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Ke$ha: Blue Lipstick Baby-G

Ke$ha: Blue Lipstick Baby-G

Casio brand ambassador Ke$ha matches her blue lipstick to her Baby-G watch at the Casio “Shock the World” event at NYC’s Manhattan Center on Monday (August 2).

The 23-year-old singer shared with Just Jared that’s she’s been working on new music while on the road with Rihanna. Can’t wait for new pop anthems!!!

Later in the evening, Ke$ha got the crowd going with an epic eight-song set, closing off the night with her smash single “TiK ToK”.

Click inside to watch K$‘s speech and her full performance…

Just Jared on Facebook
kesha blue lipstick 01
kesha blue lipstick 02
kesha blue lipstick 03
kesha blue lipstick 04
kesha blue lipstick 05
kesha blue lipstick 06
kesha blue lipstick 07
kesha blue lipstick 08
kesha blue lipstick 09
kesha blue lipstick 10
kesha blue lipstick 11
kesha blue lipstick 12
kesha blue lipstick 13
kesha blue lipstick 14
kesha blue lipstick 15
kesha blue lipstick 16
kesha blue lipstick 17
kesha blue lipstick 18
kesha blue lipstick 19
kesha blue lipstick 20
kesha blue lipstick 21
kesha blue lipstick 22
kesha blue lipstick 23
kesha blue lipstick 24
kesha blue lipstick 25

Credit: Jason Kempin, Justin Campbell; Photos: Getty
Posted to: Jared Eng, Kesha

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  • Eric Shinn

    Looking HOT Jared – I WANT THOSE SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ha

    Jared you look great. Those kicks are wow! Kesha? not so much..

  • Michel

    Jared is Hot. I ignore the ugly chick next to him.

  • Drehi Magaizini

    She is always wearing the latest fashion. Probably only buy clothes from the designer boutiques

  • Hannah

    Kesha, ilu and respect that you want to try new things but the blue makes you look sea-sick.

  • D:

    oh no the blue is horrible for the red carpet no no no baby!

  • Sasha

    Omg, the lip colour is really unflattering.

  • Dean

    Look how much better she looks here:

    than she does here with all that nasty birdpoo looking sh*t on her skin

    I don’t understand why she does that? Thousands of small dark squares on your skin? It just looks like dirt. That don’t look hot or impressive.

  • boo

    I like Kesha.


    Her new video for Take It Off is out Jared!

  • joshua

    She’s sooo bad live……..

  • robots

    she may still suck live but all i have to say is LONG LIVE DIRTY POP. y’all know you all jam out to her tunes.

  • kate

    She remains a horrible artist (who specializes in looking unattractive) with no discernible talent.

  • Matt

    Her songs are better than Katy Perry’s and Rihanna’s YEAH I SAID IT

  • Alaia

    Did you step in some radioactive chemicals on the way to the event, Jared?

  • oops

    Oh I always thought Jared was short but he must be tall cos she’s almost 6’1

  • Zara

    @Matt: I agree lol. And I think her voice sound SO MUCH better than Katy and Rihanna’s despite the fact that they ALL use auto-tune.

  • yeah, um no

    I’m not watching those vids.

  • oh please

    @Matt: They all SUCK. No one makes decent pop music anymore.

  • Heny

    @oh please: That’s your opinion, I really enjoy Ke$ha’s music. Her unreleased demos are even better than her singles. Some of Katy Perry’s new album tracks are solid. Rihanna’s nasal voice is jarrin’ but her songs are good. The whole point of Pop music is to not take yourself seriously. Uptight music snobs are so annoying…

  • ….

    Jared’s shoes are stupid. You look like a 5 year old Jared.

  • Really?

    she looks like a person with heart conditions.

  • whatever

    Kesha makes harmless catchy party pop, sometimes you just need that. Her album is cute. My bf asked me to download it for him and I ended up transferring it to my ipod as well. It’s a good album :P

  • ew.

    she looks dumb and crosseyed as always. the blue lips only make her look more ill than usual

  • Hmmm

    Kesha seems like a fun, non-judgemental girl but she gets so caught up in the whole hippie-glitter-garbage-trash thing she loses it…..she could be a very pretty girl but it’s like she goes out all out to make herself look as unappealing as possible. I like her new single though. She should release Animal.

  • llll

    I love Keh-sha :D I want to be her friend! :)

  • Joyce

    @oops: She is NOT 6’1. She was at least an inch shorter than Ryan Phillippe on SNL and he is 5’8/5’9. You do the math.

  • AEP

    Did she just give a Smurf a bl*w j*b?

  • BAM

    I love Kesha. She doesn’t care, she’s not pretentious, she’s just herself take it or leave it. I can’t stand pretentious popstars who try to make their POP music deeper than it is. She knows so many people rag on her but she just focuses on her music and message (that it’s OK to have fun and let go and just DANCE, life doesn’t have to be serious), just DANCE & be happy! She could easily be horrid and bitter but she isn’t. She’s a really nice girl doing what she loves because she loves it. Nothing else matters.

  • BAM

    @AEP: LOL

  • Yolanda

    I want Jared to penetrate me!!!!!

  • KellStar

    Blue lipstick? Ugh! Joey Tribianani anyone LOL

  • Johnny Boy

    A smurf will transfer its blue pigment if it comes in contact with hot saliva. Draw your own conclusions.

    If the blue on her lips was an attempt at lipstick, it was ugly. But that’s fine. She likes ugly.

    On the other hand, her music (plagiarisms and all) reminds me of what Frank Zappa said: “Nobody looks good in brown lipstick.”

  • Accrehab

    Wow, I didn’t realise that Jared is a asian. Isn’t it?
    btw: Thz for yr live videos of Animal & Stephen!

  • Ke$haTime

    STOP HATING PEOPLE!!!! shes a nice person i like her music is sooo cool I LOVE HER!! shes cute too (: k$