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Jennifer Aniston Channels Barbra Streisand For Harper's Bazaar

Jennifer Aniston Channels Barbra Streisand For Harper's Bazaar

Jennifer Aniston pays homage to legendary entertainer Barbra Streisand in the September 2010 issue of Harper’s Bazaar, on stands August 17.

The 41-year-old actress, who wears Versace on the mag cover, channeled Barbra in Funny Girl and and What’s Up, Doc? in a series of shots by Mark Seliger.

Here’s what Jen had to share:

On what she’s learned from Barbra Streisand: “You don’t have to stop at one thing. You can do it all if you want to.”

On being in the spotlight: “[Barbra and I] are people who have been put in the spotlight, for better or for worse, and you just keep riding, and you keep overcoming.”

On looking up to Streisand: “Barbra inspires me because there isn’t anything she hasn’t done that she wanted to do, especially as a female in the time when her generation was prime. She’s a true renais­sance woman. . . I had a long conversation with Barbra about directing because I directed a short a couple years ago, and if I don’t do it again soon, I’m going to burst out of my skin. And we also love interior design.”

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199 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston Channels Barbra Streisand For Harper's Bazaar”

  1. 1
    Tata Says:

    love you, Jen!!!

  2. 2
    bet Says:

    Lovely and gorgeous woman. I love the thing that Barbara is her icon.

    I love the comment ” for better or worth . you just keep riding , you keep over coming.

  3. 3
    lol Says:

    Hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaha incredibly stupid!!!

  4. 4
    Nic Says:

    Stunning!!! Both covers are amazing, and she is doing a great Steisand!

  5. 5
    bet fan Says:

    Sorry Jen, this kind of shoot is a bit too artsy for you. Not buying it.
    Maybe if you act in better and not so predictable roles people would buy this more. Her hair looks fantastic as usual though. At least she’s got that.

  6. 6
    lola Says:


  7. 7
    The Chin Says:

    OMG, she REALLY shouldn’t do any profile shots. That chin is ridiculously loooooooooooong.

  8. 8
    Dani Says:

    I like her but…. she doesn’t know what to do to get attention, i’m getting tired of JA…

  9. 9
    Ashes Says:

    She has a really odd shaped ear. ew

  10. 10
    honestly... Says:

    What exactly is she overcoming? Breaking up with Brad? She hasn’t had a terrible life, if anything it’s been pretty extraordinary. Sorry Jen, not buying the long-suffering-poor-me thing.

  11. 11
    lol Says:

    Yes, you are probably right, HIS idol not hers.

  12. 12
    lolita Says:

    HE IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!

  13. 13
    very nice Says:

    Love Jennifer! She has depth! Continue to move forward and you can really tell how she has grown as a person! Can’t wait to see Switch and purchase some Jennifer Aniston perfume.

  14. 14
    sara Says:

    loool the shots are really funny this women is totally crazy

    what the she was thinking haaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  15. 15
    omg Says:

    You really think she is actually he. Interesting.

  16. 16
    grow up Says:

    @honestly…: why do you think life revolves around brad – jennifer has moved on! she has a personal life that we don’t know! could be from being called so many names by loons! of course words hurt and are powerful! your hate is at this point uncalled for! jennifer hasn’t mentioned brad or angelina in years! you have a tunnel vision that doesn’t allow you to realize that both women jennifer and angelina can both be successful and that doesn’t mean the other failed. which makes one wonder are you the other woman? in real life!

  17. 17
    Roxy Says:

    I dont think she’s ugly…she’s cute in that summer breeze, California, girl next door sort of way, however, I don’t buy the photo. I don’t think she has the right face structure to do side profile shots, or the right type of attitude to pull it off.

  18. 18
    lola Says:

    bab’s is a very close friend has jen, they have many similarities, especially the class.
    that many who post here should emulate

  19. 19
    Jordan Says:

    Barb is one of my favorite actress/singer! My favorite movie is YENTEL! and my favorite song in the movie is Papa Can You Hear Me. Jen you did an amazing job capturing Barbara! Continue to move forward – the loons can’t stand your beauty – inside and out! otherwise they wouldn’t bother commenting! You are one classy lady, Jennifer Aniston.

  20. 20
    YES Says:

    I am going to buy me a magazine right now! Gotta go to into the city! See you later!

  21. 21
    nnpl Says:

    OMG, Aniston is comparing herself with Streisand now ? This woman is so full of herself. The BIG difference between her and Streisand is Streisand has REAL talent: Streisand can act and sing and direct. Aniston only knows how to look cute and promote herself.

  22. 22
    jensenLUVER tanya Says:

    jen would hav pulled it off if she didnt get her nose job done a few yrs bac…..

  23. 23
    pattycakes Says:

    No wonder she doesn’t cut her hair and keeps it long. Yikes, that photo says it all, she needs her long hair big-time LOL!!

  24. 24
    wtf? Says:


  25. 25
    Bobbie Says:


    What a loon. Jen is not comparing herself to Streisand. She is saying that Streisand is her idol. And they are friends so it makes sense that Jen channels Streisand for the magazine. Outstanding, Jen!

  26. 26
    Jonte Says:

    I’m laughing so hard rn.

  27. 27
    In a word...UGMO! Says:


  28. 28
    elle Says:

    she is nowhere near the same calibre as Streisand. so now, to hawk her movie, she has to compare herself to the great Barbra. this woman-girl is delusional.

  29. 29
    Heilige Bimbam Says:

    Streisand looks great, Aniston looks like she is gasping for air.

  30. 30
    honestly... Says:

    @grow up: “why do you think life revolves around brad – jennifer has moved on! she has a personal life that we don’t know! could be from being called so many names by loons! of course words hurt and are powerful! your hate is at this point uncalled for! jennifer hasn’t mentioned brad or angelina in years! you have a tunnel vision that doesn’t allow you to realize that both women jennifer and angelina can both be successful and that doesn’t mean the other failed. which makes one wonder are you the other woman? in real life!”
    Oh my god, settle down. I DON”T think her life revolves around Brad, that was my point, that it was one bad thing that happened a long time ago, and clearly she HAS moved on. She has a great life, that’s why I don’t understand her complaining and saying how much she has to overcome.
    And I didn’t call her any names. I don’t hate her. I never mentioned Angelina, you did.
    And my post about how Jen has a great life makes you wonder if I am “the other woman” in real life? That’s quite a leap. I don’t see any connection, but for the record I have never been and will never be anyone’s “other woman”. I’m either number one or nothing. I have never cheated on anyone and I would never be with someone who wanted to use me as the other woman.
    By the way, you spewed much more hate at me than I did at JA. In fact, what I said wasn’t hateful at all. The difference is that I actually read your post, while JA will never read what’s written about her in the comments of a JJ post. Just something to think about.

