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Sophia Bush To Run Half-Marathon For The Gulf

Sophia Bush To Run Half-Marathon For The Gulf

Sophia Bush just announced that she’s going to run a half-marathon (13.1 miles) to raise more funds for the victims of the Gulf Coast oil spill.

“I am going to run a half marathon this November,” the 28-year-old actress blogged. “Yup. Me. The asthmatic with a years-old knee injury, who hasn’t run a mile since Junior High. No seriously.”

Sophia continued, “I am going to work on video blogs for all of you, so you can meet the team members and our sponsors, you can see our runs, track our progress, and maybe even run with us, wherever you are! Imagine it. Hundreds, or even thousands of us, running all over the country, maybe all over the world! That would certainly show the powers that be that we will not back down. We will not be quiet. We will make our Little Voices heard!”

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  • Someone

    This woman had a huge and beautiful heart,she’s a good role model.And for the record she’s 28 years old now :)

  • Irene

    Good for her. Never cared about her until I read her blogs. She’s a great inspiration for everyone.

  • kaz

    i don’t know

  • MelRod

    She’s amazing!


  • Joyce

    This girl is damn annoying. Horrible actress on a horrible show and I laughed at her pathetic tirade against Urban Outfitters.

  • nina

    She’s amazing! She fights for his ideas and she inspires those who read her apart on the haters of course!

    Joyce you are so stupid. Even if you do not like her, you can not mean being against what it says on UO! Unless you’re a pro ana pfff
    What bad faith all the haters

  • Joyce

    @nina: No, but it is annoying when women imply that you have to be curvy to be all woman.

  • sdada

    zlist the only thing shes known for is her divorce

  • is it just for

    good publicity?

  • Katherine

    Shutup you loser. She is known for SO much more and you’re the first idiot to randomly bring up her divorce.
    Sophia an amazing woman and she has proven that even more in the last several weeks. I know plenty of people who never even watched One Tree Hill a single day in their life but have come to know and admire Sophia through everything she has been doing in the last few months regarding so many issues.
    All I can say to her, is KEEP IT UP.

  • Dasha

    She’s amazing period

  • lol

    whatever it may be at least she is doing something when in reality she doesn’t really have to give a sh*t about the Gulf since she’s not even from there.

  • fashion smashion

    wow. pathetic much? a year knee injury from what kneeling on the floor? and it is so sad that in order to donate money to a great cause she has to have a certain amount of followers. she’s just trying to get followers. anyone who is genuinely passionate about something wouldn’t do that, they would donate no matter what. It’s just disgusting how she has manipulated the public, especially those young fans who look up to her. she really knows how to circle things around her finger. she WAS a journalism major so of course she’s going to be good with words.

  • fashion smashion

    wow. pathetic much? a year knee injury from what kneeling on the floor? and it is so sad that in order to donate money to a great cause she has to have a certain amount of followers. she’s just trying to get followers. anyone who is genuinely passionate about something wouldn’t do that, they would donate no matter what. It’s just disgusting how she has manipulated the public, especially those young fans who look up to her. she really knows how to circle things around her finger. she WAS a journalism major so of course she’s going to be good with words.

  • Jennifer

    I think it’s great that she’s doing this. The people and the animals in the gulf need help and she’s tried to do as much as she can. So she’s not an A list celebrity. Who cares. Atleast she’s trying to do what she can to help. I stopped following her on twitter because I thought she was becoming a bit too preachy and it got on my nerves, but I still think it’s great that she’s trying to help out so much with different causes. Good for her.

  • Alison

    i don’t get it u people are mean to her because she donates money to charity, would u be nicer if she did nothing to help?

  • Sharon

    @fashion smashion:
    You my dear make me laugh.
    I am a huge fan of Sophia’s and I always read every article that Jared posts of her on this site. Let’s just say this isn’t the first time I’ve seen you write a not so nice post about Sophia. Here’s my advice to you–If you don’t like her, then STAY away. Maybe try doing something more worthwhile and meaningful with your life instead of wasting your time ripping into people you claim to not like??
    Sophia poured her heart out in her latest blog entry and it was BEAUTIFULLY written. You seem to take a knee injury very lightly. Perhaps, if you’ve ever been in someone’s shoes who has had an injury like that, then you wouldn’t be so quick to judge. My ex-boyfriend lost out on several scholarships to several universities due to a knee injury while one of my close friends walks with a slight limp due to hers. You don’t know the exact details of how severe Sophia’s knee injury was, so until then why don’t you stop assuming things? Because a knee injury isn’t something to be taken lightly and can result in changing a person’s entire life.
    And when was the last time Sophia tried to get followers? The only time she tried to gather up people to follow her was when she first got twitter last month when she was going down to the Gulf Coast. The sole reason she even opened up a twitter account was to start tweeting about what was going on in the gulf which she did. And she was right, the more followers she has, the more people will learn about it. I have seen SO MANY people comment about how had they not been following Sophia, they would have never known the true extent of the damage in the Gulf. And it resulted in them spreading the word onto their families and friends and even made them want to donate to help out.
    And FYI, Sophia donated money herself before she started tweeting and going into details about the spill and then asked people to contribute as well if they wanted.
    She HASN’T manipulated anyone and STOP thinking that everyone else besides you is too dumb to see things for themselves. And FYI, young fans aren’t the only ones who look up to her. Ever since Sophia joined the social media, I’ve seen countless people in their twenties, thirties, and forties rave about Sophia and her efforts to bring awareness to various charities.
    I’m 26 and I’m more than PROUD to say that I am a fan of Sophia’s and I truly admire what she is doing, along with many other people and thousands of her followers.
    I’m a current law student and I think I would know by now if I was being “manipulated” by anyone. We can all think for ourselves and don’t need someone who calls herself “fashion smashion” to tell us we’re being tricked into doing something we shouldn’t. Just Saying.

