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Hayden Christensen: Golf Course Run!

Hayden Christensen: Golf Course Run!

Hayden Christensen hits the golf course with a friend in Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon (August 3).

The 29-year-old actor is in town to do premiere his new movie, Takers, tomorrow. Hayden plays A.J., one of the members of a group of bank robbers who are pulled into one last job by a recently paroled cohort (T.I.). They then find themselves pitted against a hard-boiled detective (Matt Dillon) who interrupts their $30 million heist and calls for revenge.

Hayden recently took on the role as a bodyguard in Canadian rapper K-os’ new “Zambony” music video.

10+ pictures inside of Hayden Christensen golfing in L.A…

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hayden christensen golfing 01
hayden christensen golfing 02
hayden christensen golfing 03
hayden christensen golfing 04
hayden christensen golfing 05
hayden christensen golfing 06
hayden christensen golfing 07
hayden christensen golfing 08
hayden christensen golfing 09
hayden christensen golfing 10
hayden christensen golfing 11
hayden christensen golfing 12
hayden christensen golfing 13
hayden christensen golfing 14
hayden christensen golfing 15
hayden christensen golfing 16
hayden christensen golfing 17
hayden christensen golfing 18
hayden christensen golfing 19
hayden christensen golfing 20

Credit: Karl Larsen; Photos: INFdaily
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  • jamie

    Hayden, I love You! :D

  • Dayana


  • Viper

    Well I guess that Africa thing isn’t happening right now..So who knows if he is taking media attention woman with him lets hope not..Guess he wants to be at the event. Must be staying with either RB or his i’m hoping for the second scenario. Guess we will see what tomorrow bring

  • h-love

    I hope he has a huge career :)

  • CanadaGirl

    He’s looking good – lean and fit. He still looks very youthful still.
    His IMDB shows that there’s a Jumper 2 in the works. Why? The first one was good(ish), but it didn’t break any box office records, or make a ton over the production costs.

  • huh

    From Star Wars to starring in a Canadian rap video, ouch!

  • kroq

    So is he still with Rachel Bilson or what? They haven’t been pictured together in a while.

  • CanadaGirl

    haha… omit the the “still”. Doh!

  • screwed

    Still looking like a LOSER!

  • kate

    He’s HOT!

  • Flick

    Screwed — what do YOU look like? Not 1/100000th as good as him. He’s amazing. Love his image and think he’s one of the most underrated actors around.

  • Viper

    Sorry my computer deleted Brother

  • JustBeingHonest

    No they split several months ago and havent been seen together since May and most likely he is staying with his brother Tove who lives in La or at a hotel hes not broke you know lol
    The Africa thing was suppose to happen sometime within the next week or so and the premiere is tomarrow so he could be jetting off to that afterwards…..also the event in NY on August 10th..
    Something I noticed he doesnt look very happy….. I wonder if he is required to attend the premiere via contract…. if he likes it or not… that often happens
    As far as the Jumper 2 project that has been up there since 2008 when the first film came out but nothing has ever come out of it… FOX isnt really jumping or rushing to make another one….

  • Viper

    I wouldn’t call what he looks like amazing unless your some stage groupie that likes her men boney almost looking adolescent. and I know 1/1000th of many actors that look far better then he does.

  • JustBeingHonest

    Btw love the maple leaf on his hat
    Canadian pride as always :)

  • JC


    He’s rated just fine. He’s just not very good. Sorry to have to hit you with the truth.

  • Blahzae

    He looks like he has gained some weight again…. alot better then a few months ago so thats good… but still getting back to his normal self.
    He has always been thin… nothing wrong with that some people are just that way … look at his siblings its his genetics but he was scary skinny for awhile.
    Maybe he is in a better mind set right now and eating again… less stressed…. the golfing could be to release from stress for him.
    You know it isnt really weird to see him in LA plenty of actors drop in and out of the town and he did live here for a short time before getting sick of it and moving and his brother and sister are here. Trust me nothing like living in LA will make you want to not live in LA lol

  • monreal

    He looks like an effeminate & taller version of “Samantha Ronson” LOL

  • JC

    He’s a hack who can barely get a job and you idiots act like he’s Marlon Brando.

