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Anderson Cooper & Ben Maisani: Taxi Twosome

Anderson Cooper & Ben Maisani: Taxi Twosome

Anderson Cooper and his best bud Ben Maisani, who had a bike with him, hail a taxi in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of New York City on Tuesday afternoon (August 3).

Last month, the inseparable twosome worked out together at NYC’s David Barton Gym.

These two have been attached at the hip for over a year!

Anderson‘s news show Anderson Cooper 360 still airs every weeknight @ 10PM ET on CNN.

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Credit: Hector Vallenilla; Photos: Retna
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  • Melanie

    They are attached because they are dating lol.

  • LOL

    Best bud

  • lol

    ‘Best bud’……….oh Jared.

  • ryan

    when will anyone say that they are dating…they’re so gay.

  • Yasmin

    Anderson & his ‘best buddy’ look cute.

  • jess

    “These two have been attached at the hip for over a year!”

    That’s because they’re a couple

  • val

    Can’t you just say “Anderson Cooper and bud Ben Maisani” ? Why adding “best bud”? Is not like the man hides who he is, he just doesn’t talk about it.

    Just Jared, I am dissapoint.

  • val

    Can’t you just say “Anderson Cooper and bud Ben Maisani” ? Why do you had to add “best bud”?

    It’s not like the man hides who he is, he just doesn’t talk about it.

    Just Jared, I am dissapoint.

  • arnold

    Anderson’s obviously partly ashamed of it and doesn’t think of it highly enough because he wants to protect his ‘news’ show and doesn’t think people will respect him anymore. This is so sad..and with the proposition 8 ruling coming today he couldn’t be more open about it..sheesh.

  • Giselle

    <3 you Coop.

  • shawn

    and they’re in greenwich…couldn’t be more gay.

  • um,

    @arnold:Anderson Cooper is anything but ashamed. What many people don’t know is that Cooper is also NYC aristocracy. He’s the son of Gloria, a Vanderbilt. He’s just a very private person, seemingly always has been.

  • J.

    It has been common knowledge in NYC for many years that Anderson is gay.

    He doesn’t even have to say he is, I think most people with sense know.

  • sexy

    Cute couple :)

  • From BREAKINGNEWS 5 secs ago

    PROP8 Overturned! “Federal Judge Walker ruled Proposition 8 unconstitutional “under both the due-process and equal-protection clauses.”

  • Twitter

    RT @andersoncooper RT @jackgraycnn Prop 8 ruled unconstitutional. California’s same sex marriage ban overturned.

  • boston61


    Everyone knows he is Gloria Vanderbilt’s kid. How do you think he landed this plum career? (Bad ratings, though)

    How come he never wears shorts?

  • Rhonda

    they’ll have such beautiful children!

  • Ldn

    @boston61: I didn’t.

  • commonsense

    @arnold: Do heterosexuals go around declaring their sexual preference? NO. So why is there an expectation that Anderson should talk about his? I miss the days when talking about your sex life was considered indiscreet. He’s not ashamed, his private business is his private business, that’s all.

  • Sheryn Royce

    That guys name is TJ Johnson and he’s Anderson’s trainer.

    Look at the pics it’s the same guy.

    Where’d you get this Ben Maisani crap? The gays? They don’t know shit.

  • Gary

    I’m sure most people know by now that AC and Ben are more than best buddies and are in a serious LTR. May as well stop dancing around it.

  • sarafina

    I love Anderson Cooper regardless of sexual orientation…… he reports the news with sincerity and honesty who cares if he s gay,,,,,

  • Melanie

    Oh “Sheryn Royce” (or whatever alias you use these days, Cindy Holeman of Covington, GA), will you give this silly “trainer theory” a rest? As everybody knows, Ben isn’t Anderson’s trainer, but his bf. That TJ guy you mention looks nothing like him. It’s time you give up your delusions and start live in the real world, dear.

  • Rhonda

    ONE judge just nullified the votes of 7 million people.

  • anna

    they are a gay couple right? I don’t get why jared would’admit it, isn’t he gay too?

  • trevor

    @Rhonda: A judge just protected the integrity of the CA constitution and protected a vulnerable minority from the tyranny of the majority. That is what a constitution and the responsibility of the judiciary in a just society is all about. Congrats to California!

