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Angelina Jolie: Rockridge Kids Toy Store!

Angelina Jolie: Rockridge Kids Toy Store!

Angelina Jolie takes three of her kids — Shiloh, Pax and Zahara — to the Rockridge Kids toy store on Tuesday afternoon (August 3) in Oakland, Calif.

The Jolie-Pitt clan is in the Bay Area because Brad is shooting his new movie Moneyball opposite Jonah Hill, Robin Wright, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Chris Pratt.

Shiloh wore her Oakland A’s hat backwards!

20+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie picking up toys at Rockridge Kids

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# 2

Love the Jolie- Pitts !!!

# 3

Shiloh is so cute I like the way she dresses. She’s a kid, stop taking everything so seriously.

# 4

Shiloh is so cute, I like the way she dresses. She’s a kid stop taking everything so seriously.

# 5

Wow, they are gorgeous Shi looks like me when I was a kid. You get them girl! Still today I wear the cargo shorts and pants. Very sexy!

# 6
alexanderina @ 08/03/2010 at 10:45 pm


# 7


# 8

Too cute. All the children are unique. Every little girl was not meant to enter the Miss Jubilee Tiny Tot Beauty Pageant.

# 9

Aww. Im happy they can actually go out and do normal things. Hopefully the papz leave them alone.

thank jj for the pics.Pax rocking the mowahk he looks good with the style. Shi is little Brad she really looks one of the boys. I can’t see z. Angie looks a hotty mommy.

I dont think dressing her like that is a problem. When I was that age I loved to dress like a boy, I think it was cooler cause I was influenced by my male cousins….But my mother won’t let me do it, so I think it’s cool angie lets her. It’s probably just a stage

thanks for these lovely pics JJ

They look great and seem to be enjoying Oakland. Angie and the kids have been regulars on the Moneyball set. They really are inseparable.

Reposting with credit to Observer2 and LLM

Let’s have some fun at Andrew Morton’s expense.
How about his defamation and lies lawsuit against him.

The links to his defamation and lies suit:
….and the links to his adulterous past and kinky fckery:

They all are kids haters needs to stop their idotic comments on small children.

jolly folly @ 08/03/2010 at 10:53 pm

So Shiloh is a tomboy. What is the big deal?

Beautiful family,each child has their own personality.Brad and Angie are doing an amazing job raising them under such an intense spotlight.Love the Jolie-Pitts !

OceanView @ 08/03/2010 at 10:51 pm

Thank you OV

luvangie4ever @ 08/03/2010 at 10:56 pm

Angie is Beautiful!!! I see Pax has a new haircut, very cute! I love Shiloh’s style, very cool. Watched Salt again today and loved it as much as the first time.

P.S. Shiloh is such a mini Brad,Love it !

P.S. Shiloh is such a mini Brad, Love it !

Cute..I guess they may be shopping for Maddox’s birthday on Thursday. Can you believe he will be 9.

Please why must we have the Shiloh dresses like a boy every time the child is seen. Angie has already addressed it. So STFU and move on.

I guess they will celebrate the birthday in Oakland since Brad may still be filming. I love that she and the kids have been able to be on set. What a hoot that must be.

I think they are buying presents for Maddox who will be 9 on Thursday.

The Jolie-Pitt’s enjoying Oakland. Not so many papz around.
Happy Birthday to Mad on Thursday.

Pax wants to pee it looks like.. he looks he is handfull one everytime I see him he has a big personality ..yes they probs are shopping for mad.

LOL, Shiloh’s cap still has the tag attached.

The trolls beat the true fans of Brad & Angie on the new thread.

Shiloh always look like she is in her own place, marching to the beat of her own drum.

OMG, Shiloh reminds me of myself so much when I was little, same type of clothing, same way to wear my hats, same types of shoes I liked, etc. I remember I was such a tomboy until I turned 12, the year I stopped being a tomboy because I got the woman’s monthy issue. And then my body changed so I couldn’t hang out with the boys. Oh man, good years….

Anyways, losers, mind your own business. Shiloh will be a beautiful woman when she grows out of being a tomboy. She’s a strong little girl; therefore, its natural for her to be a tomboy as she doesn’t see the difference between her and other boys yet. Give her time.

Andrew the Animal @ 08/03/2010 at 11:22 pm

Thank you JJ for the great pics of the kids they are sooo cute. And Angelina is beyond beautiful and a great mommy.

thank you Ob2 and LLM for the links to the expose on Andrew Morton.
I found this part quite telling: ‘I now realise what a total, unscrupulous hypocrite he is. He criticises others, but his behaviour is far worse than the people he writes about.

‘He always takes the woman’s view and goes on endlessly about how Diana and Monica Lewinsky were so badly treated. Yet, in his own life he is manipulative, has no conscience and has behaved appallingly badly to me and his wife. I think he is a very damaged human being.’
Stupid Star Mag and US Weekly should have checked this LIAR out before putting his lying trash on the cover of their mags. I hope he burned them good (financially). Maybe they will learn a lesson and stop trying to trash Angelina. Let that be a lesson to you, too, horseface Maniston and Stupid Huvane. I hope you too also got burned financially. You all deserve to be in the cesspool along with your idol Andrew the w.h.o.r.e, wife cheater, abuser, manipulator, liar, con man. You are all the same people.
He is probably low on money and had to be given an advance. Well your money will leave you in the same lowly manner in which you made it you creep!
The Brits really know what a liar this **** is. No wonder he daren’t print or publish this piece of Trash on Angelina in England. And those stupid FFr’s are eating this dung up like it is ice cream. Face it haters….you got bonked!

MARIA FROM TEXAS @ 08/03/2010 at 11:31 pm


Oooh the kids are so cute. Oakland huh? That is soo close to my hometown.

What Beautiful Pictures of Angelina with the children.These Children are so Adorable.

I think some fans made a mistake by thumbing down LLM. Her post was in reference to the fact that she was the 3rd to post, she wasn’t agreeing with the top 2 idiots complaining about Shi’s clothing.

I love this cool family!

Trolls already have mental problems. Whine, whine and more whine.

African Girl @ 08/03/2010 at 11:44 pm

Awww! Too Cute!!

The haters can’t find anything bad to say about Shiloh, so they have to resort to criticizing her clothes. Shiloh may wear boys clothes, but her face is all girl. Adorable. Wish we could see Zahara’s face as well.

I can’t stop staring at Shiloh’s outfit. That kid, is so…cool.

aaaww Shiloh just cracks me up. She seems to be such a fun kid to be around lol. Pax reminds of Madd in this set. True brothers :D And Miss Zee looks so tall.
CUTE set. Bless their little hearts

Shar @ 08/03/2010 at 11:38 pm

Thanks, no big deal.

Cute..I guess they may be shopping for Maddox’s birthday on Thursday.
I think you are right that they are shopping for Mad’s birthday coz Mad isn’t there himself!!

Also, to agree with a few other fans, to this day I still wear Cargo pants and I love them. No big deal. Shi looks stylish and comfortable. Dressed for weather too. That’s all that matters. As Angie put it she’s fascinating.

Passing Through @ 08/04/2010 at 12:00 am

# 1131 dianad1968 @ 08/03/2010 at 9:45 pm
Lamey needs to stop reading Popeater. They claimed the exact same thing the other day and drug out some so-called fitness expert who says that Angie 20% underweight – by HIS estimation, mind you – and that no producer would ever let someone so severly thin do their own stunts. Guess somebody neglected to tell Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Philip Noyce, Angie and the good folks at Sony, huh? This is why I keep telling you – LAMEY IS A FVCKING IDIOT. She clearly didn’t read the article where Simon Crane talked about how he didn’t want Angie muscular – he wanted her lean and agile, hence the diet of 70% carbs and 30% protein while training and then moving her to 60% carbs/40% protein while shooting the movie – to maintain energy and lean muscle. Some of these so-called “experts” need read more before shooting off at the lip – or any Lamey’s case, pulling her comments out of her ass.
Is there a specific diet Angelina had to follow to maintain her body weight and/or physique for the film?
Our strategy was (can you keep a secret?): she has to have 70% carbohydrates and 30% protein diet with an anaerobic training regime as opposed to aerobic, so she can put muscle on without losing weight. Sticking to four or five meals a day routine as much as possible. Then when she reaches a good body level that we like, we change it to 60%/40% favoring carbs. No junk food, no empty calories, and alcohol only on weekends (now that’s hard


don’t worry their posts will be removed. They are useless.

I LOVE seeing pics of the little ones!

Passing Through @ 08/04/2010 at 12:04 am

# 1116 thelookoflove1365 @ 08/03/2010 at 7:41 pm
Not sure whether(sp?) to laugh or be scared of this fool and his/her imaginary site/friends/posters. I can just picture this loser “fingers on her/his lips shhhhh and talking/typing to himself/herself in a padded cell being observed by “doctors.”
Run, Pt, RUnnnnnn! LOL!
Unfortunately I can’t run right now. I’ve got a stitch in my side from laughing at the Andrew Morton book…more on that tomorrow… I’m sure the folks at B&N were glad when I left…
Yes, that’s right, I stopped at B&N and paged through the Morton book so most of you good folks wouldn’t have to soil your hands by picking it up. Don’t worry – I wore latex gloves…given that it was 95 with a heat index of 110 today…that was just a wee bit hard to explain to the folks at B&N…

Passing Through @ 08/04/2010 at 12:05 am

# 1123 MEMEMEMEMEME @ 08/03/2010 at 9:04 pm
LOL. I was being facetious earlier when I made the crack about the company that produced misManagement. However – I will say that X’s exec prod. credit on that one is legit. She probably earned it on her back…but it’s legit. That’s one thing that makes the movie even more pathetic – she actually bugged people for money to get that thing made as a theatrical film when anybody with a brain could see that it was strictly Lifetime material. And where did it end up making it’s cable tv debut? Yeah – Lifetime. Ho coldn’t saved 18 months of her life and just gone straight to Lifetime to begin with. That’s why she’s now 41 1/2 and still searching for her first solo hit movie. She obviously can’t tell crap from quality…er…not that she ever gets offered anything of quality, cuz if you’ve got a quality script, X’s name ain’t gonna come up in the convo of actresses who’d be great in the role…

dark angel @ 08/04/2010 at 12:05 am

I love cargo pants especially during field work. The trolls are downright insane by being angry when we criticize their idol but okay with them to criticize a child. This family is BIG. You cannot bring them down with your hatred.

Passing Through @ 08/04/2010 at 12:06 am

# 1127 lylian @ 08/03/2010 at 9:22 pm
Lylian -
X’s salary for misManagement was counted for the July 2007-June 2008 period because it was filmed in the fall of 2007. Yes, that’s right, it languished on the shelves at Samuel Goldwyn company for 18 months before they managed to sell it theaters – all 212 of that bothered to show it.
And yes, her friends residuals ran out in 2009. That’s why she’s hustling trying to make 10 movies this year – so she can stay on the Top 10 Earning Actresses list.

always exciting to see pics of this family. absolutely gorgeous.

always exciting to see pics of this family. absolutely gorgeous.

Passing Through @ 08/04/2010 at 12:08 am

# 1128 Observer2 @ 08/03/2010 at 9:23 pm
# 1130 Observer2 @ 08/03/2010 at 9:24 pm
Yeah, he a real beacon of light shining truth upon humanity, ain’t he?

Passing Through @ 08/04/2010 at 12:04 am

From what I understand, AM gets a big FAIL on his book. He can’t even get dates correct when there is photographic evidence of said dates. LOL.

And his proof of an affair between Brad and Angelina was that they used to hang out by Brad’s trailer, where Brad set up a place for everyone to hang out at. Including the crew. LMAO! He left out the including the crew part though.

And if AM and his publisher were so confident in their book and his research, than why not publish it in the U.K.? Because they knew that they could be sued and lose. Way to stick by your guns, Morton. Only NOT.

Passing Through @ 08/04/2010 at 12:08 am

It’s always the ones that try to dig up dirt on others that have the biggest heap in their own backyard.

Oh so lovely photos of my favorite family. Thank you JJ. Just in time for a new thread.

The Morton book makes me giggle because it’s like he wrote all of angles scandals and then realised that none of it was breaking news info. Angus told on herself re: her wild days ages ago so then he had to go back and sprickle it with tabloids. Big mistake. Y would I pay for a book that is angle quotes mixed with accusations I’ve ready read in tabs or online? This book is geared towards the tab crowd aka the people that pay to read rehashed stories every week.

Oops typos . Hahaha

cute kids, good that they are doing everyday things. I love the Bay area, I wish I was there, visiting SF.
Please is anyoe complaining about the cargo pants Shi is wearing? Sorry to bring this up,but the ex loves to wear her 10-12 year old cargo pants and tank tops from the 90′s too. She must love how she looks with them, so?

Sorry for not providing a link, it is late where I live.
Great to see a new thread, night,night, fans!

dianad1968 @ 08/04/2010 at 12:23 am

Shiloh makes me crack up. This child is so much like her father, that you know she was born straight from his heart. But yet you can also see so much of her mother….the independence and self confidence is ALL Angie. She is a perfect mix of her parents.

Passing Through @ 08/04/2010 at 12:27 am

Awww…man…Angie’s had that Flowbee out again. Now Pax is rocking the Madhawk. Guess we’ll have to start calling it the FauxPax now…
Also…gotta say…Shiloh is killing me with that outfit! A lilac polo shirt and green cargo shorts? Only a child could get away with that combo…

shiloh has swaggggaaaa haha, cutie

dianad1968 @ 08/04/2010 at 12:31 am

BTW, it looks like Shi is wearing earrings. What will the trolls say now? LOL.

PT, I can’t wait to read your book report. Please don’t make us wait too long.

Does Shiloh have a bandaid on her left leg? It wouldn’t surprise me if she did.

@bdj: I have a feeling Shiloh is going to be a kick ass kind of girl. Maybe do MMA or something. She’s going to be beautiful but deadly like La Femme Nikita.

Aww… Such normal kids. Wish people would stop bugging them. Can’t believe the paps followed them all the way to Oakland. I was just there a couple days ago! I live only a few miles away.

Aww. Now they’re back to normal life again. The children must love it when mom is back home with them full time. Thanks JJ for the new thread and God bless everybody.

Better late than never. Gorgeous pictures. It’s nice to see Angie with the kids having some fun. They look happy and relaxed from their round the world trips. Angie looks fab as usual.

dianad1968 @ 08/04/2010 at 12:48 am

@Passing Through:


PT, I am convinced Lamey is p*ssed because everyone can see that Angie is Brad’s BIG LOVE, and NOT Fishstick, as everyone used to say, and we all know how Lamey idolizes Fishsticks. Talking about Fishsticks, I recently read a quote she made about her breakup with Brad, how her heart broke that day, “and it will never be the same”. I tell you these women will never leave Brad alone…it’s like “once you go Brad, you never go back”. LOL

Diane! you must be living under the rock . come out and get some fresh air !

Now you know how Tom Kat fans feel like, #3 and #15 and #39.

Why do you keep bringing up that limited released indie to knock Aniston down, #51? Why bring her up in the first place?

Why change names, troll?

Pax is rockin’ his hair!!
No one messes with mowhawk and backward wearing cap kiddies:D

Oh Pacman got lost again.There is no Suri here.

watevah! if you are happy with all the lies you tell go scream at the ocean..
Do it now please

Jen's Perfume: Scent of Pity @ 08/04/2010 at 1:22 am

Pax and Mad are going to be the coolest kids in their highschool..I can only imagine all the girls swooning over them haha

God is showering blessing on Brad and Angelina to date.
SALT is predicted to hit over 300m in world wide bo.
Angelina has 6 healthy beautiful children.
Angelina and Brad’s finances seem to be in pretty good shape. No need for either of them to work on 3 or 4 films a year.
Angelina has reconciled with her father. Brad’s family are always visiting them so I think it’s safe to assume that they all get along well enough.
Angelina and Brad are STILL TOGETHER AFTER MORE THAN 5 YEARS and from their own lips, they are each other’s soul mates.
As God is showering them with blessings, based on your own arguments, it must mean that neither Brad nor Angelina are adulterors coz otherwise, God would not be blessing them.
Seriously, enough of jokes.
When I read your screed, I wonder what God thinks of you – for you obviously are sufficiently prideful to think that you KNOW what God thinks and wants for Angelina and Brad.
And as for being judgemental, didn’t Jesus himself say, “Judge not?”
So, as a buddhist, let me strive for compassion towards you and say:
Sweetheart, let go of the anger and the pridefulness that’s in your heart. When you say “God will not bless Angelina and Brad who are adulterors” what you are wishing and hoping is that God will punish Brad and Angelina because in your judgement, they are adulterors.
Do you think God, who is loving and compassionate and merciful, will appreciate a prayer of spite from you?
Have the humility and the trust that God is always kind. When there is suffering and pain, it is not necessarily a curse or a punishment. It may be just a necessary lesson for you to learn. When God grants blessings, it is not necessarily reward for righteousness, but merely that God is happy to grant of hopeful prayers.
In the Torah, Exodus 21:10 polygamy is allowed.
If he marries another woman, he must not deprive the first one of her food, clothing and marital rights.
So, is polygamy adultery? What do we mean by adultery as described in the 10 commandments? Hmmm?
No wonder Anne Rice said that though Christ was central to her life, she didn’t want to be associated with christians like you.


Hey KrISS meet MY ****…how’s that for eloquence.
What a bore……! YYYAAAWWWNNN…I was having trouble sleeping..and your comments helped put me to sleep.

Shiloh is getting so big. I still remember when

Well that was odd. My comment went through without being able to finish. lol
Anyway I still remember when People magazine released the first baby pictures of Shiloh. :)

Pax: “Mom let’s goooo! I gotta peeeeee..”

hilarious kiddy and Angelina is very nice and relax here

SALT is doing great at the BO. $73.6m domestic and worldwide gross $106.6m in less than 2 wks. That is fantastic. I have no doubt it will hit $120m — $135m this weekend. Sony must be very very happy and I’m sure they’re already planning a sequel.

Haters stop trying to rewrite history. Admit it, Angie is a great actress and your idol can’t hold a candle to her when it comes to acting. Anuston is no match to Angie not just in acting, in everything. She is 2nd fiddle.

They’re so cute. Angie always looks so beautiful!

queen bee @ 08/04/2010 at 2:46 am

..”AND GOD MADE ANGELINA”…(I agree with 90% of this article, so I thought I’d post it…)
She’s become the world’s number-one female celebrity – and it will take more than a scandalous new biography to bring the divine Miss Jolie down, writes Liz Hoggard

So is this the moment Brangelina comes crashing down? Will the Jolie-Pitt union survive the latest revelations in Andrew Morton’s new biography, just published in America? This week Jolie, voted the most powerful female celebrity in the world by Forbes magazine, may be holding her breath. Then again she may not.

The nature of a true star is how they handle adversity. And it’s telling that just at the height of the scandal caused by Angelina: An Unauthorized Biography, American critics are raving about the 35-year-old’s performance in the new action thriller, Salt.

She’s being dubbed the female Bond. In Salt she gets shot at, beaten, thrown off trains and planes; she leaps precariously from one tall building to another. The role was written for a man (Tom Cruise), but we’ve never seen a woman on screen like Evelyn Salt before.
It’s easy to forget that Jolie is an actress. Fulfilling Hollywood’s love affair with bad girls, she has laid out her life for us to examine like the best sort of performance art. We already knew about the bisexuality, the self-harming and the knives. After winning an Oscar for Girl, Interrupted, she checked herself into a psychiatric institution.
Are there any more dark secrets? Well Morton focuses in lingering detail on Jolie’s past heroin addiction, on S&M parties, and includes sexy photos of Jolie’s “shady past”. In one she has black tape over her nipples and a dog leash around her neck.
The book won’t be published in the UK, thanks to our strict libel laws. But tabloids are speculating Jolie’s five-year relationship with Brad Pitt may not survive. Even before she “stole” Pitt from Jennifer Aniston, Morton claims Jolie had targeted married or attached men such as Ethan Hawke, Ralph Fiennes and Mick Jagger. Star magazine quotes a “source” as saying: “For Brad, this could be the final straw.”
Personally, I doubt it. Jolie is the queen of reinvention. Protean, brilliant, unstable, she really is a very different form of female celebrity. She has played every role going in her own life (mother, action hero, madwoman), let alone on screen. She can shoot guns and fly a plane. She runs her own production company. She’s a humanitarian on close terms with Bill and Kofi.
Men regard her as a sexual fantasy figure (clock the current issue of Vanity Fair, on the cover of which she poses in micro shorts). But women like her too. She’s the ultimate girl crush. Partly it’s because she’s an equal opportunities flirt.
But we also like the way she’s reinvented the landscape for women. According to Naomi Wolf, author of The Beauty Myth: “She has created a life narrative that is not just personal. Rather, it is archetypal. And the archetype is one that really, for the first time in modern culture, brings together almost every aspect of female empowerment and liberation.”
Most of us only get to play a few carefully selected roles in our lives. Career woman. Mother. Lover. Friend. You have to choose. No woman can have it all, as Emma Thompson claimed with considerable feeling this week.
But Angelina breaks those rules. She’s been a home-wrecker and a single mother. She’s slept with women. And advocated casual sex (“Meeting a man in a hotel room for a few hours and not seeing that man again for a few months is about what I can handle,” she explained after her split from her husband number two, Billy Bob Thornton).
She’s made mistakes in public. And yet she still got her fairytale romance – with the ultimate movie star. She has adopted children and proved she can have them biologically. For a woman who has battled addiction and eating disorders, she is the emblem of fertility.

queen bee @ 08/04/2010 at 2:53 am

“…AND GOD CREATED ANGELINA”….(I agree with 90% of this article, so I thought I would post it…)

So is this the moment Brangelina comes crashing down? Will the Jolie-Pitt union survive the latest revelations in Andrew Morton’s new biography, just published in America? This week Jolie, voted the most powerful female celebrity in the world by Forbes magazine, may be holding her breath. Then again she may not.

The nature of a true star is how they handle adversity. And it’s telling that just at the height of the scandal caused by Angelina: An Unauthorized Biography, American critics are raving about the 35-year-old’s performance in the new action thriller, Salt.
She’s being dubbed the female Bond. In Salt she gets shot at, beaten, thrown off trains and planes; she leaps precariously from one tall building to another. The role was written for a man (Tom Cruise), but we’ve never seen a woman on screen like Evelyn Salt before.
It’s easy to forget that Jolie is an actress. Fulfilling Hollywood’s love affair with bad girls, she has laid out her life for us to examine like the best sort of performance art. We already knew about the bisexuality, the self-harming and the knives. After winning an Oscar for Girl, Interrupted, she checked herself into a psychiatric institution.

Are there any more dark secrets? Well Morton focuses in lingering detail on Jolie’s past heroin addiction, on S&M parties, and includes sexy photos of Jolie’s “shady past”. In one she has black tape over her nipples and a dog leash around her neck.
The book won’t be published in the UK, thanks to our strict libel laws. But tabloids are speculating Jolie’s five-year relationship with Brad Pitt may not survive. Even before she “stole” Pitt from Jennifer Aniston, Morton claims Jolie had targeted married or attached men such as Ethan Hawke, Ralph Fiennes and Mick Jagger. Star magazine quotes a “source” as saying: “For Brad, this could be the final straw.”
Personally, I doubt it. Jolie is the queen of reinvention. Protean, brilliant, unstable, she really is a very different form of female celebrity. She has played every role going in her own life (mother, action hero, madwoman), let alone on screen. She can shoot guns and fly a plane. She runs her own production company. She’s a humanitarian on close terms with Bill and Kofi.
Men regard her as a sexual fantasy figure (clock the current issue of Vanity Fair, on the cover of which she poses in micro shorts). But women like her too. She’s the ultimate girl crush. Partly it’s because she’s an equal opportunities flirt.

queen bee @ 08/04/2010 at 2:56 am

But we also like the way she’s reinvented the landscape for women. According to Naomi Wolf, author of The Beauty Myth: “She has created a life narrative that is not just personal. Rather, it is archetypal. And the archetype is one that really, for the first time in modern culture, brings together almost every aspect of female empowerment and liberation.”
Most of us only get to play a few carefully selected roles in our lives. Career woman. Mother. Lover. Friend. You have to choose. No woman can have it all, as Emma Thompson claimed with considerable feeling this week.
But Angelina breaks those rules. She’s been a home-wrecker and a single mother. She’s slept with women. And advocated casual sex (“Meeting a man in a hotel room for a few hours and not seeing that man again for a few months is about what I can handle,” she explained after her split from her husband number two, Billy Bob Thornton).
She’s made mistakes in public. And yet she still got her fairytale romance – with the ultimate movie star. She has adopted children and proved she can have them biologically. For a woman who has battled addiction and eating disorders, she is the emblem of fertility.
To be honest, Jolie has always been an erratic actress. It takes a strong director to coax a performance like Girl, Interrupted or A Mighty Heart from her. Often we can’t get beyond that extraordinary physiognomy.
In 2008′s Changeling, where she gives an almost unrecognisable performance as a mother whose child goes missing, it’s hard to concentrate because of those erotic red lips. And her role as Colin Farrell’s mother in Alexander was an exercise in unintentional camp.
Which is why Salt is a revelation. Her casting makes all the difference in a part that would be completely standard if a man played it. There’s a fabulous moment when she’s shot and she just grabs a sanitary pad to staunch the wound.
Too often women in spy films are adornments. As Jolie herself put it: “Females in those films rely on being female but we wanted to ignore that. She’s just Salt. It’s not about being a female and she certainly doesn’t use her sexuality to get anything in the film.”
I saw an early screening and came out reeling. Jolie is magnificent in a cartoon way. As for the romantic lead, there isn’t one. Her husband in the film is a German spider hunter (I know, I know!). Ange makes him pancakes for breakfast and says loving things like: “Get those bugs off the table.” Within three minutes, you know he’s irrelevant.

queen bee @ 08/04/2010 at 2:57 am

Jolie’s body is the architecture of the film. The camera scales the cliff-face of that 3D mouth and impossible bone structure. When she wears a skirt suit, it’s slit to the thigh. But halfway through she cuts her hair, dons a suit and braces and a latex mask. She is the most convincing lesbian Elvis since kd lang flirted with the role.

In Salt her strength is mind-blowing. She gets muddy and bloody and desperate. You think: how can that rake-thin body crush grown men? Female stars often suffer for their million-dollar bodies – think of Marilyn with her gynaecological problems or Liz Taylor with her tracheotomy. (Even men are not immune: Elvis suffered glaucoma from the black hair dye – he was a natural blond.) But the Jolie body flaunts its vulnerabilities – the tattoos, the scars from self-harm – and comes back stronger every time.

Jolie, now a mother of six, says she read the script for Salt just after giving birth to her twins. “I was at home in my nightgown feeling very soft and maternal, and I flipped through the script and it was all about getting out there and attacking and being very physical and I did feel really funny, in my nightgown in my bedroom, thinking, ‘If I can do this, it would be a nice balance.’ You know, from being soft and mommy and then going back to work and doing this hard, physical role.”

Salt is a new type of action heroine – one beyond gender. We had a flash of it with Demi Moore in GI Jane, but she’s gone all femme on us now. Uma Thurman was fabulous in Kill Bill, but she’s morphed into yummy mummy roles.

For the British film reviewer Anna Smith: “As a female critic, the most – possibly only – interesting element of Salt is the gender aspect, even if that’s semi-accidental. It certainly helps cement Jolie’s role as the go-to action girl of choice, arguably improving on the Tomb Raider series. It’s refreshing to see a ‘female’ agent racing to rescue her kidnapped partner, however unlikely that relationship may seem on screen. That this comes as a result of a screenplay originally written for a man is both revealing and disappointing.”

Is Salt a good film? Probably not. Does Jolie play a Russian sleeper spy or a loyal FBI girl? Who cares? I lost the plot early on. The film is one mad, bad, un-PC ride. But it’s great fun. In the Los Angeles Times, Kenneth Turan argues: “What makes her so good, and what is visible as she deftly navigates the unending silliness of Salt, are traits that add up to a fierce commitment to action, a determination to make the role of a CIA agent who literally and metaphorically takes no prisoners as convincing as she can.”

Jolie’s take-no-prisoners attitude spills over into her real life. It’s telling that Hollywood’s most influential TV shows are ignoring Morton’s book. For the recent Hollywood premiere of Salt, she and Pitt are alleged to have spent £60,000 on their appearance, including their designer wardrobe and treatments at an exclusive spa.

The whole appearance was “propped” like the most exclusive shoot. Because in many ways Angelina is a starlet in the Old Hollywood model. Think all those other screen queens who go by a single name – Liz, Marilyn, Ava, Garbo. A true star communicates non-verbally. There is an inexplicable but real communication between the camera and the audience. This is not the same thing as great acting. But what all icons share is an unfailing instinct for the dramatics of life on and off screen. As Joan Crawford once said: “If you want to see the girl next door, go next door.”

And Angelina has mystique in spades, with her sexuality, beauty and family (her father is the actor Jon Voight; her mother, the late actress Marcheline Bertrand). She’s an arch manipulator, great at her own PR and endlessly fascinating.