  31. 31
    N. Says:

    She says her and Barbra are people who have been “put in the spotlight.” No, they’re both actors, which means they want attention and a spotlight. If she wanted to be a successful actor, and of course she did, then of course that means having at least a bit of a spotlight on you. But they chose their careers, which means they chose to be in the spotlight, nobody ‘put’ them there.

  32. 32
    you're such an angie stan Says:

    Why did you post the worst pic of the set for the main one Jared? There are so many pictures in the set and they’re stunning. You couldn’t have posted all the thumbnails?

  33. 33
    SPONGEBOB :p Says:

    HORSEFACE, that’s right, photo enchancement can do anything. But ugniston still looks like a Horse Face.

  34. 34
    Nora Says:

    Same faces, but one has an enormous amount of talent while the other one has none. Who would that be?

  35. 35
    tigerlily Says:

    again constipated…

  36. 36
    Nora Says:


    That gave me a nice morning laugh. thank you.

  37. 37
    YEAH Says:

    @lol: YES YOU ARE!!!!!!

  38. 38
    David Says:

    @honestly…: Her life isn’t defined by a relationship that ended 5 years ago. You don’t know what she has had to deal with or overcome in her lifetime.

  39. 39
    Nope Says:

    Love Streisand – on her ‘ballsy’ has always looked good. Not so Jennifer. There’s something about this chick I’ve NEVER liked, even when she was married to Brad. I think she tries WAY too hard.

  40. 40
    uff Says:

    All right:
    1) “Barbra and I are people who have been put in the spotlight”. uahahahahahahaua! Have been put? Barbra and I?. This lady is ridiculously pathetic. She is trying hard any kind of BS to be put in the spotlight. She stages any possible event, from fake dates to private dinners, lauching cheap perfumes, calling paps when she is on vacation abroad or leaving / arriving. Any sort of possible chance to be in the spotlight is carefully organized to be in the spotlight. Really, Jen, the world is not needing you in the spotlight, take a some days off, better some years off, but this time, please, dont call the papz.
    2) Barbra and I. What a courage. Isn’t she ashamed? She is not a singer. She is not a director. She will never be a director. She is not an actress (just a sitcom celeb). She will never be an actress. But she has the nose. She shouldnt say Barbra and I but Her nose and my nose. Period.
    3) There is nothing in Jen’s life than can put her in the cathegory of Reinassance women. Why is her mentioning it? Wake up, Jen, you are a pathetic middle aged body with a scaring face, you have no professional achievement in your resume, you have a private life that no normal woman would like to experience, you are a role model just for workout fanatics and greedy people that think that a rich bank acc and a nice as. are enough to be happy and fulfilled..
    4) being director and interior designer are serious jobs. No kidding. You cannot define yourself a director just because you have met some during your not enviable acting career. And you cannot define yourself an interior designer just because once you had been mariied to a wannabe architect. It’s offensive for all the talented directors and designers who are spending their entire life trying to be professional and prepared
    in their job. It’s like calling yourself an actress when you are just a d-list sitcom celeb.
    5) finelly, don’t even try to pretend this homage to Barbra its your own idea. You have been asked by the magazine. And this just because of you nose. End of the story.


  41. 41
    Meryl Says:

    Amazing interpretation! Aniston captured well the essence of Barbra Streisand. I agree that they two are forefront women of their time. Aniston’s hair and face are very pretty! Her face is gorgeous!

  42. 42
    Pattycake Says:

    @pattycakes: Hey you, fake Pattycakes. STFU. Get your own moniker.

    Jennifer looks awful here. She couldn’t have picked a better person to make her look more pathetic.

  43. 43
    ann Says:

    jen looks gorgeous!!! love when she is hardly blond!!! love her so much!!! she is strong, staunch, wise and brave!!! she does have many things in common with barbra!!! she definitely has to directing more times!!!

  44. 44
    Marie Says:

    Wow, Jennifer finally takes a risk and breaks out of her Rachel/ California girl branding she’s so carefully fed and protected. Im REALLY IMPRESSED. Why didnt she do this along time ago? The pictures are stunning but in a very unique way. Big Kudos to Jen and her team for doing this type of photo shoot…and please do more!

  45. 45
    Melissa Says:

    Lover her. I hate that ppl don’t have a good view of her anymore and she did absolutely nothing wrong. Nothing. She is beautiful and sweet and funny. She seems to be a very graceful woman who has handled the past 5/6 years…well gracefully. I would have had a nervous breakdown already. Go Jen!

  46. 46
    babydalailama Says:

    this is the first time i have ever left comment about anyone on this site…i had to rub my eyes in disbelief..Jennifer Aniston talking as if she has so much in common with Barbra Striesand..the delusion and lack of humility is breathtaking..never in a million years, a million lifetimes could these two be mentioned in the same breath as being similar in any way shape or form… the things that she said and the position she alludes to are embarrassing her beyond anything she has ever said and done before. I’m actually cringing for with a shred of humility would compare themselves in any way to someone of Striesands calibre.

  47. 47
    Marie Says:

    BTW not everyone’s idea of beauty is the blond, stick thin, showing off her practiced poses and smile showing off her teeth whitening, botox, cheek and breast implants etc. Im glad there are still actresses who are not giving into this look a like craze and maintaining the integrity of thier unique looks as they get older. I think Babs is still one of the most beautiful women, and yes, not to mention insanely talented and intelligent!

  48. 48
    African Girl Says:

    Lmao @ JA’s reasons for looking up to BS. . .
    “She talked to me about directing, we both like interior designs”
    Rotflmao. . . .How old is this woman? Seriously, I half expect her to continue with “And we both walk walks, think thoughts, take breaths but most importantly we both eat.”
    My God! She is DENSE!!!
    And what is with the bursting if she doesn’t direct another movie soon crap? She co-directed a 15 minute movie for Avon and she’s acts like it was an Epic movie. Silly twit….Lol.

  49. 49
    Beth Says:

    Oh brother, I used to like this woman but I am so tired of her and am over it. I have friends who feel the same way. First, the pic goes to show that without her signature look (Rachel hair, anyone?) she is ordinary, I always wondered why she can’t change her stupid hair style. Second, she has been “put” into the spotlight? She has to “overcome”? WHAT???? She loves the spotlight, why else would she be NAKED every other week? If you are avoiding the spotlight, you don’t pose naked for the entire world to see. Is anyone really buying this? And what has she overcome, the $30m she makes every year? What a bunch of crap. I have gone from thinking she was cute and fun to thinking she is a manipulative complainer. UGH.