  • no.

    gotta hand it to the little chubsters PR! now, maybe she will get a little publicity, so most of America will no longer think shes George Bush’s stupid daughter AND she might actually shed off the ALLLLLL the pounds shes packed on over the years!! Go sophia ..more PR and loss of about 10-15 lbs might ACTUALLY make you famous xo now if we could just get her to stop sleeping with all her co-stars.. hmmm

  • no

    man this chick is pathetic… anything for followers. sad thing is.. her PR is pretty smart.. get Sophia in the news AND make her loose all the weight shes gained.. She doesnt write “beautifully” her letter to Urban Outfitters was filled with minor typos.. she didnt even graduate college. sophia EAT LESS and stop being so fake

  • Kayla

    You want to know what’s really pathetic??? It’s the haters. It’s so obvious with anyone with even half a brain that it’s the same few obnoxious, no-life idiots who keep posting incredibly stupid comments while using a different name every time. And it’s also obvious that they’re letting out all of their frustration on this website seeing as how they’re so lost and confused.LMAO
    It must kill these psychos to see the incredible and overwhelming amount of support Sophia has received from so manyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy people all over the world ever since she joined Twitter and started blogging. Not a day goes by when I don’t see many,many people talk about how much Sophia has impacted them and has made them want to contribute more to the world around them. Now that’s what I call impressive.
    It’s slowly killing the haters and has resulted in them lashing out like stupid buffoons. I find the whole thing quite hilarious.
    Any ways, keep posting your stupid comments haters because all its doing is giving this article more hits and therefore, makes Jared post more about Sophia and put her in his “Top Stories” column. ;)
    Good Luck with your incredibly sorry lives, you morons!!

  • K.T.

    Good on her and it’s for a good cause too!

  • Dieter

    I wanna rip her spandex after the marathon and lick the pooper of her’s !!!!

  • the message is good

    she might believes in the things….but the perk is publicity
    I agree, but do you really need to make everyone approve and see your good actions?
    Unless you need the publicity, and what would be so wrong about it, that’s how the business work,let’s be realistic.

    I agree with zero is not a size and that we should help to protect nature (and that is something everybody should think about)

  • NE Sports Fan


    Right on! Thank you for defending her because she is just so wonderful. I am also 26 and a Criminal Justice degree student and I am so proud to be a fan of hers and helping both her and Austin with all the wonderful things they are doing! Kuddos to you :)

  • NE Sports Fan

    I meant my comment to go to Sharon NOT no. People who write hateful things are just disturbed. Didn’t anyones mother’s teach them if they didn’t have anything nice to say, then not to say anything at all?

  • NE Sports Fan

    I meant that nice comment for Sharon NOT no! I love Sophia!

  • beth

    Im gonna jump on the LAME bandwagon.. I believe Miss Bush is in fact a z lister and in fact overweight. Ive read all these pathetic things shes talked to the media about recently including the Urban Outfitters smear campaign, how if she wins some stupid award she will get everyone to sign it to support the Gulf oil spill ( i mean come on… ) and NOW the stupid marathon?? Its just too sad for words. Shes a horrible actress that has agents working around the clock trying to make her happen.. but it just wont.. there is no room for FAKE, overweight, talentless nobodys in Hollywood. NEEEXXXTTT

  • Chelsea

    Wow……..another imbecile. Sweetheart, if Sophia is “fat” or “overweight” then Elvis Presley must still be alive running around kicking and screaming. Is that the only thing you can think of to ridcule her about?? And the hilarious thing is that it’s NOT even true. I have two guy friends sitting next to me right now as I’m typing this and the first thing to come out of their mouths after reading your unbelievably stupid comment was “wow……..damn this is one jealous and f*cked up chick.”LMFAO
    PS…..hate to break it to ya. But not only is Sophia the most famous and well known from OTH but she is also one of the most recognized faces on the CW and is very popular with the media and fans alike…….and for good reason too so I’d think again before calling someone a “Z-lister.”
    And you clearly don’t know anything about Hollywood because if you did, you’d know that Hollywood is FULLLLLL of fake and talentless people and Sophia never was and never will be one of them, you hateful freak. Just take a good look at all of those reality stars as just one example. You obviously don’t know anything about Hollywood so I suggest you crawl back into that dark little cave you seem to live in.