It’s no surprise she has just beaten Catherine Zeta-Jones to play Elizabeth Taylor in the new biopic about her turbulent love life with Richard Burton. Taylor is another superstar with appetites – for sex, love, food, diamonds, men. She adopted children, stole a husband from the resident Hollywood good girl, spent time in hospital, “died” four times. The Vatican denounced her as an “erotic vagrant”. And yet Taylor was the first celebrity to speak out for Aids.

Like Taylor, Jolie embraces diversity and dysfunction. She is both Everywoman and the Exotic. On her father’s side, she is of Slovak and German descent, and on her mother’s side, French Canadian and part Iroquois. She can play black and she can play white.

She’s a slate on to which we project our own fears and desires. “But she’s not just a tabula rasa, a blank,” says the biographer Andrew Wilson. “There’s real substance to her. I think she’s almost like a third sex. I’ve never seen that level of sexual aggression, that predatory quality in a female star before.”

I ask Wilson, who has written award-winning biographies of Patricia Highsmith and Harold Robbins, if the new Morton book will fatally damage Jolie. “I doubt it. She’s such a huge brand. Though what I find fascinating about the Brangelina label is that Brad Pitt is the uninteresting part of the equation.”

Anna Smith agrees: “I think she’s got enough on-screen charisma and industry power to withstand any mud-slinging from an unauthorised biography. It’s likely only to increase fascination with her non-conformist past. And if cinemagoers and studios were going to boycott her for dating a married man, they would have done so already.”

But there’s something else that endears us to Jolie – makes us hope she will outwit the pack of tabloid hounds currently pursuing her. She is self-invented after a nightmare childhood.

Her relationship with Voight is turbulent – and when a woman avoids her father for years and wants to keep her children away from him, it rings warning bells. In his new book Morton reveals that Jolie’s relationship with her mother Marcheline was equally troubled. A few months after her birth, Voight began an affair with a drama student, Stacey Pickren.

After the split, Marcheline rejected Angelina – because she looked strikingly like her father. According to her babysitter, Angelina was moved to the fifth floor of a Beverly Hills apartment block where “like some kind of infant Rapunzel locked in a tower”, she was looked after for the first two years by nannies (mostly out-of-work actors), while her mother lived downstairs with her brother.

Even when Marcheline eventually brought Angelina back into the fold, the pair became more like sisters than mother and daughter. When Angelina had her first boyfriend at 14, Marcheline encouraged them to start living together at her home. Throughout her teens she suffered from anorexia, took drugs, self-harmed.

Hardly surprising then if the adult Jolie, with her own abandonment issues, has a healthy disrespect for the traditional nuclear family. Arguably that rainbow nomadic family is Jolie’s greatest creation.

Female stars tend to get punished for being human. Angelina proves you can literally be too much. Admit what you want – and take it unapologetically. And we, dear reader, get to live that huge operatic life by proxy. Because let’s be honest, no one actually wants to be Angelina – too many screaming babies, too many hotel rooms. Just as no sane woman really wants to look like Angelina. That slender form – head too big for her body, mad goddess hair – doesn’t look exactly healthy.

To paraphrase the novelist Josephine Hart, damaged people are dangerous because they know they can survive. But Jolie is the future. Our next Big Action Hero. With Arnold Schwarzenegger retired and Tom Cruise seemingly no longer a draw for audiences, there is a gap to fill.

For her part, Jolie is always threatening to retire young. But I’d argue that this is one star who can afford to get old on screen. I can’t wait to see what she’s like at 40, 50, even 70. Humanitarian, mother, deranged daughter, gender-defying actress – has there ever been a girl like Angelina?

Shi is such a cutie.


@queen bee:
This ‘journalist’ should listen to Angelina’s interview instead tabloid garbage. Angelina denied playing Liz Taylor rumor on Extra and spending £60,000 on their appearance for SALT premiere is another tabloid garbage.

Isn’t is a British tabloid site? Why post the crap here? I hope Angie will sue Andrew Morton just for his slandering Angie’s mother who is dear to her heart. Andrew Morton is a lowlife.

OMG!! Out of them all Dedn being called Second fiddle to Angie fits so perfectly . Gracie, Great post !:) Lots of excellent points..Love IT!:) I got behind and was thrilled to come in and read all the lovley posts from all of you great posters,
God Bless our beautiful Family and much love to all the Loyal FANS who make it a point to post regularly and to bring the truth hERE AT ALL TIMES.


Anastasia @ 08/04/2010 at 5:04 am

what a beautiful family!you must agree that it is difficult to say which one of them is more beautiful :)
Brad and Angelina are doing a great job and i am guessing a really tough one as well with 6 kids…
I think Shiloh the more she grows the more she looks a lot like Brad.Can you imagine how goergous these kids will look in the years to come??
i wish them all the best,they are sooo cute!!

Allways love it when the thread is about the kids. Have to say Shilo is my fave the way she embraces her tom boyishness, And Pax, oh dear, is looking a little distressed. Me thinks it is a bladder issue.

brad come to film Dracula at Moeciu-Bran Area -Romania it absolutely perfect for your movie and a wonderful area( with extraordinary energies..i’m sure you know about that) ! Romania is the country where the story about Vlad Dracul came to life, why do you choose to film in Bulgaria?! it has nothing to do with the real thing..BE ORIGINAL!

TRUTH HURTS. @ 08/04/2010 at 6:15 am

The Jolie-Pitt fans are having the best week ever. Our favorite family is back in California and Salt is doing very well. I love this family.

Such an adorable family, love them. Happy to see SALT is doing well.

@Passing Through:
Thanks for the info re Dedn’s salary and her residuals. So, 2010 should be interesting. I would be amazed if Dedn achieved a 8m pay day for that adam sandler movie in Hawaii.
After the turkey, there’s the sandler movie. After the sandler movie, does dedn have any other movie in production?

The Independent – as far as the newspaper is concerned is NOT a tabloid. And when I’m the UK, I usually buy it because it’s NOT a Murdoch paper.
Having said that, I’m disappointed with this article as I’m disappointed with others.
Over the years, I’ve come to the view that whether you want to regard Angelina a home wrecker or not has become a matter of opinion. Despite all denials from all parties and despite the total lack of objective, legally admissible evidence, there will always be SOME PEOPLE who believe that due to:
(a) sheer physical proximity of Angelina with Brad during the filming of M&MS (never mind that they were actually apart for a big period of time after the first phase of filming because of O12) and
(b) Angelina’s sheer magnetism and beauty,
that Angelina must have had something to do with the marriage failure of Brad and Dedn.
Personally, I’m starting to see this “homewrecker” name as a compliment on behalf of Angelina. You must have ALL noted how the losies are always saying – watch out Vanessa Paradis, watch out Naomi, watch out whoever is the wife or girlfriend of Angelina’s co-star.
Why watch out?
Because Angelina CAN TAKE YOUR MAN!! How many women in the world do you think attracts that sort of FEAR and AWE? LOL.

Katsaridoula @ 08/04/2010 at 6:54 am

they are so adorable, all of them. I love the plastic price-tag hook on Shiloh’s cap. Angie must have just bought it for her. It looks like Pax needs a wee. They are all so cool. JOLIE-PITTS FOREVER!!!

Ooops!! Got distracted and hit submit too soon.
I’m disappointed in the Indie article because the writer quotes stuff from AM’s biography which has never been verified and from STAR.

Really gorgeous kids.
She is an amazing Mom.

Such a beautiful family.

And I’m sure your head is freakishly u gly.

Shiloh’s such a cutie. Mama Angie’s simply lovely.


No kidding! Angelina just has that power didn’t ya know?

‘Salt’ Thrills RP with P58-M in 5 Days, Opens at No. 1

Columbia Pictures’ “Salt,” a heart-stopping action-thriller starring Angelina Jolie as a suspected double spy, opened at No. 1 at the Philippine box-office, amassing a formidable gross of P58.12-million in five days in 132 screens for the July 28 to Aug. 1 weekend. This was revealed today by Victor R. Cabrera, managing director of distributor Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.

Arriving to tremendous rave reviews for its break-neck pace and hard-hitting action, “Salt” posted the 4th biggest opening of the year, outpacing 5th placer “Shrek Forever After” (P56.9-M) and bested only by “Twilight Saga: Eclipse” (P177.6-M), “Iron Man 2” (P104.9-M) and “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time” (P60.7-M).

“Salt” maneuvered itself to box-office success despite not having IMAX and digital screens which charge higher admission prices.

The kinetic actioner also gave Jolie her highest opening in the country, exceeding her previous best “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” (P51-M), even as it handily shattered the debuts of other franchise spy blockbusters — James Bond’s “Quantum of Solace” (P53.1-M) and Jason Bourne’s “The Bourne Ultimatum” (P26.6-M).

dianad1968 @ 08/04/2010 at 9:26 am

@queen bee:


This piece of caca might as well have been written in a tabloid. Why are these UK “writers” so freaking intent on demonising this woman? He quotes TABLOIDS for God’s sake, and the fact that he/she admits that AM didn’t publish the “book” in the UK because of the strict libel laws, you would think he/she would then admit that AM is slandering Angie. Let them ALL wait for Brad to leave Angie because of the “book”, and I hope they hold their breath while waiting.

I saw the weekly tabs this morning, and NotOk and OuttaTouch is once again attacking Angie. I had a good laugh, while at the same time being p*ssed that these rags will not leave this woman alone. It also just makes me detest Maniston even more, because she is responsible for this unending attacks.

Cute family. However not so cute is that Outtatouch has Brad and Angelina on their cover,

I can’t wait for the European leg of the Salt promotional tour.

I should speciify Western Europe.

Richard P @ 08/04/2010 at 9:39 am

I love my girl Angie e cute Pax ,Shiloh and Zahara.

go to the People web site.. you will get a chuckle.. Let it be a surprise.

it is about the HAG.. LMAO..

Won’t pollute this thread. BUT Jared will have a thread up on her soon have no doubt.

She just can’t do anything on her own. It always becomes about someone else. ALWAYS..

Passing Through @ 08/04/2010 at 9:44 am

Let me see if I have this straight – X, who once broke out in tears when an interviewer said she looked like Barbra Streisand…did a photoshoot where she pretended to be La Streisand? Oh hellz. After seeing the pix – I betcha Babs ain’t too happy with this shite. Why does X have to piss all over everyone else’s career trying to have one of her own? She looks more like Mr. Spock than Barbra Streisand. Crappy wig…and the same facial expression she uses in every photoshoot. You know the one. The half-opened mouth one that says, “I think I look incredibly sexy, don’t you?” And you’re supposed to say “yes” even though all she looks is constipated and stupid.

Skip if not interested — don’t want to give Aniston’s thread hits so posting link here.

Just saw the Harper’s Bazaar cover with Aniston TRYING to be Barbara Streisand!!! OMG — the only thing she has in common with Streisand is a large nose and on Aniston’s “inspired” cover it looks HUGE!!! People are going to be talking about that cover but not in a good way!!!!

@Passing Through:

This is priceless.. no.. just like Buttah.. LOL

As if she could be Babs. Babs can sing, act, direct. This bit@h must always use someone or something.

Passing Through- I must have posted right after you so didn’t read your comment before I posted. That cover is HIDEOUS. If I were Streisand, I’d be so upset someone that looked like that thought she looked like me!!!

Passing Through @ 08/04/2010 at 9:55 am

LMAO at the new tab covers. OuttaTouch will be the third tabloid to try to use the Morton book to boost sales – theirs and his. And notOk has gone all retro-Golden Couple and claim X is “stealing Brad back” on their 10th wedding anniversary. Yeah…that’s why 6,000,000 tweets since last Thursday say Angie flew directly to Oakland from Seoul, didn’t pass LA or collect $200, Brad had his arm around Angie for 5 minutes, Angie and the kids are on the set with him for hours at a time when they don’t need to be, etc., etc., etc., etc. Honestly – OuttaTouch just flat out gives me a headache. And notOK is beyond ridiculous. X has a better chance of winning an Oscar than she has of “stealing Brad back”. Stop laughing…X could so win an Oscar if she wanted to! As soon as they create a category for Worst Romcom Actress In The Known Universe.

eyeh8twilight @ 08/04/2010 at 9:55 am

Shiloh’s absolutely adorable, but if she keeps this up, she’s going to have to go through her childhood with everyone going up to her asking “are you a boy or a girl?”. I had to go through that ALL elementary school when my mother cut my hair short, and it was horrifying. Then again, she is unmistakable, so people will know who she is. She looks just like Brad with Angie’s lips. She’s going to make such a beautiful woman.

I feel really weird. She’s like 3, and we’re talking about how she’s going to make a beautiful woman and such…

Passing Through @ 08/04/2010 at 10:00 am

# 65 an oldie @ 08/04/2010 at 12:34 am
PT, I can’t wait to read your book report. Please don’t make us wait too long.
I’ll try to post it tonight. I haven’t even started typing up my notes. I’ll work on it this afternoon…

Passing Through @ 08/04/2010 at 10:06 am

# 71 dianad1968 @ 08/04/2010 at 12:48 am
That Putrid quote about Brad is donkey years old. If she’s repeating it 13 years after their break up is there any wonder why Chris Martin can’t keep his pants zipped – when he’s away from her…which is all the freaking time…
As for Lamey being mad that Putrid is no longer the biggest love of Brad’s life? I doubt it. Lamey’s just a hypocritical biitch is all. Eventually Brad and Angie will do something she deems stellar and Lamey will be trying to tunnel her way back up their asses.

OMG — JJ has an Aniston thread with the Harper’s Bazaar cover that’s different than the Streisand homage cover. I bet the Streisand cover is for the subscribers and the “usual” Aniston look is for the newsstand edition.

Having computer problems this am — keeps shutting off so can’t post timely.

PT, also saw the tab covers — what a joke, especially considering the candid shots that have been seen of the family and couple!!!

Finally, JJ thanks for this thread with the gorgeous Mom and kids pix!!

JP fans, scroll down, there is a vid, Fugnip is a joke, she has to cocktail somebody else.

Gorgeous Angelina @ 08/04/2010 at 10:20 am

Is JJ doing something different? All the thumbed down posts are gone! That is wonderful. Thank you JJ.
Angelina and the children are so beautiful. Shiloh is THE girl! She IS Brad’s mini-me, with Angelina’s gorgeous lips. Just look at that confidence. I love that she is so independent and apparently has a mind of her own. But when she is not feeling well, she needs mommy. I loved how she had her arms around Angie and her head on Angie’s shoulder in one of the airport pictures. Your typical little lady who needs mommy and only wants mommy when not feeling well.
Pax is rocking his “mo” emulating his big brother Mad. And Ms ZeeZee, can’t see her face but can see she is growing up to be quite the little lady.
Beautiful family. God bless them all.

Passing Through @ 08/04/2010 at 10:32 am

# 90 queen bee @ 08/04/2010 at 2:57 am
For the life of me I cannnot figure out why you – a)liked this article; and b) posted the crap on this thread. If I want to read tripe I’ll just pick up an issue of OuttaTouch or Star.

Oh please resist the temptation to go to HER thread and post. Let it bore itself away. Barbra has a glorious face, a melodious voice and normal ears.

Passing Through @ 08/04/2010 at 10:42 am

# 101 lylian @ 08/04/2010 at 6:26 am
X has Horrible Bosses – another ensemble flick – and possibly Wanderlust with Paul Rudd, which is produced by Judd Apatow. It’s on the books as a fall shoot…but given X’s recently solo box office crapiness and the fact that Dinner For Schmucks isnt’ exactly setting the world on fire…a studio might think twice about ponying up $40MIL for 1 has-been tv hacktress and 1 never been anybody tv/movie actor – even if Judd Apatow is producing. Hence the dinner with Scott Stuber a few weeks back. Guess she tapped the Ryan Kavanaugh well dry…or rather, I guess Ryan Kavanaugh found HER WELL dry. Doesn’t Massengill make a product for that kind of thing?

dark angel @ 08/04/2010 at 10:47 am

And now Ms. Barbra Streisand? Can’t this woMAN be more original?

Why she alwyas wears black???

Get ready for Aniston non-stop self promotion. Lindsay Lohan did a photo shoot imitating Marilyn Monroe before and now Jennifer Aniston did a shoot imitating Barbara Streisand. Wow, never imagine a day that Jennifer Aniston follows Lindsay Lohan’s footsteps. This woman doesn’t do anything original in her life.

wer are the jealous *****.ez.poppa pitt’s azz stucked at anjie’s azz eh hagz!

Don’t u just love how BabyJane is all of a sudden a super fan of Barbara but in all her interview u have NEVER heard her mentioned her. Oh, she is a superfan but was offended when someone referenced her look to Barbara. I guess we are supposed to consider miss one trick pony a renaissance woman like Babs. LOL! Forget that she is that stinker movie Baster. LOL! Just concentrate on her being Barbara LOL!
U know she “directed” a short and is bursting out of her skin to do it again. Yeah u directed alright. I guess she forget about Andrea B doing most of work on that one.
Dawn will be out in few being mad about what’s said. LOL!

dark angel @ 08/04/2010 at 11:03 am

Notice that recently, all of her photos were in black and white. Hmmm… to hide the imperfections?

Gorgeous pic and lovely lovely family. I love Shi to the max lol I want to have a very good day so I will not look around to avoid the X lol

lovin the family pix!!!!LMAO at Maniston’s babs pix!!!!she look cross-eyed~

Has anybody seen that “short” Maniston directed? To hear her mention it time and time again in her interviews one would think it was a masterpiece. Why keep talking about things she wants to do but never doing any? Having a family…Traveling the world…Directing a movie…Doing a movie that’s not a romcom… The list is long, Maniston, and you are approaching 42. Hurry up girl, especially with the family part.

Why are you bring that up this is about Angelina and her children.

@Passing Through: @WBPfan:
You know that Dedn is copying Angelina again don’t you? Angelina was photographed with wigs for one of her promotion photos, so Dedn is too.
The recent panorama photo of Angelina is a nod to Audrey Hepburn, So, Dedn wants to look like Barbra Streisand because she would be able to do Audrey’s looks.
You know, a script writer could write a funnier script about a Single White Female stalker.

@Passing Through:
Thanks. I forgot about horrible bosses.
Oh well. Looking at the bright side – more opportunities to make fun of Dedn.

African Girl @ 08/04/2010 at 11:40 am

Re: JA Channeling BS
Isn’t too old for this crap?
Lindsey Lohan channeling Marilyn Monroe, I get. Jennifer Love Hewitt as Audrey Hepburn….I totally understand. Theirs is cute because they are young and playing dress up at that age is fun but a 41yrs old, (who should have 19 and 20 yrs old dressing up as her) thinks it’s fun and cute to dress as another woman. . . a woman who is still very much alive? There is something seriously wrong with that.
The whiff of desperation in this latest stunt is choking. The poor thing realizes she’s sinking faster than a rock and she’s holding on to anything and everything available to her.
Next Stop: JA as Abigail Breslin

I was lurking in megapost 4A and LLm pointed out that Dedn was claiming that she was Meryl Streeps good friend and almost dry humping her from behind. Remember?
Now it’s Barbra. I wonder what Barbra really thinks of Dedn. LOL.
I mean, Barbra was the VOICE. She actually won a best actress oscar for funny girl and as co writer for best song. She actually produced and directed movies lots of them – and they were GOOD movies. The Prince of Tides was cited for seven nominations: best picture, best actor (Nick Nolte [right]), best supporting actress (Kate Nelligan), best adapted screenplay (Pat Conroy and Becky Johnston), best art direction, best cinematography, best original score. Barbra was both director and producer.
If you go here you can see what barbra has to say about herself.
Meanwhile, Dedn produced mismanagement and claimed to have exec produced the Turkey though there’s no official credit listing her or her company as producer.
Nuff Said. I’ve got to stop and ROTFLMAO!!!

One on topic comment and one off (sorry skip the 2nd if not interested).

Love, Love how different the styles of each of the kids ar. I used to HATE it when I was a kid and my mom used to dress my sisters and I in matching outfits! LOL


If Aniston is so obssessed with directing again, why doesn’t she do it? She certainly has the $$ to finance an independent film if she wants to really direct. I know a number of people who mortgaged their homes and sold almost all their personal goods to get their films made. I guess she doesn’t want it as much as she claims she does.

Hellllo Allllllll OMG!!!!! I can’t believe outtatouch’s lies!!!!!!
The stupid “editor was on the local morning show and was out and out lying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUt get this, the hosts were like “gimme a break” lmao!!!!!!!! They were not believeing anything this guy had to say. . To make it even better they took what was obvious lies about Angelina and kind of took the oooh factor from it by relating to it. For instance when the supposed shower story was mentioned, the women both mentioned that they wouldn’t mind being in the shower with LD lmao!!!! They were loving that. So was I. I wonder what Ken Sunshine thinks. lmao!!

OMG a big thank you to the person who was giving us the tweet updates and the tweet pics on the last thread. It was nice to see Angelina on set of Moneyball. Well guess what? The moronic “editor” said on the morning show that while Brad was was filming Moneyball, Angelina wasn’t there but the children were. ROTFLMAO. Again big thanks. Someimes people post things that may seem unimportant or just fan things but oh, how they have proven so many tabloids and people wrong without even meaning to. Keep the tweets, the pics, the links to articles and videos and press events coming…They are a treasure trove.

I wish people would stop with the comments on the kids clothing. She isn’t your daughter, mind your own business. I think it kills some that even while dressing like a little dude this child is still incredibly beautiful.
All six of them are precious though.

Passing Through @ 08/04/2010 at 11:49 am

# 111 dianad1968 @ 08/04/2010 at 9:26 am
What I found hilarious about that story was that even though she said Morton wasn’t publishing in the UK due to their libel laws, she never followed through with the logical statement that therefore everything he claims in the book is suspect and probably fraudlent in addition to being libellous and defamatory. If A, then B. Apparently the Brit journos haven’t heard that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.

kids are adorable, angie looks so beautiful
x looks like a cheap imitation she looks so ugly even with all the photoshop help

lylian @ 08/04/2010 at 11:41 am

Streisand reaction at 2:45

credit grotto midgetbee for finding it.

bye guys and see fugnip’s fakeness for head to toes.

p s – save the vid while it is still there, I did it already. LOL bye folks.

PT – Looking foward to your book review – thanks in advance. Bye.

Oakland Goes Hollywood With Brad Pitt’s ‘Moneyball’ Production

OAKLAND — There has been a buzz around the Coliseum this week that has nothing to do with Trevor Cahill or Kurt Suzuki or Andrew Bailey.

It’s about guys like Scott Hatteberg, Miguel Tejada and — who are we kidding? — Brad Pitt.

For the past week, Hollywood has taken over the Coliseum, where they’ve been shooting the long-awaited film “Moneyball,” based on the book that chronicled Billy Beane’s innovative methods of building the 2002 A’s.

Pitt, who is playing Beane, has already left quite an impression on the A’s employees who have spent a little time with him.

“Is he a good me?” Beane said. “We’ll see.”

While it won’t be until the film’s release next summer that we see how well Pitt captures the personality of Beane, so far everyone around the A’s has been taken with Pitt’s personality.

“He’s awesome,” said A’s director of ballpark operations Dave Rinetti, who got his picture taken with Pitt and Angelina Jolie on the mound on Tuesday afternoon. “He’s gracious, hilarious, professional. He’s everything you would think about in an A-list actor.”

Steve Vucinich, the A’s clubhouse manager, said that Pitt is “so down to earth everybody loves him.”

Beane said he and Pitt have spent some time together as Pitt has tried to learn the role. Beane said that Pitt and the filmmakers have done a good job of trying to learn about the industry they are recreating, without getting in the way.

Share “I think it’s been a lot of fun for the fans that have come out,” Beane said. “I think it’s been a lot of fun for the people in the organization, seeing the whole process. Everyone who has been involved with the movie has been really respectful of what our priorities are here. But I think people around the organization have really enjoyed it.”

Team Shiloh @ 08/04/2010 at 12:13 pm


I also love that she totally does against what America is dying for – her to be the cute little blond eyed blue girl for them to fawn over every second. LOVE SHILOH and her STYLE!!! LOVE THE JOLIE-MULTI-NATIONAL-PITTS!!!

African Girl @ 08/04/2010 at 12:15 pm

LLM @ 08/04/2010 at 11:54 am

Thumb up Thumb down 0

lylian @ 08/04/2010 at 11:41 am

Streisand reaction at 2:45

credit grotto midgetbee for finding it.

bye guys and see fugnip’s fakeness for head to toes.
Oh. My. God! What was THAT?!!!
She did not like being compared to BS. . . she almost choked, that’s how much she hated the comparison. Hahahahahahahahahahaa!!!!!
That was fun to watch! Lol!
Thanks LLM

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Hellllo Allllllll OMG!!!!! I can’t believe outtatouch’s lies!!!!!!
The stupid “editor” was on the local morning show and was out and out lying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But get this, the hosts were like “gimme a break” lmao!!!!!!!! They were not believeing anything this guy had to say. . To make it even better they took what was obvious lies about Angelina and kind of took the oooh factor from it by relating to it. For instance when the supposed shower story was mentioned, the women both mentioned that they wouldn’t mind being in the shower with LD lmao!!!! They were loving that. So was I.

OMG a big thank you to the person who was giving us the updates and the pics on the last thread. It was nice to see Angelina on set of Moneyball. Well guess what? The “editor” said on the morning show that while Brad was was filming Moneyball, Angelina wasn’t there but the children were. ROTFLMAO. Again big thanks. Someimes people post things that may seem unimportant or just fan things but oh, how they have proven so many tabloids and people wrong without even meaning to. Keep the tweets, the pics, the links to articles and videos and press events coming…They are a treasure trove.

Thank you to the person who was giving us the tweet updates and the tweet pics on the last thread. It was nice to see Angelina on set of Moneyball. Well guess what? The guy said on the morning show that while Brad was was filming Moneyball, Angelina wasn’t there but the children were. ROTFLMAO.

test my juicy posts are being moderated..why?

Keep up those links to everything because they unknowingly are counter what all the tabs say.

I love this family

One last post before I go…Those X pics are a subtle message to the studios begging them to cast her on the straight to DVD.version of Cleopatra. It’s well known that Babs was inspired, as were many at the time and today, by the dramatic eye makeup of the ancient Egytians. She said she’s inspired by Babs but in reality she wants people to see her as a modern day Greek Cleo. Whatevea….


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Streisand reaction at 2:45

credit grotto midgetbee for finding it.

bye guys and see fugnip’s fakeness for head to toes.
Oh. My. God! What was THAT?!!!
She did not like being compared to BS. . . she almost choked, that’s how much she hated the comparison. Hahahahahahahahahahaa!!!!!
That was fun to watch! Lol!
Thanks LLM

Read more:
lol when I saw it I laughed how much she hated the comparsion with Barbara now she talked about her as “we both” lol I am 100% sure this current move is to compete with Angie cause Angie was compared to the past greats. Maniston is the most annoying and fake ho ever lived.

Passing Through @ 08/04/2010 at 1:03 pm

# 131 dark angel @ 08/04/2010 at 10:47 am
X can’t even spell “original”. She has to piggyback on another A-lister for attention because on her own she’s completely forgettable – and a total joke…which she freely admits to knowing that people laugh at her and at her expense. And while she talks a good game about it not bothering her, we all know she’s lying through her sharp, pointy little shark teeth. Anyone anal enough to eat the same salad for lunch 10 years straight isn’t going to be receptive to being the butt of other people’s jokes – and Norman’s got the wet, matted, snotty fur to prove it.

@Frenchy: I had the same thought. All the talk about Angie in a new version of Cleopatra has fugs’ coattailing instincts on the rise … now she’s bringing up comparisons to Babs whereas she nearly choked before …. I am beginning to really dislike fugs…

Gorgeous Angelina @ 08/04/2010 at 1:14 pm

Angelina is riding a wave of positive, and critical acclaim for her awesome acting and actions in her new movie Salt!
Old Manface, Horseface Jen appears to be having a complete public breakdown over all the wonderful publicity Angie has been receiving lately DESPITE all that old Manface and her crew have been desperately doing to try and bring Angie down.
Maniston’s toilet bowl water shots got her no public love.
Her drunken, dumb, incoherent ramblings on Leno proves to the public she is no lady, that she is an airhead and a complete ignoramus who cannot hold an intelligent conversation to save her life. And she thinks she was being “funny” by insulting Judy Garland.
Will you (Maniston) now do a dumb tribute to Judy Garland, you idiot woman, to make up for your insults? Please don’t . Please allow Judy Garland to retain her own dignity and allow her to rest in peace without you trying to walk all over her grave insulting her even more than you already have.

Because the public is not interested in you Maniston, neither in your dumb movies you now want to punish and torture us, the public, even further with your ugly “I wish I could be Barbra Streisand” photographs. This is too much. You have gone too far!
Not to mention what a complete INSULT to Barbra Streisand you, creepy Aniston, are. Coat tailing this Living Legend. Why don’t you learn to stand on your own stumpy legs and leave Barbra’s beautiful gams and face alone.
Barbra is ALIVE and well and far better looking than you, old Manface, could ever hope to be at ANY age. Barbra always looks regal in her pictures. You, Maniston, always manage to look like a clown.
This woman (Aniston) is the most pathetic creature to ever appear in Hollywood. What a laughingstock she must be to all in high places who see this plagiarized “photo shoot” of hers as nothing more than an attempt to compare her non-talented self with the GREAT Barbra Streisand! How DARE you Aniston!
You are NO “funny girl!” Maniston. In fact, YOU are the biggest LOSER in this town.