  • liz

    He looks so young for his age, I love him!

  • padme

    ahh….two postings of this sexy Jedi in one day…must be a first for someone other than his media whore ex. Thank you, Jared!!

  • Snow in July

    God he looks bad, like a heroin addict although I hear he prefers coke and jack daniels. And yes he is BACK with RACHEL expect them to be seen having a romantic dinner on her b-day and taking her to the Takers events. They are the perfect loser couple.

    Vanishings has no distributor. This Takers film he’s barely in. He has no definite start date for his next film an he gets fired off pictures as often as his fiancee does. He is barely hanging on the the shreds of his career but honestly, looking like a drug addict and losing his hair already, I don’t know how long this can go on.

  • shadowy

    Take a look Robert Pattinson… this will be your FUTURE. A has-been / washed up former heartthrob!

  • W

    CR AP ACTOR WITH 0 CHARISMA!!!!!!!!!! He sucks

  • shadowy

    And they’re probably had lasted on that sickly-enduring 3 years; waiting for Jumper 2 to “happen” but it didn’t & it won’t… until their “arrangement” contract had reached its termination as it just earns both of them just “all & continuous” amusement, artifice & irrelevancy; besides their portrayed characters on the said film is very much forgettable & replaceable most esp. that Millie creature.

  • Hayden Blows

    rap video and Chris Brown movies….loser

  • JJ


    “And yes he is BACK with RACHEL expect them to be seen having a romantic dinner on her b-day and taking her to the Takers events”

    Where did you read that?

  • drewlard

    HC needs to hook-up w/ a supermodel (if he can) or just even just a so-so model (will do) “next” then/while slowly yet surely fading into obscurity, like Orlando Bloom.

  • Blahzae

    @Snow in July: You are clearly the same one that posted this on the other thread
    They’re Back Together @ 08/03/2010 at 8:17 pm -1

    The two of them are back together at the premiere. Pics coming out shortly.

    Hayden looks NOTHING like a body guard. Bone thin, hairline receeding, sweating buckets. This guy is a drug addict, long standing cocaine problem. Showed up on the Takers set drunk and/or high many times.

    Read more:
    First you said Snow In July/ They’re are back together(same person clearly) that they were at the premiere together TODAY then of course you found out there is NO PREMIERE TODAY .
    So you changed your screen name the story from premiere that hasnt happened yet to a “dinner” Epic fail on your part.
    Also your little alleged “drug” references give you away….
    There has NEVER been an allegations of him being a drug user and considering how boring of a life he leads the press would love to have SOMETHING, anything to talk about… then boring old NOTHING.
    So if your going to be some “JADED” fan girl and make crap up atleast try not to make it so obvious that is what you are infact doing;p
    Also to the other obvious same commenter with the made up screen names posting comments over and over .. poor spelling and all. If he is such crap then why did you come running here.@W: @screwed: @shadowy

    : @JC: LOL JC we all know your a Bilson lover…… so I dont think a Bilson fan can pick on some other actor for being crap…. because even if you think he is bad…… he is still WAY better than her… no that is funny lol

  • the truth

    @Snow in July: Why do you say that ? Do you see them together? He’s be gone when the movie premiere is over.She will not go to the event with him ok.Its just a visited and nothing else. Don’t think she’s in town anyway> He still looks good as ever.Might not show the premiere picutures anyway. Its not like the other premieres that we see. He might be here for job.Why be so negative about it.Didn’t she say she was going out are town anyway. You allreally don’t know why he’s here in the first place.Need to be ashame are saying bad things about him.I don’t see you all doing nothing with youeself. But making bad comments. Hayden isn’t rachel a second thought. She wouldn’t come anyway.

  • MissAnthropica

    Maybe this is Haydens way of STICKING it to Bilson…
    by getting posted on one of her favorite sites to get posted on TWICE in one day .
    . She hasnt been posted in awhile because clearly she cant afford to pay the paps anymore lol
    I mean if you wanted to get at her the best way would be to take her precious posts away on sites like these lol
    I like it ^.^

  • Viper

    If there was a dinner picture or month end reunion believe me press media whore would be making sure everyone see’s it. I don’t think that HC would be too thrilled with the press at him then again hard to say he allowed himself to hook up with media hooker so anything is possible with HC. Now if she isn’t in town more power to HC maybe she chose to do her Thailand thing.

