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Katie Holmes: 'The Romantics' Movie Poster!

Katie Holmes: 'The Romantics' Movie Poster!

Josh Duhamel gets romantic with co-stars Katie Holmes and Anna Paquin in the new movie poster for The Romantics, out Sept. 10.

Synopsis: Seven college friends reunite six years later for a wedding of Lila (Paquin) and Tom (Duhamel). Things go awry when the maid of honor and the bride clash over the groom, with whom the maid of honor was once romantically involved. The flick also stars: Adam Brody, Malin Akerman, Dianna Agron, Elijah Wood, Jeremy Strong, and Candice Bergen.

Bigger poster inside…

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  • Suri Jackson

    I do have to say that some Katie looked happy in some of the promo clips of the actors. She got to be around people her own age and I’m guessing Tom was not able to monitor her every move.
    Anywho…Here’s the links for Josh J and Suri that I promised Pacman(I know they make him/her happy)…sorry I have to put them on 2 posts.
    I usually pick a little younget pic of JJ but I like this photo.

  • Kristen

    Its sick that Tom is paying for Katie to have her name be first and the review be about her on the poster. Katie is hardly the biggest name. Josh is. And hell, Anna has a popular TV Show. When was the last time Katie Holmes did ANYTHING other then marry Tom Cruise? Sick…

  • Suri Jackson

    2 of 2
    Right click to open in new window…Suri’s looking more and more like Daddy every day. Smile Pacman.
    and oops typo above: younger not younget.

  • Andrea

    Adam Brody looks so hot in the trailer. I can´t wait to see him

  • Alex

    Are you kidding me? Katie in a movie working with an actor named Josh, whose character name in the movie is Tom!?!?!?!

  • This Movie Must Really Suck!

    It’s the 3rd movie poster!!! How bad are the test screenings of this disaster?

    the others


    What idiots!

  • Saad G.Khan

    thanks JJ for posting it.. its Awesome.. Anna looks Delicious!!!

  • Shaz

    I think it will be a good movie. I seem to like the cast. Katie actually looked really happy when she was filming this.

  • Snoozville

    Katie makes everything she touches boring. Even Tom has become dull.

  • Ugly Poster

    Boring movie

  • Ewwwwwww!

    I assumed Katie was playing his mother!

  • pr person

    Ummmm… Isn’t it a bit strange that the movie poster has this blurb right smack in the middle of it….. “Katie Holmes does the finest work of her career” ????!!! Are they trying to beat her bad reviews to the punch? TACKY!!!

    Might have seen this movie with Liv Tyler… Definately WILL NOT see this movie because of Holmes.

  • http://deleted adambrodyrocks

    another new adam brody movie,cant wait,

  • Caryn

    Wow! Suri really does look like Joshua Jackson!!! He’s such a hunk! Why isn’t this Suri thing commom knowledge?
    Josh D is totally hot too! I’ve loved him forever going back to All My Children!! I like pretty much everyone in the cast. Katie is the only one that brings the excitement down. She’s become so phony.

  • annie

    Katie is a very beatiful and talented actress, that’s why she got the parts. She is an underestimated actress, because she underestimates herself. I think that she doesn’t promote herself in the right way, something I have always thought. It seems to me that she doesn’t really like being in the limelight . You can tell the ones who love being in the public eye and she isn’t one of them.
    The paps lie in wait for her, everywhere, and she tolerates it, because she actually has no choice, but doesn’t like it, if she did she would be all over the place , at every function possible , doing numerous photoshoots, etc.
    James van der Beek said that Katie really doesn’t realise how beautiful she is. Being a long time fan, and comparing her to other celebrities, I agree.
    I’m sure everyone is going to come out on the lets bash Katie bandwagon, but that’s my opinion, it’s not a recent opinion, it’s years old.
    Can’t wait for The Romantics, great cast!

  • Jumbotrom

    Its a hit, Katie is a winner!

  • Anna

    i hope anna going to the premiere

  • joel

    Katie has her usual bug-eyed look in the poster

  • joel

    Katie has her usual bug-eyed look in this poster

  • jill

    Goody. Adam constantly has work and has another movie set for release. Can’t say the same for his ex.

  • thelephant

    Dianna Agron!!

