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Matt Bomer: Breakthough Actor Award!

Matt Bomer: Breakthough Actor Award!

EXCLUSIVE — White Collar hunk Matt Bomer will be honored with the “Breakthrough Actor in TV” award on Sunday (August 15) in Los Angeles at the 2010 Breakthrough of the Year Awards presented by Crest 3D White.

The Breakthrough of the Year Awards is a red carpet event celebrating a diverse range of extraordinary talent in multiple fields of excellence including film, TV, sport, music, the arts, technology, philanthropy and social media.

Check out the full list of winners below:

Breakthrough Standout Performance – AnnaLynne McCord (90210)

Breakthrough Actor in Film – Josh Hutcherson (The Kids Are All Right)

Breakthrough Actress in Film – Jessica Szohr (Gossip Girl)

Breakthrough Actor in TV – Matt Bomer (White Collar)

Breakthrough Actress in TV – Sofia Vergara (Modern Family)

Breakthrough Newcomer – Dianna Agron (Glee)

Breakthrough Producer – Jason Blum

Breakthrough Athlete – Landon Donovan (Soccer)

Breakthrough in Technology – RealD

Breakthrough in Architecture – Diller, Scofidio and Renfro

Breakthrough Internet Sensation – Cody Simpson

Breakthrough in Green Innovation – Global Green

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Credit: Kevin Winter, Charley Gallay; Photos: Getty
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  • BEAN

    Matt Bomer is definitely hot but white collar sucks! Michelle Trachtenberg should have won best breakthrough actress in Gossip girl, Jessica wasn’t even present for half of the last season and Dianna Agron isn’t a newcomer wtf?

  • Kate

    I love “White Collar”! Congratulations to Matt. He obviously has worked very hard on the role.

    The rest of the winners are an ecletic, interesting group!

  • allison

    yes, josh hutcherson. this kid has so much talent. just watch “little manhattan.”

  • Alaia

    What the hell is this? Two crappy CW actresses actually won awards? There goes their credibility.

  • mel

    Jessica Szohr is getting an award for her role as Vanessa??? WTF!!!

  • Amber

    Wow! Congrats to Matt. Richly deserved.

  • woot

    Breakthrough Actress in Film – Jessica Szohr (Gossip Girl)

    Last time i checked GG is not a film…

  • Jenna S.

    Wait, Gossip Girl is a show too. So why is Jessica whatsherface getting an award for breakthrough actress in film? Umm, there are awards being handed out under the breakthrough actress in tv category. Her being awarded that under the tv category still doesn’t justify her deserving the awards. Looks like they’re just passing out the awards to people that are showing up. How lame. The only people who deserve this ridiculous awards, which I honestly think that it is beneath them, are Matt Bomer and Josh Hutcherson. Lame, next!

  • Nat

    Interesting winners! And for those who have no damn idea, Jessica Szohr has 2 movies coming and 1 in the process of being filmed, so yeah, she gets that award.

    Deal with it, folks.

  • Alaia

    @Nat: One of which is a Piranha remake. Score! Seriously, not even Leighton Meester, who seems to be doing bigger and better things outside of the show. The list seems more like an invitation.

  • Brooklyn

    White Collar is okay..

  • JoshFX

    Matt Bomer seriously deserved an Emmy nom, maybe next year.

  • Chris

    Congrats Matt – won’t be long before you get your emmy and academy – you are quite the talent.

  • luisaonline

    why in this world he has to be gay?!

  • Rob

    @ Chris – you got that right. He should have been nominated this year but lots of politics.

  • Gin

    Jessica won because you can say whatever about Piranha 3d but it’s a big budget movie with a huge release and she is doing a romantic comedy with household actors and and indie movie with “serious” theater actors.

  • Paul

    Excellent news on award front for Mr. Bomer. One of the few shows we watch live in our household. Matt has created the best new character on TV this year!

  • Anduy

    Emmy? You must be kidding! I enjoy the show, but it’s like Gossip Girl . The script isn’t too clever although entertaining.

  • Macchiato

    annalynn mccord – standout performance ? what kinda joke is this

  • huh

    wow an awards show paid by publicists?

  • rudy

    Breakthrough Actress in Film – Jessica Szohr (Gossip Girl) – what is Gossip Girl a film?

  • Serg

    @huh: Sweetie – all award shows are driven by publicists including the emmies/grammies/oscar- welcome to show business….at least in this case Matt and Sofia well deserve awards.

  • Cam

    To those not in the know, White Collar is one of the most critically acclaimed shows on tv – critics have been virtually unanimous in its praise.Don’t want you kids to be ill informed and sound silly.

  • guest

    Jessica Szohr as breakout star? Who is voting? She is still on GG, because she is dating Chuck Bass/Ed Westwick. It is hard watching GG now, but without Chuck Bass, no one will even tune in. The powers that be had to keep Jessica/Vanessa.