  • MissAnthropica

    Btw the way he isnt “golfing with a friend”
    That is the “caddy” that helps out the golfer and carrys their clubs around. They give golfing tips about stance and so forth and help the golfer have a better experience of the game especially when playing by yourself. Which he was.
    Thought I would clear that up.

  • Anonymous

    @JJ: there just making that up, if you don’t really know what happened stop spreading rumors.

  • MissAnthropica

    I dont think it matters if she is town or not… he cant be expected to never return to LA again just because she happens to live in LA.
    His brother lives in LA and often work takes you there like premieres.
    So people cant flip out everytime he heads into LA because guess what hes an actor it will happen and she is never leaving LA clearly.
    She isnt the only actress that lives in the greater LA area after all lol
    So breath people breath… he is in town for a premiere then off to NY apparently soon after then back to LA again for appearances.
    You dont have to live in LA to be a working actor but you cant stay out of LA forever and still work…that simple.

  • Thorne

    Thats the thing they dont know.
    They arent spreading rumors… they are TELLING THE FUTURE apparently… they are talking about things that havent even happened yet…
    wow I didnt know JJ commenters were psychic (sarcasm)
    I love that one little JJ commenter knows all the inside scoop of what the future brings. Come on!!!!
    It is good for a laugh though how low some people will go in life :)

  • Viper

    Well Natalie Portman lives in Los Feliz she is an actress and in the neighborhood…lol Yes work will take you wherever is needed to go questions really is how done is done for this man. Yes brother lives there who is to also say he is hanging with big is Kimble show live or taped. taped then maybe he is doing all the contractual obligations now so he can be on his way out of LA which he has said in the past not to like . who knows, who cares really if Rb is around she will media press whore the hell out of this if she was reunited back with him. Funny she is choosing not to be visible when he is in town..

  • http://twitter annie

    love u hayden,there r haters on this blog.cannot wait for takers.

  • Flick

    What can I say? I think Hayden is awesome. I can watch him in Life as a House and Shattered Glass over and over and think he was really great in Awake. If you ask me the whole “he sucks” thing goes back to Star Wars and maybe him being the wrong actor or just getting bad direction or something but I think he’s great and I also think that Rachel Bilson is pretty stupid if she really dumped him. And if he is broken up by someone who would do that to him…..well I guess I understand feeling badly and he will be over it soon and then can really soar!! Love that JustJared did two posts on him in one day. I don’t think he’s Marlon Brando I just think he’s pretty great compared to others. Some are better some are worse but he’s unique to me. I love seeing him. And if you think he’s too skinny then you haven’t seen many 29 year olds who are like this. He looks just fine to me. But then obviously some of you disagree. Go ahead, whatever.

  • Brightside

    @Snow in July:
    Hmm…isn’t the movie, The Cold, due to start filming in Canada later this year? That sounds like a reasonably definite start date.
    Quibble as people may about his acting, and I do (and he’s not alone there, I also quibble about Ben Affleck when it comes to acting), he does seem to be the sort of guy who can find work on a regular basis. A far cry from the employment desert that is the empty wasteland of Rachel Bilson’s lack-of-work record.
    There have also been other work related posts with regards to Hayden Christensen on JJ, The Genesis Code for instance seems to have a firmer basis in fact than Rachel’s mythical rumoured beast, that mysterious FRANCHISE PROJECT?!!
    So don’t knock the guy on the work record. His work record may not be A-list but he’s obviously still gainfully employed.

    As for being a drug addict, it wouldn’t surprise me if he drank and smoked a little weed (who doesn’t in the US – you live in a country where alcohol and soft drugs are a national pastime), but if there were anything harder than that then there would be more rumours than just the spite of commentators and no gossip blog has ever featured such rumours. Believe me they would be all over it, if there were…no celebrity gets away with such behaviour any more!

    I agree with Rachel Bilson being a loser, her lack of career shows that quite plainly. But I don’t think that description is true of her ex, he still actually has a fairly lucrative career, not A-List but definitely C+List. Rachel Bilson is strictly D-List all the way.