    Anderson and his boyfriend are a cute couple. Anderson doesn’t lie about his sexuality and he dates men out in the open. If there is going to be complaining about closeted gay men in the news industry it should rightfully be about the truly objectionable ones like Matt Drudge and Shepherd Smith who are participating through their work in the promotion of the right wing (anti-gay) agenda.




  • jenn

    best bud !! it’s ok jared you can say rumored bf.

  • to arnold

    tell me, does your mommy know that you are up late? anderson is not partly ashamed of anything you deluded child. he happens to have this very strange idea that is private life is just that; private. nor does he feel the need to explain his personal life choice to anyone except perhaps his mother.

  • to j

    yes, you’re right. everyone here in new york has known he’s gay for years. but isn’t it sad that he is not allowed even a small of privacy in his life.

  • Susan

    Best Bud, huh? Is that the new word for boyfriend?

  • Rhonda


    ok, but your not going to like it when one judge rules the other way!

    so, our country ends up with, who can buy the most judges. The judge in Cali is queer as well. How else is a gay activist judge gonna rule.

  • Rhonda

    you can’t say qu–r?

  • boston61


    Heterosexuals talk about their partners all the time. Andersen does not. I’m sure he is afraid. There are some scary people who want to destroy this country and kill gays they are the RepubliKKKans.

  • boston61


    Then you probably don’t know that his brother jumped from his mother’s penthouse years ago? Very sad.

  • to boston61

    not all hetrosexuals talk about their partners all the time. that is a generalization. just as gays don’t always talk about their partners all the time. yes, there are a lot of scary people out there but so what?? listen carefully, EVERYONE HERE IN NEW YORK has always known that anderson is gay. he is not required to announce his life style choice on the news everynight just to make you happy.

    do yourself a favor. read a book called “little gloria, happy at last”. it’s about the bitter, very public battle that took place in a courtroom in new york. on one side gloria’s mother and the other side gloria’s grandmother. both wanted custody of the little girl. there were reporters with cameras everywhere who wanted to get as many photos of that little girl. she grew up to be gloria vanderbilt mother of anderson. read the book and then maybe you will understand what that man guards his privacy.

  • lauren

    @Rhonda (#25) — the votes of 7 million people nullified the principles of the CONSTITUTION! Lots of people voted against women and minorities voting too ya know. Dumbass.

  • Mack

    Seems kind of silly to dance around what the relationship between AC and Ben is. They are more than best buddies, they are partners and most likely life partners. Does Anderson really have to say it himself for the rest of the world to realize it? We KNOW already.

  • Mack

    I want to add that I did NOT mean that Anderson shouldn’t some day announce that he’s gay, I hope he does. I meant that most people know that he’s gay, that Ben is is bf and has been for a rather long time now, so why are these articles written as though they are mere friends? Just be real about it!

  • lipz

    Ok Anderson!! Can you freakin come out already….

  • jjgg5

    Cooper doesn’t need to be prodded to come out. Everybody knows he’s gay. So, what?

  • Michael

    AC and Ben are so cute together. Hottest gay couple in NYC!

  • Curtis

    Yes, they arfe best buds and have been dating since early 2009, duh… Anderson doesn’t hide it, they do everything together and he took Ben as his date to the vanity fair oscar party earlier this year! They both look hot. :)

  • !

    Love the coop

  • Ava

    @Mack: Agreed.

    Jared, if you can’t come out and say boyfriend or rumored boyfriend, fine, but please stop with the “best bud” stuff. There is no need for it, and it has the effect of “inning” someone even if that is not what they want. It is condesending and borderline offensive.

  • He Is Out

    To all the people saying “Oh, he needs to come out…” he is obviously out. What, should he wear a t-shirt – “I’m Anderson Cooper and I’m a gay man”? Anderson doesn’t need to blast his personal life out there for a bunch of strangers like LiLo or some other coked out tabloid case. He is a professional.
    Anderson should ask all of the viewers of his show to send in letters(or tweets or whatever) stating their sexual orientation and then be like “So am I….ha!”

  • mailey

    andersonnnn, i love youuuuu

  • Jedibilly

    I would love to go to their wedding when that happens. :)
    Jared, stop acting like a schmuck saying “buds”. They’re obviously a couple just like Ricky Martin and his “bud”

  • mae

    “best bud”…XD look at the picture they look so sweet ^_^