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Katy Perry Covers 'Rolling Stone,' Talks Blasphemy

Katy Perry Covers 'Rolling Stone,' Talks Blasphemy

Katy Perry shows off quite a bit of skin as she poses in a bra and panties on the cover of Rolling Stone‘s latest issue.

Here’s what the 25-year-old Teenage Dream singer, who also posed topless and only wearing fishnets, had to share:

On her super religious and strict upbringing: “I wasn’t ever able to say I was ‘lucky,’ because my mother would rather us say that we were ‘blessed,’ and she also didn’t like that ‘lucky sounded like ‘Lucifer’.”

On thinking she’d gotten her shot at stardom at 17: “I was in Beverly Hills with my new Jetta, thinking that my album was about to come out, and I was so excited. Then nothing happened. It was like, ‘Wow, my car’s getting repossessed, I have no money, and I’m living on Cahuenga, under the Hollywood sign.”

On her thoughts on blasphemy: “I wrote that tweet because of a combination of things. I am sensitive to Russell taking the Lord’s name in vain and to Lady Gaga putting a rosary in her mouth. I think when you put sex and spirituality in the same bottle and shake it up, bad things happen. Yes, I said I kissed a girl. But I didn’t say I kissed a girl while f-ing a crucifix.”

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  • Katarina

    @hannah sex hair..

  • marie

    people calling her a hypocrite… are IDIOTS. learn what the word f*cking means before you go calling her that.

  • dude…


    you’re obviously the dimwit. she never said kissing a girl was blasphemy. read it again dumf*ck. people calling her a hypocrite are the one’s that have no idea what the word, “blasphemy” even means. which is exactly why she said what she said. that yes, she said she kissed a girl, but NOT kissed a girl while f-ing a crucifix BECAUSE THAT would be blasphemous.

    a “sin” is not the same as “blasphemy.”

    plus justjared created the title to this post. not katy perry. duh.

  • ida

    better underwear. katy is always hotttttt
    love her <3

  • Sun

    This is getting way to boring now kathy! everyday we see nothing but your breast trying not to pop out of your shirt or bra! enough already, we get the point that you have great body but there are limits, Soon you will find out that people gonna say, kathy who? nice body is not everything nowadays if you ever notice, brain can go a long way!

  • rock n roll queen

    i think what madonna did in like a prayer lady gaga in alejandro n marilyn manson with tearing mormon books apart n dressing as the pope was brilliant those people standed up against organised religion which is tryin to brainwash us n which thoughout history is responsible 4 the biggest crimes i think katy with such ridiculous upbringing (lucky lucifer serious?)should understand the need to protest n even make fun of these people more than anyone ps i dont think god has any problem with sexy photoshoots those r words of the religious freaks that try to brainwash us

  • G

    Oh hell no. Photoshop horrors! What did they do to her arms? They look like noodles! They literally scooped out the inside of her arms and her pits! Can these people JUST STOP over-Photoshopping these women? Whether or not you like her music or her personality, Katie photographs beautifully. She’s tall, sexy, and wonderfully proportioned. Stop the over-’shopping!

  • honestly…

    @dude…: I know what blasphemy is. I know what a sin is. I said nothing about the title of this post. I never called Katy a hypocrite. Your response makes no sense. And Katy IS a dimwit– my opinion won’t change no matter how you choose to defend her.

  • Sadie


    WIN. Katy Perry is a dimwit. end of story.

  • Jaime

    I agree with JuBee (3rd post), it makes no sense for her to say that she’s against mixing sex and religion and then pose in her bra with a cross hanging between her breasts. What does she think that is? That is pretty hypocritical!

  • david

    um…does anybody still read Rolling Stone?

  • Journey

    Katy Perry is a flippin’ idiot! How in the hell is she going to talk about using sex and religion when she is once again selling sex and wearing a cross?. I’m no Katy hater but my goodness she just isn’t very smart. I won’t even start on her fiance…

  • :)



  • jenn


    my point, not exactly.

  • jenn


    unless it was photo shopped, the girl has a cross in between her breasts while crushing a lemon in a pretty provocotive way. if you read her comments on blasphemy and such, you would find that hypocrite fits.

    i don’t care about the photo or the cross, but I used hypocrite correctly…thanks.

  • joseph slim

    katyy perry ‘s chiledhood had been dormented by bulies in her school years and, her perents were too busy making a living not tomention they moved a lot from state to state. [lack of stability is a factor]
    povorty is the hardest thing a child can go through in life, knowing thier perents can’t protect them from thier daily harsh realities.
    each child is different and, each adopts his or herself into a mental state , eather be scared from what they may face in thier life ahead, or the become agressive to a point of death dose not matter to them anymore, katty perry is a fighter and nothing will scare her or slow her down anymore no matter what any one will say or do.
    katy perry pushed everybody out of her way and drove herself very fearsfully to success she knew, shyness and politeness was not going to get her anywere, her perents were a perfict example for her, she did not have to look far in order to learn how achieve her goles.
    i hope the flees will not make a dent to her coragious ambtiouse mind.