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Snooki: Mug Shot Revealed!

Snooki: Mug Shot Revealed!

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi‘s mug shot has hit the internet after her arrest on Friday (July 30) in Seaside Heights, New Jersey.

The Jersey Shore star was taken into police custody after being charged with disorderly conduct.

“Going to bail @Sn00ki out of jail…” co-star Jenni “J-Woww” Farley tweeted Friday afternoon. “The things I do for this girl I swear.”

“She didn’t hurt anyone or get in a fight,” a source told People after the incident on Friday. “She just needs to be in a drunk tank for two hours.”

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  • tigerlily

    maniston is that u?

  • tigerlily

    maniston is that you?

  • ICU

    and this matters, why?

  • JeM

    Awww!! poor Snookers :-(
    I can’t wait to see the episode!!

  • Candy

    I love her hair color!

  • LILO

    Snookie’s FREE!!!! Yay!!

  • ck_always

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOL. I love Snooks.

  • gfvds

    Gorgeous, I love her

  • zzzz

    I love how it says “get the look” under her mug shot, for those of us who wish to emulate Snooki’s impeccable taste and sense of style.

  • Jaye

    Some people just can’t handle fame without becoming jackas*ses. lol@ her thinking the cop would get in trouble for arresting her because she’s SNOOKIE. She’s way too full of herself. She said enough to the cop to land her in jail besides being publicly intoxicated.

  • stella

    Snookie, huge body, gnarly face, can’t sing, can’t act, can’t dance, no talent whatsoever. Famous for showing off what a hot-mess she can be. What is this world coming to?

  • maria

    What on earth do people see in this girl? Seriously. She is not attractive, is not talented in any way, acts like immature trash, is annoying beyond belief, and is a nobody. When is her 5 minutes of fame over????? Please, she needs to be gone…..I’m losing my faith in a generation who makes people like this famous.

  • Dreads

    LMFAO @ “the things I do for this girl I swear” HA!!!!! haaaaa

  • joanna

    LMAO at the “gorgeous” comment. I am seriously commenting only because I can’t believe someone would find this “woman” beautiful. she looks like a midget transvestite and is just vile. people like her give me the creeps.

  • Lala

    She looks so much better without her ugly Marge Simpson hair!

  • Kim

    @stella: “What is this world coming to”?! LMAO!! Dramatic much? She’s on a REALITY SHOW, it’s called Jersey Shore! What exactly do you expect?! Hahaha!!
    You MUST love Pop Culture, You are on a gossip site in the middle of the day after all,
    It can’t be THAT shocking to you!
    Ugh…. People are so funny.

  • Betty

    Yay! I love Snookie!
    I love how people will hate on everybody & everything !
    Just go with it people, she’s funny & cute!

  • Dave

    What a loser.
    Oompa loompah hits the beach.
    I feel sorry for NJ.

  • josh

    I think it’s more hilarious how some people with sticks up their as$es take the show so seriously. It’s just fkn ENTERTAINMENT. She is a nice girl so belittling her because of her looks only makes you look like judgemental dumbas$es

  • j

    can someone say publicity stunt?? i don’t even think this is real, just to get a headline!

  • Butterflier

    The decline and fall of Western civilization continues, when a fat little drunken fireplug like Snookie is considered a celebrity. God help us all.
    That stupid show is an embarassment to the people of New Jersey. jl If anyone wants to know what the real Jersey Shore is, take a ride down to Barnegat Light and watch the fishing boats come in and go out or buy a day pass to Island Beach State Park.
    And for those who consider this little troll entertainment, you should feel sorry for her instead. She needs to be in rehab.

  • Nic


  • LOL

    @Butterflier: Get a life you Old Lady, You are on Just Jared Gossip Blog! Not CNN World Report.
    It’s called Harmless entertainment .. Plane and simple!
    I love the show and I think Snookie is adorable!
    No harm no foul.
    Maybe you should analyze a more Environmental or political site,
    Your energy seems to be wasted on on the wrong things?!

  • Jamie

    Hahaha! Awww! I love her!

  • trash

  • ashton

    personally; i like snookie. and jersey shore is one of my favorite shows. should it matter what you uptight people think about television these days? i don’t think so. it is ONLY entertainment, not a life style. get the hell over it. so the girl got drunk and arrested. SO WHAT! i’m positively sure that she isn’t the only one this has happened to. stop dissing this chick, she’s done NOTHING to you.

  • Mary Marrage

    I want snickers


    Jersey Shore and its stars brilliant- they show New Jersey as it is, a horrible place with nasty cheesy people, who think they’re sooo cool. I hated living there as a kid. When people ask why I didn’t like it there, I just say, “watch JS”. SO glad it’s all so far away now, lol.

  • frieda

    Uh, yeah, I think I’ll stick to North Carolina or California beaches. These people are gross, especially the orange gnome.

  • CanadaGirl

    @Kim: Middle of the day? She posted her comment in the evening North American time. Plus there are different time zones, so posting time doesn’t give an accurate reflection of the time of day when someone comments.
    If you’re in Australia, it’d be the middle of the day for you, but not for North Americans. ♧