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Jude Law is Hands On with Sienna Miller

Jude Law is Hands On with Sienna Miller

Jude Law can’t keep his hands off girlfriend Sienna Miller while vacationing aboard a luxury yacht on Wednesday (August 4) in Ibiza, Spain.

20+ pics inside…

Back in March, Jude shot a commercial for Dior Homme‘s new fragrance. The vid was directed by Guy Ritchie and Dior Homme creative director Kris Van Assche The full commercial will released on September 8!

Click inside to watch three snippets of Jude‘s new Dior commercials…

Jude Law – “Dior Homme” Snippet #1

Jude Law – “Dior Homme” Snippet #2

Jude Law – “Dior Homme” Snippet #3

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jude law sienna miller hands on 01
jude law sienna miller hands on 02
jude law sienna miller hands on 03
jude law sienna miller hands on 04
jude law sienna miller hands on 05
jude law sienna miller hands on 06
jude law sienna miller hands on 07
jude law sienna miller hands on 08
jude law sienna miller hands on 09
jude law sienna miller hands on 10
jude law sienna miller hands on 11
jude law sienna miller hands on 12
jude law sienna miller hands on 13
jude law sienna miller hands on 14
jude law sienna miller hands on 15
jude law sienna miller hands on 16
jude law sienna miller hands on 17
jude law sienna miller hands on 18
jude law sienna miller hands on 19
jude law sienna miller hands on 20
jude law sienna miller hands on 21
jude law sienna miller hands on 22

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  • sick

    I agree don’t give these dirt bags the time of day. Don’t really want to see Jude sucking Sienna’s vagina. Is he cleaning it!!

  • Alias

    These 2 disgust me! A man who cheats on his fiance and a woman who cavorts with a married man! No wonder they found each other again! PUKE!!

  • ugh

    I hate couples like these, especially when they’re doing it next to you

  • Sadie

    He reallyy creeps me out

  • Maarten

    I don’t care about Jude Law, but I adore that girl!

  • Dieter

    I just had a terrific hot wank on the pooper of her. Totally came !!!!

  • scarjo

    How lovely.. two confessed cheaters in love and on Summer Vacation..

    hmm.. I wonder how Ms. Miller feels about the fact that Jude had a child with another woman. A child he supports, but does not really spend time with. I guess these minor things are not important to Ms. Miller.

    besides she cheated and destroyed a marriage too. Birds of a feather.. I hope they stay together. It will keep them both from messing up someone else’s life.

    They are both disgusting.

  • onu

    Happy for her that she tossed gas bag bloaty to the ditch. What a good choice Sienna. Jude is hot, bloaty is not!

  • Othx

    do i see a boner?

  • Dominic

    I don’t care for either of these two morons. They’re both cheaters, they deserve each other.

  • sara

    Hes not aging well and shes a slut

  • . . .

    there is something really sloppy about the way they lead their personal lives. general obliviousness to boundaries, general disregard for third parties [mrs. getty], etc.

    i guess from the comments here that its catching up with them. at least they have each other.

  • juhtrerere

    Rosie’s troll is making most of the hate comments.

  • fun summer

    They’re in love, on vacation. That bothers those who have no fun or life? I’m happy they’re happy. She got free from Baldy. Celebration time c’mon

  • karen

    With all the hate in this world, it’s nice to see two peaple just genuinely having a great time with each other. Too bad, though, that their privacy had to be invaded that way, but it looks like they’ve stopped caring and just decided to live their lives.

  • YUCK

    These two are so gross!

  • karen

    PS I guess love really might be sweeter the second time around.

  • clinto!

    that pic on the left should be a gif

  • Dawn

    I don’t care that these two are back together but they need to keep a lower profile. No one needs to see this crap.

  • jude

    Jude is dropping down Sienna’s level day by day. What a dreadful endless holiday they have with Sienna’s PR team! We’ll see they are xxxing next time. Disgusting.

  • dolorescraegt

    this site has become venom inc….
    they deserve privacy which the paps obviously will not give them. would any of you like to have your privacy invaded like this. they are human beings… don’t know these people…you read the gossip sites and assume everything they say is gospel. go do some good in the world instead of begrudging some people happiness.

  • Rita

    Jude Law is very hot … Very much !

  • http://verysexysexy sharyllee

    Yes Jude is very hot!!!! WOW! beautiful body..

  • CanadaGirl

    wa-wa-wa. Lord, what I would give for him to slap my a*s, and do whatever he’s doing in the first photo! ♧

  • ..

    i think all of the comments are dumb
    im the only smart one

  • about dolores

    dolores might be taken more seriously if she didn’t actively participate in hurting other people and invading their privacy

  • jude

    about dolores

    Jude doesn’t know you are always peeping at him with Sienna with your own pleasure. Who is a Peeping Tom, paparazzi or viewers?

  • http://fg Tiki-Mara

    @SDJKGFD: They love each other,but I hope he is cheatining on her with another nanny…but I think he knows that the nanny was a mistake,and sorry, but he is just a man, most men do things like this,men are men.but it is good that he has realized that shes the one

    greets from germany

  • ida

    ok Jude is gorgeous.
    That other woman that is with him(i cant even spell her name :@)
    is a complete wh0re.damn. why cant she find a real job and try to keep her legs closed to every married man that passes her by?
    they make a great couple. the cheater and the wh0re.
    can you deny it? :P

  • shambolica

    @Dawn: Then why are you trolling the gossip sites, moron? Geez.

  • ericap

    Jude, looking good handsome!

  • to28..reread post 27


  • Me

    Yum! A wet, barefoot Jude Law!
    Just made my day!!!
    Thanks Jared!!!

  • Vita

    Thanks Jared,
    Love seeing Jude and Sienna happy together and celebrating their love!
    What a gorgeous couple.

  • for real

    i am happy for them! they make an awesome couple!

  • dog

    He is a 37 years old man who has 4 kids. The first photo is weird enough.

  • shambolica

    @dog: He’s 37, not dead. Do you by chance suffer from brain farts, sunshine?

  • dog

    Thank you. I’m really fine and having happy life with my beautiful family and beloved husband. How about you?

  • shambolica

    @dog: Are you trying to convince yourself or me, lardo?

  • dog

    Surely I’m so happy.
    I was merely a fan of him. Do you like playing a faultfinder?

  • john mealey

    Too much of a show, don’t buy it. It didn’t work the first time, the second time never improves anything. “Methinks thou do protest too much”. Trying to prove love to the world, doesn’t make it real.

  • Ohyeah

    Is it possible for anyone to be around Sienna Miller and not almost give it to her right there in front of everybody? What an exhibitionist!!

  • ynop


    I know I do, ahahaha

  • maсbeth

    oh, just like SM and her own abandoned daddy.
    drink baby, drink.
    and then pour some more

  • maсbeth

    and yeah
    confusing good luck with talent
    is a terrible problem to suffer.

  • michelle

    Jude has time to go on these expensive vacations. Pay for his slutty girlfriend, but doesn’t have the time or money to see his baby daughter in Florida. He was so upset that he has to $5,000 a month for his love child. What a dead beat!!!
    These 2 losers have been on vacation since December!!

  • S

    @michelle: @michelle: @michelle: I see kids in this photo and he loves his daughter(s). So I have no idea what you’re going on about. God, sometimes I feel so sorry for these people that get stalked all the time in their personal lives. I wish being an actor was just about acting, but I won’t hold my breath for the day that comes.

    I mean if there was some Chris Brown assaulting going down, yeah I’d understand concern but give me a breaaak.

  • alpha chick


  • Brenda

    Holy moly, they’re hawt!