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Elisabetta Canalis Talks Romance with George Clooney

Elisabetta Canalis Talks Romance with George Clooney

Elisabetta Canalis has spilled the beans on her beau, George Clooney – and it sounds like the two are very happy together!

“He is always very close to me,” Elisabetta, 31, tells Vanity Fair‘s Italian edition (via People), adding that she’s been pampered “like I never have been before”.

“[George is the one] thanks to which my life has regained color,” she added. “I feel good, I feel light.”

“I am happy like I was when I was 18 years old,” Elisabetta concluded. “Those who criticize or invent stories about us are just jealous.”

George and Elisabetta have been dating since late 2009.

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  • K.T.

    Is the life long bachelor gonna settle down now?

  • Dance In The Dark

    The fact that she says people are just jealous shows that she is paranoid/insecure about what other people think of her, it’s such a typical defence mechanism to use.

    Just wait until he gets bored of her like all the others, then she can fade her bony arse back into obscurity.

  • Luke

    She said this now cause in italy she is involved in a coke scandal…she used coke at the hollywood disco in milan and so she had to find out a way to get out of this and what best way then using geroge’s name again?

  • boston61

    He looks so old for his age. 10-15 years older than he is. Ever see his neck? Ugly.

  • anonymous

    She’s a delusional crackwh*re. No one is jealous of her. The publicity contract is over, and she’s getting what publicity she can before George is seen with a real girlfriend. I hope he got a restraining order against this nutjob.

  • bar jolie gaga

    She is with MY man! Argh!!

  • toby


  • anna

    somebody’s abt to get dumped. You dont ever speak abt dating clooney. ITS LIKE THE FIGHT CLUB!!!

  • http://. ?

    Elizabetta has got to be a transgender – no way that that’s a woman!

  • anonymous

    Sue this lying lowlife skank for breach of contract, George.

  • jaye

    lol@Anna. I love Fight Club.
    “The First Rule about Fight Club Is You Don’t Talk about Fight Club”

  • Maximisses

    There is no way this chick is 31. Add another 10 years and that would be about right.

  • cris

    She’s a cocaine addict, she’s talkin’ like a toxic! She’s involved in a big coke scandal in Italy!

  • Rhonda

    all this after she is found to be connected to a HOOKER Ring!

  • Sarah

    She’s so manly, George can’t love this type of woman for real, she’s arrogant, ugly, talentless, there must be something dirty like a contract as they say…

  • anon

    How pathetic – grow up George!! and try dating a woman with class, intellect and talent for once. First the hostess from LV now a talentless sleazy italian showgirl who’s claim to fame is taking her clothes off, dancing scantily clad on Italian TV and having affairs for PR. Italians are not jealous of Canalis, they are embarrassed that the rest of the world could possibly think that she is considered a talented actress in Italy. Leverage showed her lack of talent. Now the coke and prostitution scandal in Milan. She is so arrogant, naive and dumb for making out in the article that everyone is just jealous. And George – you are becoming a sleazebag by proxy. Bad career move!!!

  • Sadie

    31?! I thought she was like 45!

  • JustBeingHonest

    Im sure we will hear break up reports by the end of the month or something of that nature lol
    She got caught in a scandal in his favorite place
    and she knows the axe is coming down on her and he will move on… so she is talking about him while she can still get some press before the split and she looses the spotlight again for good,
    Every ex of his that talked about him in a interview like this soon became an ex lol

  • ha

    that’s right you tell em Elizabetta..

  • anonymous

    You can show yourself out, Elisabrutta. Don’t let the door hit you in the canalass.

  • newbie

    she sounds immature and insecure for someone dating george clooney. george is seriously getting old. he needs to be with someone of higher intellect if he’s no longer interested in beauty.

  • rachel

    Does George do coke too?

  • camel

    She’s implicated in a prostitution and cocaine scandal in Milan (Italy). She doesn’t want to comment about her implication in this scandal but she has no problem to divulge all the details about her relationship with Clooney. Dumb b*tch/golddigger !!!

  • camel

    Clooney is really a sleazybag

  • ItalianGirl

    bella mossa per distogliere l’attenzione dallo scandalo della cocaina, miss canalis!