  50. 50
    itziar Says:

    …haters gonna hate

  51. 51
    AutumnM Says:

    Well I must say, this is a nice change from Jennifer’s usual boring, vanilla photoshoots. She does resemble Barbra in these pics. Not bad Jen.

  52. 52
    Sadie Says:


  53. 53
    dd Says:

    I’ve said it all along that JA looks like a younger version of Streisand but no comparison to talent though.

  54. 54
    honestly... Says:

    @David: “Her life isn’t defined by a relationship that ended 5 years ago.”
    Yes, I agree. That’s what I was saying.

    Read more:

  55. 55
    honestly... Says:

    @David: “Her life isn’t defined by a relationship that ended 5 years ago.”
    Yes, I agree. That’s what I was saying.

  56. 56
    Rainy Day Says:

    Although I think she comes off as a whiny git in her interview, I must say the photos are stunning. Kudos to the photographer–his use of lighting is nothing short of amazing.
    That said–I’m really tired of her. Geez. The minute AJ appears promoting anything or in candid everyone cries over exposure, media manipulation! Well, if anyone is over exposed and manipulating the media it is Aniston. Please, just go away for even six weeks!

  57. 57
    teri Says:

    OMG, BWAHAHAHAH, I’ve always said they could be sisters.

  58. 58
    chris Says:

    @In a word…UGMO!: You are so right!

  59. 59
    bae Says:

    I know how everyone loves to hate on her but i think she is very uniquely beautiful. She does however, do a very good streisand

  60. 60
    guest Says:

    One talentless person impersonating a talented person. Jenn A should get some therapy. She is a mess after the Brad Pitt divorce. Get over it and stop trying to compete with Angie. Please don’t date anymore doucebags like John Mayer. You deserve better. Healing comes from within. If you want fame, be the next Bachelorette before the franchise gets cancelled.

  61. 61
    G Says:

    This is SACRILEGE. I adore Jennifer Aniston, but she needs a reality check. Are we now comparing The Bounty Hunter with The Way We Were? Or The Good Girl with Yentl? Until she learns to act with the same depth as Barbra Streisand, or sing with the same skill as Barbra Streisand, or carry herself with the same strength as Barbra Streisand, she needs to sit her ass down.

  62. 62
    crisl Says:

    barbra is prettier although i agree that their noses are similar. jen’s chin is too long, this is a gutsy move for her. maybe she should do a side by side shot with a hockey stick lol.

  63. 63
    CanadaGirl Says:

    Interesting shoot. I find it fascinating that celebrities/actors draw inspiration from varied sources. Barbra is a woman to look up to; she’s classy, strong, intelligent, and a myriad of other wonderful qualities. Bravo, Jen, paying a homage to an influential and creative woman like Barbra.

  64. 64
    Nice Pictures Says:

    BTW Jen doesn’t have to look exactly like Barbra. She’s honoring Barbra and drawing inspiration from her.

  65. 65
    belle Says:

    the problem with this woman is she says one thing and does another. case in point: her choice of movies doesn’t reflect in any way how inspired she is by the talent that is Barbra Streisand. so, i really don’t get it. as usual, she’s doing this to sell herself more than her movie. oh, and what kind of movie is she promoting? “The Switch”? are you friggin’ kidding me? if she made anything near monumental other than her insipid movies, then her channeling Barbra will be more logical.

  66. 66
    lily Says:

    she would have looked like barbara more if she had not chopped off her nose with surgery…..barbara has more screen prescence and much prettier than this ugly ho

  67. 67
    lily Says:

    Too much photoshop as usual. They shaved off her chin and nose to make her look human. Sorry ho, barbara is more original and got more talent than you. Your only talent is promoting your nips, and pu$$$y

  68. 68
    vonda Says:

    LOL…she chopped half her nose off whereas Babs kept hers because it gave her character. Unfortunately, JA also looked better with her first nose or maybe second. JA isn’t as attractive as Babs and she looks like she is fresh out of night class acting school in that colour photo with her hands in the air. LOL

  69. 69
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:

    lily @ 08/04/2010 at 1:30 pm

    Don’t forget Barbara has more talent than this worthless & useless piece of ****.

  70. 70
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:

    lily @ 08/04/2010 at 1:30 pm

    Also, Barbara has more talent than this worthless & useless piece of wh@re.

  71. 71
    MsNJS Says:

    I think these shots pretty good. I love the second with the gold dress. Not to keen on the black n white express, I think streisand’s is much better. But very nice

  72. 72
    jsut Says:

    Point blank ,she said i am inspired by Barbaras strength as woman . Why is this again has to be change the vig@na war for old sagging *****.

  73. 73
    jsut Says:

    just the same way i idols Jen. Jen idols Barbar what so hard f@cked loones to understand.

  74. 74
    scarface Says:

    Barbra doesn’t have a classically pretty face. But she is smart, classy, deliciously unique, tremendously talented, a woman of stature, a monument. She had a real life, she never needed to accept staged dates, fake relationship, never seen her half naked on mags covers. And, above all, none is ever mentioning her a–.. Because she is mentioned for her achievements. For merit. For her real and unforgettable charme For her beauty as a woman, not as a piece of meat.

    It’s not the photoshot that is disturbing. It’s the interview. How can this fake celebrity be so classless, so stupid, so monumentally dumb to try to sell us that she is taking Barbra as a model? She just shares with Barbra the fact she is not a classical beauty. Unfortunately for her, however, she has nothing else to share.

  75. 75
    Frisco Says:

    Stupid! She looks NOTHING like Streisand. What’s the point of this photo shoot?

  76. 76
    jsut Says:


    Jen was 4 on list of iconic character that will remain on people heart character on Racheal Just like “i love lucy”. Even if you forget what she does after Freind , she already make iconic character as Raheal that what your idols did not accomplish

  77. 77
    nakedoldjennifer Says:

    @ #10 – What exactly is she overcoming? Breaking up with Brad? She hasn’t had a terrible life, if anything it’s been pretty extraordinary. Sorry Jen, not buying the long-suffering-poor-me thing

    ITA – Bab had some hardships to overcome but Jen is just an opportunist who will kiss/lick every A list A** in hollywood to stay in the lime light.
    Wait! i know what she is “overcoming” being dumped and x upgrading to a beautiful woman of substance

  78. 78
    michelle Says:

    Wow…love it. Love the pictures and love JA. I can’t wait to get myself a copy.

  79. 79
    bet Says:

    We understand Branglina are boring with Jennifer name dragging in the circe. She said she can accept and over come people makeing fun of her. There is not such name of scum or Ho here.

