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Emma Watson: Short Hair Brave!

Emma Watson: Short Hair Brave!

Emma Watson bravely shows off a short new pixie haircut in this recent glamour shot just released. And we love it!!!

“Dear all,” the 20-year-old British actress wrote. “Cut my hair off a few days ago… Feels incredible. I love it. I’ve wanted to do this for years and years; it’s the most liberating thing ever. Hope you like. Big love from Emma x.”

FYI: Before Emma starts her sophomore year at Brown University, she’s in NYC doing press for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, which opens Nov. 19. Pictured below is Emma hailing a cab in NYC’s West Village on Wednesday (August 4).

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  • ThisSexayChickksz

    OMG, wows,,, brave i guess and its something different so shes quite inspiring. shows you dont need long hair to be beautiful; something she evidently still is.
    You rockk Granger
    HP foreverrrrrr x

  • Ali Bhatti

    this is awful…

  • Isaac Kojima

    First, I love it (ok, I have a thing for girls with short hair)

    Second, why people make a fuss just becasue someone cut the hair short? No big deal. When I cut my hair and made it short (and I just cut 40 cm of long, black, straight hair), people kept asking me why I cut my hair…
    C’mon guys, people need to changer the hair sometimes…

  • fighforthislove

    ew she’s a gorgeous girl but this cut is all NO
    it looks so dyke-ish and ew
    her long hair is SO much prettier!
    she better have extensions for the HP premier.
    not liking the short hair at all :(

  • Aredhel

    Well, I generally hate short hair on anyone, but I’m also really shocked by stupid comments about how it makes her look like a man or a lesbian…
    I agree that it looks awful, but it’s just that I hate short hair in general and I don’t think she has the face to pull it off, unlike Natalie Portman (who is almost the only one I do not hate with short hair). But saying she looks like a man is just as stupid as saying that long-haired men look like women. And talking about homosexuality is even worse.
    I think she probably wants to be less recognizable, she’s going to university, and she wants to move on from Harry Potter. Might also be linked to all the constraints that were mentioned, because of her contract (having to keep “Hermione hair” for over 7 years!)
    And just one last thing, I am very annoyed by the “mannish” or “lesbian” comments, but also mildly annoyed by the other clichés that come from women, about how short hair is “empowering” or “liberating”, or how “change is good” for its own sake…

  • http://twitter yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    Oh emma, what have you done. You looked so pretty with your hair, those bautiful locks!you look okay now still gorgeaus but youwere prettier still with your old hair, sorry but don’t wory itwill grow back(soon i hope)

  • HGRW

    She looks great but she looked sooo better with long hairs. Wish she will let them grow again.
    She’s beautiful anyway, but… :( miss her looong hairs !

  • Ava

    She said that she always wanted to cut her hair short. i think it looks good on her. No one should go by what someone else say, they should do what they want to do.

  • http://none jc

    No offense but i really don’t like it… her long locks are better.

  • trixen

    I’d still do her. lol

  • david

    I think she cut her hair in part to make herself a little bit less reconisable, if i saw her on some street in new york I would pass her bye with out a second glance

  • Dee


    And what’s wrong with being the girl who played Hermoinie? I don’t see anything wrong with that. She looks adorable , she pulled that pixie off better than most of the stars who have done it in the past besides Mia Farrow . She would look pretty in any hair style she has the face and the bone structure for it. Just because you get used to seeing someone with one style and don’t like it , doesn’t mean they shouldn’t sport it if they can pull it off. And she has sweetie! She’s far from looking like a boy, if a boy looked like that , to me it would mean he was a boy trying to be a girl. Kudos to you Emma !

  • Emma

    Omg no no no, she cant pull this off at all, she hasnt got a strong enough face

  • AD

    @ck: If she were, why would it matter?

  • yourkittycat

    she looks so pretty!! i love the haircut and she has a beautiful face!

  • Janelle

    Well I think she looks stunning, she has such pretty eyes and the cut brings them out. How many young people experiment with their looks, and she likely had a contract keeping her from getting a haircut! I think she looks fantastic.

  • Eleanor Maw

    Some women look great with short hair, but all Watson does is make herself look like a 12 year old school boy, just shows that all she did have going for in the past was her nice long hair, now that’s gone there is nothing.

  • Kirsten

    I really don’t like it. It’s ugly :( Her long hair was so beautiful.

  • Carly Willis

    It looks AMAZING! Way to go! It looks so lovely on her!

  • Jen

    Lo importante es que estes feliz, si querias hacerlo hace años, bienvenido sea ! You r so pretty!

  • Sam

    She looks like a mix between Mia Farrow and Sinead O’Connor. I like it!

  • Aaaa

    She’s still a babe

  • Alex

    Uhm…if she has filming left to do, couldn’t they just get her a wig?

  • HP fan

    OOO sweet jezzuz i hope they have allready filmed part two or at the very least that she will have her long hair in it. Emma we all love you and i think it’s a very brave hair cut but personally i think it’s awefull.

  • josiah

    She looks good, I think I liked the long hair better but good for her if she wanted it short. Besides who are we to judge somebody elses hair style she probably already gets tons of pressure, also anybody who thinks short hair on girls is lesbian I think they are judgemental stereotyping dickheads who should mind their own business. Emma is a free spirited smart young woman and she should feel perfectly free to style herself however she sees fit.

  • Koowie

    She looks great with short or long hair!

  • Elina64

    I have to say that Emma looks awesome… but different from what she used to look like. I think it would feel refreshing, and Emma has freedom too. I have to say that I liked the old hair better, though.

  • Nobody

    Real beauty isn’t defined by the length of ones hair and Emma is a perfect example of that. Hair can grow back, either way, she looks perfect with or without her longer hair.

    And yes…’We Like’!

  • Tilasy


  • George Henry

    IF, Emma cut her hair to donate it to Locks-of-love, then it would be all right for her to cut it and re-grow it to make further donations.
    However, as any psychiatrist will tell you, women who have long hair then cut it, is regarded as a form of suicide.

    And no, she does not look good in her so called pixie hair-dont.