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Eddie Cibrian: Go Johnny Rockets Go!

Eddie Cibrian: Go Johnny Rockets Go!

Eddie Cibrian takes his two sons — Mason, 7, and Jake, 3 — for a burger lunch at Johnny Rockets on Sunday afternoon (July 1) in Calabasas, Calif.

Eddie‘s girlfriend, LeAnn Rimes, is currently performing in Canada but flew home for a quick visit.

“Spent about 17 hours at home w/ my sweet boys,” she tweeted. “So very worth it! Just 2 days gone and I miss them like crazy. Left them all sound asleep, which won’t last long. Pretty morning in Cali! Love to you all on the Monday mornin’.”

Eddie just scored a guest spot on NBC’s new drama Chase.

15+ pictures inside of Eddie Cibrian taking his boys to Johnny Rockets

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eddie cibrian johnny rockets 02
eddie cibrian johnny rockets 03
eddie cibrian johnny rockets 04
eddie cibrian johnny rockets 05
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eddie cibrian johnny rockets 07
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  • Sandy

    Ummm, hey you homewrecking b!tch, they are not YOUR boys!!! You stupid twit.

    Give birth to children and then call them yours, you childish twee qunt.

  • busted

    The boys are really beautiful.. the youngest is just killing me.. so cute..

  • dee

    WTF – Her BOYS – Her BOYS – Eddie’s ex wife should read this and SUE that B*tche’s ass for FALSE INFORMATION….

  • Eden

    Wow. Talk about insensitive. I have stepfamily but NEVER would I call them my own brothers, sisters, etc if it wasn’t deemed appropriate. On the plus side, those little boys are super cute!

  • Katsaridoula

    @<a href=”/2010/08/02/eddie-cibrian-go-johnny-rockets-go/comment-page-1/#comment-17051994 @Sandy @dee I agree with you two, these boys have only one mom PLUS LR should not say such things. Btw., the ex wife seems to be much nicer, she has class and is beautiful in comparison to that sour-faced tramp LeAnn

  • maggie

    did she seriously have the nerve to write “my sweet boys!?!?!?” she needs to keep her mouth shut and learn about something called etiquette. they are not her boys…they are the boys of the woman whose husband she had an affair with while he was still married. leanne please spare us the details of your disgraceful relationship.

  • luvd80s2

    can you people stop the hate, shit happens in this world like the 1500 and counting that just died in pakistan. let them be, if the boys are happy to have her around and shes kind and loving to them, then so be it. I prefer that to someone being cruel to my children. It’s their deal and they are divorced so let them move on with their lives!

  • ddc

    It’s so obvious what she is doing. She has the worst PR I have ever seen and some of her fan’s seem like nut bars. You should seen some of the stuff they tweet on Brandi’s twitter. What’s interesting is Brandi hasn’t blocked some of them.

  • haha

    Wow! trash really knows no boundary. EC is still technically a married, and she let the whole world know what she’s up to in her private life. fameho! I bet she’s the one who’s calling the paps.

  • Katsaridoula

    @luvd80s2 hey calm down, honey, no one is hating her, OK? Just saying it is weird to call those kids “my sweet boys” if she is not their mother. Such thing should be ONLY uttered by the MOTHER or the FATHER of the kids. Unless one of these are abusive, of course.

  • Debra

    I’m surprised Leann didn’t cancel a show or something so she could be there for a photo op……I guess she’ll let him out without her as long as he has his kids with him, doesn’t have to worry about him straying

  • Mc

    LeAnn & Eddie are both trash and unfortunately the “new” primary focus of these boys. My bet is they’ll turn out to be scum like their father, particularly with LeAnn in the mix. Their only hope is getting on the internet, sooner than later, to get an alternative and contrasting viewpoint of the general public, as to right vs wrong with regards to LeAnn & Eddie!

  • Kirsten

    I agree with everyone else. Her tweet adds insult to injury. How rude and disrespectful to his ex-wife. The boys are very cute.

  • mary

    surprised he didn;t take them to Hooters. He has no morals so whats the harm in seeing a little boob action since they see their father sleeping with his mistress every night

  • GaBbY

    C’mon you know she’s not literally saying they are her kids. She’s trying to be loving and inclusive. Would you rather her dislike the boys? What if she had wrote, “spent 17 hours with my sweet boy boy Eddie” you guys would be up in arms about her not including the kids. If I thought she was being malicious I wouldn’t even comment, but I really don’t think she is. I’m sure the boys are happy to have another woman in their lives that cares for them besides their mom. The more love and attention for the kids the better.