  80. 80
    RioNemesi Says:

    Just saw the whole spread
    and its really beautiful
    great cover also!!
    I want that magazine now :D

  81. 81
    RioNemesi Says:

    Just saw the whole spread
    and its really beautiful
    great cover also!!
    I want that magazine now :D

  82. 82
    IA Says:

    i love pics….nice

  83. 83
    Catchy Says:


  84. 84
    Lala Says:

    ella es muy bonitas las fotos…

  85. 85
    RandomGirl Says:


  86. 86
    Lurker Says:

    Maniston has no man to talk about, no children to talk about, nothing special to talk about, she can’t talk about her crappy movie as we can see from the Jay Leno interview, she has not done any research on the subject matter. She can’t go to MEXICO and expose her vajayjay, been there done that.. has been called on it on national TV. can’t use a fauxmance with Jason Bateman since he is married, already posed nude for that EAU de PITY… What a girl to do? Do a photoshoot and talked about a well liked woman to get everyone’s sympathy. That woman is one manipulative bit@h. She is 41 talking about her idol, someone she’s met probably once…. GIVE ME A BREAK.

  87. 87
    debra Says:

    Sorry but she looks noooothing like Barbra.
    Barbra looks much prettier…

  88. 88
    Maddox Says:

    No wonder she treats her hair as her most important asset..without all the teased bleach blonde hair covering her face, you can really see how average looking she is. She is deffinatley not as beautiful as her crazed fans make her out to be…Winona Ryder, Natalie Portman, Angelina Jolie have had pixie cuts. They were stunning with it because it showed off the bone structure of the face. Some people cannot pull that off, like Kate hudson, Jennifer Aniston, Renee Zellweger, Sara Jessia Parker..just sayin’

  89. 89
    M Says:

    that haircut is great on her! she should totally cut her hair like that! THAT would be smth to talk about, Jennifer, go for it!!!

  90. 90
    guess Says:

    What’s next? she ‘ll channel Iggy Pop

  91. 91
    Alison Says:

    She looks ridiculous! Streisand had class and elegance, something Aniston will never achieve.

    And that quote: for better or worse – just as ridiculous as the photo shoot!

  92. 92
    karen Says:

    LOL! Oh my goodness! These pictures are horrible! This is proof that she can’t play anyone other than herself. She is so self-conscious and insipid in these pictures. Hahaha. Especially that one where her eyes are closed and she looks like a transvestite. (no offense to transvestites) If it weren’t August, I’d think this was an April Fool’s joke.

  93. 93
    karen Says:

    Aniston: “I had a long conversation with Barbra about directing because I directed a short a couple years ago, and if I don’t do it again soon, I’m going to burst out of my skin. And we also love interior design.”

    Hahahaha! Seriously – this woman is a joke. How did Streisand not slap her when they were talking? She is just so dumb. “I’m going to burst out of my skin” indeed. And then let’s add, “we also love…” Lol. Geez.

  94. 94
    sasha Says:

    Everyone here knows why she did the photos right? Cause she can’t stand on her own. Jennier is so insecure in her self, talent and so called acting that she has to use Barb. S. name inorder to get people to pay attention to the stinker of a movie coming out on the 20th of this month.
    She knows this movie is going to fail and fail big time not even bateman can pull this off with the stinker he did on that waiting line.

    This girls is beyong pathetic she is a user and Barb. S. just got used for being nice to her. I know she’s going to give it to her one of these days. It’s about time entertainment shows start asking jennifer why can’t she open a movie without a mag cover, fake boyfriend, courtney cox and family or talking about her x and the Divorce.

    I am so not going to be a journalist cause I will ask the tough questions and not cater for *****’s like jennifer. Barb. S. has earned every cent and respect of people all over the world and for her to use her like this for a movie called The switch aka the stink is beyond cruel.

  95. 95
    jaye Says:

    Let’s hope Barbara inspires her to do something other than TALK about what she wants to achieve. I saw some other pictures of the shoot on another site. They are more effective alone; when you put one next to the real Barbara, Aniston just comes off looking creepy and old. The pictures where she is not face to face with Barbara are quite good. Kudos go to the make up artist, stylist and the photographer.
    Barbara has something Aniston doesn’t have; a DEEP well of talent, guts and courage. Aniston may have been able to achieve greater things, but she was, if not content, at least willing to rest on her laurels as it were. Posing n*ude and doing magazine shoots doesn’t require great talent or beauty. For what it is, she did pretty well with the shoot, but as I said the ones that should be applauded are the make up artist, stylist and photographer; it’s THEIR work which is on display.

  96. 96
    Lynn Says:

    The look was already unflatering on Streisand,even worse on Maniston.She is pathetic.

  97. 97
    roja Says:

    I remember a video where a journalist made that comparison …and JA wasn’t honored about that!!!!

    Such a liar!!

    She looked like Barbra before her plastic surgery but in the main picture she reminds me of Snooki

  98. 98

    Aniston looks nothing like Streisand. It’s the height of arrogance for this minimally celebrity to dare to compare herself to the Great Barbra.
    She looks exactly like Olympia Dukakis in the top photo. You can see in the leopard fur photo that Aniston is very plain looking no matter how much time and effort went into this photo shoot.
    I have been a huge fan of Barbra since I was in the 6th grade. One of the things I admired about her was her independence. That independence is shown in her refusal to alter her nose to conform to pretty girl standards and her strength and drive in taking a project and making it hers by directing.
    Talent. Independence. Strength. Drive. That is Streisand.
    Aniston has never exhibited any of these qualities. She could have directed any number of movies by now. She has the financial resources to finance and the time to direct a small independent film (not co-direct a 15 minute skit). She even set up a production company. Why hasn’t she done any of this? There are struggling but brilliant and creative screenwriters out there just waiting for a chance – why hasn’t she purchased any of these properties?
    All Aniston has are excuses for not doing things. When is she going to start doing these besides taking lead roles with decreasing salaries in bad movies?
    Shame on her for wasting all that money and time.

  99. 99
    Mary Says:

    No wonder I couldn’t find the magazine! It doesn’t go on stands until August 17th! I will pay better attention next time! Love Jennifer – can’t wait to get the magazine to read the whole article.

  100. 100
    The Smell of Fearful Babies Says:

    “Her life isn’t defined by a relationship that ended 5 years ago.”
    YES. IT IS. Pathetic isn’t it?
    And it is more like 6 years ago.

  101. 101
    high forehead Says:

    @The Chin: childish!