  • huh

    Is this a movie for white people, I don’t get it, help?

  • tawi-tawi

    @huh: yes it is! imagine, there are times and places where white people have relationships only with white people! unbelievable, right?! get over it! go watch your own movies!

  • Liz

    I love Anna Paquin, so I’ll go see it, even if it doesn’t look that great. Plus, Candice Bergen is in it too, so…

  • ocsethummer

    Adam Brodylicious – can’t wait.

  • bella

    anna paquin looks soooo uper pretty, can’t wait to see the movie

  • Clinto


  • M

    why does Josh look EXACTLY like Dominic Cooper in this poster?

  • Viva Las Vegas

    Can’t I just catch this storyline on an episode of Las Vegas on TNT without paying $$$ at the the theater and having to sit through 2 hrs of robowife? I do love me some Josh Dumahel.
    Anyway, it sounds like a miserable storyline. Josh loves Anna so much that he’s going to make out with Katie right before his wedding day??
    and @Caryn; I think at this point Josh Jackson is the only person with eyes who hasn’t figured out that Suri is his daughter.

  • dani


    Excuse me, Katie didn’t get the part because of her talent. She got it because of Tom’s money. She is executive producer. If she hadn’t married Tom, she wouldn’t have had the clout and money to finance the project and therefore wouldn’t have given herself one of the leads.

  • it’s Robo-Bride

    From Radar Online:

    Sometimes we have a hard time remembering that Katie Holmes is only 31-years-old. Married to a much older man (Tom Cruise is 16 years and 168 days her senior), the former Dawson’s Creek star doesn’t dress anything like other stars in her age group — often wearing fashions suited for people thirty years her senior!

    Though Katie’s old Dawson’s Creek costar is only two years younger, Michelle Williams dresses years behind her. Both the gorgeous mothers have worn one-shouldered frocks for red carpet events, and while Michelle opted for a knee-lengths hemline, showing off her legs in sexy heels, Katie covered up in a floorlength, pairing the dress with not-so-sexy flats.

    Kate Hudson is exactly the same age as Katie, but you would never be able to tell if you saw them out on the street together. While SoCal Kate rocks flirty floral rompers with UGG boots, Katie wears floral skirts over footless tights with ballet flats and Birkin bags.

    Reese Witherspoon has two children and a super busy career, but if you saw the two ladies in a lineup, you would never guess that Reese has 3 years on her! While Reese dresses super sophisticated and loves boyfriend cardigans, she manages to keep up her sex appeal, adding elements like platform wedge sandals to balance the look out. Katie, on the other hand, pairs her boyfriend’s with baggy jeans and skirts.

  • rainbow

    @it’s Robo-Bride:
    It’s funny how you’re always claiming that Katie dresses too young for her age, and now you post an article that says she dresses too old. So which is it?

  • Wow

    Dianna Agron! That’s enough to get me into a theater

  • SD

    I love Anna Paquin. What a body she has! She could bounce a quarter off her a.s.s. So tight, yet appealing.

  • ABC

    Of course the other girl will be getting the man in this movie. Poor Anna’s character. :(

  • info on the movie poster
  • it’s Robo-Bride


    Yes at times she does dress way to young for her age, BUT she basically dresses badly no matter what age she appears to be. She has had her moments–in that orange gown with the blue shoes and a couple of others where she looked stunning, but for the most part she chooses to dress in pre-teen clothes, elderly clothes, clothes that don’t flatter, clothes that show off her thick thighs, clothes that are the wrong color etc. I guess as her number one fashion critic with the exception of Mr. Tim Gunn, I wouldn’t mind so much if she were at least pressed (i.e., meaning her clothes were ironed) and clean. Seeing her with greasy hair and an unwashed face leads one to believe her hygiene is poor. So I’m wanting clean hair and a washed face and clean, pressed clothes? I bet when you walk down the street and see people in dirty, wrinkled clothes that don’t flatter them with hair that hasn’t been washed in what looks like days and in no make up with a greasy face your thoughts have probably not been “OH WHAT A BEAUTY.” Unfortunately the image you first present to a person is usually the one you are judged on (basic body language/communications 101) if you are not allowed the opportunity to get to know someone. And Katie has allowed no opportunities to get to know her beyond her vapid breathy “it’s awesome, it’s magickal, and oooohhhh every child should have the opportunity to dance” rantings.