Passing Through @ 08/04/2010 at 1:14 pm

# 135 QQQQ @ 08/04/2010 at 10:55 am
I’d LOVE to be a fly on the wall at Babs’ house when she finds out about this. I doubt she’ll be pleased that some tv chick is trying to use her for self-promotion.
Then there’s that crap with X saying she’s going to “burst” if she doesn’t get to direct something soon. Biitch please. You can’t even get any movies greenlighted as an actress, who the fvck is going to give your talentless ass, who needed a co-director for a freaking 15-minute short film, the opportunately to waste millions of dollars as a first-time director? Biitch needs to STFD and go Google “sperm banks” and “invitro fertilization” so she can pretend to know what the hell she’s talking about when she’s pimping her upcoming romcom dud.
And since I’m ragging on the ho – I love how the ho is suddenly into “concept” and artsy shoots. Puh-leeze. Many more like this one and people will pay her NOT to make movies just to be spared the dumbass photoshoots. That would be one of the few times I’d willingly give X my $6.75 – for her to NOT make a movie.

Thanks everybody for the twitter posts, articles and videos.

X channeling Barbra Streisand is really an insult to the great singer and actress.

I didn’t know that Barbra and X were so chummy and so close. I never, in all the years, heard X ever mentioning or talking about Streisand in any interviews, on paper or live.

Hay dark angel and passing through…….Jennifer is and wasTHE ORIGINAL AND ONLY “MRS. BRAD PITT”!!!!!!!!!!! Lets see if ANGELINA can get him to put a ring on that finger!!!!!!!!

I refuse to believe Jennifer Aniston is “close buds” with Barbra Streisand, the way she is seemingly trying to trick people into thinking they are. No. I like some of Barbra’s music. One of my favorites from her is “Memory”. My mother though is the one who really loved her music, and from what she has said about her, and what I have learned myself, I think Barbra has far too much class to be friends with Jennifer Aniston. Far too much.

At any rate, whether Jennifer is a fan of Streisand or not, I don’t know. I don’t give her enough attention and time to know what she does and does not like. I’m sure plenty of celebrities are a fan, but it is Rosie O’Donnell who is nuts for her. Not Jennifer.

Also why didn’t many of you all say much about Angie in these pictures…Is it because she looks ******!!!!!!!

the real deal @ 08/04/2010 at 1:56 pm


Well, he put three babies in her belly, gushes about how happy he is, how he has found his soul mate, stated that the greatest gift that he could give his children was Angelina as a mother, how parenthood didnt feel right until he met Angelina, has been with his “soul mate” longer than he was married to Jimmy Durante’s and Iggy Pop’s love child, are toghether as a family all the time. So in the land of “not crazy and bitter” most people think that actions speak louder than a ring.

By the way dear, its been 5+ years since BP and Xugly divorced, why dont ya let that rancid corpse of a long dead marriage rest in peace and let it go.


Perhaps its because we don’t see the children often and it was nice to chat about them for a change. How many times should we says Angelina is beautiful? Its rather obvious. It’s also obvious that you are a trouble-making imbecile.

the real deal @ 08/04/2010 at 2:03 pm

@Bonnie: No one needs to constantly gush about her beauty. Its evident, even out on a errand with 4 kids its obvious that she’s a beautiful woman. That’s like saying a tree is green, or Anustin is Jimmy Durante’s and Iggy Pop’s love child that had a love child with Dustin Hoffman… ya know, its just stating the obvious

Bonnie @ 08/04/2010 at 1:42 pm
U mean like her mama hanged on to being the FIRST MRS JOHN ANISTON. LOL! Still bitter after 35+ yrs. The same way BabyJane will be. Peopletab will be doing their 15 yrs after Brad feature the week after she appears on the beach in Cabo; Fabulous at 60 and soo over being the Mrs Brad Pitt LOL! LOL! LOL!

And Angie is the ONLY MOTHER OF BRAD’s CHILDREN! And if you want to go through the list, Aniston was the THIRD woman Brad asked to marry him (Juliette Lewis, And Gwenth Paltrow beforehand).

Your point??

NO you are the Trouble-Making Imbeciles always bring Jen up and saying who you think she looks like…Well you have to be BLIND to not see ANGIE has aged like cheese and has lost weight and neither she or Brad look very happy!!!!!Pictures tell they don’t lie look at A.J. and Brad at the only SALT event he looks forced to go to!!!!!!!!!!!!

#170 ~ “True dat”…Look at poor pitiful PT scrambling to figure out what thread she is on… lmfao……Out of 175 hits, PT is 75% of them….lol…She just can’t stop talking about the wonderful Jen Aniston…She loves her in secret, but she is not about to admit to it…I can understand why you could not handle going out in the heat PT…Fat girls can never stay outside long…Kinda like old dogs can’t take the heat…I myself am heading back out on the beach…Seeing as I weigh 119 lb’s I can stand the heat without becoming smelly like PT and her many other names…I am reading this great book while I’m out there and keeping plenty of sunscreen, so please don’t worry about my perfect skin getting ruined, I know how to take care of myself unlike Jolie with her brood of wanna be boys…. see ya soon tots…


the real deal @ 08/04/2010 at 2:03 pm
Well if u have ever read her thread on JJB u will see that’s all they EVER talk about is how “cute” she looks. I love her “casual”style. Her hair looks “great” Oh yeah, her body looks “sick” for her age. LOL!
So these morons expect us to do the same.

Gorgeous Angelina @ 08/04/2010 at 2:26 pm



Jen’s Legacy – (because ALL men have learned from Brad’s BIG mistake and will have nothing to do with her)
Poor old thing is now reduced to constantly reminding people ….”hey, I was once married to Brad pitt.”

We will place that message on your tombstone ole’ girl. Hope that will help relieve your pain.

jen the HAG @ 08/04/2010 at 2:30 pm

Bonnie @ 08/04/2010 at 1:42 pm

and Brad dumped her fugly a s s for Angelina Jolie and got 6 kids with her. And Brad even said that it’s only with Angelina that he desire to have kids not with his boring X wife. Please do live in the present … ANUSton was the X already!! Brad let go of of that deadend X aka MANISTON the FUGLY boring dumb HAG!

Jennifer ANUSTON @ 08/04/2010 at 2:33 pm


That is my ONLY claim to fame.
Boohooboohooboohooboohooboohoo wahwahwahwahwahwah

Gorgeous Angelina @ 08/04/2010 at 2:26 pm

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Jen’s Legacy – (because ALL men have learned from Brad’s BIG mistake and will have nothing to do with her)
Poor old thing is now reduced to constantly reminding people ….”hey, I was once married to Brad pitt.”

We will place that message on your tombstone ole’ girl. Hope that will help relieve your pain.

Hilarious LOL.

Aniston will go to her grave with the epitaph “I was Mrs. Brad PItt” because even if she wants to let go her rabid fans wouldn’t let her.

nakedoldjennifer @ 08/04/2010 at 2:36 pm


lylian @ 08/04/2010 at 11:41 am

Streisand reaction at 2:45

credit grotto midgetbee for finding it.

bye guys and see fugnip’s fakeness for head to toes.
Thank you so much for posting this, what a phony!!
Please jen go away for awhile, stop making bad movies and making a fool of yourself

Too bad the owner of that store is a total ******* douche bag…
She shoulda shopped elsewhere…

My sister has told me not to sit here and fight with ANGIE followers!!!!She said remember Jim Jones YOU ALL START MAKING YOUR KOOL-AID!!!!!!!! I am going shopping to spend same money!!!!!!!!! BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

♥ Beautiful Lady, gorgeous kids ♥

Bonnie is funny. No one asked her to be here on a JP thread, but she came anyway, and now she is pissed and threatens to leave. Just go ahead and go away for good, see if we’ll miss you.

wackybutnice @ 08/04/2010 at 2:51 pm

God help Jennifer AniSTONED she is going down the drain!!!!!!


!!!!1!BYE troll!!!!!! Don’t let the door hit you on your way out…On second thoughts, let it.

Shi in Flip Flops! @ 08/04/2010 at 2:53 pm


Who is saying anything about her dress? I think the JP fans feel how she’s been dressed was/is wrong so they are on defense, just like they claimed Brad’s beard didn’t bother them, chk out the ‘thank god he shaved’ after he did for a movie! They will never put them down, no matter what. She’s a tomboy, end of story. At least her FEET are FINALLY out in the open and in flip flops, a first. Black, of cause. Angie’s outfit makes me hot just looking at it, All black in hot LA. Well, that’s her.. Mortica.

I look at the picture JJ has on the top of the page of Maniston channeling Barbra S. and I can’t stop wondering what exactly is she trying to accomplish here? Emphasize the “unfortunate” looks Barbra was born with?

cute kids, hot parents – rich and successful and most of all GIVING!! they have it all…. don’t they?? HOLD ON TIGHT TO EACH OTHER JOLIE -PITTS… may God continue to bless you!! PS Love Shiloh’s style.. she rocks!! oh yeah.. and doesn’t one kid always have to go pee when you are shopping??? happens to me all the time!! LOL!

the real deal @ 08/04/2010 at 2:56 pm

@an oldie: Nah, she’s not going to leave, that’s just crazy, bitter hen speak for “my meds kicked in and I pi$$ed myself and need my depends changed”. She’ll be back with a new name and still fuming that Anuston is an ugly, talentless hack.

Posted by seesaw – Is this a JA thread or a J/P thread.The J/P fans can’t stop talking about the most famous & gorgeous woman in Hollywood. Jennifer Aniston! They have ran out of things to say about the hag Ho-lee and her misfit kids. too funny!!!!!!


Angie is sooooooo beautiful. She never fails to amaze. Photos :

Credit to mariam ma at M4A

Talent Scout @ 08/04/2010 at 2:57 pm

to Jen Aniston –
So you were once married to Brad Pitt,,,, eh ….okay….

What else can you do?

Tomboy or not, if Norman Rockwell were still alive today, he would have Shi as his model of an All American Girl, especially with that baseball cap worn backward. She is so adorable, and she looks so much like her dad.

the real deal @ 08/04/2010 at 3:02 pm

@seesaw: Awww is sombody’s feelings hurt because JimmyDuranteIggypopistan is getting ragged on?


Likewise, the JA fans can’t stop talking about the most beautiful woman in the world : Angelina Jolie. She’s not only stunning on the outside though…She’s an amazing human being. She cares about other people. Gives to those who are less fortunate than her. She’s a great mother as Brad Pitt has mentioned. She’s also his soul mate, again mentioned by the man himself.
And by the way, you guys have a FORUM dedicated to her. You put also stalkers to shame LOL.

Correction : You put ALL stalkers to shame.

Worked on “Moneyball” as one of the A’s Baseball Player’s wives all last week! It was a fantastic experience and I got to see Brad Pitt!
10 minutes ago via web

jen the HAG @ 08/04/2010 at 3:17 pm

seesaw @ 08/04/2010 at 2:56 pm

and you FUGLY HAGS don’t like it when we post bad things about your FUGLY BARREN ANUSTON the HAG IDOL bwahahhahah GO SCREAM in the OCEAN !!

I love the photos of the kids angie and brad on the field!
Shilo and Pax are the wild ones and thats why Papa Brad needs hold on to those 2.
Remember when they were Italy , these 2 were waiting for the rest of the famalies and they look like they did something naught already.
Poor Brad and Angie they have to watch these (shilo and pax closely!
We are praying for you Jolie-Pitt family and you are wonderful !

Tsk Tsk Again with the juvenile generalizing. For starters I don’t constantly put down your great “JA”. 95% of the posts I leave are about this family. I also didn’t care about Brad Pitts beard nor was I one of the people who left a “so glad he shaved” comment. I don’t care what their daughter wears. You want to put down a 4-year-old child? Good for you, more power to you. There is plenty of room for you with the rest of the morons.

Your sister has to be the one to tell you to stop arguing? ROFL. Oh that’s a good one. Do you need your sister to wipe your ass for you too? It’s also amazing Bonnie that you have “disappeared” and suddenly out pops more trolls. You haven’t gone anywhere.

For gawds sake Jared, make people sign up already. One account PER computer. No more name changing trolls, no more name thieves. Enough already.


Domestic: $76,359,309 69.8%
+ Foreign: $32,971,953 30.2%


= Worldwide: $109,331,262

From the pic of the JPs on the set of Money Ball, the kids and Angelina had the same outfits as the ones in the pics above. So they either went to the set, then dropped off Maddox somewhere and then went shopping or they went shopping, then picked up Maddox and all went to see Brad. Since the lighting is brighter and Shi didn’t have her cap, I think it’s the former scenario.


That Bonnie bit@h is one of the herpesrin sycophants, that’s the same BS they kept telling themselves all last week after the LA premiere.

As for Angie aging bad, well you need to read all the tweets we are getting lately and everyone who has met Angie have one thing to say; SHE IS BEAUTIFUL IN PICS BUT SHE IS MORE BEAUTIFUL IN PERSON. Now go and admire your big chin.

This page has some outstanding photo’s of Angelina. She looks phenomenal, not that this is some shock mind you.

Scroll down to middle of the page, you will find them there.

MARIA FROM TEXAS @ 08/04/2010 at 3:42 pm


MARIA FROM TEXAS @ 08/04/2010 at 3:42 pm


…just can not stand Maniston’s looks….oh well,that’s my looks everytime i made zhit! and hard!.too much drinking apple juice.

SPONGEBOB :p @ 08/04/2010 at 3:46 pm

BEAUTIFL PEOPLE. The family that stays together and support each other whenever one of the parents is working. Brad and Angie sure knows how to plan time for the children and they are very lucky to have these parents that cares and loves them unconditionally. Angie is a simple person, her joy and happiness is just to be around with the children and to wake up every morning seeing her loving partner Brad. What else can you ask for….. “Nothing”

That’s what I was thinking too Pax must need to go to the bathroom…stop grabbing yourself ….boy *chuckles*

Aniston isn’t copying anyone, #133. She likely doesn’t even know or care about such shoots that have happened and will continue to happen before and after Lohan’s.

You’re nit-picking and looking for faults where none lie, #144. There’s nothing desperate about her. She gets big paychecks, respect from her peers and could have a family at any time she wants.

You’re a fool if you actually believe all that, #165.

You’re deranged, #167.

How is Aniston class-less, #171? She’s not the one who had an affair with a married man and later went on and on bragging about it, rubbing it on the woman’s face.

groundcontrol @ 08/04/2010 at 4:04 pm

“She’s not the one who had an affair with a married man and later went on and on bragging about it, rubbing it on the woman’s face.”
And Neither has Angelina Jolie. If you have any proof show it. No one has ever shown any proof to the contrary.
Though Ms. Aniston did steal Tate Donovan away from his pregnant fiancee resulting in said fiancee’s miscarriage of Tate’s baby.

MARIA FROM TEXAS @ 08/04/2010 at 4:11 pm


To Pac Man @ 08/04/2010 at 4:11 pm

@Pac Man:


Maniston is the one who IS “having an affair with a married man and is bragging about it, rubbing it in the woman’s face.”

Talk to Chris’ ex stepmother-in-law. She has already spoken about it and is wondering how the Maniston could do this to her one time best friend.
Maniston is so desperate for a man she was willing to steal her best friend’s husband right under her nose. Only Maniston could be so shameless.
And WHY must Maniston look so constipated in every picture she takes. Does she think that constipated look makes her look sexy? Woman can’t even fake sexiness, what a turnoff. No wonder the men literally RUN from her.

Angelina hasn’t rubbed anything in anyone’s face. She is allowed to live her life, if Pitt’s ex-wife chooses to watch her do it than that is on her. Any other normal person would have moved on by now.

Yes having a guy shove his finger up your ass to give the paparazzi a show sure is classy. Anything to sell your flick I guess.

Is the broad for frickin’ real? How dare she channel a living ICON??? She is about as comparable to a Streisand as Lady GaGa is to Grace Kelly.

Is there nothing this fame sucking ho wouldn’t do to get attention?????

If I were BS and I saw that nobody ‘doing’ me for a bit of HW buzz to promote herself as well as her latest C movie, I would just seethe. Dumbass spoke to her once about ‘directing’ and she thinks they are on the same page???????? This woman is dazzlingly and horrendously and horrifyingly STUPID.

Gorgeous Angelina @ 08/04/2010 at 4:25 pm


Thanks for the great pictures of Angelina, Brad and the kids.
Brad looks soooo handsome. Angelina looks gorgeous. Shi looks JUST LIKE Brad. Brad’s little swimmers were so excited about FINALLY being able to impregnate Angie’s eggs they reproduced Brad in her womb.
Angie said the first time they decided to get pregnant and tried to get pregnant BAMB she was pregnant.. They must have had a hot, sexy, time of it. :) The fun, love and passion was so hot it would not wait. They must have been trying all day long. Hahahahahahah.
Love it.
I think Knox has sooo many of Brad’s features and qualities as well,,,,,heck even Viv does. And we know Maddox, Pax and ZeeZee worship the ground Brad walks on. He is just as Angelina described him…”an extraordinary man and father.” Angelina loves and appreciates her man so much and she cannot praise him enough. Love her for that. God bless their love that it will continue growing stronger every day. So happy for them and their children.

Anuston is a pathetic sad loser, always coat tailing Angie. This sad woman is so transparent it is laughable and sad at the same time. She chooses to do a photo shoot practically at the same time Angie is on the news with her movie SALT doing so well. Isn’t she too old doing a photo shoot coat tailing BS, more fitting for young actresses in their twenties or starting out. Desperation more like it and she looks awful and bad imitation of BS. BS is a great singer with fantastic voice and she was very very funny in her days, she looks nothing like her in any shape or form. She is right about one thing, that people are laughing at her and she doesn’t even know why —- well, this is one reason people are laughing at her and another is always trying to have one over Angie and always ending up looking poor imitation. She is a loser and she is wasting her time and life trying to compete with Angie. She will never win or come any close. Angie is way above her league.

She has poor Bradley TRAPPED while he makes his fücking stupid baseball movie.


Gorgeous Angelina @ 08/04/2010 at 5:09 pm

One lonely troll on here changing names multiple times. Give it up Troll. Go back to the site you created for yourself.
Yeah, we know. You are the only one over there talking to yourself all day long pretending you have a following.

It is hard out there for a troll!

