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Wyclef Jean: Running for President of Haiti!

Wyclef Jean: Running for President of Haiti!

Wyclef Jean has announced his intentions to run for the Haitian presidency.

The 37-year-old musician and social activist confirmed the news to Time, saying, “If not for the earthquake, I probably would have waited another 10 years before doing this….If I can’t take five years out to serve my country as President, then everything I’ve been singing about, like equal rights, doesn’t mean anything.”

“I want to be part of a different kind of celebrity,” Wyclef concluded, “one that thinks not just about charity but policy.”

Wyclef was born in Haiti and left with his family at the age of 9 to go to New York City.

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28 Responses to “Wyclef Jean: Running for President of Haiti!”

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  1. 1
    Rhonda Says:

    doesn’t Haiti have enough problems? I’ve sent my last dime, its getting to be stupid piled on more stupid!

  2. 2
    Dominic Says:

    Wow! Exactly what that country needs…someone who writes songs and used to work in a beauty supply store.

  3. 3
    Lea Says:

    You guys don’t know what you’re talking about!!! Eventhough Wyclef does not have a political upbringing, he’s done and stll does a lot for his country. Haiti has been doomed by money hungry people and dictators who don’t care about the people. Wyclef made something of his life, he does not need anybody’s money, he is really concerned about his fellow haitiens futur. I will take Wyclef over any Duvaliers wannabe!!!!

  4. 4
    Yolanda Says:

    @Rhonda: So true!!!! He should stick to what he is good at – performing with the Black Eyed Peas!!!!

  5. 5
    I n F a m o u s l y C o o l Says:

    …this guy’s one of the lowest pieces of shiit ever. he used that whole situation to advance it personal career. after everything had happen he was on tv every other min over exaggerating about how bad thing were and telling anyone who’d listen how they should put him in charge of this and that. i knew from the fcuking second he started acting like super-savior-king-of-haiti that he was going to try some bullshiit like this.

  6. 6
    bindy Says:


    you made me lol

  7. 7
    KellStar Says:

    Running a country requires a tad bit more than good intentions and some grammys. The man didn’t even finish college!

  8. 8
    hello Says:

    I will say go for it!

  9. 9
    Everything_But_the_Girl Says:

    Wyclef might as well take charge if the educated elite could never save Haiti from sinking deeper into a **** hole.

  10. 10
    Iffy Miffy Says:

    Oh wow, the height of stupid. He has such amazing credentials, he’ll be perfect for a president of an entire freaking country … NOT! The arrogance is astounding. If people from Haiti do choose him, I think frankly they should live with the idiotic choice then – on their own, so nothing but medical help from the int. community and necessary items like food. Sorry, but everything else would be wasted!

  11. 11
    ryan Says:

    Wow, biggest famewhore ever. #5 right on the money.

  12. 12
    alissa Says:

    He’s a fücking CROOK! That’s all those poor people need.


  13. 13
    alissa Says:


    He’s a fücking CROOK! That’s all those poor people need.


  14. 14
    Marjorie Says:

    This is CRAZY !!!! Are you for real !!!! CHEATER & now wants to be pretz — What is the F**** With him … Sorry I am haitian but I can not support you Wyclef – you barely speak Creole – you do not speak a word of french – u put your mistress to the charitable organization and paying her over 100k doll – Please God Save Us from EVIL!

  15. 15
    Haitian Woman Says:

    What a disgrace!!! The man is uneducated, arrogant and a crook!

    @infamouosly cool: just one correction,he was not exaggerating about how bad things are after the quake. They really are, but still don’t think he’s good enough to be the prez of anywhere! What is he going to speak when addressing the population and at international conventions? @MArjorie is right, he doesnt speak any of the languages spoken there, just some broken creole!!

  16. 16
    Haitian Woman Says:

    btw, his candidacy will be most likely rejected because he is AMERICAN on paper (naturalized) and hasn’t lived in Haiti for 5 consecutive years – all requirements for eligibility. here’s hoping the election board doesn’t accept any bribes!