  • jolly folly

    Well this has got to be one of the worst posters for any movie I’ve ever seen. Awful design, color and graphics not to mention the copy is totally idiotic. Doesn’t sell the movie whatsoever.

  • Pac Man

    You and other critics are still claiming that Cruise monitors her every move, #1? Just accept she’s happy already.

    He looks nothing like Suri Cruise.

    Quit blaming Cruise for everything, #2. Holmes plays the LEAD role and she’s more famous! He’s responsible for global warming if you rationalized it long enough.

    Movies get several posters and trailers all the time, #6. It doesn’t mean anything.

    Happy like she always does, #8.

    You’re gonna see this movie, #12.

    These paternity rumors have been around since day one, #14.

    That’s actually true but Holmes is talented as well, #30.

    Her hygiene is just fine, #37. Holmes doesn’t care about what other people think.


    You are the most dillusional person that I have ever encountered. There is not one feature of Suri’s that cannot be attributed to Josh J or Katie. There is not one feature that CAN be attributed to Tom. Sometimes people say “oooh look at the eyes. those are Tom’s eyes”; but they really aren’t. They are the shape of Katie’s and the color of Josh’s. Tom’s forehead slants back. Josh and Katie both have rounder foreheads. The nose is TOTALLY Josh (a man can carry it off but not a girl, so someone’s going to have to pony-up for a nose job around her 18th birthday).
    The mouth is more Josh than Katie. Hair texture and ears are Katie’s.
    NOTHING IS TOM’S (except the installment payments on the purchase of Katie and Suri).

  • taxgirl

    @jolly folly:
    Worst is an exaggeration :-)
    …I can think of 2 that are worse: the US version of the poster for Knight and Day, and the stupid drawing of the little girl on the poster for Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark.
    Maybe we’re seeing a trend here

  • KS

    I could not imagine a catfight between Anna’s character and Katie’s. They both seem very sweet and not mean girls at all.

  • Suri Jackson

    Hi Pacman. Glad that you made it online safely today. We get worried when we don’t have you around for our daily chuckle. Let Tom know that he should appreciate your efforts.

  • 4Freedom

    Pac Man: I need to earn some extra money. Can you get me the contact information for Tom’s people? How much time each day will I have to spend selling Tom and Katie as the most fantastic people on the planet and reprimanding those who dare to say otherwise? Will taking on this work get me invited to all of the cool Scientology events?

  • 4Freedom

    WAIT WAIT WAIT…see, I saw Pac Man’s name and lost focus for a moment.
    This movie has Elijah Wood, Josh Duhamel, and Anna Paquin who won a freakin Academy Award when she was like 10, and the poster blathers on about KATIE???!!! HOLY CRAP!!!!

  • boston61

    Isn’t Anna a Lesbian? Looks funny seeing her with men.

  • Poopie

    #15 (annie)

    bullllllloney! I almost choked reading what you said.


  • my gurl tommy

    Hey! That’s pretty much what we say about Tom when we see him in a movie with women. I still prefer Anna. At least she’s not pretending to be what she’s not in her personal life. (acting is her job. tom can’t differentiate between fact and fiction.)

  • annie

    @ bulllloney
    Firstly I voiced my opinion, they were my thoughts, just like everyone else has theirs. I don’t make up what directors , producers, co workers, say or have said about her , it’s all out there, for everyone to go and check, I don’t lie. However, some of you here , for whatever reason , make up things to suit you. I can understand , people not liking someone, that’s fine by me. Just don’t make up things.
    As for her clothes, they are hit and misses. I agree. Do I think she could do better, sometimes.
    I don’t agree with that list that’s for sure, but I’m not going to go into it because I can’t be bothered, and I don’t have the time, but I can find pics that are equal or better than the examples that were given on that list . I think that list came out when her hair was shorter, and it made her look very mature.
    I’m very honest where Katie and Tom are concerned, but a lot of you are not, but that doesn’t worry me either , it’s your opinion, and you have a right to express it.

  • maria

    josh duhamel is so sexy.
    love him.