: Not wonderful, just sad. But people are what they are whether they have money or not, money just puts them in the public eye and trashy ways are harder to hide!

  • Iffy Miffy

    So wait, wait, wait – four kids and he’s 31?! And the other day that other singer, five kids and 29?! What is it with these people?! Not to mention the women who are with them?!

  • Courtsss

    To be honest wth u, he may well be a no good cheat but lets be honest how loaded is she? if they split he will rake in loadsnow.. Smart move really.

  • the truth

    All these are right. She could have find another man to marry than him.He already has baggage when he got in the realtionship. Its was only because she was carying his child that he married her, Alicvia should thought about this before she laid a got a baby by him. Like the others that marry a guy that already has kids.I thiught that he was someone that she just met.That’s bad to start a relationship with someone. You have to date other people until you find the right one.And this man is not right for her. Look like its over anyway at the reception anyway. Why was they was so sad? Her caeer has been down pretty much since the baby and even worst since she got engaged and married. What a dump thing to do Alicia!

  • Courtney

    not all famous people have no morals you can’t help who you fall in love with. most men in the industry are married two or more times and have children with each wife if possible. wedding pictures and first baby pictures tend to sell the most magazines in modern times. not like in the old days when your management and or film studio if you were a movie star and particularly and academy award nominated one. as for example Joanne Woodward was when she married Paul Newman 29th January 1958 while 3 1/2 months pregnant with their first child whom she sadly later miscarried during the honeymoon. though in Alicia’s case if something went wrong in the pregnancy now it would end as a stillborn like the oscar nominated charecter Ashley Johnsten’s did in the 2005 movie Junebug. granted about 5 months after her miscarriage Ms Woodward became pregnant again and had their oldest daughter Nell the following April. who was later followed by two younger sisters Lissy born in September 1961 and Clea Born in April 1965.

  • Erica

    @Courtney: he was still married to Mashonda, please know your facts, she asked Alicia to step back, while she worked on their marriage, Alicia and Swizz refused, and she and Swizz divorced. So yes she is a homewrecker. People do not hold the institution of marriage very highly any more. Wome need to beware, the same way you got him, is the same way he will leave you.

    Good Luck to you Alicia!!

  • Courtney

    I Knew he was still married Hence why I gave the example I did as Paul was still married to his first wife Jacqui though they’d filed for divorce when he admitted to her that Joanne was expecting his child. but it was totally different back then then it is today. and besides that Newman & Woodward got married in Vegas not Corsica and in a hotel Bunglow not a church as she was Episcopalian and he was Jewish and divorced. so get over yourself

  • Shelly

    Disgusting! She really has no shame. For heaven sakes he already cheated on her and a baby resulted from that “encounter.” I was hoping when she fell off of that piano it would have knocked some sense into her but I guess not. Much like Britney Spears, I hope she enjoys paying his child support. Besides, relationships that start off on such an uneven footing never work out anyway. She is old enough to know that.

  • MM

    1: The ink on the divorce is barely DRY

    2: Baby came before the Divorce from the woman he worked with and achieved fame with

    3: Another baby mama just came out in England

    4: What is Alicia keys thinking…

    5: The road to divorced is paved with baby mamas, expensive gifts to keep him in line and pathetic grovelling!

    Goodluck..the man you cheat with will cheat on you..with SWIZZ IS A HABIT WELL DOCUMENTED by the baby mama drama

  • Erica

    @Courtney: Me get over myself? Really? you condoning a marriage and relationship such as this, you need to get from UNDER yourself. Comparing this to Paul Newman and Joanne, when it is still wrong. SO idiot what is your point?

  • sabrina

    She’s a freaking hottie. Yum!

  • Jbo

    Once a cheater, always a cheater…

    Do these people EVER think of the children they bring into the world and how embarrassing it will be for them to explain that they have like 20 other siblings all by different moms???


  • Liyah

    Poor Alicia, love this girl very much and wish her all the best.
    Hope they’ll stay forever.
    Check more photos from wedding: www.

  • MM

    Coutney is being paid to justify this relationship by posting all over the net:

    ahhahah…poor coutney and her you need to justify what is already plan as day..daying someone else shot JFK, does not make it alright for another person to murder Bobby…

    get a life and your morals and priorities right !

  • sistinechap

    Too bad coz love is blind? Too bad, so sad alicia keys + heartbreak = deeper and better songs. Songs in A minor, anyone? Sounds cruel, but I can’t wait for this ish to blow up so she can go deep again :)

  • Anny

    White. Really. Knocked up in white. White and you committed adultery. You see his bytch ass has on a pink shirt. She should have worn black.

  • oh gurl

    What makes her think he won’t cheat on her? Sad…

  • Shamika

    i hope their marriage workz…. i luv alica keys she’s a gud singer



  • Nicole

    I’ve never heard any negative new about Alicia in the media. For the most part, she’s kept a real low profile and seems to have stayed out of mess. We know nothing about their personal lives, so let’s not judge. No one on this board is Jesus. I wish them well. Why wish bad on anyone……???…….

  • naynay

    People should mind there f****** business she’s a beautiful black woman if she’s happy who gives a f*** I bet half the people commenting have done worse him. N his wife were separated & who knows maybe he won’t cheat all I know is. It’s none of our DAMN business so get a life and stop worrying what celebrities are doing they are human & didn’t ask to be role models so f*** off