    Of the two, he is by far the more successful in his life and career. She’s just a waste of space as far as I can see!

    I’m not strictly a Hayden fan but I think your premise of him being a loser and drug addict is way off base and without foundation.

    Besides that Vanishing looks like a good, solid film so, hopefully, it shouldn’t find it too hard to get a distributor soon. More than Hayden fans will turn up to see this one, as they did for Jumper. It has an appeal for many different movie goers rather than just a Hayden related fan base.

  • ida

    I love you Hayden, but plz gain some weight! i know you have been working…unlike others..
    it looks like bat$hit didnt have enough time to cook due to her long working hours for her so succesfull career.

  • Blahzae

    I have said it before and I will say it again… that is how a PRO comments on a JJ thread. :)
    Thank you Brightside for your sound and unbiased logic as always . ^.^

  • Blahzae

    @ida: Um Ida I dont think it matters if “BATSH@T” Bilson cooks or not it wont effect Hayden’s weight if you catch my drift.
    Actually it looks as though he has gained some weight his face and neck are fuller in shape…
    when you gain some weight that is the first place it shows and the first place it comes back off when you lose weight.
    The only thing “BATSH@TBILSON” ever “cooks” is stories ….. but it seems this week she has ran out of the money to do such a thing.
    She may also be laying low because he is in town and knows that if people compare the two of their “careers” at the moment…. she isnt going to be cast in the best light.
    I figure that is why she pushed for the “BIG” How I Met Your Mother return announcement so she would look like she is doing just “fine” without his spotlight.
    Hmm I think I would take the “BAD” but atleast wide released action film over the guest starring one episode stint on a failing comedy on Any actor would.
    He might be B-C list as an actor but atleast he is on the list I dont think she even makes that cut anymore.
    Takers is only an action film… but it is a film and really continuing to work in this town is the name of the game… and a film trumps a guest spot any day of the week.

  • Smoker

    Golfing and smoking at the same time….. I like it :)

  • Ryan

    I wish Hayden would come out of the closet.

  • lexy hates bilson

    What JJ – this is the 2nd HC post and NO mention of his fiance or what designers she’s wearing??? Come on…you’re not fooling anyone!!!

  • LogicSays

    @lexy hates bilson:
    Lexy first off WTH and second of all he isnt required or asked to mention them in the same posts anymore ….so he doesnt simple.
    He isnt paid to mention him in her posts and he isnt paid to mention her in his posts.
    Thats why it suddenly all came to a stop because so did the press relationship and then the checks stopped coming.
    Im going to guess these pictures are the Takers people getting the film out there so there will probably be alot of pap pictures of the entire cast in the coming weeks.

  • Viper

    the idea for TI is to sell HC as best he can really other then Paul Walker he is the only other name in the movie.

    As for actors who do drugs many do them and drink behind closed doors where the public doesn’t see them. Look af the older actors who have issue yet never caught bc they are smart about how they handled their addictions. Just b/c you don’t see or hear about a celebrity using doesn’t mean they don’t. As for HC working more well yes he is attached to many projects but many don’t get off the ground hard to say what actually will be made or won’t be., Jumper 2 is on that list and we see how far that is at being made.

  • jolene

    hayden is soooooooo cute!!!!!!!!! love him sooooo much!!!! he looks GORGEOUS!!! love his style!!! he could choose me to be his next girlfriend!!! lol! I’d be the happiest girl in the world and would make him pretty happy too!!! lol! does he like blondes and young girls (21 years)?? I’m a excellent girlfriend!! caring and affectionate but not clingy! and very good in bed!! imao! if at least he could meet me… thank God my boyfriend doesn’t read JJ!! he already has too jealous of hayden!!
    can’t wait to see takers!!! hayden is such a great actor that make nice movies always!!! I’m sure he will be absolutely handsome at the premiere tomorrow!!!

  • http://HolyBathit Holy Bat$hit

    I guess he is covering up his receeding hairline. Hehe…Let’s see and I bet U a dime and a dollar he shows up with Bilson again tonight for round 2 of their staged relationship. LOL! :)