    @luisaonline: For the same reason you are what you are!

  • Jenson

    @Cam – don’t forget that White Collar is a smartly written relatively high brow show targeted at that audience, not for folks who would think a Two and a Half Men or How I Met Your Mother or similar shows are good. So may be lost on some here.

  • Jenson

    @Cam – don’t forget that White Collar is a smartly written relatively high brow show targeted at that audience, not for folks who would think a Two and a Half Men or How I Met Your Mother or similar shows are good. So may be lost on some here.

  • umm

    Matt Bomer’s (gay) husband IS the publicist, who is actually very powerful. Welcome to show business. @Cam unanimous in its praise except Emmy. Are you stupid or what?

  • Cam

    @umm – In the biz and read the trades dude…not one bad review from an important outlet – ever.

  • SGD

    Matt Bomer is perfection – first of many awards no doubt.

  • umm

    Except Emmy, huh? lol I can clearly see Matt Bomer is here but not there.

  • GeoffFX

    @umm – who doesn’t know Matt’s story – old news, blah,blah. Good news for Matt is that he has the talent to support his movie idol looks – will be huge star.

  • umm

    USA network and his husband worked so hard for Emmy, you must see their efforts if you are in this industry. 90210, Gossip girl, and this handsome gay Mr Bomer in White collar. Well deserved.

  • Question

    Is White Collar better or worse than Brothers & Sister / Mad Men? Is it a bloody show? I’m queasy when it comes to blood……

  • BBW

    White Collar is about a million times better than B&S, and completely different to Mad Men, although in a way just as good at what it does. And there is no blood in it. It’s a ‘blue skies’ show – opposite to gritty.

    And congrats to Matt on the award. He deserves to be in much better company wrt winners, but I’m sure that will come.

  • BB

    @guest: I don’t think Ed and Jessica are dating anymore. Rumor has it that she cheated on him but then again that’s just a rumor and I think Ed is still on GG. Although it is kinda odd that Jessica won breakout actress in a film even though she hasn’t even really been in a worthy film. Supposedly piranha 3d will be a big hit at the box office (looks like a flop to me) but that movie hasn’t even come out yet so which movie was she in that made her win the breakout actress award?

  • Sam B

    @umm – Are you one of those mediocre, short, unattractive actors that now has to compete with Matt? Sounds like some jealousy or sour grapes here. Matt is great and so is his show, all the critics agree. He will have emmy nom next year, too soon this year. He is being literally showered with scripts, it’s the current buzz in the business.

  • ppp

    Gossip Girl is a TV show, not a film!!! If an “award ceremony” can make that mistake, that goes to show how legit/meaningful/credible it is – A joke!

  • Kip

    Matt Bomer has that truly unique combination of looks, talent, charisma, inteligence that truly differentiates him from all of the new actors on the scene.Congrats Matt!

  • Candy

    Matt Bomer has *gay* * twinkle* in his eyes.

  • HerCalledTheRain

    Breakthrough Actress in Film – Jessica Szohr (Gossip Girl) ??

    oh yeah! i’m so happy!she deserve it!

    GO JESS!!!!!))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  • Kim

    @Candy – is that what that is? Whatever it is, they are the most beautiful eyes on the planet so he is lucky to have it along with his incredible talent. Amend that, we are lucky he has it so we can enjoy it all!

  • BenLA

    @40: I’m always amazed at comments like this.Is the intent to harm or out?In Matt’s case really doesn’t matter, he’s got the hottest career in town and based on his appearance and abilities will never matter, every producer wants him.

  • Michel

    and even jessica’s movie sounds ridiculous. Piranha? bah. i don’t know what the judge’s criteria to put her in the nominee.

  • mailey

    this girl is so ugly. and she dresses and acts liek a tramp. i call her ‘alligator face’.

  • Wow

    Forget Jessica(her and Taylor Momsen are the worst thing on GG)

    But omg Dianna! <3

  • waitforit

    Gin is right. Jessica is best known as vanessa but she was nominated for piranha 3d. its not that complicadet!

  • brooklyn

    You can tell that Matt Bomer is so gay because how he talks and the expressions he shows in tv talk shows or interviews. I suspect that he was avoided by producers because of gay atmosphere.

  • BenLA

    @brooklyn: Hardly. However for you must be ironic now that every producer in hollywood is knocking on his door wanting him in their projects. Ironic as well since he plays straight so perfectly in Traveler, Tru Calling, Chuck, and now the perfect suave lady’s man in White Collar – amazing actor.

  • Brooklyn

    @BenLA: Oh. of course now he is totally hot, and having great moment by this breakthrough I’m happy for him. But in Traveler he looked a gay (even though he was attached with Christen Bell) , Tru Calling was an average pretty boyfriend though I love the show.
    Don’t be too fool saying he passed all the screen tests he wanted the bigger roles.