  • wow.

    @Chelsea: @Chelsea: You’re so lame I seriously almost passed out.

  • beth

    you amuse me Chelsea.. such vehemence about some chunky, little girl you don’t even know and that cares nothing about you…I find it quite comical :) thanks!

  • Chelsea

    @beth: @wow.:
    Interesting. Well you’re so pathetic, I’m not sure whether to laugh at you or feel sorry for you. And I really hope you didn’t pass out because it seems as if your tiny little brain has suffered more than enough. Wouldn’t want you damaging it even further if you happen to fall. You amuse me as well. Such vulgar comments about a woman who has done absolutely nothing to you yet you still find the need to insult her because well…….you’re a sad, sad loser. Hear I am reading comments posted by a few random imbeciles going on long, endless, hateful rants about a woman for no damn reason. At least the fans are justified to say whatever the hell they want. But when a hater spends so much time talking sh*t about a person they say they hate, what does that tell you about them and their personality?? You guys all amuse me and you’re all quite facetious. Thanks for providing my friends and I with a good laugh. But I’m sure I haven’t heard the last of you yet seeing as how you seem to be obsessed with saying stupid things. I guess what they say really is true……haters REALLY are your biggest fans.LOL

  • firefly

    Still think that Sophia and Chad Michael Murray should find their way back to each other ASAP!

  • ull


  • Irene


    People like you are just pathetic. Wanting someone with a guy who constantly cheated on her is really sad. How can anyone call themselves SB fan if they still want CS back? life is not a tv show.

  • dood

    Good for her.

    But I find it HILARIOUS how Sophia has stopped pressuring her fans to vote for her in the Teen Choice Awards because it’s for a good cause!!!!1111

    She probably found out that Leightoon won…or so they say.

  • Kimberly

    She never pressured anyone. She told her fans she was nominated a couple of times and asked them to vote as a part of her plan to raise money for the Gulf. A lot of celebs tweets about being nominated for something (whether it’s a poll or an award) or when they have a new project coming out so they can get support from their fans. Everbody does it and it’s no big deal. Most celebs have gotten twitter just for the sole purpose of promoting themselves. Whereas, Sophia’s plan was to sign her surfboard and have other of her celebrity friends sign it as well and then auction it off IF she won. Which is a pretty cool idea. And if not this year, there’s always next year.

  • hokiegirl

    Thanks Jared!!!! LOVE HER!!!!!

  • sophiabushwack

    LOL @ how sophia twittered that she won’t be able to go to TCAs coz she has work the following day.. yeah right. every other tv stars who attended TCA last night has to go work monday. TVD stars, Leighton Meester (who beat her! HA! like Sophia stood a chance!) Nobody invited her coz she didn’t win. LMAO. LAME EXCUSE SISTER!

  • Kellyanna

    Another JEALOUS and PATHETIC hater.
    You a-holes make me laugh constantly.
    Hate to break it ya but Sophia Bush has been invited to the TCA’s EVERY year that OTH has been on air. I know a few people who work behind the scenes at the TCA’s and I usually get inside information way before the TCA’s are aired and even held the day prior to the airing.
    Sophia Bush was invited and was on the guest list up until she saw that she had to film this Monday(she doesn’t film every single Monday and was hoping she wouldn’t have to this week but ended up having no choice.)
    And even if she hadn’t been nominated, she still would have had every right to be there because she was actually invited to PRESENT an award as well but they had to pick someone else after Sophia pulled out.
    As for you saying that “every other person who attended the TCA’s had to work the following morning”……well here’s the thing genius. Not all of them have to go back to work on the other side of the country the following morning like Sophia does since she films on the east coast while the awards were taking place on the west coast.
    So get lost haters. You make yourselves look stupid every time you talk.LMAO

  • sophiabushwack

    uh… actually the gossip girl cast films on the EAST COAST. Remember? NEW YORK CITY? HELLO. You need some serious enhancement for your geography skills hunny,. ;p

