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Jennifer Aniston Channels Barbra Streisand For Harper's Bazaar

Jennifer Aniston Channels Barbra Streisand For Harper's Bazaar

Jennifer Aniston pays homage to legendary entertainer Barbra Streisand in the September 2010 issue of Harper’s Bazaar, on stands August 17.

The 41-year-old actress, who wears Versace on the mag cover, channeled Barbra in Funny Girl and and What’s Up, Doc? in a series of shots by Mark Seliger.

Here’s what Jen had to share:

On what she’s learned from Barbra Streisand: “You don’t have to stop at one thing. You can do it all if you want to.”

On being in the spotlight: “[Barbra and I] are people who have been put in the spotlight, for better or for worse, and you just keep riding, and you keep overcoming.”

On looking up to Streisand: “Barbra inspires me because there isn’t anything she hasn’t done that she wanted to do, especially as a female in the time when her generation was prime. She’s a true renais­sance woman. . . I had a long conversation with Barbra about directing because I directed a short a couple years ago, and if I don’t do it again soon, I’m going to burst out of my skin. And we also love interior design.”

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Photos: Mark Seliger
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199 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston Channels Barbra Streisand For Harper's Bazaar”

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  1. 51
    AutumnM Says:

    Well I must say, this is a nice change from Jennifer’s usual boring, vanilla photoshoots. She does resemble Barbra in these pics. Not bad Jen.

  2. 52
    Sadie Says:


  3. 53
    dd Says:

    I’ve said it all along that JA looks like a younger version of Streisand but no comparison to talent though.

  4. 54
    honestly... Says:

    @David: “Her life isn’t defined by a relationship that ended 5 years ago.”
    Yes, I agree. That’s what I was saying.

    Read more:

  5. 55
    honestly... Says:

    @David: “Her life isn’t defined by a relationship that ended 5 years ago.”
    Yes, I agree. That’s what I was saying.

  6. 56
    Rainy Day Says:

    Although I think she comes off as a whiny git in her interview, I must say the photos are stunning. Kudos to the photographer–his use of lighting is nothing short of amazing.
    That said–I’m really tired of her. Geez. The minute AJ appears promoting anything or in candid everyone cries over exposure, media manipulation! Well, if anyone is over exposed and manipulating the media it is Aniston. Please, just go away for even six weeks!

  7. 57
    teri Says:

    OMG, BWAHAHAHAH, I’ve always said they could be sisters.

  8. 58
    chris Says:

    @In a word…UGMO!: You are so right!

  9. 59
    bae Says:

    I know how everyone loves to hate on her but i think she is very uniquely beautiful. She does however, do a very good streisand

  10. 60
    guest Says:

    One talentless person impersonating a talented person. Jenn A should get some therapy. She is a mess after the Brad Pitt divorce. Get over it and stop trying to compete with Angie. Please don’t date anymore doucebags like John Mayer. You deserve better. Healing comes from within. If you want fame, be the next Bachelorette before the franchise gets cancelled.

  11. 61
    G Says:

    This is SACRILEGE. I adore Jennifer Aniston, but she needs a reality check. Are we now comparing The Bounty Hunter with The Way We Were? Or The Good Girl with Yentl? Until she learns to act with the same depth as Barbra Streisand, or sing with the same skill as Barbra Streisand, or carry herself with the same strength as Barbra Streisand, she needs to sit her ass down.

  12. 62
    crisl Says:

    barbra is prettier although i agree that their noses are similar. jen’s chin is too long, this is a gutsy move for her. maybe she should do a side by side shot with a hockey stick lol.

  13. 63
    CanadaGirl Says:

    Interesting shoot. I find it fascinating that celebrities/actors draw inspiration from varied sources. Barbra is a woman to look up to; she’s classy, strong, intelligent, and a myriad of other wonderful qualities. Bravo, Jen, paying a homage to an influential and creative woman like Barbra.

  14. 64
    Nice Pictures Says:

    BTW Jen doesn’t have to look exactly like Barbra. She’s honoring Barbra and drawing inspiration from her.

  15. 65
    belle Says:

    the problem with this woman is she says one thing and does another. case in point: her choice of movies doesn’t reflect in any way how inspired she is by the talent that is Barbra Streisand. so, i really don’t get it. as usual, she’s doing this to sell herself more than her movie. oh, and what kind of movie is she promoting? “The Switch”? are you friggin’ kidding me? if she made anything near monumental other than her insipid movies, then her channeling Barbra will be more logical.

  16. 66
    lily Says:

    she would have looked like barbara more if she had not chopped off her nose with surgery…..barbara has more screen prescence and much prettier than this ugly ho

  17. 67
    lily Says:

    Too much photoshop as usual. They shaved off her chin and nose to make her look human. Sorry ho, barbara is more original and got more talent than you. Your only talent is promoting your nips, and pu$$$y

  18. 68
    vonda Says:

    LOL…she chopped half her nose off whereas Babs kept hers because it gave her character. Unfortunately, JA also looked better with her first nose or maybe second. JA isn’t as attractive as Babs and she looks like she is fresh out of night class acting school in that colour photo with her hands in the air. LOL

  19. 69
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:

    lily @ 08/04/2010 at 1:30 pm

    Don’t forget Barbara has more talent than this worthless & useless piece of ****.

  20. 70
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:

    lily @ 08/04/2010 at 1:30 pm

    Also, Barbara has more talent than this worthless & useless piece of wh@re.

  21. 71
    MsNJS Says:

    I think these shots pretty good. I love the second with the gold dress. Not to keen on the black n white express, I think streisand’s is much better. But very nice

  22. 72
    jsut Says:

    Point blank ,she said i am inspired by Barbaras strength as woman . Why is this again has to be change the vig@na war for old sagging *****.

  23. 73
    jsut Says:

    just the same way i idols Jen. Jen idols Barbar what so hard f@cked loones to understand.

  24. 74
    scarface Says:

    Barbra doesn’t have a classically pretty face. But she is smart, classy, deliciously unique, tremendously talented, a woman of stature, a monument. She had a real life, she never needed to accept staged dates, fake relationship, never seen her half naked on mags covers. And, above all, none is ever mentioning her a–.. Because she is mentioned for her achievements. For merit. For her real and unforgettable charme For her beauty as a woman, not as a piece of meat.

    It’s not the photoshot that is disturbing. It’s the interview. How can this fake celebrity be so classless, so stupid, so monumentally dumb to try to sell us that she is taking Barbra as a model? She just shares with Barbra the fact she is not a classical beauty. Unfortunately for her, however, she has nothing else to share.

  25. 75
    Frisco Says:

    Stupid! She looks NOTHING like Streisand. What’s the point of this photo shoot?

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