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Lea Michele Avoids Hollywood Car Crash

Lea Michele Avoids Hollywood Car Crash

Lea Michele narrowly avoided becoming part of a scary car accident in West Hollywood today!

The 23-year-old Glee star was headed to THR’s Emmy Roundtable at the Chateau Marmont. THR reports:

“While stopped at the intersection, a car running a red light collided with a truck, causing the truck to flip over multiple times before eventually stopping feet from Michele‘s vehicle. The star immediately exited the car and stepped to safety on the side of the road.”

Everyone involved in the accident was okay, according to authorities. After the incident occurred, Lea tweeted, “Saw a very intense car accident today, everyone was alright, thanks to seat belts. Please remember to always wear them:) Thanks friends.”

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Credit: Nikkin Nelson; Photos: WENN
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  • woW!

    You only posted about her a FEW posts ago

  • buckle up yo

    I don’t like her but amen on the seal belt thing.

  • Why? I really don’t get it.

    @buckle up yo: Why do you feel the need to say that? Couldn’t you just say amen on the seat belt thing? Really it was unnecessary. If she would have been hurt would you say I don’t like her but …..silly.

    Glad everyone involved was ok, it sounded scary.

  • Alaia

    @woW!: A few posts ago? It’s on the second page, for christ sake. Nobody complains when Angelina Jolie is always on this site.

  • josh

    @buckle up yo: Everything you said.

  • lexy hates bilson

    OK I like this talented actress but JJ what’s up with this lame story?? Why did she get out of her car and go to safety?? Her car wasn’t hit and according to your story she wasn’t involved. Why didn’t she get out to see if anyone was injured?? Why would she try to be safe when she already was safe in her own car??

  • me

    @lexy hates bilson:

    The reason she probably moved and onto the sidewalk was just in case something else happened that would put her in harms way. Why she didn’t go and see if anyone was hurt, if she isn’t trained in first aid she could have done more damage to the people in the cars if they were hurt…The best thing she could have done was move aside and stay out of the way.

  • lol

    Two posts in one day… of an “alleged” car accident…. I want to see the proof because this sounds made up by the little “actress.”
    Sniff sniff…. whats the smell?
    Ah, yes its the smell of a new presswhore.
    .@lexy hates bilson:
    I agree lexy why would she get out of her car if she wasnt involved and go to the side of the road.?.. Where she would be in even more danger!!!!!!
    It isnt like she stuck around to tell the police about what she saw….. she left and went on for her press event so why get out in the first place? BS
    I smell major bs on this one.

  • Dumb post

    @lexy hates bilson: You all are fools. The Hollywood Reported first reported this becasue she was going to their event and since she and other are the event were proably talking about it they reported it. So it was just a small story to write up. Don’t pretend to know the whole situation so don’t pretend to know what she should or should have done. Maybe other already went to the cars so there was no need for her to go too. Maybe she thought the other car was in danger of catching on fire so she though she had to get away. Don’t be a bunch of a-hole. And Jared is just posting a story about a celebrity like her does every day. I call BS on your post.

  • What a fool

    @lol: So Mindy from the office made it up too. You are a fool. Why do you care?

  • Jack


    What? This actually happened. It was widely reported because it caused lots of traffic. Thank God everyone was all right. And she was smart to move out of the way because if she was as close as has been reported, she was in serious danger.

  • Actually….

    @lexy hates bilson: @lol:

    She did the right thing by getting out of the car. Your suppose to get out of your car, if the accident happens that close to you, in case anything else were to happen (a car catching on fire, more cars hitting each other). As for not checking on the people, you aren’t supposed to. You aren’t even suppose to if you a registered nurse (lawsuit if you do something wrong). You wait for the ambulance. She didn’t just leave the scene, she waited until the police/ambulance showed up before walking to the Chateau Marmont.

  • Dumb post

    @lexy hates bilson: You should think before you post becasue you really aren’t making sense. Take a minute and think. She wanted to make sure she was safe, other could have been helping already.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Excuse me but I’ve been involved in accidents and I’ve seen them happen. No one is saying she should have pretended to be a medical professional and assisted in some sort of rescue mission but if she stopped she could have gone to assist – just talking to the injured parties and saying help is on the way. If she wasn’t going to assist, she should have kept driving to her event. I was on the highway and say a crash but it was NOT safe for me to stop in the middle of the road so I drove to the nearest gas station and called 911. I didn’t just stand around and twitter. Recently a boy was hit by a car and dragged for several feet. While waiting for paramedics – regular people helped lift the car off the boy and another sat with him and his frantic mother and just tried to comfort them! Again, he didn’t play Dr and do anything but he didn’t stop to take pics or email his friends about it!

  • laughable post

    @lol: So this Golden Globe and Emmy nominated actress on the most talked about show had to make up a story, get the Hollywood Reporter involved, as well as the other guest at the Round Table for a little press? Yeah right that makes sense. What is you problem?

  • Back tracking

    @lexy hates bilson: As stated others could have been helping already. Also maybe she could move around the accident. You don’t know what all she did or didn’t do. Don’t back track because you made a silly post. And she tweeted about it later on on the night. Face it you don’t know what happen and really didn’t think it through before your careless uninformed post.

  • WOW

    How does a little story about a actress get out of hand for no reason. This is why the internet bugs me sometimes. People just like to start crap and be negative against others. I for one am glad Lea and all parties involved seem to be ok.

  • DarkEmpress

    Im a flight attendant and a lot of the drivers that pick us up in various cities, dont wear their seatbelts. They actually go through the trouble of buckling the seatbelt even though its not around them just so they wont hear the dinging noise the car makes to warn you to put it on! Ive asked them if they could wear it but since they are always rushing and have to hop out and take out our luggage they think its a waste of time! Craziness!

  • wtf!

    Lol I’m glad everyone is safe but this really didn’t need a post.

  • J

    @wtf!: But it is no big deal that it was either.

  • seriously?

    i’m sorry, but unless you were there, you can’t really say anything. you don’t know what she did and didn’t do. obviously, she stuck around long enough to find out that both parties were alright. and maybe she got out of her car to wait for the police. i have been in a car accident before. the police want to talk to both parties and anyone who might have witnessed it.

  • plain stupid post

    @lexy hates bilson: you are a fool, you’re judging her despite the fact that you weren’t even there. Clearly you are just trying to convince people to hate her without solid facts. In short, you’re an a-hole.

    Lea was kind enough to tell her fans to wear seatbelts, and rightly so.

  • are you kidding?

    @lexy hates bilson:
    wow everyone who agreed with you are retarded. are you kidding me? learn to read! then you wouldn’t ask DUMB questions. as it clearly states “a car running a red light collided with a truck, causing the truck to flip over multiple times” she got out of her car because the truck was flipping over multiple times causing it to flip increasingly closer to her car, if it didn’t stop just in time it could have flipped onto her car causing her to be in danger therefore she did the right thing. i’m sure if a car was heading towards yours you wouldn’t stay inside your car to see the outcome. it was intense and a lot was going on, you can’t exactly check on someone when their car is flipping or maybe other people where checking on them like people who actually know first aid. read first!

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