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Hayden Christensen Plays Bodyguard in K-os's Music Video

Hayden Christensen Plays Bodyguard in K-os's Music Video

Hayden Christensen lends his star power to a fellow Canadian, rapper K-os (pronounced chaos).

Shot by Director X, Hayden stars as a bodyguard in K-os’ new “Zambony” music video.

Tassja Dawn, also from Canada, is a model/actress that’s already featured in the video.

Canada-U.S. fall tour plans for K-os will be announced shortly!

Check out Hayden as a bodyguard below!

K-os – “Zambony” Video Featuring Hayden Christensen
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  • Viper

    JJ you are so late in finding posts on HC this video was at least a month ago. If you want to report on him find something current not using something old.

  • maggiexao

    does anybody know why hayden did this job?
    doesn’t look like a must-do-experience for him…
    btw have u seen how much he’s sweating in the last scene?
    i used to love him so much, but now I just worry about him, he doesn’t look very healthy since he’s with rachel…

  • cathy

    Is he going to his movies premiere in LA tomorrow night?

  • Jax

    Hayden and Rachel broke up in May. And he’s in this vid coz he’s a friend of K-os. Hayden is finally getting his life back, Takers LA premier is tomorrow, Vanishing on 7th St. will be at the Toronto Film Fest next month, and he’s due to start filming a new movie this fall as well. It’s amazing that as soon as he got away from the she-devil his life magically started to turn around. Yay Hayden!

  • maggiexao

    thanks for those information-which are awsome btw!…- can’t belive I didn’t knew that!!!…
    what happened?? they were engaged for such a long time..
    Go hayden!!!

  • Brightside

    I was going to say the exact same thing : )
    JJ, Blahzae gave us all links to this item some weeks back. Maybe you should think about hiring some of the people who post comments here for more up to date news. It’s a funny gossip site where the news from the people commenting is more up to date than the blogs the site puts out.

  • Brightside

    Except in the case of Rachel Bilson where news of her doing absolutely nothing gets a blog within a couple of hours of her actually doing it!
    Now I wonder why!!!

  • lisa

    I love Hayden =)

  • the truth

    @cathy: @Viper: @Brightside: You all are both right about that. It has been a two months. Don’t he’s Think he’s not going to the premiere he suppose to be in Africa this week.(cathy). All actors do videoes these days. Its just a mini movie. He did a good job.

  • Lake

    I’m sure there’s a myriad of reasons why they broke up, not the least of which being Hayden hates LA and Rachel won’t ever live anywhere else, and Hayden is extremely private and shy and Rachel is one of the worst fame and attention wh*ores on the planet.

  • K.T.

    I like Hayden and all but he is one skinny bodyguard lol!

  • ahari

    Yum, he can guard my body any time, lol!

  • Viper

    He doesn’t fit the body guard type at all but guess K-OS took what he could get with this. There wasn’t too much talk about HC going to this LA gig it’s TI and Chris Brown are performing no metion of HC. If he is set to go to Africa then he can’t be in two places at once. I think if he is going to be at any premier it will be the one on Aug 24 or 25th and not this one.

  • http://HolyBathit Holy Bat$hit

    Hayden’s hairline is receeding! His body does not fit a body guard either.

  • Dreads

    Wait, wait, waiiiiiit! So he and Rachel Bilson are not together anymore?! WOW. At last :p

  • no

    scrawny, pale, pencil necked ‘bodyguard’?
    Just no.

  • lexy hates bilson

    I saw a preview for the movie – you don’t even know HC is in it. It’s all about TI. You get a glimpse of Paul Walker and Chris Brown but HC is kind of there – if you didn’t know he was in the movie you wouldn’t know it from this trailer.
    Interesting about the premiere tomorrow…I wouldn’t be surprised if he and Rachel show up…you know she likes the press!!!