Observer2 @ 08/04/2010 at 5:10 pm

This for those that keep saying Salt is not doing well and you know who you are, snuggle bunny:

~~~Hi everyone…here’s an update on SALT…the movie is doing extremely well. Hope you all take care…Salt remained in third place with $2.72 million. The Angelina Jolie vehicle from Sony was up a solid 5 percent from Monday and down 38 percent from last Tuesday. Salt is displaying very respectable holding power thus far, especially for its genre. The film’s twelve-day total stands at $76.36 million. That places Salt 20 percent behind the pace of 2008′s Wanted. With Salt holding up better than Wanted, the film looks to be in store for a final domestic gross in the neighborhood of $115 million to $120 million.

And took a gander at Morton’s book. Pure. Comedy. Gold. Oh, hell, I’ll up it to Platinum.

Posted by seesaw – It does not matter how much you trash Jen, she is not the most hated celeb in Hollywood. Ho-lee on the other hand is the most hated celeb in Hollywood, so you must defend her. Jen does not need to be defended. She does not have dirt on her like Ho-lee has had since she was a teen. She has done all the damage to herself. Jen is loved by all except the five multiple posters on here that never see the light of day because they MUST defend their trashy rotten idol 24/7. So you see, you can put 1000 posts trashing Jen and it will never matter to anyone but you. Ho-lee has earned her hate honestly. That is the only honest thing about this has-been walking trash Ho.

Poor Assley, all you have is your wet dreams and fantasies. Yeah! she trapped him alright with 6 beautiful kids. It kills you that Brad loves being trapped by Angie in a house full of children and laughter, almost 6yrs and still going strong It’s good to be Brad. Brad and Angie are living the life Anuston and her lonely fans can only dream about, Shame no man wants Anuston to trap him, the men bolt as soon as they’ve had their free fcuk with the ho.

AW! They’re so adorable! omg Shiloh’s cap is cute!
Love them all! <3

Angie nes about her playing liz taylor are all over the net and what does the x do go to do a barbra photoshot so that people can start saying that she can play barbra since she wants an oscar in singing this the best way to go about it. Next week we will be hearing how barbra is so happy for jenny to play her and she will be honoured. WAIT FOR NEXT WEEK NEWS

Observer2 @ 08/04/2010 at 5:22 pm

seesaw @ 08/04/2010 at 5:11 pm

Hello Pot, meet Kettle. You’re black. You’re on here defending Aniston saying she doesn’t need defending. Ironic isn’t it? LOL.

Angelina gets 20M plus back end pts. on her movies.

Aniston, makes 8M rarely on her movies.

Angelina can get a movie greenlit and fast tracked into production.

Aniston, well, not so much.

Alissa…You hit the nail on the HEAD about BRADLEY being TRAPPED….Hi everyone I AM BACK!!!! And TAIWAN no my sister doesn’t wipe my ass you lick it!!! Damn it is so much fun to see all your blood pressure rise over someone who doesn’t know you are could give a sh@t about one of you….Have ya’ll made the KOOL-AID YET?????????????????

Observer2 @ 08/04/2010 at 5:32 pm

Bonnie @ 08/04/2010 at 5:28 pm

You seem to have drank a big pitcher of something. You want to call it Kool aid, fine. LOL.

Bonnie @ 08/04/2010 at 5:28 pm

ahahahaha you poor crazy, stupid, intolerant, envy, jealous b i t c h e s if you weren’t such a poor excuse for human beingsi would feel sorry for you
Brad is trapping her and he wont let go ahahaha

Brad Pitt had his arm around a woman for 5 minutes, it was only Angelina Freaking Jolie, good gravy, easy on eyes #Moneyball 12:54 AM Jul 30th via UberTwitter

Newtons3Law @ 08/04/2010 at 5:43 pm

Hello JP fans. It looks like SALT is a big hit and can’t wait for it’s release in the UK. Still catching up on previous entries and making heads n tails of all the acronyms and nicknames.

So we now know that for Dedn’s future movie, she’ll be channelling IGGY POP. Someone posted a link for the switch poster..maybe someone who is tech savvy could do an animation where JB flicks the cup contents in her direction. LOL

The only ones I worry about in that mess is those beautiful KIDS….. I will let Jen worry about Bradley and take care of him in their little moments!!!!!!!!

Passing Through @ 08/04/2010 at 5:47 pm

# 177 WBPfan @ 08/04/2010 at 2:21 pm
And Angie is the ONLY MOTHER OF BRAD’s CHILDREN! And if you want to go through the list, Aniston was the THIRD woman Brad asked to marry him (Juliette Lewis, And Gwenth Paltrow beforehand).

Your point??
Correction – X is the 4th woman Brad asked to marry him. He was first engaged to Jill Schoelen in the late 1980s.

Some Bunny @ 08/04/2010 at 5:51 pm

How cute are the JP little ones? Ohh ssooo cute.
Love SALT so much saw it again with my son, today. Only ten years ods and loves Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and happens to be a big Angelina Jolie fan just like his mommy!

Thanks for the new pictures, JJ.

Blessings to the JP’s and to all their many fans.


queen bee @ 08/04/2010 at 5:53 pm

HEY J-P fans!!….I hope we all got a good laugh today at Hagistons latest antics…(BTW, Brad looked scrumptious, and the kids looked adorable on the set with him!…..Angelina is Gorgeous, as always…

… but I couldn’t stop giggling when I saw the pictures of JenHAG dressed up to look like Barbara Streissand today….LOL!….She thinks she’s the ‘Barbara’ to Brads ‘Robert Redford’ from the poingnant movie “THE WAY WE WERE”….(NOT!)…..I can see her delusional fans on YouTube making new videos with that theme playing to the music of ‘EVERGREEN’ as we speak!….

…but I seem to remember a jenHag interview where Barbara’s name was mentioned, and jen seemed to be offended! NOW she wants to kiss her AZZ???
….but I HOPE HOPE HOPE Lady Barbara is secretly offended to be linked with that Hollywood Hack/desperate C-list loser!…..BARBARA HAS MORE TALENT IN HER BIG-TOE THAN CHINNIFER HAS IN HER WHOLE BODY!!!…seriously….

….Also, you never even heard this hag EVER mention Barbara Streissand in an interview, but someone must have told her this would be a good Publicity stunt to get attention!…

…Also, if anyone saw her introduction by Jay Leno when she went on the tonights show, you guys must be as in DISBELIEF as I was! They did something I NEVER see them have to do for a celebrity visiting the show. THEY ACTUALLY SHOWED A MONTAGE OF ALL THE LAME MOVIES SHE’S DONE!!…



…..Lettman made some comment to her saying that she’s done some ‘great movies’…or some such lie to that affect….it’ was as if DAVE was trying to prop her up or something. I’m reeeeally surprised at Letterman too…cause I always saw him as a straight shooter and not someone to blow smoke up someone AZZ!…but you could kinda tell he was patronizing her….

Passing Through @ 08/04/2010 at 5:53 pm

# 237 Bonnie @ 08/04/2010 at 5:28 pm
Wah wah wee! If Brad’s trapped, then then he’s the happiest hostage evah. Unlike when he was married to X and was “bored” tired of her “constant neediness”. I’m quoting your buddy Andrew Morton cuz I know you believe everythign he says…

Thanks for getting it right and stating they are in Oakland. Us and People said they were in Berkeley but Rockridge Kids clearly states they are located in Oakland. Us even saying that the Oakland Coliseum (or Stadium if u read Us) was in Berkeley! Stupid folks. Anyway, as an native of Oakland, Thanks for getting it right.

Bonnie: Have you been laid lately ? or Is the wet dream for Brad is fading cause you probably its worn out after 6 years and its going to 7 years?
Man, you girls really are pathetic!
Brad dumped his 5th exs (X) cause He feel inlove with Angie and had 6 kids and probably 7th on the way !!!
The man is not going to let Angelina go and boy he worked really fast to get 5 kids in 5 years .
So, girls get a real man cause you going end up playing with yourself when those fantasies fades away.
Get a life cause its pathetic !!! (oh, and tell x to do the same thing)

Some Bunny @ 08/04/2010 at 6:05 pm

OT: Sorry can’t help what I am seeing, some one who insists on being relevant to take away from Beautiful Angelina.. OK. LOL Barbra Streisand?? What in insult to Barbra, she looks like a freaking tranny!!! wow if I was Barbra Streisand I’d be caling my lawyers!

You gals are all a hoot, don’t have time to list you by name, but I’m thumbing y’all up, because I have so many laughs reading your comments here. What a great group of fans here and you all are even better writers!

Observer2 @ 08/04/2010 at 6:08 pm

Bonnie @ 08/04/2010 at 5:43 pm

You nutter butter. Oh, what a tangled web you weave, when you practice to deceive, yourself.

@Bonnie: honey! tell your idol Jen Analston not to worry about the Jolie-Pitt what she should worry about is how to construct a simple sentence. Tell her that she should go back to Kindergarten and learn basic English. I am sure those Jolie-Pitt kids can construct a good sentence than this idiot Analston. Okay honey?

BONNIE: here is advice for you girl ! Get a real man not fantasy cause if don’t get a real man (flesh) you will play with yourself and you might hurt yourself okay girl!!
Get a life !!!!!

shi is soooo brad! luv the pics. thanks jared!

Oh Bonnie give it up. You are the only nitwit around here with high blood pressure. You hate that this woman has Brad. And it just makes you crazy that together they have it all. Jennifer was left out in the cold, deal with it.

I’d be willing to bet money that Angelina Jolie would treat a fan she met better than Jennifer Aniston would even think to. Unless there were cameras around the odds of her giving you the time of day are nilch. This chick couldn’t even tell a reporter how the little girl from St. Judes she did a commercial with is doing today. How wonderful.

Judging by the uneducated hateful garbage you consistently spew here my guess is that you are a lonely miserable cow. And please, the only thing licking you is the family dog, or your sister.

Thanks, JJ for more pictures!! Pax looks like he needed to use the bathroom. kekekeke…. I love shiloh’s look!! She’s too cute and adorable here!!!

aaahhhhh….lovely family!!!!! gorgeous!!

Think you all should listen to HELLO!!!!!!!!! I see a lot of nut bags here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just saw Sylvester Stallone at his premier. LOTS of pictures of his 3 daughters and they were talking to the press. Giving interviews about Dad and what they want to do when they grow up. LOTS of family talk.

NOW think if that was Brad and Angie and their kids. the Hag army would be up and out screaming that they were pimping their kids to sell a film. Have the JP kids ever been to a parent premier.. EVER.

NOW with Sly it will be how cute his kids great that they are at their father’s premier. These crazy bit@hes are stuck in one gear when it comes to the Jolie-Pitts..

I laugh at the rag covers this week. Just goes to show what a BIG fail the AM book is. Plus we have pics of the family together in light of those stupid covers. The family has been together all week. Check the tweets

The rags really need to come into the year 2010.. Tweets and web sites are getting information out quickly. By the time the mags come out the story is already old or proven a lie. Angie shut out…LOL.. see they never guessed there would be pics of the family. Happy and together. SEE a dollar late and a nickel short.

TO the interns and paid posters.. You better start coming up with real stories or new people. Check the web. Everyone is tired of the Brad/Angie and Jenny poo fake triangle. No one is buying this story at all. Even the HAG army knows it is over. They are pissed a Angie because they know Brad ain’t going no where.. The man is where he wants to be. So is Angie. She just glows. That sweeties is called love.

Observer2 @ 08/04/2010 at 7:29 pm

Bonnie @ 08/04/2010 at 7:16 pm

This from someone that is nuttier than a Snickers Bar. LOL.

Gorgeous Angelina @ 08/04/2010 at 7:47 pm


Someone needs to paste iggypop’s real face over her BS imitation. This hag looks nothing like the real Babs, but, as Isabella once re-tweeted from another tweeter, the hag is the real Iggypop’s clone.. bet we could not tell who the Real Iggypop is if we did a side by side.

Gorgeous Angelina @ 08/04/2010 at 7:53 pm

P. S.

Dear Real IggyPop,
You are 10 times better looking than this Iggypop wannabe. Please do not be surprised if she does imitate you in her next fotoshoot. I am certain we will not have long to wait. She is desperate to be on anyone’s magazine.
Never seen a Hollywood star so greedy to be seen everywhere. But then, she is NOT a REAL Hollywood star is she. She just USED to be married to Brad Pitt 100 years ago. Sadly she does NOT wear her age well.
I apologize for offending you.

Take a close look at Maniston’s upper lip in her “channeling Barbra” pic. It’s pumped up so much with collagen that it protrudes out way too much. The collagen also masks the contour of the lip, and it makes it look like she has no upper lip, just a big flap of skin above the mouth.

Observer2 You are not listen to HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gorgeous Angelina @ 08/04/2010 at 8:05 pm

@Passing Through:
I wonder what the Hag gave Brad to drink the day he proposed?
That stuff put him under for 4 and 1/2 years total. Put him immediately in therapy for two years and two years more to completely wake up enough to be able to walk away as fast as he could and NEVER looked back.
Talk about a witch and her voodoo spell brew. No one holds a candle to Aniston. Wow girl! You are sumpin’ else.
All the men since Brad are on to you and your spells though. They don’t stick around long enough for you to put them under too. Smart men.

Anuston fans are deserting her. She has just 11 posts on her thread and half are not fans. Seesaw is thumbed down there too, the freak is not wanted there either. I bet she will run back here to try her luck again. She is an outcast, a loser on both sides.

That picture of Brad in his suit on the set of his current movie and his family visiting him is a PERFECT family life. When Anuston and her despicable fans look at that picture, their heads spin so hard and they are full of ENVY with their yesterday thoughts spinning in their heads ——- It could have been …………….. Life is great, Anuston is getting what she deserves. I couldn’t be happier for the JP family. Angie and Brad for ever!!

Real and true Mr. and Mrs Brad Pitt fans don’t really give a F*ck to Hello mag! Get it? Now go scream at the ocean. . . No not that . . Pakistan is already flooded . . Just jump off the cliff near you

How about a thread with the Moneyball set pix of Brad, Angie and the kids???

Off topic– saw this Harper’s baazar quote from Aniston
“So, I happened to be talking to her and Jim [Streisand's husband, James Brolin] when it struck midnight. They said, ‘Excuse us,’ kissed each other, and then, very politely, kissed me.”

SO incredibly sad that she horned in on their New Year’s Eve moment and they felt compelled to kiss her since she was obviously without a significant other.

Also, noticed that JJ has thread about Aniston being visited on set by her BFF Courtney. Who visited Brad today? Angie and 4 of their 6 kids. Hmmmm….

Passing Through, thanks for the correct number of women Brad was engaged to prior life with his soulmate and 6 kids.

Gorgeous Angelina @ 08/04/2010 at 8:11 pm

Enough about the old Hag. I apologize to the JP board.
Bonnie has got enough stand up Jen the old Hag material now from all of us on board to take back to her lonely Site and gnarl on for weeks. Enjoy Bonnie.
And as someone said earlier. Please let the door smack you real hard in your derrière as you make your exit. Hopefully it will send you into the stratosphere from which you will never return.

Gorgeous Angelina @ 08/04/2010 at 8:17 pm

Sorry — gnaw on for weeks…. not gnarl on.

Gorgeous Angelina @ 08/04/2010 at 8:26 pm

Yes, JJ, please. May we have a new thread re: Brad’s set visit by Angelina and the kids? To see the whole family together (twins are very much missed) would be very nice.
Brad looks sooo handsome and “daddy-like” in his suit and tie holding Shi’s and Paxie’s hands. Angie, gorgeous as always bringing up the rear with ZeeZee and Mad.
The twins are probably waiting at the door or looking out windows, anxious for Brad and Angie and all the big kids to come home.
I think Shi is also a ringer for Brad’s mom, Jane. When those two females are together they look so much alike.
All the kids have such great personalities and are such individuals. It is wonderful that Angelina is the kind of mom who does not pigeonhole her children. She allows them to be who they are. They will grow up to be well rounded adults. That Shi certainly seems very independent and mature at 4 years of age. Love that outfit and she is working those flip flops.
Thank God for His Angels surrounding this family at all times. What a beautiful bunch the Jolie-Pitt clan is. You gotta love all of them.

Thanks BDJ @ 08/04/2010 at 8:26 pm

Thanks BDG for pointing out the Gawker story..I’m reprinting my fav part. (–Sorry Gorgeous Angelina, skip if you don’t want to read anti-X stuff here but don’t want to add to her thread count. Completely understand your opinion but want to share with those who are interested -)

“But there are other problems, too. For instance: Once the trend gets going, editors and publicists start pushing for unexpected—and ill-fitting—comparisons, like Jennifer Aniston as Barbra Streisand. Since Barbra’s most iconic images show her singing, we have a bunch of pictures of Jennifer Aniston with her eyes shut, lips parted, and face awkwardly—embarrassingly—contorted. Jennifer Aniston doesn’t sing. Why do we need pictures of her fake-singing? Especially when Jen’s great career crisis is that, entering her middle age, she lacks a voice—she can’t break out of her short-skirt, high-heels, desirable-to-all-men rom-com persona? She has nothing to say to us, and these literally voiceless Barbra Streisand imitations only highlight it.”

dianad1968 @ 08/04/2010 at 8:32 pm



Of course Jared wouldn’t put up a thread about the JPs together, but he would quickly put up a thread of Courtney Cox supposedly visiting X on the set of her next dud, even if he has to use old pictures. Jared has been bought and paid for, and the only reason we still get threads about the JPs is that he knows he gets the hits from those.

to alissa @ 08/04/2010 at 8:36 pm

oh, you poor deluded creature. obviously, you don’t pay attention to what brad says about angie in interviews. it doesn’t take a military genius to figure out his feelings for her. also, pay attention to his body language around her. oh wait, i don’t think you understand that concept. poor dear.

to bonnie @ 08/04/2010 at 8:39 pm

please go back and visit your therapist. you need your medication increased and quickly.

Gorgeous Angelina………..Is your name reallyJENNY!!!!!!!!

dianad1968 @ 08/04/2010 at 8:47 pm



Did you happen to read hypocrite Lamey today? She outdid herself. LOL. Apparently Angie is the only mother who is not allowed to take her kids shopping, and she only does it when she wants to pimp her kids. This time, as per the mighty all knowing Lamey, it’s all because of the AM book.The thing that galls me is that Lamey is always going on about how much she likes the bada*s Angie, but yet she believes that Angie gives two s*it about this sleazeball’s book, so much so that she will choose to go out with her kids. To prove what I don’t know, and I KNOW Lamey doesn’t know, OR believe WTF she is writing. This is her pandering to the hags and hens who email her everyday bashing Angie. I swear if I ever meet Lamey I would spit in her face.

Elizabeth @ 08/04/2010 at 8:49 pm

In regards to JA, pityful she can’t do it by herself ,she have to imititate others to get an attention.

Reality Check @ 08/04/2010 at 8:50 pm

Why do Angelina fans spend most of their time posting hatred towards Jennifer Aniston? And, please, the old excuse “well, if Jen fans would stop saying blah, blah, blah, then we wouldn’t say blah, blah, blah about Jen” sounds very immature–don’t you remember the old saying “two wrongs don’t make a right.”

I am always late to the party and read the first and last pages of a book…so please tell what the hell is Bonnie’s problem and why is she barking Hello?!! to people?

Oh, Angie and the 3 kiddies are shopping for Maddox’s 9th! Pax is paying close attention along with Zee so they get to play with the gift too. Shiloh always seems to have her eye elsewhere, independent little soul, just like her mama. Once again, the Jolie-Pitts are rockin their own styles. Beware, Outta Touch editor needs to keep her job, posting dribble about these pics and Pax and Mad calling nanny, Mom. A blond nanny no less, surprised if her name wasn’t Barbra.
That Huvane works for his dough, taking an interview where Jen was choking with embarrassment with the resemblance to Babs’ looks a few years back and now Stephen has Jen coat-tailing her, complete with New Year Eve’s stories and kisses! Jen doesn’t pay Stephie the millions for nuttin. What has Jen over-come? She’s the first one in history that had a starter marriage? bwahahaha!

fckin zhit!!!! Maniston is #4 woman?and all of these bi.tches lift childless……

anjie got the golden vaj,obviously!!!!brad’s “peen is happy as a clam!lolz.sorry azzniston fans.


Angelina has no clue who Lainey whatsherass is or where she comes from and why should she? Lainey is nothing.

Reality Check @ 08/04/2010 at 9:09 pm

Why do Angelina fans spend most of their time posting hatred towards Jennifer Aniston? And, please, the old excuse “well, if Jen fans would stop saying blah, blah, blah, then we wouldn’t say blah, blah, blah about Jen” sounds very immature–don’t you remember the old saying “two wrongs don’t make a right.”


dianad1968 @ 08/04/2010 at 9:15 pm

@Reality Check:



Reality check. LOL @ 08/04/2010 at 9:17 pm

Why do you feel the need to repeat yourself?

Don’t you remember the saying “Screw off”?

dianad1968 @ 08/04/2010 at 9:19 pm

BTW, I’ve been reading about these pics of Brad, Angie and the kids on the Moneyball set, but I haven’t seen them. Can someone please post the link? Thank you.

Observer2 @ 08/04/2010 at 9:26 pm

Bonnie @ 08/04/2010 at 7:57 pm

Good one! And?


a bunch of sites have the Moneyball pix of the Brangie bunch but it was radar online’s who obtained the pix first so they have the most:

Observer2 @ 08/04/2010 at 9:33 pm

Reality Check @ 08/04/2010 at 9:09 pm

I see that you finally figured out that you spelled your name wrong.

Sparks are a flyin’.

MARIA FROM TEXAS @ 08/04/2010 at 9:37 pm



People overreact to Lainey. Some of the best stuff I have read about Angie has come from her. Look, she may not be a fan of Angie’s but she is also not a fan of slander. She does her own stories with her own angle. I know I am not going to convince anyone but trust me I am a fan of Brad, Angie and the family and I have no problem visiting Lainey’s site. You may not agree with everything she says but there is no agenda (other then celebrity titillation) with her, just observation and entertaining opinion. At least there I don’t have to wade through ignorant and hateful comments.

MARIA FROM TEXAS @ 08/04/2010 at 9:51 pm


dianad1968 @ 08/04/2010 at 9:53 pm

Thank you, an oldie, WBPfan and XIII for the link. You guys are the best.

Few more hours before Maddox 9th birthday.

I’m sure Brad And Angie are happy about the Prop8 being struck down :D

to realty check @ 08/04/2010 at 10:09 pm

it’s called a major lack of respect for jen. you obvioulsy have forgotten. so here goes. when brad married her he made no secret of the fact that he wanted children, as soon as possible. jen promised that she would have a child after the 10th season of friends. but what did she do before friends ended? jenn signed up for a 6 film deal. so much for her promise to brad. so much for honoring her world.

then there the interviews that brad gave to ophra and to others. all he talked about about was the children he and jen were going to have. at the same time jen was giving interviews telling the world that she wasn’t ready to have a child. maybe in a few years. except that jen gave brad her word that they would have a child after friends. dear sweet jen lied to brad rather than be woman enough to tell him up front that she had no intention of having a child.

now along comes angie. she’s beautiful and attractive. aslo, she was more than prepared and willing to give brad the child he so badly wanted. so, brad left the woman who repeatedly lied to him in favor of a woman he believed would honor her world. guess what, angie did honor her world. she gave brad three beautiful children. how many did jen give brad? none!!! so who exactly is more honorable here???

Reality check. LOL @ 08/04/2010 at 10:11 pm

We see a lot of photo’s of Maddox smiling, and Angelina with her hand on him. He looks like a happy young man. I’m sure he will have a great day. Perhaps some swimming will be involved. I always loved summer birthdays, most of them were pool parties.

to realty check @ 08/04/2010 at 10:09 pm

Brad left the marriage because he wasn’t in love anymore
he got together with Angelina because he fell in love with her

dianad1968 @ 08/04/2010 at 10:14 pm



I am sorry, but I don’t agree with you. Probably a few years ago, yes. Everything that the JPs do, according to her is a conspiracy to show up X. And when there is something positive about Angie, she rarely writes about it, but anything negative, she is all over it. She keeps going on about Angie’s weight,when she knows that Angie has always been skinny, but that is her throwing meat to the wolves who go to her blog, and who would then email her. I remember when the JPs were in Venice and they were being seen a lot, she quite rightly wrote that because the only mode of transportation in Venice was by canals, they had no other way of getting around, hence the frequent sightings. But yet when X started promotion Bountiless, she then started posting that the JPs were being seen because they wanted to one-up X. Like I posted before, this hypocrite is always saying how she likes the badass Angie, so she knows that Angie doesn’t give a s*it about X, but she continues to cater to the idiots who want to believe otherwise. She needs to pick a side and stick with it.
And don’t get me started about how she was pushing Ian the Pig’s book, and now AM’s. She is no better than popeater and the likes.
At the Moneyball filming with Brad Pitt. He’s beautiful, and his ass!!
half a minute ago via txt

Angelina will wear Stella McCartney for her London photocall and Vivienne Westwood for the red carpet.

of course, he no longer loved jenn. but i will bet dollars to donuts that marriage ended the day brad figured out that jenn had no intention of giving him the children he wanted. i work for a divorce lawyer here in new york city. care to guess what one of the number one reasons a man gives for wanting ouf of the marriage? “i want a child and my wife won’t give me one” i cannot tell you how many times i’ve heard that . maybe, just maybe, if jenn had given brad the child/children he wanted it’s possible that he would have stayed.

Legendary Paparazzo Ron Galella Picks His Modern-Day Jackie Onassis

If you had to choose a modern-day Jackie, someone to make your muse, is there an equivalent today?

That’s hard, but I love Angelina Jolie. She’s really sexy with those heavy lips and beautiful eyes, so I would say she’s my favorite today.

to realty check @ 08/04/2010 at 10:09 pm


you are insulting Brad
no maybes
he felt out of love and fell in love with another person

Q & A With Celebrity Designer Pamella Roland

Every week, we will be bringing you Q & A’s with some of Hollywood’s hottest designers. One fashion designer that always comes to mind when thinking about the red carpet is Pamella Roland.

Do you have certain celebs in mind when designing your gowns?
I strive to design gowns that look beautiful on every woman–celebrity or not–but dressing Angelina Jolie for the red carpet would be amazing.–a-with-celebrity-designer-pamella-roland_1893.aspx

Brangelina’s in Berkeley

Angelina Jolie and kids Maddox, Pax, Zahara and Shiloh joined Brad Pitt on the Berkeley, Calif. set of his flick Moneyball on Tuesday.

no sorry dear, i am not insulting brad. i’m just stating reality. jenn did not live up to her promise to give him children even though she gave her world. it’s very difficult to stay in love with someone you no longer trust. brad found someone, angie, whose word he could trust and then fell in love with her. it’s as simple as that.. i suggest you spend some time sitting in a divorce court or two and listen to what’s being said. then again, maybe not. you might get upset. .

Celeb news is good news

Q: It’s official — Chelsea Clinton is married. Chatter was all over the media for months, despite a hard-fought campaign for privacy. Are celebrities entitled to privacy in such matters? And do we, as a culture, tend to pay too much attention to celebrities, or is the Chelsea marriage a good example of the things we should celebrate?

If a celebrity marriage is the day’s leading story, I guess that’s actually good news. It means there’s no big disaster happening and grabbing all the headlines

But as I travel, I realize maybe it has more to do with human nature than with culture, because other countries are fascinated with our celebrities as well. I once had a conversation with a very successful Chinese CEO with thousands of employees, and the first thing he asked me was “How’s Angelina Jolie doing?”

dianad1968 @ 08/04/2010 at 10:55 pm

@to juju: @to juju:


I think your previous post gives the impression that Brad is ONLY with Angie because she gave him kids. I think that is what juju is responding to, and what she rightly has a problem with. Brad fell in love with Angie. Having kids is the icing on the cake. You are right in one point though, if X had had a kid, Brad might have stayed a little bit longer. Thank God she didn’t.,,20407633,00.html#20819511

Angelina Jolie breaks away from hubby Brad Pitt to take her kids Pax, 6, and Zahara, 5, to a toy store in Berkeley, Calif., on Monday. The Jolie-Pitt family is in town while Dad Brad films Moneyball.

Iinterviews || by Louis Virtel || 08 04 2010 4:00 PM
Jon Voight on His New Fox Show Lone Star and His Reaction to Salt

Did you see Salt?
I saw Salt! I saw it with Angie sitting two seats away. It was wonderful. I was really taken with her performance, enormously impressed. I thought the themes in it were contemporary and very up-to-the-moment. It had something really of-the-moment, very intelligently done. Angie was able to carry both worlds, the action world — quite brilliantly, I thought — and a fun sense of humor. But then there’s the heavy stuff she delivered beautifully too. And Liev Schreiber was great.

Do you have a favorite Angelina Jolie performance?
Well, because this one was so recent, I really enjoyed it. It was very mature. I’ve enjoyed almost everything she’s in. I enjoyed even the comedy she did. I can’t remember the name of it, but she has this blonde wig on and she played this ditzy character. [It’s 2002’s Life or Something Like It.]

I think she was underrated in Playing By Heart.
She’s a terrific actress. Every time I see her, I like to see her get challenges. She always delivers. She’s the real thing.

Such a happy mother

New Orleans Movies > Celebrities
What a wonderful screening series: Louis Armstrong kicks things off
Published: Wednesday, August 04, 2010, 1:00 PM

With the Satchmo Summerfest rolling along in the French Quarter this weekend, the Inn on Bourbon is seizing the opportunity to kick off a free monthly screening series of New Orleans-themed movies.

Upcoming films scheduled to screen as part of the series include:

1994′s “Interview With the Vampire” (Nov. 1), starring Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt in the big-screen adaptation of Anne Rice’s bloodsucking novel.

What happened to Angelina’s big blockbuster movie Salt? Did it even place in the top 5 last week??? Haha, not the big #1 or even the top 5 her fans proclaimed it would be. Too freakin funny.

Look it up troll. boxofficemojo is your friend. Let’s not make any bets on that turkey baster movie or how bad it will bomb.


It premiered at #2 with over $36 million in 3 days, just 2 million less than TBH did in 10 days. And has so far Passed TBH total domestic gross by over $9 million in just 12 days. and it only dropped 1 spot to #3 at the box office. Google would do you mush brain good.

Reality Check @ 08/04/2010 at 11:45 pm

Wow! I must have hit a nerve or two. I repeated myself because I didn’t get an intelligent answer–just one STFU and a very long rant/rave about why JA is a bad person because she may or may not have wanted to have a child with her ex-husband. If that is what broke them up, then I guess they solved the issue by getting a divorce! Why do you freaks continue to go on and on about their marriage? They have moved on–why don’t you? Why the continuous bashing of JA–on a thread about Angelina Jolie? Most of the comments on these AJ threads consist of hate-filled, angry comments directed to a woman who has NOTHING to do with Brad Pitt and his partner.

Diane, you’re too frekin funny! Here’s something you can read and see how the normal family interact with each other.

Whamo needs a reality check and should go admire the drag queen Jen trying to impersonate her idol whom she met one night 15 years ago.

So nice to see them…….kids so big now…your a great Mum Angie!!!

Reality Check @ 08/04/2010 at 11:59 pm

BDJ — exactly — you can’t do it, can you? You can’t just comment on AJ — the subject of this thread. You have to bring JA into it. If you are a fan of AJ, as you and others claim, why do you spend so much time trying to convince the rest of the world she is better than JA and JA is a bad, bad person.

Why is it that if you like one–you have to hate the other.

Frankly, I like both actresses. They are very different, but they are both beautiful, talented, and successful.

@Diane: yeah! but SALT really kicked the Booty Hunter to the max. Imagine, on it’s 10 days SALT earned what the Booty Hunter made in 120 days and more. it’s a big difference. The real movie star really shines. the TV star should go back where she belong maybe just maybe she will shine there. Nah! not enough talent.