  • mary

    What happened to Eddie’s manhood It flew south or north with LR. He is not a MAN just a kept gigolo

  • rhonda

    the little one ,mason, looks like Brandi with dimples Just hate to see what a kid of LR and EC would look like I have seen her child hood pictures Everyon knows what those kids names are , thanks to LEann [the mouth] Rimes

  • yiiity

    The hater is the hired TROLL changing HIS name. What’s new!?!

    Brandi said the boys talk about LeAnn all the time when they aren’t with her. She accepts it. Get a life! They are cute kids.

  • Goat

    Isn’t this the guy who walked out on his family so he could be a part time dad and a full time gigolo?

  • ho hum

    Brandi tweeted she is in love with a rich guy she has been dating for 10 months now. Do you really think she cares anymore? Don’t waste your time pining for her. She doesn’t seem to be pining, bitter, yes….but not pining.

  • ho hum

    Thank you Jared for these photos. Always on the lookout for Rimes and Cibrian on Just Jared.

  • Sally Gee

    Awwwww, that is so beautiful seeing a papa & his chilluns.

  • jackie

    I just heard Eddie is now with LeAnn in Montana for the next leg of her tour.

  • Joey F.

    Next stop for LeLe is when I get to see and hear her and not my first time nor will it be my last. Blessed dude here!

  • CanadaGirl

    Nice to see a dad hanging with his kids. His little guy is really cute. ♧

  • Go Ask Alice

    Some of you need to calmdown. No one is saying she should not like theboys, or be abusive to them and no one is pinning a beelding heqart for Branid.

    POINT_these are not LeAnns kids. These are not her legal stepkids. These boys have a wonderful,good mom who is alive,in theirday-today lives and is the principal caretaker .These ARE NOTher boys.

    Bad wording on LeAnns’ part as she always does. All needed to say, the guys which would mean Ed and HIS sons, Eddie and the kids, Ed and his boys. ANYTHING but “her boys.”

    Would it be right for Brandi’s new love, her boyfriend to call the kids,his sons. NO!!!!!!

  • Go Ask Alice

    Also, LeAnn is like a childish 19yr.old. Why keep tweeting everytime the kids are with her? It is like she is twisting the knife to Brandi or keeping telling herself and others as if she says more and louder, well, it is true.
    For the bos privacy, being littleones, it would be best not to mention , at least all of the time.

    Oh yeah, those boys of Branid’s are too cute.

  • MC3

    As I look at the older boy’s expression it makes me wonder if it’s begun to sink into his head yet that his father is being regularly photographed, not because he’s a “big star”, but because he cheated on his mother with LeAnn “the $kank” Rimes!

  • Matt

    “Spent about 17 hours at home w/ my sweet boys” ???? !!!!!

    Ok, I will join Twitter Just to tell her off!

  • http://deleted Wow

    leann is such a fool..every other tweet is abt eddie. dammn i have never seen someone so obsessed with another man.eddie has yet to defend leann on all the backlash she has received..what a man..and to the leann fans no one is saying she shouldnt love the boys but to refer to them as her own and to post pics of them on twitter when their own parents dont do the same to them is just sick..

  • Not Impressed by AJ

    @luvd80s2: ‘

    People really do need to stop the hate and leave Leann alone. Don’t people have lives of their OWN? They are obsessed with Leann’s!

  • Not Impressed by AJ


    Leann will never win with people, they’ll attack anything she says because they have no lives of their own.

  • http://deleted Wow

    lol this person called leann out and leann responded lmao

  • http://deleted Hypocrite

    @Not Impressed by AJ:
    why are you not impressed by angelina jolie yet you defend leann..hypocrtie much..

  • anon4

    Leann rimes just will not pay attention to her PR people. She knows everything and she will do and tweet what she wants. She is so self-centered. I wanted that man and I’m going to get him and I want those kids and damm it < I’m going to have them I don’t care if he has a wife and those kids have a mother I am a very important person, so get out of my way, they are going to be mine I am a singer after all,and I have lots of moneyand I don’t have a conscience. Get outta my way Brandi and Dean

  • http://deleted Racy

    @dee: I am sure that LeAnn knows these children aren’t hers but she helps take care of them when they are with her and that is the reason she says “my boys.” Nobody can be ignorant enough to think she doesn’t know the difference. She just loves these kids and likes being with them.