  • Blahzae

    You know I commented with a link a very very long time ago about this video. lol
    Oh well lolz
    For the record the story behind this video that Hayden appears in is…..
    Hayden was on a flight from LA to Toronto late last year… around the last time he was seen out here in LA…. K-OS was on the flight as well
    K-OS is a huge Star Wars Fan boy huge!!! lol So he was stoked to run into Hayden.
    Turns out though Hayden is a fan of K-OS’s music, Hayden use to listen to alot of the Rascalz back in the day, around the time he was working on the Star Wars films……. K-OS did a song with the Rascalz about Natalie Portman ( Hayden’s SW co star).
    So Hayden played the song for Natalie in his trailer so she could hear the song about her and thats how she heard it for the first time.
    So K-OS while on the flight tells Hayden about an upcoming music video he is going to film in Canada and how he wants to get known Canadians for it… Since the song is about being from Canada and staying true to who you are and doing it your way and not getting caught up in all the hollywood game etc etc
    K-OS asks if Hayden would be in his new music video and Hayden agrees to, and from what I heard Hayden didnt really get paid for this… he did it as a favor for a fellow Canadian.
    So that is how he became the bodyguard in the video and now you know ^,.^
    Also Hayden has Takers about to come out of course, he will be in Africa( sometime in the next week or so) to raise awareness for the Niger, Africa drought that could kill 155,000 children and growing before the end of this year!!!!, and he will be co-hosting a Christopher Reeve Foundation event on August 10th as well.
    Also The Cold is set to start filming this upcoming winter and they moved the filming to Canada!!!!
    … guess he wanted to stay closer to his home there…. I dont blame him lol
    Theyve added one actor to the project and the rest of the cast will probably fill out by around October/ November this year.
    He isnt expected at the August 4th premiere and never really was… his first promotional appearance for Takers is slated for the 16th of August on the Jimmy KImmel Show in LA. So it sounds like he wont be doing promo work for it till then and will be going to Africa trip to help raise awareness and then the Christopher Reeve Foudation event then about a week later start doing to promo stops. Well I think the charity causes are more important no one is really going to care about the Takers premiere tomarrow and there are much bigger ones slated right before the release date on the 27th of August for Takers. So I think it is much more likely he will attend those.

    and I can exhale my long a$$ comment is done :)lol

  • Michelle

    Hayden was born in Vancouver but his family resides in Toronto. Canadian pride is why he did this. He was asked to do this video to support a fellow Canadian. Why not? He doesn’t think he’s too good for a music video to support a fellow Canadian. I saw good for Hayden maybe he doesn’t totally fit the physicality role of a bodyguard but whatever..
    I’m glad that Hayden has ended things with Rachel. Maybe his career will get back on track. He should do a movie with fellow Canadians Rachel McAdams or Kristin Kreuk.

  • They’re Back Together

    The two of them are back together at the premiere. Pics coming out shortly.

    Hayden looks NOTHING like a body guard. Bone thin, hairline receeding, sweating buckets. This guy is a drug addict, long standing cocaine problem. Showed up on the Takers set drunk and/or high many times.

  • NoTHisISAReceedingHairline

    .@Holy Bat$hit:
    This is a receeding hair line
    Max Thieriot and hes only 21!!! Hard life style o.0 Im thinking o.0
    Hayden is 29 years old and has always had a high hair line if you look at his film work over the years and for a 29 year old with a high hairline is pretty normal. Hes just been a tad too thin lately…. hopefully when he pops up again in the near future / last this month for the Takers events he will have put on a little weight.
    Last time anyone saw him at the CFDA’s(early June) with his Grandmother Rose he had started to get some of his glow back again so thats a good sign :)

  • ThePremiereIsTomarrow

    @They’re Back Together:
    I call BS on your little comment… Why you ask?
    Because the premiere for Takers in LA isnt till TOMARROW!!!! you idiot !!!!! lol
    You must have a magic time machine lol
    So that makes everything you just said sound like complete BS and sickening,;p

  • JustBeingHonest

    I wouldnt be surprised if Bileson shows up
    but Hayden doesnt
    and he is in the film!!! lmao
    She could easily get a ticket to attend.
    Now that would be funny…..and much much more likely.

  • Viper

    There was never any mention that he was going to this so called street block party thing for 2 days in LA. Rumor is he is going to Africa to Nigeria this week not next week. He can’t be doing two events at the same times. Unless he is doing that jumper thing and teleporting himself back and forth.Sorry can’t see it happening.

    He would be totally stupid if he retained any kind of connection with RB she clearly isn’t doing a damn thing for his career only for herself. All that so called sighting would prove of what them at this event is that they love to play the fans for a fools. It’s been wonderful not seeing the make believe romance that they did for 3 years not to mention sicking..I do agree I can’t see them at an event when he is slated to be elsewhere in the world and LA wasn’t part of the criteria as of this week.

    RB we see endlessly pressing herself out along with the family a BFF’s she’ll try to re-cling to him she has nothing going her way right now but, to reconnect Im sure would give her more attention and that is what she wants. If he is totally done with her then why look back for Christensen.

  • jolene

    he looks ABSOLUTELY HOT!!!!!!!! HOT HOT HOT!!!!!
    but the song… sucks… lol