  17. 17
    Everything_Butt_the_Girl Says:

    @Haitian Woman:
    HE LIVED 9 CONSECUTIVE YRS before he left for US! These yrs are still legitimate to me, he has always travelled back and forth to Haiti b4 he achieved world popularity. He has his own money, so maybe he can bring something new to Haitian politics, no patronage and rallying the 9million youth under 25 to embrace change. last time I checked, no matter how Onbama is educated he still need to surround himself with much more specialized staff to tell him what to do. Wyclef can do the same.

  18. 18
    nina Says:

    Agreed with the others… he can barely speak Creole and can’t speak French at all and these are the two official languages of Haiti.
    That’s more ridiculous than anything! I’m sorry but he’s more American than Haitian to me…

  19. 19
    Haitian Woman Says:


    unfortunately the law precisely stipulates those 5 years had to be the most recent ones. It doesn’t take into consideration any other time than the last 5 of that would be candidate’s life. I didn’t make the law, that’s just how it is. u say he’s legit to u, but i doubt the law cares about ur or anyone’s personal opinion. I’ve seen many candidacies rejected for failing to meet those requirements.

    and travelling back and forth doesn’t count either, these are called vacations/business trips.

    And please don’t compare Wyclef to Obama, a Harvard educated lawyer, president of the Harvard law review, a man who started with a lesser political position and made his way up. THAT’S JUST INSULTING!

  20. 20
    xxx Says:

    Oh come on now this is just plain ridiculous…….what on earth does this dude know about politics? Sure, it’s nice to send some food and blankets to Haiti but it’s a whole other ball game being the PRESIDENT!!!
    Wyclef, who is the current prime minister of Australia? President of Finland? President of Brazil? Do you know of any leaders, besides Obama?

    Um, yeah……….. this is a joke…………..

  21. 21
    Naritchie Says:

    @nina: Wyclef does speak creole. I heard him and it was fine. He did live there up until the age of 9. And as for French,although it is one of the official languages of Haiti, about 40% of Haitians are illiterate and French is thought in schools so believe me they don’t give a damn about Wyclef’s French. And besides he speaks English, the language of international business.

  22. 22
    Naritchie Says:

    @nina: Wyclef does speak creole. I heard him and it was fine. He did live there up until the age of 9. And as for French,although it is one of the official languages of Haiti, about 40% of Haitians are illiterate and French is thought in schools so believe me they don’t give a damn about Wyclef’s French. And besides he speaks English, the language of international business.

  23. 23
    Haitian Woman Says:


    I beg to differ: he speaks broken creole, always interspersed with many english words and often times he just makes up his own words. Not all Haitian speak French, but to refresh ur memory, presidents (so far) ARE educated people and are able to communicate with the population in both Creole and French and the international community in French. WJ won’t be able to do either. People do give a damn about his creole and french, his lack of education and the fact that his a naturalized american who hasn’t lived in the country for the past 5 years as mandated by law. The current president himself pointed to those facts!

  24. 24
    bar jolie gaga Says:

    I agree. Even if the illiteracy rate in Haiti is high, the PRESIDENT of the country should be literate in order to inspire people. Have you heard Wyclef on interviews? HE sounds pathetic. I think we should have all the networks interview him, Sarah Palin style and see what he knows about the world: I bet not much in terms of International policy and relations. I think this is sad for Haiti. It needs an educated, qualified and brilliant person to take it out of the misery it has found itself in. And a man who has not paid taxes and has allegedly stolen from his organization to support a mistress is not what Haiti needs. I feel so sad when I hear this. I hope the Haitian people wake up and realize what an opportunist this guy is.

  25. 25
    bar jolie gaga Says:

    Naritchie” The President of a partly French speaking country should be able to speak French. There are plenty of Haitians who speak French and quite well. This is no excuse for Wyclef’s blatant lack of education. He is running one of the oldest nations on earth and he has no college degree? Sad.

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