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Emma Watson: Short Hair Brave!

Emma Watson: Short Hair Brave!

Emma Watson bravely shows off a short new pixie haircut in this recent glamour shot just released. And we love it!!!

“Dear all,” the 20-year-old British actress wrote. “Cut my hair off a few days ago… Feels incredible. I love it. I’ve wanted to do this for years and years; it’s the most liberating thing ever. Hope you like. Big love from Emma x.”

FYI: Before Emma starts her sophomore year at Brown University, she’s in NYC doing press for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, which opens Nov. 19. Pictured below is Emma hailing a cab in NYC’s West Village on Wednesday (August 4).

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emma watson short hair 01
emma watson short hair 02
emma watson short hair 03
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  • ck

    Looks like she’s going thru her college lesbian phase.

  • Brenda

    I can’t believe she did this.

  • karlie

    i’m not a huge fan of short hair on a girl, but its looks alight on her. i liked her long locks better though :)

  • http://Polina__r Полина


  • J

    It looks okay.

  • Lilo

    Oh God… no.

  • Stephie

    Hope they already filmed part 2 of HP DH

  • Faith

    I think she is very brave for doing this and as long as she is happy with it herself that’s all that really matters. But personally I wouldn’t do it :/

  • Frankie

    Not sure I like it but at least she did something different, I hate people who have the same hairstyle all their life, change it up a bit!

  • it is not

    just the hair cut that is brave.

    She does not need to go to school and yet she puts herself on the line in a very challenging program. Good for her! I commend her for that.

  • fardous

    no i dont like it better with lonh hair

  • busted

    Beautiful girl.. A woman’s beauty is not about her hair.

    She looks great. My hair is actually almost that length.. a bit longer.. and when I got it cut.. if felt like the weight of the world off my shoulders. It will grow back..but such a great summer look.

    I just love her and Dakota .. there is hope for the future.

  • Ronda

    Oh I love it! So cute. She can definitely pull this style off.

  • KellStar

    I think she looked better with long hair but I never criticize a woman for cutting theirs because it truly can control some of us.

  • tovarisch


    yeah because short hair makes you a lesbian . . .

  • Lucy

    I love Emma but Sorry NOOOO!!. Emma love you look absolutely awful.

    She looks like a boy!

    Bring back those gorgeous long locks NOW! It will take a while though.

  • Iffy Miffy

    She looks beautiful. Change is good and young people should never fear it.

  • Brightside

    I think it’s stunning and I love the second picture…she has the face to make this such an elegant and beautiful cut. In quite a few cultures short hair is a sign of beauty and so is this.

  • Carol

    She looks gorgeous, she is pretty small and feminine, no way that she looks like a boy.
    She looks like a beautiful girl with a beautiful short hair

  • Nadine

    She looks great!

  • miss infamous

    She looks pretty. She can always get extensions of she wants to go longer again

  • boston61

    She does look plain but it is refreshing. This is what Britney and all those other balding girls should do to grow new hair.

  • sillyme

    Looks very good on her. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was something in her contract for Potter saying she couldn’t cut her hair for all those years and, if that was the case, I can see why she would want to cut it.

    When Brit cut all her hair off, I was hoping she would rock the short style for a while, but I guess she just didn’t have the confidence that Emma seems to have.

    And, what’s this about Emma being a lesbian, just because she likes her hair short. That’s pretty silly!

  • Nikki

    I like it!! she is lucky she can pull of the daring chop and still look good and mysterious…lucky cow! ;-)

  • beatlesfreak

    That picture of her is absolutely gorgeous. She looks great, as usual.

  • mailey

    it looks good in the posed shot but not in the candids. gross.

  • Jess

    I like it, its weird because i didn’t see her in that way. But i love it
    I need see more.. Cute

  • LH

    Very cute – it does so much more for her face!

  • Maria

    it looks weird and HP Pics with a Short Hair Hermione,I don’t know.But she looks old right now,more Hair fits her better

  • Lala

    The next Natalie Portman, I love it :) It’s always relieving to see girls with good heads on their shoulders in this industry.

  • mln

    she’s been playing hermoine for 10+ years and prob not allowed to cut or dye her hair at all- who could blame her for wanting a drastic change after that! it grows

  • athena

    She wears it well, and can definitely pull it off. I like longer hair on her too…she can afford extensions if she misses her hair.

  • itziar

    She is pretty, she can pull it off

  • Laki

    She looks like Mia Farrow when she was young.

  • Mimi

    i think a short pixie cut will suit her, i just think she went a tad too short with it. i think it will look better in a few weeks when it has grown ever so slightly.

    but if she is happy who i am to tell her how to wear her hair?!

  • CanadaGirl

    Mia Farrow is right. Wow. Not everyone can carry off short hair *cough cough Hayden* but Emma looks fabulous.

  • LOla

    She looks more mature! :)
    I hope she keeps this look, she can move on from being ‘the girl who played Hermione’ to Emma Watson, actress.

  • Sue

    looks good on the black and white photo though its awfully weird for her

  • Courtney

    @Stephie: They finished Deathly Hallows filming in July 12th.

  • Courtney

    Well her hair was probably damaged by all the dyeing she had done for the HP movies(to make it dark) that she wanted to cut it all off so she can have her natural blondish colour(and have healthy hair).

    Looks nice though, she can definitely pull it off.

  • natalie

    I think Emma can pull off the shorter do, although I prefer the longer locks. She’s attractive enough to wear it either way. Most women aren’t so lucky.

    Emma seems to be a woman of substance. I admire her for following through with her education. Not only will she be erudite, but she’ll be a more well-rounded individual as well. She’s not putting all her eggs in the proverbial cinema basket. Good for her!

    Plus the memories she creates, and the friends she meets ,will be something that will stay with her the rest of her life.

  • M

    somebody has to say it: Emma, this is just horrible, sorry

  • j

    She looks like a young mia farrow….hair is beautiful emma you rock…

  • Nikki

    Layla and Natalie well said on both of you for what you said and its so true of her there are to many young actors now going off the rails and not many who are good role models for young girls especially.
    And Emma is starting to show she has a good head on her shoulders and more like Natalie Portman and she is a great actress as well as a very smart woman and a positive role model for younger girls.

  • e

    I really like it.
    I think another possible reason for her cutting her hair could be because during the last ten years she have constantly coloured her hair brown/darker for HP (Emma is originally blond) and everyone who have done that knows that it takes it tools on the hair and now that she is done filming maybe she decided to cut of all the hair to really get all of it out and then let it grow back out again.

  • ashlee22

    omg !!! way? cute this hair but
    long hair so much better

  • lulu

    B e a u t i f u l .

  • lil

    She is beautiful.

  • pretty young girl

    She looks like an alien !

  • Inaru

    She looks gorgeous, i love pixie cuts. She has the pretty face to pull it off, reminds me of Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby.