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Megan Fox Donates Music Video Fee To Charity

Megan Fox Donates Music Video Fee To Charity

Eminem will premiere his “Love The Way You Lie” video featuring Rihanna tomorrow (August 5) @ 9PM ET/PT. Check back then to watch it on!

The Joseph Kahn-directed video features Megan Fox (Transformers) and Dominic Monaghan (The Lord of the Rings, Lost) playing a couple going through the extremes of an abusive relationship.

Joseph and I worked pretty closely together to make sure we got this right,” commented Eminem. “Trying to make this tough subject work visually is a challenge. It was great to have Rihanna, Megan and Dominic on board for this … .they really brought it and made this video super-powerful.”

Megan donated her fee for her video appearance to Sojourn Services, a shelter that provides abused women and their children a safe space to regroup, rebuild, and reestablish their self-esteem and lives. Way to go, Megan!

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  • jen

    I respect Megan even more now after reading this, go her!

    btw Eminem is looking super sexy

  • KellStar

    I was hoping Rihanna and Em would be the couple after reading some fan fiction lol! Oh well, it’s great that Megan is donated her pay to such a good cause.

  • Brandon Hilton

    Megan Fox is good people, she’s a great friend of mine, such a sweet powerful young woman! definitely this generations Angelina Jolie!

  • Gina

    Aw thats really nice of her:) Megan is such a good hearted person!

    You would think Rihanna would donate some of her many millions to charity considering shes the one that actually went through an abusive realationship!

  • meme

    July 5th? Don’t you mean August?

  • Maria

    I like how low-key Megan is becoming, just look at her private wedding vs all the comments she made last year. I think her not in T3 was also a smart move. Hopefully, she’ll grow into a more serious actress and not just a sex symbol. So far, she’s playing the right moves.

  • JC

    @Maria: Her I don’t give a crap bad attitude is exactly the thing that will keep her from becoming a serious actress. She can’t play the privacy seeking reclusive artist because she hasn’t shown that she can act. The only reputation she is getting is for being difficult. If she wants to make it she’s going to learn how to play the game. She’s not talented enough to get around it. Just because she copies Jolie doesn’t mean she is Jolie.

  • lexy hates bilson

    That is nice of her. Nice to see celebs doing something other than shopping!

  • kevin

    not only is she beautiful she is also an amazing person!

  • Thomas

    Agreed. It’s good to see Megan doing reasonable things and keeping a low profile…. but once she gets in an interview she starts shooting her mouth off. Before, she just said bs of her own accord, now she’s toned it down to only interviews.

    I find it great that she’s taking on more serious-ish roles now… but she’s still horrible at acting. You can’t go from terrible at acting to good just because you made a good role choice. All of the today’s top leading women actresses (meryl streep, julia roberts, Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon) have made crap, for fun movies (except for meryl… also a masterpiece) but they’ve all gotten rave reviews for movies in their youth (which megan hasn’t).

    Those women can act. Megan can’t. She’s no Jolie, but good to see her trying to emulate a good, oscar winning actress.

  • Cheery

    Wonder if there are graphic depictions of domestic violence in it. On the one hand the song is about abusive relationships and is kind of “educational,” but it’s still entertainment above all else. :/

    Here’s a vid of House/NCIS/Criminal Minds clips set to the song (for those interested).

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …That’s awesome. she rocks for that.

  • Allie

    I think that is very commendable of her and I applaud her for taking a road toward maturity.

    Rihanna is just busy shaking her ass and wondering why her tickets are only going for $10. It’s because she’s incredibly self-absorbed. You’d expect her to really make an effort of showing what this song is really about, especially considering she experienced it first hand. When it was convenient to her album sales, she was all for it, but now…psh.

  • aj

    It’s really great that she’s doing this. It’s ironic since Rihanna was once in that situation but it seems she has done nothing to neither inform, help, nor donate to any abused women charities or shelters. She’s actually done nothing…..

  • CanadaGirl

    How wonderful of her. Megan is a sweetheart.

  • CanadaGirl

    How wonderful of her. Megan is a sweetheart.

  • Cheery

    @aj, you’re right! We don’t even know her, but I’m sure she hasn’t even PRIVATELY done any of that. Screw her for not taking a personal pain and making it more public than it already is. Some people just aren’t that strong or comfortable to become spokespersons for a cause. Especially something as stigmatized as domestic abuse. If anything, that @sshole Chris Brown should do the things you’ve mentioned. Keep up the victim blaming.

  • Jenny

    This is Megan trying to get people to like her after she got so many people to dislike her for her Hitler comments.

  • aj

    @Cheery: I actually know for a fact he has done 10 times the charity she has done. There is no excuse for her to have done nothing. She’s done nothing privately because why would she. Everything else is pubic. Her relationship, her body. She’s just selfish and doesn’t care.

  • Julia

    So Megan Fox does something good and everybody kisses her butt, because her agent intentionally leaks it to make her look good? Please!

  • Marieme

    When will the world finally catch up and realize Megan is a super cool chick with a big heart? So many seem intent on destroying her reputation. She doesn’t play the b.s. game and is just very honest So what? I applaud that. Tough you-know-what that some don’t respect that. People need to appreciate stars like Megan who mean no harm and are simply trying to navigate some nasty waters with too many nasty sharks.

  • yo sista

    There is a reason why i love Megan.

  • Cheery

    “I actually know for a fact he has done 10 times the charity she has done.”

    @aj, You make it sound like that’s something to be proud of. He did those things because HE’S the f-cking abuser in the first place, and damn well should give back. Not to mention it’s all in an effort to rehab his image (or fulfill parole commitments). It’s not like Chris gives a sh-t about any of that stuff, yet people fawn all over him. You sound like another abuse apologist.

  • Johnny

    I think Megan might be trying to do damage control. She realized a lot of the things she was saying were wrong, and made her come across as an attention seeker. I hope she goes and takes some acting classes as well, and continues to learn how to be respectful and professional. Jessica Alba was just as beautiful (Still is, if not more), and never was so disrespectful to her co-workers. She doesn’t have much of a career, but at least people find her somewhat likable and don’t constantly bash her.

  • Mary

    @Brandon Hilton:
    “definitely this generations Angelina Jolie!”

    I’m sorry, but you should be slapped for that comment. You’re an idiot!

  • Annaah


  • John

    So let’s see she worked what one day twp tops for that music video and she already has millions? Wow, I’m so impressed. She’ll still open her mouth eventually in an interview about how the entire Midwest should burn in hell.

  • Somebody


    Respect for megan fox? Why? She’s an actress!!

    Go respect a teacher or a doctor!

    What is going on with people these days?!?

  • Christine

    The premiere of the video will be on JULY 5?? Do you mean AUGUST 5?

  • Raining on the Parade

    Good for her. Even if it’s just for PR, smart move, girl.

  • Sprinkles

    @Mary: Why should he be slapped for saying that. You should be slapped for getting riled up over a harmless comment.

  • AlanMichael

    wow! That just made me love her even more

  • zoz

    Eminen needs to donate money to a shelter. Making money off of talking about killing women.

  • sunshine


    you are so right he has a history of doing the same thing to Kim yet he gets all this praise….double

    Megan is doing a good thing and Rihanna is not a DV victim from 1 incident so she don’t get that title and as you can see she only went there when it was time for her album to drop. There are women who are going thru this everyday, I pray they leave alive.

  • tabatha

    i think you people should leave them all alone their just like you and me if we would put our mind to it we could do all the same as them. and think about it would you like everyone to be on top of you all the time telling everyone your busines if you were a celebrity . i think your all idiots and should be ashamed of y our self for being noisy people.

  • Saad G.Khan

    Around 7000 like on this post ! that is the Magic Of Megan Fox! Cant wait for the video! hope its freaking AuXxme like the Song! Go Megan, Rihanna & Em! ;-)

  • Anon

    It amazes me how someone can do something truly generous, and all you can do is run them down over and over again. Megan Fox has had interactions with several people I know, and every one of them has said how sweet and kind she is….seriously, get over it. And I loved Jennifer’s Body…thought she was really good, and it was a lot of fun. Try saying something nice, and maybe people will rise. Peace out…

  • Plazik

    Can’t wait the video!

  • K

    Rihanna donates a lot of money to charity. Do your research first before spewing lies on the internet

  • lewis

    GO ON MEAGAN………well done :)

  • black

    ——-OH, why the hell wouldn´t Eminem play the couple part with Rihanna, instead of letting others do it?
    That was actually an odd pairing I was looking forward to. Would have been funny to watch.
    Hm….maybe they don´t get along that well?

  • alina

    o wowwwwwww its awesome..u r sooo great megan lv yaa

  • ..

    Megan, you’ll never be the next Angelina Jolie.

  • mohit telang

    i am asshole and gay..i mastrubate thinking about eminem…

  • blah

    You guys are so easily swayed. This is an OBVIOUS PR stunt. If she really, really, REALLY, had a big heart, none of us losers on here would know about it. That’s right, many a famous person donates money WITHOUT running around screaming “Look are you happy? Look what I did! I gave my money away! What? Yes, I do have millions more, but at least I donated $1,000!”. And what, she donates a couple thou and all you haters love her now. She’s just as plastic, just as stupid, just as desperate for attention. I’ll like her when she…well CHANGES! (And not surgically). I think it’s good to donate, but not when you’ve had two box office epic failures and are looking for more work. Just like the planned paps at her “private” wedding. Oh, Little Brained Megan Fox, you are so transparent I could use you to protect my iPhone.

  • jensenLUVER tanya

    wow im surprised but im very happy. thx megan.

  • yeah

    Awesome for Megan Fox to do that. With Eminem, I think, we’re starting to see a changed man. Hopefully he is. Rihanna shouldn’t get bashed for not doing more about DV publicly, not everyone is strong enough to do that, don’t hold it against her.

  • WhatWillTheNeighboursSay?

    That’s just a try to be likeable, she’s fake like Jessicocksucka Alba. It’s only important for them what people are thinking.

  • Nuttinbutdatruff

    Chris Brown did not beat up Rihanna it was a stunt gone bad. He thought bad publicity meant good publicity like Britney and Lindsay thought, he forgot he was black and media is ten times as harsh on the blacks than it is any white celebrity. argue all you want, facts prove I’m right. Megan is a generous person. Though she announced it for PR reasons she still did it and it’s not like the abused women are gonna get any help with her money, it’s going into some psychiatrist or whoever’s in charge of the charity’s wallet. That’s why I don’t donate cash to these “foundations”

    Angelina is so real cuz she adopted an African and some asians? she just as fake as the rest of em and did it for attention, she could’ve easily adopted some homeless white kids and got waaay less attention and still called a h** by hating fans and media, instead of ambassador and all this crap. You Megan haters can kiss Megan’s and my behind. BTW, Megan’s actually a good actress, I’ve seen her in J.BOD, no worst than Angelina. When Megan gets naked and do sex scenes and drugs for the camera [Anne Hathaway, Halle Berry and your girl, Ang] she’ll get an Oscar or nomination. It’s sad cuz Anne or Halle aren’t good actors, but I guess and Oscar nod, can fool some fools into thinking that they are good. Whatever… Peace.

  • http://kissurhands douglas costa

    thank u