  • alix

    “the person thanks to which my life has regained color. I feel good, I feel light. Like when I was 18 years old.”
    oh yes! horse-face takes more and better cocaine now with Clooney’s money!
    does she do a plastic surgery in her horse-face (after silicon boobs and liposuction)? because in the Vanity Fair cover she looks different, so much more trans (without offensive for trans!).
    really they looks like two miserable idiots liking cocaine and anal sex. I’m wondering again to see Clooney like that tranny, to see him like a poor idiot with a toxic, he’s so ridicolous in this interview…I’ve no words!
    she talks like a idiot immature 12 years old! how much cocaine did she snort before to release her interview?

  • Aqua

    ‘”I am happy like I was 18 years old” She’s only 31, what has she done in life to make herself sound so old at such a young age?
    Those who criticize or invent stories about us are jealous” boy are those words ever going to bit her in the a**

  • The Farce of the Year

    Yeah, but you’re not 18, Bruta, you are 31 looking 45. You can’t photoshop live cameras, sweety! Seriously! And this s-k-a-n-k compared Aniston to Iggy Pop? Kind of insulting to the both of them when the woman who retweeted it looks like friggin Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. Yeah, you’re real hot, honey. Don’t kid yourself:

    And how about her magazine spread, a la former e-s-c-o-r-t for hire, Sarah Larson? Remember the crazy photoshopped pictures of Sarah in a ball gown, strangely floating above a motorcycle, professing her undying love for George? Yeah, that one. That was her swan song. Sheesh. You would think he and the public would have learned from the last hussy-for-hire, but now the curse the public with the tranny looking Elisabruta who claims, just as Sarah had, that everyone must be “jealous” of her. Translation: “I am on a semi-lucrative contract with the man and you’re not.” Well, aging manly woman, that and 30 cents won’t even buy you a cup of coffee. Think again before insulting a star’s friends ONLINE. You have no room to talk, nasty-a.s.s tramp. Yuck! So glad they used the light called the “beauty dish” and blinding natural sunlight to blow out your leathery looking, overtanned skin and way-too-deep-wrinkles-for-a-30–year-old, because it is amazing how any cretin can be transformed into a “model” with the right tools. Please compare the above link (doesn’t lie) with the very untruthful photos below. Great whitewash by the way, Vanity Fair. I will never look at your magazines again now that we see how far you’ll go to turn h-ooker trash into the so-called “Hollywood Elite”. Christ!

    Special note for Elisabruta only: You will smoke more and drink more and develop ulcers in your stomach once this is all said and done. For having tried to “make it” in America, take a good look at what the people here are saying about you and ask yourself: Have you really made it? Do the crowds here love you and sing your praises? How about in your own country? Because in my opinion, you should have listened to your parents. You sold yourself out and you sold yourself CHEAP! Now you are just an aging nobody – not even a glimmer of the attraction you once had. That isn’t because you had your implants removed or that your skin has taken it’s toll from the excessive sun and smoke. It isn’t even because you can’t land a real acting job on your own. Neither is it because you’ve been named in a cocain/prostitution ring. It is because you attitude to the world in general is one of self-righteousness. We’ve read it in your speech, witnessed it in your behaviour. It’s ugly. It makes your looks even uglier. You could have been the busted-up face you already are with a great attitude and a sunny disposition and a true warmth to your personality and then you’d be beautiful. Because beauty is very, very, very liltle percentage of aesthetics, and about 98% attitude. Even Maggie Gyllenhaal is far more beautiful. Renee Zellweger far more beautiful. And truthfully, those women don’t have the most attractive faces or bodies. But their spirit has superceded those attributes and it helped get them to where they are today.

    Now, if you ask me, this whole set-up was again a joke played by the ever-comical Clooney. He set this pr stunt up on purpose, just as he had with Larson.
    It’s probably his way of saying, “Screw you media and rumor-mongers. Is THIS what you want? Would you rather I been seen alone or with a pompous little pig of a s-l-u-t-t-y bag for me to call my girlfriend to get you to quit bagging on my personal life? So here she is … oooooh, look how pretty. Look how “successful” she is. Look at this wonderful article in a magazine, expressing our “love” for one another. Watch me drop the b-i-t-c-h faster than a lead weight. Oh, and look at that. She just so happens to be a p-r-o-s-t-i-t-u-t-e that I hired to pose as my girlfriend to get you all to shut the heck up. Ha ha ha ha!! The joke was on YOU!”

    Because that IS the truth. Hope you got your yucks! Trick or treat!!

  • Tara
  • illi

    omg! they look like twins! the same chin, mouth, wrinkles mouth…also the eyes …