  102. 102
    Sandra Says:


  103. 103
    grow up Says:

    @honestly…: read your words! you brought up brad! the poor me thing! jennifer didn’t say anything about poor me – you did! she was talking about over coming – what she admire and what barbara taught her – where is poor me? you are being underhanded! one sentence a compliment then next saying words that wasn’t even in the article! poor me is a loon thing!

  104. 104
    get real Says:

    @G: read the article! she has known barbara along time – barbara most likely has helped her with all the CHIN remarks – because of her NOSE remarks! jennifer was and is saying she is her idol!

  105. 105
    Alice Says:

    I love it! Awesome! Jen, Barbara is one of my idols too! I know you have a lot to talk about – the loons only go skin deep and can’t comprehend to well either – are maybe they don’t understand what idol means? lol! the photos are amazing – by the way jj – you could have chosen some better or more. – most likely will not be visiting this site too much longer – i get to upset by the loons hate to hate.

  106. 106
    Marieme Says:

    Hahaha! Oh she wishes…she wishes! How dare she compare herself to the uber talented Barbra?! She’s nothing next to Streisand. Nada!

    (Wonder if the airbrushers who have to adjust the fugly on Fugs get paid time and a half for the extra work involved. Must take forever to erase even a little of the fugness.)

  107. 107
    To Bet Says:

    jsut @ 08/04/2010 at 1:44 pm

    Hey Bet.

  108. 108
    Marieme Says:

    “Barbra and I” indeed! How gross of her. How delusional the fughead.

    Utter and complete blasphemy.

  109. 109
    well Says:

    Wait…wasn’t Jennifer the one a few years back that literally choked when an interviewer suggested she looked like Barbra? Cleared her throat and squirmed, like she was embarrassed? Now she does this? Who the hell does Aniston think she is kidding now? Watch out Babs, Jennifer and her pit-bulls need a new bone to pick and you’re IT. Aww, Switched alright. Her coat-tailing tactics.

  110. 110
    nikko Says:

    It looks comical….since she’s a comedy actress. Didn’t pull the BS look off.

  111. 111
    honestly... Says:

    @grow up: You know, you’re right. You have opened my eyes. I am clearly a loon. Jennifer is lucky to have such a devoted fan in you.

  112. 112
    BabssheisNOT Says:

    Narcissists have normal, even superior, intellectual development while remaining emotionally and morally immature. Dealing with them can give you the sense of trying to have a reasonable discussion with a very clever six-year-old — this is an age when normal children are grandiose and exhibitionistic, when they are very resistant to taking the blame for their own misbehavior, when they understand what the rules are (e.g., that lying, cheating, and stealing are prohibited) but are still trying to wriggle out of accepting those rules for themselves. “Sixes love to dress up and pretend they are somebody else.”

    Read the whole article, she’s got the traits and seems emotionally stunted.

  113. 113
    BabssheisNOT Says:

    Oops, link. What did Barbra and Jennifer have happen that they keep over-coming……….over-coming what?? Seriously, does she think she is different than women in America, around the globe? Did she lose a child or husband to cancer, lose her home or job, Cannot find a job? Seriously, how hard is her life? I respect Barbra as a woman and pioneer for women, she earned it. Jennifer Aniston is a fraud. Frankly, she would look more like Babs if she kept the nose and hair G-d gave her, the fake blue contacts help her out in this situation. Everyone knows Jennifer’s real eye color is brown and she’s been trying fool the public for years. Try being the real you Jennifer before you step into someone’s else pretend shoes. Start by stop being Rachel to the public.

  114. 114
    gem15 Says:

    this is too sad for words. two things i’ll give aniston: her bank account and her perfecting the art of coattail riding on truly talented people. streisand was my idol growing up. she could sing like a bird, act in comedy AND drama, direct, produce, claw her way to the top without the help of a famous father or A list husband, she did it on talent and talent alone. she never needed people to feel sorry for her to keep relevant. with the possible exception of judy garland she is the most talented woman the world has produced and this one trick pony is latching herself to streisands much deserved fame is beyond desperate, it’s insulting.

  115. 115
    100mph Says:

    Barbara has Excelled in all her Endeavors, she is a Unique Talent*
    that overcame the glamour girl fad of her era by having Talent and Class… she is a True Star*… a Legend* in her own time, to be mention in the same breath as this Clown is a………… INSULT!!
    She looks like a Jack-Ass!!!

  116. 116
    lizzy Says:

    Jennifer looks very pretty on the cover… but obviously there’s been a TON of photoshop. She looks nowhere like that in her movies or without her makeup. It’s her skin. Too much sun tanning has damaged it and aged her prematurely (for all people say about Angelina Jolie looks old (she DOES look older than 35) but she still looks great with nice skin).

    and yes… I see now why Jen hasn’t changed her hairstyle for the last decade. SHE NEEDS THAT MUCH HAIR to look good.

  117. 117
    G Says:


    WTF are you talking about?
    Babs never ever posed naked with naked men to get attention like Old jen…
    Jen is always naked..I mean what class are you talking abou?
    ..I think you mean Jen has NO CLASS!!
    Babs has talent and can act…And is all Class thank you..And not to mention Babs has had a very long long career and deep respect from the film industry..And an Oscar winner to boot….ALL these things that jen does not have.
    Jen is only famous because she was married to the sexiest man alive Brad Pitt.
    The next time you want to talk about real class don’t mention Jen in that statement..Makes you sound stupid!!

  118. 118
    Marieme Says:

    pattycakes #23

    And yet that one photo of her profile with the hideously long extensions is frightening! Her face is gremlin in appearance. Again, all I see is man in drag. No offense to men in drag, of course!

  119. 119
    Hawkeye Says:

    This isn’t serious is it? It is laughable! What is she trying to do now. She looks so bizzare! You usually try to channel someone when they are dead. Barbra is very much alive. She sounds like a goofy teenager. Ugh!

  120. 120
    well Says:

    Imagine that, Jennifer insults Judy Garland and Barbra Streisand’s fans in one week. Keep going, Jennifer….you’ve got the self-destruction bit to a science lately. You know, people can watch old interviews of Jennifer and the newer ones and see that she is under the influence of something and I don’t think it is booze, although she likes to do that, too. No kid needs that it is good she’s so busy making her rom-coms, one after another.

  121. 121
    Marieme Says:

    Wonder how many calories we’re burning laughing as hard as we are at this? No need for the treadmill today!

    Really enjoying the comments too. Lol! The lucid people (not bet) who see through Fug’s tired, forced act are intelligent and witty. Rock on!