dianad1968 @ 08/05/2010 at 12:02 am

@Reality Check:



Baby Jane just keep the jokes coming. Ole crack a lac, the one hit wonder, your hairness, Baby jane, or my favorite, Whiny Jen makes it easy.

Reality Check likes Angelina like I like Maniston. Just thought I should do some reality check.

Reality Check @ 08/05/2010 at 12:12 am

Yes, I’m still here. Can’t handle the truth. Hey, didn’t Marley and Me make more money than Changeling? Oh, wait, it doesn’t matter. Both movies were great! I went to both–very different movies, very different actresses. I thought Angelina’s best movie was GIA — hey wasn’t that made for television? I may be mistaken. I’m sure one of you will correct me if I am wrong.

I hope none of you tell other “movie stars” (Sally Field, Keifer Sutherland, etc.) that being on television means they are less of an actor than being in a motion picture. Acting is acting folks.

The star of M&M is a dog. Just do a reality check by looking at the movie poster.

Reality Check @ 08/05/2010 at 12:17 am

Yeah and Kung Foo Panda was about an overweight panda–what’s your point?


Some actors are big on tv as well as on the silver screen. Maniston is only good for tv, in an ensemble cast. Period.

Thanks didnad1968. I had a good laugh. Now, that’s freakin funny!

Reality Check @ 08/05/2010 at 12:23 am

“an oldie” — at least you finally admitted you like Jennifer Aniston. You talk about her enough.

And, I do like Angelina Jolie’s movies. She’s a great actress. I just don’t feel the need to hate Jennifer Aniston, an actress I also enjoy watching.

I’m sorry you can’t grasp the concept that you don’t have to hate one in order to be a fan of the other.

dianad1968 @ 08/05/2010 at 12:23 am

@Reality Check: @Reality Check:


B*TCH you are too ridiculous and irrelevant to make any impact on me. I must say in your stupidity, you do provide comic relief. LOL

Who was the one bragging about a movie starring a four legged actor?

Brangie Rules @ 08/05/2010 at 12:25 am

I usually just lurk and not post but this convo about Brad would probably have stayed with the X man if they had a child. As AJ had stated lately in her interview when asked about her and Brad being together because of the kids. Angie said that her and Brad are strongly connected and still very much in love and that kids should not be a reason for a man and woman to be together. When the parents are in love and have good relationship then the children are happy as a result of having a happy parents, not the exact words but something like that.

I do believe that even if Jenny pop out children for Brad if he is not a happy man he will still leave. He cannot live his life in therapy having to endure the narcissism and babysitting a wife who did not mature like her age. Brad would probably end up raising all the children by himself. He would still fell in love with Angie even if he and Jen have dozens of children. Angie is his match in all departments, actingwise, good hearts, good looks and share the same interest, both adventurous and dare devils specially Angie, and last but not the least Angie is intelligent and smart which Jen obviously is not. So You see haters, would you blame Brad falling in love with Angie? The difference between Angie and Jen is night and day, one is gold while the other is iron it’s also like steak and a burger. So stop this illusion of Brad going back to Jen it’s pure illusion unless Brad is that dumb and blind which of course is not.

Jared should retire that fug Maniston picture channeling Barbra Streisand. Babs is not a beauty in the classical sense but at least her face has character which makes her unique and attractive. Maniston is just too painfully fug.

Reality Check @ 08/05/2010 at 12:34 am

#338, well apparently I did make an impact because your response is to call me a b*tch. I make sense, and I like both actresses, therefore, I am stupid, irrelevant, and comical. Well, doesn’t that make you mature.

#339, you missed the point again–you don’t give JA credit because the movie was about a dog, but you give AJ credit for all the money Kung Foo Panda made.

@Brangie Rules:
Thumbs up. BTW, I wonder how the hens like that Morton said Brad was tired of the insecure and whiny Jen?

Reality Check @ 08/05/2010 at 12:38 am

Morton also said Angelina was a homewrecking ***** (maybe not in those exact words, but close enough). Is that true too.

Geez, I wish I had saved that video where Maniston was called a “whiny nuisance” to Brad.

Reality Check @ 08/05/2010 at 12:23 am
And, I do like Angelina Jolie’s movies. She’s a great actress. I just don’t feel the need to hate Jennifer Aniston, an actress I also enjoy watching.


So, do you also go preach for JA fans who live on bashing Angie, and even her kids? Or do you just save it for Angie fans?
I’ll tell you something, I don’t care how much the lame dog movie or Kung Fu Panda made. Even if all Angie’s movie bombed and JA’s movies became blockbusters, I’d still admire Angie and think of JenJen as a fraud.

I love reading all posts on Aniston’s FRAUD.

I love fellow Brad/Angie fans making fun of Aniston, that’s my newly found guilty pleasure.

Please, keep pointing out all of Ansion’s manipulations,and all her Frauds. The world needs to know.

Reality Check: Kinda lonely over there at your X thread! I know talking with yourself with no respond cause what can you talk about X : hair, diet,legs all about me & more me.. it gets really boring so fast and I can understand for you to come here and talk about so many things about brad, angie and the kids- wow!
Yeah, your blood gets bump again but over at X thread you are really lost..!!!
But its time for you to go back to your thread where you will find X thread repeating the same thing, me & more me !!
Get a life baby!

Gorgeous Angelina @ 08/05/2010 at 1:04 am

@Reality Check:
Here is what you can do if your REALLY want to make a change for the better Reality Check.
Tell Aniston to call off her hound dogs; stop attacking Angelina with lies she knows are lies and to leave Angelina, Brad and their family alone and to move on. Maybe then she will not be perceived as the hateful stalker person she is.

Tell her, also to stop coat tailing the Jolie-Pitts. She is incessant and redundant and it is boring now. It needs to stop today. She is starting to appear psychotic to many. The media is on to her coat tail riding.
Also tell her to speak out when Angelina is being attacked by the Jenhag Haters and trash tabloids with their lies about Angelina stealing Brad when she KNOWS that NEVER happened. Aniston’s silence is defeaningingly consensual to her hateful fans. I mean even commentators in newspapers and internet columnists are decrying how hateful all the Aniston fans are. They have had the same first hand experience the Jolie-Pitt fans are having with Aniston’s thugs. So you see we are not alone in our disgust of Aniston. It is virtually a Universal experience.
Until she does those things and stops playing her games she remains persona non grata.
Just to clarify – Aniston/Huvane and Company all need to put the brakes on their attacks on the Jolie-Pitt family. Especially, they need to back off Angelina. She has done NOTHING to any of them. Why are they all so psychotic when it comes to Angelina?
They are some very sick people. Why did Huvane call Brad and Angelina a “Controversial Couple?” Why does he constantly keep trying to destroy their relationship? These are the things you need to be investigating Reality Check AND RESOLVING. Not wasting your time trying to get people to like Jenifer Aniston. Currently she is VERY UNLIKEABLE for all the above reasons.

Can we stop talking to Reality Check? She’s really Assley . . . .

dianad1968 @ 08/05/2010 at 1:07 am



Don’t try reasoning with this b*tch. She rears her ugly head here ever so often, usually using different names…that’s how coward operate. She is to be made fun of, if anything, but even better, should be ignored.

@Reality Check: why you compare Marley and Me to Changeling? the other one is rated PG and the other one is rated R. why not compare Marley and Me to Kung Fu Panda both movies are for kids. Kung Fu Panda smashed Marley. By the way, Tigress(Angie) was the 2nd most important character after Po. How about Changeling rated R to No Love Happened rated PG13. Well, Angie still crushed Jen domestically and internationally. Jen should go back to TV with the Jersey Shores with Snooky. that is where she belongs.


queen bee @ 08/05/2010 at 1:13 am

The bloggers on EW website below is lambasting Anuston on her Barbara coat-tail riding….LOL!….it’s so funny!….I posted my two cents as well, and posted the video where she CLEARLY is offended by the interviewer mentioning Barbra Streissand…..she thought back then that she was MORE attractive than Streissand, so that’s why she got offended..

……at 3:50 in the video you can see her make a face at the camera…..WHAT A PHONEY BALONEY!…to now use Streissand to promote her dumb movie!….I hope the BROOKLYN comes out of Barbara, and that she calls out this FAKE- H-O!!….at the beginning of the YouTube video, she’s even concerned that the interviewer found out that ANASTON IS NOT HER REAL NAME!…



JJ, pls put up a new thread with the pictures of Angie and the kids visiting Brad on the set of Moneyball, every other site have it, what are you waiting for? If you can put up a thread on Anuston visiting CC on set, why are you not doing the same for Brad and Angie, afterall, they will bring in more hits than the two boring oldies thread.

From Gawker, cr JJB

The most obvious problem with starlet imitations is that they invite too literal a comparison to an original photograph, moment, or movie that will be impossible to live up to. A favorable comparison can play to your advantage, but when you’re heavy-handed in your push for one, you end up inviting a bunch of “… and you, sir, are no Jack Kennedy” jabs.

But there are other problems, too. For instance: Once the trend gets going, editors and publicists start pushing for unexpected—and ill-fitting—comparisons, like Jennifer Aniston as Barbra Streisand. Since Barbra’s most iconic images show her singing, we have a bunch of pictures of Jennifer Aniston with her eyes shut, lips parted, and face awkwardly—embarrassingly—contorted. Jennifer Aniston doesn’t sing. Why do we need pictures of her fake-singing? Especially when Jen’s great career crisis is that, entering her middle age, she lacks a voice—she can’t break out of her short-skirt, high-heels, desirable-to-all-men rom-com persona? She has nothing to say to us, and these literally voiceless Barbra Streisand imitations only highlight it.

I just hope Brad and Angelina will sue Andrew Morton over this book.


True that! For a moment, I thought maybe this time I’ll break through. but naaah…my bad! You’re right. You can’t reason with them. No matter what you tell the trolls, they pull the same old sh!t out of their a s s.
Well, they’re insignificant in the grand scheme of things :D Let’s celebrate Madd’s birthday and let the trolls fade back to the hole they crawled out from :D

Reality Check, stop whining. Do you tell them at ff and IUC sites that they don’t have to hate Angie to like Anuston or is it just here you feel you have to post that crap?
You like both actresses and that’s your choice but it is also our choice to choose who we like and who we don’t. Most of us don’t like Anuston the way you do and with reasons, I hope you respect that. If you don’t like what we are saying, skip. You don’t have to read every post. lol


Like Godmother like Goddaughter.

43212, WEST HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – Monday August 2 2010. The thigh’s the limit for Jacqueline Bisset as the 65-year-old actress steps out in a revealing slashed mini skirt. The veteran actress, who notably appeared in the 1966 James Bond spoof Casino Royale as Miss Goodthighs, is Godmother to Angelina Jolie. She was spotted leaving the popular Madeo’s in West Hollywood. Photograph: Devone Byrd,

borameysopha @ 08/05/2010 at 1:58 am

all her kids are so cute. And i think she is a really good mother :)

Let’s celebrate Madd’s 9th birthday!!
Nice vids are posted at

I can’t believe you people are STILL denying the affair, #221. You think all the bragging she did would have forced you to admit otherwise.

Her relationship with that guy is just a rumor and he was already divorced when she allegedly hooked up with him, #223.

She HAS moved on, #224. YOU’RE the one that keeps talking about her all the time!

Aniston didn’t mean anything offensive with this flattering photo shoot, #225. And you know that! The minute your goddess Jolie does the same, you’ll ALL be singing a different tune. (And probably won’t be accusing her of being a copy cat either.)

Aniston doesn’t choose and time these things, #227! Aniston doesn’t want to be compared or in any way associated with Jolie.

Are you crazy, #258? No ONE would say that! Brangelina are treated like gods! It’s TomKat and other celebrities that would be accused of pimping their kids if they did that.

Isn’t it convenient that you never note how many exes Jolie herself has, #264?

What she deserves, #265? Being a loving and faithful wife that was stabbed in the back?

Now you know how TomKat fans feel like, #276.

How do you know what went on Aniston’s marriage, #299?

Pitt should have separated from Aniston and not slept with his co-star if he wanted out.

That’s fine, #301. But he should have been separated first.

Aniston should have had kids when she didn’t feel she was ready, #306. You should only have a child because you actually want one. Not because anyone is pressuring you.

They had differences in their marriage and they couldn’t work through it. That’s fine but Pitt should have separated from Aniston first.

You’re a moron, #341.

Aniston doesn’t care about Brangelina, #350. Not for some time. YOU keep bringing her up!

You’re really arguing ratings now, #354?

Answered like a true PR man . . .
Keep up the good work #365. Go get ‘em gurl.
How about reading the eX thread over at the other blogs who makes fun of Jen re Barbra.

Brangie Rules @ 08/05/2010 at 2:21 am

an oldie @ 08/05/2010 at 12:35 am

Thumb up Thumb down +4

@Brangie Rules:
Thumbs up. BTW, I wonder how the hens like that Morton said Brad was tired of the insecure and whiny Jen?

Read more:

Thanks An Oldie, maybe Morton is now receiving hate mails from the nasty Aniston fans, although it is probably the only truth among his copied lies from the tabloids. He probably copied that idea from here, JP fans are the original. Bravo JP fans!!! Hi to all!!

I went to Oakland Coliseum with hope I’d see Brad and Angelina there and saw people were lining up so long. I came up to one guy asking him if he knew what was going on. He said they were hiring extras for a movie they were shooting. I asked him what movie and he said Moneyball.

Wow, the line was super long. Most of them had their A’s t-shirts, caps, etc. on. Some of them went very fancy to decorate themselves and stuff. I googled online moneyball extras and there’s a link that you can sign up to be extras in that movie. They’re looking for 7000 fans to fill up the stadium. I signed up! I hope I’ll get called.

I didn’t see Brad or Angelina, by the way, because I didn’t line up to sign up on standby to be an extra. It seems like you couldn’t get in if you didn’t sign up to be an extra or something since I asked one guy where was the line for the fans who didn’t want to be extras and just wanted to see the filming, he said, “I don’t know”. A very helpful answer…. :(

Happy Birthday Mad!!!

I forgot to say I went there today.

queen bee @ 08/05/2010 at 2:54 am

# 345 an oldie @ 08/05/2010 at 12:39 am +4

Geez, I wish I had saved that video where Maniston was called a “whiny nuisance” to Brad.

HERE IT IS BELOW!!….Here is the quote in the YouTube Video “Angelina: Saint or Sinner?”….


I spent the day on the set of “MONEYBALL” IN Oakland, CA as an extra. Got to watch gorgeous #BRADPITT filming a scene for 1.5 hrs. Fun!
6 minutes ago via web

queen bee @ 08/05/2010 at 5:35 am

Skip this if you don’t want to see Maniston….babbling like a fool as usual…..

At 2:45 in the YouTube video below, while promoting yet another of her horrible movies (MIS-MANAGEMENT), jenHag sounds like a NUM-NUT!…..and BEST of all, at 3:01 she basically ADMITS THAT SHE DOES THE SAME ROLE IN EVERY MOVIE…..then she catches herself saying it, and tries to revise her thoughts, but from that point she sounds completely discombobulated, practically disintergrates, and sound somewhat incoherent….as she can’t even form proper sentences after this point!….she’s was probably paranoid that the media will use her statement against her, but as usual, they give her a pass….

….The interviewer asks her at 2:45 whether she feels ‘freer’ doing the smaller movies instead of the big-budget Hollywood roles/films, and she replies by saying…

“….it’s freeing becauses I get to play a great character, and not the person that I normally…er…um….”….and THAT’S where she realized she was admitting something she didn’t want to admit!…hehe!

…So at that point she backtracks her words, and she tries to clean it up, but it’s too late!…..they even seemed to EDIT the video, cause I guess she was rambling on trying to cover herself, and revise what she was saying…..WHICH IS THE FACT THAT SHE PLAYS THE SAME CHARACTER IN EVERY MOVIE!…LOL!..


….At 3:50, you even see her look off camera to one of her handlers and gives a look like she is not liking the interviewer or his questions, since she got caught saying something she didn’t want to say……what a fool!…I can’t believe how PHONEY this woman is!….she smiles at the interviewer and pretends like she’s the ‘girl next door’ thinking ‘pure’ thoughts, but meanwhile, when the interviewer turns to look at their notes, she’s giving dirty looks off camera to her handlers, which shows how she REALLY feels about the person. At least wait til you get off camera to do that! What a manipulator….CHECK IT OUT!…it’s the SAME superficial tactics she used 12 yrs ago in the video where she was insulted about Barbra Streissand being mentioned….


Reality Check @ 08/05/2010 at 6:54 am

You people really are f*cked up. You’re that obessed with this woman that you can’t stand it when anyone says one nice thing about JA. You spend most of you time trashing JA. Is that the only way you can make it know you LOVE AJ.

I’ve said it before, I am a fan of both. So sorry you can’t handle that. Maybe, when you get out of junior high you’ll understand.

Reality Check @ 08/05/2010 at 6:58 am

Oh my, I typed the work “know” instead of “known” — come on now, who gets to call me a moron first? Now, don’t hold back kids.

Speaking of kids, AJ’s are so cute.

Some Bunny @ 08/05/2010 at 7:26 am

Thank you for the links to the Pictures of Brad and Angelina with the kids walking around the baseball field. I love how Angelina is carrying little Z, like the princess she is. and Pax is soo soo cute, that expression he is making is priceless.

Happy 9th Birthday to the little genius, Maddox Jolie Pitt!!

Blessings to the JP’s and their fans.

Etta (new HO on board) @ 08/05/2010 at 7:43 am

Is it true that X threw up when she first heard of Shiloh’s birth? Its just something I have been meaning to ask as I read it in a magazine here in Zimbabwe years ago. I know it may have been a lie but you never know with X.

bahahahah…..Maniston’s next victim should be DUSTIN HOFFMAN.

my gold!another oscar winner.

Jennifer Aniston is a lame, desperate, pathetic person. And it seems that she’s not that intelligent too. Or at least coherent. I’msoglad Brad Pitt dumped that loser.
Oh Angie. So beautiful. Shiloh looking so much like papa Pitt.

Reality CheckMate @ 08/05/2010 at 8:18 am

I just left the JA trying hard to be like Barbra S. thread OMG what an insult to BS!! Streisand was an Icon, never a TV actress. There is evem interview of hag conducted sometime during the Friends run, where Hag gags on her own saliva after being asked if she thought she was like Streisand as an actress and looks!!

What do I see in those comments on that thread from this Reality Crushed?? It’s bashing people for going to a thread when they dislike JA / never mind being a Streisand Fan, because its all about JA JAJA, and what does Reality Crushed do? It’s is parked on Angelina’s thread 24/7, and doing the same thing as it complains people are doing on poor hag/BS thread.

All hags fans even the ones who like to blog, are nothing but HYPOCRITES, just like their hag idol.

not a big deal @ 08/05/2010 at 8:44 am

shiloh is clearly transgender!!! jp fans shouldnt be shame of this!!!

@not a big deal:@ 380 your are a bl*ody wanker.


not a big deal @ 08/05/2010 at 9:02 am

@Susan: no!! I like ***** theory!!! you are a jerk!!! all jp fans are like this??? now I understand…

not a big deal @ 08/05/2010 at 9:06 am

q u e e r theory

dianad1968 @ 08/04/2010 at 11:58 pm

Thumb up Thumb down +5

I love this guy. And some of the comments are LOL funny.


Very enjoyable.

Etta (new HO on board) @ 08/05/2010 at 9:13 am


We are still waiting for your AM book report, lol.

Dang “Reality Check” ~ I do believe you are one of the best posters I have seen on this site to date…You speak the truth…These jolie threads are all the same…They run out of things to say about Jolie and they turn to Jen…I have always said they need Jen in order to justify all of Jolies past mistakes…Whether it happened before Jen & Brad even started dating, these nutbags are going to blame Jolies antics on Jen…Again, they need her… Even if Jolie has said herself in interviews bragging about all her nasty antics through out her life, they are going to blame it on Jen…You should have heard the “oh so lame excuses” they gave as to why it was justified for Jolie to french kiss her bio brother on national television…It took me three days to get them to even come up with something to justify it…It really was funny…They didn’t have much…The one that sticks out in my head is “maybe they are just extra close brother & sister”…After that I knew they were very sick fans…I would love to see you on my site…Check ya’ll later…


Stop talking to yourself. And pick a name and stay with it.. YOU may actually garner a bit more more respect for it. NOT much but a bit.

I hope you are getting paid well. Otherwise making a complete as& of yourself would be quite pathetic.

Jennifer Aniston is just that Jennifer Aniston without Brad/Angie. She is being laughed at all over the web. And the fact that Angelina has never said this woman’s name just shows her insignificance.

Can’t wait for August 23rd.. when the BO numbers are in. Let’s see how powerful Jenny poo is then..

OH and regarding those Forbes numbers..Why is her number always 27 million.. 3 years in a row. 27 million. Why does her number not fluctuate. Other actors over the years monetary income goes up or down. But not hers.. Funny huh .

Something smells like a FAKE AND SET UP…

BB : Man you Xfans cannot stay away from this thread !
X has thread and you should support it, oops sorry, again NOBODY IS POSTING THERE cause NOBODY IS THERE!
What eles would they talk about at X thread?
I am assuming that these are the topics:
Brad (wet dream ) gone 6 years ago but still holding on to it
Jolie (hate her cause Brad fell inlove and stay inlove with Angie)
Yeah, they have these Tabs Magazine keeping the hope alive that someday X& Brad will be reunited = poor X and still pathetic.
Xfans stay at your thread and support you idol that always wanna be someone eles.
Get a life !

Brangie Rules @ 08/05/2010 at 2:21 am

Thumb up Thumb down +5

an oldie @ 08/05/2010 at 12:35 am

Thumb up Thumb down +4

@Brangie Rules:
Thumbs up. BTW, I wonder how the hens like that Morton said Brad was tired of the insecure and whiny Jen?

Oh, they don’t like it, at all. They think that Angelina helped Morton with the book. LOL They think Morton lifted Angelina up, while tearing Aniston down.

And snuggle bunny and her crew of 9 were so excited about the book too. And snuggle bunny, is backing off Brad and Aniston are hot and heavy again. Snuggle bunny, admitting she doesn’t know what’s going on with Brad and Aniston now. Though, we know she’s a liar when she says they hooked up. Even Aniston’s PR bulldog denied that story. Oh and they think Angelina looks pregnant in the pic of Angelina and the kids visiting Brad on set. Oh and from that one pic, Brad doesn’t looked thrilled that Angelina is there. Forget about all the tweets that Angelina has been on set multiple times by herself and with the kids and things were more than just fine. Reality and delusion haven’t met and properly shaken hands in snuggle bunny’s world.

The blind leading the blind. And why am I bringing up snuggle bunny and her 9 cohorts, because we know they come here and visit. See, they said that karma was finally catching up to Angelina. Like, Angelina hasn’t weathered bigger storms than a book that has so many factual errors in it, you know AM really didn’t work hard on his research. And when PT gives her book review, you’ll see how many.

I see Whamo can’t stay away in her new incarnation. LOL

Etta (new HO on board) @ 08/05/2010 at 7:43 am

She was in Chicago for TBU premiere. And the reports were that she had plans with friends to go out that night. Then she heard about Shiloh’s birth. Broke down in tears, cancelled her plans and had her bodyguard go out and buy a bunch of newspapers, so she could read about it. Funny, thing is, that she and Vaughn were in their “alleged” relationship and they stayed at hotels across town from each other. I guess Vaughn supposedly went to visit her the next day to check up on her.

Oh and one more thing that Morton says about Aniston is that she is so insecure and has major abandonment issues that she just smothers men and they go running for the hills, that’s why she can’t hold onto a man. LOL. Besides him saying that Brad was bored and tired of her neediness and having to prop her up all of the time.

Reality CheckMate @ 08/05/2010 at 10:32 am

Hey fans is it a coincidence that Butt Breath just notice Reality Crushed and now is commenting? I didn’t think so, one in the same, Assley insane.

Aniston is aways dropping names.

Remember her in Harper magazine? She said she wanted to be Oprah!!! Well Ope gave a lot of money to charity. But Jen is the exact opposite. Jen is cheap considering Forbes said that she made 27M last year, yet she NEVER gives a dime.

When she went to a grade school and gave some talk to the children, she was LATE and was lectured by the principal. She did NOT even give one single bottle of that dumb water to the children.

Observer2 @ 08/05/2010 at 10:19 am
Isn’t it funny how AJ gets blamed for any and everything. This is a book that was gonna destroy her, now all of a sudden she is in league with Morton because he says a few negative things about BabyJane. Morton and his publishing firm are all over the media (Fox news etc) accusing her of preventing the tab shows from featuring him; because u know she controls her image and the media, yet in peopletab this week they FEATURE the book that’s supposed to destroy her. The book that vilifies her beloved mother while claiming what a great father JV was.

I don’t know if you noticed because your brain cells are all burnt, but I am not looking for your respect…I have already done what I have set out to do…This is just funtime for me…blah blah blah is all I see…I don’t even finish reading the posts because it has all been said over & over again… If it looks like Ho, smells like a Ho, must be a Ho….No fear, I am using the same post name as always…JJ would have changed the name if I was a multiple poster…He doesn’t much care for me lol…He won’t do that to his fav posters…I don’t mind…I do it on my site too..It’s all good…:)

Not that I’m not flattered…

BB=Bored Bittch

I see they let you get online in the loony bin, I suppose your screaming at the world keeps you from licking windows trying to juggle cats and generally disturbing the other patients though. You must look real cool with your tinfoil hat on I must say. You must have worn it right since you keep hearing the devil talking to you?
Do you fall asleep (in your straight jacket) with the sounds of devil talk wafting though that damaged brain of yours? Do you sleep tight while the devil is touching you?

You do realize that’s the sign of an inferiority complex don’t you? You MUST be seen, you MUST be read. What you do is equivalent to standing on a soapbox and screaming look at me look at me..and you tell me I’m nuts…sorry lady, the very fact you continuously write like that speaks volumes about what you’re all about.

. But I guess you don’t really care about anyone else because you are… LOOK AT ME…I’m Whamo !!!! Big hair, big as*, big mouth!!!!

@ “BB”

you wacked out crazy Dingbat,


You are crazy and obsessed

@queen bee:


Thanks, Queen Bee.
Just love the part: “Jen is nothing but a WHINY NUISANCE”. It’s so blatant to everybody. LOL.

QQQQ @ 08/05/2010 at 10:38 am

Like, I said, 4Q, Reality, Delusion and Logic all need to get together and get to know each other. It’s embarrassing. They’re getting their chains yanked and they keep going back for more. Like they did with Mr. IUC, until his book tanked and he deleted all of his vile posts on Angelina and Brad and I guess, doesn’t write about them anymore. LOL.

If Angelina had all of this power, than she could rule the world. Go Angelina with your world domination. Oh and another thing, AM claims that Angelina is one of the best loved actresses in the world.

And he plays dirty pool going after a woman that is dead and can’t refute what he says. It’s a pitiful play to get Angelina to answer to his so-called claims. It’s chickens h i t in it’s lowest denomination.

And sure Whamo that you post under the same Moniker and the Pope is still Polish.

Happy birthday Maddox My how you’ve grown.

Gosh.. today is Maddox’s birthday. 9 years old. Angie adopted that little boy at 7 months. Was a single mother of 3+ years.

Then Brad and she became a couple. Maddox has grown right before our eyes. And to all the people screaming about them being in the spot light. I don’t think we have ever really heard the voices of those children at all.

But looking at pictures of him over the years. It is just WOW.. Not many women n hollywood were adopting alone during that time. Angie was really quite amazing.

Such a beautiful family


Hi to all JP Fans around the world.
Still debating ” he” would stay with “her” if ……
Why to talk and fight on a supposition .
Just find another “pearl” !!
I have already seen this one it is just fantastic I mean those french journalists stay to the facts and explain what people around the world think about Brad and Angelina as a couple, what happen to the ex golden couple, what people think about Angelina the image but actually it is just a image she is different, sincere etc the complete opposite of what people think !
Sorry guys it is in French but so good to think that some journalists love them for what they are and explain the reality, the facts and don’t fall into gossips. It is journalism I think !!

BIG THANKS TO Screamingangie1 for uploading this angelina jolie french saga !!

Here it is :
And another thanks to Queen bee for the link she provides !! What a pleasure to hear what say about JA !! Great

#399 ~ And you MUST come back to me with the same lame comments everytime…A lot of your personalities come back to me, therefore you live to read my posts…If you don’t like what I have to say I know you must know how to scroll past, but you won’t…I can’t stand the Ho and you like her…Don’t let my posts consume your entire pathetic lives…You only flatter me more when you get your feathers all ruffled and make such stupid comments to me…Don’t hate me because I have a life, hate me because I hate the Ho…

Maddox Chivan Jolie Pitt A Happy Birthday To You Darling.

This videois when Madd was just a little guy when Angie was rasing him on her own. sans Brad My goodness Angie turned into a different girl from the moment we saw her with her new son Maddox.
That’s what heaven does to you.

Birthday hugs and kisses to the big boy now 9 yr old MaDDOX. XOXO
Angelina Jolie Videos Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Pax and Maddox Together in New Orleans.

Happy birthday Maddox!

Have a great day JP fans!

BB: If you have a life than WHY POST HERE???
Which mean you don’t have a life- pathetic????
You are just like X always try to prove oneself of reason to others ! Who cares if you have life or not ?
Get a life oops I forgot you don’t have one!

Happy Birthday Maddox!
May God protect you and bless you and your family , too!

BB…..Bitter Bi*ch………

Who and how many ‘who’s’ dumped your ho azz that you should continue to bore the hell out of us in your sick attempt at avenging yourself thru Hag and her sob story? Puleeeze, spare us the thumb down….it’s hard on the digits, ya know. If you MUST manifest your anger at the world and any beauty it holds, haul azz to some other hate infested site……..snore.

“BB” @ 08/05/2010 at 12:04 pm

Another one, that’s nuttier than a fruit cake. You’re obsessed with B/A fans. You “claim” to have a website that is dedicated to hating on Angelina. And we’re the ones that don’t have lives? LOL.

You’re a stalker. Whamo Bamo.

Hello All JP Fans.Just stopped to wish Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s
oldest Son Birthday Wishes.
~ Happy 9th Birthday Maddox Jolie-Pitt ~
Blessings To You on Your Special Day.
Blessings also to Brad and Angie and the other 5 Little Ones.
We all know the JPs will have a nice get together with Grandparents,
Cousins,Aunt and Uncles For Maddox’s Birthday.Good Bye JP Fans
Enjoy.Forgot to say Thanks and I Love all the videos Fans have made for Maddox,You Fans are Excellent at making Videos.

Passing Through @ 08/05/2010 at 1:06 pm

# 373 Reality Check @ 08/05/2010 at 6:54 am -20
# 374 Reality Check @ 08/05/2010 at 6:58 am -15
Dang. I have got the worst luck! I can’t believe I missed Whammy again. Yeah, the name says “Reality Check” but we all know it’s Whammy The Hammy Spammy. She gets upset because we’re raggin’ on X…but doesn’t find anything wrong with her own behavior of coming to a Jolie-Pitt thread and raggin’ on them AND their fans. I’d say the irony eludes her, but I’m sure she doesn’t know what “irony” means.

Happy Birthday Maddox!. Enjoy with your beautiful loving family.