  • Kellyanna

    No, I don’t you moron because unlike you, I don’t waste time hating on people when I could be doing better things. So while you may think I need “serious enhancement of my geography skills” its clear to me that you seriously need therapy….and quickly.
    Haters really are funny…….do you like lurk on all Sophia Bush posts??? I’m a fan so I have every right to be here but it seems as if you’ve been lurking here to see what else people are going to post about her because you’re clearly INSANE.LMAO
    Sophia decided NOT to go to the TCA’s despite being invited. Deal with it. She was at the 2008 TCA’s as well and even though she didn’t win, she still ended up going because they wanted her to be there to present in the category that Adam Sandler won, unlike in 2007 when she won 3 TCA’s. And just because she didn’t win this year does not mean that the people behind the TCA’s don’t know who she is and it doesn’t mean they don’t respect her because only very few actresses have taken home 3 TCA’s, especially in the same year. And they know that and respect that.
    But then again, you’re just going to come up with your own BS.Lol

  • sophiabushwack

    Stop reminiscing w/ the past dear, that’s so 2007. Oh that’s right, that’s like the hightlight of bushy’s career. LOL.

    Anyway, just stop making excuses for your precious Sophia. TCA’s over and soon so is Sophie’s career.

  • Kellyanna

    Move the f*ck on you pathetic loser.
    I really love the way you think you can predict the future and think you know exactly what’s going to happen with Sophia’s career or anyone’s for that matter. Here’s something I guess I’ll share with you thats for sure to give you sleepless nights. I happen to know for a fact that Sophia has been already offered things career wise as soon as she wraps of OTH. So believe it or not, her career is definitely going to take off.
    And stop acting as if 2007 was ages go sweetheart because the reality is that it was only 3 years ago. She’s going to have a lot of things going for her as soon as she wraps of OTH and I bet its killing you seeing as how your favorite from OTH doesn’t nearly get as much attention and media coverage as Sophia.
    I see that the post count on this latest article continues to increase due to obsessed losers like you. No wonder Jared LOVES posting things about Sophia. Her articles always give his website a lot of hits.
    Keep it up you loser! Let’s see if we can get to 50. Lol

  • sophiabushwack

    Don’t get so worked up sweetie, you’re the one being pathetic and loser. Oh, her career will take off as soon as oth wrapped?? c’mon let’s be honest here shall we, that’s all her career will ever be. So whatever you need to believe.

    Jared LOVES sophia coz she probably spreads her legs to him as well. Y’know, another thing Sophia’s known for.

  • Kellyanna

    You sound a little jealous sweetheart. Hate that Sophia won’t ever be with you???Lol
    Give it a rest b*tch. Seriously, where do you come off calling ME “pathetic” and a “loser”??? Any SANE person would be the first to say that a person who claims to hate someone, yet, spends SO much time stalking that person and lurking around on articles written about them, clearly needs to see a shrink and ASAP.
    Like I said, I’m a fan so naturally I would spend my time reading things about Sophia and commenting on her articles and posts.
    There are plenty of people in Hollywood I can’t stand and yet haven’t wasted a single minute of my time checking up on them to see what the hell they’ve been up to or what fans have to say because I just don’t give a f*ck. Yet, you seem obsessed with checking up on all things Sophia.LMAO What does that say about you and your life? Seems to me you don’t have much going on.Lol
    I bet it eats you up inside because more and more people are starting to love Sophia as each day goes by, especially by all of the outpouring of love and support I’ve seen her receive each and every single day. She’s loved by the media and the fans alike and like I said earlier, you sound like one of those typical losers who’s all bent out of shape because no one gives two sh*ts about whoever the hell it is you happen to like on OTH. You sound like a bitter Chad, Joy, or Hilary fan.Lol
    And I definitely have to agree with the comment I saw someone post in here earlier—-
    AFter all, they DO spend WAY too much time obsessing and talking about people they claim to not like.
    Oh look…..we’re almost at 50.Lol

  • sophiabushwack

    Easy there tiger. Take it easy. And how pathetic you are for even going at it with me just to get 50 comments for Sophia. LOL.

    Seriously tho, i’m not here to fight w/ you in the first place, just gave a comment that’s it. It’s not my fault you didn’t like what i wrote. ;p ciao dear! hope you take valium later. you need to calm down geez.

  • Kellyanna

    WAITTTTTTTT. Did you seriously think the ONLY reason I was even replying to you was to get to 50 comments??? Nice try. I kept responding to you because your comments were full of complete bullsh*t and nonsense. The fact that the number of comments was getting higher and higher every time you came along and said something stupid was just a bonus.Lol
    And don’t tell me you weren’t here to create fights or any sort of problems because when you or anyone else leaves nasty comments, people are going to obviously respond back to you, particularyly the fans. I’m sure if someone made rude comments about someone you liked, you’d do the same. So take that into consideration the next time you say something rude. Stating an opinion is fine, but insulting someone in the process is where you start trouble.
    And I hope you consider going to a shrink or maybe a mental ward. You obviously seem to need it for the amount of hatred you clearly walk around with. ;)

  • Jennifer

    I LOVE YOU SOPHIA BUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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