  122. 122
    Reality Check Says:

    Isn’t it amazing how so many people who claim to hate this woman always seem to gravitate to stories about her? Those of you who claim she has no “star” power are so wrong. She has so much “star” power, she keeps you freaks coming back for more, and all your hate-filled rantings are not going to change the power this woman has in the entertainment industry.

    By the way, Jen looks fabulous in these shots. Anyone who is a fan of Barbra Streisand is ok in my book.

  123. 123
    watch the video Says:

    OK.. here is the link to a video where Streisand was brought up.. NOW notice when she was listing her IDOLS she NEVER said Barbara’s name. NEVER.. and this is a woman she says she admires..hmmm

    I think the admiration started after her PR guy said hey we need a new angle lets use Barbara Streisand as an IDOL and get some media attention for your next crappy movie. YEAH I know you met her ONE time years ago. But that does not matter. We will use this amazing and talented woman for you to piggy back on. YES just to sell a movie.
    Streisand is an ICON unlike any. And no one not even people in MUSIC have used her name to sell their projects. She used Babs for that reason alone. It hadn’t been done before.

    She talks to this woman at a party for a few minutes..then she goes YEARS later never mentioning her. Then POW.. when she has used all the other tricks Nudity, fake romances, ex husband, his love and his children, divorce,

    Now she pulls out Babs.. (shaking my head).

    check out the video.. then come back and see if this is real or what we all already know. a last ditch effort to be standing on someone else. starts at 2:45
    (don’t be surprised if this gets pulled. Her PR guy Huvane has some explaining to do..ANISTON is a phony)

  124. 124
    Glee Says:


  125. 125
    Reality Check Says:

    I’ll say it again–Isn’t it amazing how so many people who claim to hate this woman always seem to gravitate to stories about her? Those of you who claim she has no “star” power are so wrong. She has so much “star” power, she keeps you freaks coming back for more, and all your hate-filled rantings are not going to change the power this woman has in the entertainment industry.

  126. 126
    longchamp Says:

    had she compared herself only achievement-wise to babs, it would’ve been a great idea – however preposterous it is. for her to compare LOOKS w/babs, now that’s insane. Babs is not known for her beauty… and sadly, JA looks just like babs!

  127. 127
    Jaye Says:

    This is the link to Aniston’s reaction to being told she reminds the interviewer of Barbara Streisand. lol, she choked
    She recovered though lol.
    Aniston on a cover of a Magazine $4.99; Insulting Barbara: PRICELESS.

  128. 128
    motafan Says:

    IT IS TO LAUGH. what a stupid female, my god comparing herself and her life to the goddess Barbara? ***** please dont tell me someone have to sit this fool down and teach her sense?

  129. 129
    Faby Says:

    Jen is Lovely and gorgeous woman.

  130. 130
    dianad1968 Says:

    OK, hell is going to freeze over and pigs are going to fly because of what I’m about to post. LOL. After watching the video of Maniston’s reaction to the Barbra comparison, I really don’t think she was insulted. I think she was shocked that the interviewer made the comparison. Who knows, she might even have been pleasantly surprised. What instead shows how much of a liar she is, is that now sh is claiming to have ALWAYS admired Barbra, but yet when she was asked during that long ago interview which actresses she admired, Barbra wasn’t even on her mind. I believe she has since met Barbra, and probably has some kind of relationship with her, because I don’t think she would have been able to do this photo shoot otherwise. This is just X’s way of trying to insinuate that she has influential “friends”.

  131. 131
    nnpl Says:

    Get ready for Aniston non-stop self promotion. Lindsay Lohan did a photo shoot imitating Marilyn Monroe before and now Jennifer Aniston did a shoot imitating Barbara Streisand. Wow, never imagine a day that Jennifer Aniston follows Lindsay Lohan’s footsteps. This woman doesn’t do anything original in her life.

  132. 132
    hopeso Says:

    What if it’s not a script she doesn’t know anything, does this female ever read a book i thought she was ignorant after the Leno interview but listening to her and reading this article you do not have to wonder why no man wants her she really is stupid they date her for a while and they realize that she have the body but no brains and they run for the hills.

  133. 133
    CanadaGirl Says:

    @Jaye: She seemed flummoxed by her sneeze and embarrassed by that. Imagine having a sneeze sniffles in an interview, which would be awkward.
    Who can think on their feet that quickly? Just because she didn’t mention Barbra, doesn’t mean that she doesn’t respect her. Watch the interview again. She hadn’t finished her response before he interjected and said, “Barbra Streisand.” Then the sneeze interrupted her reaction and response.

  134. 134
    well Says:

    For instance: Once the trend gets going, editors and publicists start pushing for unexpected—and ill-fitting—comparisons, like Jennifer Aniston as Barbra Streisand. Since Barbra’s most iconic images show her singing, we have a bunch of pictures of Jennifer Aniston with her eyes shut, lips parted, and face awkwardly—embarrassingly—contorted. Jennifer Aniston doesn’t sing. Why do we need pictures of her fake-singing? Especially when Jen’s great career crisis is that, entering her middle age, she lacks a voice—she can’t break out of her short-skirt, high-heels, desirable-to-all-men rom-com persona? She has nothing to say to us, and these literally voiceless Barbra Streisand imitations only highlight it.…tarlets-for-photo-shoots

  135. 135
    well Says:

    I think Jen’s publicist and agent are washed up too.

  136. 136
    WOW Says:

    And other pics here!!!! on jen aniston the source


  137. 137
    Reality Check Says:

    I’ll say it again–Isn’t it amazing how so many people who claim to hate this woman always seem to gravitate to stories about her? Those of you who claim she has no “star” power are so wrong. She has so much “star” power, she keeps you freaks coming back for more, and all your hate-filled rantings are not going to change the power this woman has in the entertainment industry.

    And, her name is Barbra — not Barbara — for you freaks who claim to be fans of Ms. Streisand.

  138. 138
    Anna Says:

    Barbra Streisand = Entertainment Icon
    Jennifer Aniston = Rachel from Friends.

    Not even close Maniston,go back to posing for the paparazzi in Mexico wearing a bikini.

  139. 139
    Kelly Says:

    That’s Jennifer Aniston? Wow.

  140. 140
    Reality Check Says:

    Oh, come on JJ, did I say something that made too much sense. Why are people allowed to say vulgar, cruel things about people, but when someone makes sense–you cut them off.

    Oh, I know, you need the controversy to stay in business. I’m having too much fun with this.

    Jennifer Aniston rocks.

  141. 141
    ronda Says:

    wowowo she always good pics..i love

  142. 142
    fifi Says:

    Reality Check is Bet in X thread. She just changed her name once again.