Happy 9th birthday Maddox.

Passing Through @ 08/05/2010 at 1:36 pm

# 387 Etta (new HO on board) @ 08/05/2010 at 9:13 am

We are still waiting for your AM book report, lol.
I’m working on it…got sidetracked last night because I forgot Chasing Mummies was on and I HAVE to watch. Zahi Hawass cracks my ass up! He’s such a drama queen…

Passing Through @ 08/05/2010 at 1:41 pm

# 407 “BB” @ 08/05/2010 at 12:04 pm
Bitter Biitch and Reality Check in the same 6 hour time span? Golly…how’d we get so fvcking lucky…

Passing Through @ 08/05/2010 at 1:44 pm

Before I forget – Hope Mad is having a happy, troll and hen free, birthday.

@Passing Through:

YEAH PT.. can’t wait to read you prose..

I have no doubt Madd is having a great day.. Brad and Angie are great at keeping their kids Bday private.. (well unless someone breaks into their property) LOL

but yeah It is nice that we don’t hear all the details. funny huh.. I mean all these bodyguards and nannies doing all this talking.. YET they never tell the good stuff..

BUT invisible people can’t be reliable or trusted.

t.m.delafonda @ 08/05/2010 at 1:58 pm

Have a Happy Birthday, Mad!!!!

Happy, happy 9th birthday, Mr. Maddox Jolie-Pitt!!! Have a great day!

Thanks to all those at JJ and JJB for the beautiful tributes (videos) to Maddox on his special day. You all do a great job, I hope Angie and Brad and the kids get to see your hard work.

was that the face of adam durets?(at perez hilton)celebrity birthday?.b/c ….heaven and he.ll!!! fckin scary!

no wonder she keep on stalkin bradley.

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you, MADNESS!
Happy birthday to you!

Hope he has a lot of fun and gets loads of presents :D

I see you have once again ran out of words to describe your idol, and can only talk about “BB”…Why do I come here you ask??? Let me see if I can say this so you pea brained freaks that rode the short bus can understand…I come here “BECAUSE I CAN”….I put it in all caps in hopes it will sink into your teeny tiny heads…I am on here to post my opinion of this HO, just like you are….It has not a thing to do with Jen…My opinion was formed of the Ho way before Brad & Jen were ever married…Also, seeing as I have created my own successful blog, I like to come here and see whussss up…I am also someone that can’t be intimidated by little twits like ya’ll and your MPD…Say all you want about me, anything at all…You certainly won’t hurt my feelings…We get a kick out of making bets to see how many of your personalities will post back to “BB”…I usually win these bets because ya’ll are so transparent to me… I know how to get under your thin-skin…Ho-lee is a trashy woman that started her p0rn days as a teen and then went downhill from there…You can’t clean her up no matter what kind of spin you put on the scandalous life she leads…Once trash, always trash…That includes Brad & her little termites she calls her children…Does anyone ever wonder why Brad has not married her yet???? I feel certain he has good reasons…Well, in closing for now…Please continue to flatter me, and make your girl look stupid while doing it….ta ta for now…

Gorgeous Angelina @ 08/05/2010 at 2:39 pm

Happy Birthday to the little precocious one, the one and only

God bless your heart little boy, and your life. God bless your wonderful parents and your little brothers and sisters.
Angie fell in love with you and daddy Brad fell in love with you too, and you seem to be the best big brother to all your siblings.

May you have many, many, many more wonderful birthdays with momma Angie, daddy Brad and all your family members. God bless your family and keep you all together always.


Haters are all out in full force. They’re losing their minds over the beautiful pictures of Angie with her kids visiting her soulmate on set. Their idol is probably at home pouring over the pictures and crying her eyes out. Anuston’s desperation has risen to a new low, coat tailing BS for attention, visiting CC on set for attention. The more she tries the more pathetic she looks, every scheme she hatches falls flat and she ends up looking more like a loser and turning herself into a laughing a stock. AM’s book is a failure. Angie is untouchable. Nothing she does can affect Angie and her man. Angie’s movie is doing great and she and Brad are having fabulous time with their children. Life is a bliss for the JPs. So what’s next Anuston? May I suggest something? A one way ticket to Mexico or vanishing to a remote Island with your psycho fans. I’m sure you and your crazy fans will not be missed.

BB: Still hoping for that wet dream!
Its over and you really need to get laid cause the fantasy is worn out and by coming here is making you trashed Angie and her kids hoping that someday Brad will leave Angie and your wet dreamsof yours (brad) will be back .(thats pathetic )
One advice: Get a real man!
Angie got one and his name is BRAD PITT!
Happy Birthday Mad and May God bless you!


dark angel @ 08/05/2010 at 3:01 pm

@ queen bee,
I didn’t understand what that woMAN was saying. Not a word. Gave me headache, actually. I wonder why her eyes are like that every time she listens and talks— wide-eyed then squints… then wide-eyed again then squints. And her upper lip hardly moved.


Some of the fans my buy into this fantasy creation you like to spill about being the owner of a site. I DON’T.. you are a fake and a phony.

Jared does not have time to jump from site to site talking about what he has or does not have. And no you may not be changing names.. really does it matter. the bottom line is you are a Pathetic nobody sitting at home posting on this site. THAT IS ALL YOU ARE.

I guess because Angelina has a lot of fans you like all losers that need an outlet have latched on to this site to get some attention. Again Pathetic. YOU have nothing in your life. HELL if you can call your existence a life.

I for one am tired of these silly games.. I won’t respond to you again. Thumb you down and move on.

The internet is a fun place to hang out in time to time. But most people have lives outside this site. YOU IT IS OBVIOUS DO NOT. LIKE Angie or not. I think the problem is you are obsessed

I hope the fans will do what is best. Stop responding or even making a reference to you. Get off the computer and go get a life. I know this site and having these “word battles” with the fans here has given you a purpose. But really is that what your life has come to. Juvenile games. I guess so. Well being that I am not a child.. I choose not to participate any longer.

Have fun. And remember.. Angie has a life.. YOU do not.

Smooches Bit@h (don’t bother to reply.. the lines of communication are now broken)

Happy Birthday to Mr.Maddox Jolie Pitt !
You are the Cupid to bring your mom and dad to be together!
5+ years =6 Gorgeous Children !
Mr.Brad Pitt Chasing after his true love and his children !
Happy 9th Birthday to you Maddox !



Salt’s Spy Style
by Stephanie LaCava

Angelina Jolie’s character in the new thriller Salt is the latest in a long and glamorous tradition of spies, both on-screen and off. Stephanie LaCava on the chic history of secret-agent style. Plus, VIEW OUR GALLERY of well-dressed spies.

For Angelina Jolie’s role as a secret agent in the newly released thriller Salt, The Row (the Olsen twins’ label) created not one, but 10 black cashmere coats. “The idea was that she swiped the clothing off a dry cleaning cart in a hotel,” says costume designer Sarah Edwards, of the getaway look that includes a custom-made silk shell and gentleman’s tailored trousers. Of course, it would take a spy like Evelyn Salt to find such perfect laundry from which to pull her disguise. Decoding secret-agent style proves just as elusive as capturing those who possess it, though the fall collections held a few looks worthy of contention. How does an operative remain under the radar, while conjuring the requisite enigmatically sexy persona? The examples are limited to history, Hollywood and a very few others.

These ensembles are not as radical or strictly Hollywood as they may seem. “Because most CIA operatives spend time overseas, their clothing styles often reflect that,” says Edwards of findings from her research for Salt. “We chose a lot of European designers to help us realize this character.”

The whole idea was disguise, and this certainly meant wearing indigenous threads on your back,” says McCarthy. Aside from commissions from The Row, Edwards also had custom made coats from Loro Piana, Akris blouses, and suits by Italian clothier Luciano Barbera. While many of these may have allowed Salt to blend in, they also leant a certain fashion cred to her style.

MARIA FROM TEXAS @ 08/05/2010 at 3:16 pm


nerdfinger @ 08/05/2010 at 3:19 pm

@not a big deal:

You, BB, are a piece of sh*t.

Angelina Jolie Trains MMA for Fight Scenes in SALT

Angelia Jolie plays CIA officer, Evelyn Salt in SALT a ‘senseless blast’, according to David Edelstien of New York Magazine. In fact, SALT, which has grossed over $70 million is receiving a nice array of reviews that seem to get exactly the type of movie it is intended to be – ACTION, ACTION, ACTION. Ann Hornaday from the Washington Post writes, “Salt, a ludicrous but somehow credible spy thriller…delivers a swift, super-charged kick in the pants.”

Joile who is known for doing her own stunts, prepared for her role with mixed martial arts style training. Her fight scenes reflect her Krav Maga and Muay Thai training. Jolie having Tomb Raider and Mr. and Mrs. Smith under her belt, gives her the ability to return to Krav Maga with a solid foundation and skill set. Jolie’s long time stunt coordinator Simon Crane says that Jolie was serious about her grueling fight scenes and like many of her previous stunts, wanted them to look believable. Jolie trained in Krav Maga and Muay Thai two hours a day 3-4 times a week to prepare for her fight scenes in SALT.

Angelina Jolie Enjoying Her Chanel Premiere Watch
by Ariel Adams (RSS feed) Aug 5th 2010 at 8:01AM

Angelina Jolie has been photographed on numerous occasions wearing a curious looking watch. Is was brought to my attention by reader Gabriella (and I thank her), in a serious of different photographs. With her help, I discovered that it was Chanel Premiere lady’s watch. it appears as though Jolie has favored this timepiece for a while. Chanel has more than just the J12 up their sleeves. The Premiere collection predates the J12 by a long time I believe, but had recently adopted traits from the J12, just as ceramic materials. Here, the black inner link on the bracelet is ceramic. The watch itself comes in various styles and materials. On her wrist the watch is in 18k gold and ceramic, but the pictured model is in steel and ceramic. The faceted sapphire crystal over the gem cut like case and dial give it the appearance of being like a precious stone. The bezel is lined with diamonds, while the dial is a simple black (also comes in white) with small baton hands. Inside the watch is a Swiss quartz movement. This is a very elegant and classy timepiece, which Angelina pulls off quite well.

@to realty check:
actually, Brad had to convince Angelina to have a baby with him. She was sure all her children would be adopted (I used to think the same way, but in adulthood, I changed my mind).
She was convinced by Brad and the way he treated Maddox and baby Zahara.
…But how could you say no to him? And she ended up having even twins! I bet they are fascinated with them, and his parents too! I imagine they even thought he was not going to have children ever, not even adopted, and now they have many grandchildren, 5 of them are form different origins, and then the biological grandchildren, all of them of different ages, so the family reunions must be colorful and fun.

Hey I am on your side, it’s really amazing how this little freaks here turn everything into a whole angelina brave heart love show soulmate .. every **** ange poops is gold here.
and NO i am not an aniston fan! except that there are still people on this planet who don’t like ANGELINA JOLIE, that’s how they feel.

Haters, read it and get it, Brad and Angie don’t care about AM’s book. It will not affect them in any way. They are solid and have each other’s back. Ted/C the assh*le also said the same thing.

toBB : Please, don’t repeat yourself ! Wet dream is gone get a real man!!!! Its not healthy !!!!


so if you don’t like her what in Sam HIll are you doing on this blog or any other celebrity blog for that matter? Dumbass


Thanks for the link Gracie. Just proving what we already knew. Brad and Angie couldn’t possibly care less :D
Watch the trolls twist it though. Here comes more hilarity for us JP fans.

This is the link I tried to post earlier from E, it says Brad and Angie don’t care about AM’s book or anything the tabs say about them. The link keeps changing, I hope it works this time. Haters, this is more for you losers who believe everything you read from the lying tabs, Brad and Angie are solid and Brad have no intention of splitting from his soulmate ever. Stop wasting your money.

lurkersville @ 08/05/2010 at 4:02 pm


The thing is that the book has a lot of mistakes in it. The only people who will want to read that are those people who just woke up from a 13 year sleep and know Angelina as the woman who was caught up in some fabricated triangle. They are dumb enought to not even question the source. There is nothing new to add for those fans who have followed Angelina and even Brad for the past 13 years or so. Frankly I don’t even think Morton wrote the book himself. Too many mistakes to be considered real.

From the awlful truth : X fans : BB Bonnie (come over lets talk about this inerview: What do you think?

For the record, we’re boning up on Morton’s touchy-feely job this weekend, but before then, we decided to ask some of Brangelina’s pals if Brad Pitt and his main woman plan on doing the same. Here’s what one who knows the couple very well had to say:

Are Brangelina into reading this stuff about themselves?
They never read about themselves, ever.

So you don’t think they’ll be picking up Morton’s book?

What about all the day-to-day tabloid stuff?
They don’t care.

In other words, they’re not Lindsay Lohan, obsessed with every morsel?

Were you contacted by Morton?
No. [And] I know no one who was.

Just have to say Brad and Angelina never reading anything about themselves seems a little surprising, considering everything that’s written about them.
Don’t forget, they have people who show them things, when necessary. That’s when they just call their lawyer. They have two they regularly use, I believe.

Got it.

And remember, the starry couple did indeed just sue a tabloid, claiming the journos falsely stated the beautiful twosome was splitting and dividing their assets. And they won.

The Brangie chum’s translated words could be interpreted as: if you want Brad and Angie themselves to be interested, know that what you write will pass through their attorneys first.

We don’t think any Brangie legal eyeballs will be popping over Morton’s latest book, just as was the case with his bleh Cruise job. But we’ll check back on that bitchy opinion after the weekend

I am on yo side BB. Just curious what’s yo name means, is it BAD BREATH?


I get the reason for posting this. but really why do we fans care one way or another what TERD has to say. TERD that knows nothing.

Brad and Angie’s circle is Tight. Locked. Closed. they don’t talk. EVER.. and to think that TERD has a source is the height of Ridiculous. .. so I don’t care if he agrees or says something positive. IT will never make up for all the sh*t he has posted and the the things he claims his “sources say”

Please we don’t need to validate that Brad/Angie are not going to comment or read this crap. They said nothing during the PiG time and they will do the same here. I will follow their example and the fans should also. YOU don’t dignify sh*t with attention. By not giving a statement they say without saying that this book and it author mean nothing. NOTHING at all to them or their life. Which is why he is in a tizzy.

Really did we need TERD to tell us that.

Off topic, just wondering…..

Hmm..just read article on how Mary J Blige’s perfume sold 60,000 — yes, SIXTY THOUSAND — bottles in the first 6 hours of its sale — and she didn’t go topless for the ads or box. Hmmm. I wonder how many bottles Aniston has sold? And Mary J. donates $1 from every bottle to benefit the Foundation for the Advancement of Women Now. Interesting, no???

Some Bunny @ 08/05/2010 at 4:32 pm

Well I never thought I’d see the day where I am offended by a free speach blog, well maybe a few times before but I really hope the flagging option works as well now as it did before we got the facebook. like feature.

Thanks Jared.

Forgot to ad in my post #452, for those who are going to say Aniston’s is some exclusive perfume, just want to clarify that Mary J. Blige’s perfume isn’t some cheap perfume that you buy at the local drugstore. It retails for $78 (HSN has it for $55).

Some Bunny @ 08/05/2010 at 4:50 pm

Oh I don’t know how to post a link here yet, but just lurked again at the JJB and found the most awesome YouTube video tribute to Maddox for his big day. It was made by car42men & first it has Angelina’s voice talking about her meeting Maddox for the first time, then goes into a Rascal Flatts tune called My Wish. Not a country music lover, but that video and the song with all the pictures a video footage… OMG great work!! Fantastic Pictures of Maddox thru the years.

I hope car42men knows how wonderful and touching that video is, it looked like it must of took a few days to get it perfect and it is. I know Brad and Angelina if they get to see it would love it, even if it is a little country. BRAVO!!

# 451 busted @ 08/05/2010 at 4:28 pm


It is from E but the link kept changing and that’s why I took it from Ted. I also said Ted is an assh*le if you read my post. It’s not about Ted but how Brad and Angie feels about the tabs and AM’s book. AM’s book has been discussed here now for a while and some of the articles posted here touched on Brad’s reaction to the book, that’s the point I’m trying to make. It’s got nothing to do with Ted, just that the article was clearer from his blog.than from E.

“The Weeks Worst Celebrity Fashion Screwups” ~ Undressed by Kat Giantis Celeb Fashion Faux Pas…

Breakups are never easy. But It’s time for Angelina Jolie to accept the inevitible and finally end this extremely public and co-dependent relationship she’s been carrying on for so many years. No, not with Brad Pitt – with the black dress. Look, we know how it is. There was a time when they couldn’t get enough of each other. Heck, they would even experiment, playfully dabbling in leather. But the excitement quickly waned and boredom set in. While promoting “Salt” in South Korea, Angelina Jolie gives off an air of sadness as she faces the cold, hard truth: Her once passionate love affair with the black dress has turned to garbage, a fact she can no longer deny as she squares her shoulders and tries to look dignified in a Glad tall kitchen drawstring bag….
lmao ~ my site has had too much fun with this thread today…Are they really talking about the dress…I have had to eject quite a few posters today, so I see some stalkers from here are slithering their way to my blog…I’ll let them take their beating for a while, then a will eject them as I see fit…I have as many negative comments on my Ho-lee threads as JJ has positive on his…My posters are tough as sh!t at the moment…Why are ya’ll whining like a bunch of 2 year old tots??? You still have more positive posts than negative…My site is the opposite…And as far as telling you what “BB” stands for, never gonna happen…If you were good enough bloggers that have been around the web, you would know…Besides, that would give you and idea as to what my site name is… And I can’t have that can I????
* Huggs & Kisses Tots*…See ya’ll tomorrow…

When has Aniston ever been so immature and vengeful, #376? And how would any of us know what’s going in Aniston’s private life?

What’s wrong with TV, #379?

You’re disgusting, #380.

I’m pretty sure that she donates to charity, #394.

You’re an idiot, #429.

Pac Man – Ask Jared to give you a Suri thread where you can drool endlessly. You’re rabid enough, supporting that girl, Don’t add JenJen to your list.

And btw Pac Man. You negate yourself :

And how would any of us know what’s going in Aniston’s private life?
I’m pretty sure that she donates to charity,


your own words. LMAO! oh the irony

Will the critics critize Emily Watson on her short boyish hair cut, or do they only pick on little kids?

Pac man is getting lost a lot lately.Are they out of magnesium at the z…place.

Angelina Jolie needs to do Jay Leno’s Tonight Show when promoting wither Kung Fu panda or The Tourist.

Angelina looks like she wants to kick Leno’s as$ in thie video. She confronts him about things he’s said about her

Just saw a picture of Gwen Stefani walking on beach in a long BLACK dress. wearing a hat at the beach..

Do you ladies remember all the nasty post directed toward Angie when she was at that beach party in a black tank top and pants.. hmmm

HuffingtonPost had a whole article on it. The hags were here like Angie had broken some unspoken law.

. I will wait to see what they say about Gwen..Mind you I will not be holding my breath.

(I have loved ones that want me around)

Jen's Scent: "Bowl Of Tears" @ 08/05/2010 at 5:45 pm

It looks like Pax and Zee are running buddies, Mad hangs with his bro from time to time, and Shiloh rolls alone.

Of course this all will switch around and change in a blink of an eye and watching the alliances will be fun especially when the twins get older.

# 448 lurkersville, I agree. It is also clear that AM did not speak to any one close to Brad or Angie. No one’s close friends will speak to anyone writing unauthorised book about their friend. Haters believe every lie they read about Angie, you need to show them how these tabs and so called writers manufacture their stories and take them for fools. May be some of them will wake up and see light and not waste their money.

Etta (new HO on board) @ 08/05/2010 at 5:53 pm

Wow Salt is doing great. Domestic total now $78, 677,261.The foreign total has not been updated yet. Its still at $32, 971, 953.

Here’s the next Jay Leno interview this time promoting Lara can see the subtle changes

BB, your site must be as boring as you coz you seem to spend all your time on JJ’s site instead. There must be something wrong with Anuston, she attracts only boring people and losers and BB happens to be one of the biggest losers she has as a fan. This loser could be Anuston herself or unemployed dumpee with no love or family. She is on Angie’s thread 24/7 talking and posting trash. You need help.

Promoting ALexander and talking about Colin Farrell and Brad PItt.

The talk show Angelina was talking about on The Tonight Show


Domestic Total as of Aug. 4, 2010:: $78,677,261 70.5%

+ Foreign: $32,971,953 29.5%


= Worldwide: $111,649,214

Domestic Summary Opening Weekend: $36,011,243

(#2 rank, 3,612 theaters, $9,970 average)

% of Total Gross: 45.8%

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

that La MORT.ON tabs.


Can’t wait for the overseas numbers to be updated.. SALT is doing great..

I think it will probably reach at least 130 world wide by the end of the weekend.


Thanks for the beautiful quote, Anon.

Rumi….aaawww reminds me of high school :(

Etta (new HO on board) @ 08/05/2010 at 7:18 pm

What! A positive article about Angie from NOTW? No! I’m shocked, the world is shocked, ROTFLMAO. Next the hens are going to say she made a deal with them to print only positive stuff about her. Talk about deluded.

Angelina Looks Jolie Stunning


IT WAS lovely to see the stunning Angelina Jolie put her best foot – I mean entire leg – forward at the Tokyo premiere of her new action blockbuster Salt this week.
The movie sees Jolie playing a fugitive CIA operative… and by the state of her shredded little black dress she’s still on the run.

Going to see Salt again on Monday. This will be our 5th time. She is basically the only female actress that can put out a film that my husband can sit through and watch, without looking at his watch 10 times.

And a big happy birthday to Maddox!

LMAO …. per Maniston Bab and her purple azz have in common.bahahaha….general insult to barbra.

@Some Bunny:
carm42men is LLM. She’s good at making vids :D


Why would you want Angelina to go on Jay Lena or David Letterman for that matter, she has been made fun of for years on those shows. She is doing just fine, choosing who to give interviews to, her movies have done quite well. She does not need them to promote her movies.

Excellent post. I concur 100% That troll is a complete waste of everyone’s time. Thumb it down and hopefully Jared will remove the posts asap.

On a brighter note – Happy Birthday little Maddox. 9 years old already. But what wonderful memories. How mommy met you and how daddy met you. First there were two and now there are 8 beautiful Jolie-Pitts.

The children are adorable!


XIII @ 08/05/2010 at 8:16 pm +1

@Some Bunny:
carm42men is LLM. She’s good at making vids :D
No she is not, they are both very talented but two different JP fans.

Did any of you guys read Barbra’s comments about Dedn impersonating her:
“I was very flattered that Jennifer Aniston chose to interpret my style with the photos in Harper’s Bazaar. She’s a delightful person, and I think she did a wonderful job. If only she had a bump on her nose.”
Now, I’d take that to mean: Barbra did NOT like Dedn’s impersonation.
Yeah yeah, she said she was flattered and did a wonderful job. What else was Barbra suppose to say? Barbra is the consummate professional. She knows how the game is played. So, Barbra says all the politically correct stuff about being flattered and delighted but ADDS that she wishes Dedn had a BUMP ON HER NOSE?


This idiot TC wants us to believe he has any kind of reputable “source” telling him what the Brange reads and does not read?
His entire column is fake! Why?
Angelina, herself, was ALL over TV just a couple of weeks ago telling the interviewer she does not read anything printed about her. This was also disclosed by her, I believe it was in her Parade Magazine interview. Someone please correct me if I have misspoken. But I don’t think I have. TY


People magazine has reported that Barbara Streisand was flattered by Jennifer impersonation of her. In Hollywood everyone piggy back off each other. Striesand could use the publicity, she doesnot make news anymore.

JPs Are Thriving @ 08/05/2010 at 8:53 pm

REMEMBER- This latest round of trash is nothing new- SAME stuff for years, EVERY week and the JPs are thriving, both personally and professionally. Whether from a book or blog or ET- lies are still lies- don’t give them oxygen and the fire will die. All of these cretins have already done their worst- result? Cream rises to the top. The fetid trolls lives are so lame, they lash out at happy people. The PR establishment is also very threatened by all the success that JPs have w/out paying millions to PR firms (like almost every other star does), so they encourage media outlets to print/talk lies and negative stuff about JPs.

Rosie O’Donnell Lands New Show On Oprah’s Network Rosie O’Donnell Lands New Show On Oprah’s Network
Posted on Aug 05, 2010 @ 03:55PM print it send it
WENN.comOutspoken talk show host Rosie O’Donnell is making her return to television and joining forces with media queen Oprah Winfrey, has learned.

PHOTOS: Celebs Who Have Come Out

Rosie will launch a talk show on Oprah’s new OWN cable network, it was announced on Thursday.

“Rosie is an undeniable talent who has captivated TV audiences for nearly 20 years,” said Oprah Winfrey in an official statement. “She’s a true original, who brings her authentic voice, dynamic energy and pure passion to everything she does.

ok fine rosie,but okrah?dont you know oak oak and Maniston are friends.kiss azz. or suck azz.


Man what a difference in body language! It’s cool to see how she has grown. She was always beautiful but now has poise. You know I wonder if AM even bothered to look up past tv interviews that Angelina has done. I mean there are quotes coming directly out of her mouth. I remember one where she point blank said she spent a whole year not having sex. I’m not sure if it was Leno or Letterman. Now how does this match an image that Morton has portrayed according to those fake sources and quotes taken out of context in the book? Does he even mentiont that? Well I guess I’ll never know nor care cuz I’m not reading it.

Happy Birthday to Maddox.

I would like to ask a question about Brad and his new found foutain Youth. Brad looked a lot older inglorious ******** and heavier. It just nagging wlhy he grew a beard for over a year. When he shaved it off he now looks llike Joe Black again.

Question did Brad get a face lift and grew a beard to heal the scars? Did keep the beard in order for people to forget his previous look?

the other anon @ 08/05/2010 at 9:02 pm


ITA with you, well sort of. I like that she goes on shows like Charlie Rose or CNN etc. The shows that are about ‘banter’ I am not a big fan of and I suspect neither is she but still I’ll watch whatever she goes on.
Happy Birthday, Mad!

yeah! my hornypinion……talent wise,maniston got nada.but both are fuggy.sorry.

I agree with you.

It was very telling when Barbra clearly said. -
“I was very flattered that Jennifer Aniston chose to interpret MY STYLE……..”

Copying Bab’s style is all ManFace accomplished.
It was NO tribute to the WOMAN Babs herself, for where was Bab’s true trademark – the bump on the nose on Man’s face?
And what a great insult to a Living Legend to dress herself up as the great Barbra Streisand and leave off the VERY thing on her face Barbra must be very proud of because she has never had it removed in this age of extreme plastic surgery.
Shows ManFace was NOT willing to distort her ugly face even further by adding that obvious bump on the nose. So much for her “love” of Barbra Streisand.
I hope stupid Maniston learns a lesson from her affront to Barbra.
Barbra responded kindly and professionally, so Maniston’s obvious “offence” in the truest sense of the word, has probably gone right over Maniston’s pointed head.

I guess Maniston thought she would make a “Prettier Barbra Streisand” without the famous bump on the schnozz!
What a schlump!

bap I’m LMAO at your post, thank you for brightening my dreary day. That must be the most stoopid, most outrageous and the most senseless thing I’ve ever heard all day. LMAO Omigod, isofunny.


This is your last year in the single digits!!!

You are the catalyst that grew this family from 2 to 8.

ha ha ha ha trolls are so dumb is funny
happy birthday maddox


I would love to see her interaction with the audience. I’ve hated these interviews with the national correspondents from these big networks. These big grandiose things, ugh, she does well while interacting with fans and is a great storyteller. Obviously she can hold her own and can give as good as she gets.Every celebrity has been made fun of by these late night talk show hosts.and she hasn’t had a problem in the past going on them. Jon Stewart was the best. She has a long history with Jay Leno. Come The tourist time, I hope we won’t see the same lame reporters asking the same lame questions asked only a year prior. To avoid that she needs to switch gears interview wise. Do the late night shows especially with the camera shy Johnny Depp. He barely talks and will need Angelina there LOL.

Skip the usual magazines (Vogues, W, Elle. Bazaar V, etc) and the usual tired photographers with their tired editorial layous. They don’t even try with a beautiful woman like Angelina. Get new and creative photographers that will do amazing editorials. Imagine the ideas you can have with two A list stars like Angie and Johnny! OK rant over. I was just inspired by this:

#483 Lurker- I totally agree. Both Angie & Brad have been making great choices for the interviews they do when they promote. Talk shows (both late night & day time, view, SNL, etc) are becoming increasingly irrelevant and ALL the ratings are going down. As fans, we’d like to see them on every show (& every show really wants them), but the JPs continue to show that they make smart choices.
Why would you want Angelina to go on Jay Lena or David Letterman for that matter, she has been made fun of for years on those shows. She is doing just fine, choosing who to give interviews to, her movies have done quite well. She does not need them to promote her movies.

thanks looks like a jab at maniston pointing the fact that she had numerious nose jobs but still looks like a tranny

ITAWU. Angelina and Brad reach the point that they can just do daytime shows to promote their movies. They don’t need do night talk shows.

And what a great insult to a Living Legend to dress herself up as the great Barbra Streisand and leave off the VERY thing on her face Barbra must be very proud of because she has never had it removed in this age of extreme plastic surgery.
LOL!! To be fair, Barbra did admit to considering having her bump removed but was worried that it might somehow affect her VOICE. So, in the end Barbra decided the risks were not worth it.
I suppose over the years Barbra turned her “funny” looks into an asset, but could just as easily been something which dragged her down. Babs had to overcome the “Bump” on her nose.
It’s a credit to Babs that she turned her nose into her distinctive trademark. It gives interest and character to her face. She’s had to work at being everything she is because she is NOT classically beautiful. But over the years, she went from the plain girl with the big bumpy nose to the fascinating woman with so much character showing on her face. More power to Barbra.
Babs didn’t try to airbrush out the nose or the bump. She didn’t try camera tricks to make it smaller – her most iconic images being shots of her in PROFILE showing her BUMPY NOSE in fully glory. Babs wore it like a badge of honour, which was what it became for her.
When you think of Dedn’s plastic surgery to remove her bump, when you think of all the tricks played to reduce the size of her chin, or raising of her hairline – and then there’s Babs with her big nose and big bump.