  • http://deleted Racy

    What we really need to teach our children in this world are people like Mc who has predicted that Eddie’s kids are going to be scum and Rhonda who has predicted that any child that LeAnn and Eddie would have would be ugly because their eyes are “squinty.” We really need them to use as an example of what is bringing up our kids instead of any effect that LeAnn and Eddie would have. Keep on braying otherwise we might not recognize where you came from.

  • So there

    leann Rimes still doesn’t get it. She has known those kids for about a year. She had nothing to do with the way they look, their manners or how well-behaved they are.. that is totally due to the mother who gave birth to them , stayed home and taught them what they have learned thus far. Eddie certainly didn’ t have much to do with it besides being the sperm donor. He was at the gym, playing golf or off banging other women Now, he is trying to play at being Mr. Dad.You did a good job, Brandi. and LR will always be the mistress of their father even if by some miracle he should marry her

  • Mc

    Those boys will be taught about LeAnn & Eddie, and become aware how their attachment to LeAnn was so easily purchased, like their father before them, as well as their part in hurting their mother by doing so. It remains to be seen if they have remorse for their part in their mother’s pain and shame, or they are happy with “the end results” for their bank account!

  • http://deleted Not Cool

    leann has no right to tweet to the public that those boys are hers..ur an idiot if you think thats acceptable..and your idol had the nerve to post a pic of the boys feet..his parents dont even post pics of the boys neither do they hardly talk about the boys on twitter even though they have a right to…leann is the mistress she has no rights and she has crossed the line..i hope the media calls her out again

  • rhonda

    racy, you’re back You need to read a little better. never said they would be ugly because LR had squinty eyes.. that must just be something you thought of,, I just plain said they would be UGLY because Leann was an ugly child . thank goodness for her she had a nice voice.

  • http://deleted Racy

    @So there: I would just bet that LeAnn knows she isn’t the mother of these children; I think the trouble lies in people wanting to believe anything bad about her they can find.

  • http://deleted Racy

    @Not Cool: LeAnn is doing no harm to anyone by talking about how she enjoys her time with these children. I am sure the child was very happy to see the picture of his toes on twitter. Something wrong with that? LeAnn has a right to love like any other human being.

  • http://deleted Racy

    @rhonda: You must be blind if you think LeAnn was an ugly child. I can see that a mistress’s goodnes shines through on some things where other people’s doesn’t.

  • http://deleted Not Cool

    no one said she didnt have the right to love..but these kids are not public figures..leann can tweet about anyone she wants but dont tweet about kids that are not yours. who cares if the kid likes the pic. kids also like to eat sweets for dinner and to stay up late, it doesnt mean its good for them. the kids did not ask to be put in this mess and for leann to drag their names in her daily tweets is sick..if the mother and father dont do it why should the mistress do it. once again racy these boys are not public figures leann is..too bad shes to stupid to know the difference

  • Debra

    on a slightly different note,,,,, has anyone noticed that EC wedding ring has magically disappeared from his finger in his twitter background pic? wonder if LR sucked it off for him?

  • jasmine

    Eddie Cibrian had Brandi’s wedding ring air-brushed out of his twitter picture. Leann probably gave him the business over that and told him to get that donreor he would get no allowance and she was going to take his pink tutu away from him He is a joke and definately not a manhe is a weenie. And to think he is supposed to play a bounty hunter,,Please let him wear his tutu in that show. It could become a comedy

  • TAngel


    Ummm…. All you have to do to find the kids names is go to Eddie’s imdb page! Both boys full names and bdays are on there!! So I really don’t think there is any validity in that claim!

  • TAngel


    Oh and BTW the little one’s name is Jake the older one is Mason! So I guess NOT EVERYONE knows those kids names huh?

  • http://deleted Not Cool

    thanks to leann the public now knows how masons feet look like..sorry your idol is in the wrong..brandi and eddie dont post pics of their kids and they rarely discuss them on twitter so for someone who has no legal connection but is just their dads mistress to write about them caling them her boys is very insensititve and inappropriate and its sad that u got your a## so stuck up under leann that you dont notice