  143. 143
    Pat Says:

    Poor Jen, she is so desperate.

  144. 144
    Sabine Says:


    Jennifer Aniston, you are one sad, delusional, desperate person. Pity, pity.

  145. 145
    reeven Says:


  146. 146
    reeven Says:


  147. 147
    whatevah Says:

    ROFL don’t know why but I almost choked laughing when I saw those photos. Like she’s trying so hard it looks too freaking funny. Sorry but she can’t pull off profile shot, it just draw attention on how plain she looks.

  148. 148
    meme Says:

    there is a lot more pic on oh no they dident love them they are so great she looks stunning and it is a great tribude to babara love jen you rock girl.

  149. 149
    Mili Says:

    Great HB. Jen I love you. So gorgeous, so inmense.

  150. 150
    Reality Check Says:

    fifi — wrong. You don’t like what I said; so the best you can come up with is I’m someone everyone makes fun of. Please, grow up. I choose not to make fun of Jennifer Aniston because I like her. If you hate her so much, why do you spend your time on threads about her?

    Maybe, your secretly a fan.

  151. 151
    sonia Says:

    she has an uglyyyyyyyyyyy face…her old movies r better than anything she done in the past few years…1 red box is all willing to pay to watch them stop trying to hard, you aint got it woman.

  152. 152
    poor haters Says:

    they are so desperate and ridiculous… poor angie… what a pathetic fans she has… fortunately not all are haters!

  153. 153
    Change Says:

    She looks more like Celine Dionne. Barbara never had a nose job – Jennifer is ashamed of her ethnicity.

    Why isn’t she shouting and supporting the Mexicans now when they need her in Arizona. Or helping the Greeks who are losing their jobs.

    I wish someone would give her a real interview ask about her plastic surgery and botox – she is never ever honest about herself in interviews – they would not get an interview if they asked her real questions.

  154. 154
    poor haters Says:

    @Change: she always is honesty about plastic surgery!! your hate makes you delusional!!! why dont you support those people you mentioned???? stop saying what jen has to do and do it yourself!!! people dont ask for others clebrities to do charity, why they command jen to do??? charity is something you give or receive, not something you compel!!! FYI jolie also did a plastic surgery on her nose!!!! is she ashamed of her ethnicity???

  155. 155
    poor haters Says:

    @WOW: thanks!!! =)

  156. 156
    Change Says:

    She actually went to Mexico with Gerard a few months ago to support Mexico and gave interviews about it. Now she is silent – why doesn’t she support mexicans now! She always says how she loves mexican food and supports tourism in the country (she own property there) but does not seem to care for the people.

    I do not hate her I think she is good at making the most of what she has. What I hate is her insecurity and self-obession and refuses to to be open and honest in interviews unlike Courtney Cox. Why doesn’t she invite her mother to her film premiere. Why doesn’t anyone ask her when she last saw her mother. She always gets an easy ride by the press.

    This has nothing to do with Angelina Jolie who is very open about her past and her life since her childhood. As for her nose it looks the same to me from Hackers film when did she have surgery – her nose looks just like her dads. If Angelina was so vain she would never have those awful tattoos.

  157. 157
    reeven Says:


  158. 158
    ellie' Says:

    Jennifer Aniston is something else.. She looks just like Barbra in these beautiful photo shoots..I love Barbra Streisand as done does..
    What this is all about is the ridicule about all you people putting her down…Shes telling you shes happy and doesn’t care what you all think about her… So I really don’t care what any of you have to say..B/C I don’t care either…Jen is here to stay..she beautiful talented sweet funny caring.I could go on forever..
    Watching all the shows last night everyone thought differently then all of you.. good for her she happy and doesn’t care what you think of her.. and wow what an Icon she picked out Barbra Streisand…

  159. 159
    ellie' Says:

    Jennifer Aniston is something else.. She looks just like Barbra in these beautiful photo shoots..I love Barbra Streisand as done does..
    What this is all about is the ridicule about all you people putting her down…Shes telling you shes happy and doesn’t care what you all think about her… So I really don’t care what any of you have to say..B/C I don’t care either…Jen is here to stay..she beautiful talented sweet funny caring.I could go on forever..
    Watching all the shows last night everyone thought differently then all of you.. good for her she happy and doesn’t care what you think of her.. and wow what an Icon she picked out Barbra Streisand…

  160. 160
    Alice Says:

    @Reality Check: for sure! it is ok the loons have stop their idol from having a number 1 movie – not even for a day in over 2 weeks! with their hate – in order to make the same percentage that jen made in the us with bounty hunter jolie will need to make 175 million – in the us let’s keep watching. they love to hate – however the bottom $ line – is different! i don’t go on angelina site because i don’t have anything to say – sometimes i comment on her children positive. i had my sister visit this site a couple months ago and after that she has really become a jen fan – her daughter in law wanted her to go see salt – she told her she would go see inceptions, toystore or the dinner with the schmucks – but wouldn’t go support jolie – and that is the truth. that is what the loons hate is doing! i wish both ladies well and would hate for anything to happen to them. we are accountable for our words. most people on this site are adults and it is really sad at how spiteful and hateful they can be. i understand supporting your star/idol however hating and being mean to another human being because you are behind a computer? taking and twisting words that are written in the article to satisfy you hate. reeven, no it is sad that we have so much hate and nasty comments to say about a person we have never had a conversation with. why? i don’t understand – i don’t believe we were taught that it is ok or that we would want our love one to hear or be written about the way some have.

  161. 161
    for real Says:

    @well: Jen didn’t insult Barb or Judy fans! it is a honor when some one plays homage to you – not an insult.

  162. 162
    for real Says:

    @Change: jennifer was opened a about her nose jobs! lots of people have things done and don’t want to talk about it – that doesn’t make them bad – jolie had two nose jobs – that doesn’t make her bad that she hasn’t had an interview about her nose job or does it in your book? not in mine. share what you want and keep what you don’t want to share however must likely the media will take a part of a story and run with it. or haters will find another way to hate.

  163. 163
    veronica Says:

    she looks great! jen is a nice artist! the pics are wonderful! I don’t know why people say her chin is ugly. I think his beautiful! actually jen’s face is gorgeous!

  164. 164
    ellie' Says:

    Not one person made Jennifer Aniston a rich star …she did it all on her own…and it seems all these magazines love this A-List actress or she wouldn’t be on one cover..

  165. 165
    tasha munro Says:

    This just proves that without all that hair she is just UGLY!!! She also has really ugly hands!!!!!

  166. 166
    tasha munro Says:

    This just proves that without all that hair she is just UGLY!!! She also has really ugly hands!!!!!