So, to me, Babs is implying that “This bump on my nose has shaped me, my opportunities, my life. This bump is an inherent part of me.”

Thank you for the link.
some of his treasurable comments out of many:
“Jennifer Aniston is on the cover of Harpers Bazaar this month, which is a perfect fit because they’re both famous even though no one ever buys either one. In the interview, she tells no one in particular that she knows people laugh at her, though the insufferable egomaniac who men run away from like Medusa doesn’t know why. Oohh oohh oohh, I do, I do!”
INSUFFERBLE EGOMANIAC! That’s Jen! Boy does he nail her.
and -

“And then, as if dared to come up with the worlds least relatable and sympathetic problem, she talked about how much she and Barbara Streisand have in common.”.
WHERE IS THE BUMP ON YOUR NOSE MANISTON? Since you have soooooo much in common with Babs.
Talk about an egomaniac – here she goes again.
“[Barbra and I] are people who have been put in the spotlight, for better or for worse, and you just keep riding, and you keep overcoming.”
Of course someone else put her in the spotlight she has not been the one out there maniacally pushing herself into the spotlight. “Stinkwater anyone?”
And she is still singing that tune about her divorce. Somebody else was responsible not I. somebody else stole my husband blah, blah, blah!
42 year old woman can’t even see how nauseating she is. UGH!
And -
” I had a long conversation with Barbra about directing because I directed a short a couple years ago, and if I don’t do it again soon, I’m going to burst out of my skin.”.
She only had the conversation with Babs about directing “because I DIRECTED A SHORT A COUPLE OF YEARS AGO.” I, I, I, Me, Me, Me! Insufferable!
And puleeze… really LONG was that conversation? Directed a short?????? One short????? What in the world was there to talk about since the conversation was only about her one short!
Finally – Love his last comment:
“By “overcoming” Aniston must mean that everyone hates her movies (her last 3: Bounty Hunter made 67 million, Love Happens made 22 million, and Management made 900,000). I dare you to fail that much at a job in the real world. Not only would you be fired, they’d hide a cobra in your car and punch your kid in the face too.”


Quoted the above especially for the the trolls who LIVE on this Site.

@bap: @bap: 493# think, surgery and hair. You are showing your true colours. Did Brad leave you? From the time you started, posting it was some stupid comment about Brad.

I am a true Angelina Jolie Fan!

Angie DOESN’T need to do any late night shows or the other idiotic day time ones.

groundcontrol @ 08/05/2010 at 10:01 pm

That’s some backhanded compliment Streisand delivers to Aniston. Well deserved I’d say. Well deserved.

@bap: #508 a true Angie fan, my *as.

I am a true Angelina Jolie Fan!
whew!! what a great laugh.
Sweetheart, don’t flatter yourself by saying you are a true Angelina JOlie Fan.
You, my dear, are a true IDIOT! That’s all.


Funny post.
Those trolls are really stupid. They have been praying that “Karma” would finally “catch up with Angie” and they don’t even realize their “Prayers” have been answered.

I don’t KNOW what Karma means exactly, but if Karma is a neutral thing, in the sense that it means it only repays you in kind according to what you do – then Karma must be ALL OVER ANGELINA and is blessing her like crazy! – Isn’t it obvious?
Now for the trolls, Karma is all over them as well returning to them in kind the very thing they give to others. That is why they are in so much pain. Poor trolls….Karma for YOU is a big B! (B!tch)
For Angelina, Karma is a big B as well – (Blessings. :)

That’s some backhanded compliment Streisand delivers to Aniston.
Have to disagree counsellor. Not a back handed compliment. Just a backhanded slap.

Maniston’s imitation of Barbra S is just so cheap and fugly.

Prop8 Overturn : A step towards Jolie-Pitt wedding LOL.
Well, a girl can always dream :D

Susan and Lylian name calling is” only flaunting ones ignorance”. I do believe one should ble allow to have their opinion here without being called a names.

i am angie’s fan. i am brad’s fan. even if i was a fan of one and not the other, as a fan of my fave, even if i did not like the person they loved (and angie clearly is soo in love with brad) i would be glad my fave was happy. it is not my decision. but….
sooner or later the freaks show their true colors.

I hope this is the right pic where Aniston does the lip pout/pucker again. Why does she do that? Doesn’t she get her thin, now thinner older woman lips look hell when she does that? hahaha Bet she got those lips shot up with filler before that shoot.

Happy Birthday to Maddox

Link @ 519…picture 17 for filler pucker-pout of Faux-anuston


Yeah right. Go tell that to the studios. Then they will wave a piece of paper called a contract. lol. You got 50 mil for a movie and won’t do press? No way. Angelina is professional through and through. She will do what is required and even a little bit more I guess. She’s cool like that.

Passing Through @ 08/05/2010 at 11:25 pm

# 447 gracie @ 08/05/2010 at 4:02 pm
Leave it Terd to tell people what they already know – Angie doesn’t give a fvck what Morton wrote about her and if she don’t care, then Brad doesn’t care either. The one time Terd actually got something right lately and everybody and their dog, not named Lamey, already knew.
BTW – My book review has suffered another setback. I just got home from work and have to get up in 9 hours and go back to work. Hopefully it’ll be a quieter today than today and I can finish the report. It’s kinda long so I’ll post it on the tab report site when I’ve finished it so I can avoid Moderation Hell. One thing I will say – BBT’s ego is gonna be upset…he only got a whopping 10-12 pages…and 2 of them were used to explain about him and Snora Dern.

Actually Brad and Angelina really do not have to appear on any shows to promote their films now-a-days. The internet alone promotes their films for them. We all were talking a great deal about Salt before it was even announced that Angelina would be on GMA and nightline (which was really just one interview, split into two parts). She did a fairly short interview with them and that was that. And to my knowledge she didn’t appear on “Today”, “The Early Show”, “Larry King” or any of the other big shows. Commercials, media and internet buzz especially, sell their films for them.

We will never see Angelina on something like Ellen Degeneres again. In a way it makes me sad. As a fan I want to see her on every talk show that exists, but then again as a fan I am excited for her knowing she is so successful that she can be really choosy with that. I also like that she spends a good portion of her interviews chatting about her life and humanitarian issues. She knows we will go see her movie anyway so its really nice that she shares some of her private life with her fans. I know I personally enjoy it and appreciate her openness. It makes her even more likable.

I haven’t seen this mentioned yet so I will comment as if it hasn’t. Was anyone else floored by Angie’s androgynous look in a scene from Salt when she books herself into a hotel? (I think that was the scene) Anyway, I just loved the look; she was wearing jeans and a short jacket I think but it was the way she carried it, it was so I don’t know how to describe it, but I loved it. I wish someone would put some pics of it somewhere. I guess it is something I am not used to seeing from her but damn, that was hot.

Passing Through @ 08/05/2010 at 11:37 pm

# 465 Jen’s Scent: “Bowl Of Tears” @ 08/05/2010 at 5:45 pm
It looks like Pax and Zee are running buddies, Mad hangs with his bro from time to time, and Shiloh rolls alone.
Looks are deceiving. Angie said her Salt interviews that kids have their own little groups – Z and Shiloh, Mad and Pax, and the twins have each other. So even though Shiloh likes to dress like a boy – she’s hanging out and playing with her sister.

lol @ 08/05/2010 at 11:22 pm
I have no idea what u are talking about… I didn’t say she shoulder do any press at all. She doesn’t NEED to do the idiotic late night shows and the even more ridiculous day time talk. She didn’t do any of these show this time around and Sony didn’t seem to have problem with that.
IMO Salt press was handled superbly. One national mag (unfortunately VF, plus Parade which reached a difference readership than VF. Nightline was a great choice, and the bonus was that they also featured the interview on GMA; so she got night and day exposure. Cancun was a brilliant idea for the int’l press and DC for the US press. Her promotion for Salt was just right.

I think it really doesn’t make a difference in the box office number whether an actor goes on a talk show to promote a movie or not, especially with high profile actors like Brad and Angelina. I saw people go on talk shows and still their movies tanked.


I think it is we don’t see her in jeans.. I wish she would wear them more often. But maybe Brad likes the dresses and skirts.. MY guess is with 6 kids. it is easy access.. if you know what I mean..

@PT>. I have noted the same thing. Shiloh may dress like her brothers, but she hangs and does things with her sister. Angie says she took the girls to Washington as a “girls day”.. Brad had the boys for some “boy time”..

Shiloh is from what Angie says a daredevil..but she does all the out and about things with Zee. I am sure that includes. dolls and playing house. I think it is great to get to do all of the kids stuff.. Lucky little girl.

Sad for boys that never got to play with dolls and girls that never played with trucks..

You got watch the youtube of Viv and Knox : I think its call:

Happy Second Birthday
done by:
xxNiwatoriJPxx’s Channel

Its really good !!!!!!! Watch it ! love it

Having six little kids is tough for Brad and Angelina, but great for the kids. They have brothers and sisters that are like friends they can play with.

I just saw Maniston’s channeling Barbra pic again on JJB. It’s not an homage she did. It’s a parody.

I think with all of the work and traveling Angelina knew she would be doing with the U.N, this may have been a factor in her reason for wanting multiple children. Traveling means tutors instead of a classroom and that would get pretty lonely after a while for a single child. It doesn’t matter how fun Brad and Angelina probably are, kids need to be with other kids. Its necessary to give them those healthy social skills, and they know it. Right now they are like a mini classroom all by themselves, and they are never going to feel lonely for other childrens’ companionship. They both did a lot of good here. They saved some lives, gave their children buddies to be with while traveling, and themselves a big family they both really wanted anyway.

Passing Through @ 08/06/2010 at 12:19 am

# 487 lylian @ 08/05/2010 at 8:43 pm
LOL. Sounds to me like Babs was taking a jab at the fact that X had her nose done…several times. Babs said exactly what you’d expect someone of her exalted position to do – knowing X will NEVER attain her elite status as an Oscar, Emmy, Golden Globe, Tony AND Grammy winner, she pats the little people on the head and go about her business like they don’t even exist. I’m surprised she bothered at all.

Passing Through @ 08/06/2010 at 12:26 am

# 488 Jen @ 08/05/2010 at 8:47 pm
Shame on you! Terd does so have a source! He’s sitting on it. Those noises eminating from his hind quarters sound and smell like f@rts to the rest of the world. But to Terd they smell of night blooming jasmine and sound like “…one who knows the couple very well…”

@Passing Through:
PT, besides the nose jobs, there’s the lip filler too. It’s just my guess, but I think Barbra is doing it for her step son, Josh Brolin. Maniston probably invested some money with him.

sooo Manny has found a connection to BS through her stepson J. brolin then…OK. GOOD. let this leech suck from the blood of keep her in the tabs. brad and angie are best to be rid of her!!!!
Angelina Jolie, una tramposa heroína

No podía ser más pertinente (o más incómoda) que ahora, cuando ha tenido lugar la sorprendente historia de los espías rusos que vivían sus vidas normales integrados a la sociedad estadounidense y que recientemente fueron repatriados, la aparición de la película “Salt “que aborda justamente la historia de unos agentes rusos infiltrados hasta lo más profundo de la Seguridad de Estados Unidos: la Agencia Central de Inteligencia (CIA).

Evelyn Salt (Angelina Jolie) es una agente de la CIA que es delatada por un espía ruso que se entrega voluntariamente. A partir de ese momento la confusión reinará en la pantalla pues Salt huye. El espectador sabe que lo hace preocupada por su esposo. Pero esta preocupación aporta un tono de ambigüedad, pues Salt puede ser la infiltrada o la víctima de una emboscada en la que ella es el anzuelo y la coartada de un plan conocido como el Día X, que en resumen es el inicio de las hostilidades, todas ellas engañosas pues se pretende poner a EU contra el mundo saboteándolo desde dentro. El plan integra el asesinato de los presidentes de Rusia y de Estados Unidos y un masivo ataque nuclear a los enemigos de la potencia norteamericana.

De esta manera, los agentes rusos buscan reavivar la aparente frialdad de la guerra fría que en realidad es más caliente de lo que parece.

Un argumento a todas luces interesante, que es resuelto de manera muy bien lograda tanto por el guión como por la estructura narrativa. Una película llena de acrobacias y engaños en donde el cuerpo grácil y delgado de Jolie más su seductora y envolvente habilidad para el disfraz son los verdaderos protagonistas.

El espectador acepta el pacto de verosimilitud y de ficción intrínseco a una cinta de acción y por lo tanto no se sorprende de ver a Jolie en un papel pensado para Tom Cruise, saltando de tráileres en movimiento, trepando como Spider Man en los edificios y colapsando ella sola al poderoso sistema de seguridad de Estados Unidos.

De Jolie lo único que se nos ofrece es esa cara de muñeca tramposa que la caracteriza y esos labios suculentos y jugosos como gajos de toronja que todo mundo quisiera devorar una y mil veces, su cuerpo delgado permanece bien forradito y de pronto quisiéramos que en lugar de la agente Salt la pantalla nos regalara una postal majestuosa de Lara Croft. No se puede tener todo. Con esta película, Jolie se confirma como la heroína del cine de acción por excelencia.

Passing Through @ 08/06/2010 at 1:16 am

# 527 QQQQ @ 08/05/2010 at 11:39 pm
People seem to forget that Angie hasn’t done one of the late night talk shows since she and Brad got together. He doesn’t do them – and now she doesn’t either. The last time Brad did one was Conan O’Brien for Troy. The last time Angie did one it was a cable show – and only because he’s a friend of her’s – Jon Stewart Since then – no night;y talk shows other than Nightline, Anderson Cooper and Larry King – the first 2 are news shows and nobody’s known what the hell Lary is since about 1937.

Observer2 @ 08/06/2010 at 1:25 am

Aniston looks more like Olympia Ducakis than Barbara Streisand:

queen bee @ 08/06/2010 at 1:32 am

Production budget: 110,000.000.00
Total Lifetime GrossesDomestic: $78,677,261 70.5%
+ Foreign: $32,971,953 29.5%


= Worldwide: $111,649,214




getalife – I’m happy you enjoyed my video :) And thanks for sharing it. Much appreciated.

Passing Through @ 08/06/2010 at 1:37 am

# 536 an oldie @ 08/06/2010 at 12:31 am
Huh? I don’t get the reference? Is Josh Brolin some kind of investment genius or something? Cuz…last I heard he and Babs don’t exactly get along.

Okay, really, after watching that you tube video of X’s reaction when being compared to BS (made a face, clearly not liking the idea) and then now that she’s doing that picture channeling BS… I mean come on. The nerve of this fame wh@re. Ugh. Seriously she’s atrocious.

Passing Through @ 08/06/2010 at 1:47 am

# 537 an oldie @ 08/06/2010 at 12:35 am
Forgot to add that Maniston probably invested with Josh because of his connection to Barbra, who has tons of connections in HW, and Maniston wants that. She is kissing Barbra’s ass big time.
I still don’t get the reference to investing with Josh Brolin. He’s an actor…and until the last 4 or 5 years he wasn’t exactly a big name.

@Passing Through:
He was on Charlie Rose a couple of years ago promoting the movie he did with Sean Penn. He bragged about his stock picking talent, and that some people trust him with their money.

niwatori @ 08/06/2010 at 1:36 am – That was brilliant work cause Viv & Knox are like the personalities with photos that I have seen and Viv has that bossy attitude and Knox is very calm . I love it !

JP fans Watch This Video its the work of our own :niwatori @ 08/06/2010 at 1:36 am -543
Great Work and surely makes the evening very nice and calm!

LURKER==just to let you know @ 08/06/2010 at 2:06 am

I’m not sure the money figures on Box Office Mojo are accurate. An executive from Sony said the budget was well below 100 million. So, I’m not sure where Mojo is getting their figures from?

Passing Through @ 08/06/2010 at 2:17 am

# 547 an oldie @ 08/06/2010 at 1:53 am
Ah. I didn’t know that. Well, I can’t see X being one of them. Little Miss Neurotic would be too afraid of winding up in the poor house to invest much more than a token amount. She reminds me of old people who lived through the depression. When she dies they’ll probably find money hidden all over her house.

For PT. Here is the video of Josh B with Charlie Rose. The investment part is at the 48ish mark. It was in 2008, at the worst of the market and he was up 58%. He said he was going to manage a $40M hedge fund.
If Maniston gives him money to invest, I also think it’s probably a few millions at the most.

My part in Moneyball includes silent clapping and pretending to talk while secretly staring at brad Pitt.
6 minutes ago via Twittelator

about 1 hour ago via Twittelator

SAW BRAD PITT. :D <3 Look for me in Money Ball next year homies. :) 21 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone

Tweets about SALT. Credit Guli.

Jus seen Salt. That movie was crazy. Angelina Jolie was done it again. Nobody can play her role better than her.
Twitter – 2 minutes ago

Angelina Jolie is a beast!!!! Salt was hella dope!
Twitter – 2 minutes ag

: Salt is my new favorite movie!! Damn Angelina Jolie!!!
Twitter – 2 minutes ago

Have you seen SALT with Angelina Jolie? It is pretty good, her character is pretty hard-core , like Jason Bourne
Twitter – 50 seconds ago
: Watching salt with @marcusSQ, esther, harold, and lionel. Angelina jolie is sooooooooo f.cking pretty!
Twitter – 6 minutes ago

quick response:) Angelina Jolie!! Hell YEA!!
Twitter – 7 minutes ago

SALT was fantastic!! Best I’ve ever seen Angelina Jolie!
Twitter – 9 minutes ago

Angelina sexyyy as always

Brad Pitt waved at one of the extras sitting next to us..she melted lol
10 minutes ago via mobile web

U can’t help but stare at Brad Pitt when he’s on set!
17 minutes ago via Echofon

Some Bunny @ 08/06/2010 at 8:04 am

@getalife: That video was really cute, starting to get addicted to the fan videos. Thanks for the link. Very very sweet.

Some Bunny @ 08/06/2010 at 8:05 am

@TWEET: Love reading your tweets, Tweet!

Some Bunny @ 08/06/2010 at 8:10 am

@Lurker: Thanks Lurker & THANK YOU LLM! <3

Some Bunny @ 08/06/2010 at 8:17 am

@XIII: Thanks I agree, LLM did a great job!

duh!!!! der just fuggy thats why they prepare the night promotion.
brad and anjie…..very clear during the day.,beautiful.fckable.gorgeous adiorable.the end.

My favorite actress and beautiful women

Beautiful and still on top of the list

@Passing Through:
You know when Aniston made that comment about her then estranged mother and how they didn’t have money when she was growing up and now she has all this money, how a shame it was they were estranged and the family all separated, they couldn’t enjoy the money together now. ….. that was another one of Jennifer Aniston’s passive aggressive nasty jabs to hurt people, this time her very own mother and siblings. Aniston does this type of move, time after time. One would think with 20+ years of therapy under her belt, she would have learned something about herself, or perhaps she is taking everything the therapist advised and putting it to ill and evil use.

sooo Manny has found a connection to BS through her stepson J. brolin then…OK. GOOD. let this leech suck from the blood of keep her in the tabs. brad and angie are best to be rid of her!!!!

I agree with this comment and hope that Brad and Angelina have gotten rid of her for good.

@Passing Through:

“Looks are deceiving. Angie said her Salt interviews that kids have their own little groups – Z and Shiloh, Mad and Pax, and the twins have each other. So even though Shiloh likes to dress like a boy – she’s hanging out and playing with her sister.”

PT do you happen to have the link to this interview. I think I missed this one.

trinilady @ 08/06/2010 at 9:46 am

just like the sexy photoshoot with GB I couldn’t stand to watch these photos where she dressed up as BS when she starts to irritate the a$$ of BS let’s see how the gracious BS is gonna shake her off

@Some Bunny:

I haven’t seen any JP fan put together a video about the Jolie-Pitt that isn’t awesome, I can think of 4 or 5 people that do a superb job! Omg, when you look at the other side (Bunny Boiler), now that is a joke…putting fake words in their mouths and literally living in some fantasy world and trying to re-write the past, bwhahaha!

Thanks to all the talented Jolie-Pitt fans for their hard work and dedication so the rest of us fans can enjoy these videos! I hope Brad and Angie has seen your hard work and the kids could see the special greetings on their Birthdays.

Last night the saw a promo for an ET and the hook was …Jennifer Aniston..her movie and is she trying to have a baby?”

I almost hurled my pork chop. She has used an icon, launched a stupid perfume like some cheesy D lister, hasn’t used the ‘new love’ schtick cuz everyone is now onto it……….but the ‘baby’ draw in …. oh, that will get her almost as much press as her dud love life.

This desperate bish has missed the whole damn point. How in hell did Brad actually tolerate this joke of a woman???????? No damn wonder he is crazy in love with Angie……..the polar opposite. Man, did that pendulum swing far and hard.

taiwan @ 08/06/2010 at 9:43 am
I’m not PT, but here is the video of the “interview” It was from the press junket done in DC for Salt. These are the few blurbs people_tab used to manufacture their “interview” and cover a few weeks ago. Sneaky, aren’t they, I guess that’s why they had no qualms promoting ass_hole morton’s book, because unlike the hag she didn’t give them an exclusive interview.

I think most JP fans saw this “Dedn wants a baby” message coming when she started filming the turkey.
It’s easy to see that Dedn’s hens think that Shiloh should have been Dedn’s child. Remember when they still use to write openly about how Brad should leave Angelina, Mad, Pax and Z and go back to Dedn with Shiloh?
Given Dedn’s penchant for playing up the “I’m a VICTIM of a theft” role, it’s obviously time to show the world how her opportunity to have a baby was “stolen” from her by Angelina.
Except the stupid fool blows it by acknowledging that she NEVER BOTHERED to find out about how to go about qualifying for Artificial Insemination.

Some Bunny @ 08/06/2010 at 8:10 am

@Lurker: Thanks Lurker & THANK YOU LLM! <3

Skimming the thread, I LOL, I am not car4men.

There are many JPfans who are very good video makers like Preggyjolie, MFChar, Niwatori, jeudi, Guyonthe earth …… and counting, unlike the fans of you know who.

btw this is my all times favourite video by The Real Angelah Dance With Me (7/16/07)

shout out to Baby Anuston, I don’t have time to contact you yet, working my azz off.

:hibye back to my real world.

Angelina Jolie makes a cameo in a new documentary, Pushing the Elephant, about Rose Mapendo, a Congolese refugee-turned-human rights advocate who is reunited with her teenage daughter.

The video IS short but so cute

Good morning sunshines…..It is a gorgeous beach day today…And tonight my hubby & I will celebrate this Friday by going to see “The Other Guys”…That is going to be a hysterical movie…Unlike what the Ho can produce…Now those of you that are concerned about when I work my site…I hate to explain myself to such morons as you, but blog sites have minders that take care of your site…Mine is going so well, and I have some fantastic minders, so I don’t need to mind it as often as most…My mother is the main minder, so I know it is in good hands…Good enough explanation for ya tots?????
Now onto the Ho topic…I finished Andrews book last night and I gotta say, it doesn’t look good for the Haggard old Ho…He tells the truth and that was refreshing, but she really is the trash of all trash in Hollywood…He did a great job letting her secrets out…I will be laying on the beach for a few hours, so please don’t try pulling me out…Ya’ll seem to turn your Ho’s threads into “BB” threads as soon as you see my post name…Please try and refrain yourself from doing so….It just makes your Ho look sadder than she already does…ttfn…TGIF….:)

The links to Morton’s defamation and lies suit:

….and the links to Morton’s adulterous past and kinky fckery:


Sigh.I guess BB is like a cockroach which even a nuclear holocaust won’t wipe out, huh?

Happy Friday fans.

Such a beautiful day.

Hope Brad/Angie and the kids are doing great. but when you are living a productive life how can you be anything but.

Can’t wait for the Paris and London premiers.. Some fabulous pics are coming soon. SALT is doing great.. Already over 100 million on it’s second week.

Angie is the best.


Why are the fans even mentioning this idiot. Giving them the attention they want. Thumb this fool down and stop talking about it.

Seriously people.. Just because something throws out bait you don’t have to eat it or bite at it..

Sometime the fans can be very gullible. this idiot is controlling this site and the fans are letting it.. don’t understand that at all..

We have enough to talk about. Why is this nutjob one of the conversations..


No new news. check back later.


What happened to People magazine, they used to be pretty good I thought. Well I have no respect for a company that promotes anything of that nature, the last magazine of theirs that I purchased was in ’08 anyway.
Muchisimas gracias for the link.

photo of shi and zee enjoying their time last weekend in Berkeley, Calif.
they are so cute
shiloh is really fearless and she is doing right by wearing her protector necklace

BB: You read Andrew Morton book’s which is the same thing they repeat on TABS Magazines.
I thought you were intelligent to distingish unauthorized and authorize bio but now I know you believe in whatever tabs said only AM said it differently for you Xfans to satisfied that hatred of Angie cause once again: BRAD DUMPED X CAUSE HE FELL INLOVE WITH HIS SOULMATE AND GREAT LOVE!!!!
Hows the website? ?????
Is your hudsband looks like Brad Pitt? Oh, I forgot …is he real or is he BRAD PITT.
BB, you don’t fool anyone but enjoy your time with your hudsband and don’t forget to check that website..
Get a life!


i need you guys to thump up my post because i saw someone at jjb that photos of kids topless are illegal and i don’t know how to edit my post here

@mariam: i mean thumps down

Passing Through @ 08/06/2010 at 12:40 pm

# 550 an oldie @ 08/06/2010 at 2:26 am
For PT. Here is the video of Josh B with Charlie Rose. The investment part is at the 48ish mark. It was in 2008, at the worst of the market and he was up 58%. He said he was going to manage a $40M hedge fund.
If Maniston gives him money to invest, I also think it’s probably a few millions at the most.
Very interesting. I didn’t know he was smart enough to understand the market. Lord knows he’s certainly never deomonstrated much intelligence in his private life.

Thanks to kikibunny at mega10– a short video of the documentary Angelina directed a few years ago (yes, she directed a full-length international documentary not just a 10 min. short co-directed with someone else). Its amazing. too bad, the doc is only available to schools:

@Passing Through:

He made tons of money in the market.

Passing Through @ 08/06/2010 at 12:56 pm

# 566 taiwan @ 08/06/2010 at 9:43 am
@Passing Through:

“Looks are deceiving. Angie said her Salt interviews that kids have their own little groups – Z and Shiloh, Mad and Pax, and the twins have each other. So even though Shiloh likes to dress like a boy – she’s hanging out and playing with her sister.”

PT do you happen to have the link to this interview. I think I missed this one.
I doubt it, but if I do it’s at home, but I’m at work now. It was a video interview from DC and I saw the video on M4A. I’ll look when I get home tonight and see if I can find it.

Passing Through @ 08/06/2010 at 1:00 pm

# 570 QQQQ @ 08/06/2010 at 10:32 am
taiwan @ 08/06/2010 at 9:43 am
I’m not PT, but here is the video of the “interview” It was from the press junket done in DC for Salt. These are the few blurbs people_tab used to manufacture their “interview” and cover a few weeks ago. Sneaky, aren’t they, I guess that’s why they had no qualms promoting ass_hole morton’s book, because unlike the hag she didn’t give them an exclusive interview.
Thanks, 4Q. I didn’t even think to check the Peeps website.

Passing Through @ 08/06/2010 at 1:12 pm

# 586 WBPfan @ 08/06/2010 at 12:41 pm
Angie didn’t “direct” the documentary. She produced it. IIRC Holly also got a producing credit on it. Angie sent out a bunch of her friends to various spots around the world, gave them cameras and at exactly the same time they all shot 2 or 3 minutes of video of whatever subject they chose that was important to them.

#592 Passing Through @ 08/06/2010 at 1:12 pm

Just to clarify, in the trailer for the film ishe’s credited as “Directed by Angelina Jolie”. Also when she premiered it at Tribeca Film Festival (documentary category), she was billed as the director and at the Q& A she spoke as the film’s director. Yes, her firends had a lot of freedom to shoot what they wanted but it was all under ger direction.

yeesh sorry for all the yypos in my post 594, I spilled Diet Pepsi earlier and my keyboard is still sticky!!!


wtf do you care? also you would have to be here all the time also to know that she’s here often AND you have nothing positive to say

Just waking up from a long night of being on the set of @moneyballmovie Brad Pitt is AMAZING and he signed my shirt :)
3 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

We were like 3 feet away from Brad Pitt last night. The 4-5 teenage girls around us went freaking crazy.
3 minutes ago via web

Passing Through @ 08/06/2010 at 2:22 pm

# 594 WBPfan @ 08/06/2010 at 1:17 pm
She officially took a directing credit for that? I didn’t realize she had. That’s a mighty big stretch.

Passing Through @ 08/06/2010 at 2:25 pm

# 596 Observer2 @ 08/06/2010 at 1:23 pm
O2 -
I dont’t think that’s really Mel. If it is she’s dumber than I thought she was. And we both know I don’t think very highly of her intelligence level…

Passing Through @ 08/06/2010 at 2:19 pm

PT, hey, I just spitted my lettuce at your post and laughed so hard, my colleagues all came running in.


just contacted lively and singer re:shiloh pix.spoke to heather.she’s nice.

Passing Through @ 08/06/2010 at 2:30 pm

# 599 TWEET @ 08/06/2010 at 1:48 pm

We were like 3 feet away from Brad Pitt last night. The 4-5 teenage girls around us went freaking crazy.
3 minutes ago via web
At 46 years and 7 1/2 months Brad STILL has teenage girls squealing over him…And Putrid reminiscing…and X crying in Norman’s fur. Who’da ever thunk Juliette would be the normal one and move on with her life. On the rare occasions she still gets asked about him she’s polite and speaks fondly of him…not lapse into a saga of “me me me” and how troubled and angst-filled she was at that time in her life…

Gorgeous Angelina @ 08/06/2010 at 2:33 pm

@queen bee:
Thank you…very interesting comments. I think the public has had their “FILL” of Aniston. Time for her to give the public a long rest from her presence. What in the world was she thinking? “Oh to be Barbra Streisand for a day” like her previous wish to be Oprah for a day.
Let’s see you do an imitation of your real idol Oprah, Aniston. You have starved yourself down to skin and bones eating baby food to compete with Brooklyn Decker so now you can do a “when Oprah was skinny” homage to Oprah.
This woman makes me smile. She says, blithely, “I know people are laughing at me.” Of course, in her mind, people laughing at her has absolutely nothing to do with the fact she is making a laughing stock of herself.

Passing Through @ 08/06/2010 at 2:40 pm

# 603 Eyes @ 08/06/2010 at 2:26 pm
LOL. Sowwy. Eating and drinking while reading the thread is something we learned long ago NOT to do…

Observer2 @ 08/06/2010 at 2:41 pm

Passing Through @ 08/06/2010 at 2:25 pm

Intelligent Mel isn’t. Though her 9 posters give her a run for her money. LOL. Living in a low rent apt. in La Habra, CA.

She’s the ugly version of Fergie. And Fergy ain’t no beauty.

Observer2 @ 08/06/2010 at 2:47 pm


MARIA FROM TEXAS @ 08/06/2010 at 2:59 pm


Hola haterz!…the champ is here…

…anyways, for those of you who keep saying ‘when pitt leaves’, let that beeatch go!…noone cares…vamoose, later, adios, bye, keep it moving…I don’t give a f u c k…’the jolie’ will be fine and so will the children…hahahahahhaha…thanks for letting me share…

Some Bunny @ 08/06/2010 at 3:20 pm


Be sure to copy and paste the web address ( that USMAG has on their website.
This is a crime and these people should be stopped.

Hi JP fans. I can see the usual house troll is already here or may be she never left. I have one observation I’ll like to share with you guys.
Off topic, it is about Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz movie —- Knight and Day. I see the advert everywhere but I don’t know if anyone have noticed how Tom Cruise has been photo shopped so much, it is so unrealistic. Cameron Diaz even looks older than the guy. He looks like he is in his twenties and not a man nearly 50. Looking at their pictures you can see a few lines around CD eyes which is okay and natural and more convincing but TC face is so smooth, not a single line. That is ridiculous considering the man is at least 10 or 11yrs older than CD and there’s no way his face is that smooth. I know pictures are photo shopped these days but to have TC looking 21 is stupid and unreal. It pissed me off a bit and now I’ve had my rant about it, I’ll like to hear your takes on it. If I didn’t know any better I would think that TC is aging backwards and trolls before you run with that, it is only in the movies that it can happen —- Hahaha!! .