  167. 167
    nexttry Says:

    Don’t try so hard. Try Iggy Pop, Jen. At least he’s one at your same level in the look department.

  168. 168
    dd Says:

    Okay – gotta tell all the Aniston & Jolie fans that there is comparison between the two. Aniston has beauty with the help of stylists (have we seen her without makeup? NO!) and is a B-list actress who has been promoted to A-list by the tabloids and because she was once married to Brad Pitt. Now Angie has beauty and brain. We’ve seen her without makeup and she is quite a natural beauty–in fact–breathtaking beauty. She is an A-list star with her work and has awards to show for it. It doesn’t matter if her movies shot up to number 1 or 2 or 3, but what matters is that her movies have substance. She is not married to Brad Pitt, but they proved that 5 years and so later they are still together with 3 biological children and 3 adopted. Go figure.

  169. 169
    arie Says:

    very ugly…………………..yes as usual

  170. 170
    pommes frites Says:

    @OLYMPIA DUKAKIS LOOKALIKE: She did not alter her nose because she was afraid it would affect her voice and has admitted as much.

  171. 171
    charlaine Says:

    @Reality Check:

    PLease Stop..YOu making a fool of yourself like your loony idol Jen.
    Jen isn’t babs..
    IS Jen an Oscar winner?
    Is Jen a talented singer?
    Jen is a wanna be..Soon fading from whatever fame she has..She is more famous for her flops than hits..
    Work harder..And ask jen for more pay..Cause you fail..
    You fail to make Jen some big star that she isn’t.
    Jen and her fake ass barren self is Over..
    The reason why people laugh at Jen is because she is a JOKE!
    Babs is a star..A real Star worthy of the fame she has..
    Please do not compare your whorey idol Jen to a classy woman as Babs..
    Babs don’t need to get naked to get attention of for Money..
    One concert and Babs is rich for life..Unlike Jen..who has to sell perfume and Water to live.

  172. 172
    WHY? Says:

    why can’t jen make headlines on her own? why does she have to be connected to someone famous in order to get any notice? so instead of posing naked on a beach somewhere cuz people are finally catching onto this fraud, she pulls this? this is the new strategy…pose like an a-list and maybe get a-list attention? is this the best she can do? i smell desperation…

  173. 173
    because Says:

    She should have named her perfume “Desperation”.

  174. 174
    Iris Says:

    i lover her

  175. 175
    itziar Says:

    So much hate in this post.

  176. 176
    Maddox Says:


    The comments are brutal over at Dlisted:

  177. 177
    omg Says:

    Those ears are hugeeee

  178. 178
    just saying Says:

    @omg: you need an eye doctor ! or a therapist !

  179. 179
    liz Says:

    jen looks stunnig!!! what a great job!!! certainly she and barbra have many things in common!!
    I admire jen!!! she is marvellous!!!
    GO JEN!!!

  180. 180
    Barbra Streisand responds! Says:

    “I was very flattered that Jennifer Aniston chose to interpret my style with the photos in Harper’s Bazaar. She’s a delightful person, and I think she did a wonderful job. If only she had a bump on her nose.”

  181. 181
    Maddox Says:

    @Barbra Streisand responds!:

    what she really means “if only she hadn’t gotten her nose fixed Twice to blame it on a “deviated septum” and accepted herself for who she was”

  182. 182
    true Says:

    Who she will clinge to next? Man can’t get attention with the things that is his. He has to clinge to somone A lister.

  183. 183
    annieisnotokaymichael Says:

    This woman is not pretty and anyone who says she is a a liar

  184. 184
    Marieme Says:

    Thank you for the link, Maddox! #178

    That was thoroughly enjoyable!

  185. 185
    ellie' Says:

    I really don’t care what you say about Jennifer.. but i must childish you can’t even write her name…but you probably are a child..

  186. 186
    truth is Says:

    base on the pictures above, you can tell who has the longer chin. Yep! Jen is the winner. Before, i thought it was Barbara, now it’s obvious it’s Jen.

  187. 187
    trinilady Says:

    why the ‘pained’ look ?

  188. 188
    Potira Says:


  189. 189
    Fan Says:

    do you think that becuse the other woman’s name been attached to cleopatra or liz taylor, the jen has to attach hers to barbara, man so soo soo predictable – grow up

  190. 190
    Fan Says:

    surprisingly, no n-ude pics, what did you have for b/fast when you did the shooting. keep it up

  191. 191
    for sure Says:

    way to think outside the box Jen! beautiful! sweet to pay homage to Babs!

  192. 192
    hate never wins Says:

    @gem15: to bad you can’t read and comprehend! homage isn’t the same as i am this person – it is honoring. loons need to go back to school and start with reading 101. also, to wrote, i’ll give jennifer her money – no you didn’t she earned her money! you gave nothing – she doesn’t need your credit to say that she earned her money! lol! the reason loons keep bringing up the divorce is why? jennifer hasn’t – that is the only reason you can hate and that reason isn’t even real – jen was the wife! loons are so into hate they don’t see how their hate hurts their own idol. barbara thought so much of the photos that she put them on HER site. – if she wasn’t honored she would have acknowledged and moved on – however Barbara put them on her SITE – SIDE BY SIDE! – two classy ladies!

  193. 193
    town pump Says:

    @Change: lol! having tats has nothing to do with being vain or not! are you for real! it is a where you are at in your own head! like sandra’s ex jesse and his girls! a lot of time it has to do with rebelling! angelina comes across as being vain, fake, having to be #1 even when is comes to promoting her movies – making her children go to asia where all they did was fly, walk through the airport for mom’s image, go to the hotel, swim while mom was out at premiers and the next day do the same thing! all for their mother’s image. that is a vain person! the last day shiloh looked exhausted no 4 and 5 year olds should have to work like that! bet she didn’t even pay them.

  194. 194
    move on Says:

    @dd: we don’t care about angelina! don’t care that angelina and brad are together! move on is a hard thing for loons to do! this article is about jennifer paying a homage – and you are too immature to move forward and see the beautiful art!

  195. 195
    sad Says:

    @Fan: i sure hope brangelina is paying you! lamo! you spend your life on these threads hating!

  196. 196
    mY TURN Says:

    Jen needs to get a life and get over it!! well I guess I wouldn’t either i fail to give my own husband a kid that he wanted and he was an A list actor wait a minute she was stupid ass hell LOL

  197. 197
    Fan Says:

    not as much as you got paid by Jen corp

  198. 198
    Jack Daniel's Says:

    WOW! Absolutely sexy!

  199. 199
    Jamille Says:

    Linda linda linda!!!
    Mil vezes linda!

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