dark angel @ 08/06/2010 at 3:38 pm

Where can I get a copy of Angelina’s documentary? I love documentaries. All the more if it’s Angie’s product. The trailer is very intriguing. Nice concept.

@Some Bunny: What is the big deal there was a pic of Madonna’s daughter Mercy swimming with no top on a few weeks ago. Did you contact her atty? Shiloh is 4 y.o. at a Claremont Hotel pool. Calm down she is not nude in their backyard

Queen Bee
Hagiston now knows people are laughing at her because of the legitimate news reports her people are finally bringing to her.
The only reading material she devours are the tabloids. Left to herself, she would not know what is really going on in the world of entertainment and that she is being guffawed at.
And then there she is, immediately denying every and anything negative said about her. Never seen anyone so quick to issue a denial, unless it involves more In Touch lies about Brad supposedly secretly texting her or meeting up with her. Then the old fraud can’t find her tongue or her agent to issue a swift denial.
She must have a subscription to every tabloid out there. Especially In Touch rag. That rag probably sits like a Bible on her nightstand which is very close to her big empty bed, so she can read it every night, just before she closes her eyes in her big empty 10,000 square foot house. Sheesh, must be really lonely and creepy sleeping in that mausoleum.
No wonder the men run from her like they are running from Medusa. They probably feel like they have entered a crypt when she lures them into her huge web of stone, glass and water and no warmth to be found anywhere. JM ran as fast as he could when he felt 1998 trying to wrap her fat weblike legs around him, and so have all the others.

queen bee @ 08/06/2010 at 4:01 pm

Bonnie Fuller is a ******, and these tabloid websites need to ….LEAVE SHILOH ALONE!…Stop posting pictures of half naked babies!!

I know the Jolie-Pitts don’t want to draw more attention to this than is necessary, but things are going too far! I wish their lawyers would compile all the invasive and inappropriate stories theyve done on Shiloh and the other kids, and take it to CAPITAL HILL SO THEY CAN CREATE LAWS ABOUT USING TODDLERS/CHILDREN IN HEADLINES WITHOUT THEIR CLOTHES, AND WITHOUT THE PARENTS CONSENT!!!


Okay magazine, US weekly, Daily Mail, STAR magazine…etc NEED TO BE SUED!!!

Some Bunny @ 08/06/2010 at 4:14 pm

@Kim: No Kim I don’t scout the internet looking for nude pics of kids, sorry. I clicked the link from JJ, and then saw a disclaimer 2 posts down.

Shiloh goes thru enough scrunity. She is only four years old for crying out loud!! Do you think AJ and BP gave permission to have their kids photographed at the pool?? And then have it posted on the net for every perve to see and never mind the nasty comments being said about Angelina!! It is a shame that this is being spread like wildfire on the net already.

I hope USmag gets sued and fined out their azz.

@cook: exactly. i’m with you on that one.

@Jen: umm, she actually has denied those in touch reports. that’s the funny thing about you people . you actually think she wants to be seen as a loser? The only one who looks good to the tab world is BRAD PITT. Angelina = evil Aniston= Loser who can’t move on Brad = so hot his ex won’t let him go
so who benefits from the tab reports?

@lmao: so why did I get two thumbs down? Is it because the crazy Brangie fans think Angie won’t be able to go on after “pitt leaves her” , lol? She’s going strong after the most important person left her permanently (her mother) but somehow she won’t be able to breath without pitt. mmmk if you say so.

I just read the Morton write up on Popeater. HAHA so funny. I’ve always thought Angie was a bit Naive and that’s why she’s with brad and that’s also why she was always open about her crazy past. She didn’t realize people would look at her like she’s crazy.
Moron says Brad and the Children anchor Angelina so that she doesn’t float away. LoL I wonder how much longer Brad will be able to hold on to that rope until Angelina turns on the fire in her hot air balloon and splits that joint. hahaha

also, Brad PItt was seen traveling solo all over the world during salt filming. he wasn’t with Angie’s children.
I might skim the book tho :) even though I’ve already found mistakes and Brad butt kissing bleck

I bet if people think hard enough or ask their parents or grandparents, they might found they went topless too in shorts or even wore their brothers’ trunks when they were 3 or 4. The trouble is the Jolie-Pitts thought they had privacy but ******-trashy rags like ‘US’ and Hollywood-noLife-Bonnie prey on little children with cameras for $$$, web hits and copy sales. They want to make a big deal out of something we probably all did as kids (I did) and our kids did…worse they want to profit of it, isn’t that like selling the innocent?, hmm…Bonnie Fuller and Michael Steele…are you that hard up and perverted?

@“BB”: o god, You guys actually think the “bb” is a new poster. i haven’t been here for weeks and i can tell that BB is whamo aka daughter of a hollywood legend aka Brad pitt numero uno fan

Angie talking about the documentary video she directed —– A place in Time. You guys were discussing it few pages back. I watched the video sometime ago and it was well thought out and nicely done. It covered
range of issues in different countries and synchronised to start at the same time. I think Angie did a great job.

Moneyball finished shooting in Oakland this morning. Brad worked from last night til this morning long hours. No shooting today. Filming will resume next week in LA.


Re your “–
also, Brad PItt was seen traveling solo all over the world during salt filming. he wasn’t with Angie’s children.
Now hon, I’m LMAO. Seen by whom? You? You had enough money to travel all over the world and knew exactly before hand where and when BP would travel to so you can book your flight accordingly? I was born yesterday so I believe you. Happy? Run to other place to play now!

@Some Bunny Of course they didn’t give permission for their kids to be photograghed but they know when there kids are in a public place there is a strong possibility they will be photographed. As for perverts a pervert doesnt care if the child is at a pool or on the beach in a swimsuit. A pervert doesn’t care if the child is male or female. There were pics of Mad and Pax on the beach a few weeks ago. Brad and Angie didn’t give permission for them to be potographed and I’m sure some perverts saw them on the net too.These kids are going to be photographed for the rest of their lives and the only place they should expect privacy is inside their home. Thats a sad fact

@voe: The paparazzi. Dumb azz! i’m sure JJ has them in his archives. He was flying all over the world constantly leaving his children with nannies.

Correction ANGIE’S children. :)

Moron says Brad and the Children anchor Angelina so that she doesn’t float away. LoL I wonder how much longer Brad will be able to hold on to that rope until Angelina turns on the fire in her hot air balloon and splits that joint. hahaha

YA GOT THAT RIGHT about that MORON. From now on he shall be named Andrew Moron and those who believe anything he and the tabloids say are morons too. Thanks moron.


You’re stupid and pathetic. Go fcuk yourself, you delusional twit.

Andrew Morton’s book #51 at 6am 8/06/10,curretly#73 after 8hrs,keep falling down,out of #100 in mid night.

Goodness. Calm down. She just turned 4, she isn’t even remotely close to being physically developed. I think people are taking this far too seriously. I looked at the picture, I didn’t see an issue with it and she certainly isn’t undressed. She is fully covered on the bottom where it really matters. If she was not the child of a famous couple you would just glance at it and assume she is a boy, there also wouldn’t be a fuss over it. At this age you cannot distinguish the difference from one gender to the other by the top of the body.

The real issue here is the children not being able to play without a photo being taken every time they move. Now that is what I feel badly about.

it’s good news that none of the Jolie-Pitt fans wasted any money to buy the garbage book. X fans can waste their money all they want. i am sure AM will appreciate it. To all the haters, sorry that you cannot bring Angie down. As she said before, challenges make her and Brad’s relationship stronger.

OT I want to see Eat, Pray Love… I think it will be good at least visually, Three really gooid movies this summer, Salt, Inception and EPL Lets see how many people act like Brad had nothing to do with this movie. Julia Roberts already pissed me off when someone asked her about Brad EP’ing this movie.

Why did Julia piss you off? All I heard was that she was grateful of Brad offering her the role, Brad was a great boss.

queen bee @ 08/06/2010 at 5:24 pm




…in the video clip below, at first, it sounds like he was sceptical about the movie going in…..but he reeeeally ended up liking it!…and he makes some good observations about the scenes, and the way it pulls you in…


Imao : Still on wet dreams ! Man, you guys are so pathetic in believing AM words “unauthorized bio” and it tells how stupid Xfans.
The man is liars and never talk to Angie and its 15 years stories and still like its yesterday. AM is laughing at you looser who reads these stuffs cause he know the lime baster that he can wrtie anything here and some America and (Xfans) will believe it.
Brad words are these: “Angelina is the glue to this family and the greatest gift he can give to his children is the Angie to be the mother.
Brad fell inlove and stay inlove with Angie same thing with Angie but you can’t take this truth cause – BRAD DUMPED X for Angie!!!!!!!
Get a life and stop reading the TABS!
AM is smart notto write in UK cause they will sue his ass and UK are alot smater than some American(Xfans) -loosers and pathetic!
You reading this garbage it makes you feel better that you want to destory Angelinas which sad enough that Angelina is still standing strong and living her life .
Brad and Angelina are still together and loving thier family and each other !!!!

@lmao Really well AJ keeps praising him in every interview so I guess she is an idiot and too stupid to know Brad was constantly leaving their kids. I guess she was lying when she said Brad took care of the kids crabbing with Depp kids, to museums, exploring the city etc. I guess you were Italy and you knew his schedule more than AJ.

truth is, I don’t think anyone is buying that trash, not even Anuston fans; that is why they’re downloading the sh*t free on the internet for Anuston fans to read and hope it will raise interest in the book.. My take on it is; it will fail. Anuston cheapskates will not spend their limited resouces on something they can read for free. AM is a loser and this is one book he is going to regret ever writing. I see a huge LOSS and embarrassment for greedy AM. He deserves the humiliation, ridicule and financial loss.

I love how the idiot hens love to absolve BabyJane of the tabloid non-sense in regards to herself and AJ. This is the woman who made sure she wore a dress with a slit up to her vaj at the 2010 GG’s, just so she could be compared to AJ. The same woman who allowed people-tab to have an article titled “5 yrs after Brad” with her friends supplying quotes about how fabulous she is, (this year). She makes sure to issue denials about eating baby food or if she had adopted a dog to people dot com, but any stories about her meeting up or texting Brad no denial is ever given to people-tab. Seriously, issuing denials to gossip cop means nothing. It never gets published anywhere.
The b*tch is always going on about overcoming and re-birth after 5 yrs; ALWAYS referencing her divorce. Her bestest buddy BIgLeigh aka acting coach follows a fake Shiloh on twitter, she is friends with Chelsey Handler who makes it her point of duty to dog Angie and her kids every week while stating Brad should get back with her. Sure, she doesn’t know what’s going on. Yeah, she has moved on for real.

in reply to Dark angel @ 08/06/2010 at 3:38 pm Post #611

Sorry, I was off the net and just read your question at post 611. Unfortunately for the general public, aside from a couple of film festivals, Angie decided to target her documentary to high schools via the National Education Association. Screamingangie1 put up a youtube video of the AP story re. Angie’s Tribeca Film Fest presentation

Some Bunny @ 08/06/2010 at 6:10 pm

@WBPfan: I’m loving all the videos, this is really great, Thanks.

Kim, I remember a picture Brad took of little Shiloh shirtless and it was in W magazine, I think she was holding one of the twins?? It was consensual, and very tasteful and elegant as the entire spread was. It just seems so evasive that people are taking pictures of the kids at the pool. Its not right, its the idea that they just snap a picture of a child, and then put it out there to criticize, even if its harmless and innocent, happy children swimming. It is not right to do this to anyone’s child. I don’t care who their parents are.

And the paparazzi called you to report, right smart azz ? Pray post the razzi’s pics of BP in every country (all over the world as you said).


It was the way she kind of waved him off. I didn’t like her body language.

It’s weird but I think Angelina had kind of an EPL era when she was very young. It started with her trip to Cambodia and she was like what…24?

MARIA FROM TEXAS @ 08/06/2010 at 6:27 pm


queen bee @ 08/06/2010 at 6:29 pm

GREAT INTERVIEW WITH INDIAN REPORTER….the international media asks MUCH better questions, it seems, while some U.S. outlets appear to ONLY be focused on tabloid nonsense!….(check out the interview below)……In the video, when asked whether she’d be able to ever play a ‘weak’ person, Angie says…”I’d have trouble playing a VICTIM”….(I think we ALL know someone who pathetically AWAYS plays the victim, on-screen AND in real life!)…


Regarding the pic of Shiloh….. the only disgusting thing about it is Lies Weekly posting that nasty story with it. AJ and Brad took the girls out shirtless in France some time last yr. Leni Samuel (Heidi & Seal’s daughter) only had on a swim bottom while on their yacht vacation a couple of days ago and no one had an issue with her being “half naked” Little girls everywhere in the world goes topless at the pool, beach or just running around their yard. Its just unfortunate that Lies Weakly and Radar had to make it about her being a boy and quoting supposed ass_hole fashonistas opinion about a 4 yr old.

Angelina Jolie: una estrella de acción como pocas
06 de agosto de 2010 • 17:21

En la era de la gente multitarea, era lógico que Angelina Jolie se convirtiera en la mayor estrella femenina de Hollywood.

Es una mujer despampanante, súper mamá, filantrópica empedernida, excéntrica radical, actriz con un Oscar y heroína de acción.

Con el estreno de ‘Agente Salt’, del director australiano Phillip Noyce, vuelve a desempolvar esta última faceta y se convierte en una agente de la CIA que tendrá que defenderse de las calumnias.

Curiosamente, las calumnias es algo en lo que tiene experiencia gracias a otra de sus coronas: la de reina de revistas rosas por su romance hipermediático con Brad Pitt.

- Aunque su carrera está reconocida por un Oscar y tres Globos de Oro, Angelina Jolie ha cimentado su estrellato en un género atípico para las mujeres: las películas de acción.

- En ‘Agente Salt’ luce todo tipo de armas y de looks en una trama de espionaje para la que ha vuelto a ponerse a las órdenes de Phillip Noyce (‘El Santo’, ‘Juegos de Patriotas’).

- Hija de Jon Voight, ahijada de Jacqueline Bisset y Maximilian Schell y pareja de Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie tiene una vida personal que la ha convertido en, probablemente, la estrella del cine más mediática del siglo XXI.

Para algunos, Angelina Jolie es una síntesis de la historia estelar de Hollywood. Es la estrella definitiva, la estrella total.

Tiene el físico exuberante de Jayne Mansfield, la melena de Ava Gardner y un cuerpo sólo equiparable al de la sensual Jessica Rabbit. ¡Sólo le falta haber tenido un romance con un Kennedy!

Todo su nivel de superestrella compatible, claro está, con una labor humanitaria como la de Audrey Hepburn al final de su carrera y una familia multiétnica como la de Mia Farrow… aunque cambiando a Woody Allen por Brad Pitt, con quien ha formado una pareja casi tan perfecta e influyente como la que formaron en su momento Catherine Deneuve y Marcelo Mastroianni.

Ahijada nada menos que de Jacqueline Bisset y Maximilian Schell, también ha heredado, por vías naturales, el talento interpretativo de su padre, Jon Voight, que además le legó esos labios carnosos que vuelven loco a medio planeta.

duh!bonnie fcukler is ….what floats the boat.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with the pic. Shi has been photographed topless several times before. But I think I’ve figured out what Brad and Angelina has that he didn’t have with Jen Aniston. The word is PASSION. Needless to say he probably loved her but not with deep passion. I really never paid attention to the two of them but when I look at videos and pics now they were like cute and cuddley. Nothing hot and sexy. No seductive, passionate kisses and playfulness. Everything seemed orchestrated and so well; boring. It seeemed they were always trying to give the impression of being happy. Angie is so different. When she is upset you can tell. When she is happy you can tell. SHe never fakes the funk. She speaks highly of him and he does the same. I think there is mutual respect there. That’s the difference.

I really dislike Chelsea Handler.

thelookoflove1365 @ 08/06/2010 at 7:06 pm

LOL at this twit calling the JP children “Angie’s kids.” Like Angie conceived the children like Virgin Mary. The lenght these haters will go to deny Brad Pitt parentage. I don’t even want to speculate on why they don’t want to beleive that Brad is the father of those adorable kids. *shaking head*
BTW, is there an uproar yet about Bruce Jenner’s comment about her 12/14 y/o daughter shots calling it “HOT”?
I watched this reality show; the father was lovingly looking and cooing at her probably month old daughter and telling her ” how in love I am with you.” Is that incestous words or language?. Or Does this apply only to Angie?
So all the rags and bloids bloggers are abuzzz with BS cause Shiloh is wearing a boy board short to swim. He*ll, my 14 y/o and her older sisters and their friends are all wearing the same thing. It is very comfortable and no need to keep adjusting it after one came out of the water. They don’t want to accidentally show their cooch. They just want to have fun and not be bothered with constant bikini adjustment.
So where is the crime? If the haters can only get a life or a site? Opps, never mind, even that twit who supposedly has a heavily traffic site is here posting, so never mind. Keep adding to the number of posts to the JPS. Thanks for you business on behalf of Jared.

thelookoflove1365 @ 08/06/2010 at 7:08 pm

I meant “his daughter not her daughter”, regarding Bruce Jenner

“Brad makes me feel very sexy” – Angelina.

oooh Angie!! you tease :D I need to watch MAMS again lol.

thelookoflove1365 @ 08/06/2010 at 7:20 pm

Don’t pay attention to that Chelsea Handler. She is probably loving this attention. Before her 30 minute show at E, no one heard of her, or even during this show, she is not well known, thus the por*n leaking-to get more attention.
Before X invited her to her bday party, Handler was dogging X all the daamn time. After X “bought” Handler friendship, she zeroed in on Angie. Coincidence or Conspiracy! X is a coward and always asked friends to do her battle for her. I don’t blame X, with her limited vocabulary, and whiny and nasally voice when she gives interview while marinated, I don’t think she verbally spar with anybody.

Like people on this thread were saying yesterday, all those chat shows, inc, C Handler’s are IRRELEVANT now…the ratings are way down (latest example, ET, the “classiest” of shows, cut Mary Hart’s salary bc ratings are down). Even if ratings rise for any of these shows (daytime or night) from present levels, they will never be where they once were. People can get the stuff immediately on the net…don’t give trolls like Handler (boy, does she look like one- you can def judge THAT book by its cover- her inner ugliness is spewing out more every day) any oxygen/attn- concentrate on the positive- here is one of my fav JP vids:

@Kim: She’s naive. I love how you guys always try to point out all of the great things Angelina has said about Brad but the toss back will always be the same. Look back at how she used to praise BILLY BOB THORTON. I’m sure you don’t believe Billy Bob is as great as Angelina made him out to be. or do you? @voe: If you care so much about it I told you to look through Jj archives. I don’t care if you don’t wanna believe it.

# 650 soi @ 08/06/2010 at 7:06 pm +6

I really dislike Chelsea Handler.


That makes two of us. That tramp is the last person to criticise anyone. She and Anuston belong together. They’re both ugly and disgusting hos and men don’t find them attractive either. Her show is so overrated and all trash talk. I find her revolting. Only God knows how she got that show, she must have scr*wed the top boss to get there.

anyone out there agrees that Jen has done the Barb because the “other” woman’s name has been attached to Liz Taylor and Cleopatra? So predictable. Need to grow a brain, me think my 5yrs old son is smarter than the Jen and he doesnt drink the smartwater

Passing Through @ 08/06/2010 at 8:37 pm

# 657 lmao @ 08/06/2010 at 8:16 pm
I can see Whammy’s epitaph now – “New name, still stupid.”

@Passing Through:

“New name, still stupid.”


LMAO!!! Story of trolls’ lives.

queen bee @ 08/06/2010 at 8:57 pm

# 650 soi @ 08/06/2010 at 7:06 pm +6

I really dislike Chelsea Handler.


That makes two of us. That tramp is the last person to criticise anyone. She and Anuston belong together. They’re both ugly and disgusting hos and men don’t find them attractive either. Her show is so overrated and all trash talk. I find her revolting. Only God knows how she got that show, she must have scr*wed the top boss to get there.

I thought this was comon knowledge, but that Botox & peroxide-filled H-O Chelsea Handler actually DID…LITERALLY…scr-ew her way into getting a show!
…..SHE DATED THE PRESIDENT/CEO/OWNER OF THE E! CHANNEL, TED HARBART….but she apparently now dumped him, as her show is popular, and as she doesn’t need him anymore… SHE’S A REAL TERD…


me thinks that the X or her associates read these threads, and more than once she has beencompared to Barbra, the latter always winning in talent and personality, not saying beautiful hands.
So they thought that it would be good to do this… but she… well… let’s say Barbra cannot be compared with anyone.
just let’s cout her achievements by the time she was 40-41…I cannot recall her singing triumphs and Grammys, but her movie Yentl earned a bunch of Oscar nominations. She has got also a bunch of Golden Globes.
Maybe the only thing that they really have in common except for aniston having a certain resemblance with Babs, is that their mothers called them ugly or something like that, if I recall correctly.

I just saw a part of Angelina’s SALT press conference. Not sure if it’s been seen or discussed.
Angelina says in 0.48 of this video, that Brad doesnt like people attacking Angelina but Brad does like it when she attacks others.
If you haven’t seen it, do. It’s a fun.

… and the ironic thing is the smirk and attitude of the X in that video where the reported talked about Barbra, when she should have felt honored, she ducked her head. She could have give a great answer to that question, but she indeed showed her ignorance/lack of culture, or maybe shallowness.
(Even myself, a foreigner, not an actor, have known these facts about Streisand for a long time, cannot believe than a HW comedienne was not flattered with the comparison).
Stopping the X-ranting here.


That’s because he is protective of his lady. ;) Actually I think its probably because he is rooting for her to kick the boys asses. And he knows she could kick his too… which she probably does… and he probably likes it.

Anyway thank you for the video. I had not seen it. Its also nice to see something new.

TRUTH HURTS. @ 08/06/2010 at 9:27 pm

Salt is on her way to 100 million domestically.

groundcontrol @ 08/06/2010 at 9:31 pm

Some Bunny @ 08/06/2010 at 3:20 pm
Are you serious? There is nothing wrong with that picture of Shiloh and I’m not fueling the ignorant b.i.t.c.h.e.s who are trying to sexualize this situation. They are the ones who are sick.
If you want to complain about the invasion of privacy then that is another matter and I could see your point. But in that case the complaint should be in the name of BOTH Zahara and Shiloh.

CopyCatBrat @ 08/06/2010 at 10:09 pm

Love Angie, Love Brad, Love the Kids!

Going to watch SALT in an hour since I didn’t get the chance to earlier…

so excited!

Thanks for these pics and earlier posts, JJ!!!!!!! <3 Love you!


haha, remember when Mary Hart’s legs were touted the best in the business? Heck, even Katie Couric’s pins got a long look…enjoy it while you can, wannabe “Barbra” Aniston….not gonna last. Mary and Katie even had kids and still looked great, didn’t even hear them or their publicist remind the public how they work at maintaining the body each and every day, hours at a time. Now what did Babs say about Aniston not having a bump on her nose? ha! Must of not know who she was, pre-nose-jobs.

Marina, Maniston’s dumb Troll spams this thread all day long changing her name over and over again. We don’t have to “wonder” if her Troll is here, she Lives here and is thumbed down regularly. Aniston’s thread is too boring for the lonely Troll.
I think ManFace was trying her darndest to look like Cleopatra in the ridiculous and insulting imitation of the Streisand. Riding Angie’s coat tail again. The woman has NO shame.

OMG! I forgot about this scene in GIRL INTERUPTED….


….cause everyone always talks about the other famous scenes…..but this one is SOOOO funny…It makes me laugh!….Angelina reeeeally knows how to deliver her lines!….she says “…what ya doin?….why dontcha go to your room to do NUTTIN’!…”…LOL!

…BELOW that in the second video clip is the more FAMOUS Girl Interupted scene…..Angelina’s “Lisa” is SCARY!…she really deserved that OSCAR!…



MARIA FROM TEXAS @ 08/06/2010 at 11:22 pm


Quoting a poster from asnother site, I hate to do this but the poster is spot on!!!

“sarah says:
June 20, 2010 at 12:01 pm
Are you kidding? Aniston is a horrible actress who makes godawful movies. Where have you been? There are much better actresses of Greek descent, and have trained in the dramatic arts (Kanakareides, the actress on Law & Order for instance), who would be a better fit. I guess you’re just being snarky, suggesting Angelina’s ‘tabloid’ rival (the deluded, insane tabloid rantings are the only places Aniston would rival Jolie – the world of fiction). Jennifer ‘TV hacktress’ Aniston has neither the acting talent, nor the charisma, nor the empowering strength and intense sexuality to play such a commanding role, she may indeed be perfect in just ONE respect; the original Cleopatra was said to be quite homely, and in that respect, Aniston would be perfect.”

# 661 queen bee @ 08/06/2010 at 8:57 pm +8

# 657 gracie @ 08/06/2010 at 8:24 pm +11

That makes two of us. That tramp is the last person to criticise anyone. She and Anuston belong together. They’re both ugly and disgusting hos and men don’t find them attractive either. Her show is so overrated and all trash talk. I find her revolting. Only God knows how she got that show, she must have scr*wed the top boss to get there.

I thought this was comon knowledge, but that Botox & peroxide-filled H-O Chelsea Handler actually DID…LITERALLY…scr-ew her way into getting a show!
…..SHE DATED THE PRESIDENT/CEO/OWNER OF THE E! CHANNEL, TED HARBART….but she apparently now dumped him, as her show is popular, and as she doesn’t need him anymore… SHE’S A REAL TERD…


Thank you Queen Bee. So I was right, she slept her way to the top job. Hahaha. She is crass and easy lay, the biggest Ho on E.

“lamo@Jen: umm, you actually think she wants to be seen as a loser?”
Um….. we don’t THINK Maniston wants to be seen as a “loser.”
Aniston has made it very clear to the media world she IS a Loser.

She does this daily, with her constant coat tail riding and help from her PR team with their bad advise.
Don’t you people get tired of making Aniston look like the LOSER she constantly appears to be? Or are you doing it deliberately because you secretly detest her too? hmmmmm…….makes one wonder.
You MUST have a secret reason for doing such a great job of making her look like the biggest BUFFOON this world has ever known.
Otherwise you would Stop the madness and the lies! You have cried wolf too long.

Touche’ Thank you for that excellent post.
Aniston’s Cleopatra audition summation: Homely – but no sexuality, no charisma – and can’t act a lick ………..Next!



bad advise s/b bad advice.

Angelina Jolie adds another documentary to her humanitarian film credits.

Sorry, I don’t know what happened with post # 678, it didn’t let me finish telling you to scroll down to watch the video. This is much better.

Angelina Jolie adds another documentary to her humanitarian film credits.

Thanks Gracie ,Angie never ceases to amaze me. Just love her and so very
proud to be her Fan.

Can’t wait to get to spend some time here tomorrow. There are some excellent posts interesting to the max. Want to be able to soak my brain into the intertesting ones from our intelligent JP Fans.

Take care Ladies,..Get ready for another wonderful August Weekend.

Good nite …

dark angel @ 08/07/2010 at 2:51 am

@WBfan and gracie,
Thanks a bunch guys for the links! I just hope I can get a copy of A Place In Time.

As of last count, i watched SALT 5 times already & enjoyed it every time.
What’s it with Salt?
I love Salt because even if it’s an action film it still creates discussion even after watching it.
Some of the “why’s” initially on my mind are answered with plausible explanations by people who have seen it too.
Of course, i never get tired watching AJ. Besides she’s a very good sight to behold, I like her acting & doing her own stunts. It makes me proud as a woman. That she makes it possible to transcend gender.
Salt is now on its 2nd week in the Philippines.

Re: the Shi pics…NO OTHER blogs are making a stink about it but the hate sites. It really is a non-issue. The child was having fun at the pool with her siblings. She is a 4 yr. old child and at that age EVERY CHILD looks the EXACT SAME from neck to waist. FACT. Unless there is some unusual anomaly.
The freaks are trying desperately to spin this non-story into a “child p*rn exploitation” nonsense since at least 3 hack books designed to “BRING DOWN BRANGELINA” has dissapointed the LOSERFERS yet again!!!

AAHHH… it’s good to be a JP FAN!!!!

Brangelina infuencing Wyclef! @ 08/07/2010 at 6:39 am

You can tell that Wyclef Jean is being influenced by Brangelina to become the Haitian president.


So that he can legalize the adoptions there, DUH!!!

That couple SO PEDICTIBLE… tsk tsk tsk.

Elizabeth @ 08/07/2010 at 7:01 am


Is it number one at this time. I saw SALT 4x times.

Some Bunny @ 08/07/2010 at 7:24 am

@mariam: @mariam:


I was responding to the link mariam had posted, and then her disclaimer, after I clicked the link, I understood why people would be upset over the USmag. I didn’t mean to exclude Z, and saw her too in the picture.

Maybe you missed my comment #641, as I said IMO to think it is a crime to take pictures of children in a private area without consent of their parents, that means every child.

I would not want people taking pictures of my kids at the pool and then posting them anywhere on the net, like FB. Maybe I am too sensative, because I glanced at the first page of the comments on that picture at that site, after clicking the link, and saw nasty things being written about Shiloh and attacking Angelina. Which is exactly why the trashy tabloid made the headline again about how Shiloh dresses. I have been just as out raged at A Sammuels and the newsweek article regarding Z’s hair. Children should not be subjected to be picked on, just because they are a celebrity’s child.

Much love -
To the PItts ;)

The critics every other day are comparing Angleina to other stars. In salt she is asked a questioned “Are their any others like you? Like me, No!’ Well you critics should already know this. The power and essence of Angelina makes them angry. There were stars in the early nineties, In the new millineum their are few left and Angelina is riding this larger than life wave.


c.handler? her face don’t belong in the screen eh!just like maniston.
that por.n vid. was real.

About the pic of Shiloh. Of course, it’s Angelina’s fault. It was a set up, can you feel my eyes roll so far back into my head that I could walk backwards without incident. Due to the fact, that the pics were so clear. And the drama. It’s a 4 year old swimming. Plenty of youngsters, yes girls, go without tops on, but, because it’s one of the Jolie-Pitt kids, all hell breaks loose.

Snuggle bunny’s site is having a complete meltdown over it. One poster had to take a Valium because it up set her so much. GMAFB and get over yourself.

You know that there were other people at the pool that could get a clear pic of her and sold it. But, no, it’s Angelina’s fault and why does Brad continue to let her use their kids in such a way. FO.

I had been a huge fan of “brangelina” but something about them creeps me out. I’m no longer wrapped up in their illusion as there is definitely an agenda going on to project gender confusion with Shiloh to the public. This child has no form of